HB11A  EC:Room 3  Mon  0830h
HJW3  Dynamic Monitoring and Estimation of Water Balance (joint 
 with M)
Presiding: K McGuffie, Univ of Technology

   0830h   HB11A-01 Ground Penetrating Radar Survey in Spanish 
                    Pyrenees Glaciers: *R M Costa, Y Y Macheret, 
                    M B Dyurgerov, F Garcia
   0845h   HB11A-02 Water Vapor and Zenith Path Delay Time 
                    Series Obtained With the Global GPS Network: 
                    *A P Freedman, R S Gross, S L Marcus, K 
   0900h   HB11A-03 Springtime Precipitation in the Central U.S. 
                    and the Great Plains Low-Level Jet: *R W 
                    Higgins, K C Mo, S D Schubert
   0915h   HB11A-04 Fixed-Target Area-Time Integrals as 
                    Estimators of Rainfall: L R Johnson, P L 
   0930h   HB11A-05 Atmospheric Moisture Transport Observed by 
                    Spaceborne Microwave Scatterometer and 
                    Radiometer: *W T Liu
   0945h   HB11A-06 Global Monthly Precipitation Analyses Using 
                    Gauge Observations and Satellite Estimates: P 
                    Xie, P A Arkin
   1000h   Break
   1030h   HB11A-07 Dynamic Monitoring, Estimation, and 
                    Stochastic Modeling of the Water Balance of 
                    the Globe and Its Continents: *S G 
   1045h   HB11A-08 Hydrological Cycle in Present Day and 
                    Enhanced Greenhouse Warming Simulations of 
                    Six MECCA GCMs: *O Balachova
   1100h   HB11A-09 Effects of the Available Water-Holding 
                    Capacity in the LMD-GCM: *A Ducharne, K Laval
   1115h   HB11A-10 Sensitivity of the Simulated Atmosphere-Land 
                    Water Circulation to Runoff Processes in an 
                    AGCM: *S  Emori, K  Abe, A  Numaguti, S  
   1130h   HB11A-11 Estimation of the Recent Water Balance of 
                    the Globe: *R K Klige, A O Selivanov
   1145h   HB11A-12 Moisture Transports and the Atmospheric 
                    Hydrologic Cycle in CCM2 as a Function of 
                    Model Resolutions: *S Marshall, J O Roads, 
                    R J Oglesby, S Chen
   1200h   HB11A-13 Atmospheric Water Balance From Observations 
                    and Eta-Model Synthetic Soundings During 
                    GCIP Integrated System Test (GIST): *E S 
                    Yarosh, C F Ropelewski
   1215h   HB11A-14 Climate and Water Resources Changes in 
                    Northern Periphery of Asian Mountains: *E M 
                    Aizen, V B Aizen

HB11B  EC:Room 1  Mon  0830h
H1  Scalar Effects on Fluxes of Water and Contaminant Loads
Presiding: W R Osterkamp, US Geological Survey, Tucson

   0830h   HB11B-01 Scale Influence on Water and Sediment Output 
                    in a First-Order Mountain Basin in Nepal: M 
                    Carver, H Schreier
   0845h   HB11B-02 Decoupling of Sediment Sources in Large 
                    River Basins: *J D Phillips
   0900h   HB11B-03 Runoff and Sediment Transport From 
                    Glacierised Basins at the Himalayan Scale: 
                    D N Collins, S I Hasnain
   0915h   HB11B-04 Downstream Changes in Suspended-Sediment 
                    Fluxes in the River Severn, UK: L J Bull, D M 
                    Lawler, G J Leeks, S Marks
   0930h   HB11B-05 Processes Influencing Pesticide Transport in 
                    a Drained Clay Catchment: A C Johnson, C H 
                    Batchelor, A H Haria
   1000h   Break
   1030h   HB11B-06 Using GIS to Delineate Chemical Hydrological 
                    Response Units (CHRU's) for Hydrochemical 
                    Modeling in a Mesoscale Catchment in Germany: 
                    U Bende, W A Flugel, T J Kern
   1045h   HB11B-07 Changes in Sediment Discharge Resulting From 
                    Commercial Logging in the Sungai Lawing 
                    Watershed, Selangor, Malaysia: F S Lai, M J 
                    Lee, S M Rizal
   1100h   HB11B-08 Suspended Sediment Characteristics and 
                    Drainage Basin Scale on the Canadian Prairies: 
                    G Crosby, D H De Boer
   1115h   HB11B-09 Effects of a Changing Environment on 
                    Sediment Transport in Two Austrian River 
                    Systems: *H M Habersack, H P Nachtnebel
   1130h   HB11B-10 Variability in Stream Sediment Transport in 
                    Liaoning Province and Its Relation to 
                    Environmental Change: *Y H Chun
   1145h   HB11B-11 Sedimentation in Muddy Estuaries and 
                    Management of River Flow: *W Kang

HB11C  EC:Room 2  Mon  0800h
HW4  Quality Assurance in Hydrologic Measurement
Presiding: H R Hudson, Environment Canada

