SB11A  JILA:Auditorium  Mon  0830h
S5 Ground Motion Analysis From Recent Strong-Motion Data
Presiding: L L Xie, State Seis Bureau; B A Bolt, 
           Univ of California, B

   0830h   SB11A-01 INVITED  State-of-the-Art of Ground Motion 
                    Estimation: *N Abrahamson
   0855h   SB11A-02 INVITED  Attenuation and Duration of Seismic 
                    Ground Displacement: B A Bolt, N J Gregor
   0915h   SB11A-03 Ground Motion Attenuation Characteristics 
                    From Strong Motion Data Analysis in 
                    Corinthiakos Gulf (C. Greece): D Diagourtas, 
                    *K C Makropoulos, J C Gariel
   0930h   SB11A-04 An Attenuation Function Developed From Low 
                    and Strong Motion Data: *A Shapira, Y 
                    Gitterman, Y Zaslavsky
   0945h   SB11A-05 A Relationship Between Acceleration and 
                    Duration Based on Italian Strong Motion Data: 
                    *M  Mucciarelli, F  Pacor, A  Mendez
   1000h   Break
   1030h   SB11A-06 INVITED  Strong Ground Motions From the 
                    January 17, 1995, Hyogoken Nanbu Earthquake, 
                    Japan: *K Irikura, T Iwata
   1100h   SB11A-07 Aftershock Observations at Higashinada Ward, 
                    Kobe City, Japan: *T Iwata, K Hatayama, H 
                    Kawase, K Irikura, K Matsunami
   1115h   SB11A-08 Simulation of Liquifaction in the Borehole 
                    Accelerograms Observed at the Port Island in 
                    Kobe, Japan: *H Kawase, T Satoh, K Irikura, T 
   1130h   SB11A-09 Cooperative Observational Study on ESG in 
                    Kushiro City, Japan: *T Iwata
   1145h   SB11A-10 Accelerograms of Aftershocks of the 
                    Shikotan,1994 Earthquake: Field Experiment 
                    and Analysis: *V V Bykova, S S Arefiev, S G 
                    Molotkov, O O Erteleva

SB11B  EC:Arena  Mon  0830h
S5  Ground Motion Analysis From Recent Strong-Motion Data - 
Presiding: L L Xie, State Seis Bureau

   0830h   SB11B-01 POSTER  Strong Motion Characteristics and 
                    Damage Caused by Recent Carpathian 
                    Earthquakes in Moldova Republic: *A Roman, V 
   0830h   SB11B-02 POSTER  A Preliminary Version of the 
                    A~KMAX~L(M~KW~L, R) Relation for Kamchatka: 
                    A A Gusev, E I Gordeev, E M Guseva, *A G 
                    Petukhin, V N Chebrov
   0830h   SB11B-03 POSTER  Accounting for Near-Fault Rupture 
                    Directivity Effects in the Development of 
                    Design Ground Motions: *P G Somerville, N F 
                    Smith, R W Graves, N A Abrahamson
   0830h   SB11B-04 POSTER  Nonlinear Site Response During the 
                    January 17, 1994 M 6.7 Northridge Earthquake: 
                    W J Silva, C Roblee, N Abrahamson
   0830h   SB11B-05 POSTER  Spatial Variation of Strong Ground 
                    Motion in Local Sites Found in Strong Motion 
                    Array Data From the Recent Earthquakes, in 
                    Japan: *K Kudo, T Sasatani
   0830h   SB11B-06 POSTER  A Small Local Effects Array and 
                    Analysis of Its Records Collected: *L L Xie, 
                    S Li, Y Yuan
   0830h   SB11B-07 POSTER  Basin Effects Analysis From a Dense 
                    Strong Motion Observation Network: *K L Wen, 
                    H Y Peng, L F Liu, T C Shin
   0830h   SB11B-08 POSTER  Modeling the Long-Period Basin 
                    Response in the Los Angeles Region During 
                    the 1994 Northridge Earthquake: *R W Graves, 
                    P G Somerville
   0830h   SB11B-09 POSTER  Modelling and Simulation of 
                    Earthquake Strong Ground Motion Time 
                    Histories: *K N Khattri
   0830h   SB11B-10 POSTER  Modelling of Strong Ground Motions 
                    of Killari Earthquake of October 29, 1993, 
                    South India: *K N Khattri
   0830h   SB11B-11 POSTER  Numerical Examination of Source 
                    Models: *G Yu, S M Day
   0830h   SB11B-12 POSTER  Shear Wave Velocity Structure in the 
                    Basin and Range Province: *S Ozalaybey, A F 
                    Sheehan, J N Brune, M K Savage
   0830h   SB11B-13 POSTER  Seismic Source Parameter Studies of 
                    Koyna, India Earthquakes From Accelerograms 
                    and Seismogram Records: *D D Singh
   0830h   SB11B-14 POSTER  Syntactic Analysis of Waveforms From 
                    the World-Wide Strong Motion Data Base: A D 
                    Gvishiani, *M N Zhizhin, A N Mikoyan, J 
                    Bonnin, B Mohammadioun
   0830h   SB11B-15 POSTER  March 13, 1992 Erzincan Earthquake: 
                    Strong Ground Motion: E Durukal, M Erdik

SB11C  RAMAL:C250  Mon  0830h
S6  Quantification of Earthquakes
Presiding: G Ekstrom, Harvard Univ

   0830h   SB11C-01 Fast USGS Moment Tensor Solutions: *S A 
   0850h   SB11C-02 Rapid Determination of Source Parameters for 
                    European Earthquakes From Body Waves: Method 
                    and Results: *G  Bock, C H Estabrook, W Hanka, 
                    R Kind
   0910h   SB11C-03 Systematic Determination of the Moment 
                    Tensor Rate Functions of Global Seismicity: *Y 
                    Tanioka, L Ruff
   0930h   SB11C-04 Global Relationships of Energy to Moment, 
                    Apparent Stress, and Magnitude: *G L Choy, J 
                    Boatwright, C K LaVonne
   0950h   SB11C-05 Towards Rapid and Routine Finite Source 
                    Analysis: *D Dreger, M Pasyanos, B Romanowicz
   1010h   Break
   1040h   SB11C-06 The Harvard CMT Project: *G Ekstrom, A M 
                    Dziewonski, M P Salganik, G P Smith
   1100h   SB11C-07 Teleseismic Studies of Infraseismic Anomalies: 
                    *T H Jordan, P F Ihmle
   1120h   SB11C-08 Rupture Processes of Some Recent Large 
                    Deep-Focus Earthquakes: *M Antolik, D Dreger, 
                    B Romanowicz
   1140h   SB11C-09 Directivity Analysis of the December 28, 
                    1994 (M~Kw~L=7.7) Earthquake off the Coast 
                    of Honshu, Japan: *R  Hartog, S  Schwartz

SB11D  EC:Arena  Mon  0830h
S6  Quantification of Earthquakes - Posters
Presiding: G Ekstrom, Harvard Univ

   0830h   SB11D-01 POSTER  Dependence of the Energy Released 
                    During Earthquake on Ambient Shear Stress 
                    Field: P Chen, S J Duda
   0830h   SB11D-02 POSTER  Source Mechanism Diversity in 
                    Earthquake Doublets: S D Davis, M A Ellis
   0830h   SB11D-03 POSTER  CMT Determination By Inversion Of 
                    Long Period Wave Form In A Laterally 
                    Heterogeneous Earth: K Gouget, P  Ihmle, P  
                    Lognonne, J P Montagner, Y  Cansi
   0830h   SB11D-04 POSTER  Theoretical Depth Corrections for Ms: 
                    *M Herak, G F Panza, G Costa, S J Duda
   0830h   SB11D-05 POSTER  Some Aspects Concerning Moment 
                    Magnitude: *N V Kondorskaya, A I Zakharova, 
                    L S Chepkunas
   0830h   SB11D-06 POSTER  A Local Magnitude Scale for Alaska: 
                    *K G Lindquist, R A Hansen
   0830h   SB11D-07 POSTER  Source Spectra From Regional Coda 
                    Envelopes for Western US Earthquakes: 
                    Moment, Magnitude, Stress Drop, and Energy: K 
                    Mayeda, *W R Walter
   0830h   SB11D-08 POSTER  Estimation of Seismic Energy From 
                    P-Wave Spectra and the Energy Magnitude: T B 
                    Yanovskaya, Y V Roslov, E L Lyskova
   0830h   SB11D-09 POSTER  Measuring Slow, Long-Duration Slip 
                    of Large Earthquakes Using Very-Long-Period 
                    Orbital Surface Waves: *X Q Li, J Nabelek
   0830h   SB11D-10 POSTER  Comparison of the 1934 and 1966 
                    Parkfield, California Earthquakes Using 
                    Regional Seismic Data: *M C Verwoerd, G C 
                    Beroza, P  Spudich
   0830h   SB11D-11 POSTER  Real Time Magnitude and Moment 
                    Estimation for Local Events: *C D Mendi, E S 
   0830h   SB11D-12 POSTER  Seismotectonics of Central America: 
                    Preliminary Results From the Analysis of a 
                    New Database of Earthquake Focal Mechanisms: 
                    *F Guendel, C Lindholm, C Redondo
   0830h   SB11D-13 POSTER  Quantification in Historical 
                    Seismology: the "Dark Side": *M Stucchi

SB11E  MUENZ:E050  Mon  0830h
S7  Rheology and Lithospheric Deformation (joint  with ILP)
Presiding: J Braun, Australian National Univ; S V Sobolev, 
           Univ Karlsruhe

