OA11A  EC:Room 4  Mon  0830h
PSJS4  Tsunami Hazard Reduction (joint  with S)
Presiding: S Tinti, Univ Bologna; E N Bernard, NOAA PMEL

   0830h   OA11A-01 Reducing Tsunami Hazards Along U.S. 
                    Coastlines: *E N Bernard
   0842h   OA11A-02 Expert Tsunami Database for the Pacific 
                    Region: *V K Gusiakov, A G Marchuk, A V 
   0856h   OA11A-03 Forecasting Delayed Inundation During 
                    Tsunamis: *H Mofjeld, F Gonzalez, J Newman
   0908h   OA11A-04 The Structure of the Tsunami Height 
                    Recurrence Function of General Type: *V 
   0920h   OA11A-05 Source Parameters of Alaskan-Aleutian 
                    Earthquakes From Tsunami Waveforms and Their 
                    Implications for Seismic Hazards: *J M 
                    Johnson, K Satake
   0932h   OA11A-06 Tsunami Hazard in the Black Sea: Historical 
                    Data, Mathematical Modeling: *S F Dotsenko
   0944h   OA11A-07 Practical Using of the Computational 
                    Experiment for the Tsunami and Storm Surge 
                    Warning: *V Khramushin
   1000h   Break
   1030h   OA11A-08 A Natural Warning of Tsunami Arrival: *N 
   1042h   OA11A-09 The New Tsunami Warning System of the Japan 
                    Meteorological Agency: *H Takehata
   1054h   OA11A-10 Status Report of an Ocean Bottom Cable 
                    Network System for the Prediction of 
                    Earthquakes and Tsunamis: *S I Iwasaki, T 
                    Eguchi, Y Fujinawa, E Fujita, I Watabe, E 
                    Fukuyama, H Fujiwara
   1106h   OA11A-11 Tsunami Hazard Estimation for Japan Sea Coast: 
                    *J Y Chung, K S Chu, C N Go, V M Kaistrenko, 
                    Y Tsuji
   1118h   OA11A-12 Tsunami Detection System Using HF Ocean 
                    Surface Radar: *A Nadai, S Fujii
   1130h   OA11A-13 Scaling and Forecasting of Tsunamis: 
                    Examples From Japan and Worldwide: *S F 
   1142h   OA11A-14 Effects of Decreasing Tsunami Disasters by 
                    Breakwaters of Port and Harbor: *S Akeda, K 
                    Yano, Y Mizuno, K Abiko, A Nagano, O Osanai

OA11B  EC:Arena  Mon  0830h
OS2/MJS14  Ocean Circulation and Climatic Variability - Posters
Presiding: C Mooers, Univ Miami

   0830h   OA11B-01 POSTER  Time and Spatial Variations of 
                    Mesoscale Rainfalls and Their Relation to 
                    the Large Scale Field in the Western 
                    Tropical Pacific: *T  Ushiyama, S  Satoh, K  
   0830h   OA11B-02 POSTER  Large-Scale Circulation, Heat, and 
                    Salt Balance of the Arctic Ocean: *I V 
   0830h   OA11B-03 POSTER  The Evidences of Bottom Currents 
                    Intensifications in Atlantic Ocean at Late 
                    Quaternary Interglacial-Glacial Boundaries: 
                    *V V Sivkov, E S Trimonis
   0830h   OA11B-04 POSTER  Relation Between the Earth Rotation 
                    Velocity and Hydroclimate Features of the 
                    World Ocean and Its Ecosystems: Y A Vyalov, 
                    *P P Chernyshkov, A M Syrota
   0830h   OA11B-05 POSTER  A Numerical Study of the Sensitivity 
                    of the Global Thermohaline Circulation to 
                    Changes in the Production of Antarctic 
                    Bottom Water: *E C Brady, D  Pollard, S  
   0830h   OA11B-06 POSTER  Natural Boundary Conditions for 
                    Ocean Climate Modeling: *H P Hanson
   0830h   OA11B-07 POSTER  Lagrangian Analysis of North 
                    Atlantic Deep Water Formation in the 
                    CME-Model: *U Ernst, C W Boning
   0830h   OA11B-08 POSTER  The Nitrate Budget for the 
                    Equatorial Pacific Ocean: *F  Chai, S T 
                    Lindley, R T Barber
   0830h   OA11B-09 POSTER  Impact of Low-Frequency Variability 
                    of the Atlantic Ocean on Rainfall Over 
                    North-Northeast Brazil: *I Wainer, J Soares
   0830h   OA11B-10 POSTER  Decadal Scale Propagation of Upper 
                    Ocean SST Anomalies in the North Atlantic: 
                    *H F Bezdek, D V Hansen
   0830h   OA11B-11 POSTER  Forecast of the Interannual 
                    Variability of the Equatorial Atlantic: *M J 
                    OrtizBevia, A Ruizde Elvira
   0830h   OA11B-12 POSTER  Reconstruction of Sedimentation 
                    Processes Using Iridium Concentrations in 
                    Marine Sediments: *P Bruns, W W Hay, W C 
   0830h   OA11B-13 POSTER  Interannual Variations in the 
                    Partial Pressure of CO~K2~L (pCO~K2~L) in 
                    Surface Waters of the Western and Central 
                    Equatorial Pacific: *H Y Inoue, M Ishii, H 
                    Matsueda, I Asanuma, M Aoyama
   0830h   OA11B-14 POSTER  The Concentration and Delta~L14~KC 
                    of Dissolved Inorganic Carbon in the Western 
                    North Pacific (WOCE P9): *M Ishii, K Hirose, 
                    H Y Inoue, T Miyao, I Kaneko, S Kawae, Y 
                    Takatsuki, H Kamiya

