HA11A  FISKE:Planetarium  Mon  0830h
HJS1  Status of Land Surface Process Models (Pilps and Rice)
 (joint  with M)
Presiding: A Henderson-Sellers, Macquarie Univ

   0830h   HA11A-01 INVITED  Cloud Vertical Structure Inside a 
                    GCM Grid and Its Effect on the Radiation 
                    Budget: *C J Stubenrauch, A D Del Genio, W B 
   0900h   HA11A-02 INVITED  Progress in Phase 1(c) of the 
                    Project for Intercomparison of Landsurface 
                    Parameterization Schemes (PILPS): *P C Milly, 
                    R D Koster, K A Dunne
   0930h   HA11A-03 INVITED  Possible Reasons Behind the 
                    Disparate Behaviors of Land-Surface 
                    Parameterizations Schemes: *R D Koster, P C D 
   1000h   Break
   1030h   HA11A-04 The Cabauw Data and Its Use in Testing the 
                    ECMWF Land Surface Scheme: *A C M Beljaars, P 
   1045h   HA11A-05 Accounting for Chaos in Land-Surface Model 
                    Intercomparisons: *T J Phillips, B D Santer
   1100h   HA11A-06 Sensitivity Tests of the Land Surface Model 
                    "Class" In the Context of PILPS: *D Verseghy
   1115h   HA11A-07 Validation of Soil Moisture Simulations in 
                    BATS Model Using HAPEX-MOBILY Data: *Z L Yang, 
                    R E Dickinson
   1130h   HA11A-08 The OSU/PL Land Surface Parameterization 
                    Scheme and Its Sensitivity in PILPS 
                    Experiments: *S Chang, C H Yang, D Hahn, D 
                    Norquist, M Ek, L Mahrt
   1145h   HA11A-09 Influence of Root Distribution on Modelled 
                    Evaporation: Experiments With Model 
                    Architecture Using HAPEX Data: *C E 

HA11B  EC:Arena  Mon  0830h
HJS1  Clouds, Convection, and Land Surface Processes - Posters
 (joint  with M)
Presiding: J Schaake, NOAA/NWS

   0830h   HA11B-01 POSTER  Classification of Precipitation in 
                    Illinois With a 915 MHz Wind Profiler: *W M 
                    Angevine, C R Williams
   0830h   HA11B-02 POSTER  Radar Studies of Heavy Rainfall: *J  
                    Smith, W  Zhao, M  Baeck
   0830h   HA11B-03 POSTER  Commissioning a MRL5 Dual-Wavelength 
                    Radar in South Africa: Upgrades, Performance 
                    Testing, and Data Collection: *D E Terblanche, 
                    D J Dicks, F O Hiscutt, H G Pienaar
   0830h   HA11B-04 POSTER  The "Response" of Southern African 
                    Summertime Convective Storms to Hygroscopic 
                    Seeding: *B F Adam, M P Mittermaier
   0830h   HA11B-05 POSTER  Moving Towards an Area Experiment in 
                    the Bethlehem Precipitation Research Project 
                    (BPRP): *B F Adam, N J Kroese
   0830h   HA11B-06 POSTER  Temporal and Spatial Variation of 
                    Soil Moisture in China: *S  Liu, A  Robock, 
                    K Y Vinnikov
   0830h   HA11B-07 POSTER  Increased Rainfall in South Israel 
                    due to Land Surface Modifications?!: *P 
                    Alpert, T Ben-Gai, A Bitan, A Manes
   0830h   HA11B-08 POSTER  Winter's Underground Heat Fluxes as 
                    a Main Tool to Predict the Rainfall of Flood 
                    Season in China: M Tang, Z Ma
   0830h   HA11B-09 POSTER  Generation of a Gridded Daily 
                    Meteorological Database From Surface 
                    Observations, and Its Incorporation in 
                    Single Year Simulations of Regional 
                    Hydrological and Ecological Processes: *P E 
                    Thornton, S W Running
   0830h   HA11B-10 POSTER  Model Interpolated Regional 
                    Precipitation From Time Averaged Analyses: 
                    *K C Mo, J N Paegle, J Paegle
   0830h   HA11B-11 POSTER  Interannual and Interdecadal 
                    Variabilities of the Summer Precipitation in 
                    East Asia and Their Association With the 
                    Thermal State of the Western Pacific Warm 
                    Pool: *R Huang
   0830h   HA11B-12 POSTER  Disaggregation Methods of 
                    Precipitation and Their Effects on 
                    Simulations of Hydrological Processes: *M  
                    Chen, R E Dickinson, X Zeng
   0830h   HA11B-13 POSTER  Diagnosis of South China Heavy 
                    Rainfall: *L X Zhong
   0830h   HA11B-14 POSTER  Mississippi Flooding and the High 
                    Index Phase of the Southern Oscillation: *A P 
   0830h   HA11B-15 POSTER  The Flood Frequency Distributions of 
                    Three Basins in Central Anatolia: *N Usul, Z 
   0830h   HA11B-16 POSTER  Impact of Variability of 
                    Hydrometeorological Parameters on the 
                    Occurrence of Droughts Over Kerala State, 
                    India: *H S Ram Mohan
   0830h   HA11B-17 POSTER  A Forecasting Model Based on the 
                    Rate of Change of Distance in Phase Space 
                    for Drought and Flood: Z Jiabin, W Yunkuan, Y 
   0830h   HA11B-18 POSTER  On the Maintenance of Abnormal 
                    Circulation - A Case Study: *P Jingbei, S 
   0830h   HA11B-19 POSTER  Some Evidences of Earth-Air 
                    Interaction: *Z Ma
   0830h   HA11B-20 POSTER  The Idealized Australian Monsoon 
                    Driven by a Seasonal Change of the Western 
                    Pacific Warm Pool: *J I Yano, J McBride
   0830h   HA11B-21 POSTER  Water Vapour Transfer Over 
                    South-East Asia During Summer MONEX 
                    Experiment: *M G Filippova
   0830h   HA11B-22 POSTER  The Climatic Influence of the 
                    Tibetan Plateau to the Rainfall Over China 
                    in Summer: *S Zhengshan, Y Hui
   0830h   HA11B-23 POSTER  Monthly Climate Anomaly Generator: 
                    Physical Interpretation and Applications for 
                    Hungary: *J Mika
   0830h   HA11B-24 POSTER  A GCM Experiment of the Influnce of 
                    the Ground Wetness Anomalies on the Climate: 
                    X You, T Yasunari, H L Tanaka

HA11C  EC:CR 2-6  Mon  0830h
HJW1  Remote Sensing Algorithms in Hydrology: Soil Moisture
 (joint  with M)
Presiding: E T Engman, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center

   0830h   Discussion

HA11D  EC:2  Mon  0830h
HW3  Regional Patterns and Implications of Climate Change
Presiding: K Murty, Nagpur Univ

   0830h   HA11D-01 Water Budget and Humidity Changes Over 
                    Millennial Time Scales: Examples From 
                    Central Asia and Implications for the Future: 
                    R K Klige, *A O Selivanov
   0900h   HA11D-02 Aspects of the Lasting Degradation of the 
                    Water Resources in the Sahelian Basin of the 
                    Niger River - Impacts on the Renewing 
                    Resources in Mali: *J C Olivry
   0930h   Discussion
   1000h   Break
   1030h   HA11D-03 A System for Torrent Water Yield Management 
                    in View of Aquifer Supply Increase in the 
                    Respective Depositional Areas: T Pavlidis, *D 
   1050h   HA11D-04 Soil Evaporation in Dry Harmattan Winds in 
                    the Coastal Savanna Zone of Ghana: *M Bonsu
   1110h   HA11D-05 Hydrological Effects on Forests in Northwest 
                    Sichuan, China: Z Chen, M H Douglas, I 
   1130h   HA11D-06 Hydrologic Modeling of a River Basin in 
                    Swaziland, Africa: *T Y Gan, B G Fana, E M 
   1150h   HA11D-07 The Lost Water Resources and the Developing 
                    Economy of Bangladesh: *M A Miah, M A Samad

HA12A  FISKE:Planetarium  Mon  1330h
HJS1  Status of Land Surface Process Models (Pilps and Rice)
 (joint  with M)
Presiding: A J Pitman, Macquarie Univ; A Henderson-Sellers, 
           Macquarie Univ

   1330h   HA12A-01 INVITED  Climate-Vegetation Interactions in 
                    Desertification Experiments: *Y Xue
   1400h   HA12A-02 INVITED  Land Surface Energy Fluxes: 
                    Comparing Three Models: L Dumenil, *J P 
                    Schulz, J Polcher, A Schlosser, Y Xue
   1430h   HA12A-03 Soil Moisture Simulation With the ISBA 
                    Surface Scheme: *J Noilhan, J F Mahfouf
   1445h   HA12A-04 The Analysis of VIC-2L Landsurface Scheme in 
                    PILPS HAPEX Experiment and Its Improvements: 
                    *X Liang, E F Wood, D P Lettenmaier
   1500h   Break
   1530h   HA12A-05 Comparison of Different Models for Fluxes of 
                    Water Vapour, Heat, Momentum Over Semi-arid 
                    Surfaces: H A R de Bruin, B J J van de Hurk, 
                    A Verhoef
   1545h   HA12A-06 Variations on the Theme of the CAPS' 
                    Representation of Surface-Layer Physics: *C H 
                    Yang, D Hahn, S Chang, D Aiken
   1600h   HA12A-07 INVITED  Investigate the Use of ARM-CART 
                    Data in GCIP and PILPS: J Shuttleworth, J 

HA12B  ENGR:CR 2-6  Mon  1330h
HJW1  Remote Sensing Algorithms in Hydrology: Soil Moisture
Presiding: E T Engman, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center

   1330h   HA12B-01 Retrieval of Soil Moisture From Microwave 
                    Imagery: *A P Barros
   1333h   HA12B-02 Rainfall-Runoff Modelling Using Optical and 
                    Radar Remote Sensing Data to Infer Soil 
                    Moisture Evolution at the Basin Scale: *A L 
                    Cognard, C Loumagne, M Normand
   1336h   HA12B-03 Comparison of Visible/Infrared and Passive 
                    Microwave Satellite Estimates of Rainfall 
                    During TOGA COARE: *E E Ebert, A Gruber
   1339h   HA12B-04 Derivation of Land Characteristics From NOAA 
                    AVHRR for GCIP Hydrological Studies: *G 
                    Gutman, A Ignatov
   1342h   HA12B-05 Precipitation Measurement With Satellite 
                    Radar Altimeters: *C Hongbin
   1345h   HA12B-06 Preliminary Analysis Results of Various 
                    Remote Sensing Experiments in the Zwalm 
                    Catchment: D S Lin, *Z Su, P A Troch, F P 
                    De Troch
   1348h   HA12B-07 A Simple Parameterization of Soil Moisture 
                    and ET Using NDVI: *S E Nicholson, P  Santos
   1351h   HA12B-08 Soil Moisture Mapping by Combining SAR Data 
                    With Visible and Infrared Image: *T  Oki, T  
                    Nakaegawa, K  Musiake
   1354h   HA12B-09 Polarimetric Radar Measurements of Soil 
                    Moisture Profiles at the European Microwave 
                    Signature Laboratory, JRC, Ispra (Italy): F 
                    Vandersteene, *P A Troch, F P De Troch, M 
                    Mancini, O Bolognani, M Wuthrich, G D'Urso
   1357h   Discussion

HA12C  EC:2  Mon  1330h
HW3  Coping With Challenges of Global Change
Presiding: M Beran, Institute of Hydrology

   1330h   HA12C-01 INVITED  Methodologie Simplifiee 
                    d'Evaluation Comparative des Performances 
                    d'un Systeme d'eau Amenage Confronte la 
                    Secheresse. Exemple de l'Amenagement du 
                    Sassandra en Cote d'Ivoire: *E Servat, M 
   1430h   HA12C-02 Drought Analysis and Irrigation Planning 
                    Through Soil Moisture Simulation: *S  
                    Ramaseshan, Y D Pandey
   1500h   Break
   1530h   HA12C-03 Soil Moisture Management by Selection of 
                    Sowing Date: *R Prasad
   1600h   HA12C-04 Initiation of a Hydrometeorologial Station 
                    Network in Eritrea, East Africa: *G L Grabow
   1630h   HA12C-05 The Need for Global Information on the 
                    Environment (Present and Past) for 
                    Forecasting Hydrologic Hazards (Draughts and 
                    Floods): *G P Gregori
   1645h   HA12C-06 Hydrologic Modeling for Adapatation and 
                    Mitigation Decisions About Climate Change 
                    Impacts to Water Resources in the Developing 
                    World: *J P Kochendorfer, J A Ramirez