   0800h   INTRODUCTION: P Moseley,Univ of Victoria
   0830h   HB11C-01 Quality Assurance System to SO 9002 Standard 
                    for Measuring, Archiving, and Supplying 
                    Hydrological Information: *D A McMillan
   0855h   HB11C-02 Management Initiatives in the Implementation 
                    of Quality Systems in Water Resources: *J R W 
                    Adams, S Walker
   0920h   HB11C-03 HYRATED - A Program for Exploring Gaugings 
                    and Ratings: *P F Heweston
   1000h   Break
   1030h   HB11C-04 QA/QC Issues Associated With the 
                    Compilation, Management, and Analysis of a 
                    Large Water Quality Database for the Nevada 
                    Test Site and Vicinity: *C Zhu, D Cave, R K 
                    Waddell, K Swingle
   1055h   HB11C-05 Quality Assurance of Discharge Measurements 
                    in the River Rhine Basin: *K Hofius
   1120h   HB11C-06 Cusum Analysis of the Longest Discharge 
                    Series in New Zealand: *A I McKerchar, C P 
   1145h   HB11C-07 Quality-Smart Data Structure and Transform 
                    to Verify Precipitation Reports in 
                    Near-Real-Time in Oregon, USA: *V C Bissell, 
                    G H Taylor
   1215h   HB11C-08 The Use of Stable Isotopes of Water in 
                    Estimating Regional Evaporation From a 
                    Mountainous Area: M Yasuhara, K Kazahaya, K 

HB11D  EC:Arena  Mon  0830h
HJW3  Posters (joint  with M)
Presiding: K McGuffie, Univ of Technology

   0830h   HB11D-01 POSTER  A Conceptual Model of the Subsurface 
                    Water Exchange Between the Land and the Sea: 
                    R G Dzhamalov, T I Safronova
   0830h   HB11D-02 POSTER  Measurements of Columnar Water Vapor 
                    by Means of a Sun Photometer: *E Putz, E 
   0830h   HB11D-03 POSTER  Vegetation Index, Snow Cover, and 
                    Evapotranspiration Over the Eurasian 
                    Continent: *R Suzuki, A Yatagai, T Yasunari
   0830h   HB11D-04 POSTER  Groundwater in the Global Water 
                    Balance: *I S Zektser
   0830h   HB11D-05 POSTER  The Transport Behavior on 
                    Multi-layered Soils: *Y C Tan

HB12A  EC:Room 3  Mon  1330h
HJW3  Dynamic Monitoring and Estimation of Water Balance (joint 
 with M)
Presiding: K Mc Guffie, Univ of Technology

   1330h   HB12A-01 Practical Estimates of Sensible and 
                    Evaporative Heat Fluxes From Water Surfaces: 
                    *M A El-Shahawy
   1345h   HB12A-02 Water Resource Modeling in an Integrated 
                    Assessment of the Causes and Effects of 
                    Climatic Change: *D J Epstein, N J Rosenberg
   1400h   HB12A-03 Global H~K2~L0 and C0~K2~L Balance: The Role 
                    of Vulcanism and of Heat Flow - Evidences on 
                    Different Time Scales (Palaeo-, Historical-, 
                    Present): *G P Gregori, W J Dong
   1415h   HB12A-04 Water Balance of Huai He River in China: *T 
                    Kishii, S Cao
   1430h   HB12A-05 Centennial and Continental Scale Variation 
                    in the Surface Water Resource of the United 
                    States of America: *J M Landwehr, E F Hubbard, 
                    J R Slack
   1445h   HB12A-06 Feedbacks Between ENSO and Hydrology of 
                    Tropical South America: *O J Mesa, G  Poveda
   1500h   Break
   1530h   HB12A-07 Simulation of Precipitation and Riverflow 
                    for the Russian River During the January 
                    1995 California Flood: *N L Miller, J Kim
   1545h   HB12A-08 Seasonal and Interannual Variability of 
                    Continental-Scale Hydrology Over Africa and 
                    Its Relationship to Atmospheric Dynamics: *S E 
                    Nicholson, M  Ba, J  Marengo
   1600h   HB12A-09 Water Balance of Catchment Area as 
                    Influenced by the Expected Climate Change: *V 
   1615h   HB12A-10 Estimating the Seasonal Change of Total 
                    Water Storage in Major River Basins by the 
                    Atmospheric-River Basin Water Balance and by 
                    an AGCM: *T  Oki, K  Musiake, S  Emori, A  
   1630h   HB12A-11 An Extended Global River Discharge Dataset 
                    for the Validation and Closure of the 
                    Hydrologic Cycle Within GCMs: G D Perry, P B 
                    Duffy, *N L Miller
   1645h   HB12A-12 Modification of Regional Scale Moisture 
                    Budget by Tropical Deforestation: *K McGuffie, 
                    H Zhang, A Henderson-Sellers

HB12B  EC:Room 1  Mon  1330h
H1  Scalar Effects of Hydrologic and Geomorphic Processes
Presiding: W R Osterkamp, USGS, Tucson

   1345h   HB12B-01 Sediment Transport at Volcanic Torrents of 
                    Different Scale: *H Suwa
   1400h   HB12B-02 Sediment and Water Quality of Klagan River 
                    Tributary in Tropical Rain Forest of Sabah, 
                    Borneo Island: M B Mokhtar, A B Awaluddin, 
                    O E Tian
   1415h   HB12B-03 Assessing the Representativity of Catchments 
                    According to Their Size From Hydrochemical 
                    Observations: P Merot, P Durand
   1430h   HB12B-04 Scale Effects in Particle-Associated 
                    Contaminants of River-Bottom Sediment: W 
                    Symader, M Schorer, R Bierl
   1445h   Break
   1530h   HB12B-05 Analyse Temporelle et Spatiale des Apports 
                    de Crue sur un Bassin Mediterraneen. 
                    Relation Avec les Processus Hydrologiques: 
                    J M Gresillon, A Taha, F Le Meillour, J 
                    Lavabre, C Puech
   1545h   HB12B-06 Stochastic Geomorphology - Implications for 
                    Monitoring and Interpreting Erosion and 
                    Sediment Yields in Mountain Drainage Basins: 
                    *L Benda
   1600h   HB12B-07 Scale Behavior of Hydraulic Conductivity 
                    During a Pumping Test: D Schulze-Makuch, D S 
   1615h   HB12B-08 Spatial Variability of Cover Affecting 
                    Erosion and Sediment Yield in Overland Flow: 
                    L J Lane, M H Nichols, J R Simanton