OA11C  EC:Arena  Mon  0830h
OS1 Large Scale Ocean Circulation - Posters
Presiding: C N K Mooers, Univ Miami

   0830h   OA11C-01 POSTER  Chinese Summer Rainfall and Its 
                    Relationship With ENSO and Western Pacific 
                    SST: *I Simmonds, B Yan
   0830h   OA11C-02 POSTER  Three-Dimensional Weather Regimes 
                    From a GCM: *A Hannachi
   0830h   OA11C-03 POSTER  GCM Simulations of Sea-Surface 
                    Temperature Anomalies: Effects on the 
                    General Circulation of the Southern 
                    Hemisphere: *W J Tennant
   0830h   OA11C-04 POSTER  Climate Anomalies Over the Pacific 
                    During the 1980s: C Fu, *L Xi
   0830h   OA11C-05 POSTER  North Atlantic Thermohaline 
                    Circulation Predictability in a Coupled 
                    Ocean-Atmosphere Model: *S M Griffies
   0830h   OA11C-06 POSTER  Spatial and Temporal Dependence of 
                    the Diurnal Cycle of Convection During COARE: 
                    T M Rickenbach, X Lin, *S A Rutledge, W A 
                    Petersen, R H Johnson
   0830h   OA11C-07 POSTER  Equatorial Sea Surface Temperature 
                    Regulation: The Role of Repeatable, 
                    Short-Term Weather Events: *R L Grossman, G  
   0830h   OA11C-08 POSTER  Observation Campaigns With an L-Band 
                    Boundary Layer Radar in Dry and Rainy 
                    Seasons Over Equatorial Indonesia: *H  
                    Hashiguchi, T  Tsuda, T  Adachi, M  Tsutsumi, 
                    T  Shimomai, N  Yoshino, M D Yamanaka, S  
                    Fukao, A  Watanabe, S W Harijono, A  Nurzaman, 
                    H  Wiryosumarto
   0830h   OA11C-09 POSTER  Air-Sea Fluxes Over an 
                    Aerodynamically Smooth Surface: *A A Grachev

OA12A  EC:Room 4  Mon  1330h
PS JS4  Historical and Contemporary Observations of Tsunamis
Presiding: E N Bernard, NOAA PMEL

   1330h   OA12A-01 Far-Field Measurements of the 4 October 1994 
                    Shikotan Tsunami: *F I Gonzalez, T N Mero, 
                    E F Boss
   1342h   OA12A-02 On Spectral Characteristics of the Great 
                    Shikotan Tsunami, 4 October 1994: *E A 
                    Kulikov, A B Rabinovich
   1354h   OA12A-03 Measurement of the October 4, 1994 Tsunami 
                    With Pressure Sensors: *D McGehee, M Okihiro
   1406h   OA12A-04 Early Arrival of the Initial Wave of the 
                    Hokkaido Toho-Oki Earthquake-Tsunami of 
                    October 4, 1994: *K Arai, K Nakamura, M Okada
   1418h   OA12A-05 Field Investigation of the 1994 Mindoro 
                    Earthquake Tsunami, Philippines: *F Imamura, 
                    E Gica, C Synolakis, V Titov, E Listanco, H J 
                    Lee, S Kawashima, D Esplanada
   1430h   OA12A-06 The 3 June, 1994 Java Tsunami: Post-event 
                    Survey of the Effects Along the Coast: A 
                    Bottero,  Jumadi,  Madi, *A Maramai, T Rivai, 
                    C E Synolakis, S Tinti
   1442h   OA12A-07 Investigation of Sediments Deposited by the 
                    Eastern Java Tsunami of June 3, 1994: *A G 
                    Dawson, S Dawson, N Shuto, T Takahashi
   1500h   Break
   1530h   OA12A-08 Okushiri Tsunami July 12, 1993, on Russian 
                    Coast: *A Poplavsky, A Kharlamov, G Didenko, 
                    V Dyachenko, G Gorbunova, G Shelepov
   1542h   OA12A-09 The Low Frequency Components of Seismic 
                    Signal and Time Dependent Spectrum of the 
                    July 12, 1993, Japan Sea Earthquake: *V V 
                    Ivanov, T G Michailova
   1554h   OA12A-10 Spectral Characteristics and Wave Behaviour 
                    of the Hokkaido Southwest Tsunami Observed 
                    on the Coast of Korea: *A B Rabinovich, I S 
   1606h   OA12A-11 The Tsunami of July 12, 1993: *H Miyoshi
   1618h   OA12A-12 Tsunamis Affecting Guam, 1849-1953: *J F 
   1630h   OA12A-13 Records of Tsunami-like Sea Surface 
                    Abnormalities Described in Old Documents of 
                    Japan: *Y Tsuji, K Satake, K Ueda, K Arai
   1642h   OA12A-14 Sedimentation Process of the 1923 Kamchatka 
                    Tsunami: K Minoura, *V K Gusiakov

