GA1.04  Core Dynamics and the Dynamo:  Experiments and 
Observational Constraints
Presiding: G A Glatzmeier, IGPP/Los Alamos National Lab

   0830h   GAA11A-01 Elliptic Instability in a Rotating 
                    Spheroidal Shell of Fluid: *K D Aldridge, L I
   0845h   GAA11A-02 Characteristic Surfaces in the Earth's Fluid
                    Outer Core?: *G A Henderson, K D Aldridge
   0900h   GAA11A-03 An Experimental Test of Dynamo Efficiency:*P
                    Cardin, P  Olson, D  Brito, H C Nataf
   0915h   GAA11A-04 A Global Model for Cooling of the Earth With
                    a Conductive Shell in the Core: *S  Labrosse,
                    J L Le Mouel, J P Poirier
   0930h   GAA11A-05 The Efficiency of the Geodynamo: *J R 
                    B A Buffett
   0945h   GAA11A-06 Does Convection in the Fluid Outer Core 
                    Affect the Shape of the Solid Inner Core?: 
                    *B A Buffett, J W M Bush
   1000h   GAA11A-07 Lunar and Planetary Magnetic Fields: What 
                    Can Be Learnt About the Dynamo Process: *S K 

GA1.04  Core Dynamics and the Dynamo: Core Dynamics and 
Core-Mantle Coupling
Presiding: M Kono, Univ of Tokyo

   1045h   GAA11B-01 Gravitational and Pressure Coupling in the 
                    Earth: *A M Szeto, S  Xu
   1100h   GAA11B-02 The Role of Pressure Reaction to the Lorentz
                    Force in Electromagnetic Coupling: *S  Xu, 
                    A M Szeto
   1115h   GAA11B-03 Hydromagnetic Compositional Convection: *I A
                    Eltayeb, E Krishnan
   1130h   GAA11B-04 The Effect of Bumps on Magnetoconvection: *P
                    A Coffey
   1145h   GAA11B-05 The Influence of Surface Topography on 
                    Rotating Convection: *A M Soward, P I Bell

GAA11C  EC:ARENA  Mon  0830h
GA1.04  Core Dynamics and the Dynamo - Posters
Presiding: C A Jones, Univ of Exeter

   0830h   GAA11C-01 POSTER  Magnetoconvection and Resulting EMF 
                    in a Rotating Horizontal Non-uniformly 
                    Stratified Layer in Dependence on Various 
                    Boundary Conditions: J Brestensky, S Sevcik, 
                    J Simkanin
   0830h   GAA11C-02 POSTER  Laboratory Experiments on 
                    Compositionally Buoyant Plumes in a 
                    Non-rotating Stratified Fluid: *R G Davis
   0830h   GAA11C-03 POSTER  Experimental Observations of Thermal
                    Convection at a Low Prandtl Number in a 
                    Rapidly Rotating Spherical Shell: *R G Davis
   0830h   GAA11C-04 POSTER  The Evolution of Magnetic 
                    Instabilities: Implications for the Earth's 
                    Magnetic Field: *K A Hutcheson, D R Fearn
   0830h   GAA11C-05 POSTER  Slow Weakly Nonlinear Hydromagnetic 
                    Waves in the Earth's Outer Core: *S D London
   0830h   GAA11C-06 POSTER  Mean Field Dynamos With an 
                    Asymmetric Alpha Effect: *L A Luchford, M R 
   0830h   GAA11C-07 POSTER  Helicity and Alpha Effect Produced 
                    by Small-Scale Buoyancy-Driven Flow in a 
                    Rotating Hydromagnetic Fluid: *H Shimizu, D E
   0830h   GAA11C-08 POSTER  Time and Length Scales of 
                    Buoyancy-Driven Flow Structures in a 
                    Rotating Hydromagnetic Fluid: *H Shimizu, D E
   0830h   GAA11C-09 POSTER  An Ising Model Approach to 
                    Geomagnetic Polarity Transitions: *K L 
                    Verosub, I Aleinov, E G Puckett
   0830h   GAA11C-10 POSTER  Rotational Motion of the Earth's 
                    Inner Core: *S  Xu, A M Szeto
   0830h   GAA11C-11 POSTER  Cylindrical Layer of the Increased 
                    Geostrophic Shear in Alpha Omega Dynamos: I 
                    Cupal, P Hejda

GAA11D  UMC:East  Mon  0830h
GA2.09/3.08  Planetary Atmospheres and Magnetospheres:  The 
Jovian Magnetosphere
Presiding: K Khurana, Univ of California, LA

   0830h   GAA11D-01 INVITED  Our View of the Jovian 
                    Magnetosphere Post-Ulysses: *D J Southwood
   0855h   GAA11D-02 Hot Plasmas of Jupiter's Inner Magnetosphere: 
                    B H Mauk, S A Gary, M Kane, E P Keath, S M 
                    Krimigis, T P Armstrong
   0910h   GAA11D-03 Dayside Current Sheet Structure in the 
                    Jovian Magnetosphere as Seen by Ulysses: *M W
                    Dunlop, M K Dougherty, K Staines
   0925h   GAA11D-04 Charged Particle Motion in Jupiter's Current
                    Sheet: *R S Selesnick
   0940h   GAA11D-05 Effective Ionospheric Conductivity for 
                    Jovian Magnetosphere-Ionosphere-Atmosphere 
                    Interaction: *V M Vasyliunas
   0955h   GAA11D-06 A Global Magnetohydrodynamic Model of the 
                    Jovian Magnetosphere: *T Ogino, W H Ip, R J 
   1010h   Break
   1040h   GAA11D-07 INVITED  The Effects of SL9 on the Jupiter 
                    Atmosphere, Ionosphere, and Magnetosphere: 
                    *M A McGrath
   1105h   GAA11D-08 HST/WFPC 2 Imaging of Jupiter's Aurora in 
                    the Far Ultraviolet: *J T Clarke, G E 
                    Ballester, J Trauger, D Crisp, K Stapelfeldt,
                    R Evans
   1120h   GAA11D-09 Diagnostic of the Jovian Auroral Processes 
                    Using New HST/FOC Images and High Resolution 
                    FUV Spectra: *R Prange, D Rego, L Pallier, 
                    M K Dougherty, L B Jaffel
   1135h   GAA11D-10 INVITED  The Magnetosphere of Jupiter: A 
                    Review of Current Understanding and Unsolved 
                    Mysteries on the 40th Anniversary of the 
                    Discovery of Jovian Radio Emission: *F 

GAA11E  UMC:West  Mon  0830h
GA2.13/3.03  Dynamics of the Magnetotail and High-Latitude 
Nightside Ionosphere
Presiding: A Nishida, Inst Space and Astronautical Sci; V 
           Angelopoulos, Johns Hopkins Univ

   0830h   GAA11E-01 The Magnetic Field in the Distant Geotail: 
                    *T I Pulkkinen, D N Baker, J A Slavin, C J 
   0845h   GAA11E-02 Magnetotail Energetic Ion Charge State and 
                    Species Composition Measured by the 
                    Geotail/EPIC Instrument: *S P Christon, G 
                    Gloeckler, D J Williams, R W McEntire, A T Y 
                    Lui, V Angelopoulos
   0900h   GAA11E-03 INVITED  Plasma Dynamics in Earth's 
                    Magnetotail: Observations With the Geotail 
                    and Galileo Spacecraft: *L A Frank, W R 
                    Paterson, K L Ackerson, J Seon, M 
                    Ashour-Abdalla, M G Kivelson, S Kokubun, T 
                    Yamamoto, R P Lepping
   0930h   GAA11E-04 Convection in the Distant Magnetotail at 200
                    Re Under Northward IMF: *A Nishida, T Mukai, 
                    T Yamamoto, Y Saito, S Kokubun, K Maezawa
   0945h   GAA11E-05 Studies of the Magnetotail Structure and 
                    Dynamics Using Global MHD Simulations: *J 
                    Raeder, J Berchem, M Ashour-Abdalla
   1000h   GAA11E-06 Dynamics of Earth's Distant Tail: Comparison
                    of Geotail Plasmas and Magnetic Field 
                    Observations With Global MHD Simulation 
                    Results: J Berhcem, J Raeder, M 
                    Ashour-Abdalla, L A Frank, W R Paterson, K L 
                    Ackerson, S Kokobun, T Yamamoto, R P Lepping
   1015h   GAA11E-07 Absence of a Nominal Magnetotail Under Very 
                    Northward IMF Conditions: *D H Fairfield, L A
                    Frank, K L Ackerson, W R Paterson, S Kokubun,
                    T Yamamoto, K Tsuruda
   1030h   Break
   1045h   GAA11E-08 Large Scale Dynamics of the Magnetospheric 
                    Tail Induced by Substorms; A Multi-satellite 
                    Study: *J A Sauvaud, C  Jacquey, J A Slavin, 
                    C J Owen, R P Lepping, C T Russell, R D 
   1100h   GAA11E-09 INVITED  Structure and Kinetic Properties of
                    Plasmoid and Its Boundary Region: *T Mukai
   1130h   GAA11E-10 Energetic Particle Spectra of Transient 
                    Magnetic Structures Observed by Geotail: *A 
                    Belehaki, E T Sarris, R W McEntire, S Kokubun, 
                    T Yamamoto
   1145h   GAA11E-11 Observations of Energetic Ions in the 
                    Earth's Magnetotail With the Geotail/EPIC 
                    Instrument: *R W McEntire, D J Williams, 
                    A T Y Lui, V Angelopoulos, S P Christon
   1200h   GAA11E-12 INVITED  Properties of the Magnetopause at 
                    the Near and Distant Magnetotail: *T Yamamoto

GAA11F  OMAIN:103  Mon  0900h
GA4.10  Division IV Reporter Reviews
Presiding: S Grzedzielski, COSPAR

   0900h   GAA11F-01 INVITED  The High Latitude Heliosphere: The 
                    Ulysses Results: *A  Balogh
   0940h   GAA11F-02 INVITED  Continued Studies and Analyses of 
                    the 1992-93 Heliospheric Radio Emission Event: 
                    *D A Gurnett, W S Kurth, S C Allendorf, L J 
   1020h   Break
   1050h   GAA11F-03 INVITED  Shocks and Energetic Particles 
                    Throughout the Heliosphere: E C Roelof, R B 
   1130h   GAA11F-04 INVITED  Cosmic Ray Mediated Shocks: *G P 

GAA11G  UMC:Forum  Mon  0830h
GA5.01  Modern Observatory and Repeat Station Instruments and 
Presiding: O Rasmussen, Danish Meteorological Inst; L Hegymegi, 
           Eotvos Lorand Geophysical Inst

   0830h   GAA11G-01 Fluxgate Declinometer and Inclinometer: A F 
                    Pavlov, V V Kuznetsov, J N Nagorny
   0850h   GAA11G-02 A Compact Spherical Delta I-Delta D (DIDD) 
                    System for Quasi-Absolute Measurements: *A W 
                    Green, L W Pankratz, E A Sauter, L Hegymegi, 
                    A Kormendi
   0910h   GAA11G-03 Design of Bias Coils for Vector Proton and 
                    for Fluxgate Magnetometers by Numerical 
                    Optimization on Personal Computer: *A 
   0930h   GAA11G-04 First Results of Geomagnetic Measurements 
                    With an Automatic Diflux: *J L J Rasson
   0950h   GAA11G-05 Potassium Laser Pumped Scalar Magnetometer 
                    of Highest Performance: *E B Alexandrov, M V 
                    Balabas, A K Vershovskii, N N Yakobson
   1010h   Break
   1040h   GAA11G-06 The First Year of Digital Recording at the 
                    Budkov Geomagnetic Observatory: *P Hejda, J 
                    Horacek, P Trefny
   1100h   GAA11G-07 Report on Progress of the Italian 
                    Geomagnetic Automatic Observatories: *P 
                    Palangio, A Meloni, A Caramelli, L Cafarella
   1120h   GAA11G-08 Reliability of the Hungarian Geomagnetic 
                    Observatory Data: V Wesztergom, A Wallner, *A
   1140h   GAA11G-09 The New and Old Geomagnetic Trelew 
                    Observatory: A Prospective Analysis: J  
                    Rasson, *J C Gianibelli, A  Pelliciuoli, E A 
                    Suarez, D O Gargano, P A Sallago
   1200h   GAA11G-10 Data Quality Control of Chinese Geomagnetic 
                    Network: *Y F Gao
   1220h   GAA11G-11 Automatic Digital Magnetic Observatory System: 
                    A N Fedorov, O M Grechov, V V Kuznetsov, A I 

GAA11H  EC:ARENA  Mon  0830h
GA5.01  Modern Observatory and Repeat Station Instruments and 
Practice - Posters
Presiding: J Rasson, Inst Royal Meteorology

   0830h   GAA11H-01 POSTER  The New BGS Magnetic Observatories 
                    in the South Atlantic: J C Riddick, T D G 
                    Clark, *D J Kerridge
   0830h   GAA11H-02 POSTER  Tentative Implementation of D-I-F 
                    Recording in Observatory Practice: *A Palka
   0830h   GAA11H-03 POSTER  The Re-establishment of the Magnetic
                    Network in Hungary in 1994-1995: P Kovacs, A 
                    Sarhiday, L Hegymegi, *A Kormendi
   0830h   GAA11H-04 POSTER  Reduction of Magnetic Repeat Station
                    Data: *C E Barton, A M Lewis

GAA11I  UMC:235  Mon  0800h
GA7.01  Activities and Results of the International Equatorial 
Electrojet Year (IEEY)
Presiding: Y Cohen, Inst de Physique du Globe; I S Sastry, 
           National Geophysical Res Inst

   0800h   GAA11I-01 INVITED  Currents Generated by the 
                    Ionospheric Dynamo: *R J Stening
   0825h   GAA11I-02 INVITED  Neutral Dynamics Associated With 
                    the Equatorial Ionization Anomaly: *T J 
                    Fuller-Rowell, M V Codrescu, W Borer, D N 
                    Anderson, B G Fejer, G Millward, R J Moffett
   0850h   GAA11I-03 INVITED  International Equatorial Electrojet
                    Year: A Review of Results Obtained in Europe 
                    and Africa's Longitude Sector: *A T Kobea, V 
                    Doumouya, K Boka, E Houngninou, C 
                    Amory-Mazaudier, J Vassal, O Fambitakoye, Y 
                    Cohen, M Menvielle
   0915h   GAA11I-04 Thermospheric Wind Observations From 
                    Korhugo, Ivory Coast, During the IEEY: D Rees, 
                    S Mugleston, N P Meredith, C Amory-Mazaudier,
                    P Villa, D Unguran
   0930h   GAA11I-05 New HF Zenithal Ionospheric Sounding Modes 
                    Performed During the International 
                    Equatorial Electrojet Year: *E Blanc, S Perez, 
                    C Lebreton
   0945h   GAA11I-06 Description of Time Phases in the 
                    Development of Equatorial Spread F as 
                    Observed by H.F. Sounding: *J F Cecile
   1000h   GAA11I-07 Multifrequency Spectral Analysis at the 
                    Magnetic Equator by HF Zenithal Ionospheric 
                    Sounding: *E B Houngninou, E Blanc
   1015h   GAA11I-08 F2 Peak Distortion in the Diurnal Variation 
                    Across the Equatorial Trough Zone During the 
                    Solar Flux Decline 1993-1994: *E Sambou, P 
                    Vila, C Amory-Mazaudier, R Hanbaba, J Vassal
   1030h   Break
   1050h   GAA11I-09 INVITED  Induction by the Geomagnetic Tides 
                    and the Equatorial Electrojet: *P  Tarits
   1115h   GAA11I-10 Overview of Magnetic and Telluric 
                    Measurements Over Africa During IEEY: J 
                    Vassal, C Amory-Mazaudier, Y Cohen, O 
                    Fambitakoye, M Menvielle
   1130h   GAA11I-11 A Study of the Variations of Telluric 
                    Currents Associated to the Equatorial 
                    Electrojet: Case of the Equinox: K Boka, J 
                    Vassal, M Menvielle, O Fambitakoye, Y Cohen
   1145h   GAA11I-12 Signature of Planetary Current Sheets in
                    IEEY (International-Equatorial-Electrojet-Year-Experiment)
                    J Vassal, C Amory-Mazaudier, Y Cohen, O 
                    Fambitakoye, M Menvielle
   1200h   GAA11I-13 Role of the Ambient Magnetic Field B in the 
                    Longitudinal Variation of Equatorial 
                    Electrojet Current Density: *C A Onwumechili
   1215h   GAA11I-14 Possible Existence of Counter Worldwide Part
                    of Sq and Its Relation to Equatorial 
                    Electroject: *C A Onwumechili

GA1.04  Core Dynamics and the Dynamo:  Magnetoconvection and 
Dynamo Models
Presiding: A M Soward, The Univ Newcastle upon Tyne; I A Eltayeb,
           Sultan Qaboos Univ

   1330h   GAA12A-01 On How Magnetic Fields Affect Convective 
                    Motions in the Earth's Core: *K Zhang
   1345h   GAA12A-02 Numerical Simulation of Convective Flow in a
                    Rapidly Rotating Spherical Shell and the 
                    Geodynamo: *W Kuang, J Bloxham
   1400h   GAA12A-03 Three Dimensional Dynamo Models With 
                    Prescribed Density Heterogeneities: *D Jault, 
                    P  Cardin
   1415h   GAA12A-04 Schemes Convergent to Taylor States: *D J 
   1430h   GAA12A-05 Helicity Distribution in the Core Estimated 
                    From Geomagnetic Field Data: *M  Matsushima
   1445h   GAA12A-06 The Onset of Oscillations in Anisotropic 
                    Alpha2 Dynamos: *C G Phillips
   1500h   GAA12A-07 New Results From the Mapping Method: *T  
                    Nakajima, P H Roberts
   1515h   Break
   1545h   GAA12A-08 Non-Normal Dynamos: *B F Farrell, P J Ioannou
   1600h   GAA12A-09 Building a Minimum Model of the Geodynamo: 
                    Inference From Paleomagnetism: *M Kono
   1615h   GAA12A-10 Convection Driven Geodynamo Models Using a 
                    Mean Field Approximation: *C A Jones, A W 
                    Longbottom, R Hollerbach
   1630h   GAA12A-11 A Self-Consistent 3D Convective Dynamo 
                    Simulation With a Magnetic Field Reversal: 
                    *G A Glatzmaier, P H Roberts
   1645h   GAA12A-12 Stationary and Time-Dependent Dynamos in 
                    Rotating Spherical Shells: *J Wicht, F H 
   1700h   Discussion

GAA12B  UMC:East  Mon  1330h
GA2.09/3.08 Planetary Atmospheres and Magnetospheres: Outer 
Planets' Magnetospheres and Satellite Interactions
Presiding: F Bagenal, Univ of Colorado, Boulder; T Breus, 
           Academy of Sciences

   1330h   GAA12B-01 INVITED  Nonlinear Alfven Wings of Io 
                    Revisited: *F M Neubauer
   1355h   GAA12B-02 Interaction of Small Bodies With Flowing 
                    Plasmas in the Solar Wind and at Jupiter: *Z 
                    Wang, M G Kivelson, K K Khurana, R J Walker
   1410h   GAA12B-03 Charged Dust in Magnetospheres: *M Horanyi
   1435h   GAA12B-04 INVITED  The Atmospheric Flywheel Effect in 
                    Outer Planetary Magnetospheres: *T W Hill
   1500h   Break
   1530h   GAA12B-05 The Distribution of OH in the Saturn 
                    Magnetosphere: *P L Matheson, D E Shemansky
   1545h   GAA12B-06 The Morphology and Energetics of the Jovian 
                    and Saturnian UV Aurora: HST Observations 
                    and Modelling: *J C Gerard, D Grodent, V Dols
   1600h   GAA12B-07 A Two-Dimensional Multifluid MHD Model of 
                    Titan's Plasma Environment: *T E Cravens, C J
   1615h   GAA12B-08 INVITED  Ion Pick-up and Acceleration at 
                    Comets: *D E Huddleston
   1640h   GAA12B-09 Ion-Acoustic Concentrative and Rarefactive 
                    Solitons in an Multi-Component Cometary 
                    Plasma Traversed by the Solar Wind: N Y 
                    Kotsarenko, O P Verkhoglyadova
   1655h   GAA12B-10 Excitation of Low-Frequency Oscillations in 
                    the Cometary Ionosphere by the Solar Wind: 
                    N Y Kotsarenko, O P Verkhoglyadova
   1710h   GAA12B-11 Large-Scale Structure Formation in the 
                    Cometary Ionosphere due to Plasma Streams: 
                    *O P Verkhoglyadova

GAA12C  UMC:West  Mon  1330h
GA2.13/3.03  Dynamics of the Magnetotail and High-Latitude 
Nightside Ionosphere
Presiding: M Kivelson, Univ California, LA; R McPherron, 
           Univ of California, LA

   1330h   GAA12C-01 Microscale Anisotropy Reduction and 
                    Macroscale Dynamics of the Magnetotail: *J 
                    Birn, S P Gary, M Hesse
   1345h   GAA12C-02 Modeled Particle Signatures of Magnetic 
                    Structures in the Geomagnetic Tail: *R F 
                    Martin, T W Speiser
   1400h   GAA12C-03 Hybrid Modeling of the Formation of Thin 
                    Current Sheets in Magnetotail Configurations:
                    *M Hesse, D Winske, M Kuznetsova, J Birn, K 
   1415h   GAA12C-04 Stability of Thin Equatorial Current Sheets:
                    *S Perraut, A Roux, O Holter, A Pedersen, A 
                    Korth, G Kremser, C Altman
   1430h   GAA12C-05 Structure of Thin Equatorial Current Sheets:
                    *A Roux, S Perraut, A Korth, G Kremser, Z Y 
                    Pu, O Holter
   1445h   GAA12C-06 Dynamical Time Scales and Phase Space 
                    Structure: *P B Dusenbery, G R Burkhart, T W 
                    Speiser, F Hall
   1500h   GAA12C-07 Remote Sensing of the Geomagnetic Tail 
                    Current Sheet Topology Using Energetic Ions: 
                    Neutral Lines Versus Weak Field Regions: *T W
                    Speiser, R F Martin
   1515h   GAA12C-08 Energization and Acceleration of Magnetotail
                    Plasma: L M Zelenyi, M Ashour-Abdalla, V 
                    Peroomian, A L Taktahishvili
   1530h   Break
   1545h   GAA12C-09 Collisionless Reconnection in Three 
                    Dimensions: *J  Buchner
   1600h   GAA12C-10 Ion Distributions in a Hybrid Simulation of 
                    Magnetotail Reconnection: *M Kuznetsova, M 
                    Hesse, D Winske
   1615h   GAA12C-11 Transport of Plasma-Sheet Material From the 
                    Magnetotail to the Dipolar Magnetosphere: *J E 
                    Borovsky, M F Thomsen, T  Cayton, V  
                    Angelopoulos, D J McComas
   1630h   GAA12C-12 INVITED  A New Theory for Magnetospheric 
                    Substorms: *L R Lyons
   1700h   GAA12C-13 INVITED  Nightside Flux Transfer Events and 
                    Their Relationship With a Substorm: *V A Sergeev

GAA12D  OMAIN:103  Mon  1400h
GA4.10  Division IV Reporter Reviews
Presiding: S Grzedzielski, COSPAR

   1400h   GAA12D-01 INVITED  Cosmic Rays in a 3-D Heliosphere:
                    *J Kota, J R Jokipii
   1440h   GAA12D-02 INVITED  Heliospheric Sources of 
                    Interplanetary Neutral Atoms: *J G Luhmann
   1520h   GAA12D-03 INVITED  Dust in Interplanetary Space: *E  

GAA12E  UMC:Forum  Mon  1400h
GA5.01  Modern Observatory and Repeat Station Instruments and 
Presiding: O Rasmussen, Danish Meteorological Inst; L Hegymegi, 
           Eotvos Lorand Geophysical Inst

   1400h   GAA12E-01 Can One Record the Geomagnetic Field With 
                    Accuracy Better Than 1 nT?: P Lange, J 
                    Marianiuk, *J Reda
   1420h   GAA12E-02 DIMARS-LEMI X, a Low Power, Compact, 
                    Intermagnet Compatible Magnetic Recording 
                    System in Tihany Observatory: *L Hegymegi, A 
                    Kormendi, L Farkas, V Korepanov, B Bondaruk, 
                    L Rakhlin
   1440h   GAA12E-03 Calibration System for Testing of 
                    3-Component Magnetometers: *V E Korepanov, 
                    E N Klimovich, K Pajunpaa
   1500h   GAA12E-04 Observatory Intercalibration of the 
                    Spherical Compact Sensor Magnetometer and 
                    Star Imager for the Oersted Geomagnetic 
                    Satellite Mission: *T  Risbo, J Jorgensen, J 
                    Pedersen, F Primdahl, S Skovsen, O Rasmussen
   1520h   GAA12E-05 Determination of the Precise Orientation of 
                    X, Y, Z Variometers - Comparison of Two 
                    Methods: P Lange, *J Reda
   1540h   Break
   1600h   GAA12E-06 Long-Term Magnetic Data Acquisition System: 
                    *V E Korepanov, E N Klimovich, A A Kuznetsov
   1620h   GAA12E-07 A Study of Baseline Drift and Baseline 
                    Adoption on a Global Set of Data, Using the 
                    INTERMAGNET CD-ROM 1992: *O Rasmussen
   1640h   GAA12E-08 Combined System for Repeat Station 
                    Measurements: *V Auster
   1700h   GAA12E-09 Daily Variation Removal From Repeat Stations
                    Measurements: *L M Barreto
   1720h   GAA12E-10 Old Observatory Data - What's the Use?: A M 
                    Isikara, *S R C Malin, M K Tuncer, O 

GAA12F  UMC:235  Mon  1330h
GA7.01  Activities and Results of the International Equatorial 
Electrojet Year (IEEY)
Presiding: A G Onwumechili, IAGA/ICDC; M Menvielle, 
           Laboratoire Phys de la Terre Planetes

   1330h   GAA12F-01 INVITED  Polar and Equatorial Current System
                    During the Magnetic Storm and Substorm: *T 
                    Kikuchi, T Kitamura, O Saka, H Luhr, K 
   1355h   GAA12F-02 Equatorial Electrojet, Part of the Global 
                    Circuit: A Case Study From IEEY Measurements 
                    Campaign (October 1992, November 1994) for 
                    the Period From May 20 to 30, 1993: *A T 
                    Kobea, C Amory-Mazaudier, J M Do, J Vassal, H
   1410h   GAA12F-03 Some Features of the Equatorial Electrojet 
                    in Western Africa From Ground-Based Magnetic 
                    Data: *V  Doumouya, J  Vassal, Y  Cohen, O  
                    Fambitakoye, M  Menvielle
   1425h   GAA12F-04 INVITED  IEEY Activities in the American 
                    Sector: *N B Trivedi
   1440h   GAA12F-05 Rocket-Borne, Flux-Gate Magnetometer 
                    Measurements of the Equatorial Electrojet 
                    From Alcantara, Brazil During the 
                    International Equatorial Electrojet Year: *R F 
                    Pfaff, M Acuna, P Marionni, J Slavin, R 
                    Langel, N Trivedi, D Wallis
   1455h   GAA12F-06 Results of the Peruvian Geomagnetic 
                    Observations During the IEEY 1992-1994: *M 
                    Ishitsuka, O Velix
   1510h   GAA12F-07 A Study of the Equatorial Electrojet From a 
                    Magnetometer Array in N-E Brazil: N B Trivedi, 
                    N Fukushima, F H Chamalaun, A L Padilha
   1525h   GAA12F-08 Secular Variation, Jerks, and Long Waves in 
                    the Geomagnetic Elements of Fuquene 
                    Observatory: *J C Gianibelli, W  Arias, W  
                    Quinteros, J  Avenda~no, W  Martinez, L  
   1540h   GAA12F-09 Temporal Variation in Port Moresby, Lunping,
                    Chambon La Foret, and Port Alfred 
                    Geomagnetic Observatories: J  Kohn, *J C 
   1555h   Break
   1615h   GAA12F-10 INVITED  The IEEY Along the Asian Sector: 
                    Geomagnetic Scenario: *B R Arora, N T K Thoa,
                    Y P Gao, K H Kanonidi
   1640h   GAA12F-11 INVITED  Role of Equatorial Electrojet on 
                    Ionospheric Current System in Asian Sector 
                    During Different Quiet and Disturbed 
                    Conditions: *R G Rastogi
   1705h   GAA12F-12 Oscillations of the Dip Equator and 
                    Electrojet Axis Over Southern India: *B J 
   1720h   GAA12F-13 Equatorial Counter Electrojet and Magnetic 
                    Pulsations: *I S Sastry, S V S Sarma
   1735h   GAA12F-14 Diurnal Inequalities at Nearby Stations in 
                    the Electrojet Belt in the Indian Zone: R L 
                    Asinkar, G K Rangarajan
   1750h   GAA12F-15 Features of the Magnetic Field of the 
                    Equatorial Electrojet Determined From the 
                    Experimental Data for the South-Eastern Asia 
                    Region: *N M Rotanova, Y P Tsvetkov, H T Ly, 
                    N T Thoa
   1805h   GAA12F-16 Effect of Magnetic Disturbance on the Three 
                    Components of the Earth's Magnetic Field in 
                    the Indian Longitude: D R K Rao, *S Alex, S 
   1820h   GAA12F-17 Project 339 "Geomagnetic Equator" in the 
                    International Geological Correlation Program:
                    *N T Thoa, B B Ellwood

