OB11A  EC:Arena  Mon  0830h
OS4/OS5  Coastal Ocean - Posters
Presiding: C N K Mooers, Univ Miami

   0830h   OB11A-01 POSTER  Notes on the Geochemical Dispersion 
                    of Elements in Beach Sediments Along the 
                    Coast West of the Atlas Porphyry Copper 
                    Mine, Cebu, Philippines: W G Diegor, P C 
                    Momongan, *E J Diegor
   0830h   OB11A-02 POSTER  Heavy Detrital Minerals in Western 
                    Cebu, Philippines: A Study on the 
                    Non-magnetic Fraction of Beach Sediments in 
                    Mine Tailings - Affected Coast West of the 
                    Atlas Porphyry Copper Mine: *P C Momongan, 
                    E J M Diegor, M E S Lupo, C M Quiel
   0830h   OB11A-03 POSTER  Sediment Characteristics of the 
                    Upper and Lower Bengal Fan: *A S Swamy, S V 
                    Pavana Putra
   0830h   OB11A-04 POSTER  Study of River Surface Plumes by 
                    Optical Remote Sensing: *V I Burenkov, A P 
   0830h   OB11A-05 POSTER  Influence of River Discharge on 
                    Spatial Distribution of Suspended 
                    Particulate Matter in the Kara and Laptev 
                    Seas: *V I Burenkov
   0830h   OB11A-06 POSTER  Mercury, Organic Nitrogen, and Trace 
                    Metals in Sediments in a Tropical Estuary - 
                    Significance of Environmental Factors: *D K 
                    Sahu, K C Sahu, K C Sahu, B K Sahu
   0830h   OB11A-07 POSTER  The Biogeochemical Effects of SPM in 
                    the Water Area of Hangzhou Estuary in China: 
                    *Z F Wang
   0830h   OB11A-08 POSTER  Coastal Protection By Artifical 
                    Beach Nourishment - An Experimental Study on 
                    Eastern Black Sea Coast of Turkiye: *R Bilgin, 
                    H Olgun, S Bayramcavus
   0830h   OB11A-09 POSTER  The Origin and Evolution of the 
                    Godavari Sand Spit, East Coast of India: *P R 
                    Prasad, K S Rao, J Sitaramaiah, N S Rao
   0830h   OB11A-10 POSTER  A Study on the Deterioration of a 
                    Tropical Estuary: *K Abdulla Bava, P 
   0830h   OB11A-11 POSTER  Second-Order Theory for Solitary 
                    Internal Wave: *V I Vlasenko
   0830h   OB11A-12 POSTER  Propagation of Gulf Stream 
                    Fluctuation Energy Past Cape Hatteras: *H  
                    Xue, J M Bane
   0830h   OB11A-13 POSTER  Nonlinear Dynamics of Intensive 
                    Internal Waves in Shelf Zone of Morocco: *V I 
                    Vlasenko, V A Ivanov, I G Krasin, A D 
   0830h   OB11A-14 POSTER  Transport of River Inputs: Chemical 
                    Reactivity in a Tropical Coastal Zone: *A N 
                    Balchand, S M Paul
   0830h   OB11A-15 POSTER  Kinematics and Dynamics of a 
                    Cyclonic Eddy off Point Arena, California: *R 
                    Chumbinho, R L Haney, S R Ramp
   0830h   OB11A-16 POSTER  Nearshore Suspended Sediment 
                    Concentration in Presence of 
                    Infragravitational Waves: *R D Kos'yan, S Y 
                    Kuznetsov, N V Pykhov
   0830h   OB11A-17 POSTER  Radioactive Disequilibria Among 
                    Ra-226, Pb-210, and Po-210 in the Sea off 
                    Northeastern Taiwan: Y M Wu, *Y Chung

OB11B  FISKE:Auditorium  Mon  0830h
OS4  Coastal Ocean:  Open Ocean Interaction
Presiding: C N K Mooers, Univ Miami