   0830h   SB11E-01 INVITED  Deformation and STructure of the 
                    Continental Lithosphere: *R Meissner
   0900h   SB11E-02 High Velocity Lower Crust Beneath Old 
                    Continents: An Evidence of Large Scale Lower 
                    Crustal Detachment?: *S V Sobolev, A Y 
   0915h   SB11E-03 Strain Localization in an Heterogeneous 
                    Continental Lithosphere: Insights From a 
                    Natural Shear Zone System and Numerical 
                    Modeling: *A Tommasi, A Vauchez, B Daudre
   0930h   SB11E-04 Finite-Element Model of Thermomechanical 
                    Evolution for the Kapuskasing Structural Zone: 
                    *O I Parphenuk, J C Mareschal
   0945h   SB11E-05 Lateral Variation in the Continental 
                    Rheology and Localization of Deformation 
                    Along Linear Corridors: Possible Influence 
                    of Collision and Rotation of the Indian 
                    Lithosphere: *U Raval
   1000h   Break
   1030h   SB11E-06 Space and Time Stress Distribution in 
                    Interacting Deformable Oceanic and Floating 
                    Continental Plates: *V  Trubitsyn, V  Rykov
   1045h   SB11E-07 New Mechanical Model for the Continental 
                    Subduction: Results From Physical Modeling 
                    and Analysis of Geological Data: *A I 
                    Chemenda, J Malaviellie, M Mattauer
   1100h   SB11E-08 Neotectonics in New Perspectives: *N A Morner
   1115h   SB11E-09 Buoyancy Forces and Deformation in the 
                    Western United States: *C H Jones, J R Unruh, 
                    L J Sonder
   1130h   SB11E-10 The Explorer Plate as a Consequence of the 
                    Evolution of a 
                    Subduction-Spreading-Transform Triple 
                    Junction: *R  Govers, K P Furlong, K M Rohr
   1145h   SB11E-11 Deformation of the Gorda Block: *P R Stoddard, 
                    D  Bebel

SB11F  EC:Arena  Mon  0830h
S7  Rheology and Lithospheric Deformation - Posters (joint 
 with ILP)
Presiding: M Liu, Univ of Missouri, Columbia; I Martinez, 
           SUNY at Stony Brook

   0830h   SB11F-01 INVITED  POSTER  Structure and Rheology of 
                    the Lithosphere: What We Know and Should 
                    Seek From Nature, Experiment, and Theory: *M R 
   0830h   SB11F-02 POSTER  Abrupt Failure in Continental 
                    Lithosphere: E V Artyushkov, M A Baer, *N A 
   0830h   SB11F-03 POSTER  Influence of Rheology on 
                    Crust-Mantle Separation in the Transition 
                    Zone: Numerical Models: *P E van Keken, S  
                    Karato, D A Yuen
   0830h   SB11F-04 POSTER  Effects of Rheological 
                    Stratification on Tertiary Extension in the 
                    North American Cordillera: *M Liu, Y Shen
   0830h   SB11F-05 POSTER  The Fjerritslev Trough - A 
                    Pull-Apart Structure Within a Shield-Basin 
                    Transition Zone: Deep Seismic and Gravity 
                    Observations in the Skagerrak Sea, 
                    Northwestern Europe: *M H Andersson, J E Lie, 
                    G Lind
   0830h   SB11F-06 POSTER  Thermal Constraints on the 
                    Deformation and Anatexis of Crustal Rocks 
                    Along a Thrust Belt in SW Fujian, China: *Y 
                    Wang, H Lu, Y Shi
   0830h   SB11F-07 POSTER  Flexural Modelling of the Ganga 
                    Basin of Northern India: *A Ram, J P Narayan
   0830h   SB11F-08 POSTER  Thermal Modeling of the Mendocino 
                    Triple Junction: *S  Goes, S  Schwartz, R  
                    Govers, K  Furlong
   0830h   SB11F-09 POSTER  Thermal Regime and Conditions for 
                    Post-Orogenic Extension in Collision Belts: 
                    J C Mareschal, *O I Parphenuk
   0830h   SB11F-10 POSTER  Deformation of Rheologically 
                    Stratified Earth' Outer Shell in Continental 
                    Collision Zones: *V O Mikhailov, E P 
   0830h   SB11F-11 POSTER  Thermomechanical Simulation of 
                    Collision Zones and Back-Arc Basins Evolution: 
                    *V B Svalova
   0830h   SB11F-12 POSTER  Reconstruction Velocity Structure 
                    With a Use of Kinematic Parameters and 
                    Stress-Strain Restoration: *L B Slavina, I A 
                    Garagash, G A Belyankin
   0830h   SB11F-13 POSTER  Evolution of Microstructure and 
                    Partitioning of Iron in the 
                    Perovskite-Magnesiowustite Assemblage 
                    Produced by Disproportionation of Natural 
                    Olivine: I Martinez, *Y Wang, F Guyot, R C 
   0830h   SB11F-14 POSTER  Rheology of Block Materials With 
                    Variable Contact Surfaces: *I A Garagash
   0830h   SB11F-15 POSTER  Investigation of Elastic Waves 
                    Attenuation in Rocks at High Pressure up to 
                    1.5 GPa: *G A Efimova
   0830h   SB11F-16 POSTER  Rheological Zoning of the Earth's 
                    Crust of Continents: S N Ivanov, K S Ivanov

SB12A  JILA:Auditorium  Mon  1330h
S5  Ground Motion Analysis From Recent Strong-Motion Data
Presiding: N A Abrahamson, Consultant; A Shapira, 
           Inst for Petroleum Res and Geophys

   1330h   SB12A-01 High Peak Accelerations From Shallow 
                    Intraplate Earthquakes: *G  Gibson, V  Wesson, 
                    T  Jones
   1345h   SB12A-02 Variable Site Effects Across the I-5 Highway 
                    14 Interchange That Failed During the 
                    Northridge Earthquake: B P Bonner, L 
                    Hutchings, D McCallen
   1400h   SB12A-03 Preliminary Results From a Broad-Band Study 
                    of Regional Amplification Effects in the 
                    Region of Mexico City: *M  Campillo, A  Paul, 
                    N  Shapiro, F J Sanchez-Sesma, S K Singh, J  
                    Pacheco, J L Rodriguez-Zuniga, D  Jongmans, 
                    D  Demanet
   1415h   SB12A-04 The Near-Surface Structure Effect on the 
                    Site Amplification: *H C Chiu, H C Huang
   1430h   SB12A-05 Ground Motion Simulation in Upper 
                    Mississippi Embayment: *Z  Wang, R  Street, 
                    E  Woolery
   1445h   SB12A-06 An Attempt of Observing Nonlinear Path 
                    Effect in Strong Ground Motion Propagation: 
                    *I A Beresnev, K L Wen
   1500h   Break
   1530h   SB12A-07 Application of Pattern Recognition Method to 
                    Estimate Ground Motions: *A I Gorshkov, M B 
                    Filimonov, M Celebi, V L Gasilov
   1545h   SB12A-08 Composite Source Model for Strong Earthquake 
                    Motions: J G Anderson, Y Zeng, F Su, G Yu
   1600h   SB12A-09 Simulation of Ground Velocity in the Range 
                    0.1-1 Hz: Implications for Seismically 
                    Isolated Structures: *A  Mendez, F  Pacor, G  
                    Bonacina, F  Bettinali
   1615h   SB12A-10 New Methods of Empirical Ground Motion 
                    Prediction: Validation on Data From Recent 
                    Southern California Earthquakes and 
                    Application to LA Basin Scenario Earthquakes: 
                    *A G Tumarkin, R J Archuleta
   1630h   SB12A-11 The Inverse Problem for Earthquake Rupture 
                    for the Haskell Model. I. Construction of 
                    Synthetic Accelerograms: *P  Suhadolc, S  Das
   1645h   SB12A-12 The Inverse Problem for Earthquake Rupture 
                    for the Haskell Model. II. Results of the 
                    Inversion: S  Das, *P  Suhadolc

SB12B  RAMAL:C250  Mon  1330h
S6  Quantification of Earthquakes
Presiding: G Ekstrom, Harvard Univ

   1330h   SB12B-01 An Analysis of Source Parameters for the 
                    Microearthquakes Around Koyna-Warna 
                    Reservoir, India: *P Mandal, B K Rastogi, R K 
                    Chadha, C S P Sarma, I P Raju, H V 
   1350h   SB12B-02 Nonlinear Kinematic Source Inversion of Some 
                    Earthquakes in the Pacific Coast of Mexico: 
                    *M A Santoyo, S K Singh, T Mikumo
   1410h   SB12B-03 Earthquake Source Scaling Below 5 M~KL~L 
                    Using Seismograms Recorded Between 1 and 3 
                    km Depth in Granitic Bedrock, Southern 
                    California: *R E Abercrombie
   1430h   SB12B-04 Constraining the Regional Stress Tensor 
                    Directly From Seismic First-Motion 
                    Observations: G A Abers, J W Gephart
   1450h   SB12B-05 Creepex as an Independent Parameter of 
                    Seismic Coupling at Source Region: *A N 
                    Kaverina, A G Prozorov
   1510h   Break
   1540h   SB12B-06 Three-Stage Rupture Process of the 1994 
                    Sanriku-oki Earthquake (M~Kw~L = 7.7): *T  
                    Sato, K  Imanishi, K  Irie, M  Kosuga
   1600h   SB12B-07 Earthquake Clustering Near Kamchatka 
                    Peninsula and Quantification of the 
                    Earthquake Cluster Area: *V M Zobin
   1620h   SB12B-08 Studies of Earthquake Initiation Using 
                    Seismic Arrays: *B P Cohee, G C Beroza, W L 
   1640h   SB12B-09 A New Method for Rapid Broadband Moment 
                    Magnitude Determination: *R A Uhrhammer

SB12C  MUENZ:E050  Mon  1330h
S7  Rheology and Lithospheric Deformation (joint  with ILP)
Presiding: G Hirth, Woods Hole Oceanogr Inst; S Karato, 
           Univ of Minnesota