OA12B  SRC:Room 1  Mon  1330h
OS2  Decadal and Interdecadal Ocean Variability
Presiding: C N K Mooers, Univ Miami

   1330h   OA12B-01 Possible Role of Ocean Heat Transport in 
                    Early Eocene Climate: *L C Sloan
   1345h   OA12B-02 Cretaceous Tropical Temperatures and 
                    Variations in Ocean Heat Transport: E J 
                    Barron, P J Fawcett
   1400h   OA12B-03 Parameterization of Tropical Ice Crystal 
                    Spectra and Its Potential Impact for Climate 
                    Models: *G M McFarquhar, A J Heymsfield
   1415h   OA12B-04 Calculating Past Ocean Heat Transports With 
                    and Without an Enhanced Greenhouse Effect: 
                    *M A Chandler, S Sheth
   1430h   OA12B-05 Changes in North Atlantic Ocean Heat Flux 
                    and the Rapid Termination of the Younger 
                    Dryas Climate Event: P J Fawcett, A M 
                    Agustsdottir, R B Alley
   1445h   OA12B-06 The Paradox of Equator-Pole Temperature 
                    Contrast in Past Climates: C Covey, M I 
   1500h   Break
   1530h   OA12B-07 On a Maximum Simplified Nonlinear 
                    Ocean-Atmosphere Coupled Characteristic 
                    System and Intraseasonal and Interannual 
                    Oscillations: *Q Zhong
   1545h   OA12B-08 Multidecadal Variability of Coastal Relative 
                    Sea Level: *H P Plag
   1600h   OA12B-09 A Look at the Recent Warming of the Tropical 
                    Pacific Ocean: *N J Mantua, N E Graham
   1615h   OA12B-10 Westerly Burst Over the Equatorial Western 
                    Pacific and Winter Monsoon in East Asia: *L 
   1630h   OA12B-11 A Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere Model for Climate 
                    Studies: *A F Fanning, A J Weaver
   1645h   OA12B-12 Upper-Ocean Thermal Variability of the 
                    Pacific: Observations and Modeled Dynamics: 
                    *A J Miller, D R Cayan, W B White

OA21A  EC:Arena  Tues  0830h
PS JS4  Tsunami - Posters
Presiding: E N Bernaro, NOAA PMEL