   0830h   OB11B-01 Interaction of the Baltic Sea and the North 
                    Sea Across the Darss Sill Detected by 
                    Shallow Water Sound Propagation: *A Raabe
   0845h   OB11B-02 Inverse Model of Seasonal Circulation in the 
                    Coastal Region Near Brazil-Malvinas 
                    Confluence From the Heat Budget: *P O 
   0900h   OB11B-03 Asymptotic Behaviour of Solitary Wave 
                    Passing Over the Continental Shelf: *P A 
   0915h   OB11B-04 The Use of Digital Filter Initialization to 
                    Diagnose the Mesoscale Circulation and 
                    Vertical Motion in the Coastal Oceans: *R L 
                    Haney, R Chumbinho, A Viudez
   0930h   OB11B-05 Observations of Nonlinear Internal Waves on 
                    a Shelf Break: Variety of Processes of 
                    Internal Tidal Transformation and Observed 
                    Huge Internal Surf: P E Holloway, *A N 
   0945h   OB11B-06 A Numerical Investigation of the Generation, 
                    Propagation, and Dissipation of Internal 
                    Tides: *P E Holloway
   1000h   Break
   1030h   OB11B-07 Upwelling at a Continental Boundary: The 
                    Effect of Topographic Irregularities: *A  
   1045h   OB11B-08 Water and Nutrient Transfer Off Northwest 
                    Africa: *A Marrero, J L Pelegri
   1100h   OB11B-09 Applications of Objective Analysis to Search 
                    and Rescue: *B D Perkins, D F Paskausky
   1130h   OB11B-10 Geophysical Signatures: A Tool to Delineate 
                    the Coastal Sedimentary Environments: *P R 
   1145h   OB11B-11 Impact of Oceanographic Parameters on 
                    Marginal Sedimentary Environments: *K G Reddy

OB12A  FISKE:Auditorium  Mon  1330h
OS5  Coastal Ocean:  Adjacent Land Interaction
Presiding: C N K Mooers, Univ Miami

   1330h   OB12A-01 Shoreline Modifications at a Tropical Tidal 
                    Inlet Concordant With Landscape Management 
                    and Waterways Development: *K Rasheed, K A 
                    Joseph, A N Balchand
   1345h   OB12A-02 Ecological and Socio-economic Consequences 
                    of Katina-P Oil Spill Disaster in Maputo 
                    Bay, and Its Lessons: *U Aswathanarayana
   1400h   OB12A-03 The Dynamics of a Seasonal Barrier Beach 
                    Vis-a-vis Coastal Ocean Processes in 
                    Tropical Fluvial Environments: *K A Joseph, K 
                    Rasheed, A N Balchand
   1415h   OB12A-04 A New Solution for Load Tides Derived From a 
                    Global Hydrodynamic Tide Model: *P E Pontius, 
                    L H Kantha, J Wahr, S Desai
   1430h   OB12A-05 Hurricane Scaling Laws: A Basis for 
                    Forecasting Maximum Wind Speed and Losses of 
                    Property and Life: *C C Barton, S P Nishenko
   1445h   OB12A-06 Problems of Marine Medium Optimization: *A V 
   1500h   Break
   1530h   OB12A-07 Long Term and Real Time Observation on the 
                    Deep Sea Floor in Sagami Bay: H Momma, K 
                    Mitsuzawa, Y Kaiho, H Hotta
   1545h   OB12A-08 Large Amplitude Long Wave Oscillations in 
                    Bays and Inlets of the Balearic and Kuril 
                    Islands and Their Correlation With 
                    Atmospheric Waves: *S  Monserrat, A B 
                    Rabinovich, V  Djumagaliev
   1600h   OB12A-09 A Three-Dimensional Numerical Model of 
                    Hydrodynamics Influenced by Thermal Effluent 
                    in Youngkwang Nuclear Power Plant: *Y P Sheng, 
                    J K Choi, D H Kim, C S Choi, Y  Luo
   1615h   OB12A-10 Columbia River Entrance: Lateral Circulation 
                    and Forcing: *C N Cudaback, D A Jay
   1630h   OB12A-11 Estuarine Current Measurement Using Acoustic 
                    Time Delay: *R Bland, A Grant, R Johnson, K 
                    Laws, D Patterson, M Ugawa

OB21A  EC:Arena  Tues  0830h
OSJS2/OS7  Sea Level and Ice - Posters (joint  with G,H)
Presiding: D T Pugh, Deacon Laboratories