HB12C  EC:Room 2  Mon  1330h
HW4  Quality Assurance in Hydrologic Measurement
Presiding: H R Hudson, Environment Canada

   1415h   HB12C-01 Advances in Evaluation and Fitting of Stage 
                    Discharge Curves: *B L Chester
   1430h   HB12C-02 Quality Assurance in Streamflow Estimates 
                    Utilizing an Expert System for Rating Curves: 
                    *H R Hudson
   1500h   Break
   1530h   HB12C-03 Hydrometric Measurement and Quality 
                    Assurance in Denmark: *T Thomsen
   1600h   HB12C-04 Measurement of Turbulence in Large Rivers: 
                    *N G Bhowmik, D T Soong
   1630h   HB12C-05 Quality Assurance in Semi-arid Hydrological 
                    Measurements: Problems and Solutions: *Y Q Li, 
                    A P Liu

HB21A  EC:Room 4  Tues  0830h
H1  Application of Models to Scale
Presiding: W R Osterkamp, USGS, Tucson

   0830h   HB21A-01 Simulation Models for Conservative and 
                    Nonconservative Solute Transport in Streams: 
                    *R L Runkel
   0845h   HB21A-02 A Study of Scale Effects on Sediment 
                    Transport Modelling in the Arid Regions: *K D 
   0900h   HB21A-03 Effect of Temporal Scale on Runoff and 
                    Erosion Modelling: *D Stephenson
   0915h   HB21A-04 The Impact of Scale on the Processes of 
                    Channel-Side Sediment Supply: A Conceptual 
                    Model: *D M Lawler
   0930h   HB21A-05 Sediment-Yield Alteration of Mountain Rivers 
                    and Climate Change in Central Asia: G E 
                    Glazyrin, H K Tashmetov
   1000h   Break
   1045h   HB21A-06 An Approach to Representing Spatial 
                    Variability When Evaluating Model 
                    Uncertainty in Process-Based Watershed Models: 
                    M Tiscareno-Lopez, R Claveran, M A Weltz, M R 
   1100h   HB21A-07 Identifying Trends in Sediment Discharge 
                    From Alterations in Upstream Land Use: R S 
                    Parker, W R Osterkamp
   1115h   HB21A-08 Total Suspended-Load Transport as a Natural 
                    Stochastic Process: Z Skoklevski, S Velickov

HB21B  EC:Room 3  Tues  0830h
H6  Sustainability in Modelling - I
Presiding: S P Simonovic, Univ of Manitoba, Canada

   0830h   HB21B-01 Resolving Conflicts Between Sustainable 
                    Energy and Water Resources in the Regulation 
                    of the River Tyne, England: *D Archer, G 
   0900h   HB21B-02 Sustainable Development of Aquifers in 
                    Narrow Alpine Valleys: Implications for 
                    Models to Support Scenario Simulation: *J 
   0920h   HB21B-03 GIS-Based Delineation of Source Areas of 
                    Phosphorous Within Northeastern Agricultural 
                    Watersheds: *J A Zollweg, W J Gburek, H B 
                    Pionke, A W Sharpley
   0940h   HB21B-04 Analysis of Regional Water Resources and 
                    Their Management by Means of Numerical 
                    Simulation Models and Satellites in Mendoza, 
                    Argentina: *M Menenti
   1000h   Break
   1030h   HB21B-05 The Practical Application of Modeling to the 
                    Sustainable Management of Water Resources in 
                    Northwest England: *H Smithers, S Walker
   1100h   HB21B-06 Application of a Comprehensive Decision 
                    Support System for the Water Quality 
                    Management of the River Ruhr: *L Koncsos, E 
                    Schutz, U Windau
   1120h   HB21B-07 Flood Control Decision Support System for 
                    Dongtiao River in China: *L Qi, X Ziying, W 
                    Kang, Z Ying

HB21C  EC:Arena  Tues  0830h
H1  Application of Models to Scale - Posters
Presiding: W R Osterkamp, USGS, Tucson

   0830h   HB21C-01 POSTER  Addressing the Non-point Source 
                    Implications of Conjunctive Water Use With a 
                    Geographic Information System (GIS): *D S 
                    Ellington, J R Nuckols, I I Faidi
   0830h   HB21C-02 POSTER  Variability in Stream Sediment 
                    Transport in Liaoning Province and Its 
                    Relation to Environmental Change: *Y 
   0830h   HB21C-03 POSTER  Deliberation on Scale Theory: *S  Liu, 
                    X  Mo, C  Liu
   0830h   HB21C-04 POSTER  Field Measurement and Analysis of 
                    Cover Affecting Erosion and Sediment Yield 
                    in Overland Flow: *M H Nichols, L J Lane, J R 
   0830h   HB21C-05 POSTER  Integrated Interactive Intelligent 
                    Image and Information System (GIS) 
                    Environment for Water Resources: *S 
   0830h   HB21C-06 POSTER  Modeling the Spatial Variation of 
                    Rainfall Data Using GIS: A Case Study in 
                    Saudi Arabia: *S Taher
   0830h   HB21C-07 POSTER  Observations of Erosion on Slopes of 
                    Tarumai Volcano, Hokkaido, Northern Japan: *Y  
   0830h   HB21C-08 POSTER  Biogeochemical Control on the 
                    Temporal Variability of the Trace Element 
                    Concentrations in the Oubangui River 
                    (Centrafrica): *P Seyler, F Elbaz-Poulichet

