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Geophysical Monograph Series



  • Rifts (Geology)—North Atlantic Ocean
  • Continental margins—North Atlantic Ocean
  • Magmatism—North Atlantic Ocean
  • Geology, Stratigraphic—Triassic
  • Geology, Stratigraphic—Jurassic

The Central Atlantic Magmatic Province: Insights From Fragments of Pangea

Vol. 136, 2003

ISSN: 0065-8448; ISBN: 0-87590-995-7

The Central Atlantic Magmatic Province: Insights From Fragments of Pangea

W. Hames, J. G. McHone, P. Renne, and C. Ruppel (Eds.)

A singular event in Earth's history occurred roughly 200 million years ago, as rifting of the largest and most recent supercontinent was joined by basaltic volcanism that formed the most extensive large igneous province (LIP) known. A profound and widespread mass extinction of terrestrial and marine genera occurred at about the same time, suggesting a causal link between the biological transitions of the Triassic-Jurassic boundary and massive volcanism. A series of stratigraphic, geochronologic, petrologic, tectonic, and geophysical studies have led to the identification of the dispersed remnants of this Central Atlantic Magmatic Province (CAMP) on the rifted margins of four continents. Current discoveries are generally interpreted to indicate that CAMP magmatism occurred in a relative and absolute interval of geologic time that was brief, and point to mechanisms of origin and global environmental effects. Because many of these discoveries have occurred within the past several years, in this monograph we summarize new observations and provide an up-to-date review of the province

Citation: Hames, W., J. G. McHone, P. Renne, and C. Ruppel (Eds.) (2003), The Central Atlantic Magmatic Province: Insights From Fragments of Pangea, Geophys. Monogr. Ser., vol. 136, 267 pp., AGU, Washington, D. C., doi:10.1029/GM136.

Hames, Willis E.; McHone, J. Gregory; Renne, Paul R.; Ruppel, Carolyn


pp. vii-viii

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Hames, W.; McHone, J. G.; Renne, P.; Ruppel, C.


pp. 1-6

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Olsen, Paul E.; Kent, Dennis V.; Et-Touhami, Mohammed; Puffer, John

Cyclo-, magneto-, and bio-stratigraphic constraints on the duration of the CAMP event and its relationship to the Triassic-Jurassic boundary

pp. 7-32

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Schlische, Roy W.; Withjack, Martha Oliver; Olsen, Paul E.

Relative timing of CAMP, rifting, continental breakup, and basin inversion: Tectonic significance

pp. 33-59

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Benson, Richard N.

Age estimates of the seaward-dipping volcanic wedge, earliest oceanic crust, and earliest drift-stage sediments along the North American Atlantic continental margin

pp. 61-75

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Baksi, Ajoy K.

Critical evaluation of 40Ar/39Ar ages for the Central Atlantic Magmatic Province: Timing, duration and possible migration of magmatic centers

pp. 77-90

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

De Min, Angelo; Piccirillo, Enzo M.; Marzoli, Andrea; Bellieni, Giuliano; Renne, Paul R.; Ernesto, Marcia; Marques, Leila S.

The Central Atlantic Magmatic Province (CAMP) in Brazil: Petrology, geochemistry, 40Ar/39Ar ages, paleomagnetism and geodynamic implications

pp. 91-128

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Ernesto, M.; Bellieni, G.; Piccirillo, E.M.; Marques, L.S.; de Min, A.; Pacca, I.G.; Martins, G.; Macedo, J. W. P.

Paleomagnetic and geochemical constraints on the timing and duration of the CAMP activity in northeastern Brazil

pp. 129-149

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Puffer, John H.

A reactivated back-arc source for CAMP magma

pp. 151-162

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Salters, Vincent J.M.; Ragland, P.C.; Hames, W.E.; Milla, K.; Ruppel, C.

Temporal chemical variations within lowermost jurassic tholeiitic magmas of the Central Atlantic Magmatic Province

pp. 163-177

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Youbi, Nasrrddine; Martins, Línia Tavares; Munhá, José Manuel; Ibouh, Hassan; Madeira, José; Aït Chayeb, El Houssaine; El Boukhari, Abdelmajid

The Late Triassic-Early Jurassic volcanism of Morocco and Portugal in the framework of the Central Atlantic Magmatic Province: An overview

pp. 179-207

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Jourdan, Fred; Marzoli, Andrea; Bertrand, Herve; Cosca, Michael; Fontignie, Denis

The northernmost CAMP: 40Ar/39Ar age, petrology and Sr-Nd-Pb isotope geochemistry of the Kerforne dike, Brittany, France

pp. 209-226

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Ernst, Richard E.; de Boer, Jelle Zeilinga; Ludwig, Peter; Gapotchenko, Taras

Magma flow pattern in the North Mountain basalts of the 200 Ma CAMP event: Evidence from the magnetic fabric

pp. 227-239

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

McHone, J. Gregory

Volatile emissions from Central Atlantic Magmatic Province Basalts: Mass assumptions and environmental consequences

pp. 241-254

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Pálfy, József

Volcanism of the Central Atlantic Magmatic Province as a potential driving force in the end-Triassic mass extinction

pp. 255-267

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

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