   0830h   OB21A-01 POSTER  Spectral Albedo of a Melt Pond: A 
                    Method of Calculation and Related Inverse 
                    Problem: *I A Podgorny
   0830h   OB21A-02 POSTER  Modeling of the Coupled 
                    Katabatic/Ocean and Ice Systems of the 
                    Antarctic: *S L Goodrick, R T McNider, D 
   0830h   OB21A-03 POSTER  Momentum and Heat Transfers Between 
                    Atmosphere and Ice Field in Marginal Ice Zone: 
                    *G Naito, T Ochiai, T Nakamura, Y Sasaki
   0830h   OB21A-04 POSTER  Interactions Between Katabatic Winds 
                    and Polynyas at the Adelie Coast, Eastern 
                    Antarctica: *U Adolphs
   0830h   OB21A-05 POSTER  Numerical Simulation of the Lofoten 
                    Basin Deep Sea Lens Annual Cycling: *V V 
   0830h   OB21A-06 POSTER  The Influence of the Surface 
                    Salinity Anomalies on Deep Convection 
                    Process in the Greenland Sea: *A A Korablev
   0830h   OB21A-07 POSTER  Isotopic Composition of Methane in 
                    Seawater of the Alaskan Beaufort Sea: *T D 
                    Lorenson, K A Kvenvolden, P W Barnes, B N 
                    Popp, F J Sansone, T M Rust, M D Lilley, E J 
   0830h   OB21A-08 POSTER  Warm Water Upwelling and Polynya 
                    Formation in the North Water Area of Baffin 
                    Bay - A Study Using a Two-Dimensional 
                    Coupled Ice/Ocean Model: *J F Heinrichs, K  
                    Steffen, L  Kantha
   0830h   OB21A-09 POSTER  Postglacial Sea Level: A Global 
                    Solution: M Fang, B H Hager
   0830h   OB21A-10 POSTER  Non-destructive High Resolution 
                    Density Measurements of an Ice Core From the 
                    Filchner Ronne Ice Shelf, Antarctica: *S 
                    Gerland, S Kipfstuhl, A Minikin, H Oerter, W 
                    Graf, D Wagenbach
   0830h   OB21A-11 POSTER  Mean Levels of Seas Surrounding 
                    Russia From Precision Leveling Data: *Y G 
                    Kuznetsov, V I Kaftan, A V Vereschetina
   0830h   OB21A-12 POSTER  Application of Satellite Altimetry 
                    Data to the Researches of the Caspian Sea 
                    Level: *P P Medvedev, V B Lapshin
   0830h   OB21A-13 POSTER  Velocity of Radio Waves in Ice 
                    Stream B, West Anatarctica: Results and 
                    Analysis: *Y Y Macheret, A N Babenko
   0830h   OB21A-14 POSTER  World Ocean Level and Ice-Sheet 
                    Volume Calculations From the Earth Rotation 
                    Data Set: N S Sidorenkov, *V I Shveikina
   0830h   OB21A-15 POSTER  Multi-year Variations of Polar 
                    Sea-Ice Coverage: *C C Lai
   0830h   OB21A-16 POSTER  Investigating the Plate Tectonics 
                    Impact on the Warm Mid Cretaceous Climate 
                    With an Atmospheric General Circulation Model: 
                    *G Ramstein, I Sinet
   0830h   OB21A-17 POSTER  Monitoring Changes in Global Sea 
                    Level and Ocean Transports With Satellite 
                    Altimetry and Tide Gauges: *P L Woodworth, C 
                    Bell, C W Hughes
   0830h   OB21A-18 POSTER  The Permanent Service for Mean Sea 
                    Level and the Global Sea Level Observing 
                    System: *P L Woodworth, D T Pugh
   0830h   OB21A-19 POSTER  Sea Level Fluctuations: Geophysical 
                    Interpretation and Environmental Impact, the 
                    SELF Project: *L  Pezzoli, T  Baker, H G 
                    Kahle, B  Richter, G  Veis, S  Zerbini
   0830h   OB21A-20 POSTER  Iceberg Induced Fluxes Across 
                    Pycnocline: V A Volkov, *L G Pisarevskaya
   0830h   OB21A-21 POSTER  Diagnosis of the Record Minimum in 
                    Arctic Sea Ice Extent During 1990 and 
                    Associated Snow Cover Extremes: *M C Serreze, 
                    J A Maslanik, J R Key, R F Kokaly, D A 
   0830h   OB21A-22 POSTER  Modelling the Tides of the Southern 
                    Weddell Sea: *M J Smithson, R A Flather, A V 
   0830h   OB21A-23 POSTER  Ice Production and Deep-Water 
                    Entrainment in the Antarctic Coastal Polynya: 
                    *S Ushio, T Takizawa, K I Ohshima, T Kawamura
   0830h   OB21A-24 POSTER  Variation of Ocean Cloud Amounts in 
                    This Century and the Global Warming: M Zhang, 
                    *Z Zeng
   0830h   OB21A-25 POSTER  The Effect of Zonal Shear Flow on 
                    the Transport of Passive Scalars by 
                    Barotropic Turbulence: *D E Newman, M H 
                    Hitchman, P W Terry, A S Ware