HA21A  FISKE:Planetarium  Tues  0830h
HJS1  Land Surface Process Model Development (joint  with M)
Presiding: A J Hall, NOAA/NWS; K Brubaker, USDA/ARS/BARC-W

   0830h   HA21A-01 The UP Model: A Physically-Based Approach to 
                    Large Scale Hydrological Modelling: J Ewen, 
                    C G Kilsby, D B Clark, W T Sloan, *P E 
   0845h   HA21A-02 INVITED  Parameterization of Land-Surface 
                    Processes in a Hydrological/Atmospheric 
                    Model of Cold Region of Russia: *E P 
                    Chemerenko, L V Berkovich, V I Koren, J C 
   0900h   HA21A-03 A Simple Water Balance Model (SWB) for 
                    Different Spatial and Temporal Scales: J C 
                    Schaake, V I Koren, Q Y Duan
   0915h   HA21A-04 The Preliminary Study on Waters and Energy 
                    Exchange Between Land Surface and Atmosphere 
                    in Hvaihe River: *C Z Liu
   0930h   HA21A-05 A Mesocale Land-Surface Parameterization 
                    Based on Areally-Averaged Hydrologic 
                    Conservation Equations: Application to Japan 
                    and California: *M L Kavvas, Z Q Chen, L Tan, 
                    S T Soong, A Terakawa, J Yoshitani, M 
                    Fujikane, A Watanabe
   0945h   HA21A-06 Modeling the Water Balance of a Coniferous 
                    Forest Site Using a Modified Simple 
                    Biosphere (SiB) Model: *K Schelde, K H Jensen, 
                    B R Andersen, L Rasmussen
   1000h   Break
   1030h   HA21A-07 Satellite-Derived Fractional Green 
                    Vegetation for Numerical Weather and Climate 
                    Models: *G Gutman, A Ignatov
   1045h   HA21A-08 Parameter Estimation of a Hydrological 
                    Distributed System Using NOAA/AVHRR Data: *V I 
                    Koren, F N Kogan, C B Barrett, G N Day
   1100h   HA21A-09 Development and Testing of a Regional 
                    Calibration Scheme for Conceptual Hydrologic 
                    Models: Q Y Duan, V I Koren, J C Schaake
   1115h   HA21A-10 Soil Moisture Estimates for Operational 
                    Numerical Weather Prediction Models Based on 
                    Forecast Errors of Near-Surface Humidity: N 
                    Brunet, R Sarrazin, *Y Delage, J Mailhot
   1130h   HA21A-11 Sensitivity to Soil Hydrological Properties 
                    in SECHIBA: *A Ducharne, J Polcher
   1145h   HA21A-12 Effects of Soil Model Vertical Resolution 
                    and Moisture Related Soil Properties on 
                    Ground Surface Temperature Forecast: *T G 
                    Smirnova, J M Brown, S G Benjamin

HA21B  EC:Arena  Tues  0830h
HJS1  Land Surface Process Model Development - Posters (joint 
 with M)
Presiding: J Schaake, NOAA/NWS

   0830h   HA21B-01 POSTER  A Bioclimatic, Soils, and Land Cover 
                    Database for Simulation of U.S. 
                    Ecoysystem/Vegetation Responses to Global 
                    Change: The VEMAP Dataset: *T G F Kittel, N A 
                    Rosenbloom, D S Schimel, T H Painter, H H 
                    Fisher, A W Grimsdell
   0830h   HA21B-02 POSTER  Development of Bulk Transfer 
                    Parameterization of Surface Turbulent Fluxes 
                    for a GCM Using LES Data: *C Zhang, D A 
                    Randall, C H Moeng
   0830h   HA21B-03 POSTER  A Surface Aggregation Scheme for 
                    Mesoscale Models and GCMs: *X Zeng
   0830h   HA21B-04 POSTER  Incorporation of Large-Scale 
                    Hydrological Transport Into the Global 
                    Climate Model: *K G Rubinstein, A  Shmakin
   0830h   HA21B-05 POSTER  On the Effect of Land-Surface 
                    Process in Regional Numerical Weather 
                    Prediction: *V C Wong, Y Liu, X Song
   0830h   HA21B-06 POSTER  Validation and Intercomparison of 
                    Multiyear Biosphere and Bucket Model Offline 
                    Simulations for a Typical Midlatitude 
                    Grassland Catchment: *C A Schlosser, A  
                    Robock, K Y Vinnikov, N A Speranskaya, Y  Xue
   0830h   HA21B-07 POSTER  Modelling and Testing Water and 
                    Energy Transfer in 
                    Soil-Vegetation-Atmosphere System: *X  Mo
   0830h   HA21B-08 POSTER  Comparison Amoung Multi-, Double-, 
                    and Single-Source Models of Energy Flux From 
                    Plant Canopies: *T Watanabe
   0830h   HA21B-09 POSTER  A Theoretical Basis for the 
                    Priestley-Taylor Coefficient: *J P Lhomme
   0830h   HA21B-10 POSTER  A Rational Parameterization of the 
                    Evaporation From Bare Soil: T Kobayashi, W J 
   0830h   HA21B-11 POSTER  The Modeling of Infiltration in 
                    Pampa Ondulada Basins - A Semi-wet Flatland 
                    Case: *R A Navarro
   0830h   HA21B-12 POSTER  Validation of the Horton-Berthelot 
                    Generalizated Model in Flatlands Semi-wetted 
                    Areas: *R A Navarro, G E Caamano Nelli
   0830h   HA21B-13 POSTER  A Subgrid Parameterization of 
                    Orographic Precipitation: *L R Leung, S J 
   0830h   HA21B-14 POSTER  Microscale Energy Balance Simulation 
                    Over Mountain Terrain for Winter Season: *M G 
   0830h   HA21B-15 POSTER  Impacts of Tropical Deforestation on 
                    the Local and Global Climate: *H Zhang
   0830h   HA21B-16 POSTER  Climatic Impact of Amazon 
                    Deforestation - A Study of Underlying 
                    Mechanisms: *N Zeng, R E Dickinson
   0830h   HA21B-17 POSTER  Assessing SECHIBAs Sensitivity to 
                    Different Deforestation Scenarios: *J Polcher
   0830h   HA21B-18 POSTER  Performance and Sensitivity of the 
                    RCCM2/BATS Model to Tropical Deforestation 
                    Over the Amazon Basin: *A N Hahmann, R E 
   0830h   HA21B-19 POSTER  A Study About Temperatures in Two 
                    Deep Lakes: *A R Elo

HA21C  EC:Arena  Tues  0830h
HJS1  Status of Land Surface Process Models (Pilps and Rice) - 
Posters (joint  with M)
Presiding: J Schaake, NOAA/NWS

   0830h   HA21C-01 POSTER  Assessing Soil Moisture Simulation: *A 
                    Henderson-Sellers, Y Shao, A J Pitman, P 
                    Irannejad, O Balachova, T H Chen, C Ciret, C 
   0830h   HA21C-02 POSTER  PILPS Phase 3: AMIP Diagnostic 
                    Subproject 12: *P K Love
   0830h   HA21C-03 POSTER  "Sub-PILPS": An Attempt to Find the 
                    Step in the Processes Complexity Which Leads 
                    to the Most Growth of Scattering the Results: 
                    *A B Shmakin, O N Nasonova
   0830h   HA21C-04 POSTER  Behavior of SPONSOR as 
                    Landscape-Oriented Simplified 
                    Parameterization Scheme With 1-Day Timestep 
                    in the PILPS Experiments: *A B Shmakin
   0830h   HA21C-05 POSTER  Sensitivity Analysis and Inter 
                    Comparison of Global Hydrologic Cycles 
                    Obtained With Different Land Surface 
                    Parameterization Schemes: *J A Ramirez, S U 
   0830h   HA21C-06 POSTER  Altitudinal Gradient and Nested 
                    Watershed Studies and Modelling in Mountain 
                    Regions: *A Becker
   0830h   HA21C-07 POSTER  Testing Two Land-Surface Schemes in 
                    the NMC Mesoscale Eta Model: *F Chen, K 
                    Mitchell, H Pan, Z Janjic
   0830h   HA21C-08 POSTER  Cloud Miocrophysical Properties 
                    Derived From Multispectral AVHRR Data During 
                    FIRE and TOGA/COARE: *P W Heck, D F Young, R 
                    Palikonda, P Minnis
   0830h   HA21C-09 POSTER  Estimating the Dry Deposition Fluxes 
                    of Ozone and Reactive Nitrogen Compounds: *G 
                    Kramm, H Muller, R Dlugi, N Molders
   0830h   HA21C-10 POSTER  Numerical Modeling of Tropical 
                    Squall Lines: *C  Liu, M W Moncrieff, E J 
   0830h   HA21C-11 POSTER  A Numerical Study of Runoff and 
                    Drainage in Soil Moisture Simulation in a 
                    Land-Atmosphere Interface Scheme (LAPS): *D T 
                    Mihailovic, B S Lalic
   0830h   HA21C-12 POSTER  Testing Two Land-Surface Schemes in 
                    the NMC Mesoscale Eta Model: *K Mitchell, F 
                    Chen, H Pan, Z Janjic
   0830h   HA21C-13 POSTER  The Parameterization of 
                    Nonconvective Clouds in General Circulation 
                    Models: *S E Nebuda, W Cotton
   0830h   HA21C-14 POSTER  The Project for Intercomparison of 
                    Land Surface Parameterisation Schemes 
                    (PILPS): Recent Progress and Results: *A J 

HA21D  ENGR:CR 2-6  Tues  0830h
HJW1  Remote Sensing Algorithms in Hydrology: Evapotranspiration
Presiding: K Humes, USDA/ARS

   0830h   Discussion

HA21E  EC:3  Tues  0925h
H2  Assessing and Monitoring Groundwater Quality I
Presiding: B J Wagner, USEGS, Menlo Park; T H Illangasekare, 
           Univ of Colorado, Boulder

   0925h   INTRODUCTION: B J Wagner,USEGS, Menlo Park
   0930h   HA21E-01 Assessment of Groundwater Quality for the 
                    Bangkok Aquifer System: *A Das Gupta, R 
                    Jayakrishnan, P R Onta, V Ramnarong
   0950h   HA21E-02 Use of a Groundwater Model in Assessing 
                    Possible Sources of Salinity on the Central 
                    Bolivian Altiplano: *A Coudrain-Ribstein, T 
                    Loosemore, P Rochat, J Quintanilla, P Younger
   1010h   Break
   1030h   HA21E-03 Assessing the Contamination Potential of 
                    Groundwater Using Its Temporal Temperature 
                    Variations: *J Bundschuh
   1050h   HA21E-04 Application of Contaminant-Contributing-Area 
                    Delineation Techniques to Statistical 
                    Analysis of Regional Shallow Ground-Water 
                    Quality, Long Island, New York: *P E Misut
   1110h   HA21E-05 Optimal Location of Monitoring Wells for 
                    Detection of Groundwater Contamination in 
                    Three-Dimensional Heterogeneous Aquifers: P 
                    Storck, *A Valocchi, J W Eheart
   1130h   HA21E-06 Effects of Two Contrasting Agricultural Land 
                    Uses on Shallow Ground Water Quality in the 
                    San Joaquin Valley, California: Design and 
                    Preliminary Interpretation: *N M Dubrovsky, 
                    K R Burow, J M Gronberg
   1150h   HA21E-07 Nitrate in Ground Water of the United States: 
                    *D F Helsel, P A Hamilton, D K Mueller

HA21F  EC:1  Tues  0830h
HW3  Integrated River Basin Management
Presiding: A Salih, UNESCO

   0830h   HA21F-01 Comparison of the Synthetic Hydrographs 
                    Computing Methods: *V Oancea, G Oberlin, R 
   0850h   HA21F-02 Problems of Water Resources for the Alluvial 
                    Chia-Nan Plain, Taiwan in Relation With the 
                    Global Warming: *C H Wang
   0910h   HA21F-03 Optimization of Canal Operation for 
                    Management of Sediment in Gezira Irrigation 
                    Scheme in Sudan: D M Yousif, *S Elsheikh, R 
                    Guercio, K Andah
   0930h   HA21F-04 Unfoldment of Surface Water Monitoring in 
                    Canada: *P J Pilon, T J Day, M Balshaw, J 
   0950h   HA21F-05 Hydrological Aberrations in Relation to 
                    Global Changes: *A A L Sarma
   1010h   Break
   1040h   HA21F-06 Verification and Validation of Groundwater 
                    Chemistry Data at the Savannah River Site, 
                    South Carolina: *W P Kubilius, C D Rogers, 
                    T P Killeen
   1100h   HA21F-07 Relations Between ENSO and Colombian 
                    Hydrology: *O J Mesa, G  Poveda, R A Smith

