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Geophysical Monograph Series



  • microbiology
  • paleoclimate
  • glaciology
  • subglacial hydrology
  • hot water drilling

Index Terms

  • 0456 Biogeosciences: Life in extreme environments
  • 0726 Cryosphere: Ice sheets
  • 0794 Cryosphere: Instruments and techniques
  • 9310 Geographic Location: Antarctica (4207)

Antarctic Subglacial Aquatic Environments

Vol. 192, 2011

ISSN: 0065-8448; ISBN: 978-0-87590-482-5

Antarctic Subglacial Aquatic Environments

M. J. Siegert, M. C. Kennicutt II, and R. A. Bindschadler (Eds.)

Antarctic Subglacial Aquatic Environments is the first volume on this important and fascinating subject. With its underlying theme of bridging existing knowledge to future research, it is a benchmark in the history of subglacial lake exploration and study, containing up-to-date discussions about the history and background of subglacial aquatic environments and future exploration. The main topics addressed are identification, location, physiography, and hydrology of 387 subglacial lakes; protocols for environmental stewardship and protection of subglacial lake environments; details of three programs aiming to explore Vostok Subglacial Lake, Ellsworth Subglacial Lake, and Whillans Subglacial Lake over the next 3–5 years; assessment of technological requirements for exploration programs based on best practices for environmental stewardship and scientific success; and knowledge of subglacial lakes as habitats for microbial life and as recorders of past climate and ice sheet change. Its uniqueness, breadth, and inclusiveness will appeal to microbiologists and those interested in life in extreme environments, paleoclimatologists and those interested in sedimentary records of past changes, glaciologists striving to understand how water beneath glaciers affects their flow, and those engaged in developing technology to undertake direct measurement and sampling of extreme environments on Earth and in the solar system.

Citation: Siegert, M. J., M. C. Kennicutt II, and R. A. Bindschadler (Eds.) (2011), Antarctic Subglacial Aquatic Environments, Geophys. Monogr. Ser., vol. 192, 246 pp., AGU, Washington, D. C., doi:10.1029/GM192.

Siegert, Martin J.; Kennicutt, Mahlon C., II; Bindschadler, Robert A.


pp. vii-vii

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Kennicutt, Mahlon C., II; Siegert, Martin J.

Subglacial aquatic environments: A focus of 21st century Antarctic science

pp. 1-7

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Wright, Andrew; Siegert, Martin J.

The identification and physiographical setting of Antarctic subglacial lakes: An update based on recent discoveries

pp. 9-26

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Pattyn, Frank

Antarctic subglacial lake discharges

pp. 27-44

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Siegert, Martin J.; Popov, Sergey; Studinger, Michael

Vostok subglacial lake: A review of geophysical data regarding its discovery and topographic setting

pp. 45-60

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Skidmore, Mark

Microbial communities in Antarctic subglacial aquatic environments

pp. 61-81

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Bentley, M. J.; Christoffersen, P.; Hodgson, D. A.; Smith, A. M.; Tulaczyk, S.; Le Brocq, A. M.

Subglacial lake sediments and sedimentary processes: Potential archives of ice sheet evolution, past environmental change, and the presence of life

pp. 83-110

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Marchant, David R.; Jamieson, Stewart S. R.; Sugden, David E.

The geomorphic signature of massive subglacial floods in Victoria Land, Antarctica

pp. 111-127

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Cockell, Charles S.; Bagshaw, Elizabeth; Balme, Matt; Doran, Peter; McKay, Christopher P.; Miljkovic, Katarina; Pearce, David; Siegert, Martin J.; Tranter, Martyn; Voytek, Mary; Wadham, Jemma

Subglacial environments and the search for life beyond the Earth

pp. 129-148

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Doran, Peter T.; Vincent, Warwick F.

Environmental protection and stewardship of subglacial aquatic environments

pp. 149-157

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Mowlem, Matthew C.; Tsaloglou, Maria-Nefeli; Waugh, Edward M.; Floquet, Cedric F. A.; Saw, Kevin; Fowler, Lee; Brown, Robin; Pearce, David; Wyatt, James B.; Beaton, Alexander D.; Brito, Mario P.; Hodgson, Dominic A.; Griffiths, Gwyn; Bentley, M.; Blake, D.; Capper, L.; Clarke, R.; Cockell, C.; Corr, H.; Harris, W.; Hill, C.; Hindmarsh, R.; King, E.; Lamb, H.; Maher, B.; Makinson, K.; Parnell, J.; Priscu, J.; Rivera, A.; Ross, N.; Siegert, M. J.; Smith, A.; Tait, A.; Tranter, M.; Wadham, J.; Whalley, B.; Woodward, J.

Probe technology for the direct measurement and sampling of Ellsworth Subglacial Lake

pp. 159-186

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Lukin, Valery; Bulat, Sergey

Vostok Subglacial Lake: Details of Russian plans/activities for drilling and sampling

pp. 187-197

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Fricker, Helen Amanda; Powell, Ross; Priscu, John; Tulaczyk, Slawek; Anandakrishnan, Sridhar; Christner, Brent; Fisher, Andrew T.; Holland, David; Horgan, Huw; Jacobel, Robert; Mikucki, Jill; Mitchell, Andrew; Scherer, Reed; Severinghaus, Jeff

Siple Coast subglacial aquatic environments: The Whillans Ice Stream Subglacial Access Research Drilling Project

pp. 199-219

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

Ross, N.; Siegert, M. J.; Rivera, A.; Bentley, M. J.; Blake, D.; Capper, L.; Clarke, R.; Cockell, C. S.; Corr, H. F. J.; Harris, W.; Hill, C.; Hindmarsh, R. C. A.; Hodgson, D. A.; King, E. C.; Lamb, H.; Maher, B.; Makinson, K.; Mowlem, M.; Parnell, J.; Pearce, D. A.; Priscu, J.; Smith, A. M.; Tait, A.; Tranter, M.; Wadham, J. L.; Whalley, W. B.; Woodward, J.

Ellsworth Subglacial Lake, West Antarctica: A review of its history and recent field campaigns

pp. 221-233

[Abstract] | [Chapter] | [Full Text (PDF)]

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