HB22A  EC:Room 4  Tues  1330h
H1 Application of Models to Scale
Presiding: W R Osterkamp, USGS, Tucson

   1330h   HB22A-01 The Prediction of Peak Nitrate Concentration 
                    From Annual Nitrate Load at the Field and 
                    Catchment Scales: H J E Rodda, D Scholefield, 
                    E Lord, B W Webb
   1345h   HB22A-02 Scale-Related Water Temperature Behaviour: 
                    *B W Webb, Y Zhang, F Nobilis
   1400h   HB22A-03 Sediment Quality in Australian River Basins: 
                    A Compartmental Approach to Assessment of 
                    Regional Sediment- Variability Factory: A 
                    Arakel, R Hanna, D McConchie
   1415h   HB22A-04 Detecting Change in Sediment Loads: Where 
                    and How Is It Possible?: K Bunte, L H 
   1430h   HB22A-05 Sedimentation in Muddy Estuaries and 
                    Management of River Flow: *W Kang
   1445h   Break
   1530h   HB22A-06 Evaluation of Erosion-Control Works by 
                    Turbidity at Different Scale Drainage Basins: 
                    T Mizuyama, M Nakano, K Matsumura
   1545h   HB22A-07 Variations in Sediment Transport at a 
                    Variety of Temporal Scales in the 
                    Murrumbidgee River, NSW, Australia: L J Olive, 
                    J M Olley, A S Murray, P J Wallbrink
   1600h   HB22A-08 Monitoring of Rill Formation: B Hasholt, B S 
   1615h   HB22A-09 Scale as a Factor in Designing Sampling 
                    Programs for Determination of Annual 
                    Trace-Element Fluxes: *A J Horowitz
   1630h   HB22A-10 Hydrological Data for Future Use: *Z 
   1645h   HB22A-11 Modelling the Influence of the Hydrological 
                    and Thermic Regime on the Nitrogen Cycle in 
                    an Unsaturated Zone: *M Mihailescu

HB22B  EC:Room 5  Tues  1330h
H6  Sustainability in Modelling - II
Presiding: K Takeuchi, Yamanashi Univ

   1330h   HB22B-01 Recent Advances in Drought Management With 
                    Particular Reference to Northwest England: *S 
                    Walker, H A Smithers
   1400h   HB22B-02 Grid Related Estimates of Streamflow Within 
                    the Weser River Basin, Germany: *T Lullwitz, 
                    A Helbig
   1420h   HB22B-03 Flood Forecasting and Reservoir Operation 
                    Software for Minimizing Environmental Impact 
                    of Hoabinh Hydro-power Project: *L B Huynh, 
                    C D Du
   1440h   HB22B-04 Modelling the Hydrological Impacts of 
                    Channelization on Streamflow Characteristics 
                    in a Northern Ireland Catchment: *D N Wilcock, 
                    F Wilcock
   1500h   Break
   1530h   HB22B-05 Decision Making and Risk Analysis in 
                    Managing the Severn Trent Water Grid: *R 
   1600h   HB22B-06 Hydrological Response Units (HRU's) to 
                    Preserve Basin Heterogeneity in Hydrologic 
                    Modelling Using PRMS/MMS - Case Study in the 
                    Brol Basin, Germany: *W A Flugel
   1620h   HB22B-07 Experiences in Updating an Integrated 
                    Decision-Support System for Sustainable 
                    Water Resource Management in Northwest 
                    England: *H Smithers, S Walker
   1640h   HB22B-08 Research on Water Resources Rational Use of 
                    the Lhasa River: *S Dajun
   1700h   HB22B-09 Environmental Diagnostic Study of a 
                    Water-Resources Master Plan, North Xinjiang, 
                    China: *A F Balloffet, T D Steele, X Yang

HB31A  EC:Room 4  Wed  0830h
H3  Snowpack Transformations
Presiding: M W Williams, Univ of Colorado, Boulder

   0830h   HB31A-01 Ventilation Experiments in a Seasonal 
                    Snowcover: *M R Albert, J P Hardy
   0850h   HB31A-02 Evolution of Factors Affecting Gas 
                    Transmissivity of Snow in the Boreal Forest: 
                    *J P Hardy, R E Davis, G C Winston
   0910h   HB31A-03 Seasonal Variability in CO~K2~L Transport 
                    Through Snow in a Boreal Forest: *G C Winston, 
                    B B Stephens, E T Sundquist, J P Hardy, R E 
   0930h   HB31A-04 CO~K2~L Flux Through a Wyoming Seasonal 
                    Snowpack: Diffusional Effects and Pressure 
                    Pumping Effects: *W J Massman, R Sommerfeld, 
                    K Zeller, T Hehn, L Hudnell, S Rochelle
   0950h   HB31A-05 Soil to Snow Movement of Organic Compounds 
                    in Natural Snow Pack: *A Hogan, D Leggett
   1010h   Break
   1040h   HB31A-06 Flow-Finger Continuity in Serial 
                    Thick-Sections in a Melting Sierran Snowpack: 
                    *B J McGurk, P Marsh
   1100h   HB31A-07 Development and Stability of Preferential 
                    Flow Paths in a Layered Snowpack: *M 
   1120h   HB31A-08 Hydrochemical Study of Snow Meltwater and 
                    Snow Cover: *K Suzuki
   1140h   HB31A-09 Ion Flux Through a Shallow Snowpack: Effects 
                    of Initial Conditions and Melt Sequences: *R E 
                    Davis, C E Petersen, R C Bales

