GAB11A  UMC:Forum  Mon  0930h
GA1.12  Electromagnetic Studies of the Solid Earth
Presiding: S Constable, Scripps Inst Oceanography

   0930h   GAB11A-01 INVITED  Radial Conductivity Structure of 
                    the Transition Zone as Inferred From the 
                    Niemegk Long Line Electric Reading: *K Bahr
   1000h   Break
   1030h   GAB11A-02 Electromagnetic Induction in a Heterogeneous
                    Sphere for 3-D Mantle Conductivity Studies: 
                    *M E Everett, A  Schultz
   1045h   GAB11A-03 Validation of Forward Modelling and 
                    Preliminary Inversion for 3-D Mantle 
                    Conductivity Structure: A Perturbation 
                    Expansion Approach: G M Pritchard, *A  
                    Schultz, M E Everett
   1100h   GAB11A-04 The Minimization of Correlated Residuals: *M
   1115h   GAB11A-05 Correlation of Magnetotelluric Soundings 
                    With Highly Extended Crust in the Death 
                    Valley Region, California, USA: C L Kinn, *G R 
                    Jiracek, S K Park
   1130h   GAB11A-06 A Magnetotelluric Survey to Delineate the 
                    Trillabell Massive Sulphide Body in Ontario: 
                    *D  Livelybrooks, M  Mareschal
   1145h   GAB11A-07 Analysis of Lithoprobe MT Data From 
                    Southeastern Canadian Cordillera: *J  Gupta, 
                    A G Jones

GAB11B  EC:ARENA  Mon  0830h
GA1.12  Electromagnetic Studies of the Solid Earth - Posters
Presiding: S Constable, Scripps Inst Oceanography

   0830h   GAB11B-01 POSTER  Averaged Distribution of Electrical 
                    Conductivity of the Philippine Sea Plate: *I 
                    Fujii, H  Utada, K  Yumoto
   0830h   GAB11B-02 POSTER  Transition of 3-D CSAMT and MT 
                    Anomalies Between the Overshooting and the 
                    Long-Period Domains: *L Szarka
   0830h   GAB11B-03 POSTER  Some Aspects of Sensitivity Analysis
                    in One Dimensional Magnetotelluric Modeling: 
                    *K K Roy, A K Singh
   0830h   GAB11B-04 POSTER  Direct Current Resistivity Survey 
                    Along Some Selected Traverses of the 
                    Singhbhum Orissa Iron Ore Craton: *K K Roy, 
                    K K Mukherjee, L K Das, H Das, D K Saha, M K 
                    Rai, D C Naskar
   0830h   GAB11B-05 POSTER  Project of a First W-SE MT Section 
                    Across South America Approximately at 
                    30oS Latitude: *H Fournier
   0830h   GAB11B-06 POSTER  Magnetotelluric Study of the Paris 
                    Basin Magnetic Anomaly (PBMA): H Fournier, A 
   0830h   GAB11B-07 POSTER  Structure of the Crust and Upper 
                    Mantle by the MTS Data on the Profile 
                    Murmansk-Suoyarvy-Vyborg: *A A Kovtun, N Y 
                    Bobrov, N P Legenkova, S A Vagin, I L 
                    Vardaniants, N I Uspenskyi
   0830h   GAB11B-08 POSTER  Spherical Hankel Functions: *D E 
                    Winch, H Farajollahi
   0830h   GAB11B-09 POSTER  Imaging of Sedimentary Strata Lying 
                    Below Flood Basalts Employing 2-D Inversion 
                    of MT Data: *S K Verma, D Venkataramana
   0830h   GAB11B-10 POSTER  Magnetovariational Studies in South 
                    America at Approximately 32o South 
                    Latitude: E Borzotta, I I Rokityansky, H G 
                    Fournier, M J Mamani, A Maidana
   0830h   GAB11B-11 POSTER  Interpretation of Probability 
                    Distributions of the Electromagnetic Field 
                    in the Ocean: *S M Korotaev
   0830h   GAB11B-12 POSTER  Role of Different Definitions of the
                    Entropy at Causal Analysis of the 
                    Geophysical Processes and Their Application 
                    to Electromagnetic Induction in the Sea 
                    Currents: *S M Korotaev
   0830h   GAB11B-13 POSTER  Induction Arrow Responses of 
                    Elongated Conductors Near an Ocean: *H W 
                    Dosso, S Kang, J Chen
   0830h   GAB11B-14 POSTER  Joint Inversions of DC Resistivity 
                    and TEM Data: D Maier, H R Maurer, A G Green
   0830h   GAB11B-15 POSTER  Electromagnetic Study on the Deep 
                    Structure of Kirishima Volcano: *H Utada, T 
                    Kagiyama, M Uyeshima
   0830h   GAB11B-16 POSTER  Electromagnetic Field of Geoelectric
                    Model With Well-Conductive Core and 
                    Dispersive Envelope: *F M Kamenetsky, P V 
   0830h   GAB11B-17 POSTER  Deep Electromagnetic Investigations 
                    at MAGSAT Data in Some of Earth's Regions: 
                    *N M Rotanova, D Y Abramova, V N Oraevsky
   0830h   GAB11B-18 POSTER  Mt Studies in a Geothermal District 
                    in the Eastern Andean Border at the Tucuman 
                    Province, Argentina: *M C Pomposiello, R 
                    de Velazco, A M Osella, R Mon, G Vergara
   0830h   GAB11B-19 POSTER  A Geoelectric Study in the Sao 
                    Francisco Basin: J  Porsani, *J M Travassos
   0830h   GAB11B-20 POSTER  Conductivity Anomalies and 
                    Thunderstorm Activity: *I I Rokityansky
   0830h   GAB11B-21 POSTER  Geoelectrical Inhomogeneities in the
                    Lithosphere of Kamchatka and Their Bearing 
                    on Deep Processes: *Y F Moroz
   0830h   GAB11B-22 POSTER  Electromagnetic Features of the 
                    Crust and Upper Mantle in the Vrancea 
                    Earthquakes Area: *D Stanica, M Stanica
   0830h   GAB11B-23 POSTER  Application of Powerful Pulsed 
                    Electrical Current Sources for an Earthquake 
                    Forecasting, Deep Sounding of the Earth's 
                    Crust, and Searching for Mineral Deposits: 
                    Y P Velikhov, V V Yevstigneev, A V Zotov, V V
                    Kotok, A S Lisin, O G Matveenko, A Y Poltanov
   0830h   GAB11B-24 POSTER  Influence of Frequency Dispersion of
                    Rock's Conductivity on Electromagnetic 
                    Soundings Results: V V Ageev, B S Svetov, M N
                    Berdichevski, V P Gubatenko
   0830h   GAB11B-25 POSTER  Results of Studies in West Mongolia:
                    *A M Popov
   0830h   GAB11B-26 POSTER  Electrical Structure of the Crust 
                    and Upper Mantle Beneath Northern Part of 
                    North China: G Zhao, T Liu, J Tang, Y Zhan
   0830h   GAB11B-27 POSTER  The Geoelectrical Structure Across 
                    the Pannonian Basin, the Vardar Zone, and 
                    the Dinarides: *N Smiljanic
   0830h   GAB11B-28 POSTER  Coastal and Shelf Investigations in 
                    the Black Sea Region: *L  Abramova, Y  
   0830h   GAB11B-29 POSTER  Geomagnetic Depth Sounding Studies 
                    by Means of Total Magnetic Field Time 
                    Variations in Antarctica: *M  Chiappini, P  
                    Palangio, A  Meloni
   0830h   GAB11B-30 POSTER  Statistical Account of Geomagnetic 
                    Variations in the Ocean: *S M Korotaev, V O 
                    Serdyuk, M O Sorokin
   0830h   GAB11B-31 POSTER  Mt Transect of the Southern 
                    Cordilleran Highline, Utah and Nevada: P E 
                    Wannamaker, J M Johnston, J R Booker

GAB11C  UMC:East  Mon  0830h
GA2.02  Aeronomy of Aurora and Airglow Emissions and Related 
Laboratory Measurements
Presiding: D Murtagh, *

   0830h   GAB11C-01 INVITED  Sir David Bates: An Appreciation: *A 
   0850h   GAB11C-02 INVITED  Solar Flares, Auger Electrons, and 
                    Airglow: *R  Link
   0910h   GAB11C-03 Response of the Far UV Dayglow to Solar and 
                    Thermospheric Variability: *S M Bailey, S C 
                    Solomon, T N Woods, G R Gladstone
   0922h   GAB11C-04 High-Resolution Observations of the OI 8446 
                    Angstrom Emission: Implications for the 
                    Production Mechanism: *R S Lancaster, R B 
                    Kerr, S C Solomon
   0934h   GAB11C-05 Two Years of Orthohelium Observations: 
                    Intensities, Temperatures, and Photoelectron 
                    Fluxes: *J Noto, R B Kerr, J H Hecht, R J 
   0946h   GAB11C-06 Revised Transition Probabilities for the 
                    Herzberg States of O2, and New Afterglow 
                    Analyses: *T G Slanger, D L Huestis
   1000h   Break
   1030h   GAB11C-07 INVITED  Advances in Measurement of Cross 
                    Sections for Electron Impact Excitation and 
                    Ionization: *J P Doering
   1050h   GAB11C-08 INVITED  Laboratory Solar System Aeronomy in
                    the Ultraviolet by Electron Impact: *J Ajello, 
                    D Shemansky, I Kanik, G James, X Liu, S Ahmed
   1110h   GAB11C-09 Excitation of O3(v) by Electron 
                    Bombardment in the EXCEDE III Rocket 
                    Experiment: *W T Rawlins, B D Green, D E 
                    Paulsen, W A Blumberg, R E Murphy
   1122h   GAB11C-10 High Rotational and Vibrational Excitation 
                    of Thermospheric Nitric Oxide Measured by 
                    EXCEDE III and CIRRIS 1A: *P S Armstrong, J A
                    Dodd, S J Lipson, J R Lowell, W A M Blumberg,
                    R M Nadile, D E Paulsen, R E Murphy, W T 
                    Rawlins, M E Fraser, B D Green
   1134h   GAB11C-11 Transient 4.3-m Rovibrational Emission From 
                    Carbon Dioxide in Sprites and Auroras: *R H 
                    Picard, J R Winick, W A M Blumberg, P P 
                    Wintersteiner, R A Armstrong
   1146h   GAB11C-12 Artificial Optical Emissions Excited by High
                    Power Radio Waves in Ionosphere: P A 
                    Bernhardt, L S Wagner, J A Goldstein, J G 
                    Wang, D L Newman, M V Goldman, C A Tepley

GAB11D  EC:Arena  Mon  0830h
GA2.02  Aeronomy of Aurora and Airglow Emissions and Related 
Laboratory Measurements - Posters
Presiding: I McDade, National Research Council

   0830h   GAB11D-01 POSTER  Collision Frequency of Singly 
                    Ionized and Neutral Atomic Oxygen: *W D 
                    Pesnell, W R Hoegy
   0830h   GAB11D-02 POSTER  Transport of Resonant Line Radiation
                    in a Planetary Exosphere: Model Description 
                    and Applications: *J Bishop
   0830h   GAB11D-03 POSTER  High Spectral Resolution 
                    Observations of EUV Airglow: *G R Gladstone, 
                    S B Bowyer, M Hurwitz
   0830h   GAB11D-04 POSTER  Models of Auroral Energetic Proton 
                    and Hydrogen Atom Transport: *S C Solomon
   0830h   GAB11D-05 POSTER  Laboratory Study of O2 Emission 
                    Spectra in 315-790 nm Region: *V A Yankovsky,
                    P V Ablitsoff
   0830h   GAB11D-06 POSTER  Characteristics of Proton Aurora on 
                    the Dayside: *K Henriksen, F Sigernes
   0830h   GAB11D-07 POSTER  Comparison of Observed and Predicted
                    Height Profiles of OI5577, N2+ First 
                    Negative Bands, and O2 Atmospheric Bands 
                    in Aurora: *R L Gattinger, A V Jones, E J 
   0830h   GAB11D-08 POSTER  Midlatitude Auroras and Ionospheric 
                    Glow Disturbances During Magnetic Storms in 
                    the Period of High Solar Activity 1989-1993: 
                    *A V Mickalev
   0830h   GAB11D-09 POSTER  Auroral N2 Triplet Emissions: 
                    Vibrational Populations and the Effect of 
                    Collisional Processes: *J S Morrill, W M 
   0830h   GAB11D-10 POSTER  Spectroscopic Studies of Auroral 
                    Arcs Over Sondrestrom From Godhavn, 
                    Greenland Using Slantpath Methods: R L 
                    Rairden, G R Swenson, S C Solomon
   0830h   GAB11D-11 POSTER  Description of the Chemical 
                    Processes in Disturbed Ionosphere: *A 
   0830h   GAB11D-12 POSTER  Chemical and Infrared Balances in 
                    Disturbed Ionosphere: *A Kirillov, G Aladjev
   0830h   GAB11D-13 POSTER  A Review of the Molecular Oxygen 
                    Airglow Emissions and Associated Kinetic and 
                    Spectroscopic Parameters: *M G Mlynczak, D J 
                    Nesbitt, D S Olander
   0830h   GAB11D-14 POSTER  Nocturnal Intensity Variations of 
                    5577A Nightglow at Poona From IGY to IMAP: 
                    P B Chaudhary, J B Gurav, V V Agashe, *A D 
   0830h   GAB11D-15 POSTER  Production of Vibrationally and 
                    Rotationally Excited NO in the Nighttime 
                    Terrestrial Thermosphere: *R D Sharma, H  
                    Dothe, V A Kharchenko, Y  Sun, A  Dalgarno
   0830h   GAB11D-16 POSTER  15 Micrometer CO2 Response to 
                    Geomagnetic Activity in the Lower 
                    Thermosphere: J O Wise, H C Carlson, A J 
                    Ratkowski, R L Carovillano
   0830h   GAB11D-17 POSTER  On the Diurnal Variations of the 
                    Intensity of the O2 1.27 Micrometer 
                    Emission: *K Eerme
   0830h   GAB11D-18 POSTER  Recent Shuttle-Based Measurements of
                    Airglow: *J A Gardner, R A Viereck, E Murad, 
                    D J Knecht, C P Pike, A L Broadfoot
   0830h   GAB11D-19 POSTER  Observations of the Daytime O(1S) 
                    Emission With WINDII: Zonally Averaged 
                    Results: B H Solheim, *W E Ward, C  
                    McLandress, G G Shepherd
   0830h   GAB11D-20 POSTER  Nitrogen Ion Emission in the Sunlit 
                    Thermosphere: *T  Stone, A L Broadfoot
   0830h   GAB11D-21 POSTER  Spatial Spectral Scanning of the 
                    Oxygen Infrared Atmospheric O2 
                    (a1Deltag - X3Sigma-g) 
                    (O-1) Airglow: V  Douchkina, *R H Wiens, R N 
                    Peterson, G G Shepherd, P J Thomas
   0830h   GAB11D-22 POSTER  The CEDAR Optical Tomographic 
                    Imaging Facility (COTIF): J Semeter, M 
                    Mendillo, J Baumgardner
   0830h   GAB11D-23 POSTER  Optical Imaging of Ionospheric 
                    Plasma Depletions Over Shar: *H S S Sinha, 
                    R N Misra, H Chandra, S Raizada, N Dutt, G D 
   0830h   GAB11D-24 POSTER  The Interpretation of the 
                    Post-magnetic Storm and Solar Flare Effects 
                    With the Consideration of 0++ Ions and 
                    Rydberg States: *S V Avakyan
   0830h   GAB11D-25 POSTER  Mesopause Atomic Oxygen Density 
                    Determined by Hydroxyl Nightglow: *V I 

GAB11E  UMC:West  Mon  0830h
GA2.03  Ionospheric Irregularities and Instabilities
Presiding: E Blanc, Laboratoire de Detection et de Geophys

   0830h   GAB11E-01 Development of Irregularities in the Auroral
                    F-Layer Associated With Soft Precipitation: 
                    *L  Kersley, D G Jones, S E Pryse, I K Walker
   0845h   GAB11E-02 Stability of Superthermal Electrons in the 
                    Ionosphere-Magnetosphere System: *M W Liemohn, 
                    G V Khazanov
   0900h   GAB11E-03 Small-Scale Density Depletions and Enhanced 
                    Lower Hybrid Waves in the Topside Ionosphere:
                    *P O Dovner, A I Eriksson, R  Bostrom
   0915h   GAB11E-04 First Observations From the CUTLASS Radar: 
                    *T B Jones, E C Thomas, J D Thornhill, P 
                    Chapman, R Pellinen, H Opgenoorth
   0930h   GAB11E-05 Observation of the High-Latitude Ionosphere 
                    by HF Radars: Characterization of Turbulence:
                    *J P Villain, R Andre, C Hanuise, D Gresillon
   0945h   GAB11E-06 Comparison of Electric Field Wave 
                    Measurements of Two-Stream Instabilities in 
                    the Auroral and Equatorial Electrojets: *R F Pfaff
   1000h   Break
   1030h   GAB11E-07 Coordinated Observation of Dayside Auroras 
                    and Ionospheric Plasma Flow: *S B Mende, J H 
                    Doolittle, R L Rairden, A S Rodger, K B Baker, 
                    R A Greenwald
   1045h   GAB11E-08 Observations of F-Region Irregularity 
                    Patches Associated With Poleward Drifting 
                    E-Region Irregularity Bands: P Prikryl, I F 
                    Grant, J W MacDougall, G J Sofko, D Andre, 
                    R A Greenwald
   1100h   GAB11E-09 The Dynamics of Ionospheric Troughs, Oblique
                    Spread-F, and Large-Scale Travelling 
                    Ionospheric Disturbances During the Great 
                    Auroral Storms of August 22 and 23, 1990: *M L 
                    Parkinson, P L Dyson, A D Quach
   1115h   GAB11E-10 Spread Sporadic E - A Survey of the 
                    Australian Region: *P J Wilkinson
   1130h   GAB11E-11 Quasi-periodic Structures of Mid-latitude 
                    E-Region Field-Aligned Irregularities 
                    Revealed by the MU Radar: *M  Yamamoto, S  
                    Fukao, R T Tsunoda
   1145h   GAB11E-12 High Resolution Radar Interferometry 
                    Observations of Mid-latitude E-Region 
                    Field-Aligned Irregularities: *W O Brown, M  
                    Yamamoto, S  Fukao, R T Tsunoda

GAB11F  EC:Arena  Mon  0830h
GA2.03  Ionospheric Irregularities and Instabilities - Posters
Presiding: E Blanc, Laboratoire de Detection et de Geophys; R 
           Greenwald, Johns Hopkins Univ

   0830h   GAB11F-01 POSTER  A Theory of the Nonlinear Gradient 
                    Drift Instability in the Equatorial E-Region:
                    S Duhau, *D Hurtado de Mendoza
   0830h   GAB11F-02 POSTER  The Rayleigh-Taylor Instability as a
                    Cause for Irregularities at the F Layer: C F 
                    Medina, V H Rios
   0830h   GAB11F-03 POSTER  Numerical Simulations of Electric 
                    Field Effects on Nonlinear Evolution of 
                    Equatorial Spread F: *C S Huang, M C Kelley
   0830h   GAB11F-04 POSTER  Irregularities in the Bottom Side of
                    the F-Region Over Shar: *H S S Sinha, H 
                    Chandra, R N Misra, S Raizada, N Dutt, G D 
   0830h   GAB11F-05 POSTER  Relationship Between Radar Auroral 
                    Backscatter and Irregularity Phase Speed: A 
                    Statistical Study: *B A Shand, M Lester, T K Yeoman
   0830h   GAB11F-06 POSTER  Determination of Plasma Instability 
                    Types Responsible for Radioaurorae by 
                    Results of Their Height and Aspect 
                    Sensitivity Measurement: *V A Shaftan, S V Antipin
   0830h   GAB11F-07 POSTER  A Numerical Simulation of Auroral 
                    Thermal Wave: V G Vlasov, G O Zhizhko
   0830h   GAB11F-08 POSTER  Nonlinear Time Series Analysis of 
                    the Ionospheric Measurements: A L Karpenko, 
                    *N I Manaenkova
   0830h   GAB11F-09 POSTER  The Interaction of the F-Layer 
                    Plasma Irregularities With the Magnetospere: 
                    *A M Lyatskaya
   0830h   GAB11F-10 POSTER  Oblique Sounding the High Latitude 
                    Ionospheric Irregularities: A  Gorokhov, *N  
                    Gorokhov, M  Nishino, Y  Tanaka, H  Yamagishi
   0830h   GAB11F-11 POSTER  Anomalous EISCAT Spectra From the 
                    Auroral Arc Region: *E Belova, W Lyatsky, M 
   0830h   GAB11F-12 POSTER  Effects of the Geospheric Shells 
                    Interaction: F P Miranyan, O A Pokhotelov
   0830h   GAB11F-13 POSTER  Dynamics of Main Ionosphere Trough 
                    Parameters: *D V Blagoveshchensky, T D 
   0830h   GAB11F-14 POSTER  Ionospheric Irregularities in E 
                    Layer During Auroral Substorm: *D V 
   0830h   GAB11F-15 POSTER  The Effect of E X B Drifts and 
                    Neutral Winds on the Occurrence of Spread-F 
                    and Scintillations at Equatorial and Low 
                    Latitudes: *P V Ramo Rao, P T Jayachandran, P
   0830h   GAB11F-16 POSTER  Quasi-periodic Variations Observed 
                    in the Enhanced Nocturnal IEC Over Waltair 
                    During High Solar Activity Periods: *P V 
                    Ramo Rao, P Sriram, K Niranjan, D S Prasad
   0830h   GAB11F-17 POSTER  Results of a Comprehensive Study of 
                    Amplitude Scintillations in the Indian 
                    Sub-continent: *P V Rama Rao, P Sriram, P T 
   0830h   GAB11F-18 POSTER  The Effect of AGW Filtering by the 
                    Neutral Wind Deduced From Measurements of 
                    the VHF Radio Signal Parameters From ETS-2 
                    Irkutsk: *E L Afraimovich, O N Boitman, E I 
                    Zhovty, A D Kalikhman
   0830h   GAB11F-19 POSTER  Determining Dynamic Characteristics 
                    of Ionospheric Wave Disturbances From 
                    Transionospheric Sounding Data: *E L 
                    Afraimovich, O N Boitman
   0830h   GAB11F-20 POSTER  Comparison of the Thermospheric Wind
                    Dynamics Using Transionospheric and 
                    Vertical-Incidence Radio Sounding Data: *E L 
                    Afraimovich, B O Vugmeister, A D Kalikhman
   0830h   GAB11F-21 POSTER  Comparison of Dynamic 
                    Characteristics of Small-Scale and 
                    Medium-Scale Ionospheric Irregularities 
                    Based on Data of Simultaneous Measurements 
                    of Geostationary ETS-2 Satellite Signal 
                    Characteristics: *E L Afraimovich, T G Pirog
   0830h   GAB11F-22 POSTER  The Structure of Medium-Scale 
                    Ionospheric Irregularities as Deduced From 
                    Doppler Measurements of Signals From 
                    Navigational-Aid "Transit" Satellites: *E L 
                    Afraimovich, O N Boitman, K S Palamarchuk
   0830h   GAB11F-23 POSTER  Large-Scale Ionospheric Disturbances
                    as Deduced From Transionospheric and 
                    Vertical-Incidence Sounding Data - Traveling 
                    Waves or Oscillations?: *E L Afraimovich, O N
                    Boitman, A D Kalikhman
   0830h   GAB11F-24 POSTER  An Investigation of the 
                    Inhomogeneous Structure of the Ionosphere on 
                    the Basis of a New VS Technique: V E Zasenko,
                    *N V Ilyin, I I Orlov, K G Ratovsky
   0830h   GAB11F-25 POSTER  A Theoretical Non-linear Model of 
                    Auroral Irregularities for the Turbulent 
                    Ionospheric Current: *V G Pivovarov, Y L 
                    Sverdlov, N G Sergeeva, V N Lytkin

GAB11G  UMC:Center  Mon  0930h
GA3.01  Division III Reporter Reviews
Presiding: S W H Cowley, Imperial College

   0930h   GAB11G-01 Coupling Processes at the Magnetopause: *D G
   1010h   GAB11G-02 Reporter Review: Dynamics of the Geomagnetic
                    Tail: *J Birn
   1050h   Break
   1110h   GAB11G-03 The Inner Magnetosphere: *D N Baker
   1150h   GAB11G-04 Large-Scale Fields and Flows in the 
                    Magnetosphere Ionosphere System: *M Lockwood

GAB11H  CIRES:Auditorium  Mon  0830h
GA4.06  Solar/Planetary/Interstellar Origin of Interplanetary 
Plasma Composition
Presiding: J G Luhmann, Univ of California, LA; R von Steiger, 
           Univ Bern

   0830h   GAB11H-01 INVITED  The Elemental Composition of the 
                    Solar Wind, the Principal Source of Ions in 
                    the Heliosphere: *G Gloeckler, J Geiss
   0900h   GAB11H-02 The FIP Effect in Slow Solar Wind: 
                    Observations From the MASS Instrument on WIND: 
                    *D C Hamilton, G  Gloeckler, M R Collier, R B
                    Sheldon, T  Zurbuchen, P  Bochsler
   0920h   GAB11H-03 Elemental and Charge State Composition of 
                    the Fast Solar Wind Observed With SMS 
                    Instruments on WIND: *G Gloeckler, A B Galvin, 
                    F M Ipavich, D C Hamilton, P Bochsler, J 
                    Geiss, L A Fisk, B Wilken
   0940h   GAB11H-04 INVITED  Energetic Particle Abundances: 
                    Probes of Source Plasmas and Acceleration 
                    Physics: *D V Reames
   1010h   Break
   1040h   GAB11H-05 Solar Corona Diagnostics on the Basis of 
                    Solar Wind Heavy Ion Observations: *Y I 
   1100h   GAB11H-06 INVITED  The Interstellar Gas as the 
                    Principal Source of Interstellar Pickup Ions 
                    and of the Anomalous Cosmic Rays: *J Geiss, G
                    Gloeckler, L A Fisk
   1130h   GAB11H-07 Interstellar Pickup Protons in Pressure 
                    Balanced Structures Observed by Voyager 2: 
                    *L F Burlaga, N F Ness, J W Belcher, J 
   1150h   GAB11H-08 INVITED  Interstellar Sources of the 
                    Interplanetary Medium: *H J Fahr

GAB11I  UMC:Room 235  Mon  0830h
GA5.12  Analysis and Modeling of Low Earth Orbit Magnetic Survey 
Satellite Data With Respect to the Core, Crust, Ionosphere, and 
Presiding: J M Quinn, USGS, Denver; Y Cohen, 
           Inst Phys Globe Paris

   0830h   GAB11I-01 A 12,000 km Long Magnetic Profile Across 
                    Equatorial Pacific at a 27 km Altitude: *Y 
                    Cohen, G Unal
   0850h   GAB11I-02 A Low Earth Orbit Magnetic Research 
                    Satellite, Orsted: *E Friis-Christensen, T 
   0910h   GAB11I-03 Variations of the Earth's Main Field 
                    Geometry From 1991 to 1995: UARS Observations: 
                    *B J Anderson, J B Gary, T A Potemra, L J Zanetti
   0930h   GAB11I-04 Global Geomagnetic Field Modeling With POGS 
                    Data and Analyses of Residual Ionospheric 
                    Fields Due to Field-Aligned Currents and 
                    Possibly Spread-F Effects: J M Quinn, *R J Coleman
   0950h   Break
   1030h   GAB11I-05 Modelling the Main Geomagnetic Field Using 
                    Data From the POGS Satellite: *A W P Thomson,
                    M D Firth, D R Barraclough
   1050h   GAB11I-06 The Use of Data From the UARS, POGS, and 
                    DE-1 Satellites in Modeling of Earth's Main 
                    Field: *R A Langel, R T Baldwin
   1110h   GAB11I-07 Analysis of POGS Data: *D E Winch
   1130h   GAB11I-08 Modelling and Analysis of POGS Data Over the
                    Southern African Region: *P B Kotze, D R 
   1150h   GAB11I-09 Preliminary Error Analysis of Total Field 
                    Models Derived From POGS Data: *P  
                    Ultre-Guerard, A N Panteleyev, J  Achache

GAB11J  EC:Arena  Mon  0830h
GA5.12  Analysis and Modeling of Low Earth Orbit Magnetic Survey 
Satellite Data With Respect to the Core, Crust, Ionosphere, and 
Induction - Posters
Presiding: J M Quinn, USGS, Denver; Y Cohen, 
           Inst de Physique du Globe

   0830h   GAB11J-01 POSTER  Satellite and Aeromagnetic Anomaly 
                    Data Over the Saudi Arabian Plate: A 
                    Comparison and Interpretation: *J W Kim, 
                    R R B von Frese, P T Taylor, I C F Stewart
   0830h   GAB11J-02 POSTER  Applying Euler's Depth Method to 
                    Magsat Data: *P T Taylor, J J Frawley, D N Ravat

GAB11K  OMAIN:Room 103  Mon  0830h
GA6.01  History of Geophysics and of Global Change: Climate and 
Presiding: R W Fairbridge, NASA/Goddard Inst Space Studies

   0830h   GAB11K-01 Conception, Gestation, and Birth of the 
                    IGBP: An Insider's Candid Account: *J G 
   0900h   GAB11K-02 IGY-IQSY-IMS-MAP-STEP: Changing Modes and 
                    Moods in Scientific Cooperation: *J G 
   0910h   GAB11K-03 Nature of Ancient Climatic and Environmental
                    Changes: *R N Singh
   0920h   GAB11K-04 Karl Johannes Kiessling's Exploration of the
                    Global Change After Krakatoa's Eruption 1883:
                    *W Schroder, K H Wiederkehr
   0930h   GAB11K-05 Evolution of Climate Cartography: *P 
   0940h   GAB11K-06 The Very Cold Summers in the Century 
                    1811-1910: Eruptions or Blocking Systems?: E 
   0950h   GAB11K-07 Drought in Western Sicily in the Period 
                    1565-1915 as Seen Through Religions Events: E
   1000h   GAB11K-08 History of the Environment of Bangladesh: *M
                    A Miah, M A Samad
   1010h   GAB11K-09 ECS and Global Change Studies in the Coming 
                    Decade: *A L La Belle-Hamer
   1020h   GAB11K-10 The Geonomic System: *J C Gianibelli

GAB11L  OMAIN:Room 103  Mon  1100h
GA6.01  History of Geophysics and of Global Change: Geophysics 
and Geodesy
Presiding: L M Barreto, Observatorio Nationale