   0830h   OA21A-01 POSTER  Estimation of Tsunami Sources Around 
                    the Japanese Coast for Protection Measures: *T 
                    Mikami, C Goto
   0830h   OA21A-02 POSTER  The Short-Term Forecast Catastrophic 
                    Ocean's Earthquakes Is a Necessary Part of 
                    Tsunami Forecast: *B Kapochkin
   0830h   OA21A-03 POSTER  Estimation of Tsunami Risk for the 
                    Aniva Bay Coast (With Influence of Tides and 
                    Storm Surges): *G Shevtchenko
   0830h   OA21A-04 POSTER  Tsunamis Climbing a Beach of an 
                    Arbitrary Form Bay: E Pelinovsky, *O Kozyrev, 
                    E Troshina
   0830h   OA21A-05 POSTER  Spectral Analysis of 1960 Chile 
                    Tsunami Records: *G Shevtchenko
   0830h   OA21A-06 POSTER  Numerical Simulation of Middle 
                    America Trench Generated Large Tsunamis and 
                    Their Coastal Arrival to Mexico: *M Ortiz, 
                    S F Farreras
   0830h   OA21A-07 POSTER  Propagation and Runup Modeling of 
                    Tsunamis Generated by Edifice Collapse of 
                    Mt. St. Augustine Volcano, Alaska: Z Kowalik, 
                    *E Troshina
   0830h   OA21A-08 POSTER  A Method of Tsunami Estimation for 
                    Short-Range Forecast Service: *Y Korolyov, A 
   0830h   OA21A-09 POSTER  Tsunami of October 4, 1994 on a 
                    Coast of Kunashir Island: *Y Korolyov, E 
                    Kulikov, B Levin, A Poplavsky
   0830h   OA21A-10 POSTER  Constraints on the Source of the 
                    1755 Lisbon Tsunami Inferred From Numerical 
                    Modelling of Historical Data: *M A Baptista, 
                    P M Miranda, J M Miranda, A Ribeiro, L M 
   0830h   OA21A-11 POSTER  Effects of the 1755 Tsunami 
                    Inundation on the City of Lisbon: *L M Victor, 
                    M A Baptista, S Heitor
   0830h   OA21A-12 POSTER  Tsunamigenic Earthquakes in Northern 
                    Japan (Hokkaido-Tohoku Region) During the 
                    Last 100 Years (1896-1995): *Y Tanioka, K 
   0830h   OA21A-13 POSTER  The Shikotan 04.10.94 Tsunami and 
                    Seaquake: The First Survey Using 
                    Airphotography: *B W Levin, E A Kulikov, V K 
                    Gusjakov, E N Pelinovsky, A I Ivaschenko, V M 
   0830h   OA21A-14 POSTER  On the Problem of Cosmogenic Tsunami: 
                    *A S Alekseev, V E Petrenko
   0830h   OA21A-15 POSTER  Local Response to October 4, 1994 
                    Tsunami Warning: *J Preuss
   0830h   OA21A-16 POSTER  Review of Tsunami Information for 
                    Australia and South Pacific Islands - A 
                    Resource for Mitigation: *J M W Rynn
   0830h   OA21A-17 POSTER  Tsunami Disaster Investigations in 
                    the Black Sea: *B K Ranguelov
   0830h   OA21A-18 POSTER  Tsunami Observations on the Ligurian 
                    Coast, Western Mediterranean: *C  Eva, A B 
   0830h   OA21A-19 POSTER  Modelling of the Large 1956 South 
                    Aegean (Greece) Tsunami: C Koutitas, *G A 
   0830h   OA21A-20 POSTER  Recent Tsunamis and Seaquakes - Its 
                    Physical Modelling and Satellite Registration: 
                    *B W Levin, V M Kajstrenko
   0830h   OA21A-21 POSTER  Tsunamigenic Kamchatka Earthquake of 
                    13 November 1993 and Its Precursor 
                    Determined on Seismograms of IRIS-Stations 
                    in Russia: *B W Levin, E V Sasorova
   0830h   OA21A-22 POSTER  Undular Bore as Tsunami in Coastal 
                    Zone: *S Nakamura
   0830h   OA21A-23 POSTER  1953 Suva, Fiji Earthquake and 
                    Tsunami Revisited - Historical Information 
                    Vital for Mitigation: G Prasad, *J M W Rynn
   0830h   OA21A-24 POSTER  Results of Recent ODP Expeditions in 
                    the Atlantic Ocean and Future Cruises: *P D 
                    Rabinowitz, T J G Francis, J G Baldauf, J 
                    Allan, P Blum, P Clift, J Firth, A Klaus, J 
                    Miller, C Richter
   0830h   OA21A-25 POSTER  Rapid Moment Tensor Solutions and 
                    Tsunami Warning Systems: *S A Sipkin

OA21B  EC:Room 4  Tues  0830h
PS JS4  Physical Processes of Tsunami Generation (joint  with S)
Presiding: G Hebenstreit, SAIC; E N Bernard, NOAA PMEL

   0830h   OA21B-01 Volcanogenic Tsunamis in Cook Inlet, Alaska: 
                    *J Kienle, J E Beget, Z Kowalik, E Troshina
   0845h   OA21B-02 The Possibility of Cosmogenic Tsunamis: A S 
                    Alexeev, *A G Marchuk, V E Petrenko
   0900h   OA21B-03 Water Waves Generated by Underwater 
                    Landslides and Sliding Blocks: P Watts, *F 
   0915h   OA21B-04 A Hybrid Method for the Estimation of 
                    Tsunami Height Due to Landslide: *S I Iwasaki, 
                    A S Furumoto, E Honza
   0945h   OA21B-05 Numerical Models of Tsunami Generation From 
                    the 1929 Grand Banks Earthquake and 
                    Submarine Landslide: *N W Winslow, K Satake
   1000h   Break
   1030h   OA21B-06 Source Area of the 1994 East Java 
                    Earthquake-Tsunami Estimated by the Result 
                    of the Aftershock Observation: *Y Tsuji, S 
                    Harada, P T Nanang
   1045h   OA21B-07 Determination of the Source Slip 
                    Distribution of the 1992 Nicaragua 
                    Earthquake From Tsunami Data: A Piatanesi, I 
                    Gavagni, *S Tinti
   1100h   OA21B-08 Dependence of Tsunami Generation on the 
                    Earthquake Magnitude and Focal Depth: *M 
   1115h   OA21B-09 Tsunami Wave Generation on a Sloping Bottom: 
                    *V Pekhotsky
   1130h   OA21B-10 On Far Propagation of Hydroacoustic 
                    Precursors of Tsunami: *V Rok
   1145h   OA21B-11 Using the Frequency Analysis of the 
                    Hydroacoustic Field From an Underwater 
                    Earthquake for Tsunami Warning: *S Lopatnilov, 
                    I Ivanov, V Rock