HB31B  EC:Room 5  Wed  0830h
H6  Sustainability Modelling Tools - I
Presiding: Z Kundzewicz, WMO, Switzerland

   0830h   HB31B-01 Proponent and Stake-Holder Interaction in 
                    Collaborative Water Resources Project 
                    Planning: *M J Bender, S P Simonovic
   0900h   HB31B-02 Criteria for the Evaluation of Rate Water 
                    Use in a River Basin: P Manciola, *S Casadei
   0920h   HB31B-03 Development of Planning Tools for the 
                    Ecologically Sound Operation of Reservoirs: 
                    *M W Ostrowski, H Lohr
   0940h   HB31B-04 A Communication Support System for a Water 
                    Authority Dealing With Reservoir-Management: 
                    *F A Wolbring, G A Schultz
   1000h   Break
   1030h   HB31B-05 Multiple Criteria for Evaluation of 
                    Reliability Aspects of Water Resource Systems: 
                    *Z W Kundzewicz, J Kindler
   1100h   HB31B-06 Robust Optimization for Incorporating Risk 
                    and Uncertainty in Sustainable Water 
                    Resources Planning: D W Watkins, *D C 
   1120h   HB31B-07 An Approach for the Delineation of 
                    Hydrographic Basins in Plain Areas: P 
                    de Lotto, P G Fenaroli, I Saccardo, *S P 
   1140h   HB31B-08 The Integration of Computer Models and Data 
                    Bases Into a Decision Support System for 
                    Water Resources Management: *I J Haagsma
   1200h   HB31B-09 Risk Analysis for Joint Operation of Two 
                    Reservoirs: *J T Kuo, C S Chen, Y H Liao

HB31C  EC:Arena  Wed  0830h
H6  Sustainability Modelling - Posters
Presiding: S P Simonovic, Univ Manitoba

   0830h   HB31C-01 POSTER  The Role of "Direct" Ground Water 
                    Discharge to the Chesapeake Bay (USA) for 
                    Basin-Scale Non-point Source Pollution 
                    Assessment: *S R Kraemer
   0830h   HB31C-02 POSTER  Water Reservoir Management Using 
                    Linear Quadratic Dynamic Programming: *A 
                    Galambosi, E C Ozelkan, E Fernandez, L 
   0830h   HB31C-03 POSTER  Calibration of NWS Hydrologic Model 
                    in the Northwest U.S.: A Status Report: *C E 
                    Orwig, V C Bissell
   0830h   HB31C-04 POSTER  Analysis of the Water Low-Flow 
                    Balance of the Semi-arid White River, 
                    Nebraska and South Dakota: *M G Ferrick, N D 
                    Mulherin, D J Calkins
   0830h   HB31C-05 POSTER  National Research Program on 
                    Determination of Surface Water Quality 
                    Objectives for Hungarian Watersheds: *J Feher, 
                    S Kisgyorgy
   0830h   HB31C-06 POSTER  Strategie de la Gestion des Eaux en 
                    Pologne: *M Ozga-Zielinska
   0830h   HB31C-07 POSTER  Separation of Flow Components of 
                    Hydrographs Using Nonlinear Storage Functions: 
                    *H Wittenberg, C Rhode
   0830h   HB31C-08 POSTER  Simulation of Water Resources 
                    Systems Using an Object Oriented Approach: 
                    High Aswan Dam Reservoir: *H Fahmy, M 

HB32A  EC:Room 4  Wed  1330h
H3  Snow Hydrology and Hydrochemistry
Presiding: N E Peters, USGS, WRD Atlanta; G Jones, Univ de Quebec

   1330h   HB32A-01 Small Basin Modeling of Snow Water 
                    Equivalence Using Binary Regression Tree 
                    Methods: K Elder, J Michaelsen, J Dozier
   1350h   HB32A-02 A Spatially Distributed Energy Balance 
                    Snowmelt Model: *D G Tarboton, T G Chowdhury, 
                    T H Jackson
   1410h   HB32A-03 Distributed Snowmelt Modeling Using a 
                    Clustering Algorithm: *R Harrington, K Elder, 
                    R C Bales
   1430h   HB32A-04 Multi-dimensional Parameter Estimation of 
                    the Integrated Alpine Hydrochemical Model 
                    Using Monte-Carlo Simulation: *N Ohte, R C 
   1450h   HB32A-05 The Spatial Distribution of Snow Chemical 
                    Loading at the Tundra-Taiga Transition: *J W 
                    Pomeroy, P Marsh, H G Jones
   1510h   Break
   1540h   HB32A-06 Spatial Variations in Snowmelt Runoff Volume 
                    and Chemistry at the Arctic Treeline: *P 
                    Marsh, J Pomeroy
   1600h   HB32A-07 Synoptic Snow Chemistry as an Indicator of 
                    Atmospheric Deposition in the Rocky 
                    Mountains, USA: *J T Turk, H E Taylor, G P 
   1620h   HB32A-08 Trends in Surface Water Chemistry and 
                    Chemical Budgets, Alpine and Subalpine 
                    Watersheds, Fraser Experimental Forest, 
                    Colorado: R Stottlemyer, C A Troendle
   1640h   HB32A-09 Valuation of Possible Glacio-Hydrological 
                    Characteristics Changes Under Global Warming 
                    for South-Eastern Alaska Mountains and 
                    Novaya Zemlya Island Glaciation: N V 
                    Davidovich, *M D Ananicheva

HB32B  EC:Room 5  Wed  1330h
H6  Sustainability Modelling Tools - II
Presiding: S Walker, National Rivers Authority