   1100h   GAB11L-01 The International Association of Geodesy and
                    the Origin of the International Scientific 
                    Union: *S Debarbat
   1110h   GAB11L-02 Some Aspects on the History of IAGA: *W 
   1120h   GAB11L-03 Helmholtz and the Geodetic Association: *H 
   1130h   GAB11L-04 Edmund Halley, a Founder of Geophysics: *A 
   1140h   GAB11L-05 The Weber Equations and the Corresponding 
                    Ertel Theorem for a General Rotating Fluid: 
                    *B S C Saint-Guily
   1150h   GAB11L-06 The Discovery of the Stratosphere: *K H 
   1200h   GAB11L-07 History of Geophysical Research in 
                    Czechoslovakia and Its Main Scientific 
                    Results: *V Bucha
   1210h   GAB11L-08 Maximum Coverage Method of Cloudy Surface 
                    Imagery With Tiros Satellites: J R Givri
   1220h   GAB11L-09 The Prime Mover of Volcanoes - History of a 
                    Concept: *G P Gregori, W J Dong

GAB12A  UMC:Forum  Mon  1330h
GA1.12  Electromagnetic Studies of the Solid Earth
Presiding: X R Kong, Session Chair; S Fontes, 
           Observatorio Nationale

   1330h   GAB12A-01 Highly Electrically Conducting Regions in 
                    the Zambezi Valley, Northern Zimbabwe: D S 
                    Bailey, P C Jones, *K A Whaler, T G Zengeni
   1345h   GAB12A-02 A Magnetotelluric Traverse of Southern Kenya: 
                    *F Simpson
   1400h   GAB12A-03 Wide-Band Magnetotelluric Investigations of 
                    the Kii-Peninsula, SW-Japan: K Fuji-ta, Y 
                    Ogawa, S Yamaguchi, K Yaskawa
   1415h   GAB12A-04 Magnetotelluric Measurements in Central West
                    Antarctica: J A Stodt, P E Wannamaker, S L 
                    Olsen, W Doerner, J M Johnston
   1430h   GAB12A-05 Range-Dependent Apparent Resistivity in the 
                    Seafloor CSEM: *L L Vanyan, N A Palshin, Z Y 
   1445h   GAB12A-06 Magnetotelluric Survey Over Singhbhum Orissa
                    Iron Ore Craton of Eastern India: *K K Roy, 
                    A K Singh, S Srivastava
   1500h   Break
   1530h   GAB12A-07 Magnetotelluric Studies Around Latur 
                    Earthquake Affected Region in Maharashtra, 
                    India: *B P Singh, S G Gokarn, C K Rao
   1545h   GAB12A-08 The Peninsular India as an Electrical Island: 
                    K Veeraswamy, *U Raval
   1600h   GAB12A-09 Electromagnetic Response Function Estimates 
                    for 27 Days and Its Harmonics Along 
                    Indo-Russia Sector: *E Chandrasekhar, B R 
   1615h   GAB12A-10 On the Existence of a Geothermal Anomaly in 
                    Southern Portugal: Evidence From an MT Survey: 
                    *A Correia, F W Jones
   1630h   GAB12A-11 A Geoelectric Study of Ponta Grossa Arch, 
                    Parana Basin: P T Menezes, *J M Travassos
   1645h   GAB12A-12 Electromagnetic Transients as Tool to Reveal
                    Chimney-Effect in Superparamagnetic 
                    Properties of Rocks Over the Gold and Nickel 
                    Deposits: *P Barsukov, E Fainberg

GAB12B  UMC:East  Mon  1330h
GA2.02  Aeronomy of Aurora and Airglow Emissions and Related 
Laboratory Measurements
Presiding: I McDade, York University

   1330h   GAB12B-01 INVITED  Aeronomy of OH(v,N) Populations 
                    Derived From Space Shuttle and Laboratory 
                    Observations: *J A Dodd, P S Armstrong, K W 
                    Holtzclaw, B L Upschulte, B D Green, S J 
                    Lipson, R B Lockwood, J R Lowell, W A 
   1350h   GAB12B-02 INVITED  Laboratory Investigations Into 
                    Collisional Processes Important in the OH 
                    Meinel and O2 Herzberg Nightglows: *R A 
                    Copeland, M J Dyer, K Knutsen, M E Onishi, T 
   1410h   GAB12B-03 The Quantitative Relation Between Oxygen 
                    Atom Concentration and the Oxygen Airglow 
                    Evaluated From Rocket Observations: *K Kita, 
                    N Iwagami, T Imamura, T Ogawa
   1422h   GAB12B-04 An Investigation of the Nightglow OH(8-3) 
                    Band Emission Process in the Equatorial 
                    Mesosphere Using Rocket Measurements: *S M L 
                    Melo, H Takahashi, B R Clemesha, D M Simonich
   1434h   GAB12B-05 An Experimental and Modelling Study of the 
                    Sodium Airglow Layer: *J M Plane, B R 
                    Clemesha, D M Simonich, H  Takahashi, S M 
   1446h   GAB12B-06 Analysis of CIRRIS 1A O3(v) Spectra in 
                    the 9.6 Micrometer Region: *B D Green, W T 
                    Rawlins, J R Lowell, S J Lipson, P S 
                    Armstrong, W A Blumberg, J A Dodd
   1500h   Break
   1530h   GAB12B-07 INVITED  Airglow and Aurora: Applications to
                    Atmospheric Remote Sensing: *J H Yee
   1550h   GAB12B-08 INVITED  Auroral Processes Involved in the 
                    ATLAS-1 Artificial Aurora Experiment: S B 
                    Mende, G R Swenson, S A Fuselier
   1610h   GAB12B-09 INVITED  The Arizona Airglow Experiment (GLO): 
                    *A L Broadfoot
   1630h   GAB12B-10 Studies of Mesospheric Metastable Oxygen 
                    Emissions Observed on the ATLAS 1 Mission: 
                    *D G Torr, M R Torr, J Leko, T Chang, P G 
   1642h   GAB12B-11 The Measurement of Vertical Structure in the
                    Airglow Using the OSIRIS Instrument on the 
                    ODIN Satellite: *E J Llewellyn,  
                    ODIN Aeron Team
   1654h   GAB12B-12 Observation of a New Airglow Layer in the 
                    Stratosphere With the WINDII Instrument on 
                    UARS: *W F Evans, G G Shepherd
   1706h   GAB12B-13 The Springtime Depletion of Atomic Oxygen in
                    High Latitude Mesopause Region: *J  Stegman, 
                    D P Murtagh, G Witt

GAB12C  UMC:West  Mon  1330h
GA2.03  Ionospheric Irregularities and Instabilities
Presiding: R Greenwald, Johns Hopkins Univ

   1330h   GAB12C-01 Measurements of the HF Channel Scattering 
                    Function at Mid-latitudes: *T J Tanigawa, N B
                    Myers, D S Choi, S L Matthews, B  Weijers, 
                    P R Franchi, R B Young, P K Rastogi
   1345h   GAB12C-02 The Ionospheric (Flux-Tube-Footprint) Limit 
                    of Recently Discovered Plasmaspheric 
                    Irregularities at Midlatitudes: *A R Jacobson
   1400h   GAB12C-03 Ducts at the Base of the Day-Time 
                    Plasmasphere During Summer Season of High 
                    Solar Activity Derived From Satellite 
                    Observations: *M Forster, M N Fatkullin, N A 
                    Gasilov, U Schwarz
   1415h   GAB12C-04 Development of the Theory of 
                    Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Irregularities at 
                    Low L-Values: *K D Cole
   1430h   GAB12C-05 Spatial Characteristics of ULF Hydromagnetic
                    Wave Effects in the Ionosphere: I S Dunlop, 
                    *F W Menk, R A Marshall
   1445h   GAB12C-06 Plasma Irregularities in the E and F Regions
                    of the Diurnal Equatorial Ionosphere: *E 
                    Blanc, B Mercandalli
   1500h   Break
   1530h   GAB12C-07 Ionospheric Wave Like Motion Observed in 
                    South China During Equatorial Spread-F: *J S 
                    Guo, H Zheng
   1545h   GAB12C-08 The Decay of Equatorial F Region Plasma 
                    Depletions: *D L Hysell, M C Kelley, C E 
   1600h   GAB12C-09 Plasma Waves Observed Inside Plasma Bubbles 
                    in the Equatorial F-Region: *H C Koons, J L 
                    Roeder, P Rodriguez
   1615h   Discussion

GAB12D  UMC:Center  Mon  1400h
GA3.01  Division III Reporter Reviews
Presiding: S W H Cowley, Imperial College

   1400h   GAB12D-01 Large-Scale Structure of Magnetospheric 
                    Plasmas: *T E Moore
   1440h   GAB12D-02 Magnetospheres of Other Planets: *F Bagenal
   1520h   Break
   1540h   GAB12D-03 Review of Wave-Particle Interactions in the 
                    Magnetosphere: *M Andre
   1620h   GAB12D-04 Reporter Review: ULF Waves: *K H Glassmeier
   1700h   GAB12D-05 Reporter Review Active and Laboratory 
                    Experiments: *W Gekelman

GAB12E  CIRES:Auditorium  Mon  1400h
GA4.06  Solar/Planetary/Interstellar Origin of Interplanetary 
Plasma Composition
Presiding: J G Luhmann, Univ of California, LA; R von Steiger, 
           Univ Bern

   1400h   GAB12E-01 SAMPEX Studies of Anomalous Cosmic Rays 
                    Using the Geomagnetic Field: *R A Mewaldt, 
                    J R Cummings, R A Leske
   1420h   GAB12E-02 INVITED  Recent Results on the Velocity and 
                    Temperature of the Interstellar Neutral 
                    Helium and Its Rate of Solar Photoionization 
                    From the ULYSSES Neutral Gas Experiment: *M 
                    Witte, M Banaskiewicz, E Keppler, H 
   1450h   GAB12E-03 INVITED  Planetary and Heliospheric 
                    Energetic Neutral Atoms: E C Roelof, B H Mauk
   1520h   GAB12E-04 INVITED  Extended Atmospheres of Planetary 
                    Satellites as a Source of Interplanetary 
                    Plasma: M Mendillo, B Flynn
   1550h   Break
   1610h   GAB12E-05 Neutral Oxygen Near Jupiter: *K W Ogilvie, G 
                    Gloeckler, J  Geiss
   1630h   GAB12E-06 INVITED  Meteoritic and Dust Sources of the 
                    Interplanetary Medium: *I Mann
   1700h   GAB12E-07 Low Energy Distribution Functions of Pickup 
                    Ions: Keys to Source Identification?: *J G 

GAB12F  UMC:Room 235  Mon  1400h
GA5.12  Analysis and Modeling of Low Earth Orbit Magnetic Survey 
Satellite Data With Respect to the Core, Crust, Ionosphere, and 
Presiding: J M Quinn, USGS, Denver; Y Cohen, 
           Inst de Physique du Globe

   1400h   GAB12F-01 Low- and Mid-latitude Field-Aligned Currents
                    Estimated From MAGSAT Data: *N  Olsen
   1420h   GAB12F-02 Calculation of Magnetic Peturbations 
                    Associated With Three-Dimensional 
                    Iononspheric/Magnetospheric Currents: *A D 
   1440h   GAB12F-03 Using the Data of Satellite Magnetic Surveys
                    for the Spatial-Temporal Precise Modelling 
                    of the Geomagnetic Secular Variation: *V P 
                    Golovkov, B A Belov, T N Bondar, I A 
                    Burdelnay, S V Yakovleva
   1500h   GAB12F-04 Simulations of a Geomagnetic Monitor in a 
                    Solar Spinner Configuration: *J  Cain, G  
   1520h   Break
   1600h   GAB12F-05 Analysis and Interpretation of Satellite 
                    Geomagnetic Data: Magnetic Location of 
                    Earth's Crust From Spatial Geomagnetic Power 
                    Spectra?: *C V Voorhies, J Conrad
   1620h   GAB12F-06 Induced Magnetic Anomalies in Satellite 
                    Geomagnetic Data: *P  Tarits
   1640h   GAB12F-07 The Nature of the Kursk Magnetic Anomaly 
                    From Modeling Magsat and Aeromagnetic Data: P
                    Taylor, J Heirtzler, K Nazarova, *I 
                    Pashkevich, M Orljuk

GAB12G  OMAIN:Room 103  Mon  1400h
GA6.01  History of Geophysics and of Global Change: Solar 
Terrestrial Physics
Presiding: J G Roederer, Session Chairman

   1400h   GAB12G-01 Spectra of Solar-Terrestrial Porxies 
                    (Auroras, Treerings, Warves, in Cores) and a 
                    Proposed Astrochronology of the Last 15,000 
                    Years: *R U Fairbridge
   1430h   GAB12G-02 History of Astro-Geophysics in Potsdam: *W 
                    Schroder, H J Treder
   1440h   GAB12G-03 Sunspot and Aurora Records in Audent China 
                    and Solar Variability: Z Xu, Y Jang
   1450h   GAB12G-04 Prolonged Solar Activity Minima: An Update: 
                    *S M Silverman
   1500h   GAB12G-05 A New Reconstruction of Solar Activity Based
                    Upon Telescopic Observations: *D V Hoyt, K H 
   1510h   GAB12G-06 The Maximum Wolf's Sunspot Numbers of 
                    11-Year Cycles During the 16th, 17th, and 
                    18th Century: *M Kopecky
   1520h   GAB12G-07 Viewpoints in Archaeoastronomy: An 
                    Invitation to the Prehistory of Science: *G P
                    Gregori, L G Gregori

GAB12H  OMAIN:Room 103  Mon  1600h
GA6.01  History of Geophysics and of Global Change: Geomagnetism 
and Aeronomy
Presiding: W Schroder, Geophysical Station

   1600h   GAB12H-01 Geomagnetism as an Independent Science: *L M
   1610h   GAB12H-02 Geomagnetic Field Measurements Made in 
                    Edinburgh Since the Seventeenth Century: *D R
   1620h   GAB12H-03 Geomagnetism at the Royal Observatory, 
                    Greenwich, 1676-1955: *S R C Malin
   1630h   GAB12H-04 The Historical Observations of the 
                    Geomagnetic Field in Italy: The Discovery of 
                    Father Denza's Survey (1875-1883): *L 
                    Cafarella, A Meloni, M B Ricci
   1640h   GAB12H-05 Magnets in Ancient India: *C 
   1650h   GAB12H-06 Events in Relative Telluric-Magnetotelluric 
                    Frequency Soundings at the Geodetic and 
                    Geophysical Research Institute in Sopron, 
                    Hungary: *A Adam, J Vero
   1700h   GAB12H-07 Auroral and Magnetic Effects of High 
                    Altitude Nuclear Excplosions in the 
                    Magnetically Conjugate Region Near Western 
                    Samoa: *P A McNoe
   1710h   GAB12H-08 Rescue on Sheshan Magnetograms Historic Data
                    and Establishment of Database: *M Gao, H 
   1720h   GAB12H-09 Historial Review of Colombian Geomagnetic 
                    Chartography: *J W Arias, J C Gianibelli, W 
                    Quintero, J Avendano, W Martinez, L Sanchez, 
                    J Florez, V Ramirez, P Arias
   1730h   Discussion

GAB21A  UMC:Forum  Tues  0900h
GAJS1.08  Geophysical Signatures of Modern and Ancient 
Continental Margins (joint  with IL,S)
Presiding: J Booker, Univ of Washington; M C Pomposiello, 
           Centro de Invest en Recursos Geologicos

   0900h   GAB21A-01 Magnetotelluric Measurements of a 
                    Paleoproterozoic Continent-Continent 
                    Collision Zone: *A G Jones, I  Ferguson
   0910h   GAB21A-02 Defining the Paleoproterozoic Margins of the
                    Manikewan Ocean: Evidence From Paleomagnetic 
                    Studies in the Trans-Hudson Orogen, Western 
                    Canada: *D T A Symons
   0920h   GAB21A-03 The Closure of a Paleoproterozoic Ocean: 
                    Paleomagnetism of the Hanson Lake Block of 
                    the Trans-Hudson Orogen, Saskatchewan: *M G 
                    Gala, H C Palmer, D T A Symons
   0930h   GAB21A-04 Continental-Oceanic Magnetotelluric Transect
                    of the Southern Appalachians Orogenic Belt: 
                    P E Wannamaker, Y Ogawa, A G Jones, A D Chave, 
                    J R Booker, M Unsworth
   0940h   GAB21A-05 Long-Period Magnetotelluric Measurements as 
                    Part of the South-East Appalachian (SEA) 
                    Electromagnetic Survey: Y  Ogawa, *A G Jones,
                    M J Unsworth, J R Booker
   0950h   Discussion
   1015h   Break
   1045h   GAB21A-06 Seismic Images of Relict Subduction Zones in
                    the Lithospheric Mantle: *M  Warner, J  
                    Morgan, C  Price, K  Jones, P  Barton, R  
   1055h   GAB21A-07 Correspondence Between Seismic Reflectors 
                    and Crustal Conductors in an Ancient Suture 
                    Zone: *D  Livelybrooks, R J Banks
   1105h   GAB21A-08 On the Association of Paleo-Proterozoic 
                    Foredeeps With Electrical Conductivity: *D E 
                    Boerner, R D Kurtz, J A Craven
   1115h   GAB21A-09 A New Tectonic Model for the Evolution of 
                    the Pacific-North America Plate Boundary and 
                    Its Implications for California Continental 
                    Margin Development: *C  Nicholson
   1125h   GAB21A-10 Geoelectromagnetic Soundings in the Eastern 
                    Mid-European Variscides: J Gurtler, R Klause,
                    K Murasch, S Tauber, G Schwarz, E Hudeckova, 
                    B Picha
   1135h   Discussion

GAB21B  EC:Arena  Tues  0830h
GAJS1.08  Geophysical Signatures of Modern and Ancient 
Continental Margins - Posters (joint  with IL,S)
Presiding: M C Pomposiello, 
           Centro de Invest en Recursos Geologicos; J Booker, 
           Univ of Washington

   0830h   GAB21B-01 POSTER  An Overview of the Mendocino Triple 
                    Junction Seismic Experiment: *A Trehu
   0830h   GAB21B-02 POSTER  A Bright Seismic Reflector 
                    Coincident With a Lower Crustal Conductor 
                    South of the Mendocino Triple Junction: *W  
                    Siripunvaraporn, G D Egbert, J R Booker
   0830h   GAB21B-03 POSTER  Lateral Conductivity Inhomogeneities
                    of the Asthenosphere Layer in the EMSLAB 
                    Experiment: *E Y Sokolova, N G Golubev, V V 
                    Gordienko, I M Varentsov
   0830h   GAB21B-04 POSTER  Formation of the Queen Charlotte 
                    Basin Along Canada's Western Margin: Results 
                    From Lithospheric Extension Models: *S A 
                    Dehler, C E Keen, K M Rohr
   0830h   GAB21B-05 POSTER  Observations of Proterozoic Crustal 
                    Structure Beneath the Western Canada 
                    Sedimentary Basin: R D Kurtz, *D E Boerner, 
                    J A Craven, F W Jones
   0830h   GAB21B-06 POSTER  Crustal Structure of the Lofoten-N. 
                    Voring Margin, N. Norway, From Ocean Bottom 
                    Seismographs: S Kodaira, R Mjelde, P Digrane,
                    M A Sellevoll, H Shimamura, H Shiobaro, H B 
                    Hirschleber, T Iwasaki, T Kanazawa
   0830h   GAB21B-07 POSTER  Aeromagnetic Map of Central 
                    Finland-Karelia, 1:1 mill.: *J V Korhonen, H 
                    Saavuori, A F Chepik, J Zuikova, K Sazonov, L
   0830h   GAB21B-08 POSTER  Paleomagnetic Signature of the 
                    Geotectonic History of SW Margin of Baltica 
                    and Adjacent Terranes in the Late Palaeozoic:
                    *M Lewandowski
   0830h   GAB21B-09 POSTER  Geomagnetic Depth Sounding in the 
                    Post Eruption Phase of the Barren Island 
                    Volcano: B Benerjee, *B P Singh, E J Joseph
   0830h   GAB21B-10 POSTER  Geophysical and Geological Study of 
                    the Austral Fracture Belt, at the Atlantic 
                    Passive Margin, Southern Patagonia Argentina:
                    *M C Pomposiello, H Corbella, L Chelotti, M S
   0830h   GAB21B-11 POSTER  Paleomagnetically Identified Block 
                    Rotations in the Coastal Cordillera of 
                    Northern Chile: D E Randall, *G K Taylor
   0830h   GAB21B-12 POSTER  Geophysical and Geological Features 
                    of the Okinawa Trough: *N Li
   0830h   GAB21B-13 POSTER  Earthquake and Volcanic Activity 
                    Migration From West-Pacific Trench to 
                    Chinese Continent Interior: G Zhao, L Yao, S 
   0830h   GAB21B-14 POSTER  The Deep Structure Model of the 
                    Transition Zone From Asian Continent to the 
                    Pacific Ocean: *A G Rodnikov
   0830h   GAB21B-15 POSTER  Geoscience Study on the South China 
                    Sea in Comparison With the Japan Sea: H 
                    Kinoshita, L Zaoshu
   0830h   GAB21B-16 POSTER  The Structure of Crust at the 
                    Northern South China Sea: *M Sekine, N Hirata, 
                    H Kinoshita, T Sato, K Suyehiro, M Shinohara,
                    Y Zhao
   0830h   GAB21B-17 POSTER  Model of the Earth Crust for the 
                    Barents Sea Megatrough: *L A Daragan-Suschova, 
                    A D Pavlenkin, S V Stepanov, G A Kudryavtsev
   0830h   GAB21B-18 POSTER  High-Frequency Seismic Wave 
                    Propagation in the Uppermost Mantle Beneath 
                    Italy: *G  Mele, A  Rovelli, M Barazangi, D 
                    Seber, T Hearn

GAB21C  UMC:Center  Tues  0810h
GA1.20  Properties of Minor Magnetic Minerals
Presiding: M J Dekkers, Ft Hoofddijk; B McClelland, Univ Oxford

   0810h   INTRODUCTION: M J Dekkers,Ft Hoofddijk
   0815h   GAB21C-01 Thermoremanence (TRM) and High Temperature 
                    Hysteresis Properties of Fine Particles of 
                    Monoclinic Pyrrhotite: *A  Menyeh, W O'Reilly
   0830h   GAB21C-02 Frequency- and Field-Dependence of k-T 
                    Curves for Pyrrhotite: *H U Worm
   0845h   GAB21C-03 Low Temperature Behavior of Pyrrhotite in 
                    Marine Sediments: *B A Housen, B M Moskowitz,
                    O D P Leg 156 Shipboard Sci. Party
   0900h   GAB21C-04 Rock-Magnetic Study of Greigite- and 
                    Pyrrhotite-Bearing Marine Sediments From 
                    Southwest Taiwan: *M Torii, K Fukuma, C S 
                    Horng, T Q Lee
   0915h   GAB21C-05 Paleomagnetic Implications of Sedimentary 
                    Greigite (Fe3S4) Formation: *A P 
   0930h   GAB21C-06 The Magnetic Properties of Greigite 
                    (Fe3S4) Found in Lake Sediments From 
                    Bjorkerods Bog, Southern Sweden: *I Snowball,
                    P Sandgren, S Olsson
   0945h   GAB21C-07 Ferrimagnetic Chromite and Mn-Substituted 
                    Magnetite: Unusual Remanence Carrying 
                    Minerals in Sediments?: *M W Hounslow
   1000h   Break
   1030h   GAB21C-08 High-Coercivity Magnetite in Sedimentary 
                    Rocks and the Effect of Heating at Moderate 
                    Temperatures: *A J van Velzen
   1045h   GAB21C-09 A Modified Lattice Parameter Contour Diagram
                    of Titanomaghemite for Compositions Within 
                    LTiO5 Fe3O4-Fe2TiO4-Fe2O3-Fe2 Quadrilateral:
                    *W Xu, W A Dollase, D R Peacor, 
                    R Van der Voo, R Beaubouef
   1100h   GAB21C-10 Rock Magnetic Properties of a Natural 
                    Maghemite: *C B de Boer, M J Dekkers
   1115h   GAB21C-11 Observations of a Strongly Magnetic Phase in
                    Natural Hematite Material: *E Petrovsky, V 
                    Hoffmann, A Ambatiello, M J Dekkers
   1130h   GAB21C-12 Micromagnetic Studies on Natural 
                    Hemoilmenites Showing Self-Reversal of TRM: *V 
                    Hoffmann, F Heller, M Haag
   1145h   GAB21C-13 Effect of Defects on the Domain Structure of
                    Magnetite: *O Ozdemir

GAB21D  EC:Arena  Tues  0830h
GA1.20  Properties of Minor Magnetic Materials - Posters
Presiding: M J Dekkers, Utrecht Univ; B McClelland, Univ Oxford

   0830h   GAB21D-01 POSTER  Self-Reversed Thermoremanent 
                    Magnetization in Dacitic Pumice From the 
                    1991 Pinatubo Eruption (Philippines): M Bina,
                    J C Tanguy, M Prevot
   0830h   GAB21D-02 POSTER  Pressure Instability of Magnetic 
                    Susceptibility of Pyrrhotite Bearing Samples 
                    From the KTB Borehole: *A Kapicka, E 
                    Petrovsky, J Pohl
   0830h   GAB21D-03 POSTER  Thermomagnetic Control of Magnetite 
                    in Palaeozoic Blueschists Rocks From Ile de 
                    Groix (Morbihan, France) Through 
                    Microstructural Thermobarometry: T Aifa, C 
                    Audren, C Triboulet
   0830h   GAB21D-04 POSTER  Rock Magnetic and Microscopic 
                    Monitoring of Siderite Alteration During 
                    Thermal Treatment: *Y Zhou, J Dong, H Liu
   0830h   GAB21D-05 POSTER  Magnetic Ferric Carbides in Black 
                    Shale Width of the Muruntau SD-10: I A 
                    Svyazhina, R A Kopteva, I I Glukhikh
   0830h   GAB21D-06 POSTER  Magnetic Properties of Basalts From 
                    the Urals Superdeep Borehole SD-4: *T A 
                    Sherendo, A A Garaeva, Y S Karetin
   0830h   GAB21D-07 POSTER  Using the Methods of High Harmonics 
                    for Investigation of Paleointensity, 
                    Paleotemperature, Domain Structure, and 
                    Composition of Magnetic Minerals of Rocks: 
                    *V S Vetchfinski, A A Ershov
   0830h   GAB21D-08 POSTER  Magnetic Mineralogy of the Core From
                    Miocene Sediments of Paratethys Sea (SE 
                    Poland): *E Krol, M Jelenska
   0830h   GAB21D-09 POSTER  The Influence of Vanadium Oxide 
                    Accessories on the Natural Magnetites Curie 
                    Temperatures: *V Y Safroshkin, A G Gorshkov

GAB21E  CIRES:Auditorium  Tues  0800h
GA1.21  New Approaches in Rock Magnetism
Presiding: S L Halgedahl, Univ of Utah

   0800h   GAB21E-01 Magnetic Properties of Magnetite Produced by
                    Electron-Beam Lithography: *J G King, W 
   0815h   GAB21E-02 High Resolution Micromagnetism: *W Williams, 
                    T  Wright
   0830h   GAB21E-03 Bitter Patterns Observed on Pyrrhotite 
                    Particles During the Mechanical Reduction of 
                    Grain Size: *J Ye, S L Halgedahl
   0845h   GAB21E-04 Experimental Determination of the Critical 
                    2-Domain Transition Size From Bitter 
                    Observations on Magnetite Crystals (0.5 
                    Micrometers - 10 Micrometers): C E Geiss, *F 
                    Heider, H C Soffel
   0900h   GAB21E-05 MFM Study of Domain Walls in Small Magnetite
                    Particles: *T G Pokhil, B M Moskowitz
   0915h   GAB21E-06 Three Dimensional Micromagnetic Modeling of 
                    Fine Magnetite Grains: *T M Wright
   0930h   GAB21E-07 Changes in the Magnetic Domain Structures of
                    Magnetite During Heating up to 
                    Curie-Temperature: A Ambatiello, K Fabian, *V
   0945h   GAB21E-08 Domain Structures on Magnetite as Observed 
                    With a Low-Temperature Magnetic Force 
                    Microscope: *K Moloni, B M Moskowitz, E D 
   1000h   Break
   1030h   GAB21E-09 Micromagnetic Modeling of Bloch Walls With 
                    Neel Caps in Magnetite: S Xu, *D J Dunlop
   1045h   GAB21E-10 Experimental Determination of 
                    Microcoercivity Spectra in Individual 
                    Hematite Platelets: *S L Halgedahl
   1100h   GAB21E-11 Basic Properties of the Hematite Magnetic 
                    Domain Structures: V Hoffmann, R Nuffer, E Appel
   1115h   GAB21E-12 Direct Visualization of Domain Wall - Defect
                    Interactions on Hematite During Hysteresis: *V 
                    Hoffmann, A Ambatiello
   1130h   GAB21E-13 A Micromagnetic Calculation of Interaction 
                    Effects in Assemblies of Single-Domain 
                    Hematite-Magnetite Mixtures: *W  Williams
   1145h   GAB21E-14 Magnetic Force Microscopy on Single Crystal 
                    Titanomagnetite: *S Sahu, B M Moskowitz, S Foss

GAB21F  EC:Arena  Tues  0830h
GA1.21  New Approaches in Rock Magnetism - Posters
Presiding: S L Halgedahl, Univ of Utah; F Heider, 
           Ludwig Maximillians Univ

   0830h   GAB21F-01 POSTER  Magnetospectral Investigation of 
                    Rocks and Sediments - A Radically New 
                    Technology of the Magnetoactive Minerals 
                    Research: *A G Gorshkov, V Y Safroshkin
   0830h   GAB21F-02 POSTER  Features of the Changes of Remanent 
                    Magnetization of Magmatic and Metamorphic 
                    Rocks in Model Conditions of Simultaneous P 
                    and T Effect: *T S Lebedev, B Y Savenko
   0830h   GAB21F-03 POSTER  A Magnetic Method to Detect the 
                    Presence of TM10 (Fe2.9Ti0.1O4) 
                    and TM20 (Fe2.8Ti0.2O4) Grains 
                    in Basalts: C Radhakrishnamurty, *K V 
   0830h   GAB21F-04 POSTER  The Effect of Prolonged Ball-Milling
                    on Producing and Altering Monodomain 
                    Titanomagnetite: The Dependence of Magnetic 
                    Properties on Particle Size: *A P Brown, W  
   0830h   GAB21F-05 POSTER  Exchange Anisotropy in Magnetic 
                    Hysteresis and Its Role in Rock Magnetism: 
                    *V V Gernik
   0830h   GAB21F-06 POSTER  The Most Common Mechanism of 
                    Remagnetization of Igneous and Metamorphic 
                    Rocks: *V V Gernik
   0830h   GAB21F-07 POSTER  A Comparison of Seismic and Magnetic
                    Anisotropies in Rock Samples: *I Wilkinson, A
                    Stephenson, J L Plowman
   0830h   GAB21F-08 POSTER  Some Caveats in the Use of AMS Data 
                    to Interpret Flow Directions in Igneous Rocks: 
                    W D MacDonald, H C Palmer, J J Estrada, G M Sierra
   0830h   GAB21F-09 POSTER  Magnetic Petrology of the Oceanic 
                    and Continental Serpentinites: *K A Nazarova,
                    P J Wasilewski, H Dick
   0830h   GAB21F-10 POSTER  Characterization and Correlation of 
                    Tephra Layers From Their Magnetic Properties 
                    and Glass Shard Chemical Composition From 
                    Basin of Mexico, Central Mexico: *B 
                    Ortega-Guerrero, A J Newton
   0830h   GAB21F-11 POSTER  Monte-Carlo Modelling of TRM and CRM
                    Acquisition and Their Thermodemagnetization 
                    in an Ensemble of Interacting SD Grains: *V P
                    Shcherbakov, N K Sycheva, B E Lamash
   0830h   GAB21F-12 POSTER  Unmixing Natural Magnetic Mixtures:
                    *R Thompson, C Peters
   0830h   GAB21F-13 POSTER  A General Method for the Treatment 
                    of Magnetostrictive Energies in 
                    Micromagnetic Models and Its Application to 
                    Titanomagnetite: *K Fabian
   0830h   GAB21F-14 POSTER  Limitations of Landau-Lifshitz 
                    Models for the Computation of the Absolute 
                    Domain Width for MD Magnetite Up to the 
                    Curie Temperature: *K Fabian, A Ambatiello