GAA21A  UMC:Room 235  Tues  0830h
GA1.06  Reversals: Observation and Theory
Presiding: K Verosub, Univ of California; P McFadden, 
           Australian Geological Survey

   0830h   GAA21A-01 How Random Are Magnetic Reversals?: Y
                    Gallet, *V Courtillot
   0845h   GAA21A-02 The Fractal Characteristics of 
                    Magnetostratigraphy: *H Shi, D H Tarling
   0900h   GAA21A-03 Fundamental Transitions in the Geodynamo as 
                    Suggested by Paleomagnetic Data: *P L 
                    McFadden, R T Merrill
   0915h   GAA21A-04 Inclination Errors and Preferred VGP Paths: 
                    *C E Barton, P L McFadden
   0930h   GAA21A-05 Preferred Paths of Transition VGPs Related 
                    to the Location of the Strongest and Coolest 
                    Sectors of the MTZ: *L O Nicolaysen, D P 
   0945h   GAA21A-06 Geomagnetic Polarity Reversals: Preferred 
                    Paths and Explanations: *S K Runcorn
   1000h   Break
   1030h   GAA21A-07 Geomagnetic Fields Observed at Earth's 
                    Surface From Flux Distributions at the 
                    Core/Mantle Boundary: *K L Verosub, I Aleinov, 
                    E G Puckett
   1045h   GAA21A-08 Modeling the Geomagnetic Field at the 
                    Core-Mantle Boundary During Polarity 
                    Transitions: *A  Mazaud, J  Love, D  Gubbins
   1100h   GAA21A-09 Magnetic Storms During Geomagnetic 
                    Reversals: a Possible Explanation to 
                    Extremely Rapid Field Variations Recorded in 
                    Steens Mountain Lava Flows: *P Ultre-Guerard, 
                    J Achache
   1115h   GAA21A-10 Striking Properties of Core Surface Field 
                    and Flow Models: Challenges or Keys to Core 
                    Geodynamical Theory?: *C V Voorhies
   1130h   GAA21A-11 Does the Mantle Influence Behavior of the 
                    Reversing Geomagnetic Field?: *K A Hoffman
   1145h   GAA21A-12 Relationship Between D" Layer and 
                    Geomagnetic Polarity Transition: *R X Zhu
   1200h   GAA21A-13 The Age and Duration of the Matuyama-Brunhes 
                    Geomagnetic Transition: New 
                    40Ar/39Ar Constraints From Lava Flows: 
                    *B S Singer, M S Pringle

GAA21B  EC:Arena  Tues  0830h
GA1.06  Reversals: Observation and Theory - Posters
Presiding: A Mazaud, Ctr Faibles Radioactivities; B Clement, 
           Florida International Univ

   0830h   GAA21B-01 POSTER  High Resolution Paleomagnetic 
                    Records of Brunhes/Matuyama Polarity 
                    Transition From ODP Leg 124 (Celebes and 
                    Sulu Seas): *H Oda, H Shibuya
   0830h   GAA21B-02 POSTER  The Periodicity of Geomagnetic 
                    Reversals and Some Geological Processes in 
                    Phanerozoic: *V P Aparin, O P Zolotova
   0830h   GAA21B-03 POSTER  Possible Method for Geomagnetic 
                    Declination Searching: *Y M Gorodysky
   0830h   GAA21B-04 POSTER  Response of Pass-Through 
                    Superconducting Rock Magnetometers: *H  
                    Shibuya, T  Michikawa
   0830h   GAA21B-05 POSTER  The Model of Virtual Geomagnetic 
                    Poles Motion During Reversals: *V V Kuznetsov

GAA21C  UMC:Forum  Tues  0830h
GA 1.13  Magnetic Signature of Environmental Change
Presiding: K Fukuma, Kyoto Univ; B Maher, 
           University of East Anglia

   0830h   GAA21C-01 Paleo-Rainfall Reconstructions for the 
                    Chinese Loess Plateau: B A Maher, R Thompson
   0845h   GAA21C-02 Sino-Climo-Magnetism: R Thompson, B A Maher
   0900h   GAA21C-03 Paleoclimate Record of the Chinese Loess 
                    Plateau Based on Deconvolution of the 
                    Magnetic Susceptibility Signal: J TenPas, *K L 
                    Verosub, M J Singer, R H Shumway, X Zhao
   0915h   GAA21C-04 Separation of Local and Global Climate 
                    Change Records in the Chinese Loess Plateau: 
                    *S K Banerjee, C P Hunt
   0930h   GAA21C-05 Ferromagnetic Mineral Composition of the 
                    Chinese Loess: *K  Fukuma, M  Torii
   0945h   GAA21C-06 Rock-Magnetism and Paleoclimatic 
                    Reconstruction in Chinese Loess: X M Liu, *J 
                    Bloemendal, T C Rolph
   1000h   Break
   1030h   GAA21C-07 Maghemmite - A Possible Magnetic Contributor
                    to the Enhancement to the Magnetic Signal in 
                    Chinese Loess-Paleosol Sequences: An 
                    Extensive Rock Magnetic Study Combined With 
                    Citrate-Bicarbonate-Dithionite Treatment: W 
                    Sun, S K Banerjee, C P Hunt
   1045h   GAA21C-08 Frequency-Dependent Magnetic Susceptibility 
                    Measurements of Natural Environmental Samples: 
                    *J A Dearing
   1100h   GAA21C-09 The Rock-Magnetic Signal of Deglaciation 
                    (ca. 18 ka to Present): Results From the 
                    Labrador and Scotian Shelves: *F R Hall, S J 
                    Reed, J T Andrews, A Jennings, B MacLean, G 
                    Vilks, A Miller
   1115h   GAA21C-10 Paleoclimatic Signal From Rock Magnetism of 
                    Pelagic Red Clay in the North Pacific: *T 
                    Yamazaki, N Ioka, P Solheid

GAA21D  EC:Arena  Tues  0830h
GA1.13  Magnetic Signature of Environmental Change - Posters
Presiding: J Urrutia-Fucugauchi, Univ of California, LA

   0830h   GAA21D-01 POSTER  Magnetic Properties of a Loess 
                    Sequence at Achenheim (France): I Le Meur, 
                    *J P Valet, L Meynadier, D D Rousseau
   0830h   GAA21D-02 POSTER  Paleomagnetic Records of Loess and 
                    Paleosols in the Pampean Region of Argentina:
                    *J C Bidegain
   0830h   GAA21D-03 POSTER  Magnetic Properties of a 
                    Magnetite-Maghemite Solid Solution With 
                    Al-Substitution: *W Cheng, E J Tyler
   0830h   GAA21D-04 POSTER  Do Cave Sediments of the Spiralka 
                    Cave, Czech Republic Record Environmental 
                    Change?: *P Sroubek, J F Diehl, J Kadlec
   0830h   GAA21D-05 POSTER  Environmental Magnetic Study of 
                    Holocene Sediments From the Toluca Valley, 
                    Central Mexico: *J M Maillol, A Flores-Diaz, 
                    Y Sugiura
   0830h   GAA21D-06 POSTER  Paleomagnetic and Paleoenvironmental
                    Study of Chalco Lake, Southern Basin of 
                    Mexico: J Urrutia-Fucugauchi, B 
                    Ortega-Guerrero, S Lozano-Garcia, M 
   0830h   GAA21D-07 POSTER  The Neoproterozoic Climatic Paradox:
                    Equatorial Paleolatitude for Glaciation Near 
                    Sea Level: *P W Schmidt, G E Williams
   0830h   GAA21D-08 POSTER  Heavy Metals Pollutions and Bridge 
                    KLY-1 Measurements of Melted Snow and Lake 
                    Sludge Samples: *A Nulman, A Yurkov, S Borich

GAA21E  UMC:East  Tues  0945h
GA2.09/3.08  Planetary Atmospheres and Magnetospheres: The Venus 
Plasma Environment
Presiding: T Cravens, Univ of Kansas

   0945h   GAA21E-01 INVITED  Interaction of the Solar Wind With 
                    the Non-magnetized Planets: *R J Strangeway
   1015h   GAA21E-02 Time Delays in the Solar Wind Flow Past 
                    Venus: Galileo-Pioneer Venus Correlations: 
                    *D E Huddleston, C T Russell, M Kivelson, J G
   1030h   Break
   1100h   GAA21E-03 Plasma Changes Across the Intermediate 
                    Transition of the Venus Ionosheath: *H 
   1115h   GAA21E-04 Collisional Joule Dissipation of Plasma 
                    Waves in Planetary Ionospheres: *R J 
                    Strangeway, C T Russell
   1130h   GAA21E-05 Suprathermal Electron Fluxes in the Venus 
                    Nightside Ionosphere at Moderate and High 
                    Solar Activity: *K Spenner, W Lotze, W C 
   1145h   GAA21E-06 Lightning on Venus?: *K D Cole, W R Hoegy

GAA21F  EC:Arena  Tues  0830h
GA2.09/3.08  Planetary Atmospheres and Magnetospheres - Posters
Presiding: T Cravens, Univ of Kansas

   0830h   GAA21F-01 POSTER  Exposing the Io Torus Local Emissions: 
                    *M H Taylor, N M Schneider, F  Bagenal
   0830h   GAA21F-02 POSTER  Relationship Between the Jovian 
                    Electron Bursts and the Solar Wind: *A  
                    Morioka, F  Tsuchiya
   0830h   GAA21F-03 POSTER  Extremely Large Enhancements of the 
                    Jovian Decameter Radio Bursts Caused by the 
                    Magnetosphere-Plasmasphere Passages of 
                    Shoemaker-Levy 9 Comet Fragments: *H Oya, M 
                    Iizima, H Murao, A Morioka, T Ono
   0830h   GAA21F-04 POSTER  Saturn Magnetospheric Field for 
                    Cassini: *I M Engle, S Maurice
   0830h   GAA21F-05 POSTER  A Generalized Transport Model of 
                    Plasma Flow Between Saturn's Ionosphere  and 
                    Inner Magnetosphere: *H G Demars
   0830h   GAA21F-06 POSTER  Variability of Io's Fast Sodium: *J K 
                    Wilson, N M Schneider
   0830h   GAA21F-07 POSTER  A Reexamination of the Io-Jupiter 
                    Interaction: *F J Crary
   0830h   GAA21F-08 POSTER  Radial Plasma Transport in Rapidly 
                    Rotating Magnetospheres: *K Ferriere, M Blanc, 
                    S Maurice, C Zimmer
   0830h   GAA21F-09 POSTER  Parallel Electric Field in Fast 
                    Rotating Magnetospheres: *S  Maurice, M  
                    Blanc, E  Sittler
   0830h   GAA21F-10 POSTER  Magnetic Field Generation by 
                    Interaction Between Solar Wind and Rapidly 
                    Spinning Magnetized Planet: *E S Belenkaya
   0830h   GAA21F-11 POSTER  Gravity Wave Induced Fluctuations in
                    Electron Density in the Nightside Ionosphere 
                    of Venus: *R P Singhal
   0830h   GAA21F-12 POSTER  Middle Atmosphere of Venus in the 
                    Northern Hemisphere: *L V Zasova
   0830h   GAA21F-13 POSTER  Simulating the Interchange 
                    Instability in the Middle Jovian 
                    Magnetosphere With MHD-Particle Code: *Z  
                    Wang, R J Walker, M G Kivelson
   0830h   GAA21F-14 POSTER  Variations in Jupiter's Radiation 
                    Belts and Synchrotron Radiation as a Result 
                    of the Impacts of Comet Shoemaker-Levy/9: S 
                    Bolton, S Gulkis, M Klein, R M Thorne

GAA21G  UMC:West  Tues  0830h
GA2.13/3.03  Dynamics of the Magnetotail and High-Latitude 
Nightside Ionosphere
Presiding: J Slavin, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center; A
Pedersen, ESTEC

   0830h   GAA21G-01 Hot Plasma Formation due to 
                    Counter-Streaming Ions in Magnetotail: M 
                    Hoshino, T Mukai, A Nishida, T Yamamoto, Y 
                    Saito, S Kokubun, T Terasawa, S Machida
   0845h   GAA21G-02 INVITED  Theoretical and Observational Tools
                    for Elucidating Plasma Sheet Dynamics and 
                    Mapping: *H E Spence
   0915h   GAA21G-03 CDAW-Type Analysis of a Bursty Bulk Flow 
                    Event During the Course of a Substorm: *V 
                    Angelopoulos, F V Coroniti, C F Kennel, M G 
                    Kivelson, R J Walker, C T Russell, R L 
                    McPherron, E Sanchez, C I Meng, W Baumjohann,
                    G D Reeves, R D Belian, E Friis-Christensen, 
                    P R Sutcliffe
   0930h   GAA21G-04 Correlations Between High and Low Altitude 
                    Observations During Periods of Bursty Bulk 
                    Flows: *E R Sanchez, J D Kelly, V 
                    Angelopoulos, P T Newell, C I Meng
   0945h   GAA21G-05 INVITED  Mapping of the Precipitating 
                    Regions to the Plasma Sheet: *Y I Galperin, 
                    Y I Feldstein
   1015h   GAA21G-06 Structure of the Plasma Sheet and Its 
                    Boundary Layers: *T G Onsager, T  Mukai
   1030h   Break
   1045h   GAA21G-07 Measurement of the Reconnection Rate in the 
                    Geomagnetic Trail: *G T Blanchard, L R Lyons,
                    O de la Beaujardier, M J Mendillo, R A Doe
   1100h   GAA21G-08 INVITED  Auroral Upflowing Ions and Their 
                    Consequences in the Plasma Sheet: *A W Yau, 
                    D J Knudsen, B A Whalen
   1130h   GAA21G-09 Auroral Ionospheric Ion Feeding of the Inner
                    Plasma Sheet During Substorms: *I A Daglis, S
                    Livi, B Wilken, J F Fennell, F Soraas, M Grande
   1145h   GAA21G-10 A Possible Interpretation of Cold Ion Beams 
                    in the Earth's Tail Lobes: *D N Baker, T I 
                    Pulkkinen, A Nishida, M Hesse, R L McPherron
   1200h   GAA21G-11 Correlation of Magnetospheric O+ Content
                    With IMF Bz: *W Lennartsson
   1215h   GAA21G-12 Magnetotail 0+: Role of the Large-Scale 
                    Electric Field: *E V Voronov

GAA22A  UMC:Room 235  Tues  1330h
GA1.06  Reversals: Observation and Theory
Presiding: A Mazaud, Ctr Faibles Radioactivities; B Clement, 
           Florida International Univ

   1330h   GAA22A-01 Secular Variation of Geomagnetic 
                    Paleointensity Derived From Brunhes-Chron 
                    Volcanic Rocks of Eifel, Germany: *E Schnepp
   1345h   GAA22A-02 Geomagnetic Field Impulses During the Steens
                    Mountain Polarity Reversal: The New Data: *P 
                    Camps, M Prevot, R S Coe
   1400h   GAA22A-03 Nearly 100 Year Directional Variations in 
                    the Matuyama-Brunhes Transition Field 
                    Recorded in the Boso Marine Sediments, Japan:
                    *H Tsunakawa, M Okada, N Niitsuma
   1415h   GAA22A-04 Non-unique VGP Paths for the 
                    Matuyama-Brunhes Polarity Transition as 
                    Recorded in Lacustrine and Marine Sediments: 
                    Y Cui, A P Roberts, *K L Verosub, R S 
                    Thompson, C G Oviatt
   1430h   GAA22A-05 ODP Records of the M/B Reversal From N. 
                    Pacific and Atlantic Oceans: J 
                    Athanassopoulos, *M Fuller, S Cisowski, R 
                    Weeks, Y Cui, A P Roberts, K L Verosub, B 
                    Herr, M Hasted
   1445h   GAA22A-06 Successive Pliocene Polarity Transitions 
                    From the Southern Hemisphere (Fiji): *B M 
                    Clement, P  Rodda
   1500h   Break
   1530h   GAA22A-07 Comparison Between Four High-Resolution Lake
                    Sediment Records From Oregon (USA) and Two 
                    Reversal Records From Icelandic Lava Flows: 
                    *E  Herrero-Bervera, C  Laj
   1545h   GAA22A-08 Detailed Paleomagnetic Study of Reversal 
                    Records From Eastern Icelandic Lava Flows: *E
                    Herrero-Bervera, G P L Walker, C G A Harrison, 
                    L Kristjansson, J Guerrero
   1600h   GAA22A-09 Preliminary Reversal Records Discovered on 
                    Wai'anae Volcano, O'ahu, Hawaii, USA: *E 
                    Herrero-Bervera, R S Coe, C Laj
   1615h   GAA22A-10 Statistical Characteristics of the 
                    Geomagnetic Field From Paleosecular 
                    Variation to Reversals: P Camps, M Prevot
   1630h   GAA22A-11 An Oligocene Southern Hemisphere Polarity 
                    Transition Revisited: *G J Sherwood, S  
                    Gonzalez, M J Orgeira, C  Vasquez, M  Remesal
   1645h   Discussion

GAA22B  UMC:Forum  Tues  1330h
GA1.13  Magnetic Signature of Environmental Change
Presiding: C Kissel, Ctr Faibles Radioactivities; J Rosenbaum, 
           USGS, Denver

   1330h   GAA22B-01 A Late-Pleistocene and Holocene Rock 
                    Magnetic Record From the Sediments of the 
                    Lac d'Annecy, E. France: Y Hu, F Oldfield, *J
                    Bloemendal, J Casanova
   1345h   GAA22B-02 A 3 m.y. Environmental Magnetic and 
                    Palynological Record of Climate Change at 
                    Butte Valley, Southern Cascade Range, 
                    Northern California: *A P Roberts, K L 
                    Verosub, Y Cui, D P Adam, A M Sarna-Wojcicki
   1400h   GAA22B-03 Geochemical Proxies for Heavy-Mineral 
                    Content in Sediments - Constraints on 
                    Interpretations in Environmental Magnetism: 
                    *J G Rosenbaum, R L Reynolds, J Drexler, P 
                    Best, D Rodbell
   1415h   GAA22B-04 Quaternary Climate-Change Records From 
                    Sediment Magnetism and Trace-Element 
                    Geochemistry of Lacustrine Sediments in 
                    Southern Oregon, USA: *R L Reynolds, J G 
                    Rosenbaum, J P Bradbury, D P Adam, A M 
                    Sarna-Wojcicki, J Drexler, M W Kerwin
   1430h   GAA22B-05 A Mineral Magnetic Investigation of a 
                    Sediment Core From Lago Albano, Italy: *T C 
                    Rolph, K Van Der Post, F Oldfield
   1445h   GAA22B-06 Magnetic Susceptibility Logs From Early 
                    Cretaceous Pelagic Carbonates of the 
                    Southern Alps (Italy) and Their 
                    Paleoclimatic Significance: H Mayer, E Appel
   1500h   Break
   1530h   GAA22B-07 Paleoclimatic-Paleomagnetic Control on the 
                    Lithostratigraphic Architecture of the 
                    Monterey Formation of California: *S K 
                    Omarzai, R S Coe
   1545h   GAA22B-08 Climate Related Changes of the North 
                    Atlantic Deep Water: Preliminary Results 
                    Obtained From Rock Magnetic and Clay Analysis: 
                    B  Lehman, C  Laj, *C  Kissel, V  
   1600h   GAA22B-09 Magnetic Properties of Pleistocene Sediments
                    From the Mediterranean Sea: A Correlation 
                    With the Paleoclimatic Record: *L Lanci, W 
                    Lowrie, F C Wezel
   1615h   GAA22B-10 Climatic Influences to One of the Major 
                    Upwelling Systems of the World (the Coast of 
                    Mauritania): *M Haag, P Bertrand, P Martinez
   1630h   GAA22B-11 Rock Magnetic Properties of Sediments From 
                    the South Atlantic: Proxies for Cenozoic 
                    Glacial History of Antarctica: *U Korner, F 
   1645h   GAA22B-12 Rock-Magnetic Properties of Light and Dark 
                    Sediment Layers From the Japan Sea (ODP - 
                    Sites 794, 795): Relationship to Diagenetic 
                    Processes and Paleoenvironmental Implications: 
                    *L Vigliotti

GAA22C  UMC:East  Tues  1330h
GA2.09/3.08  Planetary Atmospheres and Magnetospheres: Waves in 
Planetary Magnetospheres
Presiding: F Neubauer, Univ of Salzburg

   1330h   GAA22C-01 INVITED  Planetary Plasma Waves and Radio 
                    Emissions: *A Roux
   1355h   GAA22C-02 Modeling of Jovian HOM Source Locations and 
                    Polarization: *J D Menietti, M J Reiner
   1410h   GAA22C-03 The Advanced Eigenfrequency Models of the 
                    Jovian Plasma Magnetospheric Maser: *P A 
   1425h   GAA22C-04 Lightning and Whistler Waves in the Jovian 
                    Ionosphere and Magnetosphere: Y Hobara, O A 
                    Molchanov, *M Hayakawa, K Ohta
   1440h   GAA22C-05 Hydromagnetic Wave Event in the Jovian 
                    Magnetosphere: *N Krupp, B Tsurutani, L J 
                    Lanzerotti, C G Maclennan
   1455h   GAA22C-06 Beam and Anisotropy Effects in the 
                    Magnetosheath of Uranus: *A  Eviatar, I  

GAA22D  UMC:East  Tues  1540h
GA2.09/3.08  Planetary Atmospheres and Magnetospheres: The 
Martian Plasma Environment
Presiding: M Blanc, Obs Midi-Pyrenees

   1540h   GAA22D-01 INVITED  Planetary Ionospheres and the MHD 
                    Processes: *H Shinagawa
   1605h   GAA22D-02 Helium Observation at Mars by EUV Scanner on
                    Planet-B: *M  Nakamura, S  Sasaki, M  
                    Hirahara, T  Ogawa, S  Chakrabarti, K  
                    Yamashita, Y  Saito, T  Harada
   1620h   GAA22D-03 Magnetosheath and Transition Region of the 
                    Martian Magnetosphere: *E M Dubinin, R Lundin, 
                    K Sauer
   1635h   GAA22D-04 Phobos 2/TAUS Observations of Accelerated 
                    Planetary Ion Fluxes in the Magnetosphere of 
                    Mars: *M Verigin, G Kotova, A Remizov, J 
                    Slavin, H Rosenbauer, K Schwingenschuh
   1650h   GAA22D-05 A Study of the Martian Plasmasheet at 2.8 
                    RM Downstream of the Planet: *G Kotova, M
                    Verigin, N Shutte, H Rosenbauer, K Szego, C 
                    Russell, K Schwingenschuh
   1705h   GAA22D-06 Global Distribution of Electron Density in a
                    Martian Ionosphere in Application to the 
                    Mars-96 Topside Sounder Problems: K Pimenov, 
                    T Breus, J Luhmann, A Kliore
   1720h   GAA22D-07 Application of the Ray-Tracing Method and 
                    the MHD Ionospheric Models to the Physical 
                    Analysis of Data Expected From LWR of 
                    Mars-96 Mission: *T  Breus, A  Kliore, J G 
                    Luhmann, A Krymskii, O Maltseva

GAA22E  UMC:West  Tues  1330h
GA2.13/3.03  Dynamics of the Magnetotail and High-Latitude 
Nightside Ionosphere
Presiding: R Hoffman, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center; A T Y
           Johns Hopkins Univ

   1330h   GAA22E-01 The High Latitude Convection Response to an 
                    Interval of Substorm Activity: *T K Yeoman, M
   1345h   GAA22E-02 INVITED  Signatures of Substorms in the 
                    Auroral and Polar Cap Ionosphere: Radar 
                    Observations: *M Lockwood
   1415h   GAA22E-03 INVITED  The Nightside Ionosphere: Dynamical
                    and Substorm Effects: *J J Moses, R A Heelis
   1445h   GAA22E-04 The By Control of the Dawn-Dusk Motion 
                    of Sun-Aligned Polar Cap Arcs: *C E 
                    Valladares, H C Carlson, K Fukui
   1500h   GAA22E-05 Simultaneous Satellite and Ground-Based 
                    Observations of Polar Cap Phenomena: *T Obara, 
                    T Mukai, A Nishida, K Fukui, J V Rodriguez, 
                    C E Valladares
   1515h   GAA22E-06 Ionospheric Plasma Convection in the 
                    Midnight Sector for Northward IMF and Its 
                    Magnetospheric Source: *S Taguchi, R A 
   1530h   Break
   1545h   GAA22E-07 Observations of Auroral Substorm Activity 
                    Occurring on Top of Pre-existing Tear-Drop, 
                    Horse-Collar, and Theta Auroral 
                    Configurations: *M G Henderson, J S Murphree,
                    J M J Weygand
   1600h   GAA22E-08 INVITED  High Latitude Arcs: Their Relation 
                    to Substorms and Magnetotail Dynamics: R D 
                    Elphinstone, J S Murphree, L L Cogger, D J 
                    Hearn, A Wright, I Sandahl
   1630h   GAA22E-09 Quasi-Static Electric Fields Observed at 
                    Auroral Latitudes: ISEE-1 Observations: *A  
                    Malkki, A  Pedersen
   1645h   GAA22E-10 INVITED  Can We Probe the Magnetotail 
                    Structure Using Plasma Wave Data?: GEOTAIL 
                    Observation: *H  Matsumoto
   1715h   GAA22E-11 Plasma Wave Signatures of Plasmoids and 
                    Related Phenomena Observed by GEOTAIL: *R R 
                    Anderson, H Matsumoto, D A Gurnett, W W 
                    Taylor, H Kojima, S Kokubun, T Yamamoto, I 

GAA22F  OMAIN:Room 103  Tues  1330h
GA4.02  Observations of the Sun by Ulysses
Presiding: K Hurley, Univ of California, B

   1330h   GAA22F-01 INVITED  Survey of 4 Years of Solar 
                    Observations by YOHKOH: *L W Acton
   1415h   GAA22F-02 INVITED  Hard X-Ray Solar Flares Observed by
                    Ulysses: *S Kane
   1500h   GAA22F-03 INVITED  Solar Flare Studies With the 
                    Compton Gamma Ray Observatory: *J M Ryan
   1545h   Break
   1600h   GAA22F-04 INVITED  Possible Relation Between the 
                    Geomagnetic Secular Variation and Geodynamic 
                    Processes in Central Europe: V Bucha, *P 
                    Hejda, J Horacek
   1645h   GAA22F-05 Short Period Variations in the Fluid Flow 
                    Near the Core-Mantle Boundary: *A 
   1705h   GAA22F-06 Ulysses Observations of Alfvenic Fluctuations: 
                    *P  Riley, C P Sonett, A  Balogh, R J Forsyth, 
                    E E Scime, W C Feldman

