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Geophysical Monograph Series



  • sediment transport
  • geomorphology
  • numerical modeling
  • river restoration
  • physical modeling
  • river mechanics

Index Terms

  • 1847 Hydrology: Modeling
  • 1846 Hydrology: Model calibration
  • 1849 Hydrology: Numerical approximations and analysis
  • 1862 Hydrology: Sediment transport



Practical Considerations for Modeling Sediment Transport Dynamics in Rivers

Y. Cui, S. R. Dusterhoff, J. K. Wooster, and P. W. Downs

Sediment transport dynamics are some of the most important aspects to consider in river restoration and management projects. Restoring a river usually involves the manipulation of its flow conditions, channel cross sections, channel alignment, sediment supply, bed material composition, and riparian conditions, all of which directly or indirectly affect sediment transport dynamics. Because a river will be reshaped through sediment transport process following restoration, a lack of or an inadequate consideration of postrestoration sediment transport dynamics may result in poor performance or failure of the project. Here we discuss some practical considerations in sediment transport modeling as a guide for resource managers overseeing river restoration projects as well as sediment transport practitioners. The discussion is not intended as a “how to” guide or a thorough review of the scientific literature pertaining to sediment transport. Instead, the project examples discussed herein are intended to illustrate some of the lessons learned from our experiences in conducting sediment transport analyses for applied projects. The examples are not necessarily river restoration projects, but the practical considerations discussed should generally apply to any sediment transport analysis, including those for river restoration projects.

Citation: Cui, Y., S. R. Dusterhoff, J. K. Wooster, and P. W. Downs (2011), Practical considerations for modeling sediment transport dynamics in rivers, in Stream Restoration in Dynamic Fluvial Systems: Scientific Approaches, Analyses, and Tools, Geophys. Monogr. Ser., vol. 194, edited by A. Simon, S. J. Bennett and J. M. Castro, pp. 503–527, AGU, Washington, D. C., doi:10.1029/2010GM001008.

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