HA22A  FISKE:Planetarium  Tues  1330h
HJS1  Land Surface Process Model Development (joint  with M)
Presiding: R D Koster, NASA/GFSC; A J Askew, WMO/HWRD

   1330h   HA22A-01 Simulation of Atmospheric and Soil Water 
                    Exchange in Coupled Models: *R L Walko, R A 
                    Pielke, L E Band, R  Lammers, C  Tague, J  
                    Baron, T G F Kittel
   1345h   HA22A-02 An Objective Method for Flux Aggregation 
                    Over Inhomogeneous Surfaces: *N O Jensen, J 
   1400h   HA22A-03 Simulating Hydrologically Relevant 
                    Quantities From Heterogeneous Land Surfaces: 
                    *N Molders, A Raabe, G Tetzlaff
   1415h   HA22A-04 Regional Evapotranspiration and Bouchet's 
                    Hypothesis - Large Scale Water Budgets for 
                    the US: J A Ramirez, *L  Claessens, T C Brown
   1430h   HA22A-05 Analysis of Water-Energy Feedback Mechanisms 
                    in Land-Atmosphere Interaction: *K  Brubaker, 
                    D  Entekhabi
   1445h   HA22A-06 Land Atmosphere Coupling and Data 
                    Assimiliation in Global Models: *R E 
                    Dickinson, J C Morrill
   1500h   Break
   1530h   HA22A-07 Development and Model Description of a 
                    Land-Surface-PBL Model Within a Mesoscale 
                    Meteorology Model: *J E Pleim, A Xiu
   1545h   HA22A-08 Parametrization of Fluxes Over Heterogeneous 
                    Snowcover: *R L Essery
   1600h   HA22A-09 Hydrograph Estimations by Runoff Routing 
                    Modelling Used for AGCM Output in Major 
                    River Basins of the World: *T  Oki, S  Kanae, 
                    K  Musiake
   1615h   HA22A-10 A Simulation of Vegetation Feedback on 
                    CO~K2~L Induced Climatic Change: *P M Cox
   1630h   HA22A-11 A Method for Predicting the Precipitation 
                    Memory Associated With Different Land 
                    Surface Parameterizations: *R D Koster, M J 
   1645h   HA22A-12 Physical Processes Involved in the 1988 
                    Drought and 1993 Floods in North America: *K 
                    Trenberth, C Guillemot

HA22B  ENGR:CR2-6  Tues  1330h
HJW1  Remote Sensing Algorithms in Hydrology:  Evapotranspiration
Presiding: K Humes, USDA/ARS

   1340h   HA22B-01 Evapotranspiration - Estimation From Space 
                    and Ground: Z Dunkel, L Tokei
   1343h   HA22B-02 The Mechanisms of the Anisotropy of 
                    Normalized Difference Vegetation Index From 
                    NOAA AVHRR: *S Lopatnikov, G Gutman
   1346h   HA22B-03 Mapping Evapotranspiration and Soil Moisture 
                    and Modelling of Hydrometeorological 
                    Processes at Heterogeneous Land Surfaces: *M 
                    Menenti, W G M Bastiaanssen, P V Oevelen, D 
                    Hoekman, H A R de Bruin
   1349h   HA22B-04 Aerodynamic Bulk Formulae Under Low 
                    Windspeed Conditions During HAPEX-Sahel: *F  
                    Said, J  Attie, A  Druilhet, P  Durand
   1352h   HA22B-05 Model SWAP: Description and Application for 
                    PILPS Experiments: Y M Gusev, *O N Nasonova
   1355h   Discussion

HA22C  EC:3  Tues  1330h
H2  Assessing and Monitoring Groundwater Quality II
Presiding: B J Wagner, USEGS; K H Jensen, Technical Univ Denmark

   1330h   HA22C-01 Subsurface Flow and Transport Models for 
                    Decision Support in Assessing Groundwater 
                    Contamination: *D M Peterson, D D Walker, B S 
                    Ramarao, T A Duval, R G Knowlton
   1350h   HA22C-02 Monitoring of DNAPL Movement From an 
                    Intentional Spill of Chlorinated Solvent: *K A 
                    Sander, G R Olhoeft
   1410h   HA22C-03 A Probability-Based Algorithm to Select the 
                    Next Sample Location: *J White, J Massmann, B 
                    Rutherford, R G Knowlton
   1430h   HA22C-04 Monitoring Groundwater Temperature Change 
                    due to Pumping: *M Taniguchi
   1450h   HA22C-05 Etude du Fonctionnement Hydrologique de 
                    Bassins Versants Mediterraneens par le 
                    Tracage Naturel Chimique et Isotopique: V 
                    Marc, Y Travi, *J Lavabre
   1510h   Break
   1530h   HA22C-06 Simulating the Performance of a Vacuum 
                    Solution Extraction Device for Measuring 
                    Solute Flux Concentrations in Field Soils: 
                    *P H Tseng, M T Van Genuchten, W Jury
   1550h   HA22C-07 Stable Isotopic Compositions of Deep 
                    Groundwater Caused by Partial Infiltration 
                    Into the Restricted Recharge Area of a 
                    Semiarid Basin in Tanzania: *S Onodera, K 
                    Kitaoka, S Shindo
   1610h   HA22C-08 Spatial Variation in Background Groundwater 
                    Geochemistry of the Gurinai Wetland, Gobi 
                    Desert, Inner Mongolia: *G Weizu, N E Peters
   1630h   HA22C-09 Radon in Groundwater - Evaluation and 
                    Formulation of a Groundwater Policy: *A 
   1650h   HA22C-10 The Role of Data Analysis Protocols in 
                    Obtaining Groundwater Quality Management 
                    Information: N Adkins, H Bell, *R Ward

HA31A  FISKE:Planetarium  Wed  0830h
HJS1  Land Surface Experiments and Issues of Topography
Presiding: A Becker, Univ of Berlin; H J Bolle, Univ Berlin

   0830h   INTRODUCTION: A Becker,Univ of Berlin
   0840h   HA31A-01 INVITED  Effect of Forest Harvesting on Peak 
                    Streamflow Events in Western Washington: *D P 
                    Lettenmaier, P Storck, B A Connelly
   0900h   HA31A-02 INVITED  Sources and Flowpaths of Storm 
                    Runoff in Steep, Humid Catchments: What Are 
                    They and How Can We Model Them: *J J 
                    McDonnell, J E Freer
   0915h   HA31A-03 Hillslope and Climatic Controls on 
                    Hydrologic Fluxes: *G D Salvucci, D Entekhabi
   0930h   HA31A-04 A Spatially Distributed Water and Energy 
                    Balance Model: Development and Validation in 
                    Complex Terrain: C M U Neale, D G Tarboton, 
                    G A Artan, P Unnikrishna, J J McDonnell, T H 
                    Jackson, K R Cooley, C L Hanson, G N 
   0945h   HA31A-05 Regionalisation of GCMs Outputs: Simulation 
                    of the Snow Climatology of the French Alps. 
                    Sensitivity to Climate Change: *E Martin, E 
   1000h   Break
   1030h   HA31A-06 Impacts of Microscale and Mesoscale 
                    Topographical Structures on Subgrid-Scale 
                    Atmospheric Fluxes in GCMs: *R Avissar, Y Liu
   1045h   HA31A-07 Aspects of the Influence of Subgrid 
                    Topography on Evapotranspiration and Cloud 
                    and Precipitation Formation: *N Molders, A 
   1100h   HA31A-08 Assessing the Mesoscale Atmospheric Impact 
                    of Changes in Soil Use Due to a Large 
                    Irrigation Project: *P M A Miranda, R 
   1115h   HA31A-09 Surface Fluxes and Atmospheric Feedback in 
                    Southeastern Africa: *M R Jury, M Rouault, S 
                    Weeks, M Schormann
   1130h   HA31A-10 The Influence of Topography on Precipitation 
                    Under the Distinct Summer and Winter Weather 
                    Patterns of Southeastern Arizona: *R Scott, D 
   1145h   HA31A-11 Hydrological Responses of the Tropical 
                    Mountains in Sri Lanka and Southwest India 
                    to Global Warming: *I Kayane, K Nakagawa

HA31B  ENGR:CR 2-6  Wed  0830h
HJW1  Remote Sensing Algorithms in Hydrology: Snow Cover
Presiding: A Rango, USDA/ARS

   0840h   HA31B-01 Change Detection of Snowcover in an Alpine 
                    Region: *H Haefner, F Holecz, E Meier, D 
                    Nuesch, J Piesbergen
   0843h   HA31B-02 Satellite Passive Microwave Snowpack 
                    Observations Compared to Fine-Scale Model 
                    Estimates of Snowpack Water Equivalent: *E G 
                    Josberger, T R Carroll, P  Gloersen, A T C 
                    Chang, A  Rango
   0846h   HA31B-03 Assessing Spectral Mixture Analysis for 
                    Global Snowcover Mapping: *A W Nolin
   0849h   HA31B-04 Regional Distribution of Snow Accumulation 
                    From Multispectral SPOT and Landsat Data: K 
                    Seidel, C Ehrler, J Schaper, J Martinec
   0852h   HA31B-05 Comparison of Different Methods for 
                    Adjustment Radar Data Using Rain Gauges: *G 

HA31C  EC:5  Wed  0830h
H4  Introductory Session and Mathematical Models in Tracer 
Presiding: C Leibundgut, Univ Freiburg

   0920h   HA31C-01 Development and Application of a Fibre Optic 
                    Fluorimeter for in-Situ Tracer Concentration 
                    Measurements in Groundwater and Soil: *G 
                    Schmid, B Barczewski
   0940h   HA31C-02 An Overview on Conceptual Model Formulations 
                    for Evaluation of Isotope Data in 
                    Hydrological Systems: *Y Yurtsever
   1000h   Break
   1030h   HA31C-03 ~L3~KH and Delta ~L18~K0 as Indicators of 
                    Connectivity in a Multi-Aquifer Complex, 
                    Cass County, Southwestern Michigan: *C K 
                    Lovett, R V Krishnamurthy, A E Kehew, R N 
   1050h   HA31C-04 Tracer Techniques and Soil Gas Surveys for 
                    the Detection of Contaminant Transport: *M 
                    Eiswirth, H Hotzl
   1110h   HA31C-05 Mathematical Modelling of Contaminant 
                    Transport Using Tracer Techniques: *A P 
                    Belousova, A I Shmakov
   1130h   HA31C-06 Transport Modelling of Radiocarbon in 
                    Groundwater Systems: *O Nitzsche, D Hebert, B 
   1145h   HA31C-07 Validation of a Groundwater Model by 
                    Simulating Transport of Natural Tracer and 
                    Organic Pollutant: *E Zechner, T Noak, L 
                    Hauber, J Trosch, R Wulser
   1200h   HA31C-08 Applications of an Airborne Laser Altimeter 
                    for Measuring Landscape Surface Properties: 
                    *J C Ritchie

HA31D  EC:1  Wed  0830h
HW1  Spatial Information Systems in Hydrology
Presiding: I Johnson, A Ivan Johnson Inc.; K J Lanfear, 
           USEGS, Reston

   0830h   HA31D-01 Microwave Remote Sensing of Spatial and 
                    Temporal Variation of Surface Soil Moisture 
                    During Washita '92: *N M Mattikalli, E T 
   0900h   HA31D-02 The Use of a GIS for the Management of Water 
                    Resources From the Snow Cover Over the 
                    Carpathian Hydrographical Basins: *G 
                    Stancalie, C Ungureanu, C Mustata, S Catana
   0930h   HA31D-03 INVITED  Addressing the Non-point Source 
                    Implications of Conjunctive Water Use With a 
                    Geographic Information System (GIS): *D S 
                    Ellington, J R Nuckols, H Faidi
   1010h   HA31D-04 Groundwater Discharge Maps as an Information 
                    Base for Modern and Predicted Groundwater 
                    State Assessment: I S Zektser, R G Dzhamalov

HA31E  EC:Arena  Wed  0830h
HJS1  Land Surface Experiment and Issues of Topography - Posters
 (joint  with M)
Presiding: D Lettenmaier, Univ of Washington; R Avissar, 
           Rutgers Univ

