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Geophysical Monograph Series



  • Space plasmas—Measurement
  • Plasma diagnostics

Index Terms

  • 7894 Space Plasma Physics: Instruments and techniques
  • 2494 Ionosphere: Instruments and techniques
  • 2794 Magnetospheric Physics: Instruments and techniques

Measurement Techniques in Space Plasmas: Particles

Vol. 102, 1998

ISSN: 0065-8448; ISBN: 0-87590-085-2

Measurement Techniques in Space Plasmas: Particles

F. Pfaff, E. Borovsky, and T. Young (Eds.)

Space plasma measurements are conducted in a hostile, remote environment. The art and science of measurements gathered in space depend therefore on unique instrument designs and fabrication methods to an extent perhaps unprecedented in experimental physics. In‐situ measurement of space plasmas constitutes an expensive, unforgiving, and highly visible form of scientific endeavor.

Citation: Pfaff, F., E. Borovsky, and T. Young (Eds.) (1998), Measurement Techniques in Space Plasmas: Particles, Geophys. Monogr. Ser., vol. 102, 355 pp., AGU, Washington, D. C., doi:10.1029/GM102.

Pfaff, Robert F.; Borovsky, Joseph E.; Young, David T.


pp. ix-x

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Young, David T.

Space plasma particle instrumentation and the new paradigm: Faster, cheaper, better

pp. 1-16

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Storey, L. R. O.

What's wrong with space plasma metrology?

pp. 17-22

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Brace, Larry H.

Langmuir probe measurements in the ionosphere

pp. 23-35

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Katz, I.; Jongeward, G. A.; Davis, V. A.; Morton, T. L.; Ferguson, D. C.

Current collection by a large Langmuir probe in a meso-thermal (ram) plasma

pp. 37-41

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Raitt, W. J.; Thompson, D. C.

Thermal plasma measurements in space using direct measurements of derivatives of probe current-voltage characteristics

pp. 43-48

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Laakso, Harri; Pedersen, Arne

Ambient electron density derived from differential potential measurements

pp. 49-54

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Siefring, Carl L.; Amatucci, William E.; Rodriguez, Paul

Fast electron temperature measurements with Langmuir probes: Considerations for space flight and initial laboratory tests

pp. 55-60

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Heelis, R. A.; Hanson, W. B.

Measurements of thermal ion drift velocity and temperature using planar sensors

pp. 61-71

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Rodriguez, P.; Siefring, C. L.; Haas, D. G.; Baumback, M. M.; McNutt, D. P.

In situ detection of ionospheric cavitons: Experimental considerations

pp. 73-77

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Tan, Lun C.; Fung, Shing F.; Boardsen, Scott A.

Flow velocity analysis of suprathermal ions in the presence of ion temperature anisotropy

pp. 79-84

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Lazarus, A. J.; Paularena, K. I.

A Comparison of solar wind parameters from experiments on the IMP 8 and wind spacecraft

pp. 85-90

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Knudsen, D. J.; Phan, T. D.; Gladders, M. D.; Greffen, M. J.

Thermal electron temperature measurements from the Freja Cold Plasma Analyzer

pp. 91-96

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

McCarthy, M. P.; McFadden, J. P.

Measurement of 0–25 eV ions with a retarding potential analyzer on the Cluster ion spectroscopy experiment

pp. 97-103

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Moore, T. E.; Pollock, C. J.; Young, D. T.

Kinetic core plasma diagnostics

pp. 105-123

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Carlson, C. W.; McFadden, J. P.

Design and application of imaging plasma instruments

pp. 125-140

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Wüest, Martin

Time-of-flight ion composition measurement technique for space plasmas

pp. 141-155

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Funsten, Herbert O.; McComas, David J.

Limited resource plasma analyzers: Miniaturization concepts

pp. 157-167

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Clemmons, J. H.; Boehm, M. H.; Paschmann, G.

Novel measurement of the pitch-angle structure of auroral electron beams with a top hat spectrometer

pp. 169-174

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Coffey, V. N.; Moore, T. E.; Pollock, C. J.

The Scanning thermal ion composition spectrometer (STICS)

pp. 175-180

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Boehm, M. H.; Höfner, H.; Clemmons, J.

The Data system for the Freja F7 electron spectrometer

pp. 181-186

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

McComas, D. J.; Nordholt, J. E.; Berthelier, J.-J.; Illiano, J.-M.; Young, D. T.

The Cassini ion mass spectrometer

pp. 187-193

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

McComas, D. J.; Barraclough, B. L.; Moses, R. W.; Wiens, R. C.; Adamic, L.; Burnett, D.; Neugebauer, M.

Solar wind concentrator

pp. 195-200

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Pollock, C. J.; Coffey, V. N.; England, J. D.; Martinez, N. G.; Moore, T. E.; Adrian, M. L.

Thermal Electron Capped Hemisphere Spectrometer (TECHS) for ionospheric studies

pp. 201-207

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Nordholt, J. E.; Berthelier, J.-J.; Burr, D. M.; Funsten, H. O.; Goldstein, R.; Illiano, J.-M.; McCabe, K. P.; McComas, D. J.; Potter, D. M.; Young, D. T.

