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Geodynamics Series



  • Plate tectonics

Plate Boundary Zones

Vol. 30, 2002

ISSN: 0277-6669; ISBN: 0-87590-532-3

Plate Boundary Zones

S. Stein and J. T. Freymueller (Eds.)

An important change in ideas about plate tectonics has been the recognition that the boundaries between plates are often broad zones of deformation, rather than the narrow boundaries originally assumed in plate tectonic theory. Hence, although it used to be common to straddle the San Andreas fault and view one leg as being on the Pacific plate and the other in North America, it is now recognized that such a straddle would require a 1500‐km leg span across the plate boundary zone extending across much of western North America.

Citation: Stein, S., and J. T. Freymueller (Eds.) (2002), Plate Boundary Zones, Geodyn. Ser., vol. 30, 425 pp., AGU, Washington, D. C., doi:10.1029/GD030.

Stein, Seth; Freymueller, Jeffrey T.


pp. vii-vii

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Stein, Seth; Sella, Giovanni F.

Plate boundary zones: Concepts and approaches

pp. 1-26

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Bennett, Richard A.; Davis, James L.; Normandeau, James E.; Wernicke, Brian P.

Space geodetic measurements of plate boundary deformation in the western U.S. Cordillera

pp. 27-55

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Devoti, R.; Ferraro, C.; Lanotte, R.; Luceri, V.; Nardi, A.; Pacione, R.; Rutigliano, P.; Sciarretta, C.; Gueguen, E.; Bianco, G.; Vespe, F.

Geophysical interpretation of geodetic deformations in the central Mediterranean area

pp. 57-65

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Grenerczy, Gyula

Tectonic processes in the Eurasian-African plate boundary zone revealed by space geodesy

pp. 67-86

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Stevens, Colleen W.; McCaffrey, Robert; Bock, Yehuda; Genrich, Joachim F.; Pubellier, Manuel; Subarya, Cecep

Evidence for block rotations and basal shear in the world's fastest slipping continental shear zone in NW New Guinea

pp. 87-99

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

McCaffrey, Robert

Crustal block rotations and plate coupling

pp. 101-122

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Klosko, Eryn R.; Stein, Seth; Hindle, David; Kley, Jonas; Norabuena, Edmundo; Dixon, Timothy; Liu, Mian

Comparison of GPS, seismological, and geological observations of Andean Mountain building

pp. 123-133

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Hindle, D.; Kley, J.

Displacements, strains and rotations in the Central Andean plate boundary zone

pp. 135-144

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Al-Zoubi, Abdallah S.

The Dead Sea basin, its structural setting and evaporite tectonics

pp. 145-172

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Kreemer, Corné; Holt, William E.; Haines, A. John

The global moment rate distribution within plate boundary zones

pp. 173-190

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Langenhorst, Amy R.; Okal, Emile A.

Correlation of β-value with spreading rate for strike-slip earthquakes of the Mid-Oceanic Ridge System

pp. 191-202

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Bird, Peter; Kagan, Yan Y.; Jackson, David D.

Plate tectonics and earthquake potential of spreading ridges and oceanic transform faults

pp. 203-218

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

McGuire, Jeffrey J.; Jordan, Thomas H.; Lin, Jian

Complexities of transform fault plate boundaries in the oceans

pp. 219-241

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Stein, Seth; Sella, Giovanni F.; Okal, Emile A.

The January 26, 2001 Bhuj earthquake and the diffuse western boundary of the Indian plate

pp. 243-254

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Li, Qingsong; Liu, Mian; Yang, Youqing

The 01/26/2001 Bhuj, India, earthquake: Intraplate or interplate?

pp. 255-264

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Zatman, Stephen; Richards, Mark A.

On the evolution of motion across diffuse plate boundaries

pp. 265-281

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Coblentz, David; Stüwe, Kurt

A review of using the ƒcl diagram to evaluate continental deformation

pp. 283-294

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Park, Jeffrey; Levin, Vadim; Brandon, Mark; Lees, Jonathan; Peyton, Valerie; Gordeev, Evgenni; Ozerov, Alexei

A dangling slab, amplified arc volcanism, mantle flow and seismic anisotropy in the Kamchatka plate corner

pp. 295-324

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Liu, Mian; Yang, Youqing; Stein, Seth; Klosko, Eryn

Crustal shortening and extension in the central Andes: Insights from a viscoelastic model

pp. 325-339

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Tandon, Kush; Lorenzo, Juan M.; Widiyantoro, Sri; O'Brien, Geoffrey W.

Variations in inelastic failure of subducting continental lithosphere and tectonic development: Australia-Banda arc convergence

pp. 341-357

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Hamilton, Warren B.

The closed upper-mantle circulation of plate tectonics

pp. 359-410

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Anderson, Don L.

Plate tectonics as a far-from-equilibrium self-organized system

pp. 411-425

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

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