GAB21G  UMC:East  Tues  0830h
GA2.10/3.05  Large-Scale Electrodynamics in the Coupled 
Magnetosphere-Ionosphere-Thermosphere System
Presiding: D J Knipp, US Air Force Academy

   0830h   GAB21G-01 INVITED  Issues in Studies of Large-Scale 
                    Coupling Processes in the 
                    Magnetosphere-Ionosphere-Thermosphere System:
                    *Y  Kamide
   0850h   GAB21G-02 Response of the Large-Scale Dayside 
                    Electrodynamic Process to Variations in the 
                    Interplanetary Magnetic Field: *S I Ohtani, 
                    T A Potemra, P T Newell, L J Zanetti, R D 
                    Elphinstone, M Yamauchi, L G Blomberg, O A 
   0905h   GAB21G-03 The Dayside Cusp Electric Field: Relation to
                    Solar-Wind-Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling:
                    *L G Blomberg, G T Marklund, P A Lindqvist, 
                    M  Yamauchi, R  Lundin, S  Ohtani, L J 
                    Zanetti, K  Stasiewicz
   0920h   GAB21G-04 An Observational Campaign to Study 
                    High-to-Low Latitude Coupling Effects During 
                    Substorms: *X Pi, M Mendillo, W J Hughes, M J
                    Buonsanto, J C Foster, J M Holt, D P Sipler, 
                    J Kelly, M McCready, Q Zhou, T Hughes
   0935h   GAB21G-05 Multi-site Observations of the Ionospheric 
                    Response to an IMF Variation: Y  Ebihara, Y  
                    Tonegawa, F  Tohyama, A  Kadokura, M  Ejiri, 
                    *E A Bering, J R Benbrook, R H Holzworth, A A
                    Few, E N Cleary, A A Few, E N Cleary
   0950h   Break
   1030h   GAB21G-06 INVITED  Consequences of Magnetic 
                    Reconnection at the Magnetospheric Boundary: 
                    Results From a Global 
                    Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Simulation Model: J 
                    Berchem, J Raeder, M Ashour-Abdalla
   1050h   GAB21G-07 The Generation of Region 1 Sense Currents 
                    From a Global MHD Simulation With Southward 
                    IMF: *D Xu, R J Walker, M G Kivelson
   1105h   GAB21G-08 Direct Determination by SuperDARN of 
                    Large-Scale Magnetospheric Field-Aligned 
                    Currents: *G J Sofko, R A Greenwald, W 
   1120h   GAB21G-09 Dependence of Field-Aligned Currents on the 
                    Orientation of the Interplanetary Magnetic 
                    Field: T C Meseroll, R J Strangeway, *C T 
                    Russell, W X Jiao
   1135h   GAB21G-10 A Multiple Linear Regression Model of the 
                    Correlation Between Godhavn Magnetometer 
                    Data and Solar Wind Parameters: *G K 

GAB21H  UMC:West  Tues  0830h
GA3.07  Nonlinear and Kinetic Effects in ULF Waves
Presiding: R L Lysak, Univ of Minnesota

   0830h   GAB21H-01 INVITED  Ponderomotive Effects in 
                    Magnetospheric Hydromagnetic Waves: *W Allan
   0900h   GAB21H-02 Nonlinear Driven KH Instability of Field 
                    Line Resonances: *R  Rankin, P  Frycz, J C 
                    Samson, V T Tikhonchuk
   0915h   GAB21H-03 Non-linear Mirror Instability: *D J Southwood, 
                    M G Kivelson
   0930h   GAB21H-04 New Model for ULF Pc5 Auroral Pulsations: 
                    Pulse-Generated Inertial Alfven Resonance 
                    Cones: *P M Bellan
   0945h   GAB21H-05 Nonlinear Alfven Resonance: *I S Dmitrienko
   1000h   Break
   1030h   GAB21H-06 INVITED  Dispersive Effects in Shear Alfven 
                    Resonances: *W  Lotko, A  Streltsov
   1100h   GAB21H-07 Kinetic Effects on Alfven Waves: Generalized
                    Hall-MHD Model: *C Uberoi, G C Das
   1115h   GAB21H-08 Pi2 Excitation and Arc Brightening at 
                    Substorm Onset: K Yumoto, *S I Solovyev, N E 
                    Molochushkin, D G Baishev
   1130h   GAB21H-09 Nonlinear Effects in Ultra Low Frequency 
                    Field Line Resonances and Auroral Arcs: *J C 
                    Samson, R  Rankin, P  Frycz, V  Tikhonchuk, 
                    A  MacAulay, L L Cogger
   1145h   GAB21H-10 Transverse Propagation of Standing Alfven 
                    Waves in a Three-Dimensionally Inhomogeneous 
                    Magnetosphere: *D Y Klimushkin, A S Leonovich, 
                    V A Mazur

GAB21I  EC:Arena  Tues  0830h
GA4.07  Structural Approach to Heliospheric Plasmas: Turbulence, 
Fractals, Chaos - Posters
Presiding: S Ghosh, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center

   0830h   GAB21I-01 POSTER  Turbulent Heating and Temperature 
                    Evolution in the Solar Wind: M K Verma, D A 
                    Roberts, *M L Goldstein
   0830h   GAB21I-02 POSTER  Hall MHD and Solar Wind Power Spectra: 
                    *S  Ghosh, E  Siregar, D A Roberts, M L Goldstein

GAB21J  OMAIN:Room 103  Tues  0900h
GA4.08  The Local Interstellar Cloud and the Boundary of the 
Heliosphere: Heliospheric Models
Presiding: T E Holzer, NCAR

   0900h   GAB21J-01 Three-Dimensional System of the Magnetic 
                    Field and Current in the Outer Heliosphere: 
   0925h   GAB21J-02 The Global Heliosphere: A Parametric Study: 
                    *R L McNutt, J Lyon, C C Goodrich
   0940h   GAB21J-03 Time-Dependent MHD Modeling of the Global 
                    Structure of the Heliosphere: *P C Liewer, 
                    J U Brackbill, S R Karmesin
   0955h   GAB21J-04 A 3D MHD Model of the Heliosphere: The 
                    Effects of Polar Coronal Holes on the Solar 
                    Wind: *T  Linde, T I Gombosi, P L Roe, K G 
                    Powell, D L De Zeeuw
   1010h   GAB21J-05 Solar Wind/Local Interstellar Medium 
                    Interaction Including Charge Exchange With 
                    Neutral Hydrogen: *H L Pauls, G P Zank
   1025h   Break
   1045h   GAB21J-06 Multi-dimensional Modelling of the Solar 
                    Wind-LISM Interaction Including Neutrals: A 
                    Boltzmann Equation Approach: *G P Zank, H L 
                    Pauls, L L Williams, D T Hall
   1100h   GAB21J-07 The Heliosphere and Fluctuations in the LISM: 
                    *R E Ratkiewicz, A  Barnes, G A Molvik
   1115h   GAB21J-08 Self-Consistent Solar Wind-LISM Interaction 
                    Including Neutrals: A 4-Fluid Model: *L L 
                    Williams, H L Pauls, G P Zank, D T Hall
   1130h   GAB21J-09 Global Structure of the Distant Heliosphere:
                    *P R Gazis, A Barnes, J W Belcher, J D 
   1145h   GAB21J-10 Entropy Generation in a Continuous 
                    Multi-fluid Termination Shock Structure 
                    Producing Anomalous Cosmic Rays: *H J Fahr, 
                    S V Chalov
   1200h   GAB21J-11 Simulating the Interaction of the 
                    Heliosphere With the Local Interstellar 
                    Medium: MHD Results From a Finite Volume 
                    Approach, First Bidimensional Results: *G M 
                    Chanteur, R  Khanfir

GAB21K  UMC:Room 235  Tues  0830h
GAW2.17  The Use of Imaging Riometer in Studies of the 
Ionosphere and Middle Atmosphere
Presiding: P N Collis, EISCAT; J K Hargreaves, 
           Lune Cottage Hornby

   0830h   GAB21K-01 INVITED  Studying the Polar Ionosphere With 
                    Imaging Riometers: *T J Rosenberg
   0910h   GAB21K-02 Imaging Riometer at Kilpisjarvi - 
                    Installation and First Results: *J K 
                    Hargreaves, S Browne, H Ranta, A Ranta
   0925h   GAB21K-03 256-Beam Imaging Riometer for Observations 
                    of the Middle Atmosphere and Ionosphere at 
                    Poker Flat, Alaska: *Y  Murayama, S  Kainuma,
                    H  Mori, K  Igarashi, M  Ishii, I  Nishimuta,
                    H  Yamagishi, M  Nishino
   0940h   GAB21K-04 Plans for a New Rio-Imager Experiment in 
                    Northern Scandinavia: E Nielsen, T Hagfors
   0955h   GAB21K-05 Properties and Dynamics of Short-Duration 
                    Absorption Events at South Pole: *J K 
                    Hargreaves, T J Rosenberg
   1010h   Break
   1030h   GAB21K-06 On the Potential of Joint Imaging Riometer 
                    and Incoherent Scatter Radar Studies: J K 
                    Hargreaves, *P N Collis, H Ranta
   1045h   GAB21K-07 Localized Absorption Events in the Afternoon
                    Sector: *H Ranta, A Ranta, J K Hargreaves, S 
   1100h   GAB21K-08 The Use of an IRIS for Scintillation 
                    Monitoring: *S Browne, J K Hargreaves
   1115h   GAB21K-09 Conjugacy of Particle Precipitation 
                    Associated With Auroral Breakup and Magnetic 
                    Pulsations Using Imaging Riometers: *H 
                    Yamagishi, N Sato, S Fujita, K Kato
   1130h   GAB21K-10 Spatial Distribution of 30 MHz Ionospheric 
                    Noise Measured With IRIS: *N  Gorokhov, M  
                    Nishino, Y  Tanaka, H  Yamagishi
   1145h   GAB21K-11 A High Dynamic Range Riometer: *R O Mackin,
                    S Browne, B Honary, M Darnell
   1200h   GAB21K-12 Effects of Increasing Snow Coverage on the 
                    Recordings of an Imaging Riometer: *P H 
                    Stoker, S P Schoeman, M J Mathews

GAB21L  EC:Arena  Tues  0830h
GAW2.17  The Use of Imaging Riometer in Studies of the 
Ionosphere and Middle Atmosphere - Posters
Presiding: H Ranta, Geophysical Observatory; J K Hargreaves, 
           Lune Cottage Hornby

   0830h   GAB21L-01 POSTER  Absorbing Layer Model During Auroral
                    Events: *A Osepian, N Smirnova
   0830h   GAB21L-02 POSTER  Simulation the Noise and 
                    Interference Signal Spatial Distribution for 
                    IRIS: *A Gorokhov
   0830h   GAB21L-03 POSTER  Location and Spatial Scale of 
                    Dayside Ionospheric Absorption in the Polar 
                    Cusp/Cleft: M Nishino, Y Tanaka, H Yamagishi,
                    P Stauning, J A Holtet
   0830h   GAB21L-04 POSTER  Parameters of Atmosphere HF Radio 
                    Noise During Auroral Substorms in Absorption:
                    *D V Blagoveshchensky

GAB22A  UMC:Forum  Tues  1330h
GAJS1.08  Geophysical Signatures of Modern and Ancient 
Continental Margins (joint  with IL,S)
Presiding: M C Pomposiello, 
           Centro de Invest en Recursos Geologicos; J Booker, 
           Univ of Washington

   1330h   GAB22A-01 Paleomagnetic Studies of Rotations 
                    Associated With the Domeyko Fault System, 
                    Northern Chile: *D E Randall
   1340h   GAB22A-02 Conductivity Anomalies in the Central Andes 
                    Derived From New Broadband Electromagnetic 
                    Measurements: *H Brasse, F Echternacht, S 
                    Tauber, M Eisel, G Schwarz
   1350h   GAB22A-03 The Continental Signature of a 
                    Ridge-Trench-Transform Triple Junction: 
                    Northern Vancouver Island: *T J Lewis, C Lowe, 
                    T S Hamilton
   1400h   GAB22A-04 Magnetovariational Profiling Across the Red 
                    River Fault Zone: *B R Arora, C Sivaji, T Q Hao
   1410h   GAB22A-05 A Synergistic Approach Combining Airborne 
                    and Surface Geophysical Measurements to 
                    Delineate the Subglacial Continental Margin 
                    in Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica: *S K Verma
   1420h   GAB22A-06 A Standard Earth Magnetization Model for the
                    Magnetic Crust and Its Implication for the 
                    Continental Margin: *M E Purucker, R A Langel
   1430h   Discussion

GAB22B  CIRES:Auditorium  Tues  1330h
GA1.21  New Approaches in Rock Magnetism
Presiding: F Heider, Ludwig Maximillians Univ

   1330h   GAB22B-01 Single Domain Moments in Multidomain 
                    Magnetite: *D J Dunlop, F Heider, S Xu
   1345h   GAB22B-02 Three-Dimensional Micromagnetic Calculation 
                    of the Superparamagnetic Threshold Size and 
                    Blocking Temperatures for Small Magnetite 
                    Grains: *M Winklhofer, K Fabian, F Heider
   1400h   GAB22B-03 Temperature Independent Magnetic Viscosity 
                    in Large Fields: *H U Worm, M Jackson
   1415h   GAB22B-04 Acquisition of Thermoviscous Remanent 
                    Magnetization on Geologically Significant 
                    Time Scales: *K L Verosub
   1430h   GAB22B-05 Simulated Thermoremanent Magnetization: *W  
                    Williams, L C Thomson, R J Enkin
   1445h   GAB22B-06 Magnetic Properties of the Stable Fraction 
                    of Remanence in Large MD Magnetite Grains: 
                    Is It Truly SD Like?: *E McClelland, A 
                    Muxworthy, R Thomas
   1500h   Break
   1530h   GAB22B-07 Thermoremanent Magnetization in Natural 
                    Single Crystal of Geothite: *O Ozdemir, D J 
   1545h   GAB22B-08 Magnetoelastic Effects in Non-uniform Domain
                    Structures: R T Merrill, *A J Newell
   1600h   GAB22B-09 Stress Dependence of Hysteresis Properties 
                    in Titanomagnetite Particles (TM70): *A 
                    Zitzelsberger, E Schmidbauer
   1615h   GAB22B-10 Gyroremanent Magnetization in Rock Magnetism
                    and Palaeomagnetism: *A Stephenson, D K 
   1630h   GAB22B-11 Some Additional Hysteresis Parameters for a 
                    Natural Magnetite and a Timagnetite With 
                    Known Grain Size: *P Vlag, P Rochette
   1645h   GAB22B-12 Numerical Simulation of Hysteresis Loops: *L
                    Tauxe, T Pick, T Mullender

GAB22C  UMC:Center  Tues  1330h
GA2.01  Upper Atmosphere Structure, Dynamics, and 
Electrodynamics: Gravity Waves, Tides, and Long-Term Variations
Presiding: A Manson, Univ Saskatchewan

   1330h   GAB22C-01 INVITED  SuperDARN Observations of 
                    Atmospheric Gravity Waves: *W A Bristow, R A 
   1355h   GAB22C-02 A New Method to Investigate Small Scale 
                    Structures in the Upper Atmosphere: A J 
                    Fisher, *S P Kingsley
   1408h   GAB22C-03 Gravity Wave Spectra Over Bear Lake From 
                    O2 Nightglow Emission Rate and 
                    Temperature Measurements: *R H Wiens, D Y 
                    Wang, R N Peterson, G G Shepherd
   1421h   GAB22C-04 INVITED  Dispersion Relation for Ionospheric
                    Gravity Waves Observed by the MU Radar: *S  
                    Fukao, W L Oliver
   1446h   GAB22C-05 Shock and Acoustic Waves in Auroral 
                    Ionosphere of July 22, 1990: S I Musatenko
   1459h   GAB22C-06 Linear Oscillations in a Dissipative 
                    Isothermal Atmosphere: *G V Rudenko
   1512h   Break
   1532h   GAB22C-07 Satellite Radio Tomography as a Tool of 
                    Ionospheric Research: Observations of 
                    Gravity Waves in the High Latitude F Region: 
                    *T  Nygren, M  Lehtinen, M  Markkanen, E D 
                    Tereshchenko, B Z Khudukon
   1545h   GAB22C-08 A Fundamental Theorem for Airglow 
                    Fluctuations Induced by Gravity Waves: *C O 
                    Hines, D W Tarasick
   1558h   GAB22C-09 Response of the 557.7 nm Oxygen Airglow 
                    Emission to Atmospheric Gravity Waves: *U B 
                    Makhlouf, R H Picard, J R Winick, M J Taylor
   1611h   GAB22C-10 The Atmospheric Waves in the Region With the
                    Temperature Jump: *O N Savina
   1624h   GAB22C-11 EISCAT Radars: Thermospheric Dynamics: *T S 
   1649h   GAB22C-12 INVITED  Climatology and Variability of 
                    Tides in the Thermosphere: *R M Johnson
   1714h   GAB22C-13 Analysis of Meteor Wind Observations of the 
                    Diurnal Tide Over Christmas Island: *J L 
                    Chang, S K Avery
   1727h   GAB22C-14 Coupled Modelling Studies of Mid-Latitude 
                    and Equatorial Ionospheric Anomalies: *G H 
                    Millward, S Quegan, R J Moffett, A D Aylward,
                    T J Fuller-Rowell

GAB22D  UMC:East  Tues  1330h
GA2.10/3.05  Large-Scale Electrodynamics in the Coupled 
Magnetosphere-Ionosphere-Thermosphere System
Presiding: R J Walker, Univ of California, LA

   1330h   GAB22D-01 INVITED  Ionosphere-Thermosphere Coupling: A
                    Review: G Crowley, L Paxton
   1350h   GAB22D-02 INVITED  Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling 
                    With the Lower Thermosphere and Upper 
                    Mesosphere: *R M Johnson
   1410h   GAB22D-03 Calculated and Observed Ionospheric 
                    Parameters for Magion-2 Passage Above EISCAT 
                    on 31-07-90: Y N Korenkov, V V Klimenko, V A 
                    Surotkin, F S Bessarab, N S Natsvalyan, M 
   1425h   GAB22D-04 Modeling F-Region Polar Cap Patches and 
                    Boundary Blobs: *D T Decker, D N Anderson, 
                    C E Valladares
   1450h   Break
   1520h   GAB22D-05 INVITED  Statistical Modeling of High 
                    Latitude Convection From HF Radar 
                    Observations: *J M Ruohoniemi
   1540h   GAB22D-06 SuperDARN Radar Imaging of Dayside 
                    High-Latitude Convection Under Northward IMF:
                    *R A Greenwald, W A Bristow, G J Sofko, C 
                    Senior, J C Cerisier, A Szabo
   1555h   GAB22D-07 Models of High-Latitude Electric Potentials 
                    Derived With a Least-Error Fit of Spherical 
                    Harmonic Coefficients: *D R Weimer
   1610h   GAB22D-08 A Model of Time-Dependent Convection and Its
                    Effects on the Ionosphere: *D W Idenden, S 
                    Quegan, R J Moffett
   1625h   GAB22D-09 Numerical Model of Global Electric Potential
                    Distribution: *V M Uvarov, R J Lukjanova, B A
   1640h   GAB22D-10 Using and Comparing IZMEM Electric 
                    Potentials With AMIE for the Large Magnetic 
                    Cloud Passage of January 14, 1988: *B A Emery, 
                    W F Golesorkhi, A D Richmond, V O 
                    Papitashvili, C R Clauer, D J Knipp, B A 
                    Belov, A E Levitin

GAB22E  UMC:West  Tues  1330h
GA3.07  Nonlinear and Kinetic Effects in ULF Waves
Presiding: R Rankin, Univ of Alberta

   1330h   GAB22E-01 INVITED  Alfvenon Dynamics: Generation of 
                    Field-Aligned Currents, Generation of Shear 
                    ULF Waves, and Driven Reconnection: *Y Song, 
                    R L Lysak
   1400h   GAB22E-02 The Effects of Curvature and High Beta on 
                    Kinetic Alfven Waves: *J R Johnson, C Z Cheng
   1415h   GAB22E-03 3-D Hybrid Simulations of the Interaction of
                    Hot Gyrokinetic Particles With MHD Waves: E V
                    Belova, *R E Denton, M K Hudson, A A Chan
   1430h   GAB22E-04 Energetic Particle Kinetic Effects on the 
                    Stability of Compressional and Transverse Pc 
                    4-5 Waves in the Ring Current Region: *C Z 
                    Cheng, J R Johnson, K Takahashi, A T Lui
   1445h   GAB22E-05 Effects of Ring Current Disturbances on 
                    Global MHD Oscillations: *D H Lee, K H Kim, 
                    Y S Pyo, R L Lysak
   1500h   Break
   1530h   GAB22E-06 INVITED  ULF Plasma Waves and Wave-Particle 
                    Interactions: *K Takahashi
   1600h   GAB22E-07 Energy Transfer Between Energetic Ring 
                    Current H+ and Thermal O+ and He+ Ions Via 
                    EMIC Waves: *R B Horne, R M Thorne
   1615h   GAB22E-08 Quasi-linear Diffusion and Ion Cyclotron 
                    Waves in the Near Earth Plasma Sheet 
                    Boundary Layer: C C Chaston, *Y D Hu, B J 
   1630h   GAB22E-09 INVITED  A Review of the Theory of 
                    Internally-Generated Magnetospheric 
                    Hydromagnetic Waves: *A A Chan

GAB22F  OMAIN:Room 103  Tues  1300h
GA4.07  Structural Approach to Heliospheric Plasmas
Presiding: S Ghosh, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center

   1300h   GAB22F-01 INVITED  Large-Scale Fluctuations, 
                    Multifractals, and Intermittent Turbulence 
                    in the Heliosphere: *L F Burlaga
   1325h   GAB22F-02 Structural Model of IMF Turbulence in the 
                    Regions of Fast Solar Wind Streams: L M 
                    Zelenyi, A V Milovanov
   1340h   GAB22F-03 INVITED  Intermittency and Chaos Behavior of
                    the Solar Wind Turbulence in the Inner 
                    Heliosphere: *C Y Tu
   1405h   GAB22F-04 Structural Properties of Magnetic Field 
                    Fluctuations Observed within CMEs: *J  
                    Feynman, A  Ruzmaikin, E J Smith
   1420h   GAB22F-05 INVITED  Intermittent MHD Turbulence in the 
                    Solar Wind: *A  Ruzmaikin
   1445h   GAB22F-06 The Polar Solar Wind: Evolution of 
                    Undisturbed MHD Turbulence: T S Horbury, *R J
                    Forsyth, A  Balogh, E J Smith
   1500h   Break
   1510h   GAB22F-07 INVITED  Evolution of MHD Waves in the Solar
                    Wind: *T Hada
   1535h   GAB22F-08 INVITED  Turbulence in the Inhomogeneous 
                    Solar Wind: *D A Roberts
   1600h   GAB22F-09 Radial Evolution of the Energy Density of 
                    Solar Wind Fluctuations: *G P Zank, W H 
                    Matthaeus, C W Smith
   1615h   GAB22F-10 A Study of Interplanetary Magnetic Field 
                    Power and Helicity Spectra Evolution During 
                    8 Helios Observed Solar Proton Events: J F 
                    Valdes Galicia, *P  Alexander, J A Otaola
   1630h   GAB22F-11 Solar Wind Periodicities and Their Evolution: 
                    *J D Richardson, K I Paularena, P R Gazis, A Szabo
   1645h   GAB22F-12 Evolutionary Conditions in the Dissipative 
                    MHD and Stability of Intermediate Shock Wave: *T Hada

GAB22G  UMC:Room 235  Tues  1330h
GA5.02  Ocean Bottom Geomagnetic Observatories
Presiding: A W Green, USGS, Denver

   1330h   INTRODUCTION: A W Green,USGS, Denver
   1340h   GAB22G-01 On the Design of a Seafloor Geomagnetic 
                    Observatory: *A D Chave, A W Green
   1410h   GAB22G-02 The Need for Ocean-Bottom Geomagnetic 
                    Observatories in Studies of Earth's Main 
                    Magnetic Field: *R A Langel
   1430h   GAB22G-03 Instrumentation for Observatory Grade 
                    Geomagnetic Measurements on the Seafloor: 
                    *J L J Rasson
   1500h   Break
   1530h   GAB22G-04 Ocean Bottom Geomagnetic Observatories: *J L
                    Le Mouel
   1600h   GAB22G-05 Vector Instruments for Ocean Bottom 
                    Geomagnetic Observatories: *A W Green
   1615h   GAB22G-06 Assessment of a Modernized Suspended Magnet 
                    Design to Equip Deep Seafloor Permanent 
                    Geomagnetic Observatories: *J H Filloux
   1640h   GAB22G-07 The Separation of Long Period Geomagnetic 
                    Variations from Magnetic Variations Produced 
                    by Ocean Currents at a Seafloor Observatory: 
                    O M Raspopov, Y V Fedorenko, O I Shumilov
   1655h   GAB22G-08 Magnetic Fields Generated by Ocean 
                    Circulation: *R H Tyler, L A Mysak
   1710h   GAB22G-09 Electric Field Measurements at Sea Bottom: 
                    *V E Korepanov, A A Marussenkov
   1725h   GAB22G-10 Ocean Bottom Long-Term Geomagnetic 
                    Observatory Submittal Information: *V E 
                    Korepanov, E N Klimovich, A A Kuznetsov

GAB31A  UMC:Forum  Wed  0800h
GA1.15  Innovations in Palaeointensity Studies
Presiding: L Tauxe, Utrecht Univ; J P Valet, 
           Inst de Physique du Globe

   0800h   GAB31A-01 A New Rapid Multi-Specimen Method for the 
                    Determination of Absolute Paleointensity: *K A 
                    Hoffman, M J Cardella
   0815h   GAB31A-02 Microwave Greek Palaeointensities: *D Walton, 
                    T C Rolph, J Shaw
   0830h   GAB31A-03 Increasing Success Rate of Paleointensity 
                    Experiments When Alteration Occurs: A New 
                    Methodology: *E McClelland, J C Briden
   0845h   GAB31A-04 Intensity Determination With Measurements at
                    Elevated Temperature: J Athanassopoulos, *M 
                    Fuller, B Dunn, M Haag, S Cisowski, H Tanaka
   0900h   GAB31A-05 Magnetomineralogical Changes and Absolute 
                    Paleointensity: J P Valet, J Brassart
   0915h   GAB31A-06 Estimation of Errors in Paleointensity Data 
                    Determined by the Thellier and Thellier 
                    Method: *P  Roperch, A  Chauvin, S  Levi, H  
                    Audunsson, F  Calza
   0930h   GAB31A-07 Properties of Partial Remanent Magnetization
                    and the Quality of Thellier Experiments: *M 
                    Perrin, E Schnepp, A Kosterov
   0945h   GAB31A-08 Absolute Palaeointensities of the Earth 
                    Magnetic Field: A New Quality Check: *M Haag,
                    J R Dunn, M Fuller
   1000h   Break
   1030h   GAB31A-09 Determinations of the Geomagnetic Field 
                    Intensity From the Hawaii Scientific 
                    Drilling Project Core, Big Island, Hawaii: F 
                    Garnier, C  Laj, C  Kissel, *E  
                    Herrero-Bervera, D M Thomas
   1045h   GAB31A-10 Geomagnetic Field Intensities for the Period
                    70-135 ka From the Islands of La Reunion 
                    (Indian Ocean) and Vulcano (Southern Italy): 
                    A  Rais, J  Surmont, *C  Laj, H  Guillou, P Y Gillot
   1100h   GAB31A-11 New Paleointensity Data From Submarine 
                    Basaltic Glass: *T S Pick, L T Tauxe
   1115h   GAB31A-12 Evolution of Magnetic Mineralogy Through 
                    Permian Lava Successions From Southern 
                    Scotland: Implications for Palaeointensity 
                    Results: *D N Thomas, T C Rolph, B G J Upton
   1130h   GAB31A-13 Phanerozoic Paleointensities Obtained From 
                    Volcanic Rocks and the Reliability of the 
                    Determinations: *M Perrin, V P Shcherbakov
   1145h   GAB31A-14 Latitude Dependent Scatter of Virtual Dipole
                    Moment: A New Data for Paleosecular 
                    Variation Models: *M Kono

GAB31B  EC:Arena  Wed  0830h
GA1.15  Innovations in Palaeointensity Studies - Posters
Presiding: L Tauxe, Utrecht Univ; J P Valet, 
           Inst de Physique du Globe

