AGUAmerican Geophysical Union (AGU) is a worldwide scientific community that advances, through unselfish cooperation in research, an understanding of Earth and space that is used for the benefit of humanity. AGU is a leading geosciences international organization with over 50,000 members. The annual Fall AGU meeting is considered the main international geosciences event in the US. Attracting more than 16,000 researchers from around the world (including Al Gore), and having a broad media coverage, it is a perfect place for promoting new ideas and making them appreciated by the next generation of researchers. Visit AGU

Munich RE, Geo Risks Research Department
has been researching geoscientific phenomena, their risks and their loss potentials, since 1974.Twenty-five researchers now work in the Geo Risks Research Department, covering all the pertinent disciplines like meteorology, seismology, geology, geophysics, and geography. They give advice and provide services for all in-house departments (and external users) dealing with issues related to natural catastrophes and needing geoscientific knowledge. Geo Risks Research also acts as an "information turntable" between operative underwriting, i.e. the acceptance of insurance risks, and geoscientific research. This includes on the one hand giving underwriters advice and support and on the other hand representing Munich Re in a worldwide network of scientists, associations, and political organisations, and taking part in research projects of current interest. Visit GeoRisk Department at Munich Re

University of Nevada, Reno, Department of Mathematics and Statistic
has over 20 faculty members working in different areas of pure and applied mathematics and statistics. The Department collaborates nationally and internationally on the environmental and Natural hazards research with specific applications in atmospheric sciences, solid earth geophysics, hydrology, and geography. The graduates join the state governmental and industrial institutions as well as the top national graduate programs. Visit Mathematics and Statistics at UNR