   1330h   SB12C-01 INVITED  Are the Oceanic Lithosphere and 
                    Asthenosphere Separated by a Compositional 
                    Boundary?: *G Hirth, D L Kohlstedt
   1400h   SB12C-02 Modes of Crustal Deformation During 
                    Continental Collision Derived From Numerical 
                    Models of the Brittle-Ductile Crust: *J Braun, 
                    M Sambridge
   1415h   SB12C-03 Rheologic Controls on Continental Extension: 
                    The Effect of Non-Newtonian Rheology on 
                    Lower Crustal Flow and Crust-Mantle 
                    Decoupling: *J R Hopper, W R Buck
   1430h   SB12C-04 High Temperature Creep of Dry Diabase With 
                    Application to Crustal Deformation on Venus: 
                    *S J Mackwell, J C White, M E Zimmerman, D L 
   1445h   SB12C-05 Rock Deformation: A Non-linear Anisotropic 
                    Poro-Elastic Theory (APE) for Pre-stressed 
                    Fluid-Saturated Rock: S V Zatsepin, *S 
   1500h   Break
   1530h   SB12C-06 Flow Patterns of Multi Fluids System by 
                    Lattice-Gas Cellular Automaton: *H Kumamoto, 
                    K Kurita
   1545h   SB12C-07 Geodynamic Modeling of the Effect of Slab 
                    Pull Forces on Lithospheric Deformation: *P J 
                    Waschbusch, C  Beaumont
   1600h   SB12C-08 INVITED  Laboratory Experiments on the 
                    Deformation of Subducted Slabs: *P  Olson
   1630h   SB12C-09 Rheology of Subducting Slabs: *S Karato
   1645h   SB12C-10 Deformation of Subducted Lithospheric Slabs: 
                    *G A Houseman, D Gubbins

SB21A  SRC:Room 3  Tues  0830h
SJW1  Geophysical Networks (joint  with G,GA)
Presiding: D W Simpson, IRIS; D J Kerridge, 
           British Geological Survey

   0830h   SB21A-01 Minimum Requirements for Geophysical 
                    Networks Relevant to Study of the 
                    Magnetosphere-Ionosphere Coupling Processes: 
                    O A Troshichev, *V O Papitashvili
   0842h   SB21A-02 Noise Levels for Superconducting Gravimeters 
                    at Seismic Frequencies: *D Banka, D Crossley
   0854h   SB21A-03 Pinon Flat Observatory: Experiences in 
                    Colocating Instruments for Solid-Earth 
                    Geophysics: F K Wyatt, D C Agnew
   0906h   SB21A-04 Network Operations of the Scripps Orbit and 
                    Permanent Array Center in Southern California: 
                    *Y Bock, J Behr, P Fang, S Marquez, B Oral, J 
   0918h   SB21A-05 Pluridisciplinary Observatories at U.C. 
                    Berkeley: *B Romanowicz, T V McEvilly, F 
   0932h   SB21A-06 The Mexican National Broadband Seismic 
                    Network: D A C Novelo, G R Suarez
   0946h   SB21A-07 Instrumental Equipment of New Russian 
                    Federal Seismological Network and New 
                    Capabilities in Fundamental Problems Solving: 
                    *V M Fremd
   1000h   Break
   1030h   SB21A-08 POSEIDON Project: *S  Tsuboi
   1045h   SB21A-09 GEOSCOPE: Towards Multiparameter Stations: 
                    *J P Montagner, G Roult, J F Karczewski
   1100h   SB21A-10 The IRIS Global Seismographic Network (GSN): 
                    *R  Butler
   1115h   SB21A-11 The MEDiterranean NETwork: 1995 Status Report: 
                    *A  Morelli, E  Boschi, S  Mazza, D  Pesaresi, 
                    N A Pino
   1130h   SB21A-12 The GEOFON Broadband Seismic Network: 
                    Present Status and Data Processing Schemes: 
                    *W  Hanka, G  Bock, R  Kind
   1145h   SB21A-13 Current and Proposed Network Processing and 
                    Analysis in Canada: *R G North

SB21B  JILA:Auditorium  Tues  0830h
S9  Earthquake Hazards Related to Geological Structures (joint 
 with ILP)
Presiding: V Schenk, Inst of Rock Structure & Mech; R C Agrawal, 
           National Geophys Res Inst

   0830h   SB21B-01 Seismic Hazard Studies in the UK: 
                    Methodological Problems of Intraplate 
                    Seismicity: *R M Musson
   0848h   SB21B-02 Local Seismicity Occurrence Pattern in 
                    Garhwal Himalaya Region: H R Wason, J Kumar, 
                    S K Walia
   0906h   SB21B-03 New Methodology for the USGS Seismic Hazard 
                    Maps of the United States: *A D Frankel, D M 
                    Perkins, T P Barnhard, C S Mueller
   0924h   SB21B-04 Global Perspectives for a Multidisciplinary 
                    Approach to Seismic Hazard Assessment: *D  
   0942h   SB21B-05 WINSHAP: An MS-Windows Seismic Hazard 
                    Assessment Package: *K C Makropoulos, N S 
   1000h   Break
   1030h   SB21B-06 Geological Structures Only at the Broadest 
                    Scale Assist Seismic Hazard Assessment in 
                    Canada: *P W Basham
   1048h   SB21B-07 Is the Italian Seismic Hazard Anticorrelated 
                    to the Volcanic Rocks Emplacement?: *G 
   1106h   SB21B-08 Geological Structure and Earthquake Hazard 
                    Assessment: *V Schenk, Z Schenkova, P 
   1124h   SB21B-09 Seismic Hazard Assessment With Different 
                    Seismotectonic Zonations in Northern 
                    Apennines (North Italy): D  Spallarossa, *C  
   1142h   SB21B-10 Late Cenozoic Faulting in Mountainous 
                    Regions of Low but Persistent Historic 
                    Seismicity: Hells Canyon (NW USA) and 
                    Northern Thailand and the Meaning of "Active 
                    Fault": *S H Wood

SB21C  EC:Arena  Tues  0830h
S9  Earthquake Hazards Related to Geological Structures - Posters
 (joint  with ILP)
Presiding: V Schenk, Inst of Rock Structure & Mech

   0830h   SB21C-01 POSTER  The Estimation of Seismic Risk and 
                    Its Uncertainty on the Base of Catalogue 
                    Including Magnitude Errors: *B Osher
   0830h   SB21C-02 POSTER  Seismic Ground Motion of the Eastern 
                    District of Naples: *C  Nunziata, E Vaccari, 
                    D  Fah, G  Luongo, G  Costa, G F Panza
   0830h   SB21C-03 POSTER  Potential Seismogenic Zones of 
                    Peninsular India - Gravity Evidence: *C 
                    Ramachandran, M Kesavamani
   0830h   SB21C-04 POSTER  Bearing of the M = 6,2 Lambesc 
                    Earthquake on Seismic Hazard Evaluation in 
                    Provence (Southern France): J Roussel, J P 
   0830h   SB21C-05 POSTER  Fluid-Assisted Strain Release in the 
                    Fold-and-Thrust Belt of the Central 
                    Apennines (Italy): Implications for Seismic 
                    Hazard: *F Ghisetti, L Vezzani
   0830h   SB21C-06 POSTER  Observed Seismicity Variations in 
                    the Guerrero Gap, Mexico, After Five Years 
                    of Continuous Reporting by a Local Network: 
                    *F R Zuniga, J Dominguez
   0830h   SB21C-07 POSTER  Microaftershock Investigation of the 
                    Earthquake Sequence at Hais Region, 
                    West-Central Yemen: *M A Al-Salim, N A Salih
   0830h   SB21C-08 POSTER  Rupture Zone Dimensions of Future 
                    Great Earthquakes in the Central Himalaya: *R 
   0830h   SB21C-09 POSTER  Precariously Balanced Rocks and 
                    Ground Motion Maps: *J N Brune
   0830h   SB21C-10 POSTER  The Dead Sea Transform Fault System: 
                    R Kawar, R W Girdler, R L Kovach
   0830h   SB21C-11 POSTER  Fractal Characterization of 
                    Seismicity of Himalaya and Inferences 
                    Regarding Earthquake Hazard: *K N Khattri
   0830h   SB21C-12 POSTER  Seismotectonics of the Junction Zone 
                    of the East-European Platform and 
                    Palaeozoides of the Central Europe: *V I 
   0830h   SB21C-13 POSTER  Statistical Estimation of Maximal 
                    Magnitudes and Related Parameters: V F 
                    Pisarenko, *A A Lyubushin, V B Lysenko
   0830h   SB21C-14 POSTER  Unified Seismogeological Taxonomy of 
                    the Northern Eurasia: N V Shelbalin, V I 
                    Ulomov, R E Tatevossian, *V G Trifonov, A I 
                    Ioffe, A I Kozhurin
   0830h   SB21C-15 POSTER  Seismotectonics and Seismic Hazard 
                    in Southern Bulgaria: T van Eck, T Stoyanov
   0830h   SB21C-16 POSTER  On the Implementation and Features 
                    of the Expert System For Earthquake Hazard 
                    Assessment ESEHA: Y Zhu, A Vogel, P Hao
   0830h   SB21C-17 POSTER  Estimation and Modeling of the 
                    Ground Motion in the Gulf of Suez Area, Egypt: 
                    *R N H Albert, M G Al-Ibiary, A E Khalil
   0830h   SB21C-18 POSTER  The New Technique for Seismic Hazard 
                    Assessment: L I Ioganson, G I Reisner, *E A 
   0830h   SB21C-19 POSTER  Estimating Site Effects in North Sea 
                    Using OBS Records: *K  Atakan, J  Havskov
   0830h   SB21C-20 POSTER  Long Period Ground Motion Synthesis 
                    at Regional Distances in Europe: *A  
                    Michelini, I  Bondar, A  Levshin, H  Bungum, 
                    G F Panza
   0830h   SB21C-21 POSTER  Earthquake-Controlling Knots in 
                    Intra-plate Areas: *A I Gorshkov, M P Glasko, 
                    E Y Rantsman
   0830h   SB21C-22 POSTER  The Tectonical Implication of Deep 
                    Geophysical Characteristics Among Major 
                    Geological Unit Inter-continental - Example 
                    From the Western and Southwestern Margin of 
                    Erduos, China: *Q Li
   0830h   SB21C-23 POSTER  The Seismicity of Albania for the 
                    Period 1977-1993: *V Peci, P Shuteriqi
   0830h   SB21C-24 POSTER  The New Seismic Zonation Map for the 
                    Territory of Armenia: *S Balassanian, S 
                    Nazaretian, A Avanessian, A Arakelian, V 
                    Igoummov, M Badalian, A Martirossian, V 
   0830h   SB21C-25 POSTER  Some Principles of Revealing 
                    Seismically Hazardous Structures Within the 
                    Territory of Armenia: *A Avanessian, S 
   0830h   SB21C-26 POSTER  Application of Geographic 
                    Information System for Seismic Risk 
                    Assessment: G Koff, V Gitis, M Karagodina, A 

