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History of Geophysics



HISTORY OF GEOPHYSICS, VOL. 1, PP. 144-144, 1984

Waldo E. Smith: A quarter century of service

H. E. Newell

Waldo E. Smith, the Union's first Executive Director, will retire after almost 26 years of service on August 31, 1970. During that period he has guided the AGU with caution, firmness, gentleness, and obvious pride. As President of the Union and speaking for all the other Presidents with whom Waldo has served, I want to take this opportunity to express our respect and admiration for his tremendous contribution to AGU and to the unity of geophysics nationally and internationally.
Waldo joined AGU in 1936 and affiliated with the Section of Hydrology. He has been an active member, attending Annual Meetings and participating in the affairs of the Section of Hydrology. In 1944, with the title of Executive Secretary, he became AGU's first full-time staff member, and as Executive Secretary and subsequently Executive Director, he has presided over a period during which the Union has grown in all directions by amounts that can only be measured in orders of magnitude. AGU owes its present sound financial status in large part to Waldo's careful management. Its journals and books are generally well received and reasonably priced, which attests to his capabilities as a purchaser of printing and handler of editors. For many years he edited the Transactions himself while operating the business affairs of the office with the occasional aid of his wife Martha; for especially large jobs like mailing, his two children, David and Carol, were pressed into service.

Citation: Newell, H. E. (1984), Waldo E. Smith: A quarter century of service, in History of Geophysics: Volume 1, Hist. Geophys. Ser., vol. 1, edited by C. S. Gillmor, pp. 144–144, AGU, Washington, D. C., doi:10.1029/HG001p0144.

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