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Geophysical Monograph Series



  • Stratosphere
  • Whirlwinds
  • Dynamic meteorology
  • dynamicalmeteorology
  • stratosphericdynamics
  • R.AlanPlumb
  • historyofatmosphericscience
  • historyofmeteorology

Index Terms

  • 0341 Atmospheric Composition and Structure: Middle atmosphere: constituent transport and chemistry
  • 1704 History of Geophysics: Atmospheric sciences
  • 3334 Atmospheric Processes: Middle atmosphere dynamics
  • 3367 Atmospheric Processes: Theoretical modeling



Foreword: R. Alan Plumb—A brief biographical sketch and personal tribute

A. H. Sobel

Raymond Alan Plumb was born on 30 March 1948 in Ripon, Yorkshire, United Kingdom. He is not known for talking about his childhood, but we do know that he liked to sing and was part of a group called the Avocets.
Alan did his undergraduate degree in Manchester, obtaining his BS Physics with I Honors in 1969. He was offered a fellowship to do his PhD at Cambridge, but he had a negative reaction to a visit there and decided to stay at Manchester, where he pursued his studies in Astronomy, completing his PhD in 1972. With a highly disengaged thesis advisor, Alan was largely self-taught as a graduate student. He studied planetary atmospheres. Toward the end of his studies, Alan participated in a summer school organized by Steve Thorpe in Bangor,Wales, where he came into contact with the broader international community in geophysical fluid dynamics. Raymond Hide became particularly influential and became Alan's mentor at the UK Meteorological Office (UKMO), where Alan worked for 4 years after receiving his PhD. Another key early influence whom Alan met then was Michael McIntyre. McIntyre's interest and encouragement were very important to Alan at that early time and would continue to be so in later years, including after his move to Australia.

Citation: Sobel, A. H. (2010), Foreword: R. Alan Plumb—A brief biographical sketch and personal tribute, in The Stratosphere: Dynamics, Transport, and Chemistry, Geophys. Monogr. Ser., vol. 190, edited by L. M. Polvani, A. H. Sobel, and D. W. Waugh, pp. vii–xi, AGU, Washington, D. C., doi:10.1029/2010GM000998.

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