The Cassini Ion Mass Spectrometer: Performance metrics and techniques

pp. 209-214

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Berthelier, J.-J.; Illiano, J. M.; Hodges, R. R.; Covinhes, J.; Godefroy, M.; Gogly, G.; Guillou, J.; Le Goff, F.; Leblanc, F.; Racic, Z.; Rouchette, P.; Krankowsky, D.; Dorflinger, D.; Vaisberg, O.; Smimov, V.; Kolesova, N.

The Dymio ion mass spectrometer of the Mars 96 mission

pp. 215-220

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Fedorov, A. O.; Vaisberg, O. L.; Johnstone, A. D.; James, A. M.; Woodliffe, R. D.

Rapid non-scanning ion distribution measurements using electrostatic mirror and multichannel collimator for the INTERBALL and MARS-96 missions

pp. 221-228

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Wurz, P.; Gubler, L.; Bochsler, P.; Möbius, E.

Isochronous mass spectrometer for space plasma applications

pp. 229-235

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Young, D. T.; Barraclough, B. L.; Berthelier, J. J.; Blanc, M.; Burch, J. L.; Coates, A. J.; Goldstein, R.; Grande, M.; Hill, T. W.; Illiano, J. M.; Johnson, M. A.; Johnson, R. E.; Baragiola, R. A.; Kelha, V.; Linder, D.; McComas, D. J.; Narheim, B. T.; Nordholt, J. E.; Preece, A.; Sittler, E. C.; Svenes, K. R.; Szalai, S.; Szegö, K.; Tanskanen, P.; Viherkanto, K.

Cassini plasma spectrometer investigation

pp. 237-242

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Möbius, E.; Kistler, L. M.; Popecki, M. A.; Crocker, K. N.; Granoff, M.; Jiang, Y.; Sartori, E.; Ye, V.; Réme, H.; Sauvaud, J. A.; Cros, A.; Aoustin, C.; Camus, T.; Médale, J.-L.; Rouzaud, J.; Carlson, C. W.; McFadden, J. P.; Curtis, D.; Heetderks, H.; Croyle, J.; Ingraham, C.; Klecker, B.; Hovestadt, D.; Ertl, M.; Eberl, F.; Kästle, H.; Künneth, E.; Laeverenz, P.; Seidenschwang, E.; Shelley, E. G.; Klumpar, D. M.; Hertzberg, E.; Parks, G. K.; McCarthy, M.; Korth, A.; Rosenbauer, H.; Gräve, B.; Eliasson, L.; Olsen, S.; Balsiger, H.; Schwab, U.; Steinacher, M.

The 3-D plasma distribution function analyzers with time-of-flight mass discrimination for cluster, FAST, and Equator-S

pp. 243-248

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

McFadden, J. P.; Carlson, C. W.

Computer simulation in designing electrostatic optics for space plasma experiments

pp. 249-255

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Linder, D. R.; Coates, A. J.; Woodliffe, R. D.; Alsop, C.; Johnstone, A. D.; Grande, M.; Preece, A.; Narheim, B.; Young, D. T.

The Cassini CAPS Electron Spectrometer

pp. 257-262

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Woodliffe, R. D.; Johnstone, A. D.

The Use of numerical simulation in the design of the Cluster/PEACE “Top Hat” analyzer electron optics

pp. 263-267

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Alsop, C.; Scott, S.; Free, L.

UV Rejection design and performance of the PEACE electrostatic analyzers

pp. 269-274

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Carter, P. J.; Gowen, R. A.; Hancock, B. K.; Alsop, C.; Fazakerley, A. N.

Fast and accurate inflight calculations of electron space plasma parameters

pp. 275-280

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

James, A. M.; Johnstone, A. D.; Walton, D. M.; Vaisberg, O. L.; Fedorov, A. O.

A Fast omni-directional ion detector for the study of space plasmas

pp. 281-285

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Papatheodorou, G.; Woodliffe, R. D.; Johnstone, A. D.; Rodgers, D. J.; Walton, D. M.; Sims, A. J.

A Miniature retarding potential plasma analyser with a differential energy response

pp. 287-293

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Walton, D. M.; James, A. M.; Bowles, J. A.; Johnstone, A. D.

High-speed 2-D imaging for plasma analysers using wedge-and-strip anodes

pp. 295-300

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Lessard, M.; Garbe, G. P.; Arnoldy, R. L.

A Calibration source for low energy electron detectors

pp. 301-306

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Yau, A. W.; Drakou, E.; Greffen, M. J.; Knudsen, D. J.; Sagawa, E.

Radio-frequency ion mass spectrometer measurements of ion composition, velocity and temperature: The EXOS-D suprathermal mass spectrometer

pp. 307-312

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Young, D. T.; Bowman, R. P.; Black, R. K.; Booker, T. L.; Casey, P. J.; Dirks, G. J.; Guerrero, D. R.; Smith, K. E.; Waite, J. H., Jr.; Wüest, M. P.

Miniaturized Optimized Smart Sensor (MOSS) for space plasma diagnostics

pp. 313-318

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Watkins, Nicholas W.; Chapman, Sandra C.; Paul Gough, M.; Forsberg, P.

In-situ spacecraft particle autocorrelation and cross-correlation: Theory and practice

pp. 319-324

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Ergun, R. E.; McFadden, J. P.; Carlson, C. W.

Wave-particle correlator instrument design

pp. 325-331

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Gough, M. P.

Particle correlators in space: Performance, limitations, successes, and the future

pp. 333-338

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Vampola, A. L.

Measuring energetic electrons — what works and what doesn't

pp. 339-355

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

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