   0830h   HA31E-01 POSTER  FIFE 1987 Water Budget Analysis and 
                    Some Implications on Future Field Experiments: 
                    Q Y Duan, J C Schaake, V I Koren
   0830h   HA31E-02 POSTER  Estimation of Heat Fluxes Over 
                    Homogeneous Terrain: H Xinmei, *T J Lyons
   0830h   HA31E-03 POSTER  A Model and Experimental Study of 
                    CO~K2~L and H~K2~LO Exchange Between 
                    Atmosphere and Grassland Ecosystem: *N  
                    Saigusa, T  Oikawa, T  Watanabe
   0830h   HA31E-04 POSTER  Comparison of Turbulent Fluxes and 
                    Heat Balance Above the Different Plants: *Y A 
                    Volkov, L G Elagina, A A Grachev, I N 
                    Plakhina, I A Repina
   0830h   HA31E-05 POSTER  Seasonal Land Atmosphere Interaction 
                    in a Semi-arid Region: *X Yanhui, T J Lyons
   0830h   HA31E-06 POSTER  Comparison of 10 Days of Simulated 
                    and Measured OLR: *R Rizzi
   0830h   HA31E-07 POSTER  Fingers in Oil-Water Systems: T 
                    Steenhuis, J Y Parlange, D Chandler, *A 
                    Rimmer, Z Cohen, W Condit, D Durnford, B 
   0830h   HA31E-08 POSTER  A Theoretical Study of Cloud-Top 
                    Entrainment: *Q Wang, C H Moeng

HA31F  EC:Arena  Wed  0830h
H2  Assessing and Monitoring Groundwater Quality V - Posters
Presiding: B J Wagner, USEGS, Menlo Park; K H Jensen, 
           Technical Univ, Denmark

   0830h   HA31F-01 POSTER  A Multiphase Radial Air/Water Flow 
                    and Volatile Contaminant Transport Model 
                    With Application to Soil Vapor Extraction 
                    Systems: *P  Binning, M A Celia
   0830h   HA31F-02 POSTER  Mathematical Modeling of Groundwater 
                    Flow and Solute Transport: Scale Up, 
                    Mathematical Theory, and Simulations of 
                    Laboratory Experiments: *D W Dean, T F 
                    Russell, T H Illangasekare, R  Mapa, J  
   0830h   HA31F-03 POSTER  Study of Processes Acidification of 
                    Groundwater on the Catchment: R G Dzhamalov, 
                    V L Zlobina
   0830h   HA31F-04 POSTER  Random Fields of Hydraulic 
                    Conductivity and Distribution Coefficient in 
                    a Sand Aquifer: *A Espino, D Mallants, J 
   0830h   HA31F-05 POSTER  An Analytical Evaluation for Airflow 
                    to Inlet Wells in Vapor Extraction Systems 
                    Under Leaky Conditions: *S Ge, M Liao
   0830h   HA31F-06 POSTER  Groundwater Quality Monitoring in 
                    the National Parks of Lithuania as Global 
                    Background Monitoring: *Z Gulbinas
   0830h   HA31F-07 POSTER  Transport Analyses of Injection 
                    Fluid With Variable Density in the "R-1" 
                    Sand Near Geismar, Louisiana: *P Jin, M E 
                    Barber, G C Flowers
   0830h   HA31F-08 POSTER  Electrical Resistivity - A Versatile 
                    Tool for Ground Water Exploration in the 
                    Deccan Basalts: H Kulkarni, *A Lalwani, S B 
   0830h   HA31F-09 POSTER  Stream and Pseudopotential Surfaces 
                    in the Presentation and Interpretation of 
                    Groundwater Modeling Results: *G B Matanga
   0830h   HA31F-10 POSTER  Characterization of Aquifer 
                    Properties From Contaminant Concentration 
                    Measurements at a Heterogeneous Field Site: 
                    L B Reid, *C C Sun, D  McLaughlin
   0830h   HA31F-11 POSTER  Joint Inversion of Resistivity and 
                    Induced Polarisation Sounding Data for 
                    Location of Saline Water Pockets: *K K Roy, 
                    K K Mukherjee, J J Bhattacharyya, R 
   0830h   HA31F-12 POSTER  Automated Optimization of an 
                    Extraction Well Array Using the Linear 
                    Optimization Algorithm in MODMAN: *R L Sacks, 
                    R C Earle
   0830h   HA31F-13 POSTER  Geological Heterogeneity and 
                    Hydrogeological Parameterisation for 
                    Monitoring Groundwater Quality: *E  Simmelink, 
                    H  Pagnier, H  Smit, R  Laperre
   0830h   HA31F-14 POSTER  Automated Resistivity Monitoring 
                    System for the Measurement of Ground Water 
                    Flow Direction and Velocity: *P A White
   0830h   HA31F-15 POSTER  A New Evaluation Method for 
                    Groundwater Quality of Plains: *H Zhu, B Wu
   0830h   HA31F-16 POSTER  Monitoring of Groundwater Quality in 
                    Regions With Nuclear Power Plants: *A 
   0830h   HA31F-17 POSTER  Barameter Coefficient and Transfer 
                    Function Between Atmospherical Loading and 
                    Water Level in Deep Well: *B Chen, Z Chen
   0830h   HA31F-18 POSTER  Parameter Optimization and Inverse 
                    Modeling to Characterize Multi-phase Fluid 
                    Permeability Functions: *J Chen, Y Liu, J W 
                    Hopmans, M E Grismer
   0830h   HA31F-19 POSTER  Evolution of Hydrogeologic 
                    Conditions in the Choshui River Fan, Taiwan: 
                    Y P Chia, S T Lu, R C Horng
   0830h   HA31F-20 POSTER  Strontium Isotope Study of a 
                    Seawater Intrusion Zone and Groundwater 
                    Injection Barrier (Orange County, California): 
                    *B K Esser, B Hudson, M L Davisson, A Volpe, 
                    S Niemeyer, J Beiriger, P Chatham
   0830h   HA31F-21 POSTER  Process Modeling and Parameter 
                    Estimation for Multiphase Flow in Porous 
                    Media: I, Experimental Studies: R Giese, *O 
                    Kemmesies, C Nitsche
   0830h   HA31F-22 POSTER  Groundwater Potentiality in the Area 
                    to the West of Lake Nasser (Kurkur)Aswan, 
                    A.R.E.: *A G Hassaneen, S S Osman
   0830h   HA31F-23 POSTER  The Effect of Oligo-Miocene Basalts 
                    on the Encountered Water Occurrences of 
                    Cairo-Suez Road, as Deduced From 
                    Geo-Electric Evaluation: *A G Hassaneen, A S 
                    Abu El Ata
   0830h   HA31F-24 POSTER  Process Modeling and Parameter 
                    Estimation for Multiphase Flow in Porous 
                    Media: II, Model and Numerical Studies: *O 
                    Kemmesies, L Luckner
   0830h   HA31F-25 POSTER  Land Imandra Water Contaminatin 
                    Dynamics by Space Images: * Kravtsova
   0830h   HA31F-26 POSTER  Water Resources Management 
                    Strategies for Southern Africa Development 
                    Community Region: *U Aswathanarayana

HA31G  EC:4  Wed  0830h
H2  Assessing and Monitoring Groundwater Quality III
Presiding: T H Illangasckare, Univ of Colorado, Boulder; K H 
           Jensen, Technical Univ of Denmark

   0830h   INTRODUCTION: T H Illangasekare,
                    Univ of Colorado, Boulder
   0835h   HA31G-01 INVITED  Modeling of Multiphase 
                    Multicontaminant Transport in the Subsurface: 
                    *T F Russell
   0900h   HA31G-02 Experiments on the Behavior of NAPLs in the 
                    Unsaturated-Saturated Zone Under the 
                    Conditions of a Changing Water Table: *C Tang, 
                    S Shindo, Y Sakura, T Hirata
   0920h   HA31G-03 Application of a Microbiology-Geochemistry 
                    Transport Model for Saturated Groundwater 
                    Flow to a Municipal Landfill Plume (Vejen 
                    Landfill, Denmark): *A Brun, P Engesgaard, T 
   0940h   HA31G-04 Numerical Simulation of Two Dimensional 
                    Transport in Multi-Scale Heterogeneous 
                    Aquifers: *F  Ruan, D  McLaughlin
   1000h   Break
   1020h   HA31G-05 Using MODFLOW/MODPATH Combined With GIS 
                    Analysis for Groundwater Modelling in the 
                    Alluvial Aquifer of the River Sieg, Germany: 
                    *W A Flugel, C Michl
   1040h   HA31G-06 Optimal Pumping Strategies for Managing 
                    Shallow, Poor-Quality Groundwater, Western 
                    San Joaquin Valley, California: *P Barlow, B 
                    Wagner, K Belitz
   1100h   HA31G-07 Dynamic Optimal Control for Groundwater 
                    Remediation Management Using Genetic 
                    Algorithms: *C Huang, A Mayer
   1120h   HA31G-08 Use of a Stochastic Multi-Model Procedure - 
                    STORAGE - for Modeling Flow Dynamics in a 
                    Karstic Field: *V Feeny, P Gourbesville
   1140h   HA31G-09 Effective Parameters for Unsaturated Flow in 
                    Heterogeneous Soil: *D Wildenschild, K H 
   1200h   HA31G-10 Assessment of Free-Flowing Soil Solution 
                    Using Zero Tension Samplers: *M Nachabe, T 
                    Illangasekare, M Litaor, G Barth

HA32A  FISKE:Planetarium  Wed  1330h
HJS1  Land Surface Experiments and Issues of Topography (joint 
 with M)
Presiding: D Lettenmaier, Univ of Washington; R Avissar, 
           Rutgers Univ

   1330h   HA32A-01 Towards Modelling of Land-Surface Processes 
                    in Semiarid Areas With the Aid of 
                    Observations From Space: *H J Bolle
   1345h   HA32A-02 Comparison of Surface Fluxes Over Four Crops: 
                    *K E Kunkel
   1400h   HA32A-03 Surface Flux Measurement and Modeling at a 
                    Semiarid Sonoran Desert Site: *H E Unland, 
                    P R Houser, Z L Yang, W J Shuttleworth
   1415h   HA32A-04 Estimation of Physical Soil Parameters to 
                    Improve Land-Surface-Process-Models: M Disse, 
                    *E J Plate
   1430h   HA32A-05 Regional Evapotranspiration Studies in the 
                    Swiss Prealps: *L Menzel
   1445h   HA32A-06 Aquifer Lysimeters for Direct Measurement of 
                    Areal Evapotranspiration in Arid Environments: 
                    *W E Bardsley, D I Campbell

HA32B  ENGR:CR 2-6  Wed  1330h
HJW1  Remote Sensing Algorithms in Hydrology: Snow Cover
Presiding: A Rango, USDA/ARS

   1330h   Discussion

HA32C  EC:5  Wed  1330h
H4  Unsaturated Zone and Groundwater
Presiding: C Leibundgut, Univ Freiburg

   1330h   HA32C-01 Isotopic and Chemical Tracing of Macropore 
                    Flow in Laboratory Columns Under Simulated 
                    Snowmelt Conditions: *J M Buttle, D G Leigh
   1350h   HA32C-02 The Simultaneous Use of Three Common 
                    Hydrological Tracers for Fine Spatial and 
                    Temporal Resolution Investigation of 
                    Preferential Flow in a Large Soil Block: *N M 
                    Holden, A G Williams, D Scholefield, J F Dowd
   1410h   HA32C-03 Investigation of Preferential Flow in the 
                    Unsaturated Zone Using Tracer Methods: *A 
                    Mikovari, C Peter
   1430h   HA32C-04 Evaluation of Seasonal Variation in Bypass 
                    Flow and Matrix Flow in a Forest Soil Layer 
                    Using Bromide Ion: *S Onodera, M Kobayashi, M 
   1445h   HA32C-05 A Nuclear Tracer Technique for Investigation 
                    of Solute Transport in the Unsaturated Zone 
                    of Soil: *L Lichner
   1500h   Break
   1530h   HA32C-06 Tracers for Immiscible Hydrocarbons in 
                    Groundwater: Laboratory Experiments: *M E 
                    McCarville, J K Bergin, D R Hampton
   1550h   HA32C-07 Long Distance Tracer Tests in a High 
                    Permeable Fault Zone at the Lindau Fractured 
                    Rock Test Site: *T Himmelsbach, H Hotzl, P 
   1610h   HA32C-08 Comparison of Different Radioactive Tracer, 
                    Uranine, and the Noble Gas Helium Within a 
                    Single Fracture of Granitic Rock at the 
                    Grimsel Test Site: *W Drost, A Keppler, T 
   1630h   HA32C-09 Application of Natural and Artificial 
                    Tracers to Determine Flow Parameters by Bank 
                    Filtration: *P Maloszewski, B Reichert, W 
   1650h   HA32C-10 Percolation of Pollutant Through the 
                    Unsaturated Zone: *A P Belousova