OA21C  SRC:Room 1  Tues  0830h
MJS14  Climatic Variability (joint  with M,S,V)
Presiding: C N K Mooers, Univ Miami

   0830h   OA21C-01 3-D Simulation of the Response of the 
                    Tropical Pacific Ocean to a Westerly Wind 
                    Burst: *C A Clayson, J A Curry
   0845h   OA21C-02 Centroid Rotation of the Western Pacific 
                    Warm Pool in the Three Recent El Nino Events: 
                    X H Yan, Q Zheng, Y He, C R Ho, W T Liu
   0900h   OA21C-03 The Study on the Structure of Marine 
                    Boundary Layer and Air-Sea Fluxes in the 
                    Western Pacific Ocean: *M Y Zhou, N Lu, Z 
                    Chen, S Li
   0915h   OA21C-04 An Integrated Approach to Determination of 
                    the Tropical Sea Surface Fluxes From 
                    Satellite: *J Curry, C A Clayson, W B Rossow
   0930h   OA21C-05 Testing Quasi-Equibilibrium Thinking With 
                    Cloud-Resolving Simulations of Tropical 
                    Cumulus Ensembles: *S K Krueger
   0945h   OA21C-06 Enhanced Cloud Moving Vector Data Set Based 
                    on GMS Image Data: *R  Oki, T  Nakazawa, A  
   1000h   Break
   1030h   OA21C-07 Detailed Temperature Fluctuations in the 
                    Tropical Boundary Layer Observed With a RASS: 
                    *T  Tsuda, T  Adachi, H  Hashiguchi, H  
                    Wiryosumarto, S W B Harijono, S  Fukao
   1045h   OA21C-08 Sensitivity of Cloud Radiative Properties 
                    and Ice Content Derived From Optical Array 
                    Probes to Calculation Techniques: *G M 
                    McFarquhar, S  Kinne, A J Heymsfield, P R 

OA22A  EC:Room 4  Tues  1330h
PS JS4  Physical Processes of Tsunami Propagation and Run-Up
 (joint  with S)
Presiding: N Shuto, Tohoku Univ; E N Bernard, NOAA PMEL

   1330h   OA22A-01 Inverse and Forward Modeling of the 1993 
                    Okushiri, Hokkaido, Tsunamis: *K Satake, Y 
   1345h   OA22A-02 Tsunami Inverse Problem: Exact Mathematical 
                    Results: *V M Kaistrenko
   1400h   OA22A-03 A Revision for the July 30, 1627 
                    Tsunamigenic Earthquake: Numerical 
                    Simulations of the Gargano (Southern Italy) 
                    Tsunami: *S Tinti, A Piatanesi, A Maramai, P 
   1415h   OA22A-04 The Grid Size Dependence of the Numerical 
                    Modeling of Tsunami Waves: C J Yul, Y I Taek, 
                    *V V Ivanov
   1430h   OA22A-05 Theory and Experiments on the Trap of Long 
                    Waves Around a Conical Island: *K Fujima
   1445h   OA22A-06 The Strategy of Computational Experiments in 
                    Studies of Tsunami Waves: *Y I Shokin
   1500h   Break
   1530h   OA22A-07 Finite-Element Numerical Simulations of 
                    Tsunamis Generated Near a Circular Island: *S 
                    Tinti, I Gavagni
   1545h   OA22A-08 New Results in the Mathematical Modeling of 
                    the Hazardous Effect of Tsunami Waves in the 
                    Ocean: A Priori Analysis and Timely On-Line 
                    Forecast: *L B Chubarov
   1600h   OA22A-09 Physical Processes of Tsunami Wave Evolution 
                    and Runup on an Island: *M J Briggs, C E 
   1615h   OA22A-10 Comparison of the Measured and Computed 1994 
                    Kuril Tsunami: *T Takahashi, N Shuto
   1630h   OA22A-11 Numerical Simulation of July 12, 1993, 
                    Tsunami Off Hokkaido, Its Propagation and 
                    Flooding Onto Aonae District, Okushiri Island: 
                    *T Yamashita, T Takabayashi, Y Tsuchiya
   1645h   OA22A-12 Impulsive Force of Driftwood Under 
                    Consideration of Its Plasticity: *H Matsutomi
   1700h   OA22A-13 An Estimation of Source and Topography 
                    Influence on Spectral Characteristics of the 
                    1969 and 1975 Atlantic Tsunamis: *A 
                    Rabinovich, P M Miranda, M A Baptista