GAA31A  EC:ARENA  Wed  0830h
GAJS5.18  Architecture of the Continents: Interpretation of 
Their Main Structural Elements From Magnetic Anomalies and Other 
Geophysical Data - Poste (joint  with IL,S)
Presiding: V Shapiro, Inst of Geophysics

   0830h   GAA31A-01 POSTER  The Regional Magnetic Model of the 
                    Fennoscandian Lithosphere: *V N Glaznev
   0830h   GAA31A-02 POSTER  Models of the Upper Continental 
                    Crust of Western Iberia, From Potential 
                    Field Data: *L Torres, J Carvalho
   0830h   GAA31A-03 POSTER  Magsat Imagery of the Lithosphere in
                    Eurasia: *J  Achache, Y  Cohen, M  Hamoudi
   0830h   GAA31A-04 POSTER  Magnetic Anomalies and Tectonics of 
                    Northeastern Eurasia (MATNEE): G Jorgensen, J
                    Kisabeth, L Krasny, G Liu, R Macnab, P Morris, 
                    W Roest, J Verhoef, E Vysokoostrovskaya, C Wu, 
                    Z Xu, S Zhao
   0830h   GAA31A-05 POSTER  Aerial Magnetic Anomaly - Tectonic 
                    Interpretations in Mainland Continent of 
                    China: *Q Guosheng, W Shengzu, Z Shuqing, L 
   0830h   GAA31A-06 POSTER  Properties of Magnetic and Gravity 
                    Anomaly Sources in Finnish Precambrian Area, 
                    Central Fennoscandian Shield: *J V Korhonen, 
                    H Saavuori
   0830h   GAA31A-07 POSTER  ARGUS, an Aeromagnetic Study of the 
                    Argentine Platform: *L C Kovacs, M Paterlini,
                    F Vetere, M E Ghidella, G Rodriguez
   0830h   GAA31A-08 POSTER  Magnetic Anomalies of the Argentine 
                    Platform: *M E Ghidella, L C Kovacs, M 
   0830h   GAA31A-09 POSTER  Regional Geophysical Studies in the 
                    Northern Rocky Mountains, United States and 
                    Canada: *M D Kleinkopf
   0830h   GAA31A-10 POSTER  Gravity-Magnetic Studies Along 
                    Nagaur-Jhalawar Geotransect (India): *D C 
                    Mishra, S B Gupta, M B Vyagreshwar Rao

GAA31B  UMC:Forum  Wed  0800h
GA1.10  Multidimensional Mathematical Advances in 
Electromagnetic Induction: Decomposition, Modeling and Inversion
Presiding: M S Zhdanov, Univ of Utah

   0800h   GAA31B-01 3-D Wide Band Frequency Electromagnetic 
                    Modeling on Massively Parallel Architectures:
                    *G A Newman, D L Alumbaugh
   0820h   GAA31B-02 Application of Electromagnetic Reciprocity 
                    to Calculation of the Jacobian Matrix in 
                    Two-Dimensional Magnetotelluric Inversion: 
                    P E Wannamaker, *P P de Lugao
   0840h   GAA31B-03 An Application of Dynamic Correction of 
                    MT-Sounding Curves When Crustal Anomaly 
                    Conductivity Investigating: *E Fainberg, P 
                    Andrieux, O Poltoratskaya
   0900h   GAA31B-04 Generalization of Iterative Dissipative 
                    Method to Modeling Electromagnetic Fields in 
                    Nonuniform Media With Displacement Currents: 
                    *B S Singer, E B Fainberg
   0920h   GAA31B-05 Sensitivity Analysis of MT Measurements in 
                    Time and Frequency Domains for Layered Earth 
                    Models: *U K Singh, Y Kant
   0940h   Break
   1010h   GAA31B-06 High Frequency Magnetotelluric Investigation
                    of Crustal Structure in North-Central 
                    Abitibi, Quebec, Canada: *P  Zhang, M  
                    Chouteau, M  Mareschal
   1030h   GAA31B-07 Electromagnetic Induction in the 
                    Three-Dimensional Anisotropic Earth: *P  
   1050h   GAA31B-08 Approximate Sensitivities for the Inversion 
                    of Electromagnetic Measurements: *C G 
                    Farquharson, D W Oldenburg
   1110h   GAA31B-09 Thin-Sheet Modelling of MT-Field for Paris 
                    Basin and Minusa Depression: *L L Vanyan, V A
                    Kuznetsov, T A Sidelnikova
   1130h   GAA31B-10 Inversion of CSTMT Data Using Isotropic and 
                    Anisotropic Layered Models With Electric and 
                    Magnetic Galvanic Distortion Tensors: X  Li, 
                    *L B Pedersen, X  Garcia, H M Maurer

GAA31D  EC:ARENA  Wed  0830h
GA1.10  Multidimensional Mathematical Advances in 
Electromagnetic Induction: Decomposition, Modeling, and 
Inversion - Posters
Presiding: E Gomez-Trevino, CICESE

   0830h   GAA31D-01 POSTER  Bayesian Electromagnetic Imaging 
                    Using Markov Chains: *M Menvielle, H Grandis,
                    M Roussignol, P Tarits
   0830h   GAA31D-02 POSTER  3D DC-Resistivity and 2D 
                    Magnetotelluric Inversion Using Tikhonov 
                    Regularization and Conjugate Gradients: *W 
                    Rodi, W Shi, R L Mackie, J Zhang
   0830h   GAA31D-03 POSTER  The Quantitative Estimation of the 
                    Solution Ambiguity of the 2-D Inverse 
                    Problem of the Magnetotelluric Sounding: *L N
   0830h   GAA31D-04 POSTER  Conjugate Gradient Methods in 
                    Three-Dimensional Geo-electromagnetic 
                    Modelling: *A K Agarwal, J T Weaver
   0830h   GAA31D-05 POSTER  On Explicit Equations of the Inverse
                    Problems of the Electromagnetic Field: *P S 
   0830h   GAA31D-06 POSTER  Magnetotelluric Sounding of Inclined
                    Deep Conducting Zones: *Y F Moroz, V M 
   0830h   GAA31D-07 POSTER  The Effect of Rough Topography on MT
                    Soundings in Southwestern Taurides: *A Gurer,
                    O M Ilkisik
   0830h   GAA31D-08 POSTER  A Method of Obtaining Total Electron
                    Content From the Bottomside Electron Density 
                    Profiles and Its Comparison With Observed 
                    Data and Models: *P V Rama Rao, P T 
                    Jayachandran, P Sriram, D S Prasad
   0830h   GAA31D-09 POSTER  Theoretical Principles of 
                    Planshet-Squared Seismoelectromagnetic 
                    Method of Sharp Unhomogeneous Medium Research: 
                    O A Hachay, V V Bodin
   0830h   GAA31D-10 POSTER  Iterative-Asymptotic Methods for 
                    Interpretation of Multidimensional 
                    Geoelectrical Date: *A S Barashkov

GAA31E  UMC:East  Wed  0830h
GA2.05/7.03  Equatorial Ionosphere-Thermosphere System
Presiding: M A Abdu, Inst National Pesquisas Espaciais; K D Cole,
           La Trobe Univ

   0830h   GAA31E-01 INVITED  Storm Time Equatorial Ionospheric 
                    Electrodynamics: *B G Fejer
   0850h   GAA31E-02 INVITED  Storm-Time Changes in the 
                    Equatorial Ionosphere and Thermosphere: *C A 
   0910h   GAA31E-03 Thermospheric Winds From Ionograms Over Low 
                    Latitudes During Disturbed Periods: *I S 
                    Batista, R T Medeiros, M A Abdu
   0922h   GAA31E-04 INVITED  Electric Field Wavevector 
                    Measurements of Plasma Instabilities in the 
                    Equatorial Electrojet: *R F Pfaff, P Marionni
   0942h   GAA31E-05 INVITED  On the Roles of Atmospheric Gravity
                    Waves and Neutral Gas Dynamics in Equatorial 
                    Spread F: *R T Tsunoda
   1002h   GAA31E-06 INVITED  Rocket Investigations of Equatorial
                    Plasma Bubble Processes: Review of Previous 
                    Results and Recent Results From the Guara 
                    Campaign: *J LaBelle, J M Jahn, R F Pfaff, 
                    W E Swartz, P Muralikrishna, M A Abdu, E 
                    DePaula, J H A Sobral
   1022h   Break
   1045h   GAA31E-07 Scintillations, Plasma Drift, and Neutral 
                    Wind in the Equatorial Ionosphere After 
                    Sunset: *S Basu, E Kudeki, E J Weber, C E 
                    Valladeres, R Sheehan, J W Meriwether, H 
                    Kuenzler, G J Bishop, M A Biondi
   1057h   GAA31E-08 Average Equatorial Zonal and Vertical Ion 
                    Drifts Determined From San Marco D Electric 
                    Field Measurements: N C Maynard, T L Aggson, 
                    F A Herrero, M C Liebrecht, J L Saba
   1109h   GAA31E-09 Equatorial Spread F Development Conditions: 
                    An Assessment From Recent Results: *M A Abdu,
                    V H Rios, C Medina
   1121h   GAA31E-10 Studies of Large-Scale Equatorial F-Region 
                    Plasma Depletions: *J A Bittencourt, Y Sahai,
                    P R Fagundes, H Takahashi
   1133h   GAA31E-11 Theoretical Modeling of the 1994 
                    Chile/MISETA Campaign: *D N Anderson, D T 
   1145h   GAA31E-12 INVITED  Optical Studies of the Equatorial 
                    Ionosphere Thermosphere System: *R Sridharan
   1205h   GAA31E-13 INVITED  Total Electron Content Over the Pan
                    American Longitudes: March-April 1994: *J A 
                    Klobuchar, D N Anderson, P H Doherty, R 

GAA31F  EC:ARENA  Wed  0830h
GA2.05/7.03  Equatorial Ionosphere-Thermosphere System - Posters
Presiding: M A Abdu, Inst Nat'l Pesquisas Espaciais

   0830h   GAA31F-01 POSTER  Magnetic Storm Effects on the 
                    Ionosphere Observed in the West Pacific 
                    Region: J H Ma, *G O Walker
   0830h   GAA31F-02 POSTER  Processes Responsible for 
                    Composition Changes in the Thermosphere at 
                    Lower Latitudes During Magnetic Storms: *M  
   0830h   GAA31F-03 POSTER  Mid and Low-Latitude Ionospheric 
                    Responses to Various Types and Different 
                    Phases of Magnetic Storms: *J S Guo, G L 
                    Zhang, Q W Zhang
   0830h   GAA31F-04 POSTER  Comparison of ISR, DMSP, and 
                    Digisonde Measurements With FLIP Model 
                    Results at Low-Latitudes: *J L Scali, B W 
                    Reinisch, P G Richards, R A Heelis
   0830h   GAA31F-05 POSTER  OI(630 nm) Nightglow Measurements of
                    F-Region Depletions During the GUARA Dip 
                    Equator Campaign: *M J Taylor, J H Sobral, 
                    J W LaBelle
   0830h   GAA31F-06 POSTER  Thermosphere-Ionosphere Coupling at 
                    Low Latitudes: *P R Fagundes, Y Sahai, J A 
                    Bittencourt, H Takahashi
   0830h   GAA31F-07 POSTER  Ionization Hole Experiment - Results
                    From a Coordinated Rocket and Ground Based 
                    Study at the "Onset" of ESF: *R Sridharan, 
                    H S S Sinha, D Pallam Raju, R Sekar, R 
                    Narayanan, S R Das, H Chandra, N K Modi, R N 
                    Mishra, S Gurubaran, B H Subbaraya, R 
                    Raghavarao, P B Rao, V V Somayajulu, V V Babu
   0830h   GAA31F-08 POSTER  In Situ Electron Density and 
                    Temperature Measurements From the Equatorial 
                    E and F Regions Over Brazil: *P Muralikrishna, 
                    M A Abdu, I J Kantor, E R de Paula, I S 
   0830h   GAA31F-09 POSTER  Plasma Bubble Observations Over 
                    Alcantara, Brazil During the Guara Campaign, 
                    Using a High Frequency Capacitance Probe: *P 
                    Muralikrishna, M A Abdu, J H Sobral, J 
   0830h   GAA31F-10 POSTER  HF Doppler Radar Measurements of 
                    Electrodynamic and Neutral Plasma Drift in 
                    the Equatorial F Region Ionosphere: *S R 
                    Prabhakaran Nayar, D Joymon, S Sebastian, V K
                    Meena Varma
   0830h   GAA31F-11 POSTER  Modeling of Lunar Tides in the 
                    F-Region Using the TIEGCM: *R J Stening, A D 
                    Richmond, R G Roble
   0830h   GAA31F-12 POSTER  Latitudinal Profiles of Ionospheric 
                    Electron Content Over the Southern Crest of 
                    the Equatorial Anomaly in the American Sector: 
                    *R  Leitinger, N  Jakowski, R Inzirillo, R 
                    Maderbacher, N Kugland
   0830h   GAA31F-13 POSTER  Solar Cycle Variations of Equatorial
                    Ionospheric Anomaly in Total Electron 
                    Content Around 120oE Longitude: *Y N 
                    Huang, K Cheng
   0830h   GAA31F-14 POSTER  An Overview on the Actual Aspects of
                    the Equatorial Electrojet Theory: *C J 
   0830h   GAA31F-15 POSTER  The Near-Equatorial Region: Charged 
                    Particle Fluxes and Electric Fields: A S 
                    Biryukov, O R Grigoryan, S N Kuznetsov, A V 
                    Sinyakov, *S I Klimov, S P Savin, N S 
                    Nikolaeva, J Blecki
   0830h   GAA31F-16 POSTER  Equatorial Ionospheric Dynamics From
                    Multistation Investigations of VHF 
                    Scintillations in India: K N Iyer, P N 
                    Vijaykumar, B M Pathan
   0830h   GAA31F-17 POSTER  On the Spectral Characteristics of 
                    Sub Kilometre Scale Ionospheric 
                    Irregularities: B M Pathan, R G Rastogi, 
                    *D R K Rao
   0830h   GAA31F-18 POSTER  Equatorial F-Region Irregularity 
                    Drifts and Axial Ratios Estimated From 
                    Spaced Receiver Scintillation Observations: *A 
                    Bhattacharya, B M Pathan
   0830h   GAA31F-19 POSTER  Electron Density Profile Shape 
                    Updating at Low Latitudes: *T L Gulyaeva, K K
                    Mahajan, N K Sethi
   0830h   GAA31F-20 POSTER  Large-Scale Irregular Hole-like 
                    Structure of the Ionosphere (Cavity) in 
                    Transition Periods and the Associated HF 
                    Radio Propagation Modes: *O P Kolomiitsev, 
                    I B Egorov, V A Surotkin
   0830h   GAA31F-21 POSTER  Behaviors of Ionospheric Sporadic E 
                    Irregularities in Equatorial Anomaly Crest 
                    Zone: *Y H Chu
   0830h   GAA31F-22 POSTER  Why the 10.7 cm Solar Radio Flux 
                    Serves Ionospheric Physics So Well and When 
                    It Misleads as an Estimator of Solar EUV 
                    Fluxes: *R F Donnelly
   0830h   GAA31F-23 POSTER  Base Point Model Predictions: *R G 
                    Ezquer, M M de Gonzalez, T Heredia

GAA31G  UMC:Center  Wed  0830h
GA2.12/3.02/4.04  Magnetosheath, Magnetopause, Boundary Layers, 
and Cusp:  A Coupled System
Presiding: C T Russell, Univ of California

   0830h   GAA31G-01 INVITED  Observations of Waves and 
                    Structures in the Dayside Magnetosheath: J K 
                    Chao, C H Lin
   0900h   GAA31G-02 INVITED  SWE Observations in the 
                    Magnetosheath: *K W Ogilvie, A F Vinas, R  
                    Fitzenreiter, J  Keller, J  Lobell, E  
                    Sittler, T  Zawistowski, D  Chornay, R  
                    Torbert, T  Onsager, J  Needell, A J Lazarus,
                    J  Steinberg
   0930h   GAA31G-03 INVITED  Three-Dimensional Particle 
                    Observations of the Magnetosheath and 
                    Magnetopause from the WIND Spacecraft: *G K 
   1000h   GAA31G-04 Suprathermal Ion Composition in the 
                    Magnetosheath and Upstream Region: Initial 
                    Results From Wind SMS: *A B Galvin, K Chotoo,
                    G Gloeckler, D C Hamilton, F M Ipavich
   1015h   GAA31G-05 Measurements of Plasma Flow in the 
                    High-Latitude Magnetosheath: *U  Eklund, R  
                    Lundin, A V Zakharov, I  Sandahl
   1030h   GAA31G-06 MHD Transverse Waves in Saturn's 
                    Magnetosheath and Plasma Depletion Layer: L  
                    Violante, *M B Bavassano Cattaneo, G  Moreno,
                    J D Richardson
   1045h   GAA31G-07 INVITED  MHD Effects in the Magnetosheath: A
                    Critical Review of Theory and Observations: 
                    *S S Stahara, J R Spreiter
   1115h   GAA31G-08 INVITED  Waves in the Magnetosheath: 
                    Sources, Modes, and Consequences: *S J 
   1145h   GAA31G-09 Standing Slow Mode Structures in the 
                    Near-Magnetopause Magnetosheath: *M G 
                    Kivelson, D J Southwood
   1200h   GAA31G-10 MHD Theory of the Magnetosheath: *C L Grabbe

GAA31H  EC:ARENA  Wed  0830h
GA2.12/3.02/4.04  Magnetosheath, Magnetopause, Boundary Layers, 
and Cusp:  A Coupled System - Posters
Presiding: S I Ohtani, Johns Hopkins University

   0830h   GAA31H-01 POSTER  On Hall Currents at Bow Shock Front:
                    *V S Danilova
   0830h   GAA31H-02 POSTER  Characteristics of >/= 50 keV 
                    Magnetosheath Ions: *G C Anagnostopoulos, I 
   0830h   GAA31H-03 POSTER  MHD Effects on the Magnetosheath Flow: 
                    *P Song
   0830h   GAA31H-04 POSTER  Space Plasma Weather Forecasting: A 
                    Magnetosheath Model for Real-Time 
                    Forecasting of Solar Wind Transport From L1 
                    to the Magnetopause: *S S Stahara, J R 
   0830h   GAA31H-05 POSTER  A Case Study of Magnetosheath 
                    Density Variations: *D G Sibeck, J T Gosling,
                    R P Lepping
   0830h   GAA31H-06 POSTER  Energy-Space Distributions of 
                    Electrons and Ions Downstream of the Martian 
                    Bow Shock According to Phobos 2 Observations:
                    *N Shutte, G Kotova, M Verigin, H Rosenbauer,
                    E Yeroshenko, K Szego, A Nagy
   0830h   GAA31H-07 POSTER  Bootstrap Method for the Minimum 
                    Variance Analysis: Error Estimation for the 
                    Maximum Variance Eigenvector: *H Kawano, T 
                    Higuchi, C T Russell
   0830h   GAA31H-08 POSTER  Transverse Rotational Polarities of 
                    Flux Transfer Events Observed by ISEE 
                    Spacecraft: *H Kawano, C T Russell, G Le, P 
   0830h   GAA31H-09 POSTER  Galileo and Geotail Observations of 
                    a Flux Rope Like Structure in the 
                    Magnetosheath: *R J Walker, M G Kivelson, S 
                    Kokubun, T Yamamoto
   0830h   GAA31H-10 POSTER  The Thickness and Structure of High 
                    Beta Magnetopause Current Layer: *G Le, C T 
   0830h   GAA31H-11 POSTER  A Study of the Motion of Flux 
                    Transfer Events: *G Le, P J Chi, C T Russell,
                    C A Cattell, K W Ogilvie
   0830h   GAA31H-12 POSTER  Dependence of the Magnetopause 
                    Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability on the 
                    Orientation of the Magnetosheath Magnetic 
                    Field: MHD Structure of the Velocity 
                    Boundary Layer: *A Miura
   0830h   GAA31H-13 POSTER  Long Term Variations in the Solar 
                    Wind Energy Transferred Into the 
                    Magnetosphere by the Waves From Upstream 
                    Region: *A S Potapov
   0830h   GAA31H-14 POSTER  Cause and Effect at the Magnetopause: 
                    *W J Heikkila
   0830h   GAA31H-15 POSTER  Compressible Reconnection Waves at 
                    the Magnetopause: M F Heyn, V S Semenov
   0830h   GAA31H-16 POSTER  Acceleration of Protons at the Earth
                    Magnetosphere Boundary: *V S Danilova
   0830h   GAA31H-17 POSTER  The Diffusional Origin of the 
                    Magnetopause: *V V Kalegaev, I I Alexeev
   0830h   GAA31H-18 POSTER  Transient Reconnection at the 
                    Nightside Magnetopause for Varied IMF 
                    Conditions: *H Zhang, Z X Liu
   0830h   GAA31H-19 POSTER  On Proton Pressure Anisotropy at the
                    Dayside Magnetopause: W B Lyatsky, V V 
                    Safargaleev, B V Rezhenov
   0830h   GAA31H-20 POSTER  Jovian Magnetopause Boundary Layer 
                    Plasma Wave Spectra: Ulysses: *B T Tsurutani,
                    C M Ho, J K Arballo, N G Lin, P J Kellogg, N 
   0830h   GAA31H-21 POSTER  The Neptune Outbound Magnetopause: *A 
                    Szabo, R P Lepping, T  Sotirelis
   0830h   GAA31H-22 POSTER  Cusp As the High Latitude 
                    Magnetosphere/Magnetosheath Coupling Region: 
                    S  Savin, *M  Nozdrachev, S  Klimov, A  
                    Petrukovich, L  Zelenyi, E  Budnik, S  
                    Romanov, A  Skalsky, N  Nikolaeva, A Fedorov, 
                    E  Dubinin, V  Grushin, R  Lundin, J  Blecki,
                    J  Juchniewicz
   0830h   GAA31H-23 POSTER  Dayside Magnetic Merging Rate and 
                    Polar Cap Potential Drop Variations During 
                    Substorms: *B B Lunyushkin
   0830h   GAA31H-24 POSTER  Conjugate Measurements of the 
                    Reconnection Electric Field for March 29, 
                    1992: *K B Baker, R A Greenwald, J M 
                    Ruohoniemi, A S Rodger, M Pinnock
   0830h   GAA31H-25 POSTER  Cusp Low-Energy Ion Cutoffs: A 
                    Survey and Implications for the Contribution 
                    of Cusp Voltage to the Polar Cap Potential: 
                    *P T Newell, C I Meng
   0830h   GAA31H-26 POSTER  The Accuracy of Estimates of 
                    Magnetopause Reconnection Rate and Other 
                    X-Line Characteristics From Cusp Ion 
                    Dispersion: *M Lockwood, C J Davis
   0830h   GAA31H-27 POSTER  The Dynamic Convection Reversal 
                    Boundary: *A J Ridley, C R Clauer
   0830h   GAA31H-28 POSTER  Study of Energy Dispersion Patterns 
                    in the Precipitating Flows: *Z Nemecek, J 
   0830h   GAA31H-29 POSTER  Electrodynamic Relationship of the 
                    Magnetospheric Boundary Layer to Ionosphere: 
                    *I Y Plotnikov
   0830h   GAA31H-30 POSTER  Simultaneous Prenoon and Postnoon 
                    Observations of Three Field-Aligned Current 
                    Systems From Viking and DMSP-F7: *S I Ohtani,
                    T A Potemra, P T Newell, L J Zanetti, R D 
                    Elphinstone, T Iijima, M Watanabe, M Yamauchi, 
                    O de la Beaujardiere, L G Blomberg
   0830h   GAA31H-31 POSTER  Four Sheet Structure of Dayside 
                    Large-Scale Field-Aligned Current Systems: 
                    *S I Ohtani, T A Potemra, P T Newell, L J 
                    Zanetti, T Iijima, M Watanabe, L G Blomberg, 
                    R D Elphinstone, J S Murphree, M Yamauchi, 
                    J G Woch
   0830h   GAA31H-32 POSTER  Currents in the Cleft Region 
                    Preceding or Accompanying the Substorm 
                    Development in the Nighttime Auroral Zone: 
                    *O A Troshichev, A L Kotikov, E M Shishkina, 
                    V O Papitashvili, C R Clauer, E 
                    Friis-Christensen, T J Hughes
   0830h   GAA31H-33 POSTER  Identification of Poleward Boundary 
                    of the Auroral Oval by Characteristics of 
                    Ion Precipitation: O A Troshichev, E M 
                    Shishkina, C I Meng, P T Newell
   0830h   GAA31H-34 POSTER  Dynamic Variation of the Polar Oval 
                    Width: J Safrankova, *Z Nemecek, J Merka
   0830h   GAA31H-35 POSTER  Case Studies of Traveling Convection
                    Vortices: *E Zesta, W J Hughes, M J 
                    Engebretson, W A Bristow, R A Greenwald
   0830h   GAA31H-36 POSTER  Extremely Dynamic Behavior of the 
                    Ionospheric Cusp on February 21, 1994: *M 
                    Yamauchi, H Nilsson, L Eliasson, O Norberg, S
                    Kirkwood, G Marklund, M Boehm, T Yamamoto, T 
   0830h   GAA31H-37 POSTER  Ground-Based Magnetic Response to 
                    Sudden Changes in the Solar Wind Dynamic 
                    Pressure: *R J Sitar, C R Clauer, E 
   0830h   GAA31H-38 POSTER  Global Ground Signatures of 
                    Travelling Convection Vortices: T Moretto, E 
                    Friis-Christensen, H Luhr
   0830h   GAA31H-39 POSTER  On the Influence of Pressure 
                    Inhomogeneities of the Solar Wind on Its 
                    Interaction With the Magnetosphere: *V V 
   0830h   GAA31H-40 POSTER  Exterior Cusp Observations by 
                    Hawkeye 1: *T E Eastman, S A Boardsen, S F 
   0830h   GAA31H-41 POSTER  Multiple Spacecraft and Ground-Based
                    Study of Transient Events: *G I Korotova, D N
                    Baker, T J Rosenberg, D G Sibeck
   0830h   GAA31H-42 POSTER  The Topography of the Small Scale 
                    Structures Observed by Prognoz-8 and 
                    AMPTE-UKS Satellites in the Vicinity of the 
                    Magnetopause: *J Blecki, K Kossacki, R 
                    Wronowski, D Zwolakowska, S I Klimov, S P 
                    Savin, L J C Woolliscroft
   0830h   GAA31H-43 POSTER  The Long Period Geomagnetic 
                    Pulsations and Variations of the Atmosphere 
                    Electric Field Near Dayside Polar Cusp: N G 
                    Kleimenova, N N Nikiforova, O V Kozyreva, S 
   0830h   GAA31H-44 POSTER  Inter-Hemispheric Pc1 (0.1-0.5 Hz) 
                    Magnetic Pulsation Measurements in the 
                    Vicinity of the Auroral Oval: H J Hansen, *B J 
                    Fraser, F W Menk
   0830h   GAA31H-45 POSTER  Conjugate and Multistation Studies 
                    of Pc 1 and 2 Emissions at Very High 
                    Latitudes: *M J Engebretson, J L Alford, S R 
                    Petersen, L P Dyrud, W J Hughes, R L Arnoldy,
                    H Fukunishi
   0830h   GAA31H-46 POSTER  An Investigation of Daytime Pi2 
                    Pulsations, as Observed in Midlatitudes: *R A
                    Rakhmatulin, S A Litasov

GAA31I  UMC:West  Wed  0830h
GA3.10  Active and Laboratory Experiments in Space Plasma Physics
Presiding: W Gekelman, University of California, LA