   1330h   HB32B-01 Hybrid Expert System for Operation of a 
                    Small Surface Storage System: *S Mohan, N 
   1400h   HB32B-02 An Iterative Technique for Optimal 
                    Management of a Stratified Reservoir: K D W 
                    Nandalal, *J J Bogardi
   1420h   HB32B-03 Spreadsheets: Flexible Tools for Integrated 
                    Management of Water Resources in River Basins: 
                    *H H G Savenije
   1440h   HB32B-04 GIS "Hydro-monitoring" and Optimization 
                    Model of Enterprise Water Protection Activity: 
                    *A Tskhai, S Shirokova, D Konev, K Koshelev, 
                    T J Tskhai
   1500h   Break
   1530h   HB32B-05 Flexibility and Adjustability of Reservoir 
                    Operation as an Aid for Sustainable Water 
                    Management: *A H Schumann
   1600h   HB32B-06 A Demand Management Policy Dictated by 
                    Resource Availability (With Reference to an 
                    Existing River System): *A J Tollow
   1620h   HB32B-07 Assessment of Effectiveness in the Use of 
                    Inflow Forecasts to Reservoir Management: *K 
                    Takeuchi, V Sivaarthitkul
   1640h   HB32B-08 Sequential Decomposition in the Assessment 
                    of Long-Term Operation of Large-Scale Systems: 
                    J J Bogardi, *D Milutin

HB41A  EC:Room 4  Thurs  0830h
H3  Snowmelt Runoff and Biogeochemical Processes
Presiding: K Tonnessen, NBS - AIR

   0830h   HB41A-01 Hydrology and Hydrochemistry of a Headwater 
                    Alpine Basin, Urumqi River, Tian Shan, PR 
                    China: *F Liu, D Yang, M W Williams
   0850h   HB41A-02 Snowmelt-Induced Chemical Changes in Seven 
                    Streams in the Sierra Nevada, California: *J M 
                    Melack, J O Sickman
   0910h   HB41A-03 Nitrogen Deposition and Release in Alpine 
                    Watersheds, Loch Vale, Colorado, USA: *D H 
                    Campbell, D W Clow, G P Ingersoll, M A Mast, 
                    N E Spahr, J T Turk
   0930h   HB41A-04 Analysis of Long Term Sulfate and Nitrate 
                    Budgets in a Rocky Mountain Basin: J S Baron, 
                    *E J Allstott, B Newkirk
   0950h   HB41A-05 Sources of Solutes in Runoff From a Small 
                    Bedrock Catchment, Rocky Mountains, USA: *D W 
                    Clow, M A Mast
   1010h   Break
   1040h   HB41A-06 Chemical Hydrograph Separation During 
                    Snowmelt for Three Headwater Basins in Rocky 
                    Mountain National Park, Colorado: *J K Sueker
   1100h   HB41A-07 Interactions Between Snowmelt Nitrogen and 
                    Tundra Soils in the Colorado Alpine: *P D 
                    Brooks, M W Williams
   1120h   HB41A-08 Variation of Dissolved Organic Carbon During 
                    Snowmelt in Soil and Stream Waters of Two 
                    Headwater Catchments, Summit County, Colorado: 
                    *E W Boyer, G M Hornberger, K E Bencala, D M 
   1140h   HB41A-09 Chemical and Isotopic Evolution of a Layered 
                    Eastern U.S. Snowpack and Its Relation to 
                    Streamflow Chemistry: *J B Shanley, C Kendall, 
                    M Albert, J Hardy
   1200h   HB41A-10 Tracing Sources of Nitrate in Snowmelt 
                    Runoff Using the Oxygen and Nitrogen 
                    Isotopic Compositions of Nitrate: *C Kendall, 
                    D H Campbell, D A Burns, J B Shanley, S R 
                    Silva, C C Chang

HB41B  EC:Room 5  Thurs  0830h
H6  Sustainability Relevant Issues - I
Presiding: J Furst, Univ fur Bodenkultur, Austria

   0830h   HB41B-01 Sustainable Development of Water Resources 
                    Systems With Regard to Long-Term Changes of 
                    Design Variables: *G A Schultz, M Hornbogen
   0900h   HB41B-02 Interactive Management of a Conjunctive Use 
                    System Considering Quality Aspects: *M H A 
                    Billib, P W Boochs, A Matheja, B Rusteberg
   0920h   HB41B-03 Planning and Management of Water Sources 
                    Systems Under Uncertain Information in the 
                    Future With Fuzzy Optimization: *T Kojiri
   0940h   HB41B-04 Hydrologic Component of a Resource Planning 
                    Model: *S M Bolton, T J Ward
   1000h   Break
   1030h   HB41B-05 Low Flows of the River Warta - Risk and 
                    Uncertainty Aspects: *Z W Kundzewicz, M 
   1100h   HB41B-06 On the Modelling of Extreme Droughts: *H 
                    Madsen, D Rosbjerg
   1120h   HB41B-07 LISEM: A Physically-Based Hydrologic and 
                    Soil Erosion Model for Basin-Scale Water and 
                    Sediment Management: *A P J de Roo, R J E 
   1140h   HB41B-08 Impact of Climatic Change on Hydrological 
                    Balance and Water Resource Systems in the 
                    Dongjiang Basin: *G S Lian

HB41C  EC:Arena  Thurs  0830h
H3  Snowmelt Runoff and Biogeochemical Processes - Posters
Presiding: M W Williams, Univ of Colorado, Boulder