SB21D  MUENZ:E050  Tues  0830h
S10  Seismology and Physics of Anisotropic and Heterogeneous 
Media (joint  with SEG)
Presiding: M Kendall, Univ of Toronto; G Pratt, Imperial College

   0830h   SB21D-01 INVITED  Velocity Anisotropy of P- and 
                    S-waves in Crustal and Mantle Rocks: 
                    Evidence From Laboratory Measurements and 
                    Calculated Data: *H M Kern
   0855h   SB21D-02 INVITED  Seismic Anisotropy and Structural 
                    Geology of the Mantle: *S Karato, S Zhang
   0920h   SB21D-03 INVITED  Mantle Anisotropy, Deep Geology, 
                    and Mantle Flow: *P G Silver, R M Russo
   0945h   SB21D-04 Development of Mineral Fabric in the Upper 
                    Mantle at Oceanic Spreading Centers: Effects 
                    on Wave Propagation: *D K Blackman, J M 
                    Kendall, P R Dawson, D Boyce, J P Morgan, H R 
   1000h   Break
   1030h   SB21D-05 Bias in Crustal Velocities due to Anisotropy: 
                    *R G Pratt, C C Kerner, J Brittan, M R Warner
   1045h   SB21D-06 Morphology of the Lithosphere-Asthenosphere 
                    Boundary in Central Europe and Its Effect on 
                    Upper Mantle Anisotropy: *P  Bormann, G  
                    Gruenthal, R  Kind, H  Montag
   1100h   SB21D-07 P-Wave Polarization and Anisotropy: *G H R 
   1115h   SB21D-08 Local Mapping of Seismic Anisotropy Beneath 
                    Germany: *K D Klinge, R Kind
   1130h   SB21D-09 Inversion of Shear-Wave Polarizations to 
                    Retrieve 3-D Anisotropy of Continental 
                    Lithosphere: *J Sileny, J Plomerova
   1145h   SB21D-10 Near-Surface Azimuthal Anisotropy in the 
                    Central New Madrid Seismic Zone: *J B Harris

SB21E  EC:Arena  Tues  0830h
S10  Seismology and Physics of Anisotropic and Heterogeneous 
Media - Posters (joint  with SEG)
Presiding: M Kendall, Univ of Toronto; E Chesnokov, 
           Inst of Physics of the Earth

   0830h   SB21E-01 POSTER  Anisotropic Tomography Using Pn 
                    Raypaths Beneath the Western United States 
                    and California: *T M Hearn, A C Rosca
   0830h   SB21E-02 POSTER  Sensitivity of qP-Wave Travel Times 
                    and Polarization Vectors to Heterogeneity, 
                    Anisotropy, and Interfaces: V Farra, *S 
                    Le Begat
   0830h   SB21E-03 POSTER  Crustal Anisotropy in the Corinth 
                    Gulf (Greece) - Its Relation With the 
                    Current Stress and Strain Fields: *M P Bouin, 
                    J Tellez, P Bernard
   0830h   SB21E-04 POSTER  3D Modelling of Seismic Wave 
                    Propagation in Anisotropic Media Due to 
                    Aligned Cracks: V N Martynov, *B G 
   0830h   SB21E-05 POSTER  Elastic Anisotropy and Its Nature in 
                    the Ultrabasic Xenoliths: *G A Efimova
   0830h   SB21E-06 POSTER  Upper Crust Anisotropy in Dongfang 
                    of Hainan Province, South China: Y Gao, S 
                    Zheng, P Wang
   0830h   SB21E-07 POSTER  Temporal Changes of Ultrasonic 
                    Signals Spectra in Tectonic Fault Zone: *O I 
                    Silaeva, A M Zamakhaev, T I Rudenko

SB21F  RAMAL:C250  Tues  0830h
SW7  Intra Continental Earthquakes
Presiding: J W Dewey, USGS, Denver; M L Zoback, USGS, Menlo Park

   0830h   SB21F-01 Processes Constraining Intraplate Seismicity: 
                    *M L Zoback, M D Zoback, A J Crone, M N 
                    Machette, R M Richardson
   0848h   SB21F-02 The Depth Extent of Seismicity in Continents: 
                    *J  Strehlau
   0906h   SB21F-03 Complexity in the Source Process of the 
                    Gonghe, Qinghai, China Earthquake Sequence 
                    and Tectonic Stress Field in the 
                    Northeastern Tibetan Plateau: Y T Chen, L S 
   0924h   SB21F-04 The Rupture Process of a Great Strike-Slip 
                    Earthquake: Teleseismic Analysis of the 
                    Iranian Earthquake of 20 June 1990: *J Zednik, 
                    G L Choy, A Plessinger
   0942h   SB21F-05 The Gazli, Usbekistan, Sequence: Its 
                    Temporal Evolution and Local Stress Field 
                    Analysis: *R  Bossu, J R Grasso
   1000h   Break
   1030h   SB21F-06 Buckling of the Indian Subcontinent: *R 
   1048h   SB21F-07 Identification of Large Preparation Zone for 
                    M = 6.3 Intraplate Latur Earthquake of 1993 
                    in India: *B K Rastogi
   1106h   SB21F-08 Intraplate Stresses Associated With 
                    Topography and Crustal Density 
                    Inhomogeneities - A Possible Explanation for 
                    the Intraplate Seismicity of the Deccan 
                    Volcanic Province: *P Mandal, R N Singh
   1124h   SB21F-09 Spatial and Temporal Characteristics of the 
                    1992 Iriomotejima Earthquake Swarms, SW 
                    Ryukyu, Japan: *H Baba, T Asada, S Iizuka
   1142h   SB21F-10 Direct and Indirect Geologic Methods for 
                    Investigating Seismogenic Faults in Central 
                    and Southern Italy: *D  Pantosti, G Valensise, 
                    G D'Addezio, F Cinti, L Cucci

SB21H  EC:Arena  Tues  0830h
SW8  Seismological Data and Practice Into the 21st Century - 
Presiding: E A Bergman, USGS, Denver; D Giardini, 
           Inst Nacional Geophys

   0830h   SB21H-01 POSTER  Rapid Determination of Earthquakes 
                    at the European-Mediterranean Seismological 
                    Centre: A Network of Seismological Arrays: *B 
   0830h   SB21H-02 POSTER  The Israel Seismic Network: *A 
                    Shapira, V Avirav, A Hofstetter, A Malitzky
   0830h   SB21H-03 POSTER  Accessing Italian Seismic Network 
                    Databank: *S  Barba, R D Giovambattista, G  
   0830h   SB21H-04 POSTER  Argo Project: The Data Acquisition 
                    and Analysis System: *G  Calderoni, F M 
                    De Simoni, L  Merucci
   0830h   SB21H-05 POSTER  Norwegian and British National 
                    Seismic Networks, Status, and Plans: *J  
                    Havskov, T  Turbitt
   0830h   SB21H-06 POSTER  Experience and Further Contributions 
                    of GRF- and GRSN-Stations to the ISOP-Project: 
                    H Aichele, K D Klinge, K Stammler
   0830h   SB21H-07 POSTER  Inter-Array: Implications for the 
                    ISOP Project: *E A Bergman, H  Inoue
   0830h   SB21H-08 POSTER  Measurement Protocols for Routine 
                    Analysis of Digital Seismic Data: *E A 
                    Bergman, S  Sipkin, B  Presgrave, A  
   0830h   SB21H-09 POSTER  Regional Seismological Co-operation 
                    in Central Africa: *R D Adams, W P Richardson
   0830h   SB21H-10 POSTER  Signal Enhancement With Combined 
                    Strain Inertial Sensor Data: *A P Iakovlev, 
                    A N Gashin, A F Kushnir, L G Holcomb, C R 
   0830h   SB21H-11 POSTER  Phase Estimators for Seismic Arrays: 
                    *A Lindfors, R Roberts
   0830h   SB21H-12 POSTER  A Denoising Technique to Improve 
                    Automatic Picking: *P  Tosi, S  Barba, V 
                    De Rubeis, F Di Luccio
   0830h   SB21H-13 POSTER  A New Wideband Seismic Discriminant 
                    - Slopes of P To S Wave Spectral Ratios: *P  
                    Goldstein, K M Mayeda, H J Patton, W R Walter
   0830h   SB21H-14 POSTER  Analysis of Near Source, Local, and 
                    Regional Seismic Records From Co-located 
                    Single and Ripple-Fired Mine Explosions: *I P 
   0830h   SB21H-15 POSTER  Yield Estimation of Semipalatinsk 
                    Nuclear Explosions by ILPA Seismograms: *A 

SB21I  EC:Arena  Tues  0830h
SW7  Intra Continental Earthquakes - Posters
Presiding: J W Dewey, USGS, Denver