   0830h   GAB31B-01 POSTER  Mineral Magnetic Investigation of 
                    Archaeological Samples From Bulgaria: Sample 
                    Selection Criteria for Paleointensity Studies: 
                    Y Cui, *K L Verosub, A P Roberts, M Kovacheva
   0830h   GAB31B-02 POSTER  Characterization of Early Diagenesis
                    in Peru Basin Sediments by Geochemical, 
                    Moessbauer, and Rock Magnetic Parameters: I 
                    Koenig, M J Dekkers, M Drodt, E Suess, A X 
   0830h   GAB31B-03 POSTER  Effect of an Isotropy of the 
                    Magnetic Susceptibility on the Determined 
                    Magnitude of the Palaeo-Geomagnetic Field: *H
                    Odah, A G Hussain, V Hoffmann, F Heider, H C 
                    Soffel, M El-Gamili
   0830h   GAB31B-04 POSTER  Lateral Variations in Magnetic 
                    Mineralogy and Paleointensity Within a 
                    Single Lava: *G J Sherwood, S  Gonzalez, H  
                    Boehnel, L  Alva-Valdivia, J  
   0830h   GAB31B-05 POSTER  Microwave Archaeointensities From 
                    Peruvian Ceramics: *J Shaw, S Yang, D Walton
   0830h   GAB31B-06 POSTER  Palaeointensity and Rock Magnetic 
                    Investigations of a Permian Lava Succession 
                    From Guizhou Province, S. China: *D N Thomas,
                    T C Rolph, J Shaw, Z Zhuang
   0830h   GAB31B-07 POSTER  Geomagnetic Field Intensity Over the
                    Last 42,000 Years Obtained From Core SOH-4, 
                    Big Island, Hawaii: F  Garnier, C  Laj, C  
                    Kissel, H  Guillou, S  Fevrier, *E  
                    Herrero-Bervera, D M Thomas
   0830h   GAB31B-08 POSTER  Variation of Magnetic Properties and
                    Paleointensities Along Vertical Profiles 
                    Over a Single Lava Flow: *H Bohnel, L Alva, J
                    Morales, C Caballero, S Gonzalez, G Sherwood
   0830h   GAB31B-09 POSTER  Paleointensities From Historical 
                    Lavas in Kyushu, Japan: *N Ueno
   0830h   GAB31B-10 POSTER  Absolute Paleointensity From 
                    Quaternary Lava Flows: J Brassart, *J P Valet, 
                    X Quidelleur, E Tric, P Y Gillot
   0830h   GAB31B-11 POSTER  New Liquid Nitrogren SQUID 
                    Magnetometer: *N A Morner
   0830h   GAB31B-12 POSTER  Estimation of Paleointensity for 
                    Southern Mongolia Ophiolites: *A G Iosifidi, 
                    V A Starunov
   0830h   GAB31B-13 POSTER  Estimation of Paleointensity for 
                    Southern Mongolia Ophiolites: V A Starunov, 
                    A G Iosifidi

GAB31C  CIRES:Auditorium  Wed  0800h
GA1.17  Nature of Remagnetizations
Presiding: R D Elmore, Univ of Oklahoma; T H Torsvik, 
           Geological Survey Norway

   0800h   GAB31C-01 INVITED  Nature and Origin of Late Paleozoic
                    Remagnetization of Precambrian Crystalline 
                    Rocks in the Rocky Mountains: J W Geissman, 
                    S S Harlan, R S Molina-Garza, T Feig
   0815h   GAB31C-02 Electron Microscopic and Rock Magnetic Study
                    of Altered and Fresh Archean Gabbros of the 
                    Stillwater Complex, Montana: W Xu, *R 
                    Van der Voo, D R Peacor, J W Geissman
   0830h   GAB31C-03 Late Cretaceous Remagnetization of 
                    Proterozoic Mafic Dikes, Southern Highland 
                    Mountains, Montana: A Paleomagnetic and 
                    40Ar/39Ar Study: *S S Harlan, J W 
                    Geissman, L W Snee, R L Reynolds
   0845h   GAB31C-04 Chemical Remanent Magnetization in Oceanic 
                    Sheeted Dikes: *H U Worm, W Bach
   0900h   GAB31C-05 The Remagnetization Process of a Submarine 
                    Basaltic Lava Flow From the Oman Ophiolite: M
                    Prevot, F Thomas, M Perrin
   0915h   GAB31C-06 The Problem of Remagnetization of Deccan 
                    Trap Flows: *K V Subbarao, C 
   0930h   GAB31C-07 Widespread Late Palaeozoic Remagnetisation 
                    of Cambrian to Devonian Sedimentary and 
                    Volcanic Rocks From Northern Africa: *J A 
                    Tait, V  Bachtadse, F J Maier, H C Soffel, W 
   0945h   Break
   1015h   GAB31C-08 INVITED  Stress-Remagnetisation During 
                    Simulated Tectonism and Burial: *G J 
   1030h   GAB31C-09 The Temporal and Spatial Distributions of 
                    Secondary Magnetizations Within Fold and 
                    Thrust Belts: Implications for the Nature of 
                    Remagnetizations Related to Tectonism: *J 
                    Stamatakos, R Van der Voo, J Pares
   1045h   GAB31C-10 Remagnetisation of Strata of the New England
                    Fold Belt, Australia, During the Permian: M A
                    Lackie, *P W Schmidt
   1100h   GAB31C-11 Paleomagnetic Remagnetization Constraints on
                    Tectonics and Thermal/Fluid History in the 
                    Canadian Rockies: *R J Enkin, K G Osadetz
   1115h   GAB31C-12 Separation and Dating of Variscan Overprint 
                    Components - Palaeotectonic Implications for 
                    the Pre-Variscan Formations (Bohemian Massif): 
                    *M Krs, M Krsova, P Pruner
   1130h   GAB31C-13 Evidence of a Widespread Cretaceous 
                    Remagnetisation in the Iberian Range (Spain):
                    *M T Juarez, M L Osete, C G Langereis, W 
   1145h   GAB31C-14 Remagnetization Features and Possible 
                    Non-Dipole Field Disturbances Recorded in 
                    Ordovician Limestone, S. Sweden: *T H Torsvik

GAB31D  EC:Arena  Wed  0830h
GA1.17  Nature of Remagnetizations - Posters
Presiding: R D Elmore, Univ Oklahoma; T H Torsvik, 
           Geological Survey Norway

   0830h   GAB31D-01 POSTER  Magnetisation of Gondwana Supergroup
                    of India: S B Mallik, J D Piper, A Das, G 
   0830h   GAB31D-02 POSTER  Paleomagnetic Analysis of Several 
                    MVT Ore Districts Using Bingham Statistics: 
                    Further Evidence for the Timing and Duration 
                    of Mineralization: *M T Lewchuk, D T A Symons
   0830h   GAB31D-03 POSTER  Significance of Late Paleozoic 
                    Regional Remagnetization of Miogeoclinal 
                    Carbonates in the Basin and Range: *S L 
                    Gillett, R E Karlin
   0830h   GAB31D-04 POSTER  Magnetism and Hydrothermalism: New 
                    Evidence From GEOFAR Magnetic Survey: B 
                    Sichler, *M F LeQuentrec-Lalancette, J Luis
   0830h   GAB31D-05 POSTER  The Nature of Remagnetization in 
                    Some Permo-Triassic Redbeds of North China: *Z 
                    Zheng, M Kono
   0830h   GAB31D-06 POSTER  Paleomagnetic Records in Paleozoic 
                    Sedimentary Rocks: *A N Khramov, V P Rodionov
   0830h   GAB31D-07 POSTER  An Intermediate Direction Caused a 
                    pTRM Remagnetization in a Lava Flow of 
                    Eastern Iceland: *C G Langereis, A A M van Hoof
   0830h   GAB31D-08 POSTER  The Reversal Test: Quantification of
                    Secondary Directions: G R Scott, *S A Hotes
   0830h   GAB31D-09 POSTER  Analysis of Dipole Transitions by 
                    Quantification of Secondary Imprints: *G R 
                    Scott, S A Hotes

GAB31E  UMC:Center  Wed  1000h
GA2.01  Upper Atmosphere Structure, Dynamics, and 
Electrodynamics: Planetary Wave Signatures
Presiding: J Forbes, Univ of Colorado, Boulder

   1000h   GAB31E-01 INVITED  Planetary Waves Effects in the 
                    Ionosphere - A Review: *P R Chen
   1030h   GAB31E-02 INVITED  Tidal and Planetary Wave Studies 
                    With a Middle Atmosphere Model: *U Berger, A 
                    Ebel, S Koopmann, F Baier, A Weber
   1100h   GAB31E-03 Long-Term Observations of Quasi-Two-Day Wave
                    Fluctuations in foF2: D Riggin, J M 
   1115h   GAB31E-04 Simulations of Quasi Two-Day Variations in 
                    the Equatorial E and F Region Ionosphere: *H F 
                    Parish, M W Fox
   1130h   GAB31E-05 An Intercomparison of Tides and Planetary 
                    Waves in the Mesosphere and Lower 
                    Thermosphere During January 1993: *S E Palo, 
                    M E Hagan, R G Roble, R A Vincent
   1145h   GAB31E-06 The 4-18 Day Oscillations in the F2-Region 
                    and Their Relation to Lower Ionosphere/Upper 
                    Middle Atmosphere Oscillations: J Lastovicka

GAB31F  EC:Arena  Wed  0830h
GA2.01  Upper Atmosphere Structure, Dynamics, and 
Electrodynamics - Posters
Presiding: R Johnson, Univ of Michigan

   0830h   GAB31F-01 POSTER  Simulation of the Diurnal Tide in 
                    the Mesosphere and Lower Thermosphere With a 
                    Three-Dimensional Spectral Model: *R A Akmaev, 
                    J M Forbes, M E Hagan
   0830h   GAB31F-02 POSTER  Dynamics of the Thermosphere: 
                    Diurnal Variations Observed From UARS: *M L 
   0830h   GAB31F-03 POSTER  About the Climatic Variations of the
                    Upper Atmosphere: G V Givishchvili, N P 
                    Sergeenko, L N Leshchenko
   0830h   GAB31F-04 POSTER  Nonlinear Spatial, Temporal, and 
                    Integrated Response of OH Emission Profiles 
                    Due to Linear Gravity Waves in the Presence 
                    of Winds: *T Y Huang, T F Tuan
   0830h   GAB31F-05 POSTER  Relationship of Lower Thermosphere 
                    Temperature to Solar Activity Depending on 
                    QBO Phases: V M Ignatyev, *V A Yugov, S V 
   0830h   GAB31F-06 POSTER  Solar Activity Variations in 
                    Zonally-Averaged Midlatitude Thermospheric 
                    Meridional and Zonal Winds Derived From the 
                    Ionospheric Model IRI-86: *G J Khachikjan, 
                    A I Pogoreltsev, J V Drobjeva
   0830h   GAB31F-07 POSTER  Migration of Gravity Waves Modes for
                    Short Periods: *G  Munasinghe, T F Tuan, A  
   0830h   GAB31F-08 POSTER  Neutral Winds Over Mawson, 
                    Antarctica, and Their Relationship to the 
                    Interplanetary Magnetic Field: *D J Murphy, 
                    R J Morris, V O Papitashvili, B A Belov
   0830h   GAB31F-09 POSTER  Long-Term Trends in the Polar Lower 
                    Thermosphere: Oxygen 558 nm Measurements: *G D 
                    Price, P A Greet
   0830h   GAB31F-10 POSTER  Vertical Displacement of the 
                    Ionosphere Over the Underground Explosion 
                    Epicenter: *G V Rudenko, A M Uralov
   0830h   GAB31F-11 POSTER  Climatic Trends in the Upper 
                    Atmospheric Temperature and Composition 
                    According to Nightglow Data During Last Four 
                    Decades: *A I Semenov, L M Fishkova
   0830h   GAB31F-12 POSTER  Thin Layers and Edge Effects in the 
                    Theory of Airglow Fluctuations Induced by 
                    Gravity Waves: *D W Tarasick, C O Hines
   0830h   GAB31F-13 POSTER  Large-Scale Variations of the 
                    Horizontal Prevailing Wind in the Lower 
                    Thermosphere: G V Vergasova, *E S 
   0830h   GAB31F-14 POSTER  The Mean Winds and Tides Observed by
                    PRE-Radar at Tumanny (69oN,36oE) 
                    During 1993-1994: *V A Vlaskov, O F Ogloblina, 
                    E B Vasiljev
   0830h   GAB31F-15 POSTER  Higher Order OH Emission Response to
                    Small-Scale Gravity Waves Propagating Along 
                    Different Directions: *S  Wang, T F Tuan, X Li
   0830h   GAB31F-16 POSTER  Observations of Lower Thermospheric 
                    Neutral Winds Over Thule Air Base and Sondre 
                    Stromfjord, Greenland: *Y Won, R J 
                    Niciejewski, T L Killeen, R M Johnson

GAB31G  UMC:East  Wed  0935h
GA2.10/3.05  Large-Scale Electrodynamics in the Coupled 
Magnetosphere-Ionosphere-Thermosphere System
Presiding: D J Knipp, US Air Force Academy

   0935h   GAB31G-01 INVITED  The Aurora: Its Use as a Road Map 
                    to the Magnetosphere: *R D Elphinstone, D J 
                    Hearn, L L Cogger, J S Murphree, H  Singer, 
                    V  Sergeev, K  Mursula, D  Klumpar, G D 
                    Reeves, S  Ohtani, T A Potemra, I  Sandahl, 
                    E  Nielsen, M  Persson, H  Opgenoorth, P  
                    Newell, Y  Feldstein
   0955h   GAB31G-02 The Energy Spectrum of Auroral Electrons 
                    Inferred From Ground Magnetic Disturbance: 
                    *B H Ahn, Y Kamide, H W Kroehl, O de la Beaujardiere
   1010h   Break
   1040h   GAB31G-03 A Multipoint Study of a Substorm Occuring on
                    7 December 1992 and Its Theoretical 
                    Implications: N J Fox, S W H Cowley, M 
                    Lockwood, V N Davda, G Enno, J S Murphree, E 
                    Friis-Christensen, R A Greenwald, M R 
                    Hairston, M G Kivelson, M Lester, H Luhr, D K
                    Milling, M Pinnock, G D Reeves
   1055h   GAB31G-04 Substorm Associated Radar Auroral Surges 
                    (SARAS): A Statistical Study: *B A Shand, M 
                    Lester, T K Yeoman
   1110h   GAB31G-05 Correlated Magnetic Variations at the 
                    Auroral and Equatorial Latitudes During the 
                    Afternoon Substorm Events on April 20-21, 
                    1993: *T Kikuchi, T Kitamura, O Saka, H Luhr,
                    K Schlegel
   1125h   GAB31G-06 Characteristics of Ionospheric 
                    Electrodynamics Associated With Poleward 
                    Magnetic Progression Events: *G Lu, A D 
                    Richmond, E Friis-Christensen, C R Clauer
   1140h   GAB31G-07 The Hybrid Cusp: A Viking Observation: *M 
                    Yamauchi, R Lundin, T A Potemra

GAB31H  EC:Arena  Wed  0830h
GA2.10/3.05  Large-Scale Electrodynamics in the Coupled 
Magnetosphere-Ionosphere-Thermosphere System - Posters
Presiding: R Walker, Univ of California, LA

   0830h   GAB31H-01 POSTER  Timing of Magnetospheric Substorms: 
                    A Classical Method and MIT-2 Technique (GE 
                    Interval, January 27-29, 1992): *V M Mishin, 
                    T I Saifudinova, S B Lunyushkin, A D 
                    Bazarzhapov, G Lu, A Richmond, B Emery, H 
   0830h   GAB31H-02 POSTER  A New Observable for Time- and 
                    L-Resolved Monitoring of Plasmaspheric ExB 
                    Convection: *A R Jacobson
   0830h   GAB31H-03 POSTER  Simulating Semiglobal 
                    Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling With 
                    Applications to Auroral Phenomena: *P 
                    Janhunen, T I Pulkkinen, H E J Koskinen
   0830h   GAB31H-04 POSTER  UAF Eulerian Polar Ionosphere Model:
                    Simulations of the Ionospheric Response due 
                    to IMF Variations, Including Northward 
                    Orientation of Bz Component (Bz>0): *S A 
                    Maurits, B J Watkins
   0830h   GAB31H-05 POSTER  Concerning the Nature of the 
                    Ionospheric Trough Polarward Edge: O M Pirog,
                    *G A Zherebtsov, A S Besprozvannaya, T I 
   0830h   GAB31H-06 POSTER  Ionospheric Conductances Derived 
                    From Spectral Auroral Images: *D Lummerzheim,
                    B A Emery, A D Richmond, W F Roberts
   0830h   GAB31H-07 POSTER  Mapping Ionospheric Response to 
                    Large-Scale Solar Wind Forcing: *D J Knipp, 
                    W  Roberts, B A Emery, A D Richmond
   0830h   GAB31H-08 POSTER  Model Study of the High-Latitude 
                    Ionosphere Response to a Magnetospheric 
                    Substorm: *A V Tashchilin, E B Romanova
   0830h   GAB31H-09 POSTER  Interhemispheric Field-Aligned 
                    Currents in the Magnetosphere Responsible 
                    for the Equinox Maximum of the Geomagnetic 
                    Sq-Field at Low Latitudes: *N Fukushima
   0830h   GAB31H-10 POSTER  SuperDARN Radar and Magnetometer 
                    Investigation of Electric Field, Current, 
                    and Conductivity Relationships in the 
                    High-Latitude Ionosphere: *R A Greenwald, K B
                    Baker, G J Sofko
   0830h   GAB31H-11 POSTER  Ion Composition of the Magnetotail, 
                    and Magnetospheric Convection: *E V Voronov
   0830h   GAB31H-12 POSTER  Monitoring the Auroral Electrojet 
                    With the Global AE Chain and With a Local 
                    Meridional Magnetometer Chain: *K Kauristie, 
                    T I Pulkkinen, R J Pellinen
   0830h   GAB31H-13 POSTER  Conjugate HF Radar Observations of 
                    Sustained Strong Convection for Northward IMF: 
                    *J P S Rash, A S Rodger
   0830h   GAB31H-14 POSTER  Substorms: External Triggering and 
                    Distinction From Other Types of Auroral Activity: *L R Lyons
   0830h   GAB31H-15 POSTER  SuperDARN: Initial Results on Global
                    Convection: *J P Villain, J C Cerisier, C 
                    Senior, C Hanuise, R A Greenwald, G J Sofko
   0830h   GAB31H-16 POSTER  Study of the Polar Cap Extent Using 
                    SAMPEX Sensors: *S  Kanekal, D N Baker, J B 
                    Blake, G M Mason, R A Mewaldt, J R Cummings
   0830h   GAB31H-17 POSTER  Magnetospheric Response to Earth 
                    Passage of a Magnetic Cloud: *J  Chen, P J 
                    Cargill, S P Slinker, J A Fedder, J G Lyon
   0830h   GAB31H-18 POSTER  Extended Local Time Mapping of 
                    High-Latitude Convection: *J M Ruohoniemi, 
                    R A Greenwald, W B Bristow
   0830h   GAB31H-19 POSTER  A Self-Consistent Modelling of the 
                    Fossil Wind Effect: *C Peymirat, A D Richmond

GAB31I  UMC:West  Wed  0830h
GA3.07  Nonlinear and Kinetic Effects in ULF Waves
Presiding: B J Fraser, Univ of Newcastle

   0830h   GAB31I-01 Interactions of Proton Cyclotron Waves and 
                    Ions in the Outer Magnetosphere: *B J 
   0900h   GAB31I-02 Modulation of Electromagnetic Ion Cyclotron 
                    Waves in a Multi-Component Magnetosphere: *Y D 
                    Hu, B J Fraser
   0915h   GAB31I-03 Electromagnetic Ion Cyclotron Wave 
                    Polarization: Failure of Single Wave 
                    Description; Evidence for Wave Superposition:
                    *R E Denton, B J Anderson, B H Mauk, G C Ho, 
                    D C Hamilton
   0930h   GAB31I-04 Cool Proton Heating in the Outer 
                    Magnetosphere: Theory, Simulations, and 
                    Observations: *S P Gary, M F Thomsen, D  
                    Winske, D J McComas
   0945h   GAB31I-05 Characteristics of Proton Cyclotron Wave 
                    Magnetic Field Fluctuations: *B J Anderson, 
                    B H Mauk, R E Denton, S A Fuselier
   1000h   Break
   1030h   GAB31I-06 Interpretation of Wave Phenomena at Comets: 
                    Controversial Issues: *U M Motschmann
   1100h   GAB31I-07 Excitation of Ion-Acoustic Turbulence in the
                    Auroral Zone: Relation to Solitary Kinetic 
                    Alfven Waves: *M Prakash
   1115h   GAB31I-08 Multi-Ion Resonances in Freja Data: *K  
                    Stasiewicz, B  Holback, R  Bostrom
   1130h   GAB31I-09 The Relationship Between Nonlinear Vortex 
                    Structures With Diverging Electric Fields 
                    and the Black Aurora: T  Chang, *J R Johnson
   1145h   GAB31I-10 The Use of Cone-Shaped Kernels for 
                    Generalized Time-Frequency Representations 
                    of Simulated VLF Banded Emissions: F T Berkey, 
                    *L C Tsai, G S Stiles

GAB31J  EC:Arena  Wed  0830h
GA3.07  Nonlinear and Kinetic Effects in ULF Waves - Posters
Presiding: J C Samson, Univ of Alberta

   0830h   GAB31J-01 POSTER  Concomitance of Direct and Inverse 
                    Cascades in the Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability 
                    at the Inner Edge of the Low Latitude 
                    Boundary Layer: *G M Chanteur
   0830h   GAB31J-02 POSTER  Fluctuations of the Repetition 
                    Period of Pc1 Pearl Pulsations: A  Guglielmi,
                    F  Feygin, A  Kalisher, *K  Mursula, J  
                    Kangas, T  Pikkarainen
   0830h   GAB31J-03 POSTER  Temporal Development of Irregular 
                    Magnetic Pulsations Occurring During 
                    Low-Latitude Auroras: *Y Higuchi
   0830h   GAB31J-04 POSTER  Simulation of Artificial Magnetic 
                    Pulsation Generation: W B Lyatsky, E G Belova, 
                    A B Pashin
   0830h   GAB31J-05 POSTER  ULF Response of SI and Nonlinear 
                    Transformation of ULF Waves Inside the 
                    Magnetosphere: W B Lyatsky, V V Safargaleev
   0830h   GAB31J-06 POSTER  Transformation of Acoustic 
                    Atmospheric Waves to ULF Magnetospheric 
                    Waves in the Ionosphere: *V Surkov
   0830h   GAB31J-07 POSTER  Pc1-2 and IPDP Modulation Effects by
                    Pc5 Waves During Substorms and Magnetic 
                    Storms: K Yumoto, *S I Solovyev, D G Baishev,
                    E S Barkova

GAB31K  EC:Arena  Wed  0830h
GA3.17/5.04  Artificial Intelligence Applications in 
Magnetospheric Modeling and Forecasting - Posters
Presiding: R L McPherron, Univ of California, LA; A N Zaitsev, 
           National Service Commission

   0830h   GAB31K-01 POSTER  Retraining Neural Networks for the 
                    Prediction of Dst in the Rice Magnetospheric 
                    Specification and Forecast Model: *K A 
                    Costello, J W Freeman
   0830h   GAB31K-02 POSTER  Dst Index Prediction From Solar Wind
                    Data Using Time-Delay Feed-Forward Neural 
                    Networks: *H  Gleisner, H  Lundstedt, P  
                    Wintoft, J G Wu
   0830h   GAB31K-03 POSTER  Artificial Neural Network 
                    Forecasting of Energetic Electrons at 
                    Geosynchronous Orbit: *G A Stringer, R L 
                    McPherron, D N Baker

GAB31L  OMAIN:Room 103  Wed  0915h
GA4.08 The Local Interstellar Cloud and the Boundary of the 
Heliosphere: Local Interstellar Cloud
Presiding: R Lallement, Service d'Aeronomie du CNRS

   0915h   GAB31L-01 What HST Is Telling Us About the Physical 
                    Properties and Velocity Structure of the 
                    Local Cloud(s): *J L Linsky
   0940h   GAB31L-02 The Local EUV Radiation Field: *J Vallerga
   0955h   GAB31L-03 Properties of the Cloud Surrounding the 
                    Solar System: *P C Frisch
   1020h   GAB31L-04 New Insight on the Interstellar Medium From 
                    the Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer: *S Vennes, 
                    S Bowyer
   1045h   Break
   1105h   GAB31L-05 Structure and Kinematics of the Local Cloud 
                    and Its Interaction With the Heliosphere: R 
                    Genova, *J E Beckman
   1120h   GAB31L-06 Observational and Theoretical Constraints 
                    for Ionization in the LISM: *F C Bruhweiler, 
                    K P Cheng, C H Lyu, J Holberg
   1135h   GAB31L-07 The Conductive/Cooling Boundary of the Local
                    Cloud: *J D Slavin
   1150h   GAB31L-08 Using White Dwarfs to Probe the LISM and 
                    Local Cloud: *J B Holberg, F C Bruhweiler, 
                    M A Barstow
   1205h   GAB31L-09 Elemental Composition of the Local 
                    Interstellar Medium From Observations of 
                    Anomalous Cosmic Rays: *A C Cummings, E C 

GAB31M  UMC:Room 235  Wed  0800h
GA5.14  Global and Regional Magnetic Field Models and Charts
Presiding: D R Barraclough, British Geol Survey; J M Quinn, 
           USGS, Denver

   0800h   GAB31M-01 Methods of Azimuth Determination at a Repeat
                    Station: A Comparison: *L M Barreto
   0815h   GAB31M-02 The Albanian Geomagnetic Network at 1994.7: S 
                    Bushati, B Duka, O Battelli, *M Chiappini, A Meloni
   0830h   GAB31M-03 A Piece Wise Linear Fit Method for Isogonic 
                    Charts: *L Villanueva
   0845h   GAB31M-04 Secular Variation Model for Germany 1930-1990: 
                    *V Auster, M Beblo, A Best, M Fredow, M 
                    Gropius, G Schulz
   0900h   GAB31M-05 The Canadian Geomagnetic Reference Field 1995: 
                    G V Haines, *L R Newitt
   0915h   GAB31M-06 A Comparison of the Canadian Geomagnetic 
                    Reference Field With a Regional Orthogonal 
                    Model of Canada: V P Golovkov, *L R Newitt
   0930h   GAB31M-07 Geomagnetic Reference Variation Field 
                    Models: Approaches, Comparisons, and Future 
                    Development: *V O Papitashvili, J K Walker
   0945h   GAB31M-08 Geomagnetic Reference Field Models and the 
                    Computer Micro-chip - Friends or Foes?: *R L 
                    Coles, L R Newitt, D G Olson
   1000h   Break
   1030h   GAB31M-09 The Reference Field for Airborne Magnetic 
                    Data: N V Fedorova, V A Shapiro
   1045h   GAB31M-10 Geomagnetic Observatories and Field Modelling: 
                    *M  Alexandrescu, C H Duyen, J L Le Mouel
   1100h   GAB31M-11 A New Regularization Method for Downward 
                    Transforming Global Magnetic Field Models: *W Webers
   1115h   GAB31M-12 Modelling Secular Variation for the 1995 
                    International Geomagnetic Reference Field: S 
                    Macmillan, *D R Barraclough
   1130h   GAB31M-13 A Model of the Geomagnetic Field From 1990 
                    to 1995: *T J Sabaka, R T Baldwin, R A Langel
   1145h   Discussion

GAB31N  EC:Arena  Wed  0830h
GA5.14  Global and Regional Magnetic Field Models and Charts - Posters
Presiding: C E Barton, Australian Geological Survey; D R 
           Barraclough, British Geological Survey

   0830h   GAB31N-01 POSTER  A Report on Geomagnetic 
                    Observatories and Observations - 1995: *S J 
                    McLean, L D Morris
   0830h   GAB31N-02 POSTER  Global Magnetic Anomalies and the 
                    Position of the Magnetic Poles: *V V 
   0830h   GAB31N-03 POSTER  Calculation of Detailed Component 
                    Maps Combining SCHA and Digital Filtering: 
                    J M A Miranda, *M A Pais, I P Abreu
   0830h   GAB31N-04 POSTER  The Earth's Magnetic Field Maps of 
                    1990.0: *L J Pesonen, M A H Leino, H 
                    Nevanlinna, J Ryno
   0830h   GAB31N-05 POSTER  Polynomial Modeling Over Cuban 
                    Archipelago: *R Alvarez, L Garcia
   0830h   GAB31N-06 POSTER  The Global Spatial-Temporal 
                    Modelling of the Geomagnetic Field Changes: 
                    *V P Golovkov, T N Bondar, I A Burdelinay, 
                    S V Yakovleva
   0830h   GAB31N-07 POSTER  Evaluation of Field Surveys on the 
                    Mexican Repeat Magnetic Stations for the 
                    1990.0 Epoch: E  Hernandez, *E  Hernandez, A 
                    Orozco, R  Alvarez
   0830h   GAB31N-08 POSTER  Crustal Magnetic Field Survey at 
                    33o South Latitude (Argentina): *I R 
                    Cabassi, J C Gianibelli, E A Suarez, L  

GAB31O  EC:Arena  Wed  0830h
GA1.11/2.16/5.08  Multidimensional Currents Over 
Multidimensional Earth Structures: Theory and Observations
Presiding: A G Jones, Geological Survey of Canada; A D Richmond, 

   0830h   GAB31O-01 POSTER  Electromagnetic Response of 
                    Anisotropic 3-D Structures: P Martinelli, *A M 
   0830h   GAB31O-02 POSTER  Interpretation of Coast and Island 
                    Effects With GDS Data Influenced by the 
                    Equatorial Electrojet: *R  Nolasco, P  Tarits
   0830h   GAB31O-03 POSTER  Distortions in MT Soundings at the 
                    South Atlantic Magnetic Anomaly: *A L Padilha, 
                    S L G Dutra, I Vitorello, N B Trivedi, J M Da Costa
   0830h   GAB31O-04 POSTER  Effect of Axiasymmetric Geomagnetic 
                    Field on Sq Current System: *M Roy
   0830h   GAB31O-05 POSTER  Inferring the Low Degree Electrical 
                    Upper Mantle Structure From the Sq Field: *P 
   0830h   GAB31O-06 POSTER  Estimation of Current Minimum Scales
                    as Observed by the Ground-Based Measurements:
                    *A M Andreyev

GAB32A  UMC:Room 235  Wed  1330h
GA1.11/2.16/5.08  Multidimensional Currents Over 
Multidimensional Earth Structures: Theory and Observations
Presiding: A G Jones, Geological Survey of Canada; A D Richmond, 

   1330h   GAB32A-01 Remarks on the Derivation of the Earth's 
                    Conductivity by Means of Spherical Cap 
                    Harmonic Analysis: A De Santis, J M Torta
   1350h   GAB32A-02 The Application of Spherical Cap Harmonic 
                    Analysis to the Separation of the Internal 
                    and External Parts of Sq Type Fields: *F J 
   1410h   GAB32A-03 Resolution of Electromagnetic Array Data 
                    Into External and Internal Components: A 
                    Statistical Approach: *G D Egbert
   1430h   GAB32A-04 Analysis of Geomagnetic Variations in South 
                    Western Nigeria: *S O Ogunade
   1450h   GAB32A-05 Analysis of Daytime and Nighttime Events in 
                    Southern and Central Peru: *U  Schmucker
   1510h   Break
   1540h   GAB32A-06 AWAGS: A Continent-Wide Magnetometer Array 
                    Study: F H Chamalaun, *C E Barton, H McQueen
   1600h   GAB32A-07 The Effect of a Static Magnetic Field on the
                    Modes Propagated in the Earth-Ionosphere 
                    Waveguide in Low Latitudes: *J A Sogade, E 
   1620h   GAB32A-08 The Influence of Nonuniformity of the 
                    Primary Field on the MTS Data: *S A Vagin, 
                    A A Kovtun
   1640h   GAB32A-09 Electromagnetic Response of Anisotropic 3-D 
                    Structures: P Martinelli, *A M Osella
   1644h   GAB32A-10 Interpretation of Coast and Island Effects 
                    With GDS Data Influenced by the Equatorial 
                    Electrojet: *R  Nolasco, P  Tarits
   1648h   GAB32A-11 Distortions in MT Soundings at the South 
                    Atlantic Magnetic Anomaly: *A L Padilha, 
                    S L G Dutra, I Vitorello, N B Trivedi, J M 
                    Da Costa
   1652h   GAB32A-12 Effect of Axiasymmetric Geomagnetic Field on
                    Sq Current System: *M Roy
   1656h   GAB32A-13 Inferring the Low Degree Electrical Upper 
                    Mantle Structure From the Sq Field: *P  
   1700h   GAB32A-14 Estimation of Current Minimum Scales as 
                    Observed by the Ground-Based Measurements: 
                    *A M Andreyev