   0830h   GAA31I-01 INVITED  Using Chemical Releases to Enhance 
                    Ionospheric Heating Experiments: P A 
                    Bernhardt, C L Siefring, P Rodriguez, D G 
                    Haas, M M Baumback, F T Djuth, J H Elder, L M
                    Duncan, K M Groves, M P Sulzer, C A Tepley, 
                    M V Goldman, D L Newman
   0910h   GAA31I-02 Simulations and Qualitative Analysis of the 
                    AMPTE Release Experiments: *R Bollens, F 
                    Kazeminezhad, R Bingham, J M Dawson
   0930h   GAA31I-03 In Situ Determination of the Location of the
                    Interaction Region in Ionospheric Heating 
                    Experiments: *P Rodriguez, C L Siefring, D G 
                    Haas, P A Bernhardt, M M Baumback
   0950h   GAA31I-04 Charge Transfer Reactions of Metastable 
                    Ba(I) and Sr(I) in the CRRES G-11b Chemical 
                    Release: *D E Hunton
   1010h   GAA31I-05 Contribution of Random Irregularities to the
                    Effective Ionospheric Conductivity: *L S 
                    Alperovich, I A Chaikovsky, S A Grachev, Y A 
                    Gurvich, L B Litvak-Gorskaya, A P Melnikov
   1030h   GAA31I-06 Wave Injection Experiments During Planned 
                    Magnetospheric Radio Soundings: *R F Benson, 
                    J L Green, S F Fung, M F Smith, W  Calvert, 
                    D L Carpenter, D L Gallagher, P H Reiff, B W 
                    Reinisch, W W Taylor
   1050h   GAA31I-07 Wave Observations During a Modulated 
                    Electron Beam Experiment in the Ionosphere: 
                    *N B Myers, J  Ernstmeyer, W J Raitt
   1110h   GAA31I-08 Generation of Artificial Geomagnetic 
                    Pulsations in the Pc1 Frequency Range: *T 
   1130h   GAA31I-09 Whistler Wave Interaction With a Density 
                    Striation: A Laboratory Investigation of an 
                    Auroral Process: *J F Bamber, W Gekelman, J E
   1150h   GAA31I-10 Whistler Wave Excitation by an Electron Beam
                    in a Laboratory Plasma: *A Burke, V Pivovarov, 
                    S K Ride, V D Shapiro, W Gekelman

GAA31J  EC:ARENA  Wed  0830h
GA3.10  Active and Laboratory Experiments in Space Plasma 
Physics - Posters
Presiding: W Gekelman, University of California, LA

   0830h   GAA31J-01 POSTER  Ionospheric Disturbances Initiated 
                    by CRESS Barium Releases: *N F 
                    Blagoveshchenskaya, T D Borisova, O V Kolosov, 
                    V A Kornienko
   0830h   GAA31J-02 POSTER  Geophysical Phenomena Produced by HF
                    Heating Facilities: *N F Blagoveshchenskaya, 
                    V A Kornienko, M Y Chernyishov
   0830h   GAA31J-03 POSTER  The Effect of Small-Scale 
                    Field-Aligned Ionospheric Irregularities on 
                    Topside Sounder Radio Signals: *N A Zabotin, 
                    D S Bratsun, S A Pulinets, R F Benson
   0830h   GAA31J-04 POSTER  Spacecraft Potential and Returning 
                    Currents During Active Experiments: *L Prech,
                    Z Nemecek, J Safrankova, J Smilauer
   0830h   GAA31J-05 POSTER  Self-Consistent Determination of the
                    Electrostatic Potential Barrier Due to 
                    Photoelectron Sheath Near a Spacecraft: *H 
                    Zhao, R Schmidt, C P Escoubet
   0830h   GAA31J-06 POSTER  Polarization of Artificial Magnetic 
                    Pulsations on the Ground: *E Belova, W 
                    Lyatsky, A Pashin, E Pchelkina
   0830h   GAA31J-07 POSTER  On Efficiency of Ionospheric 
                    Conductivity Disturbance by Powerful HF 
                    Radiowave: *A Pashin, E Belova, W Lyatsky
   0830h   GAA31J-08 POSTER  Influence of the Solar-Geophysical 
                    Conditions on the Ionospheric Perturbations 
                    Initiated by Rocket Launches: *N V Smirnova, 
                    S I Kozlov
   0830h   GAA31J-09 POSTER  Comparison of the Liquid-Fueled and 
                    Solid-Fueled Rocket Impact on the 
                    Mesospheric Ozone: *S I Kozlov, N V Smirnova
   0830h   GAA31J-10 POSTER  Fine Spatial and Temporal Structure 
                    of Artificial Ion Clouds in the Ionosphere: 
                    S A Namazov, *Y A Romanovsky, G P Milinevsky
   0830h   GAA31J-11 POSTER  The Neutral and Ion Composition of 
                    Artificial Clouds in the Ionosphere: *Y A 
                    Romanovsky, O S Fominov, A S Tsema
   0830h   GAA31J-12 POSTER  Transverse-Velocity-Shear-Driven 
                    Waves: *J J Carroll, W E Amatucci, V 
                    Gavrishchaka, M E Koepke, G Ganguli

GAA31K  OMAIN:103  Wed  0830h
GA4.01  Ulysses Latitude Survey
Presiding: E J Smith, Jet Propulsion Lab

   0830h   GAA31K-01 INVITED  The Solar Wind at High Heliographic
                    Latitudes: Ulysses Plasma Results: *J T 
                    Gosling, S J Bame, W C Feldman, C M Hammond, 
                    D J McComas, J L Phillips, B E Goldstein, M 
   0900h   GAA31K-02 INVITED  The Composition of the Solar Wind 
                    at Mid- and High Solar Latitude as Measured 
                    With SWICS on Ulysses: *J Geiss, G Gloeckler,
                    R von Steiger, H Balsiger, L A Fisk, A B 
                    Galvin, F M Ipavich, S Livi, J F McKenzie, 
                    K W Ogilvie, B Wilken
   0930h   GAA31K-03 A Transient Solar Wind Disturbance Observed 
                    at Both Low and High Heliographic Latitudes: 
                    *J T Gosling, D J McComas, J L Phillips, V J 
                    Pizzo, B E Goldstein, R J Forsyth, R P 
   0945h   GAA31K-04 Flow Properties Along Field Lines in a 3-D 
                    Tilted-Dipole Geometry: *V J Pizzo
   1000h   Break
   1030h   GAA31K-05 INVITED  The Heliospheric Magnetic Field 
                    Over the South Pole of the Sun: Large Scale 
                    Structure and Characteristic Fluctuations: *A 
   1100h   GAA31K-06 The Latitude Dependence of the Underlying 
                    Heliospheric Magnetic Field Direction 
                    Inferred From Ulysses Observations: *R J 
                    Forsyth, A  Balogh, E J Smith, N  Murphy, D J
   1115h   GAA31K-07 Radial Field Component and Alfvenic 
                    Fluctuations Observed by Ulysses During the 
                    "Fast Latitude Scan": *E J Smith, M 
                    Neugebauer, B T Tsurutani, A Balogh, R P 
                    Lepping, D J McComas
   1130h   GAA31K-08 Ulysses and the Sun's Polar Fields: *Y M Wang, 
                    N R Sheeley
   1145h   GAA31K-09 Modeling the Heliospheric Magnetic Field at 
                    Ulysses During the First Half of 1995: *X  
                    Zhao, J T Hoeksema

GAA31L  EC:ARENA  Wed  0830h
GA4.01  Ulysses Latitude Survey - Posters
Presiding: M E Burton, Caltech/Jet Propulsion Lab

   0830h   GAA31L-01 POSTER  Heliomagnetic Latitude Dependence of
                    the Heliospheric Magnetic Field: *M E Burton,
                    E J Smith, A Balogh
   0830h   GAA31L-02 POSTER  High Heliographical Latitude 
                    Tangential Discontinuities: Ulysses 
                    Observations: *C M Ho, B T Tsurutani, J K 
                    Arballo, E J Smith, B E Goldstein, M 
                    Neugebauer, A Balogh, D J Southwood, W C 
   0830h   GAA31L-03 POSTER  Interplanetary Scintillation 
                    Observations When Ulysses Observed High 
                    Latitudes: *M Kojima, H Misawa, H Watanabe
   0830h   GAA31L-04 POSTER  Modeling the Large-Scale Corona and 
                    Inner Heliosphere: *J A Linker, Z Mikic
   0830h   GAA31L-05 POSTER  Coronal Roots of the High-Latitude 
                    Solar Wind: 3-D MHD Modeling: *Y V Pisanko
   0830h   GAA31L-06 POSTER  The Generation of Plasma Turbulence 
                    and Radio Emission at the Front of 
                    Interplanetary Magnetohydrodynamic Shock Wave: 
                    *V G Ledenev
   0830h   GAA31L-07 POSTER  The Solar Ionisation Rate Model 
                    Deduced From Ulysses Measurements: The 
                    Effect on Temporal and Spatial Variations of 
                    Interplanetary Lyman Alpha-Intensity: T 
                    Summanen, E Kyrola

GAA31M  UMC:235  Wed  0825h
GA5.15  Novel Techniques in Acquisition, Processing, 
Presentation and Integrated Interpretation  of Magnetic Anomaly 
Presiding: C V Reeves, ITC Int'l Inst Aero Survey & Earth Sci

   0825h   INTRODUCTION: C V Reeves,
                    ITC Int'l Inst Aero Survey & Earth Sci
   0830h   GAA31M-01 Establishing a Reliable Long Wavelength 
                    Magnetic Field Over Canada: *M Pilkington, 
                    W R Roest
   0850h   GAA31M-02 Correction of the Magnetic Anomaly Map of 
                    Australia Using Long Aeromagnetic Traverses 
                    and Multiple Base Stations: C Tarlowski, A J 
                    McEwin, C E Barton, *C V Reeves
   0910h   GAA31M-03 Presentation and Integration of Swedish 
                    Ground and Aeromagnetic Data - Construction 
                    of Component Maps: *B  Olafsdottir, T  
   0930h   GAA31M-04 Higher Resolution Airborne Magnetic Data 
                    Acquisition and Processing for Geological 
                    Mapping: *T McConnell
   0950h   GAA31M-05 The Application of Digital Terrain Models to
                    the Draping, Merging, and Interpretation of 
                    Aeromagnetic Data: *D M Hatch, S W Reford, 
                    K C Kwan, D J Misener
   1010h   GAA31M-06 GIS-based Interpretation and Display of 
                    Aeromagnetic Data to Support 
                    Multidisciplinary Geoscience Projects: *J  
   1020h   Break
   1050h   GAA31M-07 Global Modelling of Satellite Magnetic 
                    Anomalies Arising From Remanent 
                    Magnetization of the Oceanic Lithosphere: J  
                    Dyment, *J  Arkani-Hamed
   1110h   GAA31M-08 The Correction of Diurnal Variations as 
                    Observed in Total Field Magnetic Data in the 
                    North Atlantic Ocean: *J Verhoef, W R Roest, 
                    J Arkani-Hamed, R Macnab
   1130h   GAA31M-09 Techniques for Processing Large, Disparate 
                    Data Sets in the North Atlantic and Arctic 
                    Oceans: *W R Roest, J Verhoef, G Oakey, J 
                    Arkani-Hamed, R Macnab
   1150h   GAA31M-10 Intermediate Wavelength Magnetic Anomaly 
                    Maps of Siberia: *J Arkani-Hamed, J Verhoef, 
                    W R Roest, R Macnab

GAA31N  EC:ARENA  Wed  0830h
GA5.15  Novel Techniques in Acquisition, Processing, 
Presentation and Integrated Interpretation of Magnetic Anomaly 
Data - Posters
Presiding: C Reeves, ITC Int'l Inst Aero Survey and Earth Sci

   0830h   GAA31N-01 POSTER  Geomagnetic Field in the 
                    Stratospheric Layer: *Y P Tsvetkov
   0830h   GAA31N-02 POSTER  The Statistical Model of the Earth's
                    Magnetic Anomaly Field: *V N Lugovenko, A V 
   0830h   GAA31N-03 POSTER  Satellite Magnetic Anomaly Maps for 
                    Europe: *S D Odintsov
   0830h   GAA31N-04 POSTER  Magnetic and Gravitational Anomalies
                    Above Oil Gas-Bearing Reef Structures: *M I 
                    Ryskin, V M Lepilin, V V Romanov
   0830h   GAA31N-05 POSTER  Geophysical Grounds for Tectonic and
                    Oil and Gas Geologic Zoning of Sedimentary 
                    Basins: *M I Ryskin
   0830h   GAA31N-06 POSTER  Using Upward Continuation as a 
                    Useful Method to Eliminate Near Surface 
                    Magnetic Anomalies: *N H Guya

GAA31O  EC:Arena  Wed  0830h
GA2.13/3.03  Dynamics of the Magnetotail and High-Latitude 
Nightside Ionosphere - Posters
Presiding: A Nishida, Inst of Space and Astron Sci; V 
           Angelopoulos, Johns Hopkins Univ

   0830h   GAA31O-01 POSTER  A Preliminary Assessment of 
                    Energetic Ion Species in Flux
                    *A T Y Lui, D J Williams, R W McEntire, V 
                    Angelopoulos, C Jacquey, S P Christon, T 
                    Yamamoto, S Kokubun
   0830h   GAA31O-02 POSTER  An Impulsive Acceleration Event in 
                    the Middle Distance Magnetotail: A Case 
                    Study of GEOTAIL Observation: *T  Terasawa, 
                    M  Hirahara, I  Shinohara, T  Mukai, Y Saito, 
                    T  Yamamoto, A  Nishida, K  Maezawa, M  
                    Fujimoto, S  Kokubun, T  Nagai, S  Machida
   0830h   GAA31O-03 POSTER  E > 0.2 MeV Electron Bursts in the 
                    Deep Geomagnetic Tail Observed by ISEE 3: 
                    Association With Substorms and Magnetotail 
                    Structures: *I G Richardson, C J Owen, J A 
   0830h   GAA31O-04 POSTER  Energetic Particle Anisotropy 
                    Reversals Observed by Geotail in Association 
                    With a Substorm: *V Angelopoulos, D J 
                    Mitchell, R W McEntire, D J Williams, A T Y 
                    Lui, S P Christon, S Kokubun, T Yamamoto
   0830h   GAA31O-05 POSTER  Anisotropy of the Energetic Particle
                    Fluxes During the Substorm Onset Observed by 
                    CRRES: T V Kozelova, L L Lazutin, B V Kozelov, 
                    R Rasinkangas, G Kremser, A Korth, H Singer
   0830h   GAA31O-06 POSTER  ISEE 3 Observations of Plasmoids 
                    With and Without High Core Magnetic Fields: 
                    *J A Slavin, C J Owen, M  Kuznetsova, M  
                    Hesse, R P Lepping
   0830h   GAA31O-07 POSTER  Three Spacecraft Observations of 
                    Reconnection in the Geomagnetic Tail During 
                    Moderately Disturbed Conditions: *X Zhou, C T
   0830h   GAA31O-08 POSTER  Magnetic Field Structural 
                    Characteristics of Plasmoid/Flux Ropes in 
                    the Magnetotail: ISEE 3 Observations: *R P 
                    Lepping, J A Slavin, M Hesse, J A Jones
   0830h   GAA31O-09 POSTER  Quasi-stagnant Plasmoids Observed 
                    With Geotail on October 15, 1993: *H Kawano, 
                    A Nishida, M Fujimoto, T Mukai, S Kokubun, T 
                    Yamamoto, M Hirahara, Y Saito, S Machida, K 
   0830h   GAA31O-10 POSTER  A Model of Flux Rope Formation as 
                    Part of Plasmoid Evolution: *M Hesse, J 
                    Dreher, J Birn, M Kuznetsova, K Schindler
   0830h   GAA31O-11 POSTER  The Origin and Evolution of Magnetic
                    Flux Ropes in the Magnetotail: *R J Walker, T
   0830h   GAA31O-12 POSTER  A Self-Consistent Force Free Model 
                    of Flux Ropes Embedded in a Neutral Sheet: 
                    1, Theory: *M G Kivelson, K K Khurana
   0830h   GAA31O-13 POSTER  A Self-Consistent Force Free Model 
                    of Flux Ropes Embedded in a Neutral Sheet: 
                    2, Application to Flux Ropes Observed in the 
                    Magnetotail: *K K Khurana, M G Kivelson
   0830h   GAA31O-14 POSTER  Occurrence Frequency of Possible 
                    Neutral Line Signatures in the Near-Earth 
                    Plasma Sheet: *R L McPherron, T S Hsu, E W 
                    Hones, V Angelopoulos
   0830h   GAA31O-15 POSTER  Statistical Study of the Substorm 
                    Onset and Tail Response: *T S Hsu, R L 
   0830h   GAA31O-16 POSTER  Search for X-Type Neutral Lines in 
                    the Deep Magnetotail: *I  Shinohara, T  
                    Terasawa, M  Hirahara, M  Nakamura, T  Mukai,
                    Y  Saito, A  Nishida, T  Yamamoto, K Maezawa, 
                    M  Fujimoto, S  Kokubun, S  Machida
   0830h   GAA31O-17 POSTER  A Statistical Survey of 
                    Neutral-Sheet Crossings in the Near-Earth 
                    Magnetotail: *R C Elphic, J E Borovsky
   0830h   GAA31O-18 POSTER  GEOTAIL Observations on the Position
                    of the Neutral Line in Active Times: *A  
                    Nishida, T Mukai, T Yamamoto, Y Saito, S 
   0830h   GAA31O-19 POSTER  Geotail Observation of Slow-Mode 
                    Shocks in the Earth's Magnetotail: *Y Saito, 
                    T Mukai, A Nishida, T Yamamoto, T Terasawa, M
                    Hirahara, S Machida, S Kokubun
   0830h   GAA31O-20 POSTER  Magnetic Merging Locations Deduced 
                    From Slow-Mode Shock Orientation 
                    Determinations, Boundary Layer Wave 
                    Intensities, and Energetic Ion Velocity 
                    Dispersion in the Distant Geomagnetic Tail: 
                    *C M Ho, B T Tsurutani, E J Smith, N Murphy
   0830h   GAA31O-21 POSTER  Current Density and Scale in the 
                    Cross-Tail Current Sheet During Substorm 
                    Growth Phase and Collapse, and During Bursty 
                    Bulk Flows: *D G Mitchell, V Angelopoulos, 
                    D J Williams, C T Russell
   0830h   GAA31O-22 POSTER  A Statistical Survey of Steady 
                    Magnetospheric Convection Intervals: *J E 
                    Borovsky, E W Hones, R C Elphic, M F Thomsen,
                    J L Phillips, G D Reeves, F S Mozer
   0830h   GAA31O-23 POSTER  Ultra-low Frequency Global 
                    Magnetotail Oscillation: B  Nikutowski, *J  

GAA32A  UMC:235  Wed  1330h
GAJS5.18  Architecture of the Continents:  Interpretation of 
Their Main Structural Elements From Magnetic Anomalies and Other 
Geophysical Data (joint  with IL,S)
Presiding: V Shapiro, Inst of Geophysics

   1330h   INTRODUCTION: V Shapiro,Inst of Geophysics
   1340h   GAA32A-01 Magsat Imagery of the Lithosphere in Eurasia: 
                    *J  Achache, Y  Cohen, M  Hamoudi
   1400h   GAA32A-02 Magnetic Anomalies and Tectonics of 
                    Northeastern Eurasia (MATNEE): G Jorgensen, J
                    Kisabeth, L Krasny, G Liu, R Macnab, P Morris, 
                    W Roest, J Verhoef, E Vysokoostrovskaya, C Wu, 
                    Z Xu, S Zhao
   1420h   GAA32A-03 Aerial Magnetic Anomaly - Tectonic 
                    Interpretations in Mainland Continent of 
                    China: *Q Guosheng, W Shengzu, Z Shuqing, L 
   1440h   GAA32A-04 The Geological Structure of the Eastern 
                    China From Geophysical Data: *H T Yao, L 
   1500h   GAA32A-05 Magnetic Anomalies and Other Geophysical 
                    Data at the Urals: V A Shapiro, N V Fedorova,
                    F I Nikonova, V Schapova
   1520h   GAA32A-06 3-D Magnetic Model for the Kursk MAGSAT 
                    Anomaly and Some Aspects of its Nature: P 
                    Taylor, J Heirtzler, I Pashkevich, M Orljuk
   1540h   Break
   1610h   GAA32A-07 Properties of Magnetic and Gravity Anomaly 
                    Sources in Finnish Precambrian Area, Central 
                    Fennoscandian Shield: *J V Korhonen, H 
   1630h   GAA32A-08 ARGUS, an Aeromagnetic Study of the 
                    Argentine Platform: *L C Kovacs, M Paterlini,
                    F Vetere, M E Ghidella, G Rodriguez
   1650h   GAA32A-09 Regional Geophysical Studies in the Northern
                    Rocky Mountains, United States and Canada: 
                    *M D Kleinkopf
   1710h   GAA32A-10 Magnetic Survey in Oil Bearing Cambay Basin,
                    Gujarat, India: V C Erram, K Ahmed, M Rajaram
   1730h   GAA32A-11 A New Tectonic Map of the Red Sea Based on 
                    Imaging Potential Field Data: *R W Girdler, 
                    N G Grosse

GAA32B  UMC:Forum  Wed  1330h
GA1.10  Multidimensional Mathematical Advances in 
Electromagnetic Induction:  Decomposition, Modeling, and 
Presiding: G A Newman, Sandia National Lab

   1330h   GAA32B-01 Quasi Linear 3 Dimensional Electromagnetic 
                    Inversion: *M S Zhdanov, S Fang
   1350h   GAA32B-02 A 3D Conductivity Model for the Oberpfalz 
                    Crystalline Derived From Long-Offset TEM: B 
                    Tezkan, A Hoerdt, A Osman, K M Strack
   1410h   GAA32B-03 Approximate Linear Inversion of 
                    Magnetotelluric Data in Two Dimensions: *F J 
                    Esparza, U Rodriguez, J M Romo, E  
   1430h   GAA32B-04 Magnetotelluric Tensor Decomposition: A Plea
                    for the Parameter Number Eight: *K Bahr
   1450h   GAA32B-05 Inversion of Surface Conductance 
                    Distribution Around Japan Using Genetic 
                    Algorithm and 3D Non-uniform Thin Sheet 
                    Approximation: *H  Toh, S  Fujiwara
   1510h   GAA32B-06 On the Problem of Equivalence in 
                    Electromagnetic Methods: *S K Verma, S P 
   1530h   Break
   1600h   GAA32B-07 Two-Dimensional Imaging of Electromagnetic, 
                    DC Resistivity, and Magnetometric 
                    Resistivity (MMR) Data: *S  Mendez-Delgado, 
                    M A Perez-Flores, M G Rodriguez, E  
   1620h   GAA32B-08 Smoothed Magnetic Main Field Models at the 
                    Core-Mantle-Boundary Determined by 
                    Regularization: *W Webers
   1640h   GAA32B-09 Three-Dimensional Magnetotelluric Inversion 
                    Using a Priori Information: *V Spichak, M 
                    Menvielle, M Roussignol
   1700h   GAA32B-10 Electrical Conductivity Investigation of the
                    Central Italian Peninsula: A De Santis, D 
                    Di Mauro, A Meloni, E Armadillo, E Bozzo, M 
                    Gambetta, V Cerv, J Pek
   1720h   GAA32B-11 Investigation of MT Field Over the 3-D 
                    Faults of the Basement by the Results of 
                    Numerical and Physical Modelling: *I L 
                    Vardaniants, S A Vagin
   1740h   GAA32B-12 Fast and Stable Two-Dimensional Inversion of
                    Magnetotelluric Data: M S Zhdanov, *P P 
                    de Lugao

GAA32C  UMC:Center  Wed  1330h
GA2.12/3.02/4.04  Magnetosheath, Magnetopause, Boundary Layers, 
and Cusp:  A Coupled System
Presiding: M Lockwood, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

   1330h   GAA32C-01 INVITED  Morphology of the Magnetopause 
                    Boundary Layer for Northward Interplanetary 
                    Magnetic Field: *G Le
   1400h   GAA32C-02 INVITED  Observations of the Magnetopause 
                    and Boundary Layer for Southward IMF: *R C 
                    Elphic, M F Thomsen
   1430h   GAA32C-03 WIND Magnetometer Observations at the 
                    Dayside Magnetopause: *C J Owen, J A Slavin, 
                    R P Lepping, J B Byrnes
   1445h   GAA32C-04 Magnetopause of the Distant Tail Under 
                    Northward IMF; IMF Penetration and Induced 
                    Twist: *T  Yamamoto, A Nishida, T Mukai, Y 
                    Saito, S Kokubun
   1500h   GAA32C-05 Reconnection at the High-Latitude 
                    Magnetopause Observed by Hawkeye: *R L Kessel, 
                    S  Boardsen
   1515h   GAA32C-06 INVITED  Magnetosheath Parameters and 
                    Magnetopause Structure in Dependence on the 
                    IMF Orientation: *M I Pudovkin, V S Semenov, 
                    S A Zaitseva, B P Besser, H K Biernat, R P 
   1545h   GAA32C-07 INVITED  Kinetic Structure of the 
                    Magnetopause and Plasma Transport: *N Omidi
   1615h   GAA32C-08 Structure of the Magnetopause Current Layer:
                    *J F Drake
   1630h   GAA32C-09 The Three Dimensional Shape of the 
                    Magnetopause: X Zhou, S M Petrinec, G Le, *C T 
   1645h   GAA32C-10 Empirical Relationship of the Magnetopause 
                    Position to Solar Wind Parameters: S N 
                    Kuznetsov, A V Survorova, *D G Sibeck
   1700h   GAA32C-11 The Shape and Size of the Dayside and 
                    Nightside Magnetopause: *S M Petrinec, C T 

GAA32D  UMC:West  Wed  1300h
GA3.10  Active and Laboratory Experiments in Space Plasma Physics
Presiding: W Gekelman, Univ of California, LA

   1300h   GAA32D-01 Laboratory Experiments on Electrodynamic 
                    Tethers in Space: *R L Stenzel
   1340h   GAA32D-02 Charging Measurements of Dust Grains in 
                    Plasma: S Robertson, B Walch, M Horanyi
   1400h   GAA32D-03 Experimental Observations of the Interaction
                    of Alfven Wave Cones: *W Gekelman, S Vincena,
                    D Leneman
   1420h   GAA32D-04 Laboratory Observations of Magnetic 
                    Fluctuations Associated With a Field-Aligned 
                    Density Depletion: *J E Maggs, G J Morales, D
   1440h   GAA32D-05 Behavior of Shear Alfven Waves in the 
                    Presence of Temporal Non Uniformities: *D 
                    Leneman, W Gekelman, S Vincena
   1500h   Break
   1520h   GAA32D-06 MRX Device for Laboratory Study of 3-D 
                    Magnetic Reconnection: *M Yamada, H Ji, N 
                    Pomphrey, F W Perkins, D Uzdensky, Y Ono
   1540h   GAA32D-07 The ARGOS Critical Ionization Velocity 
                    Experiment: A 2-D Simulation of Ion 
                    Production: L A Wright, T C Genoni
   1600h   GAA32D-08 Wave-Induced Chaotic Radial Transport of 
                    Energetic Electrons in a Laboratory Terrella 
                    Experiment: *M E Mauel, H P Warren
   1620h   GAA32D-09 New Results From the CRIT II CIV Experiment:
                    *C M Swenson, O Bolin, N Brenning
   1640h   GAA32D-10 Laboratory Investigation of the Effects of 
                    Neutral Gas Release on Vehicle Discharging: 
                    *D N Walker, W E Amatucci, J Bowles, J 
                    Antoniades, C L Siefring, D Duncan
   1700h   GAA32D-11 NRL Floating Probe Results From SPEAR III: 
                    Payload Potential Measurements of 
                    High-Voltage Charging and Grounding: *C L 
                    Siefring, P Rodriguez, M M Baumback, J A 
                    Antoniades, D N Walker

GAA32E  OMAIN:Room 103  Wed  1330h
GA4.01  Ulysses Latitude Survey
Presiding: A Balogh, Imperial College