OB21B  FISKE:Auditorium  Tues  0830h
OSJS2/OS7  Sea Level and Ice (joint  with G,H)
Presiding: D T Pugh, Deacon Laboratories

   0830h   OB21B-01 Coastal Relative Sea Level: A Valuable 
                    Indicator of Climate Variability?: *H P Plag
   0845h   OB21B-02 Ice Mass Balance Investigation of Antarctica 
                    by Satellite Radar Altimeter Data: *J Ihde, U 
                    Schirmer, F Stefani
   0900h   OB21B-03 Postglacial Rebound Decontaminated Estimates 
                    of the Present Day Rate of Relative Sea 
                    Level Rise: Implications for Ice Sheet Mass 
                    Balance and/or Ocean Thermal Expansion: *W R 
   0915h   OB21B-04 Recent Observations of Lambert Glacier/Amery 
                    Ice Shelf From Geostatistical Evaluation of 
                    ERS-1 Altimeter Data: C Higginson, U C 
                    Herzfeld, H Mayer, M Matassa
   0930h   OB21B-05 Changes in Sea Level and Atmospheric 
                    Pressure in the North Atlantic Ocean From 
                    TOPEX/POSEIDON Altimetry: T Knudsen, P 
   0945h   OB21B-06 INVITED  Prediction of Sea-Level Changes 
                    Using a Coupled Ocean-Atmosphere GCM: *J M 
   1000h   Break
   1030h   OB21B-07 The Effect of Antarctic Sea-Ice on 
                    Ocean-Atmosphere Coupling and an Analytic 
                    Solution to Ice-Atmosphere Coupling: *G  Peng, 
                    B  Qian, Q  Li
   1045h   OB21B-08 Monitoring Variations in Global Mean Sea 
                    Level Using Satellite Altimeter Data: R S 
                    Nerem, K E Rachlin, B D Beckley
   1100h   OB21B-09 Sea Level and Ice-Sheet Volume as 
                    Geophysical Indicators and Their Stochastic 
                    Models: *S G Dobrovolski
   1115h   OB21B-10 Sea Level Changes and Geo-dynamicity: *N A 
   1145h   OB21B-11 Ice-Sheet Volume Changes From Satellite 
                    Altimetry: *H J Zwally
   1200h   OB21B-12 CASPEX - A Way to Solve the Hot Geophysical 
                    Problem: G V Voropaev, *N A Zaitseva

OB22A  FISKE:Auditorium  Tues  1330h
OSJS2/OS7  Sea Level and Ice (joint  with G,H)
Presiding: D T Pugh, Deacon Laboratories

