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Geophysical Monograph Series



  • Sea-floor spreading
  • Explosive volcanic eruptions
  • Hydrothermal vents
  • Marine sediments

Explosive Subaqueous Volcanism

Vol. 140, 2003

ISSN: 0065-8448; ISBN: 0-87590-999-X

Explosive Subaqueous Volcanism

J. D. L. White, J. L. Smellie, and D. A. Clague (Eds.)

Subaqueous explosive eruptions are common, and in earth's early history were ubiquitous. Although they are unlike eruptions we find on land, they operate with the same fundamental processes. Deep-sea eruptions modify important seafloor hydrothermal systems and their coupled habitats for extremophile organisms, and large eruptions on the continental shelf presumably have as yet unknown effects on a wide range of marine organisms. Shallow eruptions that can affect shipping lanes and threaten coastal environments, either directly or by generation of tsunami, also appear to produce deposits and conditions closely linked with formation of significant chunks of the world's mineral resources.

Citation: White, J. D. L., J. L. Smellie, and D. A. Clague (Eds.) (2003), Explosive Subaqueous Volcanism, Geophys. Monogr. Ser., vol. 140, 379 pp., AGU, Washington, D. C., doi:10.1029/GM140.

White, James


pp. ix-x

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White, James D.L.; Smellie, John L.; Clague, David A.

Introduction: A deductive outline and topical overview of subaqueous explosive volcanism

pp. 1-23

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Wohletz, Kenneth H.

Water/Magma Interaction: Physical considerations for the deep submarine environment

pp. 25-49

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Zimanowski, Bernd; Büttner, Ralf

Phreatomagmatic explosions in subaqueous volcanism

pp. 51-60

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Gudmundsson, Magnús T.

Melting of ice by magma-ice-water interactions during subglacial eruptions as an indicator of heat transfer in subaqueous eruptions

pp. 61-72

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Clague, David A.; Batiza, R.; Head, James W., III; Davis, Alicé S.

Pyroclastic and hydroclastic deposits on Loihi Seamount, Hawaii

pp. 73-95

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Houghton, B. F.; Hobden, B. J.; Cashman, K. V.; Wilson, C. J. N.; Smith, R. T.

Large-scale interaction of lake water and rhyolitic magma during the 1.8 ka Taupo eruption, New Zealand

pp. 97-109

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Clague, David A.; Davis, Alicé S.; Dixon, Jacqueline E.

Submarine strombolian eruptions on the Gorda mid-ocean ridge

pp. 111-128

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Davis, Alicé S.; Clague, David A.

Hyaloclastite from Miocene seamounts offshore central California: Compositions, eruption styles, and depositional processes

pp. 129-142

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Eissen, Jean-Philippe; Fouquet, Yves; Hardy, Delphine; Ondréas, Hélène

Recent MORB Volcaniclastic explosive deposits formed between 500 and 1750 m.b.s.l. on the axis of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, south of the Azores

pp. 143-166

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Maicher, Doris

A cluster Of Surtseyan volcanoes at Lookout Bluff, North Otago, New Zealand: Aspects of edifice spacing and time

pp. 167-178

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Andrews, Benjamin

Eruptive and depositional mechanisms of an Eocene shallow submarine volcano, Moeraki Peninsula, New Zealand

pp. 179-188

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Mueller, Wulf U.

A subaqueous eruption model for shallow-water, small volume eruptions: Evidence from two Precambrian examples

pp. 189-203

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Gaspar, João L.; Queiroz, Gabriela; Pacheco, José M.; Ferreira, Teresa; Wallenstein, Nicolau; Almeida, Maria H.; Coutinho, Rui

Basaltic lava balloons produced during the 1998–2001 Serreta Submarine Ridge eruption (Azores)

pp. 205-212

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Kano, K.

Subaqueous pumice eruptions and their products: A review

pp. 213-229

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Yuasa, Makoto; Kano, Kazuhiko

Submarine silicic calderas on the northern Shichito-Iwojima Ridge, Izu-Ogasawara (Bonin) Arc, western Pacific

pp. 231-243

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

McPhie, Jocelyn; Allen, Rodney L.

Submarine, silicic, syn-eruptive pyroclastic units in the Mount Read Volcanics, western Tasmania: Influence of vent setting and proximity on lithofacies characteristics

pp. 245-258

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Fujibayashi, Norie; Sakai, Umio

Vesiculation and eruption processes of submarine effusive and explosive rocks from the Middle Miocene Ogi Basalt, Sado Island, Japan

pp. 259-272

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Raos, Alison M.; McPhie, Jocelyn

The submarine record of a large-scale explosive eruption in the Vanuatu Arc: ∼1 Ma Efaté Pumice Formation

pp. 273-283

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Allen, S.R.; Stewart, A.L.

Products of explosive subaqueous felsic eruptions based on examples from the Hellenic Island Arc, Greece

pp. 285-298

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Cas, R. A. F.; Yamagishi, H.; Moore, L.; Scutter, C.

Miocene submarine fire fountain deposits, Ryugazaki Headland, Oshoro Peninsula, Hokkaido, Japan: Implications for Submarine Fountain Dynamics and Fragmentation Processes

pp. 299-316

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Scott, C. R.; Richard, D.; Fowler, A. D.

An Archean submarine pyroclastic flow due to submarine dome collapse: The Hurd Deposit, Harker Township, Ontario, Canada

pp. 317-327

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Binns, Raymond A.

Deep marine pumice from the Woodlark and Manus Basins, Papua New Guinea

pp. 329-343

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Hudak, George J.; Morton, Ronald L.; Franklin, James M.; Peterson, Dean M.

Morphology, distribution, and estimated eruption volumes for intracaldera tuffs associated with volcanic-hosted massive sulfide deposits in the Archean Sturgeon Lake Caldera Complex, Northwestern Ontario

pp. 345-360

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Kessel, Lowell G.; Busby, Cathy J.

Analysis of VHMS-hosting ignimbrites erupted at bathyal water depths (Ordovican Bald Mountain Sequence, northern Maine)

pp. 361-379

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