   1330h   GAA32E-01 INVITED  Dust Populations at Various 
                    Latitudes: *E  Gruen, M  Baguhl, D P Hamilton
   1400h   GAA32E-02 INVITED  Ulysses From Pole to Pole: Low 
                    Energy Interplanetary Charged Particle 
                    Measurements: *L J Lanzerotti, R E Gold, K A 
                    Anderson, T P Armstrong, S M Krimigis, R P 
                    Lin, C G Maclennan, M Pick, E C Roelof, E T 
                    Sarris, G M Simnett, S J Tappin
   1430h   GAA32E-03 Heliolatitude Dependence of CIR-Accelerated 
                    Interplanetary Heavy Ions: *C G Maclennan, 
                    L J Lanzerotti, R B Decker, S M Krimigis, M R
                    Collier, D C Hamilton
   1445h   GAA32E-04 Latest Results From the Pole to Pole Pass of
                    ULYSSES: *K J Trattner, R G Marsden, T R 
                    Sanderson, K P Wenzel, V Bothmer
   1500h   Break
   1530h   GAA32E-05 INVITED  Survey of Interplanetary Type III 
                    Radio Bursts Observed by Ulysses: *M J Reiner
   1600h   GAA32E-06 The Dissipation Rate of Interplanetary 
                    Discontinuities: Ulysses: J K Arballo, *B T 
                    Tsurutani, C M Ho, E J Smith, M Neugebauer, A
                    Balogh, W C Feldman
   1615h   GAA32E-07 Latitude Dependence of the Variances of the 
                    Components and Magnitude of the Heliospheric 
                    Magnetic Field: *A  Balogh, T S Horbury, R J 
                    Forsyth, E J Smith
   1630h   GAA32E-08 The Latitudinal Distribution of Magnetic 
                    Holes in the Solar Wind: *D Winterhalter, M 
                    Neugebauer, E J Smith, A Balogh
   1645h   GAA32E-09 INVITED  Coronal Radio Sounding With Ulysses
                    During the 1995 Solar Conjunction: *M K Bird,
                    M Patzold, J Karl, P Edenhofer, S W Asmar
   1715h   GAA32E-10 Acceleration of the Solar Wind in the 
                    Direction of Ulysses Spacecraft as Measured 
                    by Interplanetary Scintillation: *P J 
                    Williams, A R Breen, P J Moran, W A Coles, M 
                    Klinglesmith, J Markkanen

GAA41A  CIRES:Auditorium  Thurs  0830h
GAJS1.05/5.13  Geomagnetic Secular Variation and Core Flow Near 
the Core-Mantle Boundary (joint  with G,S,SD)
Presiding: G Hulot, Inst de Physique du Globe; D Jault, 
           IPGP Geomagnetisme

   0830h   GAA41A-01 INVITED  The Influence of Crustal Fields on 
                    Core Magnetic Field and Flow Models: *A  
   0900h   GAA41A-02 Co-estimating Broad-Scale Core Surface Field
                    and Flow: Problems With Surficial Geostrophy?: 
                    *C V Voorhies
   0915h   GAA41A-03 Aliasing and Noise in Core Flow Inversions: 
                    *M A Celaya
   0930h   GAA41A-04 INVITED  Computation of Core Motion Using 
                    Geomagnetic Data: *Y Honkura, M Matsushima
   1000h   Break
   1030h   GAA41A-05 INVITED  Bearings of Secular Variation 
                    Analyses on Geodynamo Modelling: *D  Jault
   1100h   GAA41A-06 Analytical Representation of MHD Flow in an 
                    Imposed Magnetic Field Into the Earth's 
                    Outer Core: *S V Starchenko
   1115h   GAA41A-07 The Secular Variation and the Backward 
                    Problem for Its Statistical Approach: *M 
   1130h   GAA41A-08 INVITED  Mantle Electrical Conductivity as 
                    Background for Geomagnetic Variations: *T J 
                    Shankland, J P Poirier

GAA41B  EC:Arena  Thurs  0830h
GAJS1.05/5.13  Geomagnetic Secular Variation and Core Flow Near 
the Core-Mantle Boundary - Posters (joint  with G,S,SD)
Presiding: G Hulot, Inst de Physique du Globe; R A Langel, 
           NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center

   0830h   GAA41B-01 POSTER  The 1969 Geomagnetic Impulse and 
                    Spin-Up of the Earth's Liquid Core: *R G 
                    Davis, K A Whaler
   0830h   GAA41B-02 POSTER  Something About Jerks in the 
                    Geomagnetic Field: *L G Kasyanenko
   0830h   GAA41B-03 POSTER  The Westward Drift of the 
                    Geomagnetic Field. What is it?: *L G 
   0830h   GAA41B-04 POSTER  About the Long Period Variations in 
                    Antarctic and Subantarctic Geomagnetic 
                    Observatories: *J C Gianibelli, E A Suarez
   0830h   GAA41B-05 POSTER  The Night Level of Q-Days in Trelew 
                    Geomagnetic Observatory: *J C Gianibelli
   0830h   GAA41B-06 POSTER  Geomagnetic Secular Variation at the
                    Indian Observatories: *S K Bhardwaj, G K 
   0830h   GAA41B-07 POSTER  On the Absolute Level of the Main 
                    Geomagnetic Field 1951 to 1980: *U  Schmucker
   0830h   GAA41B-08 POSTER  The Centered and Eccentric 
                    Geomagnetic Dipoles, Epoch 1990: *A C 
   0830h   GAA41B-09 POSTER  The International Project of the 
                    Study Secular Variations (SV) of the 
                    Geomagnetic Field and Its Anomalies on the 
                    Territory of Central and Eastern Europe 
                    (Proposal): *V G Kuznetsova, V E Maksimchuk, 
                    J  Podsklan
   0830h   GAA41B-10 POSTER  Regional Anomaly of the Secular 
                    Variations of the Geomagnetic Field in 
                    Europe and Possible Reasons of Its Initiation: 
                    *V E Maksimchuk, V G Kuznetsova, Y M 
   0830h   GAA41B-11 POSTER  Study of CMB Relief and Core 
                    Dynamics Using Gravitational and Magnetic 
                    Data: *I L Prutkin

GAA41C  UMC:Center  Thurs  0830h
GA2.12/3.02/4.04  Magnetosheath, Magnetopause, Boundary Layers, 
and Cusp: A Coupled System
Presiding: B T Tsurutani, Jet Propulsion Lab

   0830h   GAA41C-01 INVITED  Large Scale Electromagnetic 
                    Coupling on the Dayside: From the Shock to 
                    the Ionosphere: *B U O Sonnerup
   0900h   GAA41C-02 INVITED  The Transport of Solar Wind Plasma 
                    Into the Ionosphere: Determination of the 
                    Magnetopause Reconnection Rate and Other 
                    X-Line Characteristics From Cusp Ion 
                    Dispersion: *M Lockwood
   0930h   GAA41C-03 INVITED  Solar Wind-Magnetosphere-Ionophere 
                    Coupling Via Waves: *G Belmont, A Roux, L 
   1000h   GAA41C-04 Population of the Magnetosphere for 
                    Different IMF Orientations: *R L Richard, R J
                    Walker, M Ashour-Abdalla, T Ogino
   1015h   GAA41C-05 Mixing of the Ionospheric and Magnetosheath 
                    Plasmas in the Dayside Magnetosphere: *R M 
                    Winglee, M Wilber, J D Menietti
   1030h   GAA41C-06 Modeling Effects of Magnetopause and 
                    Magnetotail Currents on the Terrestrial 
                    Magnetospheric Field: A Coupled 
                    Magnetosphere-Magnetosheath Model: *J R 
                    Spreiter, S S Stahara
   1045h   GAA41C-07 Dawn-Dusk Decoupling of the Open 
                    Magnetopause and Its Mapping to the Polar 
                    Ionosphere: *M Yamauchi, R Lundin, D Sibeck
   1100h   GAA41C-08 INVITED  Observations of the Low-Latitude 
                    Boundary Layer From GEOTAIL: *K Takahashi, S 
                    Kokubun, M Fujimoto, T Mukai, Y Saito, T 
   1130h   GAA41C-09 Ram Pressure and Magnetic Shear Dependence 
                    of the Plasma Depletion Layer: Evidence for 
                    Maximum Reconnection Rate: *B J Anderson, T D
                    Phan, S A Fuselier
   1145h   GAA41C-10 INVITED  MACCS Observations of the Spatial 
                    Extent of Broadband ULF Magnetic Pulsations 
                    at Cusp/Cleft Latitudes: *M J Engebretson, 
                    J L Alford, W J Hughes, E Zesta, R L Arnoldy,
                    G D Reeves

GAA41D  UMC:Room 235  Thurs  0830h
GA5.06  Geomagnetic Applications
Presiding: M A Shea, Space Physics Division/GPSG; R L Coles, 
           Earth Physics Branch

   0830h   GAA41D-01 Solar-Terrestrial Effects on Space and 
                    Ground-Based Technologies: *L J Lanzerotti
   0855h   GAA41D-02 Review of Finnish Studies of Geomagnetically
                    Induced Currents: *A Viljanen, R Pirjola, T 
                    Makinen, P Janhunen
   0920h   GAA41D-03 Hydro-Quebec Follow-up of the March 1989 
                    Event: *L Bolduc, P Langlois
   0945h   GAA41D-04 Study of Geomagnetically Induced Electric 
                    Fields Derived From Measurements Taken in 
                    Abitibi, in 1993-94: *L Bolduc, P Langlois, 
                    D H Boteler
   0950h   GAA41D-05 Extreme Value Distribution of 
                    Geomagnetically Induced Electric Fields 
                    Derived From Measurements Taken in Abitibi, 
                    in 1993-94: *P Langlois, L Bolduc, M Chouteau, 
                    D H Boteler
   0955h   GAA41D-06 Geomagnetic Hazard to Power Systems in Canada: 
                    D H Boteler, *R L Coles, I Ferguson, S 
                    Boutilier, J Lemay, Q Bui-Van, L Hajagos, P 
                    Dick, T Molinski, D Swatek, J Ferrari, D 
                    Felzien, R Leonard
   1000h   Break
   1030h   GAA41D-07 Solar-Terrestrial Activity Affecting Systems
                    in Space: *J H Allen, D C Wilkinson
   1055h   GAA41D-08 Estimation of Periods of Increased Soft 
                    Errors From Solar Protons: *M A Shea, D F 
                    Smart, D C Wilkinson
   1120h   GAA41D-09 The Electrojet Specification Pilot Project: 
                    *D N Baker, H Singer, J Birn, T Detman, J 
                    Freeman, M Hesse, J Kappenman, A J Klimas, 
                    N C Maynard, R L McPherron, K W Ogilvie, V O 
                    Papitashvili, G L Siscoe, D Vassiliadis, L J 
   1145h   GAA41D-10 Modelling Geomagnetically Induced Currents 
                    Produced in the Hydro-Quebec Power System by 
                    the Auroral Electrojet: D H Boteler, *R L 
                    Coles, Q Bui-Van, J Lemay
   1150h   GAA41D-11 Prediction of Geomagnetic Activity in the 
                    Electrojet Specification Pilot Project: *D 
                    Vassiliadis, D N Baker, T Detman, A J Klimas,
                    N C Maynard, K W Ogilvie, V O Papitashvili, 
                    H J Singer
   1155h   GAA41D-12 An Examination of Relativistic 
                    Magnetospheric Electron Increases and 
                    Spacecraft Bulk Dielectric Charging Using 
                    the SAMPEX Spacecraft: *D N Baker, S Kanekal,
                    J B Blake, B Klecker, G Rostoker
   1200h   GAA41D-13 Use of IGRF90 Model in Ionospheric HF 
                    Frequency Prediction Algorithms: *L 

GAA41E  NOAA:Commerce Lab  Thurs  0830h
GA5.07  Application Data Systems: Real-Time, On-Line and on Disk 
- Posters
Presiding: J H Allen, SCOSTEP

   0830h   GAA41E-01 POSTER  SuperDARN Real-Time Control and 
                    Rapid Data Distribution Via the World Wide 
                    Web: *K B Baker, S P Wing, R A Greenwald, M 
                    Pinnock, N Mattin, R Barnes, J Thornhill
   0830h   GAA41E-02 POSTER  A Simple User Interface for the 
                    CEDAR Data Base: *R  Barnes, B  Emery
   0830h   GAA41E-03 POSTER  Information System "Spacecrafts and 
                    Fields in the Near-Earth Space": *A A Beliaev, 
                    D V Kalinin, E G Koroteyeva, M I Panasyuk
   0830h   GAA41E-04 POSTER  ADAF AGONET Data Analisys Facility: 
                    *M  Candidi, R  Cerulli-Irelli, M F Marcucci,
                    P  Ballatore, G  Chionchio, G  Burns, M  
                    Engebretson, H  Fukunishi, M  Jarvis, V  
   0830h   GAA41E-05 POSTER  Distributed Geophysical Data Quality
                    Control Data: *W M Davis
   0830h   GAA41E-06 POSTER  Browse and Access to the DMSP 
                    Digital Archive at NOAA's National 
                    Geophysical Data Center: *G B Deuel, H W 
   0830h   GAA41E-07 POSTER  Usage of VBI System for Real-Time 
                    Helio Geophysical Data Dissemination: *A Y 
                    Feldstein, S G Frolov, Y Vainberg
   0830h   GAA41E-08 POSTER  Visualizing the Magnetosphere in 
                    Near Real-Time: *J W Freeman, D Brown, R A 
                    Spiro, R A Wolf
   0830h   GAA41E-09 POSTER  Solar, Cosmic Ray, Geomagnetic, and 
                    Ionospheric Data Available On-Line From the 
                    National Geophysical Data Center: *C D 
                    Hanchett, H E Coffey

GAA41F  OMAIN:Room 103  Thurs  0900h
GA7.02  Priorities in Geomagnetism and Aeronomy in Developing 
Presiding: A A Ashour, Univ of Cairo

   0900h   GAA41F-01 Magnetogram Analysis for Obtaining 
                    Scientific Outcomes From Routine Magnetic 
                    Observations: *N Fukushima
   0930h   GAA41F-02 First Latin-American School on Geomagnetism:
                    *L M Barreto
   1000h   GAA41F-03 Geo-electro-magnetic and Optical Atmospheric
                    Observations for Global Change and Hazard 
                    Mitigation: *G P Gregori
   1030h   Break
   1100h   GAA41F-04 "Methodology and Sociology" of a Scientific 
                    Project: An Innovating Approach to Develop 
                    Studies Between North and South Countries: *C
   1130h   Discussion

GAA41G  EC:Arena  Thurs  0830h
GA2.13/3.03  Dynamics of the Magnetotail and High-Latitude 
Nightside Ionosphere - Posters
Presiding: A Nishida, Inst of Space and Astron Sci

   0830h   GAA41G-01 POSTER  Wave Disturbances Enhance the 
                    Magnetic Reconnection in the Magnetotail: *Z W 
   0830h   GAA41G-02 POSTER  3-D Electromagnetic Particle 
                    Simulations of Collisionless Reconnection in 
                    the Magnetotail: K I Nishikawa, *J Buchner
   0830h   GAA41G-03 POSTER  Reconnection in the Dipole-Dominated
                    Region of the Earth's Magnetotail - A 
                    Two-Dimensional Model: H  Wiechen, *J  
   0830h   GAA41G-04 POSTER  Physics of the Centrifugal Impulse 
                    Model of Magnetic Moment Scattering in Model 
                    Geotail Magnetic Fields: *R F Martin, D  
                    Delcourt, D  Holland
   0830h   GAA41G-05 POSTER  Self-Consistent Orbit Tracing Models
                    of the Magnetotail Current Sheet: *R L 
                    Kaufmann, I Kontodinas, D J Larson
   0830h   GAA41G-06 POSTER  Mechanism of Impulse Moment Transfer
                    From Solar Wind to the Earth: *P F Krymsky
   0830h   GAA41G-07 POSTER  Transport in the Near Earth Plasma 
                    Sheet During Substorms: *M El Alaoui, M 
                    Ashour-Abdalla, J Raeder, J M Bosqued
   0830h   GAA41G-08 POSTER  Plasma Waves and Particle 
                    Distributions in the Earth's Magnetotail: 
                    Theory and Observations: *M Ashour-Abdalla, P
                    Convery, D Schriver, L Yin, L A Frank, W R 
                    Paterson, H Matsumoto, H Kojima
   0830h   GAA41G-09 POSTER  Thin Current Sheets, Plasma Sheet 
                    Convection, and Sub-storm Onset: *P L 
                    Pritchett, F V Coroniti
   0830h   GAA41G-10 POSTER  Modeling Electron Distributions in 
                    the Earth's Magnetotail: D Schriver, M 
                    Ashour-Abdalla, R Richard
   0830h   GAA41G-11 POSTER  Self-Consistent Simulations of 
                    Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling in the 
                    Auroral Region: D Schriver, M Ashour-Abdalla
   0830h   GAA41G-12 POSTER  Generation of Current by the IMF 
                    Sector Structure in the Magnetosphere and 
                    Ionosphere: *P F Krymsky
   0830h   GAA41G-13 POSTER  Substorm Current System Position 
                    Detection Using a New Method of Numerical 
                    Modelling Applied to Mid-latitude 
                    Magnetometer Data: *R J Bunting, D  Orr
   0830h   GAA41G-14 POSTER  The Use of the Combined EMR and 
                    SAMNET Magnetometer Arrays for the Modelling 
                    of Substorm Current Wedge Location and the 
                    Associated Current Magnitudes for Events in 
                    a Large Range of Local Time: *P E O'Pray, R J
                    Bunting, D  Orr, D H Boteler
   0830h   GAA41G-15 POSTER  Quasi-static Evolution of the 
                    Magnetosphere: The Substorm Growth Phase: A P
                    Kropotkin, *A T Y Lui
   0830h   GAA41G-16 POSTER  Birkeland Loop of the Substorm 
                    Growth Phase: *M G Gelberg, V A Velichko
   0830h   GAA41G-17 POSTER  Electromagnetic Ion Cyclotron Waves 
                    Due to Non-thermal Particle Distributions in 
                    the Near Earth Plasma Sheet and Its Boundary 
                    Layer: C C Chaston, *Y D Hu, B J Fraser, C T 
                    Russell, C Y Huang, R C Elphic
   0830h   GAA41G-18 POSTER  Low Altitude Image of Particle 
                    Acceleration and Magnetospheric 
                    Reconfiguration at Substorm Onset: *V A 
                    Sergeev, M V Kubyshkina
   0830h   GAA41G-19 POSTER  Quasi-Static Auroral Precipitation 
                    Signatures Inferred From Magnetotail 
                    Particle Transport Models: *H E Spence, K L 
                    Hirsch, T G Onsager
   0830h   GAA41G-20 POSTER  Particle Precipitation 
                    Characteristics in the Nighttime Sector 
                    During Auroral Substorms: *R A Hoffman, R 
   0830h   GAA41G-21 POSTER  Geomagnetic Characteristics of the 
                    Harang Discontinuity Observed at Indian 
                    Antarctic Station Maitri: *A Dhar, G Rajaram
   0830h   GAA41G-22 POSTER  Auroral Oval and Plasma Sheet 
                    Dynamics Versus Magnetospheric Convection 
                    Electric Field: *E V Voronov, S V Fridman

GAA41K  EC:Arena  Thurs  0830h
GA5.06  Geomagnetic Applications - Posters
Presiding: M A Shea, Space Physics Division/GPSG; R L Coles, 
           Earth Physics Branch

   0830h   GAA41K-01 POSTER  Modelling Geomagnetically Induced 
                    Currents Produced in the Hydro-Quebec Power 
                    System by the Auroral Electrojet: D H Boteler, 
                    *R L Coles, Q Bui-Van, J Lemay
   0830h   GAA41K-02 POSTER  Prediction of Geomagnetic Activity 
                    in the Electrojet Specification Pilot Project: 
                    *D Vassiliadis, D N Baker, T Detman, A J 
                    Klimas, N C Maynard, K W Ogilvie, V O 
                    Papitashvili, H J Singer
   0830h   GAA41K-03 POSTER  An Examination of Relativistic 
                    Magnetospheric Electron Increases and 
                    Spacecraft Bulk Dielectric Charging Using 
                    the SAMPEX Spacecraft: *D N Baker, S Kanekal,
                    J B Blake, B Klecker, G Rostoker
   0830h   GAA41K-04 POSTER  Use of IGRF90 Model in Ionospheric 
                    HF Frequency Prediction Algorithms: *L 

GAA42A  CIRES:Auditorium  Thurs  1400h
GAJS1.05/5.13  Geomagnetic Secular Variation and Core Flow Near 
the Core-Mantle Boundary (joint  with G,S,SD)
Presiding: R A Langel, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center

   1400h   GAA42A-01 A Study of Geomagnetic Jerk Detection and 
                    the Geodynamo Using Wavelet Analysis: *M  
                    Alexandrescu, D  Gibert, G  Saracco, G Hulot, 
                    J L Le Mouel
   1415h   GAA42A-02 Evidence of a Geomagnetic Jerk in 1870: *H 
   1430h   GAA42A-03 The Geomagnetic Jerk in 1914-15:  Comparing 
                    With Jerks of 60-th and 70-th: *V P Golovkov,
                    A O Simonian, T I Zvereva
   1445h   GAA42A-04 Short-Period Secular Variations of 
                    Geomagnetic Field Caused by Solar Activity 
                    During 18-22 Solar Cycles: V A Shapiro, A A 
                    Ahmetzanova, N V Fedorova
   1500h   GAA42A-05 65 Year Geomagnetic Impulse and E.M. 
                    Induction in the Earth: *U Raval, K 
   1515h   GAA42A-06 Importance of Electrical Potential 
                    Measurement by Using the Transoceanic Cable 
                    Network: *H Utada, K Hinata

GAA42B  UMC:Center  Thurs  1330h
GA2.12/3.02/4.04  Magnetosheath, Magnetopause, Boundary Layers, 
and Cusp:  A Coupled System
Presiding: A Egeland, Univ of Oslo

   1330h   GAA42B-01 INVITED  The Evolution of Noon Birkeland 
                    Currents: *T A Potemra
   1400h   GAA42B-02 Coordinated Northern and Southern High 
                    Latitude Ionospheric Observations of 
                    Convection and Currents During an Interval 
                    of Very Large IMF By Positive: *C R 
                    Clauer, A J Ridley, V O Papitashvili, A 
   1415h   GAA42B-03 Related Travelling Convection Vortices 
                    Events and Impulsive Absorption Events: T 
                    Moretto, P Stauning, E Friis-Christensen, T J
   1430h   GAA42B-04 INVITED  Particle Signatures Associated With
                    the Cusp and Boundary Layers: J Woch, M 
                    Yamauchi, G Kremser
   1500h   GAA42B-05 Dynamics of the Cusps of Earth's 
                    Magnetosphere: Observations From Hawkeye: *S 
                    Chen, S A Boardsen, R L Kessel, J L Green, 
                    S F Fung, L  Tan, T E Eastman
   1515h   GAA42B-06 INVITED  Dayside Auroral Forms and 
                    Activities in Relation to Specific Solar 
                    Wind/IMF Conditions and Associated 
                    Convection Patterns: P E Sandholt, B Jacobsen
   1545h   GAA42B-07 INVITED  Plasma Convection Near the 
                    Ionospheric Footprint of the Cusp: *A S 
                    Rodger, M Pinnock, J R Dudeney, K B Baker, 
                    R A Greenwald
   1615h   GAA42B-08 The Ionospheric Signature of the Cusp as 
                    Seen by Incoherent Scatter Radar: *H Nilsson,
                    S Kirkwood, M Yamauchi, L Eliasson, O Norberg, 
                    J Clemmons, M Boehm
   1630h   GAA42B-09 INVITED  ULF Waves in the Dayside Cusp and 
                    Their Propagation to Low Latitudes: *H 
   1700h   GAA42B-10 Monitoring the Dynamics of the Austral Polar
                    Cusp/Cleft Regions Using Pc1-2 ULF Waves: D A
                    Neudegg, *B J Fraser, F W Menk, H J Hansen, 
                    G B Burns, R J Morris, M J Underwood
   1715h   GAA42B-11 Geoelectric and Geomagnetic Pc 3 Pulsations 
                    During Travelling Convection Vortices: *E A 
                    Bering, J R Benbrook, K Lee, M J Engebretson,
                    J R Beck

GAA42C  UMC:235  Thurs  1330h
GA5.07  Application Data Systems: Real-time, On-Line and On Disk
Presiding: J H Allen, WDC-A for Solar Terrestrial Physics

   1330h   GAA42C-01 NOAA Space Environment Laboratory's Outside 
                    User System: An Internet-Based Resource for 
                    Real-Time Space Weather Services: *K Doggett,
                    V Raben
   1345h   GAA42C-02 The Interactive Science Data Analysis Tool, 
                    ISDAT: *G  Holmgren, A  Lundgren
   1400h   GAA42C-03 Providing Ready Access to Large Information 
                    Systems: *T A King, S P Joy, R J Walker
   1415h   GAA42C-04 "The Exploration of the Magnetosphere": *D P
                    Stern, M Peredo
   1430h   GAA42C-05 The Upper Atmospheric Research 
                    Collaboratory: An Experiment in 
                    Electronically Supported Collaboration Among 
                    a Distributed Group: *C R Clauer, C E 
                    Rasmussen, J D Kelly
   1445h   GAA42C-06 The Upper Atmospheric Research 
                    Collaboratory: A Tutorial on Collaboration 
                    Using HDF Datasets and the World Wide Web: 
                    *C E Rasmussen, G V Velamparampil, C R Clauer, 
                    T E Weymouth
   1500h   GAA42C-07 Sondrestrom Radar Visualization Tool: *R A 
   1515h   Break
   1545h   GAA42C-08 A Presentation of the Ionospheric Digital 
                    Database Access and Display Software for the 
                    CD-ROM Dataset of Worldwide Vertical 
                    Incidence Parameters: *K F O'Loughlin
   1600h   GAA42C-09 Definitive and Real-Time Models of High 
                    Latitude Magnetic Activity and Equivalent 
                    Ionospheric and Induced Currents: *J K Walker, 
                    D D Wallis, D C Herzog, S M Flower
   1615h   GAA42C-10 Real-Time Ionospheric Currents From Freja 
                    Magnetic Field Measurements and Geomagnetic 
                    Induced Currents From Sunburst: *L J Zanetti,
                    J Kappenman, W Feero
   1630h   GAA42C-11 A Turnkey Space and Atmospheric 
                    Visualization Science System (SAVS): Mission 
                    Planning Through Model-Measurement 
                    Comparisons: *E P Szuszczewicz, A Mankofsky, 
                    P Blanchard, C Goodrich, D McNabb, D Kamins
   1645h   GAA42C-12 Data Services Provided by INTERMAGNET: S M 
                    Flower, J C Riddick, *D J Kerridge
   1700h   GAA42C-13 IZMIRAN's BBS and CD-ROM Technological 
                    Developments for Solar-Terrestrial Physics: 
                    *A N Zaitzev, V Odintzov, V Petrov
   1715h   GAA42C-14 Geomagnetic and Space Physics Data Formats, 
                    Database Management, and Access/Display 
                    Software for CD-ROMs: *N E Papitashvili, J H 
                    King, J H Allen, C R Clauer, V O Papitashvili

GAA51A  UMC:West  Fri  0825h
GA1.16  High Resolution Magnetostratigraphy
Presiding: J Shaw, Univ of Liverpool; C G Langereis, 
           Utrecht University