   1330h   OB22A-01 Year to Year Fluctuations of Global Mass 
                    Balances of Glaciers and Their Contribution 
                    to Sea-Level Changes: M B Dyurgerov, M F 
   1345h   OB22A-02 INVITED  Oceanic Sea Level Height Changes, 
                    Atmospheric Pressure Fluctuations, and 
                    Temporal Geopotential Variations as 
                    Geophysical Indicators: *J O Dickey, D Dong, 
                    R S Gross
   1400h   OB22A-03 The Effect of Antarctic Ice Mass Changes on 
                    Crustal Motion and Global Geodetic 
                    Observables: *T S James, E R Ivins
   1415h   OB22A-04 Effects of Anthropogenic Changes in Land 
                    Hydrology on Global Sea Level: *V Gornitz
   1430h   OB22A-05 Impact of Sea-Level Change on the 
                    Continental Ice Sheets Reconstruction Over 
                    the Last Glacial-Interglacial Cycle: 
                    Simulations With a 2D Global Climate Model: 
                    *A  Dutrieux, H  Gallee
   1445h   OB22A-06 Greenland and Antarctic Mass Balances for 1x 
                    and 2x CO~K2~L From GENESIS Global Climate 
                    Model Version 2: *D  Pollard, S L Thompson
   1500h   Break
   1530h   OB22A-07 Time Scales of the Response of Ice Sheets to 
                    the Global Warming: *A  Abe-Ouchi
   1545h   OB22A-08 The Possible Use of Time-Dependent Gravity 
                    and Uplift Measurements to Learn About 
                    Changes in Polar Ice: *J  Wahr, D  Han
   1600h   OB22A-09 Monitoring Global Change in Earth's Shape: *G 
                    Blewitt, T vanDam, M B Heflin, D Argus
   1615h   OB22A-10 Late Holocene Records of Local and 
                    Supra-Local Changes in Mean High Water From 
                    Connecticut Salt Marshes: *O van de Plassche
   1630h   OB22A-11 Impact of Ice Thickness Distribution on 
                    Sea-Ice/Ocean Interactions: *J Curry, J 
                    Schramm, M Holland, A Brasket
   1645h   OB22A-12 Green Icebergs Formed by Freezing of 
                    Organic-Rich Seawater to the Base of 
                    Antarctic Ice Shelves: *S G Warren, C S 
                    Roesler, R E Brandt, V I Morgan, I D Goodwin, 
                    I Allison

OB31A  EC:Arena  Wed  0830h
OS3  Circulation of Marginal and Semi-Enclosed Seas - Posters
Presiding: C N K Mooers, Univ Miami

   0830h   OB31A-01 POSTER  Large-Scale Flow Phenomena in the 
                    Baltic, kattegatt and Lake Ladoga Derived 
                    From NOAA-AVHRR Thermal Data: *L Jonsson
   0830h   OB31A-02 POSTER  Ventilation of Primary Halocline in 
                    the Baltic Sea: *T Kouts
   0830h   OB31A-03 POSTER  Mesoscale Thermohaline Variability 
                    in the Eastern Gotland Basin by the 1993 
                    Major Baltic Inflow: *V Zhurbas
   0830h   OB31A-04 POSTER  Dynamics of Hydrogen Sulphide Layer 
                    Near the Black Sea Shelf: *N M Stashchuk
   0830h   OB31A-05 POSTER  The Long-Term Prediction of Internal 
                    Wave Heights on the Australian Shelf: P 
                    Holloway, E N Pelinovsky, *T G Talipova
   0830h   OB31A-06 POSTER  Estimations of Nonlinear Internal 
                    Wave Properties off the Israel Coast: E N 
                    Pelinovsky, *T G Talipova
   0830h   OB31A-07 POSTER  Mixed Layer Variability in the 
                    Northern Arabian Sea Under the Influence of 
                    Atmospheric Forcing: *T M Ali Khan, S H 
                    Niaz Rizvi
   0830h   OB31A-08 POSTER  Surface Ocean CO~K2~L: Recommended 
                    Sampling Strategies for the North Pacific 
                    and Implications for Global Sampling Programs: 
                    *L L Landrum

OB31B  FISKE:Auditorium  Wed  0830h
OS3  Circulation of Marginal and Semi-Enclosed Seas
Presiding: C N K Mooers, Univ Miami