GAB32B  UMC:Forum  Wed  1330h
GA1.15  Innovations in Palaeointensity Studies
Presiding: L Tauxe, Utrecht Univ; J P Valet, 
           Inst de Physique du Globe

   1330h   GAB32B-01 Relative Paleointensity of the Geomagnetic 
                    Field Over the Last 150,000 Years From the 
                    North Pacific Ocean: *A P Roberts, K L 
                    Verosub, R J Weeks, B Lehman, C Laj
   1345h   GAB32B-02 Relative Paleointensity During Brunhes: *T 
                    Yamazaki, N Ioka, N Eguchi
   1400h   GAB32B-03 Paleointensity Records Revealed by Three 
                    Western Equatorial Pacific Deep-Sea Cores 
                    Correlated by Isotopically Dated Magnetic 
                    Mineral Content Variation: *T Sato, H Kikuchi, 
                    M Okada
   1415h   GAB32B-04 Relative Changes of the Geomagnetic Field 
                    Intensity During the Last 280,000 Years 
                    Obtained From Piston Cores in the A=E7ores 
                    Area: B  Lehman, *C  Laj, C  Kissel, A Mazaud
   1430h   GAB32B-05 The Relationship Between 10Be and 
                    Geomagnetic Field Stength Records in Central 
                    North Atlantic Sediments During the Last 80 
                    kyr: *C Robinson, G M Raisbeck, F Yiou, B 
                    Lehman, C Laj
   1445h   Break
   1515h   GAB32B-06 Paleointensity Variations Across the 
                    Brunhes-Matuyama Polarity Transition 
                    Inferred From Authigenic 10Be/9Be: 
                    *G M Raisbeck, F Yiou, S Z Zhou, D V Kent, 
                    D A Schneider
   1530h   GAB32B-07 Relative Geomagnetic Paleointensity Across 
                    the Jaramillo Subchron and the 
                    Matuyama/Brunhes Boundary: E Herrero-Bervera,
                    *K L Verosub, A P Roberts
   1545h   GAB32B-08 Precursor to the Matuyama/Brunhes Transition: 
                    *P D Hartl, L  Tauxe
   1600h   GAB32B-09 Relative Paleointensity in Sediments: A 
                    Pseudo-Thellier Approach: *L Tauxe, Y S Kok, 
                    T Pick
   1615h   GAB32B-10 Detection of Viscous Remanence in Sediments 
                    by the Pseudo-Thellier Technique: *Y S Kok, L
                    Tauxe, T Pick
   1630h   GAB32B-11 10Be as a Test of Paleointensity 
                    Variations Between Polarity Intervals: *F 
                    Yiou, G M Raisbeck, S Z Zhou
   1645h   GAB32B-12 Relative Paleointensity in Sediments: What 
                    Should We Believe?: L Meynadier, J P Valet
   1700h   GAB32B-13 Continuous Record of the Geomagnetic Field 
                    Intensity by Magnetic Logging: *J Thibal, J P
                    Pozzi, V Barthes, G Dubuisson
   1715h   GAB32B-14 On the Relation Between Intensity Change 
                    (for a Given Polarity Transition) and Length 
                    of the Next Chron: *L O Nicolaysen, D P Mason

GAB32C  CIRES:Auditorium  Wed  1330h
GA1.17  Nature of Remagnetizations
Presiding: R D Elmore, Univ of Oklahoma; T Torsvik, 
           Geological Survey of Norway

   1330h   GAB32C-01 INVITED  The Carriers of Kiaman 
                    Remagnetization: A Discussion of Some 
                    Possible Suspects: *S L Halgedahl
   1345h   GAB32C-02 A Theoretical Comparison of TRM and 
                    Grain-Growth CRM in Fine Particles: *A J 
                    Newell, R T Merrill
   1400h   GAB32C-03 Wasp-Waisted Hysteresis Loops: Mineral 
                    Magnetic Characteristics and Discrimination 
                    of Components in Mixed Magnetic Systems: *A P
                    Roberts, Y Cui, K L Verosub
   1415h   GAB32C-04 Thermoviscous Remagnetization of Multidomain
                    Magnetite: *D J Dunlop, O Ozdemir, P W 
   1430h   GAB32C-05 INVITED  Coincidence of Host Rock 
                    Remagnetization, Mississippi Valley-Type 
                    Mineralization, and Orogenic Events: *D T A 
   1445h   GAB32C-06 Remagnetization of the Basal Cambrian 
                    Aquifer in the Arbuckle Mountains, Southern 
                    Oklahoma: T Campbell, G Bixle, *R D Elmore
   1500h   GAB32C-07 Kiaman and Post-Kiaman Remagnetization of 
                    Carbonates in the 
                    Illinois-Kentucky-Tennessee Area: Regional 
                    Fluid Flow, Dolomitization, and MVT 
                    Mineralization: *M T Lewchuk, D T A Symons
   1515h   GAB32C-08 The Evidence of the Relationship Between 
                    Hydrocarbon Adsorption and Stability of Rock 
                    Remanence: *X Meng
   1530h   Break
   1600h   GAB32C-09 Fluid-Related Chemical Remagnetization in 
                    Jurassic Limestones From a Fault Zone, 
                    Kilve, England: *G Bixler, R D Elmore, M 
   1615h   GAB32C-10 CRM Related to Diagenesis of Organic Matter,
                    Belden Formation, Colorado: *S Banerjee, D 
                    Fruit, R D Elmore
   1630h   GAB32C-11 Generation of Ferromagnetic Phases From 
                    Paramagnetic Minerals in Different 
                    Temperature Ranges: *A M Hirt, A U Gehring
   1645h   GAB32C-12 Prefolding and Positive Reversal Test of a 
                    Remagnetized Upper Paleozoic Sequence in 
                    Western Puna, NW Argentina: *C M Conti, R 
                    Palma, P Pazos, A E Rapalini
   1700h   GAB32C-13 Stratigraphically Confined Secondary 
                    Magnetizations in Redbeds of the North 
                    America Craton Interior: R S Molina-Garza, 
                    J W Geissman
   1715h   GAB32C-14 The Origin of Characteristic Remanence in 
                    Some Permo-Triassic Red Beds of Shanxi, 
                    North China: *Z Zheng, M Kono, R Matsumoto
   1730h   GAB32C-15 A Comparison of Normal and Reversed Chemical
                    Remament Magnetizations Carried by Greigite 
                    (Fe3S4) in Late Weichselian 
                    Sediments From Valingesjon and Bjorkerods 
                    Bog, Southern Sweden: *I Snowball, P Sandgren
   1745h   GAB32C-16 Shock/Vibration Imposed Magnetic Changes in 
                    Bore Core Rocks: H Shi, *D H Tarling

GAB32D  UMC:Center  Wed  1330h
GA2.01  Upper Atmosphere Structure, Dynamics, and 
Electrodynamics:  Gravity Waves, Tides, and Long-Term Variations
Presiding: R Johnson, Univ of Michigan

   1330h   GAB32D-01 Bispectral Analysis of Mesopheric Winds: *R R 
   1345h   GAB32D-02 Comparisons of Mesospheric/Lower 
                    Thermospheric Wind Measurements (80-110) km 
                    From the Saskatoon MF Radar and FPI (52N) 
                    and From UARS (WINDII/HRDI): *A H Manson, C E
                    Meek, G Hall, M D Burrage, C McLandress, F Yi
   1400h   GAB32D-03 The Dominant Modes of Tides of the Upper 
                    Middle Atmosphere at Eureka (80 Degrees N) 
                    in Winter: *I  Oznovich, D J McEwen, G G 
   1415h   GAB32D-04 INVITED  Tides in the Mesosphere and Lower 
                    Thermosphere Observed by UARS: *M D Burrage, 
                    W R Skinner, P B Hays
   1440h   GAB32D-05 Tides and Mean Winds in the Lower 
                    Thermosphere: Observations by WINDII on UARS:
                    *C McLandress, G G Shepherd, B H Solheim
   1455h   GAB32D-06 Seasonal Variations of Lower Thermospheric 
                    Temperature and Winds Observed by WINDII: *D Y 
                    Wang, W E Ward, C McLandress, Y J Rochon, B H
                    Solheim, G G Shepherd
   1510h   GAB32D-07 Observed Dynamical Coupling Through Tidal 
                    Wave Propagation in the Mesosphere and Lower 
                    Thermosphere at Mid-latitudes: *J E Salah, W 
                    Deng, R R Clark
   1525h   Break
   1545h   GAB32D-08 N2 and M2 Lunar Tides: Atmospheric 
                    Resonance Revisited: *D M Schlapp, R J 
                    Stening, A H Manson, J M Forbes
   1600h   GAB32D-09 Experiments With a Computer Model of the 
                    Lunar Atmospheric Tide: *R J Stening, J M 
                    Forbes, M E Hagan, A D Richmond
   1615h   GAB32D-10 INVITED  Comparisons of Observations and 
                    Modeling Results From the NCAR General 
                    Circulation Models: *C G Fesen
   1640h   GAB32D-11 Energy Term Analysis in the Lower 
                    Thermosphere: *T L Killeen, A G Burns, R M 
                    Johnson, Y I Won
   1655h   GAB32D-12 The Seasonal Variations of the Thermosphere 
                    Parameters: A G Kolesnik, S S Korolev
   1710h   GAB32D-13 Analyzing Satellite Data for Evidence of 
                    Coupling Between Solar EUV Flux and 
                    Thermospheric Neutral Winds: *L Goembel

GAB32E  UMC:West  Wed  1330h
GA3.17/5.04  Artificial Intelligence Applications in 
Magnetospheric Modeling and Forecasting
Presiding: K Moore, Los Alamos National Lab; B Clauer, 
           Univ of Michigan

   1330h   GAB32E-01 INVITED  Artificial Intelligence and Space 
                    Weather Forecasting: *H  Lundstedt
   1400h   GAB32E-02 Application of Statistical Classifier to 
                    Prediction of Geomagnetic Storms: *J  Chen, 
                    P J Cargill, P J Palmadesso
   1415h   GAB32E-03 A Neural Network Approach to the 
                    Classification of Emissions Structured in 
                    the Frequency Time Domain on Board Satellite:
                    *J L Pincon, F Lefeuvre, X Miniere
   1430h   GAB32E-04 Neural Network Classification of 
                    Energy-Pitch Angle Patterns Measured by the 
                    Freja Satellite: *K Nykyri, O Norberg, M 
                    Yamauchi, L Eliasson, J Waldemark
   1445h   GAB32E-05 IMF Polarity Prediction From WSO 
                    Magnetograms Using Radial Basis Neural 
                    Network: *P  Wintoft, H  Lundstedt
   1500h   GAB32E-06 Predicting Dst Index From Solar Wind Data 
                    With an Elman Recurrent Neural Network: *J G 
                    Wu, H  Lundstedt, P  Wintoft, H  Gleisner
   1515h   GAB32E-07 Analysis of Large Geophysical Datasets With 
                    Neural Networks Using the Whole Information 
                    System Expert (WISE) System: *M P Gough, J R 
   1530h   Break
   1600h   GAB32E-08 INVITED  Nonlinear Dynamics in 
                    Magnetospheric Modeling and Prediction: *D 
   1630h   GAB32E-09 Nonlinear Dynamical Modeling and Prediction 
                    of Magnetic Storms: *A S Sharma, J A Valdivia, 
                    K Papadopoulos
   1645h   GAB32E-10 Nonlinear Input-Output Prediction Methods 
                    for Geomagnetic Activity: *D  Prichard, C P Price
   1700h   GAB32E-11 Application of the State-Space Method to 
                    Prediction of Dst From Solar Wind Data and 
                    Characterization of Ring Current Dynamics: *T 
                    Detman, D  Vassiliadis, G  Burkhart
   1715h   GAB32E-12 On Predicting Recurrent Geomagnetic 
                    Disturbances: X Y Zhou, T Kangkun
   1730h   GAB32E-13 The Search of the Indicative Peculiarities 
                    of Large Magnetic Storms With an Adaptive 
                    Signal Processing Method: *V I Odintsov, A N 
   1745h   GAB32E-14 Automatized Methods of Diagnosis and 
                    Forecast of the Near Earth Space State: *B A 
                    Safyanov, O S Fominov, S S Nicolaischvili, 
                    Y A Romanovsky, A S Tsema

GAB32F  OMAIN:Room 103  Wed  1330h
GA4.08  The Local Interstellar Cloud and the Boundary of the 
Heliosphere: Interstellar/Heliosphere Particles and Processes
Presiding: H J Fahr, Univ of Bonn

   1330h   GAB32F-01 Influence of the LISM Hydrogen Fractional 
                    Ionization on the Physical Processes in the 
                    Outer Heliosphere. A Hydrogen Wall?: *V B 
   1355h   GAB32F-02 Heliospheric Interface Processes and 
                    Resulting Particle Distributions as 
                    Diagnostics of the Shock Structure and 
                    Location: *D  Rucinski
   1420h   GAB32F-03 The Interstellar Cosmic Ray Energy Density 
                    and Its Role in the Location of the 
                    Heliospheric Termination Shock: *W R Webber
   1435h   GAB32F-04 The Distance to the Solar Wind Termination 
                    Shock: *E C Stone, A C Cummings
   1500h   GAB32F-05 The Structure of the Heliosphere Interface 
                    With the Interstellar Medium: *M A Lee
   1525h   GAB32F-06 Interaction of Interplanetary Disturbances 
                    With the Heliospheric Boundaries:  
                    Implications for the Outer Heliospheric 
                    2-3kHz Radiation: *G P Zank
   1550h   Break
   1610h   GAB32F-07 Mechanism for Generation of 2-3 kHz 
                    Radiation at the Boundary of the Heliosphere:
                    *W M Macek
   1625h   GAB32F-08 Locations of Termination Shock and 
                    Heliopause Based on Voyager Plasma and 
                    Magnetic Field Data: Y C Whang, L F Burlaga, 
                    N F Ness
   1640h   GAB32F-09 The Heliospheric Interface and Its Influence
                    on Distributions of Energetic Particles in 
                    the Heliosphere: *H Fichtner
   1705h   GAB32F-10 Solar Wind With Hydrogen Pick-Up: Stability 
                    Analysis: *I K Khabibrakhmanov, D  Summers, 
                    G P Zank, H L Pauls
   1720h   GAB32F-11 Lyman Alpha Emissions in the Outer 
                    Heliosphere: Evidence for a Hydrogen Wall?: *E 
   1745h   GAB32F-12 The Abundance of Atomic Hydrogen and Helium 
                    in the Local Interstellar Medium Derived 
                    From Pickup Ion Observations: *G Gloeckler, J
   1800h   GAB32F-13 A Comparison of the Pioneer 10 UV Glow Data 
                    With the Predicted Glow Based on the 
                    Hydrogen Distribution Resulting From the 
                    Steinolfson Supersonic Plasma Model: *P 
                    Gangopadhyay, D L Judge
   1815h   GAB32F-14 Models of Interplanetary Lyman-Alpha Data 
                    From Pioneer Venus and Galileo: *W R Pryor, 
                    A I F Stewart, C A Barth, C W Hord, K E 
                    Simmons, S J Lasica, W B Colwell, S 
                    Lineaweaver, J M Ajello, W K Tobiska, D T 
                    Hall, O R White
   1830h   GAB32F-15 HST/GHRS Line Profiles of H Ly Alpha 
                    Emission From the Interplanetary Medium: *J T
                    Clarke, R Lallement, J L Bertaux, E Quemerais, 
                    F Paresce, H Fahr
   1845h   GAB32F-16 Interplanetary Lyman Alpha-Intensity 
                    Modelling: A Comparison Between Ulysses-Type 
                    of Solar Ionisation Rate and a Sinusoidal 
                    Ionisation Rate: T Summanen, *R Lallement, E 

GAB32G  UMC:East  Wed  1400h
GA3.06  ULF Wave Response of the Magnetosphere to Solar Wind 
Energy Input
Presiding: K Takahashi, Nagoya University; C T Russell, UCLA/IGPP

   1400h   GAB32G-01 INVITED  The Control of Upstream ULF Waves 
                    by the Solar Wind: *C T Russell
   1430h   GAB32G-02 INVITED  Waves and Mode Conversion at 
                    Quasi-parallel Shocks: Mach Number and 
                    Geometry Dependence: *D Krauss-Varban, N Omidi
   1500h   GAB32G-03 Low Frequency Wave Modes in the 
                    Magnetosheath From Quasi-perpendicular Shock 
                    to the Magnetopause: *D Hubert, C T Russell, 
                    M Thomsen
   1520h   GAB32G-04 Low-Frequency Fluctuations in the 
                    Magnetosheath Near the Magnetopause: *R E 
                    Denton, J W LaBelle, M Lessard, X Li, S P 
                    Gary, B J Anderson
   1540h   GAB32G-05 The Magnetospheric Response in Geomagnetic 
                    Pulsations to Dynamic Pressure Variations in 
                    the Solar Wind: N A Zolotukhina, *V V Mishin,
                    V A Parkhomov
   1600h   Break
   1620h   GAB32G-06 INVITED  Wave Mode Identification in the 
                    Magnetosheath: *P Song
   1650h   GAB32G-07 A Magnetohydrodynamic Simulation of the 
                    Response of the Magnetopause to a Pressure 
                    Impulse: *M P Freeman
   1710h   GAB32G-08 Pc-1 Bursts and Magnetic Impulse Events (MIE): 
                    *R L Arnoldy, M J Engebretson, B J Anderson, 
                    R E Erlandson
   1730h   GAB32G-09 Properties of Travelling Convection Vortices
                    Deduced From Radar, Magnetic Field,and 
                    Optical Observations: *H Luhr, M Lockwood, 
                    P E Sandholt, T Moretto

GAB41A  OMAIN:Room 103  Thurs  0800h
GAJS1.02  Relating Geophysical Measurements to Lithospheric 
Processes Through Continental Drilling (joint  with S)
Presiding: V Haak, GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam; D R Schmitt, 
           Univ of Alberta

   0800h   GAB41A-01 Future Priorities in the Earth Sciences: The
                    Need for Continental Drilling: *W S Fyfe
   0830h   GAB41A-02 Stress Heterogeneity in Space and Time From 
                    Deep Drilling Data in the Crustal Rocks of 
                    North West Europe: *S M Cowgill, P G Meredith, 
                    S A Murrell, N R Brereton
   0845h   GAB41A-03 The Tectonic Stress Field in Eastern Europe 
                    - Knowns and Unknowns: *F  Roth, K  Fuchs, 
                    M D Zoback, S H Hickman
   0900h   GAB41A-04 Stress Profile at the KTB Drill Site to a 
                    Depth of 9 km: *M  Brudy, M D Zoback, K Fuchs
   0915h   GAB41A-05 Strong Plates and Weak Plate Boundaries: 
                    Reconciling Relative Plate Motions, 
                    Plate-Driving Forces, and Intraplate 
                    Seismicity Through Scientific Drilling: *M D 
                    Zoback, S H Hickman, L  Younker, W  Ellsworth
   0945h   GAB41A-06 An Empirical Failure Criterion for 
                    Estimating in Situ Stresses From Breakouts 
                    in Continental-Drilling Deep Boreholes: *B C 
                    Haimson, I Song
   1000h   GAB41A-07 Bottomhole Stress Concentrations: 
                    Implications to Core and Wellbore Wall Damage: 
                    *D R Schmitt, Y Y Li
   1015h   Break
   1045h   GAB41A-08 Draw-Down Test at 9101 m in the KTB Main
                    Hole: *J  Erzinger, E  Huenges, M  Zimmer, J  Kueck, 
                    E  Spangenberg, B  Engeser, R  Jung, W Kessels
   1100h   GAB41A-09 Fluid Pathways and Hydraulic Properties in 
                    the Crystalline Rock of the Super Deep KTB 
                    Borehole: E Huenges, W Kessels, *J Kueck
   1115h   GAB41A-10 Geothermal Observables in Deep Boreholes: 
                    Significance of Structural Information: *T 
                    Kohl, L Rybach
   1130h   GAB41A-11 Thermal Properties of the Upper Quarter of 
                    Crust at KTB: *D F C Pribnow, H Winter
   1145h   GAB41A-12 Interpretation of Local Variations of Sonic 
                    Logs From the Upper Crystalline Crust: A 
                    Time Series Approach: *K Holliger, C Juhlin, 
                    A G Green

GAB41B  EC:Arena  Thurs  0830h
GAJS1.02  Relating Geophysical Measurements to Lithospheric 
Processes Through Continental Drilling - Posters (joint  with S)
Presiding: V Haak, GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam; J Erzinger, 
           Inst Geowissenschaften

   0830h   GAB41B-01 POSTER  Nature of Seismic Velocities in the 
                    KTB Pilot Borehole in Germany: Investigation 
                    Based on Petrophysical Modeling: *A Babeyko, 
                    S Sobelev, K Fuchs, E Lueschen
   0830h   GAB41B-02 POSTER  Detection of Small Scale Stress 
                    Variations by High-Resolution Caliper 
                    Analysis: *H  Baessler, K  Huber, M  Brudy, 
                    K  Fuchs
   0830h   GAB41B-03 POSTER  Stress Measurements in Deep 
                    Boreholes in Eastern Europe - First Results: 
                    *K  Huber, K  Fuchs, S H Hickman, B N 
                    Khakhaev, D  Moos, J  Palmer, L A Pefzner, F 
                    Roth, D  Schmitt, M D Zoback, V  Zui
   0830h   GAB41B-04 POSTER  Fluid-Thermal Regime in the Crust - 
                    Kola Superdeep Data: *S Y Milanovsky, L V 
   0830h   GAB41B-05 POSTER  Satellite Magnetic Studies of the 
                    Tectonosphere in Transition Zone of 
                    Continent-Ocean Over South-East Asian Region:
                    A L Kharitonov, *N M Rotanova
   0830h   GAB41B-06 POSTER  Magnetic Crust Field Determined From
                    Gradient Measurements at Stratospheric 
                    Altitudes and Satellite Data: Y P Tsvetkov, 
                    *N M Rotanova, V N Oraevsky
   0830h   GAB41B-07 POSTER  A Dipole-Dipole-Experiment in the 
                    German Deep Drilling: *J B Stoll, V  Haak
   0830h   GAB41B-08 POSTER  High Resolution Electromagnetic 
                    Imaging of the San Andreas Fault: *M J 
                    Unsworth, N Wu, J R Booker, R L Mackie, T R 
                    Madden, G Egbert
   0830h   GAB41B-09 POSTER  Microcrack Analysis of KTB Drill 
                    Cores and the Relation to Elastic Anisotropy:
                    *J C Zinke, H Berckhemer, K V Gehlen

GAB41C  UMC:Forum  Thurs  0830h
GA1.19  Applications of Magnetic Anisotropy
Presiding: D A Clark, CSIRO; G Borradaile, Lakehead Univ

   0830h   GAB41C-01 INVITED  Anisotropy of Susceptibility and 
                    Remanence: The Influence of Crystallography, 
                    Petrofabric, Metamorphism, and Strain: *G J 
   0900h   GAB41C-02 INVITED  Magnetic Anisotropy to Strain 
                    Models: A Review: *F Hrouda
   0930h   GAB41C-03 The Magnetic Anisotropy of Oceanic Gabbros 
                    From Hess Deep= Near the East Pacific Rise: 
                    *P R Kelso, C  Richter, C J MacLeod
   0945h   GAB41C-04 Intrusion Directions at MORs: A Study of the
                    Troodos Ophiolite Using AMS and Structural 
                    Flow Indicators: *H Staudigel, P Bogaard, J 
                    Haspels, P Meyer, M C van Soest, M Tuin, A 
                    Zevenhuizen, L Tauxe, J Gee
   1000h   Break
   1030h   GAB41C-05 Magnetic Anisotropy Parameters of Rocks From
                    KTB Main Borehole Under In Situ Stress 
                    Conditions: *A Kapicka, E Petrovsky, J Pohl
   1045h   GAB41C-06 Anisotropy of Magnetic Susceptibility (AMS) 
                    and Texture of Amphibolites From the 
                    Superdeep Drill Hole in Germany (KTB): D 
                    Friedrich, K Weber, *H C Soffel
   1100h   GAB41C-07 Magnetic Anisotropy of Slickenfibers From 
                    Fault Zones in the Coast Ranges of Northern 
                    California: L D Guenther, *K L Verosub, R W Twiss
   1115h   GAB41C-08 Cross-Correction of Paleomagnetic Directions
                    and Anisotropy Axes for Ultramafic Rocks 
                    From Drilled Core (Sudetes, Poland): *M 
                    Jelenska, E Krol
   1130h   GAB41C-09 Magnetic Fabric and Emplacement of the 
                    Pomovaara Granite Complex in Northern Finland: 
                    M Wennerstrom, *J V Korhonen
   1145h   GAB41C-10 AMS Fabric of Granitoids Evolved During 
                    Transpression: A Case From the Variscan of 
                    SW Germany: *P K Verma, R O Greiling

GAB41D  EC:Arena  Thurs  0830h
GA1.19  Applications of Magnetic Anisotropy - Posters
Presiding: D A Clark, CSIRO; G Borradaile, Lakehead Univ

   0830h   GAB41D-01 POSTER  An Influence of Induced Anisotropy 
                    on Magnitude and Direction of Remanence: L L 
                    Afremov, *B E Lamash
   0830h   GAB41D-02 POSTER  Interpretation of the Anisotropy of 
                    Magnetic Susceptibility of Mylonites From 
                    the Xolapa - Mixteca Terranes Boundary, 
                    Southern Mexico: C I Caballero-Miranda, D J 
                    Moran-Zenteno, *J Urrutia-Fucugauchi
   0830h   GAB41D-03 POSTER  Magnetic Fabric Development in the 
                    Tertiary Accretionary Complex of the Miura 
                    Group in the Boso and Miura Peninsulas, Japan: 
                    *E  Herrero-Bervera, A Taira, T Kanamatsu
   0830h   GAB41D-04 POSTER  Fabrics of Diamictites: Is AMS a 
                    Diagnostic Tool? Results From the Ries 
                    Impact Structure, Germany: W D MacDonald, B B
   0830h   GAB41D-05 POSTER  Late Paleozoic Drift of the Gissar 
                    Range (Southern Tian-Shan) by Paleomagnetic 
                    Data: *Y S Rzhevsky

GAB41E  UMC:Center  Thurs  0830h
GA2.01  Upper Atmosphere Structure, Dynamics, and Electrodynamics
Presiding: C Fesen, Dartmouth College

   0830h   GAB41E-01 Solar-Cycle Variation in Lower Thermosphere 
                    Temperatures Measured by EISCAT: *S Kirkwood,
                    H Nilsson
   0845h   GAB41E-02 INVITED  Febry-Perot Interferometer 
                    Observations of Thermospheric Dynamics and 
                    Comparisons With Numerical Models: *D Rees
   0910h   GAB41E-03 Problems in the Derivation of Neutral Winds 
                    From Plasma Flows at High-Latitudes: A L 
                    Aruliah, A D Aylward, C J Davis, D Rees
   0925h   GAB41E-04 Seasonal and Solar Cycle Variation of 
                    Meridional Neutral Winds in the Thermosphere:
                    *K L Miller, C G Fesen, M  Lemon
   0940h   GAB41E-05 F-Region Long Trend Wind Structure: *H 
                    Teitelbaum, F Vial, A Giraldez, J Balej

GAB41F  UMC:Center  Thurs  1015h
GA2.01  Upper Atmosphere Structure, Dynamics, and 
Electrodynamics: Structure and Composition
Presiding: G Shepherd, York Univ

   1015h   GAB41F-01 INVITED  Changes in the Compositional 
                    Structure of the Neutral Upper Thermosphere: 
                    Their Nature and Causes: *A G Burns, T L 
   1040h   GAB41F-02 INVITED  Winds and Composition Changes in 
                    the Thermosphere Using the Transfer Function 
                    Model: *H G Mayr, I Harris
   1105h   GAB41F-03 INVITED  On Simulating the 
                    Thermosphere-Ionophere Response to a 
                    Geomagnetic Storm: *T J Fuller-Rowell, M V 
   1130h   GAB41F-04 Constraints on Results From the Coupled 
                    Thermosphere/Ionosphere/Plasmasphere Model 
                    (CTIPM): *G D Wells, A S Rodger, R J Moffett,
                    G J Bailey, G H Millward
   1145h   GAB41F-05 Vertical Motions and Thermospheric 
                    Composition: *P R Field, H Rishbeth, T J 
                    Fuller-Rowell, D Rees, G H Millward, R J 
   1200h   GAB41F-06 Global Model of the Upper Atmosphere With 
                    Variable Latitudinal Steps of Numerical 
                    Integration: *A A Namgaladze, O V Martynenko,
                    A N Namgaladze

GAB41G  EC:Arena  Thurs  0830h
GA2.01  Upper Atmosphere Structure, Dynamics, and 
Electrodynamics: Electrodynamic Phenomena - Posters
Presiding: R Goldberg, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center; S 
           Kirkwood, EISCAT

   0830h   GAB41G-01 POSTER  Numerical Modelling of Global 
                    Electromagnetic Fields: V V Kuznetsov, V V 
                    Plotkin, I I Nesterova, V T Gulyaev
   0830h   GAB41G-02 POSTER  Simultaneous Observations of Nas 
                    Layers With a Lidar and Es Layers With an 
                    Ionosonde: *C Nagasawa, M Abo, K Igarashi, M 
   0830h   GAB41G-03 POSTER  The Circumpolar Current System in 
                    the Ionosphere: *V N Pogrebnoi, A D 
   0830h   GAB41G-04 POSTER  Thundercloud Electric Fields as 
                    Coupling Mechanism Among the Ionosphere, 
                    Thermosphere, and Middle Atmosphere: P I Y 
                    Velinov, P T Tonev
   0830h   GAB41G-05 POSTER  The Investigation of Vertical 
                    Motions in the Upper Atmosphere by 
                    Artificial Periodic Inhomogeneities Method 
                    at Nizhny Novgorod: N V Bakhmet'eva, V V 
                    Belikovich, E A Benediktov, *N P Goncharov, 
                    Y A Ignat'ev
   0830h   GAB41G-06 POSTER  Features of the Middle-Scale 
                    Artificial Ionospheric Irregularities 
                    Process Relaxation: N V Bakhmet'eva, *Y A 
   0830h   GAB41G-07 POSTER  MST Radar Observations of Sharp 
                    Ionisation Layers in the Nighttime E-Region 
                    Over Gadanki: *H S S Sinha, P K Dwivedi, H 
                    Chandra, S Raizada