   0825h   INTRODUCTION: J Shaw,Univ of Liverpool
   0830h   GAA51A-01 Paleomagnetism and Tephrochronology of the 
                    Pleistocene Sections in Kinki District, 
                    Central Japan: Inference to the Geomagnetic 
                    Polarity Time Scale: *A  Hayashida
   0850h   GAA51A-02 Astronomical Ages of Reversal Excursions 
                    During the Brunhes and the age of the 
                    matuyama-Brunhes Boundary: *C B Langereis, 
                    M J Dekkers
   0910h   GAA51A-03 A Geomagnetic Excursion During the Late 
                    Matuyama Chron, the Osaka Group, Southwest 
                    Japan: K O Takatsugi, *M Hyodo
   0930h   GAA51A-04 Magnetostratigraphy of Pliocene Lignite-Clay
                    Sequences in the Western Carpathian Foredeep 
                    (Romania): *S C Radan, M Radan, I Andreescu
   0950h   Break
   1020h   GAA51A-05 A Magnetostratigraphic Study of the Onset of
                    the Mediterranean Messinian Salinity Crisis; 
                    Caltanisetta Basin, Sicily: *E McClelland, B 
                    Finegan, R Butler
   1040h   GAA51A-06 Magneto-biostratigraphy of the 
                    Tortonian-Messinian Boundary of a Late 
                    Miocene Composite Section From Central 
                    Apennines, Italy: *F Florindo, L Sagnotti, P 
                    Cipollari, D Cosentino, M Mattei, M Laurenzi
   1050h   GAA51A-07 A Record of a Short Normal Polarity Event 
                    Below the Tortonian-Messinian Boundary?: *F  
   1100h   GAA51A-08 An Astronomical Polarity Time Scale for the 
                    Late Miocene: W Krijgsman, C G Langereis, F J
                    Hilgen, A Santarelli, W J Zachariasse, J 
   1120h   GAA51A-09 Caucasus Region: G Slivinskaya, A Tretjak
   1140h   GAA51A-10 Magnetostratigraphy and Rockmagnetism of 
                    Middle Miocene Continental (Red Bed) 
                    Deposits in Central Spain: W Krijgsman, W 
                    Delahaye, C G Langereis

GAA51B  EC:Arena  Fri  0830h
GA1.16  High Resolution Magnetostratigraphy - Posters
Presiding: W Krijgsman, Utrecht University

   0830h   GAA51B-01 POSTER  New Method of Recording Geomagnetic 
                    Field Inversions: *V V Gernik
   0830h   GAA51B-02 POSTER  Results of Magnetostratigraphic 
                    Study for Xiaochangliang Relic With Stone 
                    Implements: *Q Y Wei, L Jiang, D J Li, X Y 
                    Zhou, G L Cheng
   0830h   GAA51B-03 POSTER  Comparison of Geomagnetic Polarity 
                    Reversal Time Scales in the Frequency Domain:
                    *R A Anguiano-Rojas, J Urrutia-Fucugauchi
   0830h   GAA51B-04 POSTER  Paleomagnetic Anomalous (Excursions)
                    Like Stratigraphical Marks: *T V Svetlitskaya

GAA51C  EC:Arena  Fri  0830h
GA2.11/3.09  High-Latitude Aurorae: Formation, Morphology, 
Dynamics, and Use as a Diagnostic - Posters
Presiding: H Opgenoorth, Swedish Institute of Space Physics

   0830h   GAA51C-01 POSTER  Substorm Correlated Absorption 
                    Bursts (SCABs) on a 3200 km Trans-auroral HF 
                    Propagation Path: *S E Milan, T B Jones, E M 
                    Warrington, M Lester, G D Reeves
   0830h   GAA51C-02 POSTER  Signatures of the Polar Cap Boundary
                    in 6300 Angstrom Auroral Emission and 
                    Ionospheric E-Region Plasma Density: *G T 
                    Blanchard, L R Lyons, J C Samson
   0830h   GAA51C-03 POSTER  Elementary Convection Cells in High 
                    Latitudes: *V A Troitskaya
   0830h   GAA51C-04 POSTER  Emission Profiles Along 
                    Three-Dimensionally Reconstructed Auroral 
                    Arcs: S Frey, *H U Frey, O H Bauer, G 
   0830h   GAA51C-05 POSTER  A Study of Pulsating Aurora by 
                    Coordinated Rocket and Ground Based 
                    Observations: F  Soraas, *J  Stadsnes, K  
                    Aarsnes, J  Bjordal, K  Maaseide, M  Smith
   0830h   GAA51C-06 POSTER  Small-Scale Structures in Aurora: *A T 
                    Aikio, L G Blomberg, G T Marklund, M  
   0830h   GAA51C-07 POSTER  Imaging of Energetic Auroral X-Rays 
                    by a Rocket-Borne Parachuted Payload: *J R 
                    Benbrook, E A Bering, H C Stenbaek-Nielsen, 
                    T J Hallinan
   0830h   GAA51C-08 POSTER  Determination of the Substorm Growth
                    Phase Onset Using Photometric Data: G V 
                    Borisov, V A Velichko, *M G Gelberg
   0830h   GAA51C-09 POSTER  Optical Auroral Conjugacy: An 
                    Example of Differences in the Pre-midnight 
                    Sector: *G B Burns, A R Klekociuk, R D 
                    Elphinstone, D Hearn, J S Murphree, D J 
   0830h   GAA51C-10 POSTER  Observations of Substorm Onset: *R D
                    Elphinstone, D J Hearn, L L Cogger, J S 
                    Murphree, H  Singer, V  Sergeev, K  Mursula, 
                    D  Klumpar, G D Reeves, S  Ohtani, T A 
                    Potemra, I  Sandahl, E  Nielsen, M  Persson, 
                    H  Opgenoorth, P  Newell, Y  Feldstein
   0830h   GAA51C-11 POSTER  Ground Based Observations of Rapid 
                    Plasma Flows at the Polar Cap Boundary: *H A 
                    Gallagher, R L Carovillano, E J Weber
   0830h   GAA51C-12 POSTER  Time Series Analysis of Auroral 
                    Video Data - Flickering and Pulsating Aurora:
                    *D L Hampton, M G McHarg, H C 
   0830h   GAA51C-13 POSTER  Observations of Pulsating Aurorae 
                    and VLF Chorus: *R E Horita, T Oguti, K 
                    Yumoto, N Nishitani, N Nishino, S Kokubun, K 
                    Hayashi, T Yamamoto, T Watanabe, T Kitamura, 
                    O Saka
   0830h   GAA51C-14 POSTER  Ionospheric Electron Heating by 
                    Alfven Waves: Theory and Experiment: *L M 
                    Kagan, M C Kelley, R A Doe
   0830h   GAA51C-15 POSTER  Analysis of the Substorm Trigger 
                    Phase Using Ground-Based and Satellite 
                    Observations: *K Kauristie, T I Pulkkinen, 
                    R J Pellinen, D N Baker, H J Opgenoorth, W J 
   0830h   GAA51C-16 POSTER  Formation of Discrete Auroral Arcs 
                    Due to Field-Aligned Current Instability 
                    When Anomalous Resistivity Exists: *A E 
   0830h   GAA51C-17 POSTER  Auroral Radiation as a Diagnostic 
                    Tool for High-Latitude Ionospheres: A A 
                    Kuznetsov, V G Vlasov
   0830h   GAA51C-18 POSTER  The Development of a Magnetospheric 
                    Substorm Scenario With Two Active Phases: *V M 
                    Mishin, T I Saifudinova, A D Bazarzhapov, S B
                    Lunyushkin, L P Block, H Opgenoorth, A T Lui
   0830h   GAA51C-19 POSTER  Particle Precipitation in Auroral 
                    Breakups and Westward Traveling Surges: *A  
                    Olsson, M A L Persson, H J Opgenoorth, J P 
   0830h   GAA51C-20 POSTER  The Structure of the Nightside 
                    Auroral Zone: O M Pirog, *V D Urbanovich
   0830h   GAA51C-21 POSTER  Manifestations of Magnetospheric 
                    Substorms in the Lower Ionosphere: *O M Pirog, 
                    G A Zherebtsov, A S Besprozvannaya, T I 
   0830h   GAA51C-22 POSTER  About Pseudo- and Full Breakups: *T 
                    Saifudinova, V Mishin, H Opgenoorth
   0830h   GAA51C-23 POSTER  The First Manifestation of Substorm 
                    Burst Phase: *V A Shaftan, I N Vasilyev
   0830h   GAA51C-24 POSTER  Observations of Diffuse Auroras at 
                    the Geomagnetic Pole: *D P Steele
   0830h   GAA51C-25 POSTER  Coordinated Auroral Light 
                    Intensities and Riometer Absorptions, 1, 
                    From Broadbeam Recordings: *P H Stoker, M J 
   0830h   GAA51C-26 POSTER  Coordinated Auroral Light 
                    Intensities and Riometer Absorptions, 2, 
                    From Imaging Recordings: *P H Stoker, M J 
   0830h   GAA51C-27 POSTER  Dispersive, Nonradiative Field Line 
                    Resonances and Small-Scale Auroral Arc 
                    Structures: *A  Streltsov, W  Lotko
   0830h   GAA51C-28 POSTER  A Thermomagnetic Mechanism for 
                    Thermal Ion Upflows in the Auroral F-Region 
                    Ionosphere: R T Tsunoda, *L M Kagan
   0830h   GAA51C-29 POSTER  Latitudinal and Longitudinal 
                    Location of the Substorm Center: V A Velichko, 
                    *M G Gelberg, G V Borisov
   0830h   GAA51C-30 POSTER  On Auroral Arc Generation: *W B 

GAA51D  UMC:Center  Fri  0830h
GA2.14/3.04  Inner Magnetosphere: Ring Current, Radiation Belts, 
and Plasmasphere
Presiding: J F Fennell, Aerospace Corp

   0830h   GAA51D-01 Fine Structure of Low Energy Ring Current: *M 
                    Yamauchi, R Lundin, L Eliasson, O Norberg, L 
                    Blomberg, A Eriksson, R Erlandson
   0842h   GAA51D-02 Ring Current Development During Storm Main 
                    Phase: *M C Fok, T E Moore
   0854h   GAA51D-03 INVITED  A Simulation of Storm-Time Ring, 
                    Field Aligned, and Ionospheric Currents: *S 
                    Takahashi, M Takeda, T Iyemori, Y Yamada
   0919h   GAA51D-04 CRRES Observations of Ring Current Ion 
                    Pitch-Angle Distributions During Storms and 
                    Substorms: *J L Roeder, J F Fennell, M W Chen, 
                    M Schulz
   0931h   GAA51D-05 Stormtime Proton Ring Current Pitch-Angle 
                    Distributions: Simulations and Comparison 
                    With CRRES Data: *M W Chen, J L Roeder, J F 
                    Fennell, L R Lyons
   0943h   GAA51D-06 Ring Current Particle and Energy Losses 
                    During Moderate Magnetic Storm Conditions: 
                    *V K Jordanova, J U Kozyra, G V Khazanov, L M
                    Kistler, B J Anderson
   0955h   GAA51D-07 Ion Charge State Abundance in the Inner 
                    Magnetosphere: *J F Fennell, J L Roeder, M 
                    Grande, B Wilken
   1007h   Break
   1037h   GAA51D-08 Diagnostic of the Ring Current With the ENA 
                    Imager on the Swedish Microsatellite ASTRID: 
                    *S  Barabash, O  Norberg, L  Andersson, P C 
                    Brand, U  Eklund, R  Lundin, I  Sandahl, E  
                    Roelof, H  Koskinen
   1049h   GAA51D-09 The Proton Ring Current During Solar Minimum: 
                    *R B Sheldon, T E Eastman, D C Hamilton
   1101h   GAA51D-10 INVITED  Magnetic Field Observations of the 
                    Ring Current by CRRES: *H J Singer, W J 
   1126h   GAA51D-11 The Near-Earth Field From Magnetospheric 
                    Sources, a History From 1900 Through 1994: 
                    *R A Langel, T J Sabaka
   1138h   GAA51D-12 Tests of the Dessler-Parker-Sckopke Relation
                    Using AMPTE/CHEM Ring Current Measurements: 
                    *M E Greenspan, D C Hamilton
   1150h   GAA51D-13 Local Time Development of the Ring Current 
                    Field During Storms of Different Activity 
                    and Its Probable Loss Process: *A Grafe

GAA51E  EC:Arena  Fri  0830h
GA2.14/3.04  Inner Magnetosphere: Ring Current, Radiation Belts, 
and Plasmasphere - Posters
Presiding: D C Hamilton, Univ of Maryland

   0830h   GAA51E-01 POSTER  A Radial Diffusion of the Energetic 
                    Electrons From Satellite Data: *S V Elisarov,
                    Y V Mineev
   0830h   GAA51E-02 POSTER  Dynamics of Relativistic Electron 
                    Flux in Outer Radiation Belt in April 17, 
                    1994 According to "CORONAS-I" Measurements: 
                    Y V Gotselyuk, Y I Denisov, A V Dmitriev, *S N 
                    Kuznetsov, M I Panasyuk, A V Suvorova, V N 
   0830h   GAA51E-03 POSTER  Natural Energetic Positron Popular 
                    in the Inner Zone: *G I Pugacheva, A A Gusev,
                    I M Martin, A Turtelli
   0830h   GAA51E-04 POSTER  The Role of Dramatic Processes in 
                    Creation of Energetic Electron Population of 
                    Slot and Inner Zone: *A A Gusev, I M Martin, 
                    G I Pugacheva, A Turtelli, T Kohno, A Tylka
   0830h   GAA51E-05 POSTER  Global Distribution of Trapped MeV 
                    Protons and Electrons in the Low Altitude 
                    Region: *L C Tan, S F Fung, J F Cooper
   0830h   GAA51E-06 POSTER  On Newly Formed Radiation Belts 
                    Observed by Radiation Monitor Aboard Akebono 
                    (EXOS-D): *A S Yukimatu, M  Ejiri, T  Nagai, 
                    S  Takagi, A  Konno, T  Terasawa, T  Kohno, 
                    F  Makino
   0830h   GAA51E-07 POSTER  Galileo Observations of Earth's 
                    Trapped Radiation: *N  Alinejad, T P 
   0830h   GAA51E-08 POSTER  Ratio of Trapped Ions Fluxes in the 
                    Earth's Radiation Belts: *E G Koroteyeva, A A
                    Beliaev, M I Panasyuk
   0830h   GAA51E-09 POSTER  Three-Dimensional Models of the 
                    Helium and Oxygen Ions Distributions in the 
                    Earth's Radiation Belts: V F Bashkirov, A A 
                    Beliaev, E G Koroteyeva, M I Panasyuk
   0830h   GAA51E-10 POSTER  Energetic Particles of 
                    Extraterrestrial Source: Carbon and Iron 
                    Ions Confined Within the Earth's Radiation 
                    Belt Region: *W N Spjeldvik
   0830h   GAA51E-11 POSTER  Butterfly Pitch Angle Distributions 
                    of Ring Current Ions During Geomagnetic 
                    Storms: *V F Bashkirov
   0830h   GAA51E-12 POSTER  CRRES Observations and Diffusion 
                    Models of Radiation Belt Protons: *J  Albert
   0830h   GAA51E-13 POSTER  Bounce-Averaged Relativistic 
                    Guiding-Center Drift Equations for Radiation 
                    Belt Modeling With the MSFM Code: *K E 
                    Braaten, A A Chan, R A Wolf
   0830h   GAA51E-14 POSTER  Global Imaging by Energetic Neutral 
                    Particles: *T Beutier, J A Sauvaud, D Boscher, 
                    S Bourdarie
   0830h   GAA51E-15 POSTER  Energetic Neutral Atoms Simulation 
                    at Low Altitudes: A Geometrical Method for 
                    the Identification of Distinct 
                    Magnetospheric Regions Originating ENA: A  
                    Milillo, *S  Orsini, I A Daglis, S  Livi
   0830h   GAA51E-16 POSTER  The Analysis of the Ring Current 
                    System Through AMTE-CCE/CHEM Plasma Data and 
                    the Simulated ENA: P De Michelis, I A Daglis,
                    *S  Orsini
   0830h   GAA51E-17 POSTER  The Two Great Magnetic Storms of 13 
                    March 1989 and 24 March 1991: Main Phase, 
                    Recovery Phase, and Transient Ring Currents: 
                    *B J Srivastava
   0830h   GAA51E-18 POSTER  On the Mechanism for Energy 
                    Distribution Between Auroral Zone and 
                    DR-current: *E A Ponomarev, V D Urbanovich
   0830h   GAA51E-19 POSTER  Dynamics and Interaction of 
                    Particles and Waves During Geomagnetic Storms: 
                    *Y V Mineev, V I Larkina
   0830h   GAA51E-20 POSTER  An O+ Conic and Associated 
                    ULF/ELF Wave Activities in the Near Earth 
                    Plasma Sheet Boundary Layer: *M Wuest, Y D Hu, 
                    B J Fraser
   0830h   GAA51E-21 POSTER  Linearly Polarised Electromagnetic 
                    Ion Cyclotron Waves in the Middle 
                    Magnetosphere: G G Dowdell, *Y D Hu, B J 
   0830h   GAA51E-22 POSTER  Interaction Between Compressional Pc
                    5 Waves, Ring Current Ions, and 
                    Electromagnetic Ion Cyclotron Waves: *Y D Hu,
                    B J Fraser
   0830h   GAA51E-23 POSTER  An Odd Case of the 1.8 MHz 
                    Propagation: Geophysical Aspect: *D V 
                    Blagoveshchensky, K A Dobroselsky, O A 
   0830h   GAA51E-24 POSTER  Plasmasphere Dynamics Described by 
                    Orthogonal Dipole Coordinate System Applying 
                    the EXOS-D (Akebono) Observation Data: *H Oya, 
                    M Iizima
   0830h   GAA51E-25 POSTER  The Evolution of Plasmapause 
                    Refilling and Heavy Ion Mass Loading: DE-1 
                    Observations: *B J Fraser, J L Horwitz, J A 
   0830h   GAA51E-26 POSTER  Ionospheric Signatures of 
                    Magnetospheric Activity at SAR-Arc Latitudes:
                    V N Alexeyev, I B Ievenko, *P F Krymsky, A E 
                    Stepanov, V M Filippov, V L Khalipov
   0830h   GAA51E-27 POSTER  Latitudinal and Temporal 
                    Characteristics of SAR-Arcs During 
                    Magnetospheric Disturbances: *V N Alexeyev
   0830h   GAA51E-28 POSTER  Features of Narrow Ionization 
                    Troughs at F-Region Heights by Ground-Based 
                    and Satellite Measurements: *V M Filippov, 
                    D D Reshetnikov, V N Alexeyev, V L Khalipov
   0830h   GAA51E-29 POSTER  The Mechanisms of the F2 Layer 
                    Electron Density Decrease in the SAR Arc 
                    Region: *A V Pavlov
   0830h   GAA51E-30 POSTER  Particle Pulsating Precipitation in 
                    the SAR-Arc Region as Plasmaspheric 
                    Phenomenon Owing to the Substorm: *I B 
   0830h   GAA51E-31 POSTER  Behaviour of the Higher Latitude 
                    Outer Ionosphere During the Main Phase of 
                    Magnetic Storms: J Smilauer, F Jiricek, P 

GAA51F  UMC:Room 235  Fri  0830h
GA2.15/3.11  Interhemispheric Contrasts in Substorm Signatures
Presiding: J C Samson, Univ of Alberta; J R Dudeney, 
           British Antarctic Survey

   0830h   GAA51F-01 INVITED  Satellite Imager Observations of 
                    Conjugate Phenomena in Substorms: *J S 
                    Murphree, J D Craven
   0900h   GAA51F-02 Flux Ropes in the Magnetotail: Implications 
                    for Conjugate Studies: *M G Kivelson, R J 
                    Walker, K K Khurana
   0915h   GAA51F-03 Properties and Sources of Low and Very Low 
                    Latitude Pi2 Pulsations: Y Li, *F W Menk, B J
                    Fraser, D J Webster, K Yumoto
   0930h   GAA51F-04 Comparison of the Spatial Development of 
                    Substorms Between the Near-Earth Tail and 
                    the Ionosphere: *S I Ohtani
   0945h   GAA51F-05 Mapping of the Auroral Oval and Individual 
                    Arcs During Substorms: *T I Pulkkinen, D N 
                    Baker, R J Pellinen, J S Murphree, L A Frank
   1000h   Break
   1030h   GAA51F-06 INVITED  Conjugate Observations of Substorms: 
                    *A S Rodger, R V Lewis, M Pinnock, J R 
                    Dudeney, K B Baker
   1100h   GAA51F-07 Nonconjugacy and/or Time Lag of Auroral 
                    Breakup in Conjugate Hemispheres: *N Sato, T 
   1115h   GAA51F-08 Post-Midnight Banded VLF Radio Emissions 
                    Associated With Substorms: *A J Smith

GAA51G  OMAIN:Room 103  Fri  0830h
GA4.09  Planetary Bowshocks
Presiding: C T Russell, UCLA/IGPP

   0830h   GAA51G-01 INVITED  Comparative Planetary Bow Shocks: *A  
   0855h   GAA51G-02 INVITED  Location of the Bow Shock: *S M 
                    Petrinec, C T Russell
   0920h   GAA51G-03 INVITED  The Structure of Low Mach Number 
                    Plasma Shocks: *F C Jones
   0945h   GAA51G-04 Limits on the Time Variability of Ion 
                    Injection in Quasi-Parallel Shocks: *D C 
                    Ellison, L  Bennett
   1000h   Break
   1030h   GAA51G-05 Laws for Pressure Variations Across a 
                    Collisionless Shock: *G Belmont, B Gueret, B 
   1045h   GAA51G-06 Plasma Electron Signatures of Magnetic 
                    Connection to the Jovian Bow Shock: Ulysses 
                    Observations: *M B Moldwin, E E Scime, S J 
                    Bame, J T Gosling, J L Phillips, A Balogh
   1100h   GAA51G-07 On the Methods of the Shock Front Geometry 
                    Description for Future Multispacecraft 
                    Measurement: *I S Veselovsky
   1115h   GAA51G-08 The Martian Bow Shock: Common and Unusual: 
                    *E M Dubinin, R Lundin, K Schwingenschuh, M 
   1117h   GAA51G-09 On the Origin of Energetic Ions Observed by 
                    ULYSSES Upstream From Jupiter's Bow Shock: 
                    *G C Anagnostopoulos, E T Sarris, T Cartsouis, 
                    S M Krimigis
   1119h   GAA51G-10 Ulysses Observations of Plasma Waves at 
                    Jupiter's Bow Shock: *N  Lin, P J Kellogg, R 
                    MacDowall, A Balogh, R J Forsyth, J L 
   1121h   GAA51G-11 Analysis of Multiple Bow Shock Crossings 
                    Observed by the IMP 8 and WIND Spacecraft 
                    During Late 1994: D  Huterer, *K I Paularena,
                    A J Lazarus, J T Steinberg
   1123h   GAA51G-12 Suprathermal Ion Events Observed in the 
                    Pre-dawn Upstream Region: GEOTAIL 
                    Observations: *T  Sugiyama, T  Terasawa, S  
                    Kokubun, T  Mukai, A  Nishida, T  Yamamoto, 
                    Y  Saito, S  Machida
   1125h   GAA51G-13 Drift Acceleration of Electrons by Planetary
                    Bow Shocks: *M  Vandas
   1127h   GAA51G-14 Excitation of MHD Waves Upstream of 
                    Quaso-Parallel Planetary Bow-Shocks: V L 
                    Galinsky, V I Shevchenko, S K Ride, M Baine

GAA51H  EC:Arena  Fri  0830h
GA4.09  Planetary Bowshocks - Posters
Presiding: C T Russell, UCLA/IGPP

   0830h   GAA51H-01 POSTER  The Martian Bow Shock: Common and 
                    Unusual: *E M Dubinin, R Lundin, K 
                    Schwingenschuh, M Delva
   0830h   GAA51H-02 POSTER  On the Origin of Energetic Ions 
                    Observed by ULYSSES Upstream From Jupiter's 
                    Bow Shock: *G C Anagnostopoulos, E T Sarris, 
                    T Cartsouis, S M Krimigis
   0830h   GAA51H-03 POSTER  Ulysses Observations of Plasma Waves
                    at Jupiter's Bow Shock: *N  Lin, P J Kellogg,
                    R  MacDowall, A Balogh, R J Forsyth, J L 
   0830h   GAA51H-04 POSTER  Analysis of Multiple Bow Shock 
                    Crossings Observed by the IMP 8 and WIND 
                    Spacecraft During Late 1994: D  Huterer, *K I
                    Paularena, A J Lazarus, J T Steinberg
   0830h   GAA51H-05 POSTER  Suprathermal Ion Events Observed in 
                    the Pre-dawn Upstream Region: GEOTAIL 
                    Observations: *T  Sugiyama, T  Terasawa, S  
                    Kokubun, T  Mukai, A  Nishida, T  Yamamoto, 
                    Y  Saito, S  Machida
   0830h   GAA51H-06 POSTER  Drift Acceleration of Electrons by 
                    Planetary Bow Shocks: *M  Vandas
   0830h   GAA51H-07 POSTER  Excitation of MHD Waves Upstream of 
                    Quaso-Parallel Planetary Bow-Shocks: V L 
                    Galinsky, V I Shevchenko, S K Ride, M Baine

GAA51I  UMC:Forum  Fri  0900h
GA5.10  Geomagnetic Indices
Presiding: T Iyemori, Kyoto Univ

   0900h   INTRODUCTION: M Menvielle,Univ Paris Sud
   0915h   GAA51I-01 Test of Computer Derivation of K-Indices in 
                    Japan: *A Yamazaki, M Ozima, T Takizawa
   0930h   GAA51I-02 A Comparison Between Computer Derived (FMI 
                    Method) and Hand Scaled K Indices at 
                    Kerguelen and Crozet French Observations: M 
                    Bitterly, *M Menvielle, J Bitterly, A 
   0945h   GAA51I-03 Derivation of Provisional Auroral Electrojet
                    Indices: T Kamei, T Araki, M Sugiura
   1000h   GAA51I-04 Auroral Electrojet Indices Derived From 
                    Southern and Northern Hemispheres Data and 
                    Their Comparison: *V M Silbergleit, M M 
                    Zossi de Artigas
   1015h   Break
   1045h   GAA51I-05 Algorithms for Real Time Generation of Kp 
                    and Dst: *R L McPherron
   1100h   GAA51I-06 Real-Time Derivation of One Minute 
                    Resolution ASY and Dst Indices and Their 
                    Characteristics: *T Iyemori, T Araki, T Kamei, 
                    M Takeda
   1115h   GAA51I-07 Real Time Derivation and Dissemination of aa
                    Indices at the ISGI Publication Office: *A 
                    Berthelier, M Menvielle, M Bitterly
   1130h   GAA51I-08 About the Study of ssc From Digital Data: *M
   1145h   GAA51I-09 Automatic Identification of Geomagnetic SSC:
                    *J J Curto, J O Cardus, J M Torta, D Altadill
   1200h   GAA51I-10 Automatic Recognition of Sudden Impulses: V 
                    Wesztergom, *B Zieger

GAA51J  EC:Arena  Fri  0830h
GA5.10  Geomagnetic Indices - Posters
Presiding: M Menvielle, Univ Paris Sud

   0830h   GAA51J-01 POSTER  Geomagnetic Kp Index and Low 
                    Latitude Pc3 Magnetic Pulsations: *I A Ansari
   0830h   GAA51J-02 POSTER  Some Comparisons Among Geomagnetic 
                    Indices: *H E Coffey, E H Erwin
   0830h   GAA51J-03 POSTER  A Multivariate Index From Surface 
                    Observations: The Case of Riometric, 
                    Ionospheric, and Geomagnetic Data in 
                    Antarctica: A De Santis, G De Franceschi, M 
                    Cerrone, P Palangio, L Perrone
   0830h   GAA51J-04 POSTER  The Selection of Geomagnetic Q-Days 
                    for Sq-L Analysis: *J C Gianibelli, E A 
   0830h   GAA51J-05 POSTER  Deficiency in Planetary Geomagnetic 
                    Indices: *C Lal
   0830h   GAA51J-06 POSTER  Geomagnetic Activity Climate in the 
                    19th Century According to Declination 
                    Observations at the Helsinki Magnetic 
                    Observatory: *H Nevanlinna
   0830h   GAA51J-07 POSTER  Aa-Index As an Indicator of 
                    Amplitude and Frequency Modulation of 
                    11-Year Solar Activity Cycle: *A N Peristykh
   0830h   GAA51J-08 POSTER  The Potential of the ULF-Based 
                    Geomagnetic Index: *A S Potapov
   0830h   GAA51J-09 POSTER  Dst Index and IMF Components 
                    Relationships: P A Sallago, *J C Gianibelli
   0830h   GAA51J-10 POSTER  The Connection Between the 
                    Geomagnetic Indices of Polar Cap and Auroral 
                    Zone: *V V Shelomentsev
   0830h   GAA51J-11 POSTER  Fractals and Magnetic Storm: *T W 
   0830h   GAA51J-12 POSTER  IMF Sector Structure According to 
                    Ground-Based Data for the Period 1989-1994: *A 
                    Zaitzev, P Ignatov, V Odintzov, R Coles, D 
   0830h   GAA51J-13 POSTER  A Geosynchronous Electron Flux Index: 
                    *M G Henderson, G D Reeves, R D Belian
   0830h   GAA51J-14 POSTER  One Minute Pi2 Magnetic Pulsation 
                    Index and Substorm Diagnostic: *A Pashin, T 