   0830h   OB31B-01 Deduction of Synthetic Temperature Profiles 
                    From SST Observations in the Iceland-Faeroe 
                    Frontal Region: *A Warn-Varnas, S Piacsek, H 
                    Essen, E Gezgin
   0845h   OB31B-02 Diagnostic Modelling Studies in the GIN Sea: 
                    *S Piacsek, A Warn-Varnas, L Henderson, P 
                    van Meurs
   0900h   OB31B-03 Water Exchange Between the North Sea and the 
                    Baltic Sea During 1993 as Forced by Large 
                    Scale Meteorology and Hydrology: *L Funkquist
   0915h   OB31B-04 Variational Assimilation of the Ocean 
                    Current Radar Measurements in a High 
                    Resolution Tidal Model of the Strait of Dover: 
                    *A Sentchev, M L Genco
   0930h   OB31B-05 INVITED  Irish Sea Circulation Studies: Have 
                    Eulerian Measurements Contributed Yet?: *M J 
   0945h   OB31B-06 INVITED  Modelling the Hydrodynamical 
                    Forcing on Marine Ecosystems in a Local and 
                    Global Perspective: *S Djenidi, E Delhez, J C 
   1000h   Break
   1030h   OB31B-07 The Modelling of the Internal Tide 
                    Generation Using Turbulence Energy Models: *J 
                    Xing, A M Davies
   1045h   OB31B-08 Prediction of Tidal Currents on the North 
                    West European Shelf Using a 
                    Multi-constituent Three Dimensional Model: 
                    *C M Kwong, A M Davies, R Flather
   1100h   OB31B-09 A Circulation Model of the North West 
                    Approaches: *L Y Oey, A F Blumberg, J Ji
   1115h   OB31B-10 Observed Coherence Between the Winter Mean 
                    Winds Over the Bering Sea and the Maximum 
                    Extent of East Greenland Pack Ice: *C Hansen, 
                    E Friis-Christensen, K Lassen, H van Loon
   1130h   OB31B-11 Application of Turbulence Energy Models to 
                    Internal Lee Waves Over an Isolated Seamount: 
                    *J Xing, A M Davies
   1145h   OB31B-12 Variability of the Western Mediterranean 
                    General Circulation: *J M Beckers

OB32A  FISKE:Auditorium  Wed  1330h
OS3  Circulation of Marginal and Semi-Enclosed Seas
Presiding: C N K Mooers, Univ Miami

   1330h   OB32A-01 Vertical Structure of the Current Field in 
                    the Northern Black Sea: *S N Bulgakov, V M 
   1345h   OB32A-02 Analysis of the Location of the Upper 
                    Boundary (UB) of the H~K2~LS-Zone in the 
                    Black Sea From Multiannual Data: V N Eremeev, 
                    A M Suvorov, *A K Khaliulin, E A Godin
   1400h   OB32A-03 Anthropogenic Radionuclides in Sediments 
                    From the Coastal Zone of North-West Black Sea: 
                    E A Kontar, M M Domanov, R D Kosyan, K M 
                    Shimkus, W B F Ryan, I Osvath
   1415h   OB32A-04 Results From a Primitive Equation Numerical 
                    Model of the North Indian Ocean: L H Kantha, 
                    *J W Lopez
   1430h   OB32A-05 Tidal Sea Surface Heights in Marginal and 
                    Semi-enclosed Seas: *P E Pontius, L H Kantha
   1445h   OB32A-06 Lateral Circulation Deduced From Sigma~Kt~L 
                    Diagram: *D Huang
   1500h   Break
   1530h   OB32A-07 The Current in the Luzon Strait: *C T Liu, 
                    S P Cheng, Y Yang, Q Liu, Q Xu
   1545h   OB32A-08 Modelling Study of the Barotropic and 
                    Baroclinic Circulations in the Bohai Sea: *D 
                    Huang, J O Backhuas, J Su
   1600h   OB32A-09 A Nowcast/Forecast Experiment in the East 
                    Sea (Sea of Japan): *I  Bang, J K Choi, L H 
   1615h   OB32A-10 INVITED  Moored Instrument Observation in 
                    the Sea of Japan: *M Takematsu, A G 
                    Ostrovskii, T Kitamura
   1630h   OB32A-11 Propagation of River Waters in the Kara Sea 
                    in Autumn 1993: *A P Vasilkov, V I Burenkov

OB41A  FISKE:Auditorium  Thurs  0830h
OS3  Circulation of Marginal and Semi-Enclosed Seas
Presiding: C N K Mooers, Univ Miami