GAB41H  EC:Arena  Thurs  0830h
GA2.01  Upper Atmosphere Structure, Dynamics, and 
Electrodynamics: Structure and Composition - Posters
Presiding: G Price, *; C Lathuillere, CEPHAG

   0830h   GAB41H-01 POSTER  Morphological Characteristics of 
                    Ionospheric E Region Over "El Cerrillo," 
                    Mexico in Magnetically Quiet Conditions: *E 
                    Araujo Pradere, L Lois Menendez, H 
                    Durand Manterola
   0830h   GAB41H-02 POSTER  Comparisons of Mathematical Modeling
                    Techniques in Ionospheric Dynamics: F T 
                    Berkey, *L C Tsai, G S Stiles, J Y Liu
   0830h   GAB41H-03 POSTER  Variability of Ionospheric 
                    Parameters During Severe Geomagnetic Storms: 
                    L R Cander, S J Mihajlovic
   0830h   GAB41H-04 POSTER  Geomagnetic Control of Universal 
                    Variation of foF2: V V Kuznetsov, V V Plotkin, 
                    I I Nesterova, V T Gulyaev
   0830h   GAB41H-05 POSTER  Helium Balance in the Terrestrial 
                    Atmosphere: *M H Rees, O Lie-Svendsen
   0830h   GAB41H-06 POSTER  The Daytime Ionospheric Troughs in a
                    Latitudinal Change of Electron Concentration 
                    by Satellite "Cosmos-900" Data: *L V 
                    Shestakova, E K Zikrach, N S Strod
   0830h   GAB41H-07 POSTER  Peculiarities of the Ion Trough in 
                    [He+], [O+], and Main Ionosphere 
                    Trough During High Solar Activity Period: *L N 
   0830h   GAB41H-08 POSTER  Variability of Ionospheric Slab 
                    Thickness and Its Constituent Components at 
                    Midlatitudes: H Soicher, Z Houminer
   0830h   GAB41H-09 POSTER  Fifteen Years of Atmospheric 
                    Extinction Analysis at Crimean Observatory: *O 
   0830h   GAB41H-10 POSTER  F-Region Dynamics Update: *A K Paul
   0830h   GAB41H-11 POSTER  A Comparison Between the 
                    Short-Lived, Daytime Events of November 18, 
                    1993 and February 8, 1986: *K F O'Loughlin, 
                    R O Conkright, K L Davies, A K Paul

GAB41I  UMC:East  Thurs  0900h
GA3.06  ULF Wave Response of the Magnetosphere to Solar Wind 
Energy Input
Presiding: D Southwood, Imperial College; H Singer, NOAA/R/E/SE

   0900h   GAB41I-01 INVITED  Theory of ULF Waves in the Earth's 
                    Magnetosphere and Magnetosheath: *A N Wright
   0930h   GAB41I-02 Fine Structure in the Spectra of Low 
                    Latitude Field Line Resonances: *J C Samson, 
                    C L Waters, F W Menk, B J Fraser
   0950h   GAB41I-03 Modeling of Pi2 Pulsations at Low and Very 
                    Low Latitudes: *W Allan, F W Menk, B J Fraser, 
                    S P White
   1010h   GAB41I-04 Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability Within 
                    Magnetotail Boundary Layers: B S Gardiner, *Y
                    Hu, B J Fraser
   1030h   Break
   1100h   GAB41I-05 INVITED  Satellite Observations of the Solar
                    Wind Control of the Properties of 
                    Compressional ULF Waves in the Magnetosphere:
                    *K Takahashi
   1130h   GAB41I-06 INVITED  Ground-Based Observations of the 
                    Solar Wind Control of ULF Wave Properties: 
                    *C L Waters
   1200h   GAB41I-07 A Survey of Pc-5 Pulsations in the Dayside 
                    High Latitude Regions Observed by Viking: *T A 
   1220h   GAB41I-08 Field Line Resonance in the Magnetosphere: 
                    Integration of Ground and Satellite 
                    Observations: *B J Fraser, S H Lee, C L 
                    Waters, J C Samson
   1240h   GAB41I-09 Nighttime Transient Field Line Resonances: 
                    *B J Anderson, K Takahashi

GAB41J  EC:Arena  Thurs  0830h
GA3.06  ULF Wave Response of the Magnetosphere to Solar Wind 
Energy Input - Posters
Presiding: D J Southwood, Imperial College; C T Russell, 
           Univ of California, LA

   0830h   GAB41J-01 POSTER  The ULF/ELF Range Spectral Energy 
                    Density of Plasma Waves in the Solar Wind, 
                    Outer Earth's and Mars Magnetospheres, and 
                    Plasma Environment of the Comet: S I Klimov, 
                    M N Nozdrachev, A A Petrukovich, S A Romanov,
                    S P Savin, A A Skalsky, *J Blecki, J 
   0830h   GAB41J-02 POSTER  "Diffusive" Protons Near Bow Shock 
                    and Pc3-4 Geomagnetic Pulsations: V S 
                    Danilova, A V Sobolev
   0830h   GAB41J-03 POSTER  Irregular Geomagnetic Pulsations Pi2
                    and Interplanetary Magnetic Field: *A V 
   0830h   GAB41J-04 POSTER  IPDP Pulsations and Their Relation 
                    to Coronal Holes and High Speed Solar Wind 
                    Streams: *J A Cruz-Abeyro, S  Bravo
   0830h   GAB41J-05 POSTER  Long Term Variations in the Solar 
                    Wind Energy Transferred Into the 
                    Magnetosphere by the Waves From Upstream 
                    Region: *A S Potapov
   0830h   GAB41J-06 POSTER  ULF Energy Transfer Through the 
                    Surface Waves at the Magnetopause: *M Roy
   0830h   GAB41J-07 POSTER  Response of the Low Latitude ULF 
                    Spectrum to Solar Wind Input: *F W Menk
   0830h   GAB41J-08 POSTER  The Role of Solar Wind Wave Events 
                    in the Generation of Geomagnetic Pulsations: 
                    *T A Plyasova-Bakounina, A W Green
   0830h   GAB41J-09 POSTER  Sudden Magnetospheric Expansions 
                    Associated With Anti-SC: *O Shumilov, E 
                    Kasatkina, O Raspopov
   0830h   GAB41J-10 POSTER  Generation of Geomagnetic Pulsations
                    in the Tail of the Magnetosphere and in the 
                    Polar Cap During Passing of Solar Wind 
                    Discontinuity: *O M Raspopov, O I Shumilov, 
                    E A Kasatkina
   0830h   GAB41J-11 POSTER  ULF Response of SI and Nonlinear 
                    Transformation of ULF Waves Inside the 
                    Magnetosphere: W B Lyatsky, V V Safargaleev
   0830h   GAB41J-12 POSTER  Transient ULF Pulsations: Time 
                    Dependence of Magnetic Fields Observed at 
                    the Ground: *W Allan
   0830h   GAB41J-13 POSTER  Almost Instantaneous Propagation 
                    Mode of Geomagnetic Sudden Commencement 
                    Through the Earth-Ionosphere Waveguide: *T 
                    Araki, S Fujitani, K Yumoto, K Shiokawa, D 
                    Orr, D K Milling, G Rostoker, H Luhr, H 
                    Singer, S Tsunomura, Y Yamada
   0830h   GAB41J-14 POSTER  Polarization Study of ssc-Triggered 
                    Pc1 Emissions and Their Generation Mechanism:
                    *M Hayakawa, H Komatsu, Y Hobara, S Shimakura, 
                    N Sato
   0830h   GAB41J-15 POSTER  The Propagation of Pc3 Wave Energy 
                    Through the Dayside Magnetopause: H J Hansen,
                    *B J Fraser, F W Menk
   0830h   GAB41J-16 POSTER  Conjugate ULF Pulsations in the 1-10
                    mHz Range at Cusp Latitudes: S T Ables, *B J 
                    Fraser, J V Olson, H J Hansen, F W Menk
   0830h   GAB41J-17 POSTER  IMF Control of ULF Electric and 
                    Magnetic Micropulsations at L=14: K Lee, J R 
                    Benbrook, E A Bering, L J Lanzerotti, C G 
   0830h   GAB41J-18 POSTER  Global Monitoring of PC1-Pulsation 
                    Storm From Central Polar Cap: *K  Hayashi, K 
                    Shiokawa, K Yomoto, D Harris, D J McEwen
   0830h   GAB41J-19 POSTER  Geomagnetic Pulsations With 
                    Frequency Higher Than 2 Hz During Intense 
                    Solar Flares: B V Dovbnya, A V Moldovanov, 
                    *V A Parkhomov, R A Rakhmatulin
   0830h   GAB41J-20 POSTER  A Ground-Satellite Study of Pc 1/2 
                    Band Waves: *R E Erlandson, B J Anderson, R L
                    Arnoldy, M J Engebretson
   0830h   GAB41J-21 POSTER  A Search for Global Mode ULF Waves 
                    in the AMPTE CCE Data Set: *M J Engebretson, 
                    B J Anderson
   0830h   GAB41J-22 POSTER  Long Period Hydromagnetic Waves 
                    Observed at Low Altitudes by the Freja 
                    Satellite: *K  Mursula, T  Braysy, H  Luhr, 
                    S  Ohtani, G  Marklund
   0830h   GAB41J-23 POSTER  Statistical Analysis of Pi 2 
                    Pulsations Observed by the AMPTE CCE 
                    Spacecraft in the Inner Magnetosphere: *K 
                    Takahashi, S I Ohtani, B J Anderson
   0830h   GAB41J-24 POSTER  Spatial Structure of the Phase of Pc
                    3 Pulsations Observed by 210o MM 
                    Magnetometer Network: *H Matsuoka, K 
                    Takahashi, K Yumoto, S I Solovyev, E F 
   0830h   GAB41J-25 POSTER  Compressional Pc 3 Waves in the 
                    Inner Magnetosphere: *Y D Hu, B J Fraser
   0830h   GAB41J-26 POSTER  Modeling of the MHD Waves in the 
                    Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupled System: *S 
                    Fujita, H Nakata
   0830h   GAB41J-27 POSTER  The Possible Generation of 
                    Global-Scale MHD Waves by the 
                    Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability in the 
                    Magnetosphere: *S Fujita, K H Glassmeier
   0830h   GAB41J-28 POSTER  On the Initial Source of the 
                    Ground-Observed Pc 3-4 Pulsations: *N A 
   0830h   GAB41J-29 POSTER  Theory of Nonstationary and 
                    Stochastic Standing Alfven Waves With m >> 1 
                    in the Earth's Magnetosphere: A S Lenovich, 
                    *V A Mazur
   0830h   GAB41J-30 POSTER  Statistical Survey of Auroral 
                    Latitude Pc 5 Spectral and Polarization 
                    Characteristics: C W Ziesolleck, *D R 
   0830h   GAB41J-31 POSTER  Particle Precipitation Associated 
                    With Transverse Pc5 Pulsations: *M Nose, T 
                    Iyemori, M Sugiura, J A Slavin
   0830h   GAB41J-32 POSTER  Giant Pulsations: Their Association 
                    With Geomagnetic Substorms: *D  Orr, G  
                    Chisham, S  Eggers
   0830h   GAB41J-33 POSTER  Pc2 and Pc1 Detected at Sodankyla 
                    and Their Relationship to the Position of 
                    the Plasmapause: *D  Orr, H  Roberts
   0830h   GAB41J-34 POSTER  A Study of Mid-latitude Pc 3,4 
                    Pulsations Using an Extended Ground 
                    Magnetometer Array and IMP-8 and GOES-7 
                    Spacecraft Observations: *D  Halcrow, D  Orr
   0830h   GAB41J-35 POSTER  Mid-Latitude Field Line Resonances 
                    From Simultaneous Measurements of the Freja 
                    Satellite and the Budkov Observatory: *K 
                    Prikner, H Luhr
   0830h   GAB41J-36 POSTER  Pi2 Parameter and the Midlatitude 
                    Electron Density Trough: Reference to an 
                    Ionospheric Propagation Mechanism: A Best, *I
   0830h   GAB41J-37 POSTER  Observation and Analyses of Pi2 and 
                    Pc3 Pulsations at Great Wall Station of 
                    Antarctica: *S F Yang, X Fu-Hui
   0830h   GAB41J-38 POSTER  Diurnal Trends in Geomagnetic Noise 
                    Power in the Pc 2 Through Pc 5 Bands at Low 
                    Geomagnetic Latitudes: R M Bloom, *H J Singer
   0830h   GAB41J-39 POSTER  The Solar Wind Control of the 
                    Occurrence Rate and Power of 4-64 mHz Waves 
                    Observed at AFGL Ground  Magnetometer Network: 
                    *P J Chi, C T Russell, G Le, R M Bloom, H J Singer
   0830h   GAB41J-40 POSTER  MHD Wave Coupling in the 
                    Low-Latitude Region: *D H Lee
   0830h   GAB41J-41 POSTER  Peculiarities of Field Line Alfven 
                    Resonator at Low Latitudes: *K Yumoto, V 
                    Pilipenko, E Fedorov, F W Menk
   0830h   GAB41J-42 POSTER  Comparison Between Pi 2 Amplitude 
                    and Substorm Bay Magnitude: *H Osaki, K 
                    Yumoto, K Shiokawa, Y Tanaka, S I Solovyev, G
                    Krymskij, E F Vershinin, V F Osinin, O Sobari, 
                    M Ruhimat
   0830h   GAB41J-43 POSTER  Northern- and Southern-Hemisphere 
                    Asymmetry of SC and SI Magnetic Variations 
                    Observed Along the 210o Magnetic Meridian: 
                    *K Yumoto, H Matsuoka, K Shiokawa, Y Tanaka, 
                    T Kitamura, S I Solovyev, N Molochushkin, E F
                    Vershinin, V F Osinin, S L Manurung, O Sobari, 
                    M Ruhimat, R J Morris, B J Fraser, F W Menk, 
                    J V Olson, S I Akasofu
   0830h   GAB41J-44 POSTER  On the Possibility of Investigation 
                    of Dynamics of Geomagnetic Pulsations 
                    Ionospheric Sources by Ground-Based 
                    Differential Magnetic Measurements: *Y A 
                    Kopytenko, V S Ismagilov, E A Kopytenko, D B 
                    Zaitsev, P M Voronov
   0830h   GAB41J-45 POSTER  Identification of the Second 
                    Harmonic of the Magnetic Field Line 
                    Resonance at a Low-Latitude Ground Station: *M 
                    Vellante, M De Lauretis, S Lepidi, U Villante
   0830h   GAB41J-46 POSTER  Solar Cycle Variation of the 
                    Dominant Frequencies of Pc3 Geomagnetic 
                    Pulsations at L = 1.6: *M Vellante, U 
                    Villante, M De Lauretis, G Barchi
   0830h   GAB41J-47 POSTER  Pc3-Pc4 Geomagnetic Pulsations at a 
                    Low Latitude Station in Brazil (L=1.19): N B 
                    Trivedi, A L Padilha, *J M Da Costa, A 
                    Zanandrea, O J Pereira, T Kitamura, N J 
   0830h   GAB41J-48 POSTER  Geomagnetic Pulsations and Velocity 
                    Modulation of Artificial Ionospheric 
                    Turbulence: J Vero, *B  Zieger, Y M Yampolski, 
                    P V Ponomarenko
   0830h   GAB41J-49 POSTER  Doppler Observations of the 
                    Ionospheric Signatures of Magnetospheric ULF 
                    Waves: *D M Wright, T K Yeoman, T B Jones
   0830h   GAB41J-50 POSTER  A Detailed Study of ULF Wave Effects
                    in the Ionosphere: R A Marshall, *F W Menk
   0830h   GAB41J-51 POSTER  A Study of Excitation, Resonance, 
                    and Coupling Mechanisms of Pc5 Geomagnetic 
                    Pulsations: *J Y Liu, N W Chen

GAB41K  UMC:West  Thurs  0830h
GA3.14  Magnetospheric Models and Their Critical Evaluation
Presiding: T Pulkkinen, Finnish Meteorological Inst; M Thomsen, 
           Los Alamos National Lab

   0830h   GAB41K-01 INVITED  The Many Modes of Modeling: *G L 
   0855h   GAB41K-02 Towards a New-Generation Model of the Open 
                    Magnetosphere: *C  Ding, T W Hill, F R 
   0910h   GAB41K-03 A Model of the Open Magnetosphere With a 
                    Realistic Magnetopause: *F R Toffoletto, T W 
   0925h   GAB41K-04 Prospects for a Space-Weather Forecasting 
                    Model: *D W Swift
   0940h   GAB41K-05 INVITED  Magnetospheric Modeling From the 
                    Point of View of Nonlinear Dynamics: *A J 
                    Klimas, D Vassiliadis, D N Baker
   1005h   Break
   1035h   GAB41K-06 INVITED  Numerical Modeling of Magnetotail 
                    Equilibria: *M Hesse
   1100h   GAB41K-07 Comparison of Global MHD Simulation Results 
                    with Spacecraft Observations: *C C Goodrich, 
                    J  Lyon, D  Sibeck
   1115h   GAB41K-08 The Dynamics of the Inner Plasma Sheet: 
                    Effects of the Ring Current: *J Raeder, J 
                    Berchem, M Ashour-Abdalla
   1130h   GAB41K-09 INVITED  Features of Ion Transport in Model 
                    Magnetosphere of the Earth: *D C Delcourt
   1155h   GAB41K-10 A New Solution Adaptive 3D MHD Model of the 
                    Magnetosphere: First Results and Their 
                    Validation: *T  Gombosi, D L De Zeeuw, K G 

GAB41L  EC:Arena  Thurs  0830h
GA3.14  Magnetospheric Models and Their Critical Evaluation - 
Presiding: T I Pulkkinnen, Finnish Meteorological Inst; G D 
           Reeves, Los Alamos National Lab

   0830h   GAB41L-01 POSTER  The Open Dynamic Model of the 
                    Magnetosphere: I I Alexeev, V V Kalegaev
   0830h   GAB41L-02 POSTER  The Magnetosphere Geometry and the 
                    Geomagnetic Activity: *E E Antonova, N Y 
   0830h   GAB41L-03 POSTER  Magnetostatic Equilibrium Approach 
                    to the Magnetosphere Description and the 
                    Problem of Developing of the Proper 
                    Coordinate System for High Latitude 
                    Magnetosphere: E E Antonova, *N Y Ganushkina
   0830h   GAB41L-04 POSTER  Comparison of Global MHD Simulation 
                    Results With Observations: The Interaction 
                    of an Interplanetary Shock With Earth's 
                    Magnetosphere: J Berchem, J Raeder, M 
                    Ashour-Abdalla, D Winterhalter, J T Gosling, 
                    C T Russell
   0830h   GAB41L-05 POSTER  Three-Dimensional Magnetospheric 
                    Equilibrium Solutions Obtained From the 
                    MAG-3D Code: *C Z Chen, V V Drozdov, D 
   0830h   GAB41L-06 POSTER  The Potential of Cluster 
                    Observations in the Magnetotail for the 
                    Assessment of Various Substorm Models: *I A 
                    Daglis, S Livi, G Kremser, B Wilken, E T 
   0830h   GAB41L-07 POSTER  Mapping of the Auroral Field Lines 
                    and Currents as a Function of Magnetospheric 
                    Activity: R K Elsen, *R M Winglee
   0830h   GAB41L-08 POSTER  Remote Observation of the Earth's 
                    Plasmasphere: *D L Gallagher, P D Craven, R H
                    Comfort, J L Green, S F Fung
   0830h   GAB41L-09 POSTER  Mapping Low-Altitude Trapped 
                    Particle Fluxes With a Drift Shell Averaged 
                    Atmospheric Density: *D  Heynderickx, J  
   0830h   GAB41L-10 POSTER  3D Modelling of New Radiation Belts 
                    Formed by March 24, 1991 SSC: *M K Hudson, 
                    D Q Ding, A D Kotelnikov, X Li, J G Lyon, I 
                    Roth, M Temerin, J R Wygant, J B Blake
   0830h   GAB41L-11 POSTER  Modeling of the Magnetosphere Using 
                    an Adaptive Mesh Refinement Finite Element 
                    Hybrid Model: *F  Kazeminezhad, S T Zalesak, 
                    D S Spicer, S  Curtis
   0830h   GAB41L-12 POSTER  A Global Magnetospheric Magnetic 
                    Field Model With Toroidal and Poloidal 
                    Vector  Fields: *J C Kosik
   0830h   GAB41L-13 POSTER  Simultaneous Modeling of Earth's 
                    Main Geomagnetic Field, the Near Earth 
                    Magnetospheric Field, and the Sq Field Using 
                    Satellite and Observatory Data: Comparison 
                    With Magnetospheric Models: R A Langel, *T J 
                    Sabaka, R T Baldwin
   0830h   GAB41L-14 POSTER  The Magnetotail Structure and 
                    Current Distributions From Prognoz-9 
                    Satellite Observations: *N  Nikolaeva
   0830h   GAB41L-15 POSTER  Interaction of Solar Wind and 
                    Earth's Field as Simulated by a 3-D EM 
                    Particle Code: With Southward and Northward 
                    IMFs: *K I Nishikawa
   0830h   GAB41L-16 POSTER  The Effects of IMF Orientation on 
                    the Magnetospheric Configuration: *T Ogino, 
                    R J Walker, M Ashour-Abdalla
   0830h   GAB41L-17 POSTER  Evaluation of Global MHD Simulations
                    for Use by the ISTP Program: *M  Peredo, S A 
                    Curtis, M  Ashour-Abdalla, J  Berchem, J  
                    Raeder, J  Lyon, C C Goodrich, D  Sibeck
   0830h   GAB41L-18 POSTER  New Model of Magnetospheric 
                    Current-Voltage Relationship: V  Pierrard, *J 
   0830h   GAB41L-19 POSTER  Substorm in Strongly Compressed 
                    Magnetosphere: An Attempt to Understand 
                    PROGNOZ-8 Magnetic Field and Plasma 
                    Observations in the Frame of Recent 
                    Magnetospheric Models: *B Popielawska, D 
                    Zwolakowska, P Koperski, R Lundin, A V 
   0830h   GAB41L-20 POSTER  A 3D Fully Time Dependent Adaptive 
                    Mesh Refinement MHD Finite Element Code for 
                    the Modeling of the Magnetosphere: *D S 
                    Spicer, S T Zalesak, S  Curtis, R  Lohner
   0830h   GAB41L-21 POSTER  Comparison of Magnetospheric 
                    Specification and Forecast Model Results 
                    With Spacecraft Data: *R  Spiro, J  Freeman, 
                    R  Wolf, J  Williams, A  Chan, D  Brown, B  
                    Hausman, K  Costello, R  Hilmer, R  Lambour, 
                    W  Denig, M  Thomsen, T  Cayton, A  Nagai, J Bishop
   0830h   GAB41L-22 POSTER  The Magnetic Field of Birkeland 
                    Currents: *D P Stern

GAB41M  UMC:Room 235  Thurs  0830h
GA5.03  High Resolution Geomagnetic Data
Presiding: E W Worthington, Session Chair; K Yumoto, Nagoya Univ

   0830h   GAB41M-01 INVITED  Importance of High Time Resolution 
                    Geomagnetic Data for Studies of Geomagnetic 
                    Rapid Variations: *T Araki
   0850h   GAB41M-02 INVITED  The Requirements for High 
                    Resolution Geomagnetic Data: *B J Fraser
   0910h   GAB41M-03 INVITED  The Role of High Resolution 
                    Magnetic Field Observations in Determining 
                    Global Current Systems: *H Luhr
   0930h   GAB41M-04 INVITED  Improvements to SAMNET Data Logging
                    for the CLUSTER Period: *D K Milling, D  Orr
   0945h   GAB41M-05 The 210o MM Magnetometer Network: *K 
   0955h   GAB41M-06 A Magnetometer Array for Studies of Low 
                    Latitude ULF Pulsations: *F W Menk
   1005h   GAB41M-07 The Uses of High Resolution Geomagnetic Data
                    in Space Physics Research: *D K Milling, D Orr
   1015h   Break
   1045h   GAB41M-08 INVITED  The MACCS Project: A 
                    High-Sampling-Rate Fluxgate Magnetometer 
                    Array: W J Hughes, E Zesta, *M J Engebretson
   1100h   GAB41M-09 Technical Considerations When Recording High
                    Resolution Geomagnetic Data: *E W Worthington
   1115h   GAB41M-10 High-Resolution Data From the Canadian 
                    Magnetic Observatory Network: *R L Coles, B 
                    St Louis, G Jansen van Beck
   1125h   GAB41M-11 The Spherical Compact Spherical Sensor 
                    Magnetometer and the Transverse Field 
                    Dependence of Fluxgate 
                    Magnetometers,Implications for Low Altitude 
                    Satellites: *T  Risbo, H  Luehr, F  Primdahl
   1135h   GAB41M-12 A Modern Observatory Fluxgate Magnetometer:
                    D Pierce, D Dearborn, J D Means, R C Snare, *CT Russell
   1145h   GAB41M-13 Spatial and Temporal Features of Pc1-2 at 
                    the Polar Region: *T A Plyasova-Bakounina, 
                    J W Munch, O A Molchanov, J Kangas, K Mursula

GAB41N  EC:Arena  Thurs  0830h
GA5.03  High Resolution Geomagnetic Data - Posters
Presiding: E W Worthington, Session Chair; K Yumoto, Nagoya Univ

   0830h   GAB41N-01 POSTER  Comparison of the High Resolution 
                    Quartz and Fluxgate Magnetometer Data 
                    Recorded at Davis, Antarctica: B A Belov, Y A
                    Burtsev, *V O Papitashvili, G B Burns, R J Morris

GAB41O  CIRES:Auditorium  Thurs  0830h
GA5.22  Local Time Changes of the Earth's Magnetic Field Caused 
by Recent Tectonic Processes (Tectonomagnetic Method)
Presiding: J Podsklan, Research Inst Geodesy, Topogr and Carto; 
           V G Kuznetsova, Cazpathian Bzan Bzanch

   0830h   GAB41O-01 Tectonomagnetic Investigations and Their Use
                    in Geophysics: *V G Kuznetsova, V E 
   0855h   GAB41O-02 Tectonomagnetism and the Study of Recent 
                    Tectonic Processes in the Lithosphere: V A 
                    Shapiro, M J Muminov, K N Abdullabekov
   0915h   GAB41O-03 The Study of Electric and Magnetic Fields 
                    Variations Observed in Situ in the Process 
                    of the Rock Massif Failure: *V A Pyankov, V A
   0930h   GAB41O-04 Volcanomagnetic Effect Probably Due to an 
                    Intrusive Event in the 1986 Eruption of 
                    Izu-Oshima Volcano: *Y Sasai
   0945h   GAB41O-05 The Use of Standard Geomagnetic Observatory 
                    Data for Tectonomagnetic Studies: *M Popeskov
   1000h   GAB41O-06 Local Secular Variation Anomalies of the 
                    Geomagnetic Field in Vienna Basin: *J  
                    Podsklan, H  Heinz, I  Gnojek

GAB41P  EC:Arena  Thurs  0830h
GA5.22  Local Time Changes of the Earth's Magnetic Field Caused 
by Recent Tectonic Processes (Tectonomagnetic Method) - Posters
Presiding: J Podsklan, Research Inst Geodesy, Topogr, and Carto; 
           V G Kuznetsova, Cazpathian Bzan Bzanch

   0830h   GAB41P-01 POSTER  Nature of Tectonomagnetic Variations: 
                    *Y P Skovorodkin, L S Bezuglaya
   0830h   GAB41P-02 POSTER  Principles of Tectonomagnetic 
                    Anomalies Interpretation: *Y M Gorodysky, V G
                    Kuznetsova, V E Maksimchuk
   0830h   GAB41P-03 POSTER  Time Change of Transfer Function at 
                    Transcarpathian Mts. Related to Geodynamic 
                    Regimen: E P Kharin, *G V Kuznetsova, J M 
   0830h   GAB41P-04 POSTER  Ultralow Frequency (0.001-5 Hz) 
                    Electromagnetic Emission of Tectonic Origin: 
                    *S M Krylov, N N Nikiforova
   0830h   GAB41P-05 POSTER  On the Effectiveness of Using the 
                    Geoelectromagnetic Parameters for the 
                    Observation of Temporal Changes of Rock 
                    Conductivity: *M E Sholpo
   0830h   GAB41P-06 POSTER  Tectonomagnetic Variations in 
                    Aftershock Zones of Strong Earthquakes: *Y P 
                    Skovorodkin, L S Bezuglaya
   0830h   GAB41P-07 POSTER  Tectonomagnetic Investigations of 
                    Seismic Gap for Baikal Rift Zone: *A Larionov

GAB41Q  EC:ARENA  Thurs  0830h
GA1.01/2.08/3.16/4.05/5.05  Solar Wind Structures, Energetic 
Solar Particles, Geomagnetic Activity, and Associated Phenomena 
- Posters
Presiding: J T Gosling, Los Alamos National Lab