GAA51K  NOAA:Commerce Lab  Fri  0830h
GA5.07  Application Data Systems: Real-Time, On-Line and on Disk 
- Posters
Presiding: J H Allen, SCOSTEP

   0830h   GAA51K-01 POSTER  World Wide Web Access to the CEDAR 
                    Database and Real-Time Millstone Hill Data: 
                    S J Cariglia, A M Gorczyca, J M Holt, C N Lue
   0830h   GAA51K-02 POSTER  The SAMPEX World Wide Web Data and 
                    Information System: *S  Kanekal, D N Baker, 
                    J B Blake, R E Boughner, L B Callis, A C 
                    Cummings, J R Cummings, T L Garrard, D C 
                    Hamilton, D  Hovestadt, B  Klecker, M D 
                    Looper, G M Mason, J E Mazur, R A Mewaldt, M 
                    Scholer, E C Stone, T T Rosenvinge
   0830h   GAA51K-03 POSTER  ALUICE: An Analysts User InterfaCE 
                    for the Location, Retrieval, and Analysis of 
                    Space-Based, Earth-Imaging, Data Subsets: *P L 
                    McKerracher, D Morrison, R DeMajistre, R Cox,
                    C Sontag
   0830h   GAA51K-04 POSTER  Ride the Information Highway for 
                    Easy Access to Geomagnetic Data and Indices: 
                    *L D Morris, S J McLean
   0830h   GAA51K-05 POSTER  GOLDIS - New Version for Internet 
                    Environment: *V A Nechitailenko
   0830h   GAA51K-06 POSTER  The SPDS for Magnetospheric, 
                    Ionospheric, Solar, Cosmic, and Heliospheric 
                    Physics: *D G Sibeck, J D Winningham, T L 
                    Garrard, R Bogart, J B Willett
   0830h   GAA51K-07 POSTER  Estimating the Radiation Exposure to
                    Air Travelers: *D F Smart, M A Shea, W 
                    Friedberg, F Duke, L Snyder, D E Parker, K 
   0830h   GAA51K-08 POSTER  The NASA Master Directory, a World 
                    Wide Web Space Science Information Source: 
                    *J R Thieman, D  Silberberg, S  
   0830h   GAA51K-09 POSTER  Radio Propagation Prediction 
                    Services Using the Computer Communications: 
                    *K J Wee, S H Bae

GAA52A  UMC:West  Fri  1330h
GA1.16  High Resolution Magnetostratigraphy
Presiding: W Krijgsman, Utrecht University

   1330h   GAA52A-01 The Chron C33N/C32R Reversal Boundary Is 
                    About 73.6 Ma in Continental and Marine 
                    Rocks in the San Juan Basin, New Mexico and 
                    Colorado: *J E Fassett, M B Steiner, W A 
   1350h   GAA52A-02 Ultra-fine Magnetostratigraphy in 
                    Hauterivian-Barremian Epitidal Carbonates: M 
                    Iorio, *D H Tarling, B D'Argenio
   1410h   GAA52A-03 High-Resolution Magnetostratigraphy of an 
                    Early Cretaceous Pelagic Carbonate Sequence 
                    (Maiolica of the Southern Alps, Italy) and 
                    Implications for Paleoclimate, Tectonics, 
                    and the Geologic Time Scale: *H Mayer
   1430h   GAA52A-04 Middle and Late Oxfordian 
                    Magnetostratigraphy in the Iberian Range 
                    (Spain): *M T Juarez, M L Osete, G Melendez, 
                    W Lowrie
   1450h   GAA52A-05 Constraints on the Late Triassic Magnetic 
                    Polarity Timescale From the 
                    Magnetostratigraphy of the Chinle Group, 
                    Western USA: *M B Steiner, S G Lucas

GAA52B  UMC:East  Fri  1330h
GA2.11/3.09  High-Latitude Aurorae: Formation, Morphology, 
Dynamics, and Use as a Diagnostic
Presiding: R D Elphinstone, Univ of Calgary

   1330h   GAA52B-01 INVITED  Growth Phase Signatures During 
                    Multiple Substorms: *T I Pulkkinen
   1355h   GAA52B-02 INVITED  Dynamics of the Auroral Substorm 
                    and Underlying Magnetospheric Processes: *R  
   1420h   GAA52B-03 Dynamics of the Inner Magnetosphere Near 
                    Substorm Onset: N C Maynard, W J Burke, D A 
                    Hardy, E M Basinska, G M Erickson, W J Hughes, 
                    H J Singer, A Yahnin, F S Mozer
   1432h   GAA52B-04 Satellite and Ground-Based Observations at 
                    the Transition From Growth- to 
                    Expansion-Phase: *T Boesinger, G Kremser
   1444h   GAA52B-05 The Role of the Ionosphere in the Substorm 
                    Process: *H E Koskinen
   1456h   GAA52B-06 Satellite Ground Based Coordination: *M A L 
                    Persson, H J Opgenoorth
   1510h   Break
   1530h   GAA52B-07 INVITED  Auroras During the Steady 
                    Magnetospheric Convection: Their Relation to 
                    the Magnetosphere Structures and Processes: 
                    *A G Yahnin
   1555h   GAA52B-08 Substorm Occurrence During the Earth Passage
                    of Magnetic Clouds: *M Lester, M P Freeman, 
                    C J Farrugia
   1607h   GAA52B-09 Asymmetric Expansion of the Auroral Bulge in
                    Substorms and Possible Variations With IMF 
                    Orientation and UT: *J D Craven, L A Frank
   1619h   GAA52B-10 INVITED  Consequences of Particle Dynamics 
                    in the Magnetotail: *M Ashour-Abdalla
   1644h   GAA52B-11 Monitoring the Magnetosphere From Auroral 
                    Precipitation: An Updated Classification 
                    Scheme With Improved Geophysical Significance: 
                    *P T Newell, Y I Feldstein, C I Meng
   1656h   GAA52B-12 Field Line Resonances, Auroral Arcs, and 
                    Substorm Intensifications: *J C Samson, G  
                    Rostoker, F  Creutzberg, D D Wallis, T J 
                    Hughes, L R Lyons
   1708h   GAA52B-13 All-Sky Observations of Auroral Activity 
                    Coordinated With Geosynchronous-Satellite 
                    Measurements of the Equatorial Magnetosphere:
                    *D M Suszcynsky, J E Borovsky, T A Hallinan, 
                    M F Thomsen, D J McComas, G D Reeves, R D 

GAA52C  UMC:Center  Fri  1330h
GA2.14/3.04  Inner Magnetosphere: Ring Current, Radiation Belts, 
and Plasmasphere
Presiding: R M Thorne, Univ of California, LA

   1330h   GAA52C-01 Global MHD Simulations With a Ring Current: *J 
                    Raeder, J Berchem, M Ashour-Abdalla
   1342h   GAA52C-02 Solar Wind and Ionospheric Contribution to 
                    the Quiet Time Plasma Sheet and Ring Current:
                    *V Peroomian, M Ashour-Abdalla
   1354h   GAA52C-03 INVITED  O+ Ions in the Inner 
                    Magnetosphere During Magnetic Storms: *I A 
                    Daglis, W I Axford, S Livi, B Wilken, E T 
   1419h   GAA52C-04 A Statistical Study of Dispersionless 
                    Substorm Injections Near the Magnetic Equator: 
                    *M  Grande, C H Perry, A M Hall, J F Fennell,
                    B  Wilken
   1431h   GAA52C-05 INVITED  High-Energy Electron Measurements 
                    in the Outer Radiation Belts: SAMPEX Results:
                    *D N Baker, S Kanekal, J B Blake, L B Callis,
                    B Klecker, R A Mewaldt
   1456h   GAA52C-06 Outer Zone Electron Flux Variations Observed
                    by SAMPLEX: *X Li, D N Baker, J B Blake, M 
   1508h   GAA52C-07 The Role of Substorm-Associated Energetic 
                    Particle Injection During the Initial 
                    Growing Phase of the November 3-4, 1993 Storm: 
                    *R  Nakamura, D N Baker, Y Kamide, S Kukubun,
                    G D Reeves
   1520h   Break
   1550h   GAA52C-08 INVITED  Interaction Between Pc5 Waves and 
                    Ring Current Particles: *A D M Walker
   1615h   GAA52C-09 INVITED  Electromagnetic Ion Cyclotron Waves
                    in the Middle Magnetosphere: CRRES 
                    Observations: *B J Fraser
   1640h   GAA52C-10 Electromagnetic Ion Cyclotron Waves Observed
                    at Low L by AMPTE/CCE: *B J Anderson, R E 
                    Erlandson, R Strangeway, S A Fuselier
   1652h   GAA52C-11 Energy Transfer Between Whistlers and 
                    Suprathermal Electrons in the Plasmasphere: 
                    *R M Thorne, R B Horne

GAA52D  OMAIN:Room 103  Fri  1330h
GA4.09  Planetary Bowshocks
Presiding: I S Veselovsky, Moscow State Univ

   1330h   GAA52D-01 INVITED  Origin of Magnetosonic Waves in the
                    Foreshock and Its Implications: *N Omidi
   1355h   GAA52D-02 INVITED  Upstream ULF Waves in Planetary 
                    Foreshocks: *G Le
   1420h   GAA52D-03 The Anisotropy Variations of Electron 
                    Disributions in the Ion Foreshock: *G Chisham, 
                    S J Schwartz, D Burgess
   1435h   GAA52D-04 Preferential Escape Regions of 50-220 keV at
                    Earth's Bow Shock: Statistical Results: *G C 
   1450h   GAA52D-05 Highly Structured Langmuir Wave Emissions 
                    Observed Upstream of the Earth's Bow Shock: 
                    *G B Hospodarsky, D A Gurnett, W S Kurth
   1505h   Break
   1535h   GAA52D-06 Plasma and Wave Observations at the Martian 
                    Shock: T G Trotignon, R Grard
   1555h   GAA52D-07 INVITED  The Microstructure of 
                    Quasi-parallel Shocks: *M Scholer
   1620h   GAA52D-08 INVITED  High Time Resolution Measurements 
                    at the Bow Shock: *O L Vaisberg
   1645h   GAA52D-09 Observations of a Very Thin Collisionless 
                    Shock: J A Newbury, *C T Russell

GAA52E  UMC:Forum  Fri  1400h
GA5.10  Geomagnetic Indices
Presiding: M Menvielle, Univ Paris Sud

   1400h   GAA52E-01 INVITED  Basic Problems in the Derivation of
                    the Dst Index and the Interpretation of the 
                    Dst Index and an Index for the Asymmetric 
                    Magnetic Storm Disturbance Field: *M Sugiura,
                    T Kamei
   1430h   GAA52E-02 The IMF Azimuthal Component Monitoring Using
                    Geomagnetic Data From Nearpole Stations 
                    Vostok and Thule: V G Andrezen, V A Gizler, 
                    *O A Troshichev, V O Papitashvili
   1445h   GAA52E-03 The Bimodal Response of the AL Index to the 
                    Solar Wind Electric Field, VBs, as a 
                    Quantifier of the Magnetospheric Response: 
                    *G T Blanchard, R L McPherron
   1500h   GAA52E-04 Use of AE and DST Indices to Form a 
                    Predictive Model of Geomagnetic Activity 
                    During the Declining Phase of the Solar Cycle: 
                    B Robinson, *B T Tsurutani, J K Arballo, W D 
                    Gonzalez, A L C Gonzalez, F Tang
   1515h   GAA52E-05 The Influence of the Internal Response of 
                    the Earth to the Induction by Axially 
                    Symmetric Variations on the Data Reduction 
                    With the Dst Index: *P  Tarits, M  Menvielle
   1530h   Break
   1600h   GAA52E-06 Real-Time Detection of Pi2 Pulsations by 
                    Wavelet Analysis for Monitoring Substorm 
                    Onsets: *M Nose, T Iyemori, H J Singer, E W 
   1615h   GAA52E-07 The Development of a Pi2 Based Substorm Index: 
                    *P R Sutcliffe
   1630h   GAA52E-08 Quasi-Periodic Magnetic Disturbances in 
                    Association With Impulsive Electron Density 
                    Enhancements: *A Pashin, E Pchelkina, T 
                    Bosinger, J Kangas, T Turunen
   1645h   GAA52E-09 Proposal of a New Global Index Available for
                    Substorm Studies: AKR Index: *T Murata, H 
                    Matsumoto, H Kojima, T Nagai, T Iyemori, T 

GAA61A  UMC:West  Sat  0830h
GAJS1.07/AS16  Lithospheric Anisotropy: Observations and 
Interpretation (joint  with S)
Presiding: M Mareschal, Genie mineral; M G Bostock, 
           Univ of Utrecht

   0830h   GAA61A-01 INVITED  Anisotropic Petrophysical 
                    Properties From Crystal Fabrics - 
                    Application to Upper Mantle Geodynamics: *D 
   0850h   GAA61A-02 INVITED  Electrical Anisotropy in the Upper 
                    Mantle: *S Constable
   0910h   GAA61A-03 The Anisotropy of Fluid-Saturated Rock: *S 
   0930h   GAA61A-04 INVITED  Lithospheric Anisotropy: Micro- or 
                    Macroscopic Causes?: *M  Eisel
   0950h   GAA61A-05 Why Is Electrical Anisotropy in the 
                    Lithosphere Scale Dependent?: *K Bahr
   1010h   Break
   1040h   GAA61A-06 Seismic Anisotropy of the Continental 
                    Lithosphere: *J Plomerova, J Sileny, V 
   1100h   GAA61A-07 INVITED  Recent Deformations of the Deep 
                    Continental Roots: *L  Vinnik, R  Green, L  
   1120h   GAA61A-08 Shear Wave Splitting of Teleseismic Shear 
                    Waves in the Eastern US: *G Barruol, P Silver, 
                    A Vauchez
   1140h   GAA61A-09 Upper Mantle Deformation by Resistive Drag 
                    Beneath an Oceanic Plate: Contribution to 
                    Seismic Anisotropy Interpretation: *A Tommasi, 
                    A Vauchez

GAA61B  EC:ARENA  Sat  0830h
GAJS1.07  Lithospheric Anisotropy: Observations and 
Interpretation - Posters (joint  with IL,S)
Presiding: M G Bostock, Univ of Utrecht

   0830h   GAA61B-01 POSTER  Regional Magnetotelluric (MT) 
                    Anisotropy in the Pannonian Basin (Hungary): 
                    *A Adam
   0830h   GAA61B-02 POSTER  Variations in SKS Splitting Across 
                    Western Canada: *M G Bostock, J F Cassidy
   0830h   GAA61B-03 POSTER  Anisotropy in Magnetic 
                    Susceptibility and Mt Soundings in Australia:
                    J Cull
   0830h   GAA61B-04 POSTER  Anisotropy Beneath the Iberian 
                    Peninsula: The Contribution of the 
                    ILIHA-NARS Broad-Band Experiment: *J  Diaz, 
                    J  Gallart, A  Hirn, H  Paulssen
   0830h   GAA61B-05 POSTER  Crustal Structure and Anisotropy of 
                    North Tibetan Plateau - New Constraints: *G  
                    Herquel, G  Wittlinger, J  Guilbert
   0830h   GAA61B-06 POSTER  Strong Shear-Wave Polarization 
                    Anisotropy Estimated From VSP Near the Tanna 
                    Fault, Japan: H Ito, S Nakao, T Ohminato, Y 
                    Kuwahara, T Kiguchi
   0830h   GAA61B-07 POSTER  Coincident Reflection and Refraction
                    Images of the Moho: Evidence for Crustal 
                    Seismic Anisotropy: K  Jones, *M  Warner, J  
                    Morgan, C  Price, P  Barton, R  Morgan
   0830h   GAA61B-08 POSTER  Exploration of Anisotropy in the 
                    Upper-Mantle With Self-Consistent Analysis 
                    of Three-Component Broadband Seismograms: *M 
                    Kato, J B Gaherty, T H Jordan
   0830h   GAA61B-09 POSTER  Possibilities of Physical Modeling 
                    of Magnetotelluric Field in the Anisotropic 
                    Media: V M Kobzova, I P Moroz
   0830h   GAA61B-10 POSTER  Archean Cratonic Roots, Mantle Shear
                    Zones, and Deep Electrical Anisotropy: M 
                    Mareschal, R L Kellett, R D Kurtz, R C Bailey
   0830h   GAA61B-11 POSTER  Electromagnetic Induction in 
                    Anisotropic Conductors: *H M Maurer
   0830h   GAA61B-12 POSTER  The Applications of 3-Dimensional 
                    Seisomology and Electromagnetic Induction 
                    Waveguide Theories to Stress Regimes 
                    Analysis in the Lithosphere: *E A Oni
   0830h   GAA61B-13 POSTER  Apparent Resistivity and Electric 
                    Field Changes due to Dip-Slip Faulting: *G C 
   0830h   GAA61B-14 POSTER  Conductivity Structure in Southern 
                    Hanover, Northern Hesse, and Western 
                    Thuringia: *C  Peter
   0830h   GAA61B-15 POSTER  New Constraints About Structure and 
                    Anisotropy of the Lithosphere in SW Pacific 
                    From Regional Broad Band Seismological Data: 
                    R Pillet, D Rouland
   0830h   GAA61B-16 POSTER  Shear Wave Anisotropy Beneath the 
                    Central Andes From the BANJO Experiment: *J 
                    Polet, P G Silver, S L Beck, T C Wallace
   0830h   GAA61B-17 POSTER  Seismoelectric Stratification of the
                    Crust (on the Example of the Baikal Area): 
                    *A M Popov
   0830h   GAA61B-18 POSTER  A Search for Seismic Anisotropy in 
                    the Indian Shield: *D S Ramesh, K 
                    Suryaprakasam, V K Gaur
   0830h   GAA61B-19 POSTER  Teleseismic Shear Wave Splitting and
                    Delays on a Dense Traverse From South of the 
                    Himalayas to Central Tibet: M Sapin, A Hirn, 
                    J Diaz, J Mei
   0830h   GAA61B-20 POSTER  Electrometric Differential 
                    Observations of Anisotropic Halfspace: Y S 
                    Sapuzhak, O Y Sapuzhak
   0830h   GAA61B-21 INVITED  POSTER  Seismic Anisotropy in 
                    Western North America: *M K Savage, S  
   0830h   GAA61B-22 POSTER  Teleseismic Shear Wave Splitting and
                    Electrical Anisotropy Across the Grenville 
                    Front, Canada: G Senechal, S Rondenay, M 
   0830h   GAA61B-23 POSTER  Anisotropy, Structures Formation, 
                    and Fluids Dynamics in the Earth Crust of 
                    Tian-Shan: A L Sheinkman, N N Sigachova
   0830h   GAA61B-24 POSTER  Thrust Nucleation in a Transversely 
                    Isotropic Crust With Wedge Shaped Topography:
                    *R N Singh, P Mandal

GAA61C  UMC:Forum  Sat  0815h
GA1.14  Archaeosecular and Palaeosecular Variations
Presiding: Q Y Wei, Academy Sciences; L J Pesonen, 
           Geological Survey of Finland

   0815h   GAA61C-01 Geomagnetic Secular Variation From 
                    Magnetizations of Sediments From Erhai Lake 
                    in Yunnan Province, China: *M Hyodo, K 
                    Kashiwaya, T Okimura, R Nomura, T B Xing, L S
                    Qing, L S Jian
   0830h   GAA61C-02 A Late Glacial Palaeomagnetic Record From 
                    Chinese Loess: *H L King, J Shaw, A G Latham
   0845h   GAA61C-03 Recovery of Recent Palaeosecular Variation 
                    Records From Chinese Speleothems: *S J 
                    Openshaw, A G Latham, J Shaw
   0900h   GAA61C-04 The North Sweden 6300 yr Varve Record 
                    Revisited: N A Morner, D Tarling
   0915h   GAA61C-05 High Latitude Holocene Paleosecular 
                    Variation Curves From Northern Europe: T J 
                    Saarinen, *L J Pesonen
   0930h   GAA61C-06 Archeomagnetic Results From N. America for 
                    8000 to 6500 B.C. and Comments on the 
                    Direction and Intensity of the Non-axial 
                    Field, A.D. 400-1900: *R L DuBois
   0945h   GAA61C-07 Archaeosecular Variations - Reliability.  
                    Problems in the 14C Calibrated Data for the 
                    Bulgarian Aeneolithic Sites: *M Kovacheva, D 
                    Jordanova, I Boyadjiev, V Karloukovski
   1000h   Break
   1030h   GAA61C-08 Comparison of Archaeomagnetic Directional 
                    Data Between Britain and S.E. Europe During 
                    the Last 2000 Years: *D H Tarling, M 
                    Kovacheva, P Marton
   1045h   GAA61C-09 Archeomagnetic Results From Kilns, South 
                    Korea: *C Baag
   1100h   GAA61C-10 New Results of Paleointensity Determination 
                    for Shandong Region, China: L Yang, *Q Y Wei
   1115h   GAA61C-11 New Archeomagnetic Intensity Results From 
                    France: Y  Garcia, *A  Chauvin, P  Lanos
   1130h   GAA61C-12 Paleointensities and K-Ar Dating of Upper 
                    Pleistocene Lavas From the Chaine des Puys, 
                    France: *S  Levi, A  Chauvin, P  Roperch, J S
                    Salis, N  Bonhommet, R  Duncan
   1145h   GAA61C-13 Paleointensity and Secular Variation of the 
                    Earth's Magnetic Field Recorded at the 
                    Island of La Reunion: *A  Chauvin, Y  Gallet,
                    D  Vandamme, P Y Gillot

GAA61D  EC:ARENA  Sat  0830h
GA1.14  Archaeosecular and Palaeosecular Variations - Posters
Presiding: M Kono, Univ of Tokyo; P L McFadden, 
           Bureau Mine Resources

   0830h   GAA61D-01 POSTER  An Approach to Estimate Paleosecular
                    Variations During Holocene in the North of 
                    Salado Basin in Argentina: *J C Bidegain, J C
   0830h   GAA61D-02 POSTER  Archaeointensity for the Last 2000 
                    Years: K S Burakov, I E Nachasova
   0830h   GAA61D-03 POSTER  Peculiarities of the Intensity 
                    Secular Variation (FSU) of Geomagnetic Field 
                    in Some Areas of Earth's Surface for Last 
                    2000 Years: *S P Burlatskaya
   0830h   GAA61D-04 POSTER  Paleomagnetic Results From Lakes 
                    Victoria, Edward, and Albert, East Africa: 
                    *J S Mothersill
   0830h   GAA61D-05 POSTER  Long Term Standing Non Dipole Field 
                    in Lower Tertiary?: H  Perroud, *A  Chauvin, 
                    M  Bazhenov
   0830h   GAA61D-06 POSTER  Paleointensity of Geomagnetic Field 
                    During Last 340 Thousand Years: *G N Petrova
   0830h   GAA61D-07 POSTER  The Study of Paleosecular Variation 
                    on Holocene Lavas and Pyroclastic Sections 
                    of Central Kamchatka: *S A Pisarevsky
   0830h   GAA61D-08 POSTER  The Paleomagnetic Study of Upper 
                    Pleistocene Sediments in Kostyonki, Voronezh 
                    Area, Russia: *S A Pisarevsky, N D Praslov, 
                    J G Dobretzova
   0830h   GAA61D-09 POSTER  Paleosecular Variation Recorded on 
                    Lake Sediments From South Argentina: *A M 
                    Sinito, H Nunez
   0830h   GAA61D-10 POSTER  A Microcomputer-Based Relational 
                    North American Archaeomagnetic Database: *R S
                    Sternberg, W L Deaver, E A Kuter
   0830h   GAA61D-11 POSTER  Paleomagnetic Study of the Holocene 
                    and Late-Glacial Sediments of the 
                    North-Western Russia: V V Kochegura, *S A 

GAA61E  UMC:East  Sat  0830h
GA2.11/3.09  High-Latitude Aurorae: Formation, Morphology, 
Dynamics, and Use as a Diagnostic
Presiding: R D Elphinstone, Univ of Calgary

   0830h   GAA61E-01 INVITED  Long Period Auroral and Magnetic 
                    Pulsations: *M J Engebretson
   0855h   GAA61E-02 Types of Auroral Dynamic Pattern 
                    Accompanying PC5 Variations: *K  Hayashi, K 
                    Shiokawa, N Nishitani, K Yumoto, G Rostoker
   0907h   GAA61E-03 Dynamics of the Motion of an Auroral Arc: *H U 
                    Frey, G Haerendel, J Clemmons, M H Boehm, J 
                    Vogt, D D Wallis, L Blomberg, H Luhr
   0919h   GAA61E-04 Auroral Arc Speed Against the Background 
                    Plasma: *N G J Gazey, P N Smith, R Rijnbeck, 
                    M Lockwood
   0931h   GAA61E-05 Distribution of Electron Concentration and 
                    Electric Potential Across Auroral Arcs and 
                    the Boundaries of Omega Bands: *P J Williams,
                    I  Hiscock, R V Lewis
   0943h   GAA61E-06 Comparisons of Radar and Optical 
                    Measurements of Small-Scale Changes in Arc 
                    Elements: *B S Lanchester, M H Rees, J R 
                    Palmer, H Frey, K Kaila, D Lummerzheim, I W 
   0955h   GAA61E-07 Auroral Dynamics at the Equatorial Edge of 
                    the Auroral Zone: *M I Pudovkin, S A Zaitseva, 
                    T A Kornilova, R I Pellinen
   1010h   Break
   1030h   GAA61E-08 INVITED  New Developments in the Theory of 
                    Auroral Spirals and Curls: *R L Lysak
   1055h   GAA61E-09 Role of Inertial Current in a 2D-Model of 
                    Auroral Arc and Inverted-V: A Low-Altitude 
                    Acceleration: *Y I Galperin, A V Volosevich
   1107h   GAA61E-10 Wave-Particle Simulations of Inertial Alfven
                    Waves in Auroral Processes: *B J Thompson, 
                    R L Lysak
   1119h   GAA61E-11 Reconnection in the Auroral Ionosphere: *G T
                    Birk, A Otto
   1131h   GAA61E-12 Reconnection in the Inner Magnetosphere and 
                    Auroral Arcs: *A Otto, G T Birk
   1143h   GAA61E-13 Nonlinear Coupling of Lower-Hybrid Waves to 
                    the Kinetic Low-Frequency Response in the 
                    Auroral Ionosphere: *K Y Sanbonmatsu, M V 
                    Goldman, D L Newman

GAA61F  UMC:Center  Sat  0830h
GA2.14/3.04  Inner Magnetosphere: Ring Current, Radiation Belts, 
and Plasmasphere
Presiding: D C Hamilton, Univ of Maryland