OA22B  SRC:Room 1  Tues  1315h
OS10  Waves and Mixing (joint  with M)
Presiding: C N K mooers, Univ Miami

   1315h   OA22B-01 Double-Diffusive Sources and Sinks in Closed 
                    Regions: *J S Turner
   1330h   OA22B-02 Observations on Two Ways of Internal 
                    Solitons Arising at an Underwater Sill: K V 
                    Konyaev, *K D Sabinin, A N Serebryany
   1345h   OA22B-03 On the Self-Maintenance of Turbulent Patches 
                    in the Atmosphere and Oceans: *K E Haman
   1400h   OA22B-04 Vortex Rings Formed by Rain at Sea: *B R 
                    Morton, R W Cresswell
   1415h   OA22B-05 The Formation of a Diurnal Thermocline in 
                    the Oceanic Mixed Layer: *Y Noh
   1430h   OA22B-06 Three Dimensionalization in Mixing Layers: 
                    *C P Caulfield, W R Peltier
   1445h   OA22B-07 Large Eddy Simulation of the Equatorial 
                    Oceanic Boundary Layer: *D Wang, W G Large, 
                    J C McWilliams
   1500h   Break
   1530h   OA22B-08 Mixing Processes in the Equatorial Upper 
                    Ocean and Air-Sea Interactions: *C A Clayson, 
                    J A Curry
   1600h   OA22B-09 The 3D Reconstruction of the Frontal Zone in 
                    the Barents Sea Using Sonar and ADCP Data: 
                    A V Berezutskii, V E Sklyarov
   1615h   OA22B-10 Small Scale (1m) Temperature Differences 
                    Statistics Within Stratospheric Turbulent 
                    and Laminar Flows: *C Sidi, F Dalaudier
   1630h   OA22B-11 3D Study of Diapycnal Mixing in Gulf Stream 
                    Meanders: *A Rodriguez-Santana, J L Pelegri
   1645h   OA22B-12 Seasonal and Synoptic Variability in a 
                    Coupled Biological-Physical Upper Ocean Model: 
                    L H Kantha, *J S Stewart, R G Najjar

OA31A  EC:Arena  Wed  0830h
OSJS3  Waves and Mixing - Posters (joint  with M)
Presiding: C N K Mooers, Univ Miami

   0830h   OA31A-01 POSTER  Multifrontal Structure at the 
                    Gulfstream Zone: *N P Kuzmina, N N Golenko
   0830h   OA31A-02 POSTER  Localization of Internal and 
                    Acoustical Waves in a Randomly Stratified 
                    Ocean: *A A Lyubitskii, Y V Tarasov
   0830h   OA31A-03 POSTER  On Modeling the Upper Oceanic Layer: 
                    *V Zholudev, L Shoukhova
   0830h   OA31A-04 POSTER  Internal Wave Solitons in 10Hz TOPEX 
                    Altimetric Data: *B A Briggs, M A Coffey, L H 
                    Kantha, W Petersen
   0830h   OA31A-05 POSTER  A Study of Long Range Forecast of 
                    Wave Climate in the Atlantic: *A 
                    Ruizde Elvira
   0830h   OA31A-06 POSTER  Reliability of Radar System on Shore 
                    to Measure Wave Fields: *J C Nieto, M Alfonso, 
                    R Sanz
   0830h   OA31A-07 POSTER  Coastal Doppler X-Band Radar Studies 
                    of the Sea Surface at Grazing Angles: *A N 
                    Keane, A V Smirnov, V U Zavorotny, R A 

OA31B  SRC:Room 1  Wed  0815h
OSJS3  Waves and Mixing (joint  with M)
Presiding: C N K Mooers, Univ Miami