   0830h   OB41A-01 INVITED  Seasonal Baroclinic Circulation in 
                    the Scotia-Maine Region: C G Hannah, J W 
                    Loder, D G Wright
   0845h   OB41A-02 INVITED  Wind-Forced Pressure Variability in 
                    the Gulf of Maine: *W S Brown
   0900h   OB41A-03 TOPEX/Poseidon and ERS-1 Altimeter 
                    Observations of the Intra-Americas Sea: *R R 
   0915h   OB41A-04 A Nowcast/Forecast Experiment Using 
                    TOPEX/Poseidon and ERS-1 Altimetric Data 
                    Assimilation Into a Three-Dimensional 
                    Circulation Model of the Gulf of Mexico: *J K 
                    Choi, L H Kantha, R R Leben
   0930h   OB41A-05 High Resolution Numerical Studies of Loop 
                    Current, Frontal, and Parasitic Eddies in 
                    the Gulf of Mexico: *D E Dietrich, P J Martin, 
                    C A Lin
   0945h   OB41A-06 Wind-Driven Circulation of the the 
                    Intra-Americas Sea: *C N K Mooers, L Gao
   1000h   Break
   1030h   OB41A-07 INVITED  Eddy Interactions in the Gulf of 
                    Mexico: A Review of Recent Drifter, 
                    Altimeter, and Hydrographic Data: P Hamilton, 
                    R R Leben
   1045h   OB41A-08 INVITED  The Mesoscale Eddy "Zoo" and the 
                    Western Boundary Current in the Gulf of 
                    Mexico, Oct 1992-Dec 1993: *D C Biggs, R R 
                    Leben, G S Fargion, P Hamilton
   1100h   OB41A-09 Mapping the Circulation of the 
                    Intra-Americas Sea With Dual 
                    Over-the-Horizon Radars: *T M Georges, J A 
                    Harlan, R Lematta

OB42A  FISKE:Plantarium  Thurs  1330h
OS8  Ocean Dynamics From Satellites
Presiding: C N K Mooers, Univ Miami

   1330h   OB42A-01 Barotropic Tides in the Global Oceans 
                    Including Coastal/Marginal Seas: *L H Kantha
   1345h   OB42A-02 TOPEX Altimeter Bias and Bias Slope 
                    Estimation From the Harvest Calibration Site: 
                    *R Kolenkiewicz, C Martin
   1400h   OB42A-03 The Role of Geodetic Errors in Connecting 
                    Ocean Surfaces Over Disparate Satellite 
                    Altimeter Missions: *C Wagner, J Klokocnik
   1415h   OB42A-04 Investigation on Space-Time Interpolation of 
                    Altimeter Based Topographic Heights Using 
                    Proudman Functions: *W Bosch
   1430h   OB42A-05 Tidal Wavelengths From Along Track Altimetry: 
                    *C C Tierney, M  Parke, G  Born
   1445h   OB42A-06 Tidal Mapping and Tidal Science in Light of 
                    Topex/Poseidon: *R D Ray
   1500h   Break
   1530h   OB42A-07 TOPEX/POSEIDON Ocean Tide Models as Compared 
                    to the ICET Gravity Data Bank: M Llubes, P 
                    Melchior, O Francis, *P Mazzega
   1545h   OB42A-08 Global Ocean Tide Modelling From New 
                    Satellites: *O B Andersen
   1600h   OB42A-09 Estimation of Ocean Tides Using a Proudman 
                    Function Basis and TOPEX/Poseidon Altimeter 
                    Data: B V Sanchez, *N K Pavlis
   1615h   OB42A-10 An Accuracy Evaluation of Recent Ocean Tide 
                    Models: *M E Parke, C  Tierney, C K Shum, X  
   1630h   OB42A-11 Data Assimilation Methods for Ocean Tides: 
                    Are They Really Necessary Now That the Data 
                    Is So Good?: *G D Egbert, A F Bennett
   1645h   OB42A-12 An Ocean Tide Model Derived from 
                    TOPEX/POSEIDON Altimetry With Some 
                    Applications Towards Geophysics: *S D Desai, 
                    J M Wahr

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