   0830h   SB21I-01 POSTER  Intra-Continental Earthquakes Are 
                    Examples of Fluid-Induced Self-Organized 
                    Criticality: *L T Long
   0830h   SB21I-02 POSTER  The Roer Valley Earthquake of April 
                    13, 1992: An Intraplate Earthquake With 
                    Distant Aftershocks: T van Eck, J Bolte, J 
                    Loohuis, S Yoshioka
   0830h   SB21I-03 POSTER  Postseismic Deformation From the 
                    1976 Tangshan, China Earthquake: *X Zhao, P A 
                    Rydelek, I S Sacks
   0830h   SB21I-04 POSTER  Bodywave Waveform Modelling and 
                    Source Parameters for the Indo-China Border 
                    Earthquakes: *A Ram, I A Parvez
   0830h   SB21I-05 POSTER  Earthquake Occurrence in India and 
                    Its Relation to the Nature of Indian Plate 
                    Deformation: *S V Chalam
   0830h   SB21I-06 POSTER  Source Complexity of an Indian 
                    Intraplate Earthquake (M=6.4) of September 
                    30, 1993: *J G Negi, O P Pandey, P K Agrawal
   0830h   SB21I-07 POSTER  Seismicity of the Deccan Trap Region 
                    of Peninsular India: *L N Kailasam
   0830h   SB21I-08 POSTER  Seismicity of Indian Peninsular 
                    Shield - Constraints From Deep Continental 
                    Structure: *T M Mahadevan
   0830h   SB21I-09 POSTER  Structural Controls of Intraplate 
                    Seismicity: Two Examples From Precambrian 
                    Shield of India: *C P Rajendran, K Rajendran
   0830h   SB21I-10 POSTER  Latur: Intra-continental Earthquake 
                    From the Southeastern Deccan Basalt 
                    Province, India: *K V Subbarao, C Mitchell, M 
   0830h   SB21I-11 POSTER  Active Intracontinental Rifts: PKP 
                    Delay Time, Bouguer Gravity, and Partial Melt: 
                    X Chen, *R P Meyer
   0830h   SB21I-12 POSTER  A Seismological Contribution to 
                    Geodynamic Modelling of Italy and 
                    Surroundings: *G Neri
   0830h   SB21I-13 POSTER  Fault Segmentation in the Old 
                    Continent: Solving the Italian Puzzle: *G  
                    Valensise, D  Pantosti
   0830h   SB21I-14 POSTER  Comparison of Subcrustal Seismicity 
                    Patterns at the Himalaya Arc's Opposite Ends: 
                    R E Tatevossian, *D A Storchak, J J Aptekman, 
                    N V Shebalin
   0830h   SB21I-15 POSTER  Intra-continental Seismicity of China: 
                    *V V Baranova
   0830h   SB21I-16 POSTER  Tectonics and Crustal Structure of 
                    the Eastern Jilin Orogenic Belt, Northeast 
                    China: A Geological and Geophysical Study: X 
                    Liu, S Ninhua, G Xiaohong
   0830h   SB21I-17 POSTER  Seismotectonics of 1966 Xingtai 
                    Earthquakes in North China: *C Wang, Z 
   0830h   SB21I-18 POSTER  Fennoscandian Postglacial Faults - 
                    Sites of Recent Intraplate Earthquake 
                    Activity: *R N Arvidsson
   0830h   SB21I-19 POSTER  Hidden Seismic Activity Associated 
                    With Blind Thrusts Formed During Surface 
                    Folding in the Folded Zagros, Iran: *J 
   0830h   SB21I-20 POSTER  Seismotectonics of Northern Egypt: 
                    I M Korrat, *E M Ibrahim, R M Sherif, K M 
                    Abou Elenean

SB22A  JILA:Auditorium  Tues  1330h
S9  Earthquake Hazards Related to Geological Structures (joint 
 with ILP)
Presiding: A Giardini, Ist Nationale di Geofisica; A Shapira, 
           Inst for Petroleum Res & Geophys

   1330h   SB22A-01 Effects of Local Geology on Seismic Records 
                    From Southern Iceland: *K  Atakan, B  
                    Brandsdottir, P  Halldorsson, G O 
   1348h   SB22A-02 Seismic Hazard Estimation in Argentina From 
                    the Analysis of Local Geological Structures: 
                    *J C Castano, M H Millan
   1406h   SB22A-03 Assessing Seismic Hazards in Regions of 
                    Large Infrequent Earthquakes: Examples From 
                    the Basin and Range Province: *I G Wong, R K 
                    Green, S S Olig, R R Youngs
   1424h   SB22A-04 Incorporating Geologic Data and Alternative 
                    Models in Seismic Source Characterization 
                    for Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis: *M 
                    Angell, K L Hanson, K J Coppersmith
   1442h   SB22A-05 Seismological Aspects of the Earthquake 
                    Source Zones Parametrization for Seismic 
                    Hazard Assesment: *V I Ulomov
   1500h   Break
   1530h   SB22A-06 Towards Fourth Generation Seismic Hazard 
                    Maps for Canada: J Adams, D H Weichert, S 
                    Halchuk, *P W Basham
   1545h   SB22A-07 Use of a Large Data-Base of Site Observed 
                    Intensity for Seismic Hazard Estimates in 
                    Italy: G  Monachesi, M  Mucciarelli, L  
                    Peruzza, *D  Slejko, M  Stucchi
   1600h   SB22A-08 Current Practice in Earthquake Hazard 
                    Assessment in Israel: *A Shapira, Y Zaslavsky, 
                    Y Gitterman
   1615h   SB22A-09 Hazard Estimates for the Italian Seismic Code: 
                    *D  Slejko, L  Peruzza, A  Rebez
   1630h   SB22A-10 Estimation of Seismic Risk for Puerto Rico, 
                    Eastern Caribbean: *W R McCann, R Millan, J C 
   1645h   SB22A-11 Seismic Hazard in Eastern Mediterranean 
                    Region: *R N H Albert, M G Al-Ibiary, A D 

SB22B  MUENZ:E050  Tues  1330h
S10  Seismology and Physics of Anisotropic an dHeterogeneous 
Media (joint  with SEG)
Presiding: M Kendall, Univ of Toronto; E Chesnokov, 
           Inst of Physics of the Earth

   1330h   SB22B-01 INVITED  The Cause of Seismic Azimuthal 
                    Anisotropy: *S Crampin
   1355h   SB22B-02 INVITED  Rapid Changes in x-y-z of S-Wave 
                    Polarization: *D F Winterstein, G S De, M A 
   1420h   SB22B-03 INVITED  Anisotropy: The Link Between 
                    Borehole and Surface Seismics: *C H Chapman
   1445h   SB22B-04 Effective Physical Parameters of Porous 
                    Cracked Media Under Stress -  Results, 
                    Problems, Possibilities: *E M Chesnokov
   1500h   Break
   1530h   SB22B-05 Anisotropic Phase Velocity Determination in 
                    the Tau-p Domain: VSP and Laboratory 
                    Applications: *A  Kebaili, D R Schmitt
   1545h   SB22B-06 Anisotropy and Fractured Reservoir 
                    Characterization: Processing, Modelling, and 
                    Interpreting Shear-Waves in South-Central 
                    Wyoming: *R R Kendall, J M Kendall
   1600h   SB22B-07 Velocity Sensitivity in Transversely 
                    Isotropic Media: *D E Miller, C H Chapman
   1615h   SB22B-08 Parameter Estimation and P-Wave Processing 
                    in Transversely Isotropic Media: T Alkhalifah, 
                    *I Tsvankin
   1630h   SB22B-09 Group Velocity - Dispersion = Energy Velocity: 
                    *L N Frazer
   1645h   SB22B-10 Separation of Intrinsic and Scattering Q 
                    Based on Frequency-Dependent Amplitude 
                    Ratios of Transmitted Waves: *I B Kang, G A 

SB22C  SRC:Room 3  Tues  1320h
S11  Real Time Tectonics
Presiding: W E Holt, SUNY, Stony Brook

   1320h   INTRODUCTION: W E Holt,SUNY, Stony Brook
   1330h   SB22C-01 INVITED  A Summary of Pre-GPS Kinematics of 
                    New Zealand: *R I Walcott
   1350h   SB22C-02 INVITED  Geodetic Determination of Crustal 
                    Deformation Across the Marlborough Fault 
                    Zone in the South Island, New Zealand: T 
                    Arnadottir, J Beavan, G Blick, S Bourne, P 
                    Clarke, D Darby, P England, *B Parsons, G 
                    Rowe, P Wood, R Walcott
   1405h   SB22C-03 INVITED  Deformation Associated With the 
                    1994 Arthur's Pass Earthquake, New Zealand: 
                    *T  Arnadottir, J  Beavan, C  Pearson
   1420h   SB22C-04 INVITED  Intraplate Deformation in the 
                    Japanese Islands: *B  Shen-Tu, W E Holt
   1440h   SB22C-05 INVITED  Western U.S. Deformation: 
                    Kinematics and Dynamics: *E  Humphreys, R  
                    Weldon, R  Palmer
   1500h   Break
   1530h   SB22C-06 The Forces Driving Deformation in Southern 
                    California: *R  Palmer, E  Humphreys
   1545h   SB22C-07 GPS Observations of Postseismic Deformation 
                    Associated With the 1994 Northridge 
                    Earthquake: *A Donnellan, G L Lyzenga
   1600h   SB22C-08 Recent Seismic Deformation in the Western 
                    Mediterranean Area: *S  Pondrelli, A  Morelli
   1615h   SB22C-09 INVITED  Mapping the Complete Horizontal 
                    Velocity Gradient Field in Asia Using 
                    Constraints From Earthquake Moment Tensors, 
                    Quaternary Deformation Rates, VLBI 
                    Measurements, and Rigid Plate Kinematics: *W E 
                    Holt, M  Li, A J Haines
   1635h   SB22C-10 Modeling Crustal Deformation in Tectonic 
                    Environment of Fault-Block System in 
                    Northern China: *L Liu, A T Linde, I S Sacks, 
                    S He
   1650h   SB22C-11 Geodynamic Investigation of the Ukrainian 
                    Carpathians by the Ground and Satellite 
                    Geodetic Measurements: A L Ostrovsky, *F D 
                    Zablotsky, K R Tretyak
   1705h   SB22C-12 Deformation Processes in Rock Accompanying 
                    Seismic Actions Caused by Nonlinearity: *A P 
                    Iakovlev, A V Nikolaev, O V Pavlenko
   1720h   SB22C-13 Geodetic Monitoring Observations on 
                    Deformation of the Engineering Constructions 
                    of Tereblya-Rica Hydro-Electric Power 
                    Station Concentrated in the Zone of 
                    Geodynamical and Hydrodynamical Loads: *K R 
                    Tretyak, I S Sidorov