HA32D  EC:2  Wed  1330h
HW2  Spatial Information Systems in Hydrology
Presiding: A I Johnson, A. I. Johnson, Inc.; K J Lanfear, 
           USEGS, Reston

   1330h   HA32D-01 INVITED  Demonstration of a GIS in Non-point 
                    Source Modeling of and Agricultural Watershed: 
                    D S Ellington, H Faidi, J R Nuckols
   1355h   HA32D-02 Stochastic Study of Spatial 37 GHz 
                    Polarization Difference Data Related to 
                    Hydrological Processes: *S G Dobrovolski, B J 
   1420h   HA32D-03 Regional-, Continental-, and Global-Scale 
                    Water Balances, Plus Hydrographic and Ground 
                    Water Salt Discharge Spatial Analysis: 
                    Databases and Results: H A Loaiciga, I S 
   1445h   HA32D-04 Regional MeteoData Subsystem for Modelling 
                    of Natural Processes: *V G Konovalov
   1510h   Break
   1540h   HA32D-05 Flood Modelling With GIS Derived Distributed 
                    Unit Hydrographs: *I Muzik
   1605h   HA32D-06 Use of Spatial Data Sets in a Coupled 
                    GIS/Hydrologic Model System - A Case Study 
                    of Simulating an Urban Catchment: *S  Herath, 
                    S  Tanimoto, K  Musiake, S  Hironaka
   1630h   HA32D-07 Integrated Interactive Intelligent Image and 
                    Information System (SIS) Environment for 
                    Water Resources: *S Ramaseshan
   1655h   HA32D-08 Demonstration of the National Geospatial 
                    Data Clearing House: K J Lanfear
   1720h   HA32D-09 Distributed Numerical Modelling of Surface 
                    Runof in an Arid Region Using Thematic 
                    Mapper Data and GIS: K D Sharma, M Mennenti, 
                    J Huygen, P C Fernandez

HA32E  EC:4  Wed  1335h
H2  Assessing and Monitoring Groundwater Quality IV
Presiding: K J Jensen, Technical Univ Denmark; I H Illangasekare, 
           Univ of Colorado, Boulder

   1335h   HA32E-01 INVITED  Opportunities in Vadose Zone Flow 
                    and Transport Research: *M T van Genuchten
   1400h   HA32E-02 Analytical Solutions for Water Flow and 
                    Solute Transport in the Unsaturated Zone: *M 
                    Nachabe, A Islas, T Illangasekare
   1420h   HA32E-03 A Stochastically-Derived, Deterministic 
                    Model of Solute Transport Conditioned on 
                    Hydraulic Data: *D Zhang, S Neuman
   1440h   HA32E-04 Conditional Prediction of Transport in 
                    Unsaturated, Heterogeneous Porous Media: 
                    Monte Carlo Simulation Versus 
                    Eulerian-Lagrangian Theory: *T Harter, D 
   1500h   Break
   1520h   HA32E-05 Three-Dimensional Inverse Modelling Using 
                    Heads and Concentrations at a Danish Landfill: 
                    *H Christiansen, M C Hill, D Rosbjerg, K H 
   1540h   HA32E-06 Estimation of Aquifer Hydraulic 
                    Conductivities: A Neural Network Approach: *C 
                    Sawyer, K Lieuallen, L Achenie
   1600h   HA32E-07 Using Fuzzy Set Methods to Consider 
                    Parameter Imprecision in Groundwater Flow 
                    Models: *W E Woldt, C Dou, I Bogardi, M Dahab
   1620h   HA32E-08 Monte Carlo Analysis of Two-Phase (Water and 
                    Oil) Flow in Heterogeneous Porous Media: *J 
                    Kaluarachchi, A Abdin, A Barakat
   1640h   HA32E-09 Relation of Hydraulic Conductivity and 
                    Dispersivity to Scale of Measurement in a 
                    Carbonate Aquifer: *D Schulze-Makuch, D S 

HA32F  FISKE:Planetarium  Wed  1530h
HJS1  SVAT Validation Based on Land Surface Experiments (joint 
 with M)
Presiding: D Lettenmaier, Univ of Washington; R Avissar, 
           Rutgers Univ

   1530h   HA32F-01 Local Versus Nonlocal Forcing in a 
                    Heterogeneous Watershed: Observations and 
                    Models of the Little Washita, August 1994: 
                    *C D Peters-Lidard, E F Wood
   1545h   HA32F-02 Testing of a Land Surface Parameterization, 
                    the ISBA Model, in a Temperate Middle 
                    Mountain Environment: S Fouche, G Najjar, J 
                    Noilhan, *B Ambroise
   1600h   HA32F-03 Developing a Land-Surface Data Assimilation 
                    System for the NMC Mesoscale Eta Model and 
                    GCIP: *K Mitchell, F Chen, I Takayabu
   1615h   HA32F-04 Modeling of Surface Evaporation by Four 
                    Schemes and Comparing With FIFE Data: *F Chen, 
                    K Mitchell, J Schaake, Y Xue, A Betts
   1630h   HA32F-05 Testing SSiB in the NMC Mesoscale Eta Model: 
                    J F Zeng, *Y Xu, K Mitchell, Z Janjic, I 
                    Takayabu, F Chen
   1645h   HA32F-06 Experimental Design for Water Balancing in 
                    Tropical Forest Hydrology: Models Vis a Vis 
                    Measurements: *H A Loaiciga

HA41A  FISKE:Planetarium  Thurs  0830h
HJS1  ISCCP and Regional Experiments (joint  with M)
Presiding: E Raschke, GKSS Research Center; W B Rossow, 
           NASA/Goddard Inst Space Studies

   0830h   HA41A-01 INVITED  Studying the Role of Clouds in 
                    Climate With ISCCP Datasets: *W B Rossow
   0850h   HA41A-02 Initial Results of a Near-Global Survey of 
                    Cirrus Particle Size Using ISCCP Data: *Q Y 
                    Han, W B Rossow, J Chou, R M Welch
   0910h   HA41A-03 Comparison of Liquid Water Path and Cloud 
                    Droplet Sizes Derived From SSM/I, Meteosat, 
                    and AVHRR During ASTEX: *P Minnis, R 
                    Palikonda, D F Young, D R Doelling
   0920h   HA41A-04 Radiation Climatology of the Arctic: 
                    Comparison of ISCCP-Derived Fluxes and 
                    Long-Term in Situ Surface Measurements: J E 
                    Box, J Key
   0930h   HA41A-05 Assessment of the Budget for the Absorption 
                    of Solar Energy by the Earth's Atmosphere: 
                    *T P Charlock, C H Whitlock, T L Alberta, A 
   0940h   HA41A-06 A Time-Series of Surface Radiation Using 
                    ISCCP-C1 Data: *N A Ritchey, S K Gupta, A C 
                    Wilber, W L Darnell, W F Staylor
   0950h   HA41A-07 Operational Context-Sensitive Cloud 
                    Classification Scheme of Meteosat Data and 
                    the Problems of the Automatization: *M 
                    Dioszeghy, I G Szenyan
   1000h   Break
   1030h   HA41A-08 INVITED  Japanese Cloud-Radiation Studies: 
                    WENPEX and JACCS: *S Asano
   1045h   HA41A-09 INVITED  The European Cloud and Radiation 
                    Experiment (EUCREX) Research on Cirrus 
                    (1988-1995): *E Raschke
   1100h   HA41A-10 The Retrieval of Cirrus Microphysical and 
                    Radiative Properties From Aircraft 
                    Multi-spectral Radiance Measurements During 
                    EUCREX'93: P Hignett, *P N Francis, A Macke
   1110h   HA41A-11 Aircraft Measurements of Cirrus Broad-Band 
                    Longwave and Shortwave Radiative Properties 
                    During EUCREX'93: *P N Francis, P Wendling, B 
                    Strauss, H Fimpel, F Albers
   1120h   HA41A-12 Optical and Radiative Properties of Cirrus 
                    Clouds Obtained by Active and Passive Remote 
                    Sensing Observations During EUCREX'94: *H 
                    Chepfer, G Brogniez, Y Fouquart, P Flamant, R 
                    Valentin, J Pelon, C Flamant, V Trouillet, F 
   1130h   HA41A-13 Dust Cloud Emission From Arid Areas: 
                    Comparison Between Simulation and Satellite 
                    Observations: B Marticorena, J Bergametti, *M 
                    Legrand, C Ndoume
   1140h   HA41A-14 Some Results of Ice Cloud Microphysical 
                    Retrievals During FIRE-II and ASTEX: *S Y 
                    Matrosov, R A Kropfli, J B Snider

HA41B  EC:5  Thurs  0830h
H4  Sediment Transport and Unsaturated Zone Surface Water and 
Presiding: C Leibundgut, Univ Freiburg

   0830h   HA41B-01 The Application of Mineral Magnetic 
                    Measurements to Quantify Within-Storm 
                    Variations in Suspended Sediment Sources: *M C 
                    Slattery, T P Burt, J Walden
   0850h   HA41B-02 Particle Characteristics and Their 
                    Significance in the Identification of 
                    Suspended Sediment Sources: *T Udelhoven, W 
   0910h   HA41B-03 Use of Caesium-137 and Lead-210 as Tracers 
                    in Soil Erosion Investigations: *D E Walling, 
                    Q He, T A Quine
   0930h   HA41B-04 Collecting Tracers in the Vadose Zone: *F M 
                    Brandi-Dohrn, C Leibundgut, R P Dick, J S 
   0945h   HA41B-05 Determination of the Flow and Transport 
                    Parameters of the Unsaturated Zone Using Dye 
                    Tracers: *J Mehlhorn, C Leibundgut
   1000h   Break
   1030h   HA41B-06 Stream Hydrograph Separation on Two Small 
                    Guianese Catchments: *T Bariac, A Millet, B 
                    Ladouche, R Mathieu, C Grimaldi, M Grimaldi, 
                    P Hubert, H Molicova, L Bruckler, P Bertuzzi, 
                    J Boulgue, Y Brunet, J M Bonnefond, R 
                    Tournebize, A Granier
   1050h   HA41B-07 Modelisation par une Loi Gamma de la 
                    Distribution des Temps de Sejour de l'Eau 
                    Dans des Systemes Hydrogeologiques en Regime 
                    Permanent: *P Hubert, P Olive
   1110h   HA41B-08 Snowmelt Runoff Generation in Mountainous 
                    Catchment: *L Holko
   1130h   HA41B-09 A Mathematical Approach Based on Tritium 
                    Tagging Technique to Evaluate Recharge to 
                    Groundwater due to Monsoon Rains: *B Kumar, 
                    R P Nachiappan
   1150h   HA41B-10 A Model of Water-Salt Exchange Between a 
                    River and Groundwater: *S V Myagkov

HA41C  EC:4  Thurs  0830h
H5  Man's Influence on Freshwater Ecosystems
Presiding: G Petts, Univ of Birmingham

   0830h   HA41C-01 Use of HSPF for the Hydrologic and Hydraulic 
                    Simulation of the Upper Grande Ronde 
                    Watershed, Oregon, USA: * Chen
   0845h   HA41C-02 Modelling the Impact of Extreme Weather on 
                    Surface Water Acidity Regimes: * Wilby
   0900h   HA41C-03 Effects of Reservoir Operation on the 
                    Hydrological Regime and Water Availability 
                    in Northern Nigeria: * Oyebande
   0915h   HA41C-04 Mathematical Modelling of Land Reclamation 
                    Effect on River flow and Water Quality: * 
   0930h   HA41C-05 Assessment of Runoff Changes Caused by 
                    Reservoir Construction: * Vuglinsky
   0945h   HA41C-06 Heavy Metals From acid Mine Drainage - 
                    Impacts and Modelling Strategies: * Whitehead
   1000h   Break
   1030h   HA41C-07 Lake Imandra Water Contamination Dynamics 
                    From Space Images: *V I Kravtsova
   1045h   HA41C-08 Procedures for the Assessment of Biological 
                    Responses to the Episodic Discharges in 
                    Urban Catchments: * Ellis
   1100h   HA41C-09 Mathematical Modelling of Streamwater 
                    Quantity and Quality: * Mendel
   1115h   HA41C-10 Regulation of Multipurpose Reservior Systems: 
                    * Bose
   1130h   HA41C-11 Predicting Preferential Pesticide in 
                    Agricultural Tile Lines: M Bodnar, N H Lee, 
                    C H Chen, A Grove, E Rothstein, M O'Leary, *T 
                    Steenhuis, J Y Parlange
   1145h   HA41C-12 The Water-Resource Management Problems in 
                    Designing Water-Supply Systems for Nuclear 
                    Power Plants: *M V Bolgov