   0815h   OA31B-01 Optical Measurements of the Shape of the 
                    Sea-Surface: *C S Cox, X Zhang
   0830h   OA31B-02 Relating Geometric Roughness Length to the 
                    Observed Saturation Level of Omnidirectional 
                    Wave Spectra: *C Hansen, S E Larsen
   0845h   OA31B-03 Wave Forecast Performed With the WAM Model 
                    at Clima Maritimo: Statistical Analysis of a 
                    One Month Period (March 1995): *J C Carretero, 
                    M Gomez
   0900h   OA31B-04 A Laboratory Study of the Short Wave 
                    Distribution Over Dominant Wind Waves: *G 
                    Caulliez, L Autard
   0915h   OA31B-05 Slopes of Short Wind Waves Measured Across 
                    the Current Convergence Front During HIRES-I: 
                    *I A Leykin, D J McLaughlin, J A C Kaiser
   0930h   OA31B-06 Modeling Wind Waves With an Asymmetric Wave 
                    Form: *I A Leykin, D J McLaughlin, M A 
   0945h   OA31B-07 In-Situ Measurements of Spectral Reflectance 
                    of Sea Foam in the Visible and Near-Infrared: 
                    *P Y Deschamps, M Schwindling, R Frouin
   1000h   Break
   1030h   OA31B-08 Simultaneous Active and Passive Microwave 
                    Observations of Water Surface Under Varying 
                    Wind and Rain Conditions: *K W Fischer, R A 
                    Shuchman, R G Onstott, J Vesecky, N Yu Wang
   1045h   OA31B-09 Surface Wind Vector and Water Temperature 
                    Improved Measurements Using Polarimetric 
                    Radiometers: V  Etkin, M  Dzura, *Y  Kravtsov, 
                    A  Kuzmin, M  Pospelov
   1100h   OA31B-10 Aircraft Microwave Radiometer Measurements 
                    of Polarimetric Sea Surface Brightness 
                    Temperatures: *S  Yueh, W Wilson, F Li, S 
   1115h   OA31B-11 3D Random Walk Model of Oil Dispersion: *D 
                    Gisolia-Santos, M L Spaudlding, E 
                    Perez-Martell, A W Ratsimandresy
   1130h   OA31B-12 Langmuirs, Rolls, and Streaks: A Coherent 
                    Synthesis: *P J Ioannou, B F Farrell
   1145h   OA31B-13 Some Effects of Larger-Scale Velocity Fields 
                    on the Spectrum of Small-Scale Internal 
                    Gravity Waves in the Atmosphere: *S D 
                    Eckermann, D Broutman
   1200h   OA31B-14 Tidal Variations in Estuarine Stratification 
                    and Mixing: *H M Nepf, R W Geyer

OA32A  SRC:Room 1  Wed  1315h
OS8  Ocean Dynamics From Satellites
Presiding: C N K Mooers, Univ Miami

   1315h   OA32A-01 Mesoscale Oceanography With Synthetic 
                    Aperture Radar: *J R Apel
   1330h   OA32A-02 Synergistic Study in the Denmark Strait From 
                    TOPEX/POSEIDON and ERSI Altimetry, SAR 
                    Images, and Hydrography: O B Andersen, *J 
   1345h   OA32A-03 Remote Sensing Signatures of Deep Water 
                    Convective Chimney Events: *K W Fischer, R A 
   1400h   OA32A-04 Coupled Pattern Analysis of Satellite 
                    Altimetry Data: *E  Leuliette, J M Wahr, R M 
   1415h   OA32A-05 Comparisons of Altimetry and in Situ 
                    Oceanography in the NW Pacific: Some 
                    Preliminary Results From the Kuroshio 
                    Extension Regional Experiment (KERE): *J L 
                    Mitchell, W J Teague, Z R Hallock, G A Jacobs, 
                    H E Hurlburt
   1430h   OA32A-06 An Evaluation of the Upper Ocean Circulation 
                    in the Pacific Observed by Satellite 
                    Altimetry and Surface Drifting Buoys: *C J 
                    Koblinsky, P P Niiler
   1445h   OA32A-07 The Large-Scale Frontal Zones in the Ocean 
                    From AVHRR Data: *M  Rienecker, A  Kazmin
   1500h   Break
   1530h   OA32A-08 Large-Scale, Low-Frequency Variability of 
                    the Ocean Topography Observed by Satellite 
                    Altimetry: *D P Chambers, C K Shum, B D 
                    Tapley, R H Stewart
   1545h   OA32A-09 Global EOF Analysis of TOPEX/Poseidon Data 
                    and Implications for Detection of Global Sea 
                    Level Rise: *J R Hendricks, R R Leben, G H 
                    Born, C J Koblinsky
   1600h   OA32A-10 Determination of the General Ocean 
                    Circulation From TOPEX Altimeter Data: A New 
                    Method: *B V Sanchez, W J Cunningham, N K 
   1615h   OA32A-11 Large-Scale Temporal Variabilities of the 
                    Global Oceans From TOPEX/POSEIDON Altimetry 
                    and a General Circulation Model: L L Fu, R 
   1630h   OA32A-12 Decadal Ocean and Atmosphere Variability 
                    Modes: *G A Jacobs, H E Hurlburt, J L 
   1645h   OA32A-13 Anticyclonic Baroclinic Eddies off Central 
                    America in the Northeastern Tropical Pacific 
                    Ocean: *C S Willett, R R Leben
   1700h   OA32A-14 Assimilation of TOPEX/POSEIDON Data Into a 
                    Global Ocean Circulation Model: *M Wenzel, J 

OA41A  EC:Arena  Thurs  0830h
OS8  Ocean Dynamics From Satellites - Posters
Presiding: C N K Mooers, Univ Miami