   0830h   GAB41Q-01 POSTER  Siberian Solar Radio Telescope for 
                    Cooperative Use to Diagnose the State and 
                    Development of Solar Activity and 
                    Solar-Terrestrial Relations: *G Y Smolkov, 
                    T A Treskov, B B Krissinel, V G Miller
   0830h   GAB41Q-02 POSTER  Signatures of Solar Flare Buildup as
                    Deduced From All-Weather Monitoring of Solar 
                    Activity at the Siberian Solar Radio 
                    Telescope: *G Y Smolkov, V P Maksimov, A M 
                    Uralov, V P Nefedyev
   0830h   GAB41Q-03 POSTER  Predicting Solar Flares From 
                    Characteristics of Active Regions, and 
                    Properties of the Microwave Emission 
                    Distribution in Them Taking Account of Their 
                    Location on the Solar Disk: V P Maksimov, I A
                    Bakunina, V P Nefedyev, *G Y Smolkov
   0830h   GAB41Q-04 POSTER  On the Solar Indices and 
                    Interplanetary Environment: *L Shoukhova, S 
                    Khakouz, V Zholudev
   0830h   GAB41Q-05 POSTER  Soft X-Ray Coronal Holes and 
                    Interplanetary Disturbances: *S  Watari
   0830h   GAB41Q-06 POSTER  Catalog of Solar Wind Events 
                    Identified From Observations by ISTP 
                    Spacecraft: *M  Peredo, D  Berdichevsky, J  
                    Byrnes, R  Lepping, K  Ogilvie, A  Lazarus, 
                    K  Paularena, J  Steinberg
   0830h   GAB41Q-07 POSTER  Solar Coronal Post-Eruption Energy 
                    Release and Geoefficiency of Coronal Mass 
                    Ejections: *I M Chertok
   0830h   GAB41Q-08 POSTER  Anisotropies Associated With Solar 
                    Particle Onsets Observed Within Ejecta: I G 
                    Richardson, H V Cane
   0830h   GAB41Q-09 POSTER  Counterstreaming Halo Electrons in 
                    Interplanetary Plasma Clouds Observed 
                    Between 0.3 and 1 AU: *K Ivory, R Schwenn
   0830h   GAB41Q-10 POSTER  Twin Fobos 1 and Fobos 2 
                    Observations of Heliospheric Disturbances 
                    Near the Heliospheric Current Sheet: K G 
                    Ivanov, V A Styazkin, E G Eroshenko, *E P 
   0830h   GAB41Q-11 POSTER  An Investigation of the Magnetic 
                    Field of Transient Disturbances (TD) at the 
                    Earth's Orbit, and a Determination of Solar 
                    Sources of TD From Their Characteristics at 
                    R = 1 AU: *V G Fainshtein, A P Kaigorodov
   0830h   GAB41Q-12 POSTER  Electromagnetic Track of Solar 
                    Activity Geoefficiency in the Solar Wind: *V 
                    Yakubov, B Knazev
   0830h   GAB41Q-13 POSTER  On Signatures of Solar Activity 
                    Tracers in the Enhanced Disturbance Level at 
                    the Earth: *A Prigancova, M Bielekova, C 
                    Poulakos, B Petropoulos
   0830h   GAB41Q-14 POSTER  Comparison Between Arrival Time of 
                    Shock Front Estimated From Solar Type-II 
                    Radio Bursts and Commencement of Geomagnetic 
                    Storms: *T Kondo, T Isobe
   0830h   GAB41Q-15 POSTER  Coronal Hole Observations and the 
                    Prediction of the Ap Geomagnetic Index: *A W P Thomson
   0830h   GAB41Q-16 POSTER  Evaluation of Interplanetary 
                    Scintillation for Predicting Geomagnetic 
                    Activity: *T D Clark, E A Lucek
   0830h   GAB41Q-17 POSTER  F2 Layer Critical Frequency and 
                    Solar Wind Parameters Relationships: P A 
                    Sallago, *I R Cabassi
   0830h   GAB41Q-18 POSTER  Restoring the Heliospheric Current 
                    Sheet Configuration in the Past Using 
                    Geomagnetic Data: *N Y Vanyarkha
   0830h   GAB41Q-19 POSTER  Magnetic Storm Associated X-Ray 
                    Precipitation in the Brazilian Magnetic 
                    Anomaly Region - Balloon Experiment: *U B 
                    Jayanthi, T Villela, M G Pereira, F D'Amico, 
                    I M Martin, Y I Stozhkov
   0830h   GAB41Q-20 POSTER  A Satellite Experiment for 
                    Measurements of Solar and Anomalous 
                    Cosmic-Rays in the Magnetosphere: *U B 
                    Jayanthi, T Villela, A Turtelli, I M Martin, 
                    T Kohno, K Nagata
   0830h   GAB41Q-21 POSTER  Tracing Coronal Mass Ejection 
                    Characteristics in the Inner Heliosphere 
                    Using Coronagraph and In Situ Measurements: 
                    *G M Lindsay, C T Russell, J G Luhmann, J T 
   0830h   GAB41Q-22 POSTER  Optimum Solar Wind Monitor Locations
                    Based on Dst Predictability: *G M Lindsay, 
                    J G Luhmann, C T Russell
   0830h   GAB41Q-23 POSTER  Role of Solar Wind Plasma and 
                    Magnetic Parameters in a Cycle Change of the 
                    Geomagnetic Activity: *G A Makarov
   0830h   GAB41Q-24 POSTER  Toward a Unified Model of 
                    Magnetospheric Substorms and Solar Flares: 
                    *V M Mishin, C G Falthammar
   0830h   GAB41Q-25 POSTER  Study of Storms and Substorms 
                    Considering Events of March 1989: *M M 
                    Zossi de Artigas, V M Silbergleit
   0830h   GAB41Q-26 POSTER  Statistical Analysis of Geomagnetic 
                    Storms: A Osella, V Silbergleit, A Favetto
   0830h   GAB41Q-27 POSTER  Mathematical Models of Strong 
                    Geomagnetic Storms: *P K Ivanova
   0830h   GAB41Q-28 POSTER  The Statistical Model of the 
                    Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Activity: V G 
                    Vasilyeva, N S Zaretsky
   0830h   GAB41Q-29 POSTER  The IMF Bz South Component and Its 
                    Relation to the Annual-Diurnal Variations of 
                    the Geomagnetic Activity: *P de La Sayette, A
   0830h   GAB41Q-30 POSTER  The Annual-Diurnal Variations of the
                    Geomagnetic Activity: A Thirty Year 
                    Evaluation Using the am Index: *P 
                    de La Sayette, A Berthelier
   0830h   GAB41Q-31 POSTER  A Regression Model for the 
                    Geomagnetic Variation Field, the Electric 
                    Field, and Currents in the Magnetosphere: *A D 
                    Bazarzhapov, V M Mishin
   0830h   GAB41Q-32 POSTER  Persistence of Geomagnetic 
                    Quasi-2-day Oscillations: E M Apostolov, D 
                    Altadill, *L F Alberca
   0830h   GAB41Q-33 POSTER  The Role of Dynamical Processes in 
                    Ionospheric Radiowave Absorption: G V 
                    Vergasova, *E S Kazimirovsky, V D Kokourov, 
                    V F Petrukhin
   0830h   GAB41Q-34 POSTER  Solar Extreme Ultraviolet Flux From 
                    1974-1992: *W D Pesnell, W R Hoegy
   0830h   GAB41Q-35 POSTER  The Investigation of Long Period 
                    Variation of Natural EM Field for Using Them 
                    in MT Soundings: A A Kovtun, *M Y Smirnov
   0830h   GAB41Q-36 POSTER  On Variation of Natural VLF Emissino
                    Intensity and Some Solar Parameters During 
                    the Days Prior and Accompanying Major Solar 
                    X-Ray Radiation Flares: N N Murzaeva, Z N 
   0830h   GAB41Q-37 POSTER  Relationship of Cyclic Changes of 
                    the Natural Noise VLF-Emission Intensity and 
                    the Sun X-Ray Emission Background Fluxes in 
                    the 0, 1-0, 8 nm Range: N N Murzaeva, V A 
   0830h   GAB41Q-38 POSTER  Probabilistic Model for Energy 
                    Spectra in Solar Cosmic Ray Events: Analysis 
                    and Generalization of Observation Data; 
                    Outcomes: *R A Nymmik
   0830h   GAB41Q-39 POSTER  HF Doppler Observations of Solar 
                    Proton Effects on Low Latitude Ionosphere: *T
                    Ichinose, T Ohta, T Ogawa
   0830h   GAB41Q-40 POSTER  A 400-Year Record of Energetic Solar
                    Particles Interacting With the Polar 
                    Atmosphere: Nitrates in Polar Snow: G 
                    Dreschhoff, E J Zeller
   0830h   GAB41Q-41 POSTER  Variability of Solar Diurnal 
                    Variation GCR in Connection With Difference 
                    Manifestations of Solar and Geomagnetic 
                    Activities: L K Shatashvili, B D 
   0830h   GAB41Q-42 POSTER  Lunar Variations of Cosmic Rays, 
                    Geomagnetic Activity, Seismoactivity, 
                    Sediments, and Hail: L K Shatashvili, B D 
                    Naskidashvili, D I Sikharulidze
   0830h   GAB41Q-43 POSTER  Barometric Effect of Multiple 
                    Neutrons in Cosmic Rays Monitor: *V L 
   0830h   GAB41Q-44 POSTER  Intensity of Cosmic Rays: V L 
                    Yanchukovsky, G Y Philimonov, I Nesterova
   0830h   GAB41Q-45 POSTER  Predictions of a One-Dimensional, 
                    Time-Dependent MHD Shock Propagation Model 
                    From L1 to Earth: *T L Totten, M Heinemann, 
                    T R Detman
   0830h   GAB41Q-46 POSTER  The 156 Day Period, Solar Rotation 
                    With Higher Harmonics, and Other Periods 
                    Derived From Phobos-2 Magnetic Measurements 
                    of the Years 1988 and 1989: *T V Kuznetsova, 
                    L B Tsirulnik, V N Oraevsky, V A Styazkin, 
                    Y G Yeroshenko, D Moehlmann, J Rustenbach
   0830h   GAB41Q-47 POSTER  The Solar Activity and Some 
                    Geophysical Phenomena: *T S Razmadze

GAB42A  OMAIN:103  Thurs  1330h
GAJS1.02  Relating Geophysical Measurements to Lithospheric 
Processes Through Continental Drilling (joint  with S)
Presiding: J Erzinger, Geoforschungs Zentrum; J Mutter, 
           Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory

   1330h   GAB42A-01 Scientific Drilling: The Role of Measuring 
                    Physical Rock Properties Under Simulated 
                    In-Situ Conditions: *H M Kern
   1400h   GAB42A-02 Interpretation of KTB Gravity Data: *U Casten, 
                    I Heyde, F M Neubauer
   1415h   GAB42A-03 Magnetic Anomalies in the Drillholes of the 
                    German Continental Deep Drilling Project 
                    (KTB): *F C Fieberg, K H Glassmeier, F K 
                    Kuhnke, W Bosum, H U Worm
   1430h   GAB42A-04 Observations on Natural Pyrrhotite - Results
                    From the Continental Deep Drilling Program 
                    of the FRG (KTB): *H de Wall, A Kontny, G 
   1445h   GAB42A-05 Lithological Interpretation of Magnetic 
                    Anomalies in KTB - An Integrative Approach: 
                    *R  Pechnig, J  Wohlenberg, A  Kontny
   1500h   GAB42A-06 Seismic Investigations at the Kola Superdeep
                    Borehole: *B J Carr, I  Ganchine, S B 
                    Smithson, V  Garipov, N  Kareav, A  Ronin, Y 
                    Kristofferson, D  Smythe
   1515h   GAB42A-07 Geological Observation on a Seismic 
                    Reflector in the Ultra-deep Borehole KTB 
                    (Bavaria/Germany): *J  Duyster, A  Kontny, H 
                    de Wall, E  Spangenberg
   1530h   Break
   1600h   GAB42A-08 Electrical Conductivity of Rocks From the 
                    KTB Drillhole: Shocking Results: *A G Duba
   1630h   GAB42A-09 Positive Pressure Shift of Electrical 
                    Conductivity as Evidence for a High 
                    Conductivity Solid Phase Contribution: *T J 
                    Shankland, A G Duba, E A Mathez, C Peach, G 
                    Nover, S Heikamp
   1645h   GAB42A-10 Electrical Resistivity in the KTB Hole: A 
                    Key to Tectonic Processes: *V  Haak, M  Eisel
   1700h   GAB42A-11 Structures as Causes of Electrical 
                    Conductivity Anomalies in the Ultra-deep 
                    Borehole KTB (Bavaria/Germany): *H  Winter, 
                    A  Rauen
   1715h   GAB42A-12 Geophysical and Geochemical Logs of the KTB 
                    Superdeep Well and Their Relation to 
                    Lithological and Structural Features: The 
                    EFA-LOG.: *J  Wohlenberg, R  Pechnig

GAB42B  UMC:Forum  Thurs  1330h
GA1.19  Applications of Magnetic Anisotropy
Presiding: A Kapicka, Geophysical Inst Acad Sci; F Hrouda, 

   1330h   GAB42B-01 Applications of Magnetic Susceptibility for 
                    Piroclastic Flows Studies: S E Singer, *J A F
                    Vilas, R Somoza, B Coira
   1345h   GAB42B-02 Strain Decoupling Across the Barbados 
                    Accretionary Prism Decollement Indicated by 
                    Anisotropy of Magnetic Susceptibility: *B A 
                    Housen, H J Tobin, P Labaume, E C Leitch, A J
   1400h   GAB42B-03 Relationships Between Magnetic Anisotropy, 
                    Mineral Fabric, and Finite Strain in 
                    Ordovician Sediments From South-West Sardinia: 
                    S Lampert, A M Hirt, W Lowrie, C Luneburg
   1415h   GAB42B-04 Evolution of Magnetic Fabrics in the 
                    Pyrenean Foreland Basin (Ebro Basin, NE 
                    Spain): *J M Pares, B A van der Pluijm, J 
   1430h   GAB42B-05 Deflection of Paleomagnetic Remanence and 
                    Anisotropy Ellipsoids in Kink Bands: A I 
                    Kirker, *E McClelland, K Ogden
   1445h   GAB42B-06 AMS of the Flysch Belt of the West 
                    Carpathians and Its Tectonic Implications: *F
                    Hrouda, M Potfaj, Z Stranik
   1500h   GAB42B-07 Reliability of High Resolution Paleomagnetic
                    Records in Soft Sediments: Can Magnetic 
                    Fabric Help?: P Rochette, *P Vlag, N Thouveny, 
                    D Vandamme
   1515h   GAB42B-08 The Use of Remanence Anisotropy to Detect 
                    and Correct Paleomagnetic Inclination 
                    Shallowing in Turbidites: S  Bijaksana, *J P 
   1530h   Break
   1600h   GAB42B-09 Magnetic Fabrics of Weakly Deformed Neogene 
                    and Quaternary Clayey Units From Different 
                    Structural Settings, in Italy: *L Sagnotti, M Mattei
   1615h   GAB42B-10 Anisotropy of Magnetic Susceptibility of 
                    Devonian Units in the Sierras Australes Fold 
                    Belt, Argentina: R N Tomezzoli, *J A F Vilas,
                    J S Martinez, J Pares
   1630h   GAB42B-11 Analysis of Magnetic Susceptibility 
                    Anisotropy of the Sedimentary Sequences in 
                    Southwestern Foothills of Taiwan and Its 
                    Tectonic Implications: *T Q Lee
   1645h   GAB42B-12 Critical Reassessment of Magnetic Fabric, 
                    Remanence, and Strain Relationships in 
                    Redbeds: New Results From 3-D Numerical 
                    Models of Rigid Particle Rotation: *J 
                    Stamatakos, B A van der Pluijm, A Goldstein
   1700h   GAB42B-13 Application of the Bivariate Extension of 
                    the Fisher's Statistics to the Integration 
                    of the Uncertainties on the Orientation 
                    Measurement of the Principal Directions of 
                    Magnetic Anisotropy: *B Henry, M Le Goff
   1715h   GAB42B-14 Linearization and Bootstrap Methods of 
                    Determination of Anisotropy of Anhysteretic 
                    Remanence in Metamorphic Rocks: *T Werner
   1730h   GAB42B-15 Anisotropy of Magnetic Hysteresis Properties
                    (AMH) of Metamorphic Rocks and Their NRM 
                    Reliability: *M Nakai
   1745h   GAB42B-16 Mathematical Modelling of Magnetostatic 
                    Interactions in BIF: *V P Shcherbakov, D A 

GAB42C  UMC:Center  Thurs  1330h
GA2.01  Upper Atmosphere Structure, Dynamics, and 
Electrodynamics: Structure and Composition
Presiding: P J S Williams, University College of Wales

   1330h   GAB42C-01 INVITED  F-Region Storm Effects in Neutral 
                    Composition: *G W Prolss
   1355h   GAB42C-02 INVITED  Long-Term Observations of Vertical 
                    Winds in the High-Latitude Thermosphere: *A L
   1420h   GAB42C-03 INVITED  Observations of the 558 nm Emission
                    in the Lower Thermosphere: The Influence of 
                    Dynamics on Composition: *G G Shepherd, B H 
                    Solheim, C McLandress, W E Ward
   1445h   GAB42C-04 Observation of Large-Scale Variations in 
                    Thermospheric O Density Due to Geomagnetic 
                    Forcing: *T J Immel, J D Craven, L A Frank
   1500h   GAB42C-05 WINDII Observations of Dynamically Induced 
                    Variations in the Atomic Oxygen 
                    Concentration in the Mesosphere/Lower 
                    Thermosphere During January 1993: *W E Ward, 
                    B H Solheim, G G Shepherd
   1515h   GAB42C-06 The Effect of Polar Cap Patches on the Polar
                    Thermosphere for Different Solar and 
                    Geomagnetic Conditions: *T Z Ma, R W Schunk
   1530h   Break
   1600h   GAB42C-07 INVITED  On the Distribution and Variation 
                    of Nitric Oxide in the Mesosphere and 
                    Thermosphere: *D E Siskind
   1625h   GAB42C-08 Coupling Between Neutral and Ionized Nitric 
                    Oxide in the Polar Thermosphere: *C A Barth, 
                    W E Sharp, S M Bailey, R A Kohnert
   1640h   GAB42C-09 Formation Mechanism of the Main Ionosphere 
                    Trough in the Electron Density: A G Kolesnik,
                    I A Golikov, V I Chernyshev, A V Serdjukova
   1655h   GAB42C-10 Observed and Modelled Light Ion 
                    Distributions in the Topside Ionosphere 
                    Above Arecibo: *B MacPherson, G J Bailey, R J
                    Moffett, S A Gonzalez
   1710h   GAB42C-11 A New Model for the Polar Outflow of a Minor
                    Ion: *O Lie-Svendsen, M H Rees

GAB42D  UMC:East  Thurs  1400h
GA3.06  ULF Wave Response of the Magnetosphere to Solar Wind 
Energy Input
Presiding: B J Fraser, Newcastle Univ

   1400h   GAB42D-01 Antarctic Studies of Simultaneous 
                    Enhancement of Pcl, Pc4, and Pc5 
                    Hydromagnetic Waves: *A Wolfe, L J Lanzerotti, 
                    C G Maclennan, R L Arnoldy, H Fukunishi
   1420h   GAB42D-02 Variations of the Spectral Content of Pc3-4 
                    Pulsations Along 210 Geomagnetic Meridian: K 
                    Yumoto, *V Pilipenko, N Yagova, E Vershinin, 
                    S Solov'ev
   1440h   GAB42D-03 Transfer Functions of Geomagnetic Field 
                    Lines Determined by Optimum Filtering: *B 
   1500h   GAB42D-04 Giant Pulsations: Their Association With 
                    Geomagnetic Substorms: *D  Orr, G  Chisham, 
                    S  Eggers
   1530h   GAB42D-05 Response of the Low Latitude ULF Spectrum to
                    Solar Wind Input: *F W Menk

GAB42E  UMC:West  Thurs  1340h
GA3.14  Magnetospheric Models and Their Critical Evaluation
Presiding: C Goodrich, Univ of Maryland; N Tsyganenko, 
           NASA/Goddard Space Flight Ctr

   1340h   GAB42E-01 The Shape and Field of the Magnetopause as 
                    Determined From Pressure Balance: *T  
   1355h   GAB42E-02 New Data-Based Models of the 
                    Geomagnetosphere With a Realistic 
                    Magnetopause: *N A Tsyganenko
   1415h   GAB42E-03 Comparison of Magnetospheric Magnetic Field 
                    Models With the Observed Geosynchronous 
                    Field Inclination: *M F Thomsen, L A Weiss, 
                    D J McComas, G D Reeves
   1430h   GAB42E-04 The Systematic and Random Errors for the 
                    Quantitative Model of the Earth's 
                    Magnetosphere: *N Nikolaeva, P Izraelevich
   1445h   GAB42E-05 Incorporation of Birkeland Currents in the 
                    Source Surface Model of the Magnetosphere: *V
                    Peroomian, L R Lyons, M Schulz
   1500h   Break
   1530h   GAB42E-06 INVITED  Evaluation of Magnetospheric Models
                    Based on Low Altitude Observations of 
                    Isotropic Boundaries: *V A Sergeev
   1555h   GAB42E-07 Quanitative Evaluation of a Magnetic Mapping
                    Between the Poleward Boundaries of the 
                    Auroral Oval and the Plasma Sheet: *J D 
                    Craven, G K Parks, L A Frank
   1610h   GAB42E-08 A Quantitative Test of Different Magnetic 
                    Field Models Using Conjunctions Between DMSP 
                    and Geosynchronous Orbit: *G D Reeves, L A 
                    Weiss, E W Hones, M F Thomsen, D J McComas
   1625h   GAB42E-09 Choosing an Appropriate Magnetospheric Field
                    Model Based on Measured Parameters: L A Weiss, 
                    *G D Reeves, M F Thomsen, D J McComas
   1640h   GAB42E-10 Using of Global Magnetic Field Models for 
                    the ULF Wave Propagation Study: *O Maltseva

GAB42F  UMC:235  Thurs  1330h
GA5.09  Field Behavior on Non-Active Days at World Locations
Presiding: H A Deebes, Nat'l Res Inst Ast & Geophys

   1330h   GAB42F-01 Anomalous Quiet Day Variations in the 
                    Declination Component During December 
                    Solstices in the Indian Region: *S Alex, M 
                    Jadhav, D R K Rao
   1345h   GAB42F-02 Geomagnetic Effects of a Solar Eclipse (Nov.
                    3, 1994): *L M Barreto
   1400h   GAB42F-03 The Behaviour of the Minimum Virtual Height 
                    on the Ordinary Wave for the F Layer With 
                    Lunar and Solar Phenomena: *H A Deebes
   1415h   GAB42F-04 Magnetic Variation on Quiet Periods and 
                    Their Periods and Their Relation to Solar 
                    Wind Velosity: *B Kuznetsov
   1430h   GAB42F-05 Global Induction by Sq Sources - Modelling 
                    and Interpretation Within Realistic Shell 
                    Model: *A Kuvshinov
   1445h   GAB42F-06 An Alias in the Annual Variation of the 
                    Geomagnetic Field: *S R C Malin, D E Winch
   1500h   Break
   1530h   GAB42F-07 Total Magnetic Intensity Changes During the 
                    November 3, 1994 and Other Solar Eclipses: *A
                    Orozco, L Muniz, E Hernandez
   1545h   GAB42F-08 Behaviour of the Quiet Day Ionospheric 
                    Current System in the European Region: *J M 
                    Torta, J J Curto, J G Sole, A Garcia, P 
   1600h   GAB42F-09 Intensification of Pc4 and Disappearance of 
                    Pi1c as a Characteristic of Magnetically 
                    Quiet Times: O V Bolshakova, *V A Troitskaya
   1615h   GAB42F-10 Hough Functions: *D E Winch, S Goulter
   1630h   GAB42F-11 Contribution of the Non-dipole Magnetic 
                    Field to Sq Dynamo Current System: *W Y Xu, L
   1645h   GAB42F-12 Observations and Studies of the Near-Earth 
                    Space Environment by China Meridian Chain of 
                    Magnetometers (CMCM): *W Xu, L Wei-dong
   1700h   GAB42F-13 Lunar Daily Geomagnetic Variation in New 
                    Zealand: *J D McKnight
   1715h   GAB42F-14 Magnetospheric Contributions to Geomagnetic 
                    Daily Variations: *N  Olsen

GAB51A  UMC:East  Fri  0830h
GA1.01/2.08/3.16/4.05/5.05  Solar Wind Structures, Energetic 
Solar Particles, Geomagnetic Activity and Associated Phenomena
Presiding: J T Gosling, Los Alamos National Lab

   0830h   GAB51A-01 Antagonistic Relationship of Solar Activity 
                    and Space Proton Flux to Total 
                    Cardiovascular and AMI-Related in-Hospital 
                    Deaths - Monthly Data (1974-73): *E Stoupel, 
                    E Abramson, J Sulkes, S Domarkiene, M Shimshoni
   0845h   GAB51A-02 A Quantitative Assessment of Energy Storage 
                    and Release in the Earth's Magnetotail: *D N 
                    Baker, M Hesse, T I Pulkkinen, R L McPherron
   0900h   GAB51A-03 Correlated Measurements of Relativistic 
                    Electrons at SAMPEX With ULF Measurements 
                    From the CANOPUS Magnetometer Chain: *G  
                    Rostoker, D N Baker, S H Skone
   0915h   GAB51A-04 Solar Wind and Terrestrial Variables: *N A 
   0930h   GAB51A-05 Effects of Geomagnetic Storms - Different 
                    Origin in the Upper Middle Atmosphere and 
                    the Troposphere: *J Lastovicka
   0945h   GAB51A-06 Relation Between Winter Climate Changes and 
                    Geomagnetic or Solar Activity at Different 
                    QBO Phases: *J Bochnicek, V Bucha, P Hejda, V
                    Marvanova, J Pycha
   1000h   Break
   1030h   GAB51A-07 Influence of Short-Term Variations in Solar 
                    Activity on Baric Perturbations in Winter 
                    Polar Stratosphere: A Besprozvannaya, B 
                    Sazonov, T Schuka, *O Troshichev
   1045h   GAB51A-08 The Solar Proton Events as an Essential Part
                    of the Solar-Terrestrial Physics: A V 
                    Shirochkov, L N Makarova
   1100h   GAB51A-09 The Morphology Category of Geomagnetic 
                    Disturbance in Response to the Structure 
                    Pattern in Solar Wind: *G L Zhang, Y F Gao
   1115h   GAB51A-10 Fine Structure of the Seasonal Variation of 
                    Geomagnetic and Auroral Activities: S M 
                    Silverman, *H Nevanlinna
   1130h   GAB51A-11 The Potential Geomagnetic Effectiveness of 
                    Coronal Mass Ejections and Stream 
                    Interaction Regions: *G M Lindsay, C T 
                    Russell, J G Luhmann
   1145h   GAB51A-12 Solar Wind State and Occurrence of the 
                    Geomagnetic Storm Sudden Commencements: *G A 

GAB51C  UMC:West  Fri  0830h
GA1.18  Palaeomagnetism and Tectonics
Presiding: M Krs, Ustav AVCR; C Kissel, 
           Ctr Faibles Radioactivities

   0830h   GAB51C-01 On the Significance of Palaeomagnetic 
                    Declinations on Oroclinal Bending and 
                    Rotational Underthrusting Within the 
                    Himalayan Area: *E Appel, A Patzelt, M 
   0845h   GAB51C-02 The Extent of "Greater India" Derived From 
                    Inclination Data of Cretaceous/Tertiary 
                    Sediments From Southern Tibet: A Patzelt, *E 
                    Appel, H Li, J Wang
   0900h   GAB51C-03 Permo-Jurassic Apparent Polar Wandering Path
                    for South China: Tectonic Implications: *J 
                    Besse, Y  Zhenyu
   0915h   GAB51C-04 New Palaeomagnetic Data From Central Iran 
                    and Its Triassic Palaeoposition With Respect 
                    to Gondwana and Eurasia: *H C Soffel, M 
                    Davoudzadeh, C Rolf
   0930h   GAB51C-05 A Method for Combining Paleomagnetic Poles 
                    for Tectonic Purposes When Complete 
                    Statistics for the Individual Poles Are Not 
                    Available: *P L McFadden, M W McElhinny
   0945h   GAB51C-06 Why Are There So Many Fold Tests?: *P L 

GAB51D  UMC:West  Fri  1030h
GA1.18  Palaeomagnetism and Tectonics
Presiding: A Rapalini, Univ Buenos Aires; B Henry, IPGP

   1030h   GAB51D-01 Palaeomagnetism, Palaeography and Tectonics 
                    of the Western Carpathians Since the Permian:
                    *M Krs, P Pruner
   1045h   GAB51D-02 Paleomagnetism of Paleozoic Rocks of the 
                    Sudetes (Southern Poland): *M 
                    Kadzialko-Hofmokl, M Jelenska, I El-Hemaly
   1100h   GAB51D-03 Oroclinal Rotations Within the Cantabrian 
                    Arc: Paleomagnetic Implications of the 
                    Permo-Triassic Redbeds: *J M Pares, R 
                    Van der Voo, J Stamatakos
   1115h   GAB51D-04 Primary Remanent Magnetization or 
                    Remagnetization From the Early Cambrian 
                    Ignimbrite of the Ougarta Belt (Algeria)?: B 
                    Bayou, M E M Derder, T Aifa
   1130h   GAB51D-05 Palaeomagnetic Investigations of 
                    Permo-Triassic Sediments From Madagascar: 
                    Implications for the Palaeoposition of 
                    Madagascar and the Reconstruction of Pangaea:
                    *H  Soffel, F  Maier, V  Bachtadse
   1145h   GAB51D-06 A Preliminary Early Permian Paleomagnetic 
                    Pole From Western Precordillera (Argentina) 
                    and Its Implications in the Gondwana APWP: M 
                    Mena, *A E Rapalini

GAB51E  EC:ARENA  Fri  0830h
GA1.18  Palaeomagnetism and Tectonics - Posters
Presiding: A Rapalini, *; J Besse, Inst de Physique du Globe