HA41D  EC:Arena  Thurs  0830h
HJS1  ISCCP and Regional Experiments - Posters (joint  with M)
Presiding: D L Hartman, Univ of Washington; D A Randall, 
           Colorado State Univ

   0830h   HA41D-01 POSTER  Vertical Distribution of Tropical 
                    Cloud Characteristics Determined From ISCCP 
                    and SSM/I Datasets: *R Sheu, J Curry, G Liu
   0830h   HA41D-02 POSTER  Classification of the Geographical 
                    Regions of Hungary Concerning Daily 
                    Cloudiness Derived From METEOSAT Visible and 
                    Infrared Radiance: *J Mika, A Rimoczi-Paal, M 
   0830h   HA41D-03 POSTER  Rainfall Observations for Oceanic 
                    Precipitating Clouds: *B Lin
   0830h   HA41D-04 POSTER  An Overview of the EOSDIS Langley 
                    Research Center Distributed Active Archive 
                    Center: S E Sorlie, J O Olson, R C Dunkum
   0830h   HA41D-05 POSTER  Investigation of Temperature and 
                    Humidity Data Obtained From Tiros 
                    Operational Vertical Sounder: *E Borbas, I 
   0830h   HA41D-06 POSTER  Modelling Surface Energy Fluxes at 
                    the ARM Cloud and Radiation Testbed (CART) 
                    in the U.S. Southern Great Plains: *J C 
                    Liljegren, J C Doran, J M Hubbe, W J Shaw, S  
                    Zhong, G J Collatz, D  Cook
   0830h   HA41D-07 POSTER  Use of AVHRR Information in TOVS 
                    Cloud-Clearing for Semitransparent Clouds: *I 
   0830h   HA41D-08 POSTER  A Numerical Study on Contrails With 
                    Arbitrary Spatial Inhomogeneities With a 
                    Two-Dimensional Radiative Transfer Model: *J 
   0830h   HA41D-09 POSTER  Local Scale Space-Time Variability 
                    of Surface and Atmospheric Radiation: 
                    Simulations, Input Data, and Validating 
                    Observations on Public Database: *T P 
                    Charlock, P Minnis, T L Alberta, W L Smith, 
                    F G Rose
   0830h   HA41D-10 POSTER  Cloud Trends Over Deforested Regions 
                    in the Amazon Basin: *A M Vogelmann, R  Fu, 
                    R E Dickinson
   0830h   HA41D-11 POSTER  A Numerical Study of Cloud Diurnal 
                    Variations: *J W Bergman, M L Salby

HA41E  EC:Arena  Thurs  0830h
HJW2  Hydrologic Cycle in Mountainous Regions - Posters (joint 
 with M)
Presiding: D Hadley, IAHS

   0830h   HA41E-01 POSTER  Precipitation Patterns in the 
                    Central Mountains of Arizona During the 
                    Passage of a Winterstorm: *R T Bruintjes, T L 
                    Clark, W D Hall, R F Reinking, B A Klimowski
   0830h   HA41E-02 POSTER  Formation and Utilization of the 
                    Pamir-Alai River's Flow During the Years 
                    With the Extreme Water Yield: *V G Konovalov
   0830h   HA41E-03 POSTER  Seepage From Caldera Lake as a 
                    Source of Spring Water on the Volcanic Slope 
                    in Bali, Indonesia: *K Mori, D N Suprapta
   0830h   HA41E-04 POSTER  Year-Round Simulation of the Climate 
                    Change Effect on Runoff: *A Rango, J Martinec
   0830h   HA41E-05 POSTER  Estimation of the Convective Storm 
                    Frequency North of the Alps With a 
                    Statistical - Dynamical Downscaling Procedure: 
                    *V Sept, U Fuentes, D Heimann, R Sausen
   0830h   HA41E-06 POSTER  The Hydrological Cycle and 
                    Predictability in a Regional Climate 
                    Modeling System: *D Luthi, C Schar, H C 
   0830h   HA41E-07 POSTER  A Possible Change in Mass Balance of 
                    Greenland and Antarctic Ice Sheets in the 
                    Coming Century: *A Ohmura, M Wild
   0830h   HA41E-08 POSTER  Fracture Mechanics of Antarctic Ice 
                    Shelves: *M A Rist, P R Sammonds, S A Murrell, 
                    P G Meredith, H  Oerter
   0830h   HA41E-09 POSTER  Evaluation of Precipitation-Altitude 
                    Relationships: Swiss Experience: *B Sevruk
   0830h   HA41E-10 POSTER  Long-Term Water Storage Variation of 
                    Western Japanese Mountains and Their 
                    Relation to Climatic and Geologic Conditions: 
                    *A Yasushi
   0830h   HA41E-11 POSTER  A Convective Precipitation Model for 
                    use in Mountainous Areas: *J H Copeland

HA41F  EC:3  Thurs  0830h
HJW2  Hydrometeorological and Landsurface Processes (joint 
 with M)
Presiding: H Lang, Geography ETH

   0830h   INTRODUCTION: C Schar,Atmospheric Physics ETH
   1000h   Break
   1030h   HA41F-01 A Stochastic Approach to Calibration of an 
                    Orographic Precipitation Model, Gunnison 
                    River Basin, Colorado: *L E Hay
   1045h   HA41F-02 Areal Energy Balance Over Alpine Snow Cover: 
                    *C Pluss, A Ohmura
   1100h   HA41F-03 The Influence of New Zealand's Southern Alps 
                    on Rainfall and River Flow: D S Wratt, R N 
                    Ridley, M R Sinclair, R D Henderson
   1115h   HA41F-04 Hydrological Cycles in Mountain Glacial 
                    Basins of Central Asia: *V B Aizen, E M Aizen
   1130h   HA41F-05 Valuation of Possible Glacio-Hydrological 
                    Characteristics Changes Under Global Warming 
                    for South-Eastern Alaska Mountains and 
                    Novaya Zemla Island Glaciation: *M D 
                    Ananicheva, N V Davidovich

HA41G  EC:Arena  Thurs  0830h
H4  Posters
Presiding: C Leibundgut, Univ Freiburg

   0830h   HA41G-01 POSTER  GEMSTRAC1 - An Induced Gradient 
                    Tracer Test in an Alluvial Sand and Gravel 
                    Aquifer: *G C Bohling, C D McElwee, J J 
                    Butler, M  Orcutt, G L Macpherson
   0830h   HA41G-02 POSTER  Estimation of Field-Scale Drainage 
                    by Stable Isotope Measurements: *S J Essert, 
                    J W Hopmans
   0830h   HA41G-03 POSTER  Patterns of Surface and Subsurface 
                    Runoff Generation Identified Hydrologically 
                    and Isotopically Within Experimental Basins: 
                    *W Z Gu
   0830h   HA41G-04 POSTER  Comparison of Gravel Soils 
                    Permeability Estimated From Grain Size 
                    Analysis, Tracer, and Pumping Tests: J Hulla, 
                    J Mazor
   0830h   HA41G-05 POSTER  Utilisation du Tracage 
                    Environnemental Pour la Comparaison de la 
                    Reaction Hydrologique des Deux Petits 
                    Bassins Versants: I Iorgulescu, D Moulliere, 
                    A Musy
   0830h   HA41G-06 POSTER  Investigations of the Dispersion and 
                    Other Geohydraulic Parameters From Tracer 
                    Tests in Karstified and Fissured Aquifers: 
                    *A E Jakowski
   0830h   HA41G-07 POSTER  Estimation of Diffuse Vadose Zone 
                    Soil Water Flux in a Semi-arid Region: *B 
                    Joshi, C Maule
   0830h   HA41G-08 POSTER  N- and C-Isotope Geochemistry of 
                    Cyanide in Mine Drainage: Methods and First 
                    Results: *C A Johnson, G Plumlee, P Emsbo
   0830h   HA41G-09 POSTER  Contribution to Hydrogeologic 
                    Modeling of the Remotely Sensed Infiltration 
                    Potential of Soil: *T Pointet, J M Barrat, 
                    J F Desprats, P Dutartre
   0830h   HA41G-10 POSTER  The Influence of Recharge Processes 
                    on the Chemical Evolution of Water in the 
                    Poorly Confined Upper Floridan Aquifer: *B G 
                    Katz, L N Plummer, E Busenberg, T B Coplen
   0830h   HA41G-11 POSTER  Catchment-Scale Spatial Variability 
                    in the Delta ~L18~KO and Delta ~L2~KH of 
                    Precipitation: *C Kendall, J J McDonnell, M M 
   0830h   HA41G-12 POSTER  Correction of Length of Water Column 
                    in the Measurement of Seepage Loss From 
                    Water Bodies by Single Well Dilution 
                    Technique Using Radiotracer: B Kumar, R P 
   0830h   HA41G-13 POSTER  The Use of Major-Ion Geochemistry 
                    and Geochemical Tracers to Evaluate 
                    Steady-State Flow Simulations of the Dakota 
                    Aquifer in Kansas and Southeastern Colorado, 
                    USA: *P A Macfarlane, D O Whittemore, M L 
   0830h   HA41G-14 POSTER  Sulfur Hexafluoride as a 
                    Conservative Tracer for Studying Ground 
                    Water Exchange in the Brine Layer of a 
                    Flooded Open Pit Mine: *M Maiss, W Kinzelbach, 
                    J Ilmberger, W Glasser, G Strauch
   0830h   HA41G-15 POSTER  Use of Sulphur-35 and Tritium to 
                    Study Runoff From an Alpine Glacier, Wind 
                    River Range, Wyoming: *R L Michel, D L Naftz
   0830h   HA41G-16 POSTER  Role of Tracer for Wellhead 
                    Protection Plan of Athens Well Field: U A 
                    Moid, M Weatherby
   0830h   HA41G-17 POSTER  Hydraulic Connections Among 
                    Subaquifers of the Coastal Plain Aquifer, 
                    Israel: R Nativ, N Weisbrod
   0830h   HA41G-18 POSTER  Analysis of Tritium Tracer Migration 
                    at Ward Valley, California, by Modeling 
                    Two-Phase Diffusion: *D M Peterson, S 
                    Lingineni, G L Ohland, E G Lappala
   0830h   HA41G-19 POSTER  Rapid Thermal Water Circulation in 
                    Gemlik-Orhangazi-Basin, W-Turkey - Tritium 
                    Measurements and Modelling: *M Pfister, L 
                    Rybach, T Eisenlohr, W Balderer
   0830h   HA41G-20 POSTER  Geothermal Data as Traces in the 
                    Roswell Artesian Basin: *M Reiter, D J Jordan
   0830h   HA41G-21 POSTER  The Influence of Catchment Scale on 
                    "New-Water" and "Old-Water" Components of 
                    Runoff and Soil-Water Flows Determined Using 
                    Natural O-18 as a Tracer: *L K Rowe, M K 
   0830h   HA41G-22 POSTER  An Inexpensive Flow-Through Field 
                    Fluorometer: *P A Schnegg
   0830h   HA41G-23 POSTER  Identification of Sources and 
                    Residence Times of Water in Subsurface Flows 
                    in Hillslope Soils by Tracer Modeling: *M K 
                    Stewart, L K Rowe
   0830h   HA41G-24 POSTER  The Use of a DTM and Data Images for 
                    the Computation of Water Resources From 
                    Snowcover in the Mountains Hydrographic 
                    Basins: C Ungureanu, *C Mustata, G Stancalie, 
                    S Catana
   0830h   HA41G-25 POSTER  Baseflow Retention Time 
                    Determination of Some Karst Springs in 
                    Slovenia: J Urbanc, J Pezdic, A Juren
   0830h   HA41G-26 POSTER  Natural Stable Isotope Tracers of 
                    Recharge Into Complex Basins in an Arid 
                    Environment: *A E Williams
   0830h   HA41G-27 POSTER  Mathematical Modelling of 
                    Transpiration Using Heat Pulse Velocity and 
                    Its Application to Analysis of Transpiration 
                    Process: H Yoshida, M Hashino
   0830h   HA41G-28 POSTER  Sorption Coefficients of Nonpolar 
                    Compounds for Tests of Particulate Source 
                    and Contamination: H Zhou, C T Chiou