   0830h   OA41A-01 POSTER  Wind-Stress Curls Based on ERS-1 
                    Scatterometer Observations, ECMWF Analyses, 
                    and a Blend of the Two: T J Hoar, R F Milliff, 
                    W G Large
   0830h   OA41A-02 POSTER  The Utility of Altimetry in 
                    Semi-Enclosed and Marginal Seas: L H Kantha, 
                    *B A Briggs, W E Rankin
   0830h   OA41A-03 POSTER  A New Software for the Treatment of 
                    Altimetric Data for ERS-1 and TOPEX/POSEIDON: 
                    D Sanchez, *J J Martinez Benjamin
   0830h   OA41A-04 POSTER  Surface Expressions of the Oceanic 
                    Phenomena Near Taiwan on ERS-1 SAR Images: 
                    *M K Hsu, L Mitnik, C T Liu

OA41B  SRC:Room 1  Thurs  0815h
OS8  Ocean Dynamics From Satellites
Presiding: C N K Mooers, Univ Miami

   0815h   OA41B-01 Rossby Waves in the Southern Ocean Observed 
                    by Altimetry and Compared With Results From 
                    an Eddy-Resolving Model: *C W Hughes
   0830h   OA41B-02 Detection of Baroclinic Rossby Waves From 
                    TOPEX/POSEIDON Altimeter Data: *P S Polito, 
                    P  Cornillon
   0845h   OA41B-03 Assimilation of TOPEX/POSEIDON Satellite 
                    Altimeter Data Into an Open Ocean QG-Model: A 
                    Vogeler, J Schroter
   0900h   OA41B-04 Estimates of the Meridional Ekman Heat 
                    Transport From Satellite Data: *D  Adamec
   0915h   OA41B-05 Determining the Ocean's Response to 
                    Atmospheric Pressure Forcing: *R M Ponte
   0930h   OA41B-06 Oceanic Surface Forcing Estimated From 
                    Spaceborne Sensors and Their Impact on Ocean 
                    Circulation Models: *W T Lui, W Tang
   1000h   Break
   1030h   OA41B-07 A Pacific Ocean Model General Circulation 
                    Sensitivity to Surface Wind Forcing at 
                    Scatterometer Resolution: *R F Milliff, R 
                    Hughes, D B Haidvogel, W G Large
   1045h   OA41B-08 High-Resolution Wind-Forcing Dataset From 
                    Optimal Fusing of ERS-1 Scatterometer 
                    Observations and ECMWF Analyses: *T M Chin, 
                    R F Milliff
   1100h   OA41B-09 Observational and Theoretical Evidence for a 
                    Wind Vector Signal in SSM/I Data: *J J Bates, 
                    K C McColl
   1115h   OA41B-10 Analysis of Space-Based Ocean Surface Winds 
                    and Its Impact on Numerical Prediction: *R M 
   1130h   OA41B-11 Modelling and Interpretation of Sea Surface 
                    Brightness Temperatures Using a Polarimetric 
                    Two-Scale Scattering Model: *S Yueh
   1145h   OA41B-12 Polarimetric Radiometer Design for 
                    Spaceborne Wind Measurements: *W J Wilson, S  

OA11D  SRC:Room 1  Mon  0830h
OS1  Large Scale Ocean Circulation
Presiding: C N K Mooers, Univ Miami

   0830h   OA11D-01 The Oceanic Boundary Layer and General 
                    Circulation: *W G Large, J C McWilliams
   0845h   OA11D-02 Ocean Circulation and Angular Momentum 
                    Changes: *N A Morner
   0900h   OA11D-03 Approach to Equilibrium in Global Oceanic 
                    Models: *G Danabasoglu, J C McWilliams, W G 
   0915h   OA11D-04 The Flow Field of the Subtropical Gyre of 
                    the South Indian Ocean: *L Stramma, J R 
   0930h   OA11D-05 Oceanic Response and Analysis of the 
                    Inverted Barometer Effect in the North 
                    Pacific: *K R Whitmer, L H Kantha
   0945h   OA11D-06 Modelling the Circulation of the Subpolar 
                    North Atlantic: *C W Boning
   1000h   Break
   1030h   OA11D-07 Poleward Heat Transport in the North Pacific 
                    Ocean: *D B Engelhardt, L H Kantha, G H Born
   1045h   OA11D-08 Sensitivity of Decadal Variability to 
                    Surface Thermal Boundary Conditions in an 
                    Idealized Ocean Model: *A  Capotondi, W R 
   1100h   OA11D-09 On the Destruction of Inertial Recirculation 
                    by Annual Wind Migration: *Z Liu
   1115h   OA11D-10 Decadal Variability in the North Atlantic 
                    Thermohaline Circulation due to Random 
                    Forcing - Numerical Model Experiments: *W R 
                    Holland, A  Capotondi
   1130h   OA11D-11 Sensitivity of an Ocean Model to Sub-grid 
                    Mixing Schemes: *D Y Robitaille, A J Weaver
   1145h   OA11D-12 Sources of ~L129~KI in Waters of the Gulf of 
                    Mexico: *D R Schink, J E Moran, P H Santschi

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