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Geophysical Monograph Series



  • Rain forest ecology—Amazon River Region
  • Biosphere—Research—Amazon River Region
  • Climatic changes—Amazon River Region
  • Amazon River Region—Climate

Index Terms

  • 3305 Atmospheric Processes: Climate change and variability
  • 3322 Atmospheric Processes: Land/atmosphere interactions
  • 3374 Atmospheric Processes: Tropical meteorology
  • 3355 Atmospheric Processes: Regional modeling



Modeling the regional and remote climatic impact of deforestation

M. A. Silva Dias, R. Avissar, and P. Silva Dias

The observations and models agree in that current levels and patterns of Amazonian deforestation actually enhance mass and energy transfers between the land and the atmosphere through the creation of thermally driven circulations with effects on rainfall that are significant but vary considerably with seasons and regions. This has also indicated the necessity to identify the threshold, where the increased deforestation actually implies a decrease in rainfall, as pointed out by most of the low-resolution general circulation models. Most of the studies of the remote impact are still exploratory, but they indicate that patterns of global climate in remote regions of Eurasia and North America may be affected.

Citation: Silva Dias, M. A., R. Avissar, and P. Silva Dias (2009), Modeling the regional and remote climatic impact of deforestation, in Amazonia and Global Change, Geophys. Monogr. Ser., vol. 186, edited by M. Keller et al., pp. 251–260, AGU, Washington, D. C., doi:10.1029/2008GM000817.

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