HA41H  EC:Arena  Thurs  0830h
H5  Man's Influence on Freshwater Ecosystems - Posters
Presiding: G Petts, Univ of Birmingham

   0830h   HA41H-01 POSTER  Using Stable Isotopes in 
                    Environmental Management of Contaminated 
                    Sites in California: *B M Smith, L B Menchaca
   0830h   HA41H-02 POSTER  Progress in the Hydrological 
                    Monitoring and Modelling of Wetlands: * 
   0830h   HA41H-03 POSTER  Improved Combined Simulation and 
                    Optimization for Water Quality Management: 
                    A K Takyi, *B J Lence
   0830h   HA41H-04 POSTER  Energy and Water Cycle in 
                    Desert-Oasis System of Arid Zone: *J Wang, Y 
                    Mitsuta, M Meneti, W Bastiaanssen
   0830h   HA41H-05 POSTER  A Grey Clustering Approach Applied 
                    to Prediction of Impact of Water Resource 
                    Project to Wild Animals: *J Xia
   0830h   HA41H-06 POSTER  Probabilistic Predictions of the 
                    Level Regime of Inland Water Bodies and 
                    Their Use for Pratical Purposes: *D 
                    Y Ratkovich
   0830h   HA41H-07 POSTER  Analyzing Effects of Climate Change 
                    or Forestry Management on Water Yield, by 
                    Using Conceptual Models: *H Yao

HA42A  FISKE:Planetarium  Thurs  1330h
HJS1  ISCCP and Regional Experiments:  Radiation Budget Studies
 (joint  with M)
Presiding: S K Cox, Colorado State Univ; P Francis, 
           MRF, UK MET Office

   1330h   HA42A-01 INVITED  Using ISCCP Products to Improve 
                    Diurnal Interpolation of Earth Radiation 
                    Budget Data: *R Kandel, J P Duvel, M 
   1345h   HA42A-02 INVITED  CERES Algorithm Research and 
                    Development: *B A Wielicki
   1400h   HA42A-03 Radiation Budget Components Inferred From 
                    Satellite Data for the Baltic Sea: F H Berger, 
                    R Stuhlmann
   1410h   HA42A-04 Determination of the Surface Albedo From 
                    AVHRR Visible and Near-Infrared Radiances: *M 
   1420h   HA42A-05 Surface Shortwave Radiation Budget for the 
                    GCIP Region From ISCCP B3 Data: *R T Pinker, 
                    I Laszlo
   1430h   HA42A-06 The AVHRR Atmosphere Pathfinder Project: *L L 
   1440h   HA42A-07 A Comparison of Monthly-Mean Fields of Upper 
                    Tropospheric Wind, Moisture, and Cloud From 
                    Satellite Observations: *J Schmetz, W P 
                    Menzel, K Strabala, C Geijo, L van de Berg, K 
   1450h   HA42A-08 An Improved Method for Deriving Nocturnal 
                    Cloud Properties From Geostationary 
                    Satellite Data: *W L Smith, P W Heck, D F 
                    Young, S Mayor, P Minnis

HA42B  EC:Room 3  Thurs  1330h
HJW2  Aggregation and Parameterization of Key Processes (joint 
 with M)
Presiding: H Davis, Geography, ETH

   1330h   HA42B-01 Tests of a New Radiation-Based Version of 
                    the Snowmelt Runoff Model: *K Brubaker, A 
                    Rango, R Uijlenhoet, W P Kustas
   1430h   HA42B-02 Hydrologic Process Modelling of a Subarctic 
                    Mountain System at Differing Scales: *J R 
                    Janowicz, G W Kite
   1445h   HA42B-03 Modeling the Alpine Rhine River Basin: 
                    Processes and Scales: *H Lang, J Ghurtz, J 
   1500h   Break
   1530h   HA42B-04 Application of a Subgrid Orographic 
                    Precipitation/Surface Hydrology Scheme to a 
                    Mountain Watershed: *L R Leung, M S Wigmosta, 
                    S J Ghan, D J Epstein, L W Vail
   1545h   HA42B-05 Simulation of the Snow Climatology of the 
                    French Alps - Sensitivity to Climate Change: 
                    *E Martin, E Brun, Y Durand
   1600h   HA42B-06 The Modeling of the Hydrological Cycle of 
                    the Mountainous Basin Taking Into Account 
                    Small-Scale Land-Surface Heterogeneities: L S 
                    Kuchment, V N Demidov
   1615h   HA42B-07 Rainwater Utilization Regarding Groundwater 
                    - Surface Water Interactions: A Liu
   1630h   HA42B-08 Estimation of Grid - Runoff Data in 
                    Mountainous Environment: *B Schadler, T Burgi
   1645h   HA42B-09 A Nested Model Chain Between GCM Scale and 
                    River Flow in the Rocky Mountains: *G E 
                    Bingham, D S Bowles, R W Gunderson, E B 
                    Kluzek, A S Limaye, J P Riley

HA42C  EC:Room 5  Thurs  1330h
H4  Catchment Processes and Synopsis
Presiding: D Hadley, IAHS

   1330h   HA42C-01 The Role of Natural Tracers in the 
                    Understanding of Catchment Hydrochemistry 
                    Within a Conceptual Hydrological Framework: 
                    *M G Hutchins, H S Wheater, M B Beck, B 
   1350h   HA42C-02 Runoff Generation Processes in Peaty Forest 
                    Catchments - Possibilities for 
                    Regionalization: *A Lepisto
   1410h   HA42C-03 Isotopic Analysis of Hydrologic Processes in 
                    a Small Semiarid Catchment: *P V Unnikrishna, 
                    J J McDonnell, D G Tarboton, C  Kendall
   1430h   HA42C-04 Stable Hydrogen and Oxygen Isotope 
                    Techniques for Studying Arid Basin 
                    Hydrogeology and Brine Evolution: *W Yang, 
                    R J Spencer, H R Krouse, T K Lowenstein
   1445h   HA42C-05 Mathematical Modelling of Solute Runoff From 
                    a Forested Mountain Basin With Stream Water 
                    and Soilwater Quality Data: *H Yoshida, M 
                    Hashino, T Tamura
   1500h   Break
   1530h   Discussion

HA42D  EC:Room 4  Thurs  1330h
H5  Man's Influence on Freshwater Ecosystems
Presiding: G Petts, Univ of Birmingham

   1330h   HA42D-01 Uncertainties in Estimating Evaporation and 
                    the Water Budget of a Southern African 
                    Wetland: *J C Smithers, A D Donkin, S A 
                    Lorentz, R E Schulze
   1345h   HA42D-02 Clearcutting on Four Wet Sites: Effects on 
                    Phreatic Level, Interception and Relative 
                    Evapotranspiration: *S Dube
   1400h   HA42D-03 The Impact of Catchment Development on a 
                    Semi Arid Wetland Complex: The Barmah 
                    Forest, Australia: * Thoms
   1415h   HA42D-04 Impacts of Human Activities on the 
                    Hydrological Regime and Ecosystems in Arid 
                    Areas: *C Mengxiong
   1430h   HA42D-05 Human Impacts on Groundwater Resources in 
                    Iran: * Khodjeini
   1445h   HA42D-06 Scientific Approach to the Problem of 
                    Groundwater Pollution: A Case Study From 
                    Madras City, India: * Ramesh
   1500h   Break
   1530h   HA42D-07 Sources of Eutrophication: Hydrological 
                    Pathways of Catchment Nutrient Export: * 
   1545h   HA42D-08 Contribution of Groundwater Outflow to the 
                    Nutrient Balance of Surface Water: * 
   1600h   HA42D-09 Variation of Water Resources in the Inland 
                    Regions, Northwestern China: * Lai
   1615h   HA42D-10 Study of Hydrobiological Responses on 
                    Eutrophicating Freshwater Ecosystems: * 
   1630h   HA42D-11 Groundwater-Streamflow Interactions Under 
                    Changing Climate Conditions: * Panagoulia
   1645h   HA42D-12 Finger Formation for Low Flow Conditions: D 
                    Jevremovic, *J Y Parlange, T Steenhuis, J 
                    Phillips, C H Chen, D A DiCarlo, Y Liu

HA42E  FISKE:Planetarium  Thurs  1530h
HJS1  ISCCP and Regional Experiments:  Studies of 
Cloud-Radiation Interaction (joint  with M)
Presiding: S K Cox, Colorado State Univ; P Francis, 
           MRF UK Met Office

   1545h   HA42E-01 INVITED  New Potentials in Satellite Remote 
                    Sensing, Using A Unique Treatment of Cirrus 
                    Cloud Radiative Properties: *D L Mitchell, 
                    M A Wetzel, A Macke
   1600h   HA42E-02 Use of a 2DT Model With Explicit 
                    Microphysics and Radiation for Simulation of 
                    Cirrus Clouds Observed During EUCREX'94 
                    Field Campaign: V Khvorostyanov, Y Fouquart, 
                    G Brogniez, V Giraud
   1610h   HA42E-03 Sensitivity of Radiation Budget Simulations 
                    to the Representation of Mixed Phase Clouds 
                    and Ice Fallout in a Climate Model: *D 
                    Gregory, A C Bushell, D Morris
   1620h   HA42E-04 The Parameterization of Longwave Finite 
                    Cloud Effects in Numerical Weather and 
                    Climate Prediction Models: *A K Heidinger, 
                    S K Cox
   1630h   HA42E-05 Temporal Variation of the Morphology of 
                    Cloud Fields Derived From High Resolution 
                    Space Shuttle and LANDSAT Images: *J H Joseph
   1640h   HA42E-06 Cloud Detection Based on a Threshold 
                    Technique for NOAA/AVHRR Images for the 
                    Carpathian Basin: *J Kerenyi, I G Szenyan, M 
                    Putsay, F Wantuch
   1650h   HA42E-07 Mesoscale Associations of Midwest U.S. Land 
                    Cover and Convective Clouds for the Summer 
                    Season: M O'Neal, *A M Carleton

HA51A  FISKE:Planetarium  Fri  0830h
HJS1  Clouds, Convection, and Largescale Flow (joint  with M)
Presiding: D L Hartman, Univ of Washington; D A Randall, 
           Colorado State Univ

   0830h   HA51A-01 Influence of Upper-Tropospheric Clouds on 
                    Convection and Large-Scale Dynamics in a 
                    Seaworld Experiment: *L D Fowler, D A Randall
   0845h   HA51A-02 Upper Atmospheric Water Vapor Profiles and 
                    Tropospheric Deep Convection: *X Liao, D Rind
   0900h   HA51A-03 The Vertical Distribution of Condensational 
                    Heating and Dynamics of the Atmosphere: *H R 
   0915h   HA51A-04 Elementary Physical Processes in Mesoscale 
                    Cellular Convection: H Kim, *R Kimura
   0930h   HA51A-05 Water Vapour Measurements From the Local to 
                    the Global Scale: A Satellite and Ground 
                    Based Measurement Campaign: *V  Cuomo, P 
                    Di Girolamo, G  Pappalardo, C  Pietrapertosa, 
                    F  Romano, F  Esposito, C  Serio, N  Spinelli, 
                    V  Tramutoli, R  Velotta, V  Berardi
   0945h   HA51A-06 Classification of Precipitating Clouds in 
                    the Tropics Using 915 MHz Wind Profilers: *C R 
                    Williams, W L Ecklund, K S Gage
   1000h   Break
   1030h   HA51A-07 Cirrus Clouds in a General Circulation 
                    Model: Radiative Transfer and Re-vaporization: 
                    *L J Donner
   1045h   HA51A-08 Nucleation Processes in Orographic Cirrus 
                    Clouds: Observations and Modelling: *A Spice, 
                    D W Johnson, C P R Saunders
   1100h   HA51A-09 Cirrus Infrared Parameters and Shortwave 
                    Reflectance Relations From FIRE and 
                    TOGA/COARE: *J D Spinhirne, W D Hart, D L 
   1115h   HA51A-10 Calculation and Parametrisation of the 
                    Effective Radius of Ice Particles in Cirrus 
                    Clouds Using Aircraft Data: *S J Moss, D W 
   1130h   HA51A-11 Enhanced Cloud Droplet Formation Due to 
                    Multicomponent Condensation: *T Vesala, P 
                    Korhonen, M Kulmala, A Laaksonen, N Rusko, A 
                    Jurvanen, A Kousa
   1145h   HA51A-12 Variations of CAPE in the Current Climate 
                    and in a Climate Change: *B Ye, A D Del Genio, 
                    K W Lo