   0830h   GAB51E-01 POSTER  Petromagnetism and Tectonics: *E A 
   0830h   GAB51E-02 POSTER  Palaeomagnetism of Neovolcanics: A 
                    Study of Rotation of Volcanic Bodies of the 
                    East-Slovak Lowlands and Zemplinske Vrchy 
                    Mts. (West Carpathians): *O  Orlicky
   0830h   GAB51E-03 POSTER  Accretion of the W-Carpathian 
                    Tectonic Units at the Margin of Stable Europa: 
                    *E  Marton, I  Tunyi
   0830h   GAB51E-04 POSTER  Paleomagnetic Constraints on the 
                    Phanerozoic Plate Tectonics in Northern 
                    Eurasia: New Data: A N Khramov, *S A 
   0830h   GAB51E-05 POSTER  Tectonics and Paleomagnetism of the 
                    Penzhinskaya Guba and Kuyul Regions, Koryak 
                    Superterrane, Northeastern Russia: *W  
                    Harbert, K  Krylov
   0830h   GAB51E-06 POSTER  Paleomagnetism of Precambrian Mafic 
                    and Ultramafic Rocks of the Eastern Baltic 
                    Shield: *A N Khramov, M A Fedotova, B N 
   0830h   GAB51E-07 POSTER  A Long Variation of the Barremian 
                    Geomagnetic Pole: *A Y Guzhikov
   0830h   GAB51E-08 POSTER  New African Palaeomagnetic Pole of 
                    Moscovian Age From the Stable Saharan Craton 
                    (Edjeleh, Algeria): *M E M Derder, B Henry, M
                    Amenna, H Djellit
   0830h   GAB51E-09 POSTER  Phenozoic Paleomagnetism and the 
                    Tectonic Evolution of Tarim Basin, China: *F 
                    Dajun, T Xiaodong, J Guohai, W Penyan
   0830h   GAB51E-10 POSTER  Paleomagnetic Constraints on the 
                    Amalgamation of China to Eurasia: 
                    Implications for Gondwana: R S Cole, *X Zhao
   0830h   GAB51E-11 POSTER  Reconnaissance Paleomagnetic 
                    Investigation of Some Paleozoic Rocks From 
                    the Mongol-Okhotsk Collision Zone, Chita 
                    Region, South Central Russia: *W  Harbert, X 
                    Xi, S  Dril, V  Kravchinsky
   0830h   GAB51E-12 POSTER  Paleomagnetism of Paleozoic 
                    Ophiolites From Southern Mongolia: *A G 
                    Iosifidi, V A Starunov
   0830h   GAB51E-13 POSTER  Paleomagnetic Evidence on the 
                    Paleozoic Turkestan Paleoocean: *A N Khramov,
                    K L Klishevich, G S Biske, Y F Surkis
   0830h   GAB51E-14 POSTER  Hercynian Deformations on Pre-Polar 
                    Urals by Paleomagnetic Data: *A G Iosifidi, 
                    A N Khramov
   0830h   GAB51E-15 POSTER  Paleomagnetic Investigation of 
                    Paleozoic and Mezozoic Rocks of North 
                    Vietnam and the Indochina Tectonic 
                    Reconstruction: *N T K Thoa
   0830h   GAB51E-16 POSTER  Anomalies of the Thermomagnetic 
                    Characteristics of the Lower Cretaceous 
                    Redbeds of the Tadzhik Depression (Southern 
                    Tien-Shan): *Y S Rzhevsky
   0830h   GAB51E-17 POSTER  Apparent Polar Wander Path for the 
                    Early Paleozoic From North China Block and 
                    Its Tectonic Implications: *B C Huang, Q Y 
   0830h   GAB51E-18 POSTER  Constraining on the Chinese 
                    Tectonics From Paleomagnetic Study: *R X Zhu
   0830h   GAB51E-19 POSTER  New Insights in Some Important 
                    Events of China Geological Evolution: 
                    Advances in the Paleomagnetic Study of China 
                    Meeting: *L Chun, T Xiaodong, F Dajun
   0830h   GAB51E-20 POSTER  Paleomagnetism of Late Paleozoic 
                    Rocks From Eastern Slope of Omolon Massif: 
                    *Y F Surkis, E V Shemjakin
   0830h   GAB51E-21 POSTER  A Paleomagnetic Study of Central 
                    Harrat Rahat, Western Saudi Arabia: *I S Kaka
   0830h   GAB51E-22 POSTER  Rotational Modes Along the Romeral 
                    Strike-Slip Fault Zone, Northern Andes: 
                    Paleomagnetic Evidence: W D MacDonald, J J 
                    Estrada, G M Sierra
   0830h   GAB51E-23 POSTER  The Western Delamar-Iron Springs 
                    Belt: A Broad Zone of Sinistral Shear in the 
                    Basin and Range Province, USA: *M R Hudson, 
                    J G Rosenbaum, R B Scott, P D Rowley, C S 
   0830h   GAB51E-24 POSTER  Paleogeography of Peninsular Shield 
                    of India, Sri Lanka, and Madagascar in the 
                    Pre-breakup Gondwanaland: O P Pandey, P K 
                    Agrawal, J G Negi
   0830h   GAB51E-25 POSTER  Indo Seychelles Rifting as Exhibited
                    by Gravity: M Rajaram, M N Qureshy
   0830h   GAB51E-26 POSTER  Internet Archive of the World 
                    Paleomagnetic Database and an Interactive 
                    Tool to Search and Retrieve These Data: *W  
   0830h   GAB51E-27 POSTER  Paleozoic Paleomagnetic Results From
                    Gorny Altai (Russia): A Y Kazansky, M M 

GAB51F  UMC:Center  Fri  0830h
GA2.01  Upper Atmosphere Structure, Dynamics, and Electrodynamics
Presiding: J Mathews, Pennsylvania State Univ

   0830h   GAB51F-01 INVITED  Investigation of PMSE 
                    Characteristics by Partial Reflection Radar 
                    at 2.7 MHz: *V A Vlaskov, E Turunen, A A 
   0850h   GAB51F-02 Experimental Results on the Role of 
                    Turbulence for the Creation Mechanism of PMSE: 
                    *J Giebeler, S Berendonck, F J Lubken, T Blix, 
                    E Thrane, P Hoffmann
   0902h   GAB51F-03 Layering Effects on Middle Atmosphere 
                    Electrical Structure: *J D Mitchell, D J 
                    Walter, C L Croskey
   0914h   GAB51F-04 Measurements of PMC Altitude and Temperature
                    Near the Mesopause From the UARS ISAMS and 
                    WINDII Experiments: *M G Shepherd, M  
                    Lopez-Puertas, W F Evans, W  Ward, A  Dudhia
   0926h   GAB51F-05 First Observation of a Positive Ion 
                    Depletion in a Noctilucent Cloud: *F Balsiger, 
                    E Kopp, M Friedrich
   0938h   GAB51F-06 INVITED  Simultaneous Observations of 
                    Co-located PMSE and NLC Layers by Radar, 
                    Lidar, and Rocket: *W Singer, U von Zahn, P 
                    Hoffmann, J Bremer, R Ruster, K H Fricke, F J
                    Lubken, A H Manson
   0958h   GAB51F-07 INVITED  The Guara Campaign: Rocket, Radar, 
                    Ionosonde, and Magnetometer Observations of 
                    Critical Ionospheric and Mesospheric Physics 
                    at Alcantara, Brazil: *R Pfaff, M Acuna, R 
                    Goldberg, G Lehmacher, J Sobral, M Abdu, N 
                    Trivedi, I Batista, E de Paula, P 
                    Muralikrishna, H Takahashi, J LaBelle, J M 
                    Jahn, M Hudson, M Larsen, C Odom, W Swartz, D
                    Farley, C Acala, D Fritts, F Schmidlin, J 
                    Mitchell, L Marshall, M Friedrich, B Fejer
   1018h   GAB51F-08 Electrodynamics of the Lower Ionosphere 
                    (90-120 km) at the Magnetic Equator Explored 
                    Using Simultaneous Rocket, Radar, and 
                    Magnetometer Observations at Alcantara, 
                    Brazil: R Pfaff, W Swartz, N Trivedi
   1030h   Break
   1050h   GAB51F-09 INVITED  MALTED: A Rocket/Radar Study of 
                    Equatorial Dynamics in the Mesopause Region: 
                    *R A Goldberg, G A Lehmacher, M Friedrich, 
                    D C Fritts, J D Mitchell, F J Schmidlin
   1110h   GAB51F-10 Equatorial Electron Density Structure During
                    the MALTED Program: *C L Croskey, J D 
                    Mitchell, C Bas, L H Marshall, G A Lehmacher,
                    R A Goldberg, M Friedrich
   1122h   GAB51F-11 Electron Density Irregularities in the 
                    Equatorial Electrojet Region During MALTED: 
                    Comparison of Rocket and VHF Radar 
                    Observations: *G  Lehmacher, R A Goldberg, 
                    R F Pfaff, J D Mitchell, C S Croskey, C Bas, 
                    W E Swartz, C M Alcala
   1134h   GAB51F-12 INVITED  Electric Field Structure in the 
                    Middle Atmosphere: *A M Zadorozhny, A A Tyutin
   1146h   GAB51F-13 MST Radar Observations of Sharp Ionisation 
                    Layers in the Nighttime E-Region over Gadanki: 
                    H S S Sinha, P K Dwivedi, H Chandra, S Raizada

GAB51G  OMAIN:103  Fri  0830h
GA2.04  Developments in Instrumentation and Absolute Calibration
Presiding: S Chakrabarti, Boston Univ; E Hilsenrath, *

   0830h   GAB51G-01 Performance of the ERWIN Optical Wind 
                    Interferometer at Resolute Bay: W A Gault, D 
                    Liang, *G G Shepherd, S Brown, A Moise
   0840h   GAB51G-02 The Doppler Wind and Temperature System of 
                    the ALOMAR Lidar: Instrumentation and System 
                    Design and Performance Simulation: *D Rees, 
                    N P Meredith, E Griffin, M Vyssorgorets, P E Nielsen
   0850h   GAB51G-03 A GPS/LASER Synergistic System for Aeronomic
                    Detections: *J Liu
   0900h   GAB51G-04 Realization of a Common Ultraviolet Spectral
                    Radiance Calibration Scale for SBUV,-2 
                    SSBUV, and GOME Ozone Sounding Instruments: 
                    D F Heath, Z Y Wei, E Hilsenrath, S Janz, W K
                    Fowler, W Nelson
   0910h   GAB51G-05 Implications of New Radiance Calibrations on
                    Backscatter Ultraviolet (BUV) Ozone 
                    Measurements: *E Hilsenrath, P DeCamp, R P 
                    Cebula, S Janz, D F Heath
   0920h   GAB51G-06 CRISTA - A Space Shuttle Experiment: *D 
                    Offermann, K U Grossmann, P Barthol, P 
                    Knieling, R Trant
   0930h   GAB51G-07 The Middle Atmosphere High Resolution 
                    Spectrograph Investigation (MAHRSI): A UV 
                    Spectrograph Experiment to Measure OH and NO 
                    in the Middle Atmosphere: *R R Conway, C M 
                    Brown, G R Carruthers, J S Morrill, T Seeley,
                    J Cardon, G H Mount
   0940h   GAB51G-08 HDAC, a Photometer for Lyman Alpha 
                    Observation at Saturn: *H Lauche
   0950h   GAB51G-09 A Gas Ionization Spectrometer for Full-Disk 
                    Solar EUV Studies: *J  Vickers, S  
                    Chakrabarti, T  Cook, D  Cotton
   1000h   GAB51G-10 Daytime Spectrophotometry - Present Status 
                    and Future Prospects: *R Sridharan, D P Raju,
                    R Raghavarao
   1015h   Break
   1030h   GAB51G-11 INVITED  The European Space Agency's Global 
                    Ozone Monitoring Experiment: Instrumentation 
                    and Calibration: *K V Chance, J P Burrows, E 
                    Hilsenrath, R  Hoekstra
   1045h   GAB51G-12 INVITED  Characterization of the UVISI 
                    Spectrographic Imagers on MSX: *D Morrison, J
                    Carbary, P McEvaddy, K Peacock, G J Romick
   1100h   GAB51G-13 INVITED  Special Sensor Ultraviolet 
                    Spectrographic Imager (SSUSI): An Instrument 
                    Description: *L J Paxton, D Morrison, C I 
                    Meng, G H Fountain, B S Ogorzalek, G Crowley
   1115h   GAB51G-14 A Novel Intensified CCD Camera for Airglow 
                    and Auroral Observations: D Rees, N P 
                    Meredith, M Vyssorgorets, I Mooney
   1125h   GAB51G-15 A High Throughput Imaging Echelle 
                    Spectrograph (Hi-TIES): *S  Chakrabarti, J  
                    Baumgardner, J  Vaillancourt
   1135h   GAB51G-16 INVITED  Student Nitric Oxide Explorer: C A 
                    Barth, *S C Solomon
   1150h   GAB51G-17 INVITED  Tomographic Experiment Using 
                    Radiative Recombinative Ionospheric EUV and 
                    Radio Sources (TERRIERS): *D  Cotton, S  
                    Chakrabarti, T  Cook, J  Vickers
   1205h   GAB51G-18 Airglow Imaging With a Liquid Crystal 
                    Tunable Filter: R N Peterson, *R H Wiens, J R
                    Criswick, A  Moise, G G Shepherd, C H Hersom,
                    J  Harron
   1215h   GAB51G-19 One Method of Reconstructing Ionospheric 
                    MQP-Model Parameters at the Middle Point of 
                    an Oblique-Incidence Sounding Path: *N A 
   1225h   GAB51G-20 Nonlinear Mixing of VHF Radiowaves as a 
                    Method of Calibrating Ionospheric Electron 
                    Height Profiles Obtained by Incoherent 
                    Scatter: *V V Yevstafiev
   1235h   GAB51G-21 The Harnessing of Complicate Signals for 
                    Measurements of the Signal Distortions in 
                    the Ionospheric Channel: *A V Medvedev, K G 
   1245h   GAB51G-22 On the Necessity of the Constant Space 
                    Patrol Observation of the Extreme 
                    Ultraviolet and Soft X-ray Solar Fluxes: *S V

GAB51H  UMC:Forum  Fri  0830h
GA3.13  Modeling and Theory for Mission Design and Data 
Presiding: P Tanskanen, *; T Pulkkinen, 
           Finnish Meteorological Inst

   0830h   GAB51H-01 INVITED  Focus on the Cusp: From Footprints 
                    of the Magnetopause to Langmuir Cavitons: *K 
                    Stasiewicz, G  Gustafsson, G  Holmgren
   0900h   GAB51H-02 GEOPACK: An Improved Library of Data-Based 
                    Models of the Magnetospheric Magnetic Field: 
                    *M  Peredo, N A Tsyganenko, D P Stern, T Sotirelis
   0915h   GAB51H-03 Data-Based Testing of the Mapping Accuracy 
                    in the Magnetospheric Field Models: A Tool 
                    for Coordinating Cluster and Ground Based 
                    Observations: *T I Pulkkinen, N A Tsyganenko
   0930h   GAB51H-04 Use of Empirical Models in Devising 
                    Techniques to Calculate Magnetic Gradients 
                    Accurately From Four Point Measurements: *K K
                    Khurana, E L Kepko, M G Kivelson
   0945h   Break
   1015h   GAB51H-05 INVITED  Modeling of Magnetospheric Boundary
                    Layers From UV Auroral Morphology: R D 
                    Elphinstone, D J Hearn, L L Cogger, J S 
   1045h   GAB51H-06 Accuracy of the Determination of the Current
                    Density Via Four Satellites: *P  Robert, G M 
                    Chanteur, O  Coeur-Joly, A  Roux
   1100h   GAB51H-07 Subtleties in Cluster Magnetic Field Analysis: 
                    T I Woodward, *M W Dunlop, D J Southwood, A Balogh
   1115h   GAB51H-08 Cluster Analysis of Discontinuities Using 
                    Magnetic Field Data: *M W Dunlop, T I 
                    Woodward, C J Farrugia, A Balogh, K H Glassmeier
   1130h   GAB51H-09 INVITED  Mission Oriented Simulations: A 
                    Tool for Mission Planning and Data Interpretation: *J Berchem

GAB51I  EC:ARENA  Fri  0830h
GA3.13  Modeling and Theory for Mission Design and Data 
Interpretation - Posters
Presiding: P Tanskanen, *; T Pulkkinen, 
           Finnish Meteorological Inst

   0830h   GAB51I-01 POSTER  MAPSGAP: A Graphics and Pointing 
                    Tool for the Cassini Particle and Fields 
                    Instruments: *M Wuest, D T Young, J H Waite, 
                    D B Kloza
   0830h   GAB51I-02 POSTER  Modelling of the Earth's Plasmasphere: 
                    *D L Gallagher, P D Craven, R H Comfort

GAB51J  UMC:235  Fri  0800h
GA5.19  Magnetic Petrology and Magnetic Signatures of Ore 
Deposits and Ore Environments
Presiding: D Clark, CSIRO Division of Exploration and Mining

   0800h   GAB51J-01 INVITED  An Overview of Magnetic Petrology: 
                    *B R Frost
   0830h   GAB51J-02 INVITED  Magnetic Petrology May Refine Our 
                    Ability to Interpret Magnetic Anomalies: *P J
                    Wasilewski, R D Warner
   0900h   GAB51J-03 A Comparison of Petrophysical and Rock 
                    Geochemical Data in Tampere-Hameenlinna 
                    Area, Southern Finland: R Lahtinen, *J V Korhonen
   0915h   GAB51J-04 Paleomagnetism, Magnetic Petrophysics, and 
                    Magnetic Signature of the Mount Leyshon Gold 
                    Deposit, Queensland: M L Lackie, *D A Clark, 
                    D H French
   0930h   GAB51J-05 Petrophysical Properties of Kimberlites 
                    Compared to Archaean Rocks: *J V Korhonen
   0945h   GAB51J-06 Paleomagnetism, Magnetic Petrophysics, and 
                    Magnetic Signature of the Porgera Intrusive 
                    Complex: *D A Clark, P W Schmidt, K L Logan
   1000h   Break
   1030h   GAB51J-07 Rock Magnetic Properties in the Ag-Pb-Zn 
                    Mining District of Naica, Mexico: *L M 
                    Alva-Valdivia, J Urrutia-Fucugauchi
   1045h   GAB51J-08 Regional Remagnetization and Mesozoic Levels
                    Containing "Mississippi Valley Type" 
                    Deposits: The Southern Border of the French 
                    Massif Central: H Rouvier, *B Henry, M 
                    Le Goff
   1100h   GAB51J-09 Cantor Set Models of Magnetic Sources: *M E 
   1115h   GAB51J-10 Identification of Concealed Lithology Based 
                    on Textural Measures of Earth's Magnetic 
                    Field Data: *M  Bultman
   1130h   GAB51J-11 The Susceptibility of Interacting Magnetite 
                    Grains: *V P Shcherbakov, D A Clark
   1145h   GAB51J-12 Magnetic and Petrological Properties of 
                    Magnetite Ores, Bound With Seam-Dyke Complex 
                    (Magnitogorsk Ore Field): *T A Sherendo, I I 
                    Gluchich, A A Garaeva, G S Nechkin
   1155h   GAB51J-13 Magnetic Petrology and Magnetic Signatures 
                    of Geologic Structures: *M I Ryskin, Y P 
                    Kontsenebin, E A Molostovsky, A N Grishanov
   1205h   GAB51J-14 Baromagnetic After-Effect in Rocks and Their
                    Dynamic History: A Nulman, B Pisakin

GAB51K  EC:ARENA  Fri  0830h
GA5.19  Magnetic Petrology and Magnetic Signatures of Ore 
Deposits and Ore Environments - Posters
Presiding: D Clark, CSIRO Division of Exploration and Mining

   0830h   GAB51K-01 POSTER  Magnetic and Petrological Properties
                    of Magnetite Ores, Bound With Seam-Dyke 
                    Complex (Magnitogorsk Ore Field): *T A 
                    Sherendo, I I Gluchich, A A Garaeva, G S 
   0830h   GAB51K-02 POSTER  Magnetic Petrology and Magnetic 
                    Signatures of Geologic Structures: *M I 
                    Ryskin, Y P Kontsenebin, E A Molostovsky, A N
   0830h   GAB51K-03 POSTER  Baromagnetic After-Effect in Rocks 
                    and Their Dynamic History: A Nulman, B 
   0830h   GAB51K-04 POSTER  A Test for Dating Ages Related 
                    Information About Crystalline Basement by 
                    Geophysics in Two Different Transects: *S He,
                    Z Cheng, Y Geng, Q Dai
   0830h   GAB51K-05 POSTER  A Coordination Between Gravity and 
                    Magnetic Interpretations for Delineating the 
                    Relation Between Sedimentary and Basement 
                    Tectonics of the Cairo-Suez Road, Egypt: *A G
                    Hassaneen, A S Abu El Ata, S S Osman
   0830h   GAB51K-06 POSTER  Geoelectrical Study in the Vicinity 
                    of Giza Pyramids, Egypt: *A G Hassaneen, B S 
                    Svetov, P O Barsukov, S S Osman
   0830h   GAB51K-07 POSTER  Local Anomalous Behaviour of the 
                    Geomagnetic Secular Variation and Earthquake 
                    Occurrence in Egypt: F M Ahmed, E M Ibrahim, 
                    M Fahim, H A Deebes
   0830h   GAB51K-08 POSTER  Magnetic Survey for Mokattam Plateau
                    Area in Egypt: *F M Ahmed
   0830h   GAB51K-09 POSTER  Magnetic Survey for the Area Around 
                    the Epicentre of Earthquake Twelve October 
                    1992 in Egypt: *F M Ahmed
   0830h   GAB51K-10 POSTER  A Polarity Reversal in the (Mid 
                    Cretaceous) Rajmahal Lavas, India: S 
                    Basu Malik, J D Piper, A Das, S Ghosh
   0830h   GAB51K-11 POSTER  Correlation of Borehole Magnetometry
                    Results With Paleomagnetic Investigations on 
                    Cores at Muruntau SD-10: G V Igolkina, I A 
   0830h   GAB51K-12 POSTER  The Role of Artificial Magnetization
                    in Evaluation of Sulfide Mineralization: *G V

GAB51L  EC:ARENA  Fri  0830h
GA5.20  Advances in Magnetic Modeling and Efficient 
Interpretation of Large Magnetic Data Sets - Posters
Presiding: M Purucker, *; J Arkani-Hamed, McGill Univ

   0830h   GAB51L-01 POSTER  Magnetization Intensity Mapping in 
                    Medicine Lake Volcano, Northeast California: 
                    *S Okuma, C Finn, J M Donnelly-Nolan

GAB52A  UMC:East  Fri  1330h
GA1.01/2.08/3.16/4.05/5.05  Solar Wind Structures, Energetic 
Solar Particles, Geomagnetic Activity and Associated Phenomena
Presiding: J Lastovicka, Inst of Atmospheric Physics

   1330h   GAB52A-01 Long-Term Variation of the Ring Current and 
                    the Solar Wind: *S Vennerstrom, E 
   1345h   GAB52A-02 Solar Flare Fine Magnetic Field and Magnetic
                    Storm: *M Gao, M Gao, X Yan, G Ai, Z Shi, J 
   1400h   GAB52A-03 Solar Excursion Phases During the Last 14 
                    Cycles: *K  Mursula, B  Zieger
   1415h   GAB52A-04 Formation and Motion of Plasmoids in the 
                    Solar Corona: *S Wang, B Zhang, H N Zheng
   1430h   GAB52A-05 Geometry of Interplanetary Magnetic Clouds: 
                    *P J Cargill, J  Chen, D  Spicer, S  Zalesak
   1445h   GAB52A-06 Abnormally Low Proton Temperature Regions in
                    the Solar Wind as Signatures of Ejecta: 
                    Solar Cycle Dependence and Association With 
                    Other Ejecta Signatures: I G Richardson, H V 
   1500h   Break
   1530h   GAB52A-07 Wavelet Analysis of Interplanetary 
                    Corotating Flows at 0.7 AU: *D S Orlowski, 
                    C T Russell
   1545h   GAB52A-08 Solar Wind Structure and Its Relation to 
                    Solar Corona Structure: *Y I Yermolaev
   1600h   GAB52A-09 Numerical 3-D Simulation of the Solar Wind 
                    Structure Between 1 Rs and 1 AU: *A V 
   1615h   GAB52A-10 Global Structure of the Heliosphere in Solar
                    Activity Cycles as Deduced From the Wave 
                    Model of Solar Wind Formation: *I V Chashei
   1630h   GAB52A-11 Regular Trends in the Solar Wind Flow 
                    Formation: *N A Lotova, K V Vladimirskii, O A
                    Korelov, M Kojima
   1645h   GAB52A-12 Electron Fluxes After Explosive Injection in
                    a Turbulent Solar Wind: *P A Bespalov, V G 

GAB52B  UMC:West  Fri  1400h
GA1.18  Palaeomagnetism and Tectonics
Presiding: H Soffel, *; J Besse, Inst de Physique du Globe

   1400h   GAB52B-01 Cenozoic Geodynamical Evolution of the 
                    Central and Eastern Mediterranean: *C Kissel, 
                    C  Laj, F  Speranza, I  Islami
   1430h   GAB52B-02 The Umbria-Marche Arc (Northern Apennines) 
                    and the Orocline Hypotheses: A New 
                    Palaeomagnetic Approach: *F Speranza, L 
                    Sagnotti, A Winkler, M Mattei
   1445h   GAB52B-03 Palaeomagnetic Study of Crustal Deformation 
                    Across the North Anatolian Intracontinental 
                    Transform Fault, Northern Turkey: *J D A 
                    Piper, J M Moore, O Tatar, H Gursoy
   1500h   GAB52B-04 Lower Cretaceous Paleomagnetic Results From 
                    the Northern Alps - New Implications for the 
                    Paleogeography of the Western Tethys: *J  
                    Hauck, H  Soffel
   1515h   GAB52B-05 Paleomagnetic Evidence of an Early Paleozoic
                    Accreted Terrane in NW Argentina: A Clue for 
                    Gondwana-Laurentia Interaction?: *C M Conti, 
                    A E Rapalini, M Koukharsky, B Coira
   1530h   GAB52B-06 Paleozoic Paleomagnetism in Patagonia: A 
                    Southwestern Gondwana Authochtonous Terrane?:
                    *A E Rapalini
   1545h   GAB52B-07 Paleomagnetic Data From the San Telmo Pluton
                    in Baja California and the Question of 
                    Large-Scale Northward Displacements: *H 
                    Bohnel, L Delgado

GAB52C  UMC:West  Fri  1630h
GA1.18  Palaeomagnetism and Tectonics
Presiding: E Appel, Univ Tuebingen

   1630h   GAB52C-01 Implications of New Paleomagnetic Results 
                    From Kerguelen Islands for the Tertiary 
                    Geodynamical Evolution of the Indian Ocean: *B 
                    Henry, C Plessard
   1645h   GAB52C-02 Kinematics and Timing of Large-Scale Crustal
                    Rotations in Part of the Australia-Pacific 
                    Plate Boundary Zone, New Zealand: *A P Roberts
   1700h   GAB52C-03 Evolution of the Caribbean: *W W Hay, C N 
   1715h   GAB52C-04 New Jurassic Palaeomagnetic Data From 
                    Northern South America: Implications for the 
                    Central Atlantic Opening: *M Ernesto, I G 
                    Pacca, R Siqueira

GAB52D  UMC:Center  Fri  1330h
GA2.01  Upper Atmosphere Structure, Dynamics, and Electrodynamics
Presiding: R Goldberg, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Ctr

   1330h   GAB52D-01 The Seasonal and Nocturnal Variations of the
                    Mesospheric Sodium Layers at Hachioji, Japan:
                    *C Nagasawa, M Abo
   1342h   GAB52D-02 The Formation of Sporadic Sodium Layers: *B
                    R Clemesha, P P Batista, D M Simonich
   1354h   GAB52D-03 Global Distributions of Intermediate and 
                    Descending Layers in the Lower Ionosphere: 
                    *E P Szuszczewicz, R G Roble, P Wilkinson, R 
   1406h   GAB52D-04 INVITED  Aspects of Layer and Wave Processes
                    Revealed by High-Resolution ISR Observations 
                    of the 50-270 km Ionosphere at Arecibo: *J D 
   1426h   GAB52D-05 The Modeling of the Distribution of the 
                    Cross Electric Fields and Currents in the 
                    Middle-Latitude and Equator Thermosphere: M W
                    Belov, A G Kolesnik, S S Korolev
   1438h   GAB52D-06 Time Variations of Polar Cap Geomagnetic 
                    Field Fluctuations in the Antarctic: 
                    Implication for Equivalent Ionospheric 
                    Currents: L Cafarella, A Meloni, *L J 
                    Lanzerotti, C G Maclennan
   1450h   GAB52D-07 An Evidence of Correlation Between 
                    Atmospheric Electric Field and Riometer 
                    Observations at Novosibirsk: V V Kuznetsov, 
                    A A Pavlov, A F Pavlov, I I Nesterova
   1502h   GAB52D-08 INVITED  Freja Observations of Auroral, 
                    Subauroral, Mid-, and Low-Latitude Electric 
                    Fields: *G  Marklund, L  Blomberg
   1522h   GAB52D-09 Comparison of Simulated and Observed 
                    Features of Ionospheric Electrodynamics: *A D
                    Richmond, R G Roble, E C Ridley
   1534h   Break
   1600h   GAB52D-10 INVITED  Plasma Flow-Bursts at High Latitude: 
                    *P J Williams
   1620h   GAB52D-11 INVITED  Red Sprites and Blue Jets: 
                    Observations of Mesospheric/Stratospheric 
                    Electrical Discharges: *D D Sentman, E M 
   1640h   GAB52D-12 HF Echoes From Ionization Produced by Upward
                    Propagating Discharges: R Roussel-Dupre, *E 
   1652h   GAB52D-13 Electrodynamics of Disturbances in the 
                    Moving Ionospheric Plasma: *V L Saveliev, E V

GAB52E  UMC:Forum  Fri  1330h
GA3.13  Modeling and Theory for Mission Design and Data Interpretation
Presiding: A Roux, CNET CRPE; R Gary, Los Alamos National Lab

   1330h   GAB52E-01 INVITED  Inference Methods From Multi-point 
                    Measurements in Space: Applications to the 
                    CLUSTER Mission: *G M Chanteur
   1400h   GAB52E-02 Field/Field Spatial Correlation Functions 
                    From the Electromagnetic Proton Cyclotron 
                    Instability: Predictions for Cluster: *S P 
                    Gary, D  Winske
   1415h   GAB52E-03 Electromagnetic Wave Field Analysis by 
                    K-Filter Diagnostic Tools Developed for the 
                    CLUSTER Mission: *J L Pincon, G  Chanteur
   1430h   GAB52E-04 INVITED  Modelling the Kronian Magnetosphere: 
                    *M Blanc, S Maurice
   1500h   Break
   1530h   GAB52E-05 INVITED  Particle Simulation Studies of 
                    Wave-Particle Interactions Observed by 
                    GEOTAIL: *Y  Omura
   1600h   GAB52E-06 Model Rheometry and Electromagnetic Wave 
                    Direction Finding: *H O Rucker, H P Ladreiter, 
                    W Macher, R Manning
   1615h   GAB52E-07 Fast Neutral Atom Imaging: A New Diagnostic 
                    Tool for Global Monitoring of Dynamic 
                    Geospace Processes: *I A Daglis, S Livi, B 
                    Wilken, J Woch, S Orsini
   1630h   GAB52E-08 A Low Altitude Noon-Midnight Orbit 
                    Magnetometer Satellite, Orsted: *E Friis-Christensen

GAB52F  UMC:235  Fri  1330h
GA5.20  Advances in Magnetic Modeling and Efficient 
Interpretation of Large Magnetic Data Sets
Presiding: M Purucker, *; J Arkani-Hamed, McGill Univ

   1330h   GAB52F-01 INVITED  Models of the Magnetic Anomaly 
                    Field at the Earth's Surface and Inversion 
                    for Lithospheric Magnetization From 
                    Satellite Magnetic Data: *K A Whaler, R A Langel
   1400h   GAB52F-02 Magnetic Potential and Magnetization 
                    Contrasts of the Lithosphere: *J Arkani-Hamed, 
                    J Dyment
   1420h   GAB52F-03 Reduction of a Large, Global Magnetic 
                    Anomaly Data Set Using a Conjugate Gradient, 
                    Dipole Formalism: *M E Purucker, T J Sabaka, 
                    R A Langel
   1440h   GAB52F-04 A Systematic Approach to Constructing 
                    Three-Dimensional Models From Large 
                    Aeromagnetic Data Sets: *D J Teskey
   1500h   Break
   1520h   GAB52F-05 Limiting Constraints in the Use of "Euler's 
                    Theorem on Homogeneous Functions" for the 
                    Rapid Location Interpretation of 
                    Environmental Magnetic Sources: *D Ravat, J Foley
   1540h   GAB52F-06 Euler Deconvolution: Geological Information 
                    From "Defocussed" Solutions: *S D Barritt, P 
                    Kuttikul, C V Reeves
   1600h   GAB52F-07 Uniqueness Question and Uncertainties in 
                    Determination of the Geomagnetic Potential 
                    Field: *Z Wang
   1620h   GAB52F-08 The Complex Anomaly Magnitude (CAM) Map - A 
                    Better Alternative to Reduction-to-Pole: *H V
                    Ram Babu, D A Rao
   1640h   GAB52F-09 Magnetic Study of Furnas Caldera (Azores, 
                    Portugal): *A Garcia, I Blanco, J M Torta

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