   0830h   GAA61F-01 INVITED  The Unknown Plasmasphere: *D L 
   0855h   GAA61F-02 Superposed Epoch Analysis of Plasmaspheric 
                    Cold Ion Evolution Following SSCs: *R C 
                    Elphic, L A Weiss, M F Thomsen, D J McComas
   0907h   GAA61F-03 Examination of Plasmaspheric Structure and 
                    Dynamics Using Multiple Spacecraft 
                    Observations and the Magnetospheric 
                    Specification and Forecast Model (MSFM): R L 
                    Lambour, L A Weiss, *R C Elphic, M F Thomsen,
                    R A Wolf
   0919h   GAA61F-04 The Geomagnetic-Activity Dependence of the 
                    Properties of the Near-Earth Plasma Sheet: 
                    *J E Borovsky, M F Thomsen, D J McComas
   0931h   GAA61F-05 Inner Magnetosphere Ion Thermal Conductivity
                    Modified for Low Densities: *R H Comfort, P G
                    Richards, P D Cravens
   0943h   GAA61F-06 Observations of the Source of SAR Arcs: *A D
                    Johnstone, R  Liu, V  Alexeev, I  Ievenko
   0955h   GAA61F-07 A Statistical Study of Pc 1 Waves and 
                    Wave-Particle Interactions in the 
                    Plasmasphere: *R E Erlandson, B J Anderson, 
                    J B Gary, G V Khazanov
   1007h   Break
   1037h   GAA61F-08 Electron Temperatures in the Outer 
                    Plasmasphere and in Sub-auroral Ion Drift 
                    Events: *A E Ennis, R J Moffett, G J Bailey, 
                    R A Heelis, L H Brace
   1049h   GAA61F-09 Relating the Middle-Latitude Ionosphere 
                    Electrodynamics to the Dynamics of the Inner 
                    Magnetosphere: *C A Reddy
   1101h   GAA61F-10 Millstone Hill Radar Convection Data During 
                    Large Storms: Y I Galperin, V S Soloviev, K 
                    Torkar, J C Foster
   1113h   GAA61F-11 Electric Fields Near Plasma Density 
                    Gradients at L=5-7 and MLT=18-24: *A  
                    Pedersen, A  Malkki
   1125h   GAA61F-12 Simulation of Nightime Electron Temperature 
                    Enhancements Over Millstone Hill: *P Richards, 
                    R H Comfort, D G Torr
   1137h   GAA61F-13 Global Superthermal Electron Model: *G V 
                    Khazanov, V K Jordanova, M W Liemohn
   1149h   GAA61F-14 ENA Propagation Towards the Earth: Study of 
                    Their Impact With the Ionosphere and With 
                    the Upper Atmosphere: P De Michelis, *S  

GAA61G  EC:ARENA  Sat  0830h
GA3.12  Whistler-Mode Waves and Particle Precipitation - Posters
Presiding: A J Smith, British Antarctic Survey

   0830h   GAA61G-01 POSTER  A Study of Seasonal Variations in 
                    the Occurrence and Characteristics of 
                    Quasi-periodic ELF-VLF Emissions: *J L Alford, 
                    M J Engebretson, R L Arnoldy, U S Inan
   0830h   GAA61G-02 POSTER  A Spacial Amplitude/Phase Structure 
                    of CNA Pulsations Associated With Pc5 
                    Geomagnetic Pulsations and Its Tempolar 
                    Variations: *K I Kato, H Yamagishi, N Sato
   0830h   GAA61G-03 POSTER  Peculiarities of Meridional 
                    Distribution of Electron Precipitation in a 
                    Dayside Sector: *S N Samsonov, V D Sokolov
   0830h   GAA61G-04 POSTER  VLF-Emission and Electron 
                    Precipitation From the Magnetosphere 
                    Compressed by the Solar Wind Shock: *A 
   0830h   GAA61G-05 POSTER  VLF Hiss Ramp Events: A R W Hughes, A 
   0830h   GAA61G-06 POSTER  Satellite Observations and Ray 
                    Tracing of Low Latitude Whistlers: A R W 
                    Hughes, K Rice
   0830h   GAA61G-07 POSTER  A Review on Whistler Observations at
                    Low Latitude Ground Stations in India From 
                    1963-1993: *V Jain, R Garg
   0830h   GAA61G-08 POSTER  Magnetosphere Cyclotron Maser: BWO 
                    Generation Regime: *V Y Trakhtengerts
   0830h   GAA61G-09 POSTER  VLF Triggered Emissions Received on 
                    the Board Intercosmos-25 Satellite: *V N 
                    Oraevsky, Y P Sobolev, Y M Mikhailov
   0830h   GAA61G-10 POSTER  Particles, Waves, and Plasma During 
                    the March 9-12, 1979 Geomagnetic Storm 
                    According to Data From the "Intercosmos-19" 
                    Spacecraft: Y V Mineev, E D Tolstaya, V I 
                    Larkina, G L Gdalevich, V F Gubskiy
   0830h   GAA61G-11 POSTER  Wave Particle Interactions 
                    Associated With the Precipitation of Auroral 
                    Particles Inside the Polar Ionosphere 
                    Observed by Akebono (EXOS-D) Satellite: *T 
                    Ono, H Oya
   0830h   GAA61G-12 POSTER  Wave-Particle Interactions and 
                    Auroral Flickers and Pulsations: *R N Singh

GAA61H  OMAIN:103  Sat  0830h
GA3.15/4.03  Pick-up and Seed Ions in Space Plasmas and Their 
Acceleration Processes: Pickup Ions at Comets
Presiding: A Coates, Univ College, London

   0830h   GAA61H-01 INVITED  Acceleration of Cometary Ions: *A D
   0855h   GAA61H-02 Proton Pitch Angle Distributions at Comet 
                    P/Grigg-Skjellerup: S A Fuselier, *R 
   0910h   GAA61H-03 Pickup Ions Near the Halley and GS Bow Shocks: 
                    *A J Coates, F M Neubauer
   0925h   GAA61H-04 The Evolution of Alfven Waves Generated by 
                    Cometary Ions Upstream of Comet Halley: *I C 
                    Krauklis, A D Johnstone
   0940h   GAA61H-05 A 3D Adaptive Grid MHD Model of Cometary 
                    Mass Loading: *D L De Zeeuw, T I Gombosi, K G
   0955h   GAA61H-06 3-D EM Particle Simulations of Comets: *K I 
                    Nishikawa, K Sauer

GAA61I  OMAIN:103  Sat  1030h
GA3.15/4.03  Pick-up and Seed Ions in Space Plasmas and Their 
Acceleration Processes: Interstellar Pickup Ions
Presiding: A Coates, Univ College, London

   1030h   GAA61I-01 INVITED  Characteristics of Interstellar 
                    Pickup H+, He+, and He++ 
                    Measured With SWICS on Ulysses: *G Gloeckler,
                    L A Fisk, J Geiss
   1055h   GAA61I-02 INVITED  The Transport and Acceleration of 
                    Interstellar Pick-Up Ions: *L A Fisk, N A 
                    Schwadron, G  Gloeckler
   1120h   GAA61I-03 INVITED  Waves Associated With the Pickup of
                    Interstellar Ions: *N Murphy
   1145h   GAA61I-04 Effects of Spatial Transport and Ambient 
                    Wave Intensity on the Generation of MHD 
                    Waves by Interstellar Pickup Protons: P A 
                    Isenberg, *M A Lee

GAA61J  UMC:235  Sat  0830h
GA5.16  Magnetic Anomalies in the North Atlantic and Arctic 
Oceans and Surrounding Regions
Presiding: P Taylor, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center

   0830h   INTRODUCTION: S P Maschenkov,All Union Inst
   0840h   GAA61J-01 Comparison of Marine and Satellite Magnetic 
                    Anomalies of the North Atlantic Ocean: *J 
                    Arkani-Hamed, J Verhoef, W R Roest, R Macnab
   0900h   GAA61J-02 Satellite Magnetic Anomalies About the North
                    Pole and Relationships to Crustal Structure: 
                    *D Alsdorf, P Taylor, R von Frese, R Langel
   0920h   GAA61J-03 Development of a Digital Research-Grade 
                    Magnetic Data Base for the Arctic and North 
                    Atlantic Regions: An Overview: *J Verhoef, 
                    W R Roest, R Macnab, J Arkani-Hamed
   0940h   GAA61J-04 Tectonic Structures of the Canada Basin, 
                    Arctic Ocean Revealed by Recent 
                    Aerogeophysical Studies, Part II: Magnetic 
                    Observations and Interpretation: *L C Kovacs,
                    J M Brozena, W R Roest
   1000h   Break
   1030h   GAA61J-05 A Magnetic Anomaly Compilation West of 
                    Iberia and Interpretation of the 
                    Ocean-Continent Transition From Surface and 
                    Deep-Tow Magnetic Anomalies: *P R Miles, R B 
   1050h   GAA61J-06 Near-Bottom Magnetic Survey of the 
                    Mid-Atlantic Ridge Axis, 24o-24o 40'N: 
                    *S A Hussenoeder, M A Tivey, H Schouten
   1110h   GAA61J-07 Magnetic Anomaly Data Base of Canary-Bahamas
                    Geotransect Project: Main Mapping and 
                    Interpretation Results: *S P Maschenkov
   1130h   GAA61J-08 Geophysical Investigations in the Laptev Sea: 
                    *H A Roeser, K  Hinz, M  Block, C  Reichert
   1150h   GAA61J-09 Using of Adaptive Reparametrization Method 
                    for Mapping of Effective Magnetization 
                    Between the Kane and Atlantis Fracture 
                    Zones, North Central Atlantic: *E G 
                    Astafurova, S P Maschenkov, A M Gorodnitsky, 
                    S V Lukyanov
   1152h   GAA61J-10 Mid-Atlantic Ridge Segmentation, in the 
                    Azores Triple Junction, From Aeromagnetic 
                    Data: J F Luis, *J M Miranda
   1154h   GAA61J-11 Magnetic Anomalies and the History of the 
                    Reykjanes Ridge Seafloor Spreading: *V Y 
   1156h   GAA61J-12 Magnetic and Gravity Anomalies and 
                    Serpentinization in the North Atlantic Ridge 
                    Zone: *A M Gorodnitsky
   1158h   GAA61J-13 Magnetic Map of Gulf of Finland and 
                    Surrounding Area, 1:1 mill.: *J V Korhonen, R
                    Vaher, L Zhdanova, A F Chepik
   1200h   GAA61J-14 Magnetic Anomalies on the Insular Shelf of 
                    Iceland: *L  Kristjansson, G  Jonsson
   1202h   GAA61J-15 INVITED  New Maps of Compiled Magnetic 
                    Observations From the Arctic and North 
                    Atlantic Oceans and Adjacent Land Areas: R 
                    Macnab, *J Verhoef, W Roest, J Arkani-Hamed, 
                    L C Kovacs, S Levesque, P Morris, G Oakey, S 
                    Srivastava, A Stark, K Usow, D Vardy
   1204h   GAA61J-16 High-Resolution Magnetic Gradientometry: 
                    Studies of Sediments in the Barents Region: 
                    *Y D Malyutin, M M Kavoun
   1206h   GAA61J-17 Tectonic Constraints Based on Canadian Polar
                    Margin Aeromagnetic Program Data: *J B Nelson, 
                    D L Marcotte, D Hardwick, R Macnab, D Forsyth, 
                    A Okulitch, D Teskey
   1208h   GAA61J-18 Aeromagnetic Anomaly Map for the Iberian 
                    Peninsula: J Mezcua, I Socias, *E 
                    Azevedo e Silva, L Mendes Victor, J M Miranda
   1210h   GAA61J-19 Discussion of the Geological Meaning of the 
                    Magnetic Basement Surface in the Barents Sea 
                    Based on Magnetic-, Seismic-, and Well Data: 
                    *J R Skilbrei
   1212h   GAA61J-20 Aeromagnetic Survey of the Canary Archipelago: 
                    *I Socias, J Mezcua
   1214h   GAA61J-21 Magnetic Anomalies of the Barents and Kara 
                    Shelves as an Evidence for Ancient Sea-Floor 
                    Spreading: *S V Aplonov, D K Krasnov, G B 
   1216h   GAA61J-22 The Interpretation of Large Regional 
                    Geomagnetic Anomalies at Baltic Shield: V I 
                    Pochtarev, *M A Efendieva

GAA61L  EC:ARENA  Sat  0830h
GA5.16  Magnetic Anomalies in the North Atlantic and Arctic 
Oceans and Surrounding Regions - Posters
Presiding: S Maschenkov, All Union Inst

   0830h   GAA61L-01 POSTER  Using of Adaptive Reparametrization 
                    Method for Mapping of Effective 
                    Magnetization Between the Kane and Atlantis 
                    Fracture Zones, North Central Atlantic: *E G 
                    Astafurova, S P Maschenkov, A M Gorodnitsky, 
                    S V Lukyanov
   0830h   GAA61L-02 POSTER  Mid-Atlantic Ridge Segmentation, in 
                    the Azores Triple Junction, From 
                    Aeromagnetic Data: J F Luis, *J M Miranda
   0830h   GAA61L-03 POSTER  Magnetic Anomalies and the History 
                    of the Reykjanes Ridge Seafloor Spreading: 
                    *V Y Glebovsky
   0830h   GAA61L-04 POSTER  Magnetic and Gravity Anomalies and 
                    Serpentinization in the North Atlantic Ridge 
                    Zone: *A M Gorodnitsky
   0830h   GAA61L-05 POSTER  Magnetic Map of Gulf of Finland and 
                    Surrounding Area, 1:1 mill.: *J V Korhonen, R
                    Vaher, L Zhdanova, A F Chepik
   0830h   GAA61L-06 POSTER  Magnetic Anomalies on the Insular 
                    Shelf of Iceland: *L  Kristjansson, G  
   0830h   GAA61L-07 INVITED  POSTER  New Maps of Compiled 
                    Magnetic Observations From the Arctic and 
                    North Atlantic Oceans and Adjacent Land Areas: 
                    R Macnab, *J Verhoef, W Roest, J Arkani-Hamed, 
                    L C Kovacs, S Levesque, P Morris, G Oakey, S 
                    Srivastava, A Stark, K Usow, D Vardy
   0830h   GAA61L-08 INVITED  POSTER  High-Resolution Magnetic 
                    Gradientometry: Studies of Sediments in the 
                    Barents Region: *Y D Malyutin, M M Kavoun
   0830h   GAA61L-09 POSTER  Tectonic Constraints Based on 
                    Canadian Polar Margin Aeromagnetic Program 
                    Data: *J B Nelson, D L Marcotte, D Hardwick, 
                    R Macnab, D Forsyth, A Okulitch, D Teskey
   0830h   GAA61L-10 POSTER  Aeromagnetic Anomaly Map for the 
                    Iberian Peninsula: J Mezcua, I Socias, *E 
                    Azevedo e Silva, L Mendes Victor, J M Miranda
   0830h   GAA61L-11 POSTER  Discussion of the Geological Meaning
                    of the Magnetic Basement Surface in the 
                    Barents Sea Based on Magnetic-, Seismic-, 
                    and Well Data: *J R Skilbrei
   0830h   GAA61L-12 POSTER  Aeromagnetic Survey of the Canary 
                    Archipelago: *I Socias, J Mezcua
   0830h   GAA61L-13 POSTER  Magnetic Anomalies of the Barents 
                    and Kara Shelves as an Evidence for Ancient 
                    Sea-Floor Spreading: *S V Aplonov, D K 
                    Krasnov, G B Shmelev
   0830h   GAA61L-14 POSTER  The Interpretation of Large Regional
                    Geomagnetic Anomalies at Baltic Shield: V I 
                    Pochtarev, *M A Efendieva

GAA61M  EC:ARENA  Sat  0830h
GA5.17  Antarctic Magnetic Anomalies - Posters
Presiding: R R B von Frese, Ohio State Univ

   0830h   GAA61M-01 POSTER  Aeromagnetics in the Area Between 
                    Terra Nova Bay and Granite Harbour, Victoria 
                    Land (Antarctica): Data Processing and 
                    Production of Magnetic Anomaly Maps: E Bozzo,
                    G Caneva, A Colla, F Ferraccioli, M Gambetta,
                    M Chiappini, A Meloni, D Damaske
   0830h   GAA61M-02 POSTER  Crustal Structure of the Lambert 
                    Graben Region, East Antarctica: An 
                    Interpretation of Aeromagnetic Data: *A V 
                    Golynsky, V S Volnukhin, V N Masolov, G E 
                    Grikurov, E N Kamenev, R G Kurinin
   0830h   GAA61M-03 POSTER  Vector Geomagnetic Anomaly Field in 
                    the East Scotia Sea: *Y  Nogi, R A Livermore,
                     JRO9 Shiboard Scientific Party
   0830h   GAA61M-04 POSTER  Inversion of Two Marine Magnetic 
                    Profiles in the Bay of Bengal and Inferences 
                    on the Magnetic Sources and Markers: *T K S 
                    Prakasa Rao, M Subrahmanayam, P Govinda Rao, 
                    N Vasudeva Rao, K R V Satyanarayana Rao, M 

GAA62A  UMC:Forum  Sat  1330h
GA1.14  Archaeosecular and Palaeosecular Variations
Presiding: M Kono, Univ Tokyo; P L McFadden, 
           Bureau Mine Resources

   1330h   GAA62A-01 Paleosecular Variation at 36o N and S: 
                    Data From the Chilean Andes and San 
                    Francisco Volcanic Field, Arizona: *L L Brown, 
                    J C Pickens
   1345h   GAA62A-02 Paleosecular Variation in Early Jurassic Time: 
                    A A Kosterov, M Perrin, L Faynot
   1400h   GAA62A-03 Brunhes Paleosecular Variation Data From 
                    Central Chile (36oS, 289oE): 400 Ka 
                    of PSV in the Southern Hemisphere: *J C 
                    Pickens, L L Brown
   1415h   GAA62A-04 Palaeosecular Variation at the Time of 
                    Deccan Trap Emplacement: *K V Subbarao, C 
   1430h   GAA62A-05 Paleosecular Variation and K-Ar Ages From 
                    Quaternary Lava Sequences in the Ruapehu 
                    Volcano, New Zealand: *H  Tanaka, K Kawamura, 
                    K  Nagao, B F Houghton
   1445h   Break
   1515h   GAA62A-06 Comparison of Statistical Methods in the 
                    Analysis of Inclinations-Only Paleomagnetic 
                    Data: *P Arason, S Levi
   1530h   GAA62A-07 Deflection of Paleomagnetic Directions and 
                    Its Geomagnetic Implications: *C Baag
   1545h   GAA62A-08 What Kind of Information May We Recover From
                    Spherical Harmonic Analysis of the 
                    Archeomagnetic Data?: *L  Hongre, A Khokhlov, 
                    G  Hulot
   1600h   GAA62A-09 Paleosecular Variation Models Described by 
                    Randomly Varying Gauss Coefficients: *M Kono
   1615h   GAA62A-10 On Low-Degree Spherical Harmonic Models of 
                    Paleosecular Variation: X Quidelleur, G Hulot, 
                    *V Courtillot
   1630h   Discussion

GAA62B  UMC:East  Sat  1330h
GA2.11/3.09  High-Latitude Aurorae: Formation, Morphology, 
Dynamics, and Use as a Diagnostic
Presiding: H Opgenoorth, Inst Space Physics

   1330h   GAA62B-01 INVITED  The Aurora for Northward IMF: *P  
                    Reiff, L  Weiss, F  Toffoletto
   1355h   GAA62B-02 Solar Wind Density Enhancements and Polar 
                    Arcs: *D J McEwen, Y  Zhang, I  Oznovich
   1407h   GAA62B-03 Response of Polar Cap Arcs to Reversals in 
                    the North-South Component of the 
                    Interplanetary Magnetic Field: *J V Rodriguez, 
                    C E Valladares, K Fukui, H C Carlson
   1419h   GAA62B-04 Convection, Boundary Layer, Magnetic 
                    Separatrix, and Theta - Aurora 
                    Determinations From GEM Campaign Data: *L R 
                    Lyons, G Lu, O de la Beaujardiere, F Rich
   1431h   GAA62B-05 INVITED  Using Pulsating Aurora to Determine
                    Field Line Linkages: *G B Burns, A R 
                    Klekociuk, W J French, D J Rasch, D Hearn, 
                    J V Olson
   1456h   GAA62B-06 Analysis of Fast Photometer Data - 
                    Flickering and Pulsating Aurora: *M G McHarg,
                    D L Hampton, H C Stenbaek-Nielsen
   1510h   Break
   1530h   GAA62B-07 INVITED  Dayside Auroral Forms and 
                    Activities in Relation to Solar 
                    Wind-Magnetosphere Coupling: *P E Sandholt
   1555h   GAA62B-08 INVITED  Implications of Viking Dayside 
                    Auroral Measurements: H B Vo, J S Murphree
   1620h   GAA62B-09 On the Source Region of the Travelling 
                    Convection Vortices: *A Yahnin, V Vorobjev, T
                    Boesinger, R Rasinkagas, D Sibeck, P Newell
   1632h   GAA62B-10 Cusp VLF Emissions Observed in the Topside 
                    Ionosphere: *T Ondoh
   1644h   GAA62B-11 Studying the Polar Ionosphere and 
                    Magnetosphere With Automatic Geophysical 
                    Observatories (AGOs): The U.S. Program in 
                    Antarctica: *T J Rosenberg, J H Doolittle

GA3.12  Whistler-Mode Waves and Particle Precipitation
Presiding: A J Smith, British Antarctic Survey

   1400h   GAA62C-01 Lightning-Induced Electron Precipitation 
                    Studies at King George Island: *L R Piazza
   1420h   GAA62C-02 Precise Numerical Modelling of VLF 
                    Scattering From Lightning Induced 
                    Ionospheric Perturbations: R Yeo, D Nunn
   1440h   GAA62C-03 The Effect of Localized Ionospheric 
                    Perturbations on Subionospheric VLF 
                    Propagation on the Basis of Finite Element 
                    Method: K Baba, *M Hayakawa
   1500h   GAA62C-04 Pitch-Angle Diffusion Coefficients and 
                    Energetic Electron Precipitation During 
                    Auroral Absorption Events: A Osepian, S 
   1515h   GAA62C-05 Precipitation of Inner Belt Electrons by 
                    Whistler Mode Waves in the Low Latitude 
                    Ionosphere: *V Jain
   1530h   GAA62C-06 Nonlinear Reflection of Quasimonochromatic 
                    Whistler Waves From Lower Hybrid Resonance 
                    Level: *V Y Trakhtengerts
   1545h   Break
   1615h   GAA62C-07 Analysis of TEC Measurements Above the Main 
                    VLF Transmitters: Y Zaslavski, *M Parrot, M M
   1635h   GAA62C-08 Ducted Whistler-Mode Signals Received at Two
                    Widely Spaced Locations: *M A Clilverd, N R 
   1655h   GAA62C-09 Guidance of Whistlers by Gradient Trapping: 
                    *D M Sulic
   1715h   GAA62C-10 Wave Normal Distribution of a Whistler at 
                    the Duct Exit and the Morphology of Its 
                    Ionospheric Exit Observed by 
                    Direction-Finding: *Y Nakamura
   1735h   GAA62C-11 Generation and Propagation of Daytime 
                    Discrete Chorus Emissions Observed at Agra: *R 
                    Garg, V Jain
   1755h   GAA62C-12 On the Field-Aligned Propagation of Whistler
                    Mode Waves in the Low Latitude Ionosphere 
                    and Precipitation of Inner Belt Electrons: *B Singh

GAA62D  OMAIN:103  Sat  1330h
GA3.15/4.03  Pick-up and Seed Ions in Space Plasmas and Their 
Acceleration Processes:  Interstellar Pickup Ions, Planetary 
Pickup Ions
Presiding: M Lee, Univ of New Hampshire

   1330h   GAA62D-01 Solar Wind With Hydrogen Pick-up: Stationary
                    Profiles: *I K Khabibrakhmanov, D Summers, 
                    G P Zank
   1345h   GAA62D-02 Energization of Heliospheric Pick-Up Ions by
                    Alfvenic Turbulences: S V Chalov, *H J Fahr, 
                    V Izmodenov
   1400h   GAA62D-03 INVITED  On the Pick-Up of Planetary Ions by
                    the Solar Wind Flow in the Dayside of Venus: 
                    V D Shapiro, K Szego, S K Ride, V I 
                    Shevchenko, A F Nagy
   1425h   GAA62D-04 Accelerated Oxygen Ion Escape From Mars: *H E 
                    Koskinen, E J Kallio, K Schwingenschuh
   1440h   GAA62D-05 INVITED  Heavy Solar Wind Ion Thermalization
                    Downstream From Shocks: *S A Fuselier

GAA62E  OMAIN:103  Sat  1525h
GA3.15/4.03  Pick-up and Seed Ions in Space Plasmas and Their 
Acceleration Processes:  Ion Injection at Shocks
Presiding: M Lee, Univ of New Hampshire

   1525h   GAA62E-01 INVITED  Pickup Ions as Seed Ions for 
                    Energetic Ion Populations at Shocks in the 
                    Solar Wind: *E Mobius
   1550h   GAA62E-02 INVITED  Injection of Solar Wind and Pickup 
                    Ions at Heliospheric Shocks: *M  Scholer
   1615h   GAA62E-03 Injection and Acceleration of Pickup Ions at
                    the Heliospheric Termination Shock: *H  
                    Kucharek, M  Scholer
   1630h   GAA62E-04 The Efficiency of Acceleration of Pick-up 
                    Ions by the First-Order Fermi Mechanism at 
                    Oblique Shocks: *D C Ellison, C E Saclay, M G
                    Baring, F C Jones
   1645h   GAA62E-05 Pickup Ion Energization by Shock Surfing: *M A 
                    Lee, V Shapiro, R Z Sagdeev
   1700h   GAA62E-06 Galileo/EPD Observations of Upstream Ions 
                    and Electrons During Earth Flybys in 
                    December of 1990, 1992: *S M Krimigis, R W 
                    McEntire, D G Sibeck, D J Williams, E C 
                    Roelof, B Wilken, T P Armstrong, T A Fritz, 
                    L J Lanzerotti, J G Roederer
   1715h   GAA62E-07 Observations of ULF Wave-Ion Interactions in
                    the Earth's Foreshock: *A N Fazakerley, A J 
                    Coates, M W Dunlop

GAA62F  UMC:235  Sat  1330h
GA5.17  Antarctic Magnetic Anomalies
Presiding: R R B von Frese, Ohio State Univ

   1330h   INTRODUCTION: R R B von Frese,Ohio State Univ
   1340h   GAA62F-01 Magnetic Petrology of Xenoliths From McMurdo
                    Sound Area: *R D Warner, P J Wasilewski
   1400h   GAA62F-02 Ross Sea, Ross Ice Shelf, and West Antarctic
                    Ice Sheet Aeromagnetic Surveys Reveal Late 
                    Cenozoic Volcanic and Tectonic Patterns in 
                    the West Antarctic Rift System: *J C Behrendt, 
                    D Damaske, C Finn, D D Blankenship
   1420h   GAA62F-03 Determination of Glacial Thickness and 
                    Identification of Sub-glacial Features From 
                    the Helicopter-Borne Magnetic Survey in the 
                    Dronning Maud Land, East Antarctica: *S K 
                    Verma, G S Mital
   1440h   GAA62F-04 Aeromagnetic Transect Across the Antarctic 
                    Peninsula in the Vicinity of Anvers Island: 
                    *A C Johnson
   1500h   Break
   1540h   GAA62F-05 The Development of the Crust off Queen Maud 
                    Land, East Antarctica: *H A Roeser, J  
                    Fritsch, K  Hinz
   1600h   GAA62F-06 Magnetic Anomaly Patterns Over Mafic Dyke 
                    Swarms and the Paleo-Juxtaposition and 
                    Separation of Antarctica and Africa: *C 
                    Reeves, M Mubu, M de Wit, M Doucoure, A 
   1620h   GAA62F-07 Satellite Geopotential Anomaly Fields of the
                    Antarctic Lithosphere: *R R B von Frese, J W 
                    Kim, D E Alsdorf, P T Taylor, C A Raymond, 
                    A J Anderson
   1640h   GAA62F-08 Combined Magsat and Plate Circuit 
                    Constraints on the Extent of Cretaceous 
                    Quiet Zone Crust Offshore Dronning Maud 
                    Land, Antarctica: *C A Raymond
   1700h   GAA62F-09 Comparison of Satellite Anomaly Maps Over 
                    the Antarctic: R A Langel, *M E Purucker

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