HA51B  EC:Arena  Fri  0830h
HJS1  Clouds, Convection, and Largescale Flow - Posters
Presiding: D L Hartman, Univ of Washington; D A Randall, 
           Colorado State Univ

   0830h   HA51B-01 POSTER  Explicit Numerical Simulations of 
                    Mesoscale Convective Systems: *G D Alexander, 
                    W R Cotton
   0830h   HA51B-02 POSTER  Cloud Fields Inferred From NOAA-11 
                    AVHRR Data Related to Circulation Patterns: 
                    *F H Berger
   0830h   HA51B-03 POSTER  Simulation of Stratocumulus Clouds 
                    in Climate Models: Sensitivity to Vertical 
                    Resolution: *A C Bushell, D Gregory, R N B 
   0830h   HA51B-04 POSTER  Multispectral GOES 8 Data for 
                    Climate Studies: *G G Campbell, T H 
                    Vonder Haar
   0830h   HA51B-05 POSTER  Modeling the Effects of Convective 
                    Downdrafts on the Global Circulation of the 
                    Atmosphere: C H Chen, D A Randall
   0830h   HA51B-06 POSTER  Diagnostic Evaluation of Predicted 
                    Mixing Height and Cloud Fields From the 
                    MM4-FDDA Meteorological Model: *J Ching, J 
                    Pleim, J Irwin
   0830h   HA51B-07 POSTER  Heat and Momentum Fluxes Induced by 
                    Thermal Inhomogeneities: *G A Dalu, M Baldi, 
                    R A Pielke, X Zeng
   0830h   HA51B-08 POSTER  Simulation of a Baltic Heat Cyclone: 
                    R Devantier, A Raabe, *G Tetzlaff
   0830h   HA51B-09 POSTER  Drizzle Production in Stratocumulus 
                    Clouds: *G  Feingold, B Stevens, W R Cotton
   0830h   HA51B-10 POSTER  Vertical Profiles of Liquid Water 
                    and Effective Radius in Stratus Clouds 
                    Determined From a Cloud Sensing Radar and 
                    Microwave Radiometer: *S Frisch, C Fairall, T 
                    Uttal, T A MacPherson, J Snider
   0830h   HA51B-11 POSTER  Eulerian and Lagrangian Trajectory 
                    Analysis and the Development of 
                    Condensational Spectra in a Cumulus Cloud 
                    Model: *A M Gadian, J L Brenguier, W  
   0830h   HA51B-12 POSTER  Prediction of the Cloud Droplet 
                    Effective Radius in a GCM: A Jones, *A Slingo
   0830h   HA51B-13 POSTER  Coincident Lidar and Radiosonde 
                    Observations of the Kampachi Cloud (the 
                    Cloud Street Over the Metropolitan Loop Road 
                    No. 8 in Tokyo): K Kai, K Hikie, M Ohota, M 
                    Abo, C Nagasawa, T Murayama, T Nagai, O 
   0830h   HA51B-14 POSTER  Numerical Experiments of a 
                    Baiu-Frontal Rainband: Role of a Mid-level 
                    Dry Inflow: *M Kawashima, K Tsuboki
   0830h   HA51B-15 POSTER  Comparison of Convection 
                    Parameterizations in an Atmospheric General 
                    Circulation Model: *Z X Li
   0830h   HA51B-16 POSTER  A Primary Parameterization of 
                    Convective Precipitation Generated by 
                    Heterogeneous Landscapes for GCMs: Y Liu, *R 
   0830h   HA51B-17 POSTER  The Boreal Forest and the Polar Front: 
                    *R A Pielke, P L Vidale
   0830h   HA51B-18 POSTER  Hydrometeor Distinction With Radar, 
                    Lidar, Passive Spectro-radiometer, and 
                    Aircraft Measurements in a Winter Storm: *R 
                    Reinking, T Uttal, R Kropfli, E W Eloranta, P 
                    Piironen, A Piironen, R Bruintjes, P 
   0830h   HA51B-19 POSTER  Hierarchical Structures of the Baiu 
                    Front Observed by Multi-Frequency Radars: *Y  
                    Shibagaki, N  Tsuchimoto, Y  Maekawa, M D 
                    Yamanaka, S  Fukao, H  Uyeda, A  Watanabe
   0830h   HA51B-20 POSTER  Observations of Turbulent Length 
                    Scales Within Cirrus Clouds: *S A Smith, P R 
   0830h   HA51B-21 POSTER  Relationships Between Boundary Layer 
                    Turbulent Kinetic Energy and Activating 
                    Velocities: *B  Stevens, W R Cotton, G  
   0830h   HA51B-22 POSTER  Vertical Distribution of Radar 
                    Reflectivity as a Function of Height and 
                    Temperature: Comparison Between a 
                    Winter-Time, Mid-latitude, Continental Month 
                    and a Summer-Time, Sub-tropical, Maritime 
                    Month: *T Uttal, R A Kropfli, T A MacPherson
   0830h   HA51B-23 POSTER  Cumulus Clouds Parameterized as 
                    Detraining Plumes of Buoyantly-Accelerated 
                    Motions: *C J Walcek
   0830h   HA51B-24 POSTER  Simulations of Deep Convection on 
                    the Dryline With a 3-D Mesoscale Model: *C L 
                    Ziegler, T J Lee, R A Pielke, B L Shaw
   0830h   HA51B-25 POSTER  Interactions Between Cumulus and 
                    Stratus Clouds as Simulated in a 2-D LES 
                    Model: *S Wang
   0830h   HA51B-26 POSTER  The Soluble Fraction of the Ambient 
                    Atmospheric Aerosol: *W J Megaw, P S Liu
   0830h   HA51B-27 POSTER  Diagnostic and GCM Investigation of 
                    the Impact of Convective Activities in the 
                    Tropical Western Pacific on the Storm Track 
                    in North Pacific in Winter: *Z Hu, R Huang
   0830h   HA51B-28 POSTER  Critical Behaviour of Supercooled 
                    Water and Its Effect on Homogeneous 
                    Nucleation in Cirrus Clouds: *C A Jeffery, 
                    P H Austin
   0830h   HA51B-29 POSTER  PMIP Simulations of Last Glacial 
                    Maximum Using LMD AGCM With Emphasis on 
                    Cloud Feedbacks: *G Ramstein, S Joussaume, H 
                    Le Treut, V Serafini-Le Treut

HA51C  EC:Room 4  Fri  0830h
H5  Man's Influence on Freshwater Ecosystems
Presiding: G Petts, Univ of Birmingham

   0830h   HA51C-01 Climate Change and the Biota of Wetland 
                    Streams: * Freeman
   0845h   HA51C-02 River Channel Assessment - The River Glen, 
                    Lincolnshire, UK: * Maddock
   0900h   HA51C-03 Impact of Human on Hydrology From Analysis 
                    and Assessment of Hydrological Processes in 
                    Liaoning Province: * Hsueh-Chun
   0915h   HA51C-04 Regulated Flow Regimes to Maintain the 
                    Aquatic and Riparian Resources of the 
                    Colorado River, Grand Canyon National Park: * 
   0930h   HA51C-05 Analyzing Effects of Climate Change and 
                    Forestry Management on Water Yield, by Using 
                    Conceptual Models: *H Yao, M Hashino, H 
   0945h   HA51C-06 The Long-Term Impact of Reservoir Operation 
                    and Some Ecological Implications: *B W Webb, 
                    D E Walling
   1000h   Break
   1030h   HA51C-07 Composite Embankment of Discharge Channels 
                    in Agricultural Lands for Concurrent 
                    Sustainability of Agriculture and Freshwater 
                    Ecosystems: * Stuyt
   1045h   HA51C-08 Hydrological Impact of Broadleaved Forestry 
                    in the British Uplands: Implications for 
                    Water use and Water Quality: *C Soulsby
   1100h   HA51C-09 Changes in Sediment Transport Capacity in 
                    the Lower Gunnison River, Colorado: *R T 
   1115h   HA51C-10 Fingers in Oil-Water Systems: T Steenhuis, 
                    J Y Parlange, D Chandler, *A Rimmer, Z Cohen, 
                    W Condit, D Durnford, B Bierck
   1130h   HA51C-11 Impact of Human on Hydrology From Analysis 
                    and Assessment of Hydrological Processes in 
                    Liaoning Province: *Y H Chun
   1145h   HA51C-12 Probabilistic Predictions of the Level 
                    Regime of Inland Water Bodies and Their Use 
                    for Pratical Purposes: *D Y Ratkovich

HA52A  FISKE:Planetarium  Fri  1330h
HJS1  Clouds, Convection, and Largescale Flow (joint  with M)
Presiding: L Donner, GFDL/NOAA; A Slingo, Hadley Center

   1330h   HA52A-01 Cloud Microphysics in the ECHAM General 
                    Circulation Model: *U Lohmann, E Roeckner
   1345h   HA52A-02 Temperature Dependence of Low Cloud Optical 
                    Thickness in a GCM: *G Tselioudis, A D 
                    Del Genio
   1400h   HA52A-03 The Modelling of Secondary Ice Production in 
                    Stratiform Clouds by the Use of a 
                    One-Dimensional Mixed Layer Model: *D Morris, 
                    T W Choularton
   1415h   HA52A-04 Use of Explicit Simulation of Cloud 
                    Ensembles for Developing a Cloudiness 
                    Parameterization: K M Xu, D A Randall
   1445h   HA52A-05 A Parametrization of Convective Momentum 
                    Transports: Comparison Against a Cloud 
                    Ensemble Model: *D Gregory, R Kershaw, P M 
   1500h   Break
   1530h   HA52A-06 Interaction of Cloud Systems With the 
                    Large-Scale Environment: Numerical Simulation: 
                    *X  Wu, W W Grabowski, M W Moncrieff
   1545h   HA52A-07 Mesostructure and Microphysics of Cloud 
                    Streets in Arctic Cold Air Outbreaks: 
                    Observations and Modeling: *S Bakan, R Timm, 
                    V Khvorostyanov
   1600h   HA52A-08 Sensitivity of the Tropical Convection to 
                    Land Surface Changes: *J Polcher
   1615h   HA52A-09 Clouds-Land Surface Interaction in the 
                    Amazon Region: A Case Study Using Satellite 
                    and in Situ Observations: *R Fu, B Zhu, R E 
   1630h   HA52A-10 Interaction Between Cloud and Surface 
                    Energy/Water Balance Investigated With a 
                    Simplified Atmospheric Model: *A  Numaguti, 
                    S  Emori
   1645h   HA52A-11 Interaction of Land Processes With Boundary 
                    Layer and Deep Convection: *X Zeng

HA52B  EC:Room 4  Fri  1330h
H5  Man's Influence on Freshwater Ecosystems
Presiding: G Petts, Univ of Birmingham

   1330h   HA52B-01 Hydrogeological Controls on Nutrient 
                    Transport Through Barrier Bars at Freshwater 
                    Coastal Wetlands - An Example From the Point 
                    Pelee Marsh, Ontario, Canada: *A S Crowe, C J 
   1345h   HA52B-02 Determination of Ecological Zones of Lake 
                    Okeechobee, Florida: *E C Lamon
   1400h   HA52B-03 Ground Water - Surface Water Interactions in 
                    Danubian Floodplain Forests: *J Lindtner
   1415h   HA52B-04 Environmental Impact From Reduced Flow of 
                    Natural Water in Northwestern Bangladesh: *M A 
                    Miah, M A Samad
   1430h   HA52B-05 The Development of Water Resources in the 
                    Arid Zone: *D Y Ratkovich
   1445h   HA52B-06 Stability Appraisal of Channels of Ukrainian 
                    North-West Rivers in Conditions of Human 
                    Activity: *I P Shulyarenko
   1500h   Break
   1530h   HA52B-07 The Iodine and the Fluorine in Regulable 
                    Aquatic System of the Dnieper River: L A 
                    Zhuravleva, *A V Shulyarenko
   1545h   HA52B-08 Hydrological and Species - Specific 
                    Responses to Water Transfers Into the Rive 
                    Wear, Northeast: * Archer
   1600h   HA52B-09 Flood Waves - A Multiple Basin Response to 
                    Precipitation Events at Different Scales: *R 
                    Bierl, W Symader, F Gasparini
   1615h   HA52B-10 Meteorological Factors Influencing Runoff 
                    Into the Arctic Ocean: *R G Lawford
   1630h   HA52B-11 Study of Baroclinic Wave Life-Cycles With 
                    Application to a Doubled-CO~K2~L Climatology: 
                    *V  Pavan, P  Valdes, N M Hall

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