SB22D  RAMAL:C250  Tues  1330h
SW7  Intra Continental Earthquakes
Presiding: Y T Chen, State Seismological Bureau; J E Ebel, 
           Weston Observatory

   1330h   SB22D-01 Reconstruction of Seismogenetic Structures 
                    in Low Seismicity, Geologically Complex, 
                    Areas: P  Augliera, *M  Cattaneo, C  Eva, D  
   1348h   SB22D-02 Seismic Sources at Regional Distance in 
                    South Spain: *E Buforn, A Udias, P Coca, C 
   1406h   SB22D-03 Stress Induced by Glacial Loading and 
                    Postglacial Rebound and Their Relationship 
                    to Seismic and Faulting Activity in Eastern 
                    Canada and Peripheral Regions: *P  Wu, H S 
   1424h   SB22D-04 Intraplate Seismicity in the Northeastern 
                    United States: *J E Ebel, J A Spotila
   1442h   SB22D-05 The Spatial Characteristics of an Intraplate 
                    Low-Seismicity Region: Great Britain: *R E 
   1500h   Break
   1530h   SB22D-06 Seismicity and Main Tectonic Features in the 
                    Brazilian Territory: *J  Berrocal, M  
                    Assumpcao, Y  Hasui, J A V Veloso, J A Mioto, 
                    C  Fernandes, J R Barbosa
   1548h   SB22D-07 Intra-Continental Earthquakes Are Examples 
                    of Fluid-Induced Self-Organized Criticality: 
                    *L T Long
   1551h   SB22D-08 The Roer Valley Earthquake of April 13, 
                    1992: An Intraplate Earthquake With Distant 
                    Aftershocks: T van Eck, J Bolte, J Loohuis, S 
   1554h   SB22D-09 Postseismic Deformation From the 1976 
                    Tangshan, China Earthquake: *X Zhao, P A 
                    Rydelek, I S Sacks
   1557h   SB22D-10 Bodywave Waveform Modelling and Source 
                    Parameters for the Indo-China Border 
                    Earthquakes: *A Ram, I A Parvez
   1600h   SB22D-11 Earthquake Occurrence in India and Its 
                    Relation to the Nature of Indian Plate 
                    Deformation: *S V Chalam
   1603h   SB22D-12 Source Complexity of an Indian Intraplate 
                    Earthquake (M=6.4) of September 30, 1993: *J G 
                    Negi, O P Pandey, P K Agrawal
   1606h   SB22D-13 Seismicity of the Deccan Trap Region of 
                    Peninsular India: *L N Kailasam
   1609h   SB22D-14 Seismicity of Indian Peninsular Shield - 
                    Constraints From Deep Continental Structure: 
                    *T M Mahadevan
   1612h   SB22D-15 Structural Controls of Intraplate 
                    Seismicity: Two Examples From Precambrian 
                    Shield of India: *C P Rajendran, K Rajendran
   1615h   SB22D-16 Latur: Intra-continental Earthquake From the 
                    Southeastern Deccan Basalt Province, India: 
                    *K V Subbarao, C Mitchell, M Widdowson
   1618h   SB22D-17 Active Intracontinental Rifts: PKP Delay 
                    Time, Bouguer Gravity, and Partial Melt: X 
                    Chen, *R P Meyer
   1621h   SB22D-18 A Seismological Contribution to Geodynamic 
                    Modelling of Italy and Surroundings: *G Neri
   1624h   SB22D-19 Fault Segmentation in the Old Continent: 
                    Solving the Italian Puzzle: *G  Valensise, D  
   1627h   SB22D-20 Comparison of Subcrustal Seismicity Patterns 
                    at the Himalaya Arc's Opposite Ends: R E 
                    Tatevossian, *D A Storchak, J J Aptekman, N V 
   1630h   SB22D-21 Intra-continental Seismicity of China: *V V 
   1633h   SB22D-22 Tectonics and Crustal Structure of the 
                    Eastern Jilin Orogenic Belt, Northeast 
                    China: A Geological and Geophysical Study: X 
                    Liu, S Ninhua, G Xiaohong
   1636h   SB22D-23 Seismotectonics of 1966 Xingtai Earthquakes 
                    in North China: *C Wang, Z Xian-Kang
   1639h   SB22D-24 Fennoscandian Postglacial Faults - Sites of 
                    Recent Intraplate Earthquake Activity: *R N 
   1642h   SB22D-25 Hidden Seismic Activity Associated With 
                    Blind Thrusts Formed During Surface Folding 
                    in the Folded Zagros, Iran: *J Hassanzadeh
   1645h   SB22D-26 Seismotectonics of Northern Egypt: I M Korrat, 
                    *E M Ibrahim, R M Sherif, K M Abou Elenean

SB22E  FNART:N141  Tues  1330h
SW8  Seismological Data and Practice Into the 21st Century
Presiding: E A Bergman, USGS, Denver; D Giardini, 
           Inst Nacional Geophys

   1330h   SB22E-01 The FDSN Data Center for Continuous Data at 
                    the IRIS DMC: A Status Report: *T K Ahern, 
                    R B Benson, K A Skjellerup
   1345h   SB22E-02 New Ways to Access Digital Data in Europe: *B  
                    Dost, R  Sleeman
   1400h   SB22E-03 Going Global in Real-Time: *R Buland
   1415h   SB22E-04 Data Processing at the 
                    European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre: 
                    Future Developments: *B Feignier
   1430h   SB22E-05 The Geoscope Data Center: *G  Roult, J P 
   1445h   SB22E-06 Near Real-Time Data Processing in the 
                    Russian Academy of Sciences Geophysical 
                    Survey's Seismic Network: Current Status and 
                    Development: *O E Starovoit, I P Chernobye
   1500h   Break
   1530h   SB22E-07 Inter-Array: Adapting Regional Networks for 
                    Global Array Seismology: *H Inoue, E A 
   1545h   SB22E-08 Experience of Regional Cooperation in 
                    Observational Seismology: *J  Havskov
   1600h   SB22E-09 Concept for a New Manual of Seismological 
                    Observatory Practice as a Freely Accessible 
                    On-Line IASPEI Data Base: *P  Bormann
   1615h   SB22E-10 Analysis of MedNet Waveforms for Source 
                    Studies: *D  Giardini
   1630h   SB22E-11 Rapid Earthquake Source Analysis at UC 
                    Berkeley: *D Dreger, M Pasyanos, L Gee, R 
                    Uhrhammer, B Romanowicz
   1645h   SB22E-12 Three-Component Analysis, Correlation, 
                    Amplitude Ratios, and Phase-Lags: *A 
                    Christoffersson, R Roberts

SB31A  EC:Arena  Wed  0830h
SJS7  Mantle Dynamics and the Geological Record - Posters (joint 
 with ILP,SEDI)
Presiding: P R Boutilier, Bedford Inst of Oceanography; V Harada, 
           Univ of Tokyo

   0830h   SB31A-01 POSTER  Effects of Small-Scale Convection in 
                    Igneous Crust Production at Rifted 
                    Continental Margins: R R Boutilier, *C E Keen
   0830h   SB31A-02 POSTER  A New Method of Modelling of 
                    Absolute Plate Rotation: *Y  Harada, Y  
   0830h   SB31A-03 POSTER  3-D Mantle Dynamics With Three 
                    Floating Continents: *V  Trubitsyn, V  Rykov
   0830h   SB31A-04 POSTER  Implications of Mantle-Continent 
                    Interaction: Numerical Modeling: *B M Naimark, 
                    V P Trubitsyn, A T Ismail-Zadeh
   0830h   SB31A-05 POSTER  Mantle Structure at the Depth 
                    400-700 km: *A V Egorkin
   0830h   SB31A-06 POSTER  Netlike Magmatite Distribution 
                    Controlled by Plastic-Flow Network Tectonics 
                    in Asia and North America: *S Z Wang

SB31B  MUENZ:E050  Wed  0830h
SL2  IASPEI Association Lecture
Presiding: A V Nikolaev, Russian Academy of Sciences

   0830h   SB31B-01 INVITED  Geoid and Mantle Dynamics: 
                    Uncertainties and Controversies: *C 

SB31C  EC:Arena  Wed  0830h
S12  Geophysical Tomography in Complicated Heterogeneous Media - 
Posters (joint  with SEG)
Presiding: E Kissling, ETH-Honggerberg