   0830h   HB41C-01 POSTER  Characteristics of Runoff Formation 
                    in Glacial and Nonglacial Basins in the 
                    Kirgizskiy Alatoo, Tien Shan: *V B Aizen, E M 
   0830h   HB41C-02 POSTER  The Niwot Ridge Snowfence 
                    Experiment: Biogeochemical Responses to 
                    Changes in the Seasonal Snowpack: *P D Brooks, 
                    M W Williams, D A Walker, S K Schmidt
   0830h   HB41C-03 POSTER  Snow Surface Energy Exchange and 
                    Snowmelt at a Continental Alpine Site: *D W 
   0830h   HB41C-04 POSTER  Can Inorganic Chemical Species 
                    Volatilize From Snow?: *J H Cragin, R 
                    McGilvary, A Hogan
   0830h   HB41C-05 POSTER  Dry Depositional Loading of Nitrogen 
                    to an Alpine Snowpack: *R G Cress, M W 
                    Williams, H Sievering
   0830h   HB41C-06 POSTER  Energy and Hydrological Fluxes of 
                    Glaciers in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, 
                    Antarctica: *G L Dana, R A Wharton, M A 
                    Wetzel, A G Fountain
   0830h   HB41C-07 POSTER  Modeling the Spatial Distribution of 
                    Seasonal Snow Accumulation on Teton Glacier, 
                    Wyoming: *K Elder
   0830h   HB41C-08 POSTER  The Chemistry of Artificial Snow and 
                    Its Influence on the Germination of Mountain 
                    Flora: *H G Jones, G Devarennes
   0830h   HB41C-09 POSTER  Some Surveys of Snow Chemistry in 
                    the Tien Shan of Kirghizstan and Kazakhstan: 
                    *R Kattelmann, K Elder, J M Melack, E Aizen, 
                    V Aizen
   0830h   HB41C-10 POSTER  Modeling the Influence of Exposed 
                    Vegetation on the Melt of Adjacent Snow 
                    Covers: *G E Liston
   0830h   HB41C-11 POSTER  Winter Eddy Covariance CO~K2~L 
                    Fluxes at a Forested Mountain Site in 
                    Southern Wyoming, USA: *W J Massman, K Zeller, 
                    T Hehn, R Sommerfeld
   0830h   HB41C-12 POSTER  Determination of Hydrologic Pathways 
                    in an Alpine-Subalpine Basin Using Isotopic 
                    and Chemical Tracers, Loch Vale Watershed, 
                    Colorado, USA: *M A Mast, C Kendall, D 
                    Campbell, D Clow, J Back
   0830h   HB41C-13 POSTER  Chemical and Isotopic Tracers of 
                    Snowmelt Flow Paths in a Subalpine Watershed: 
                    *E K Miller, C D Carson, A J Friedland, J D 
   0830h   HB41C-14 POSTER  Modeling Glacier Meltwater 
                    Production From Solar Radiation Data: *D S 
   0830h   HB41C-15 POSTER  Hydrochemical Processes During 
                    Snowmelt in a Sub-alpine Watershed, 
                    Colorado, USA: *N E Peters, G H Leavesley
   0830h   HB41C-16 POSTER  Variation in Ambient Air Nitrogen 
                    Concentration and Total Annual Atmospheric 
                    Deposition at Niwot Ridge, Colorado: *D Rusch, 
                    H Sievering
   0830h   HB41C-17 POSTER  Ozone Deposition in a Snow Covered 
                    Subalpine Spruce-Fir Forest Environment: *K 
                    Zeller, T Hehn
   0830h   HB41C-18 POSTER  Relationship Between Atmospheric 
                    Composition and Snow Composition for HCl and 
                    HNO3: *F Domine, E Thibert
   0830h   HB41C-19 POSTER  Model of Melting Snow in Regions of 
                    High Mountains and Deep Valleys: M H Douglas, 
                    I Douglas, Z Chen
   0830h   HB41C-20 POSTER  Simulation of Runoff Processes of a 
                    Continental Mountain Glacier in the Tianshan: 
                    *K Ersi, A Ohmura, H Lang
   0830h   HB41C-21 POSTER  Geographical Information System 
                    "Glaciology": Studies of Unstable Glaciers: 
                    I S Garelik, *V M Kotlyakov, G B Osipova, D G 
   0830h   HB41C-22 POSTER  Hydrograph Separation of Meltwaters 
                    Draining From Dokriani Glacier, Ganga Basin, 
                    Garhwal Himalaya, India: *S I Hasnain, D N 
                    Collins, R J Thayyen
   0830h   HB41C-23 POSTER  Effects of a Seasonal Snowcover on 
                    the Carbon Dioxide Cycle in a Terrestrial 
                    Ecosystem: *Y Kominami, S Takami
   0830h   HB41C-24 POSTER  Response of the UGAMP GCM to the 
                    Snow Parameterization: *I  Marsiat
   0830h   HB41C-25 POSTER  Snow Accumulation and Ablation 
                    Patterns in the Alps Using NOAA-AVHRR Data: 
                    M F Baumgartner, G Apfl, T Holzer
   0830h   HB41C-26 POSTER  Simulation of Runoff in High and 
                    Cold Mountainous Regions: *Y Zhihuai

HB41D  EC:Room 3  Thurs  0830h
HW2  Predictability, Uncertainty, and Prejudice in Hydrology
Presiding: C Cunnane, Univ College

   0830h   HB41D-01 Predicatbility and Uncertainty in Semi-Arid 
                    Hydrology: Q L Yeu, A P Liu
   0845h   HB41D-02 Studies on the Predictability of the 
                    Hydrological Events: *A A Sarma
   0900h   HB41D-03 A Comparison of Two Weather Data Generation 
                    Models: L S Ndlova, G S Campbell, C O'Stockle
   0915h   HB41D-04 On the Predictability of Water Table 
                    Fluctuations in a Sloping Aquifer Having 
                    Random Hydraulic Conductivity: *K Srivastava, 
                    R N Singh, S N Rai
   0930h   HB41D-05 Hydrologic Dynamics Via Geometric 
                    Deterministic Methods: *C E Puente, N Obregon, 
                    O Robayo
   0945h   HB41D-06 The Spring Southern Oscillation Index 
                    Conditions Summer Lake Inflows 
                    Probabilities, South Island, New Zealand: *C P 
                    Pearson, A I McKerchar
   1000h   Break
   1030h   HB41D-07 Effect of Catchment Characteristics on the 
                    Predictability of a Distributed Catchment 
                    Model: N I Guangheng
   1045h   HB41D-08 Streamflow Prediction for Water Management 
                    in the Western United States: Improvements 
                    and Paradigm Shifts: *D C Garen
   1100h   HB41D-09 The Probability Distribution of Flood Flows, 
                    Annual Flows, and Low Flows in the United 
                    States: *R M Vogel, I Wilson
   1115h   HB41D-10 A Grey System Approach to Deal With 
                    Uncertainties in Hydrology and Water 
                    Environmental Management: X Jun
   1130h   HB41D-11 An Integrated Expert System for Factor 
                    Analysis - Application to Groundwater 
                    Speciation: S Rao
   1145h   HB41D-12 Uncertainties in Estimation of 
                    Hydrometeorological Parameters Over Kerala 
                    State, India: H Roghaven, H S Ram Mohan
   1200h   HB41D-13 The Long-Term Thermal Impact of Reservoir 
                    Operation and Some Ecological Implications: * 

HB42A  EC:Room 5  Thurs  1330h
H6  Sustainability Relevant Issues - II
Presiding: D Rosboerg, Univ of Denmark

   1330h   HB42A-01 Multivariate Flexible Least Squares Analysis 
                    of Hydrologic Time Series: *A Ramachandra Rao
   1400h   HB42A-02 Watershed Coding of Large River Basins: *B 
                    Mitja, A Vidmar
   1420h   HB42A-03 On the Optimization of Monitoring Network of 
                    Water Quality in View of Scale Effects in 
                    China: Z Guo, *W Cheng, C Jin
   1440h   HB42A-04 Validation and Applicability of Distributed 
                    Hydrological Models: *J C Refsgaard, B Storm, 
                    A Refsgaard
   1500h   Break
   1530h   HB42A-05 Determination Floue des Zones Hydrologiques 
                    Homogenes: *V Fortin, B Bobee, L Duckstein, Z 
   1600h   HB42A-06 Water Cycle Assessment and Modelling for the 
                    Danube River Basin: *O Behr
   1620h   HB42A-07 A Study on Intelligent Operation Decision 
                    Support System for Large-Scale Water 
                    Resources System of Inter-basin Water 
                    Transfer: *G Liu, L Yao
   1640h   HB42A-08 Recent Developments of the Systeme 
                    Hydrologique Europeen (SHE) Towards the MIKE 
                    SHE: *J C Refsgaard, B Storm, A Refsgaard

HB42B  EC:Room 3  Thurs  1330h
HW2  Predictability, Uncertainty, and Prejudice in Hydrology
Presiding: C Cunnane, Univ College

   1330h   HB42B-01 Approach for Predictability on the Basis of 
                    Cyclic and Different Scale Nature of 
                    Hydrologic Processes: H V Lobanova, V A 
                    Lobanov, V E Leanov
   1345h   HB42B-02 Effect of Catchment Characteristics on the 
                    Predictability of a Distributed Catchment 
                    Model: *G  Ni, S  Herath, K  Musiake, K  
   1400h   HB42B-03 Uncertainties in Estimation of 
                    Hydrometeorological Parameters Over Kerala 
                    State (India): *H Raghavan, H S Ram Mohan
   1415h   HB42B-04 Regionalization of Probability Occurring 
                    Flash Floods in Vietnam: *C D Du
   1430h   Break
   1500h   Discussion

HB42C  EC:Room 4  Thurs  1350h
H3  Glaciers: Hydrology and Hydrochemistry
Presiding: M Tranter, Univ of Bristol

   1350h   HB42C-01 Solute Kinetics in Meltwaters Flowing 
                    Through Hydrological Pathways Beneath an 
                    Alpine Glacier: *D N Collins
   1410h   HB42C-02 Diurnal Variations of Flow-Through Velocity 
                    and Transit Time of Meltwaters Traversing 
                    Moulin-Conduit Systems in an Alpine Glacier: 
                    *D N Collins
   1430h   HB42C-03 Hydrochemical Interpretation of Meltwater 
                    Routing Through a High Arctic (Cold-Based) 
                    Glacier: *R Hodgkins, M Tranter, J A 
   1450h   HB42C-04 The Composition of Subglacial Meltwaters 
                    Sampled From Boreholes at the Haut Glacier 
                    d'Arolla, Switzerland: *H R Lamb, M Tranter, 
                    G H Brown, B P Hubbard, M J Sharp, C C Smart, 
                    I C Willis, M K Nielsen
   1510h   Break
   1540h   HB42C-05 Major, Minor, and Trace Element Chemistry of 
                    Surface Waters in the Everest Region of Nepal: 
                    *B Reynolds, P J Chapman, M C French, A 
                    Jenkins, H S Wheater
   1600h   HB42C-06 Subglacial Weathering in a Small Glacierized 
                    Basin in the North Cascade Mountains, 
                    Washington: *E V Axtmann, R F Stallard
   1620h   HB42C-07 Changing Drainage Patterns Within South 
                    Cascade Glacier, Washington, U.S.A.: A G 
                    Fountain, B H Vaughn

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