   0830h   SB31C-01 POSTER  Anisotropic Structure of the Upper 
                    Mantle in the Indian Ocean by Waveform 
                    Inversion (2): *E  Debayle, J J Leveque
   0830h   SB31C-02 POSTER  New Large-Scale 3-D P-Velocity Model 
                    of the Mantle Beneath Europe: *V S Geyko, T A 
                    Tsvetkova, N P Sannikova, L P Livanova, K V 
   0830h   SB31C-03 POSTER  Large-Scale 3-D P-Velocity Structure 
                    of the Mantle in Central Asia: *V S Geyko, 
                    T A Tsvetkova, N P Sannikova, L P Livanova, 
                    K V Geyko
   0830h   SB31C-04 POSTER  Combined Use of P and SKS 
                    Teleseismic Waves in Lithospheric 
                    Anisotropic Tomography: *A  Gresillaud
   0830h   SB31C-05 POSTER  Fault Dip Determination by Combined 
                    Sounding and Profiling of Dipole-Dipole Array: 
                    *M K Hafizi, E Gouhari
   0830h   SB31C-06 POSTER  Three Dimensional Visualization of 
                    Reservoir Imhomogenities With Cross-Hole 
                    Tomographic Data: *P Y Huang
   0830h   SB31C-07 POSTER  3D Density Model of the European 
                    Crust and Mantle: *M K Kaban, M E Artemjev
   0830h   SB31C-08 POSTER  3-D Seismic Modeling by Combination 
                    of Controlled-Source, Local Earthquake, and 
                    Teleseismic Tomography: Application to the 
                    Alps: *E Kissling, J Ansorge, M Baumann, F 
   0830h   SB31C-09 POSTER  A Method for Numerical Solution of 
                    the Integral Equation of the Computed 
                    Tomography and Its Application in Geophysics: 
                    *S G Kostyanev
   0830h   SB31C-10 POSTER  Surface Wave Tomography of Central 
                    and Southern Asia: *A L Levshin, M H 
                    Ritzwoller, L I Ratnikova
   0830h   SB31C-11 POSTER  A High Frequency Seismic Tomography 
                    Method Using Spatial Methods of 
                    Reconstruction: *D P Ouzounov
   0830h   SB31C-12 POSTER  Velocity Heterogeneities of Earth's 
                    Crust for Tien-Shan Epiplatform Orogene on 
                    Seismotomography Data: *T M Sabitova, O M 
                    Lesik, A A Adamova, R O Mamatkanova
   0830h   SB31C-13 POSTER  Unified Theory and Algorithm of 
                    Diffraction Tomography Based on 
                    Newton-Kantorovich's Method: *V B Surnev
   0830h   SB31C-14 POSTER  Surface Wave Tomography Using 
                    Azimuth Anomalies: *T B Yanovskaya
   0830h   SB31C-15 POSTER  A Software Package of Geophysical 
                    Crosshole Tomographic Image and Its 
                    Applications: J S Zhu, Z Q Yan, J X Cao
   0830h   SB31C-16 POSTER  High Resolution Seismic Tomography 
                    at Mt. Vesuvius Volcano: *A  Zollo, P  
                    Gasparini, G  Biella, R De Franco, B  
                    Buonocore, L  Mirabile, G De Natale, G  
                    Milano, G  Vilardo, R De Matteis, H Le Meur, 
                    G  Iannaccone, A  Deschamps, J  Virieux, I 

SB31D  MUENZ:E050  Wed  0930h
S12  Geophysical Tomography in Complicated Heterogeneous Media
 (joint  with SEG)
Presiding: E Kissling, ETH-Honggerberg

   0930h   SB31D-01 Applied Seismic Tomography - Yesterday, 
                    Today, and Tomorrow: *L R Lines
   0945h   SB31D-02 Traveltime Inversion of Band-Limited 
                    Cross-Tunnel Data in Strongly Heterogeneous 
                    Media: H R Maurer, K Holliger, A G Green
   1000h   Break
   1030h   SB31D-03 Determination of Elastic Properties by Low 
                    Frequency Diffraction Tomography: *R Gritto, 
                    V A Korneev, L R Johnson
   1045h   SB31D-04 Anisotropic Velocity Tomography - An 
                    Essential Tool in Sediments: *R G Pratt, A  
                    Vassilou, C L Liner
   1100h   SB31D-05 Perturbed Rays and Iterated Inversions: *J  
                    Pulliam, R  Snieder
   1115h   SB31D-06 Artificial Source Transmission Tomography: 
                    Fournaise Volcano: V Lankar, A Hirn, A 
   1130h   SB31D-07 Detailisation of Velocity Structure in 
                    Regions of Earthquake Concentration: *G A 
                    Belyankin, L B Slavina
   1145h   SB31D-08 Tectonics of a Small Plate: Greece and Turkey: 
                    *J F Harper

SB31E  EC:Arena  Wed  0830h
S13  Application of Artificial Intelligence Computing in 
Geophysics - Posters (joint  with SEG)
Presiding: H Schuh, DGFI; V Gitis, Inst for Info Trans Problems

   0830h   SB31E-01 POSTER  Intelligent Assistant Systems for 
                    Geophysics and Geology: T Gergely, V Gitis
   0830h   SB31E-02 POSTER  Statistical Inference and 
                    Argumentation in Geophysical Prediction: V 
                    Gitis, E Jurkov, B Osher, S Pirogov, A 
                    Vainchtok, T Gergely
   0830h   SB31E-03 POSTER  Genetic Algorithms Performance on 
                    Seismic Refraction Tomography: *F Boschetti, 
                    M Dentith, R List
   0830h   SB31E-04 POSTER  Inversion of Crosshole Seismic 
                    Tomographic Data via Neurocomputing: *V 
                    Vemulapalli, J H Fang, H C Chen
   0830h   SB31E-05 POSTER  A Learning Procedure on a Basis of 
                    Solutions Obtained by Different Standard 
                    Tomographic Methods: *Y V Roslov
   0830h   SB31E-06 POSTER  A Multiagent Approach for Volcano 
                    Behavior Simulation: *S  Giroux, J R Grasso, 
                    P  Marcenac
   0830h   SB31E-07 POSTER  Determination of Layered Velocity 
                    Structure Using Evolutionary Programming: *C D 
                    de Groot-Hedlin, F L Vernon
   0830h   SB31E-08 POSTER  Event Identification Using an 
                    Object-Oriented Interactive Analysis 
                    Environment: *W J Maurer, F U Dowla
   0830h   SB31E-09 POSTER  Seismic Discrimination by 
                    Self-Organization of the Time-Frequency 
                    Distributions of Complete Seismograms: *V 
                    Kohlhepp, F U Dowla
   0830h   SB31E-10 POSTER  Advances in Real-Time Earthquake 
                    Warning Using Neural Networks: *R R Leach, 
                    F U Dowla
   0830h   SB31E-11 POSTER  Discrimination Between Local 
                    Microearthquakes and Quarry Blasts by 
                    Multilayer Perceptrons and Kohonen Maps: *M 
                    Musil, A Plesinger, M Zmeskal
   0830h   SB31E-12 POSTER  The Application of the Pattern 
                    Recognition and Fuzzy Set Methods for the 
                    Determination of the Faint Modification of 
                    the Seismic Process: *E V Sasorova
   0830h   SB31E-13 POSTER  The Application of the Linguistic 
                    Pattern Recognition Methods for Automatic 
                    Analysis of the Geophysical Data: *E V 
   0830h   SB31E-14 POSTER  An Expert System Shell for 
                    Developing the Expert Systems on Seismology 
                    and Engineering Seismology: Y Zhu, H Ping
   0830h   SB31E-15 POSTER  Application of Machine Discovery 
                    System PolyAnalyst to Modelling Electron 
                    Density Distribution in Ionospheric Region D: 
                    *M V Kiselev, S B Arseniev, L B Vanina, A K 
   0830h   SB31E-16 POSTER  Expert Systems and Neural Networks 
                    Used for Earth Rotation Research: *H Schuh
   0830h   SB31E-17 POSTER  A Neural Approach to Classification 
                    of Midlatitude Cyclonic Cloud Systems: *S  
                    Austin, R  Kane

SB31F  RAMAL:C250  Wed  1030h
S13  Application of Artificial Intelligence Computing in 
Geophysics (joint  with SEG)
Presiding: G B Patnaik, Adv Geocomputing Tech; F A Aminzadeh, 
           Unocal Sci & Tech

   1030h   INTRODUCTION: G B Patnaik,Adv Geocomputing Tech
   1035h   SB31F-01 INVITED  Soft Computing and Its Impact on 
                    Geophysical Applications: *L Zadeh, F 
   1110h   SB31F-02 Intelligent Inverse and Simulation Filtering 
                    of Digital Seismograms: A Plesinger, *M 
   1115h   SB31F-03 INVITED  Advanced Signal Processing Methods 
                    in Automated Data Processing for Event 
                    Detection and Discrimination: *F U Dowla
   1130h   SB31F-04 Artificial Neural Network Prediction of 
                    Groundwater Remediation: Training Evolution 
                    and Optimization Benchmarking: *L L Rogers, 
                    V M Johnson
   1145h   SB31F-05 INVITED  Neural Network Analysis for 
                    Hazardous Waste Characterization: *R O Hansen, 
                    L Y Pratt, M  Misra, C  Farris

SB31G  SRC:Room 3  Wed  0930h
SW9  Methodology of Seismic Risk Assessment
Presiding: Y Chen, State Seismological Bureau; A Shapira, 
           Inst Petroleum Res & Geophys

   0930h   INTRODUCTION: G A Sobolev,Inst of Phys of the Earth
   0940h   SB31G-01 INVITED  Earthquake Risk Loss Assessments - 
                    A Pilot Project in Eilat, Israel: *A Shapira, 
                    L Feldman, A Malitzky
   1000h   Break
   1030h   SB31G-02 Preliminary Study on World-Wide Map of 
                    Future Earthquake Losses: *Y Chen, Q Chen, J 
   1045h   SB31G-03 Improved Estimation of Seismicity Parameters 
                    Allowing for Magnitude Uncertainties: *D A 
   1100h   SB31G-04 A Magnitude Scale for Property- and Life- 
                    Loss due to Earthquakes and Other Natural 
                    Disasters: *S P Nishenko, C C Barton
   1115h   SB31G-05 Quick and Dirty Estimation of Seismic 
                    Hazards in Global Scale of Seismic Risk 
                    Assessment: *Q Chen, L Jie, C Yong
   1130h   SB31G-06 Seismic Hazard in Upper Thracian Valley, 
                    Southern Bulgaria: *T P Stoyanov, T V Eck
   1145h   SB31G-07 Nonlinear Relation Between the Ground Motion 
                    and Losses From Earthquakes: *Y Chen, L Jie, 
                    C Qifu

SB31H  EC:Arena  Wed  0830h
SW10  Exploiting Large Volumes of Digital Waveform Data - Posters
Presiding: R K Snieder, Univ of Utrecht

   0830h   SB31H-01 POSTER  GIANT, a System for Wavelet 
                    Attribute Controlled Processing of Large 
                    Volume Network Data: A Rietbrock, *F 
   0830h   SB31H-02 POSTER  Empirical Verification of 
                    Calibrating Functions for Spectral P-Wave 
                    Magnitudes: Y V Roslov, S J Duda
   0830h   SB31H-03 POSTER  Shear Wave Velocity Structure in the 
                    Crust and Uppermost Mantle in East 
                    Antarctica Using Multi-Trace Receiver 
                    Function Inversion for Broad-band P-Waveforms: 
                    M Kanao, T Shibutani

SB31I  JILA:Auditorium  Wed  0930h
SW10  Exploiting Large Volumes of Digital Waveform Data
Presiding: J C Vandecar, Carnegie Inst; R K Snieder, 
           Univ of Utrecht

   0930h   SB31I-01 INVITED  Rapid Access to Needles in 
                    Haystacks: Data Access Methods at the IRIS 
                    DMC: *T K Ahern
   1000h   Break
   1030h   SB31I-02 INVITED  Determining D'' Structure Using 
                    Differential Travel Times: *T J McSweeney, 
                    K C Creager
   1100h   SB31I-03 INVITED  Global Stacking of 100,000 
                    Broadband Seismograms: L Astiz, *P Earle, P 
   1130h   SB31I-04 Scattered-Wave Imaging of the Crust and 
                    Upper Mantle Via Kirchhoff Coda Migration: *J 
   1145h   SB31I-05 Detecting the Bottom of the LVZ From 
                    Short-Period P-Wave Data?: *F P Neele

SB32A  Duane Physics:G020  Wed  1300h
SJS7  Mantle Dynamics and the Geological Record (joint  with ILP,
Presiding: G F Davies, Australian National Univ; C 
           Lithgow-Bertelloni, Univ Gottingen

   1300h   SB32A-01 Subduction-Controlled Long-Wavelength 
                    Tilting of the Russian Platform: *R Pysklywec, 
                    J X Mitrovica, A Rutty, C Beaumont
   1320h   SB32A-02 Plate Driving Forces and Intraplate Stresses 
                    in the Cenozoic: *C Lithgow-Bertelloni, M A 
   1340h   SB32A-03 Punctuated Tectonic Evolution of the Earth: 
                    *G F Davies
   1400h   SB32A-04 Mantle Convection Experiments With Evolving 
                    Plates: *P Puster, B H Hager, T H Jordan
   1420h   SB32A-05 Modeling Plate Motions, Dynamic Topography, 
                    and Sea Level as Expressions of Mantle 
                    Dynamics in Spherical Geometry: *J  
   1440h   SB32A-06 Roles of Pre-rift Lithosphere Rheology, 
                    Delamination, and Slab Detachment on 
                    Post-Orogenic Extension: *S A P Cloetingh, 
                    J D van Wees, P A van der Beek, G Spadini
   1500h   Break
   1520h   SB32A-07 Small Scale Convection, Continent-Ocean 
                    Coupling, and the Development of Marginal 
                    Basin Unconformities: *C E Keen, R R 
   1540h   SB32A-08 Upper Mantle Velocity Structure and 
                    Geodynamics: *N I Pavlenkova
   1600h   SB32A-09 Neotectonic Crustal Uplift and Mantle 
                    Convection: E V Artyushkov, *A W Hofmann
   1620h   SB32A-10 A Unified Geodynamic Scheme for the 
                    Contrasted Phenomena of the Upper 
                    Cretaceous, K/T Boundary, and Lower Tertiary: 
                    *L O Nicolaysen, D P Mason
   1640h   SB32A-11 Geomagnetism, "Superswells," Vulcanism, and 
                    Geodynamics and Their Pace During the Last 
                    Approximately 250 Ma: *G P Gregori, W J Dong, 
                    G de Franceschi, R Leonardi
   1700h   SB32A-12 The Finite Element Simulation of Cenozoic 
                    Global Tectogenesis: *X Sun, L Han

SB32B  MUENZ:E050  Wed  1330h
S12  Geophysical Tomography in Complicated Heterogeneous Media
 (joint  with SEG)
Presiding: L Lines, Memorial Univ of Newfoundland

   1330h   SB32B-01 Surface Waves Tomography of the 
                    Mediterranean Region: *S  Mazza, R  Snieder
   1345h   SB32B-02 Partitioned Waveform Inversion for the North 
                    American Continent: *S van der Lee, G Nolet
   1400h   SB32B-03 Tomographic Inversion for Vp/Vs and S-wave 
                    Attenuation, Southern Alaska Subduction Zone: 
                    *S C Ponko, C O Sanders, S M Peacock
   1415h   SB32B-04 The Concept of Joint Inversion for 
                    Teleseismic Delay Times and Bouguer Gravity 
                    Data and Its Application to Continental Rift 
                    Structures: *U  Achauer, M  Granet, K  Broto, 
                    H  Zeyen
   1430h   SB32B-05 Exogenic Deformations and the Mechanical 
                    Properties of Earth's Interior: H P Plag, H U 
                    Juttner, V Rautenberg
   1445h   SB32B-06 Stratified Gravity Images and Its 
                    Application at Northern China and Japan Sea: 
                    *Q Wang
   1500h   Break
   1530h   SB32B-07 Anisotropic Structure of the Upper Mantle in 
                    the Indian Ocean by Waveform Inversion (1): 
                    J J Leveque, *E  Debayle
   1545h   SB32B-08 An Approach to Teleseismic Tomography Using 
                    Full Waveform: *K S Osypov, Y Zhengsheng, R G 
   1600h   SB32B-09 What Can We Learn About the Upper Mantle 
                    Structure Beneath France From Teleseismic 
                    Tomography and Azimuthal Anisotropy of 
                    Pn-Velocity in the Mantle Lid?: *M  Granet, 
                    U  Achauer
   1615h   SB32B-10 Bayesian Inversion With Complex A Priori 
                    Information: *J A Scales, A Tarantola
   1630h   SB32B-11 Stochastic Tomography Using Joint Coherence 
                    Functions of Phase and Amplitude Array Data 
                    Observed at NORSAR and SCSN: *R S Wu, X Liu, 
                    L Zhang
   1645h   SB32B-12 Preliminary Outcome From Denmark and Sweden 
                    of the Teleseimic Tomography Project Tor: *S 

SB32C  RAMAL:C250  Wed  1330h
S13  Application of Artificial Intelligence Computing in 
Geophysics (joint  with SEG)
Presiding: G B Patnaik, Adv Geocomputing Tech; A Plesinger, 
           Geophysical Inst

   1330h   SB32C-01 Compensating Aeromagnetic Data Using a 
                    Neural Network: *P A Eaton, C T Barnett, P M 
   1345h   SB32C-02 Joint Inversion of Gravimetric and Magnetic 
                    Models Under Fuzzy Contraints: *M R Alvers, 
                    H J Gotze, L Barrio
   1400h   SB32C-03 INVITED  Spatial Reasoning in Reflection 
                    Seismic Interpretation: M  Perrone, V  
                    Roberto, *C  Chiaruttini
   1415h   SB32C-04 INVITED  Local and Genetic Search Strategies 
                    for Static Corrections: *D Whitley, K Mathias
   1430h   SB32C-05 An Adaptive Classifier System in Earthquake 
                    Prediction With GA: *Q Chen, Y Shi
   1445h   SB32C-06 The Use of Artificial Neural Network and 
                    Genetic Algorithms in the South Iceland 
                    Lowland (SIL) Project: *R  Bodvarsson
   1500h   Break
   1530h   SB32C-07 Inversion of Crustal Resistivity Sounding 
                    Data: *K K Roy, P S Routh
   1545h   SB32C-08 Discrimination of Nuclear Explosions and 
                    Earthquakes From Teleseismic Distances Using 
                    Artificial Neural Networks: *T  Tiira
   1600h   SB32C-09 Seismic Phase Recognition - A Structural 
                    Approach: *C Tong
   1615h   SB32C-10 A Neural Network Based Approach for NMO 
                    Correction and Velocity Estimation: *C 
                    Calderon-Macias, M K Sen, P L Stoffa
   1630h   SB32C-11 Neural Networks for Recognition of Ionogram 
                    Traces: *I A Galkin, B W Reinisch
   1645h   SB32C-12 INVITED  Evidential Reasoning Based 
                    Geomorphological Features Identification 
                    From Multiple Sources: *A K Pujari

SB32D  JILA:Auditorium  Wed  1330h
SW10  Exploiting Large Volumes of Digital Waveform Data
Presiding: R K Snieder, Univ of Utrecht; H M Benz, USGS, Denver

   1330h   SB32D-01 INVITED  Extracting Measurements From Large 
                    Quantities of Waveform Data: *R L Woodward
   1400h   SB32D-02 INVITED  The Impact of Theoretical Wave 
                    Propagation Assumptions on Elastic and 
                    Anelastic Global Mantle Structure: *B 
                    Romanowicz, X D Li, J Durek
   1430h   SB32D-03 Automatic Waveform Inversion of Digital 
                    Seismograms: *J  Trampert, J H Woodhouse
   1445h   SB32D-04 Shear Wave Velocity Structure in North 
                    America From Large-Scale Waveform Inversions 
                    of Surface Waves: *D Alsina, R L Woodward, 
                    R K Snieder
   1500h   Break
   1530h   SB32D-05 INVITED  Scientific ALliance for South 
                    America (SALSA): *P G Silver
   1600h   SB32D-06 Wavelet Attribute Controlled Processing of 
                    Large Volume Digital Seismograms: *F 
                    Scherbaum, A Rietbrock
   1615h   SB32D-07 Upper Crustal Velocity Structure in the 
                    Latur Earthquake Region, India, From 
                    Modelling of Aftershock Seismograms: *H K 
                    Gupta, V G Krishna, C V Ramakrishna Rao, P S 
   1630h   SB32D-08 An Inverse Scattering Method Exploiting 
                    Waveform Data: A Case Study in the 
                    Structural Analysis: *H Mikada
   1645h   SB32D-09 Automated Analysis of Seismograms for Global 
                    Earthquake Monitoring: *M P Salganik, G 

SB32E  SRC:Room 3  Wed  1330h
SW9  Methodology of Seismic Risk Assessment
Presiding: Y Chen, State Seismological Bureau

   1330h   Discussion

SB32F  UMC:Center  Wed  1900h
SB2  IASPEI Closing Plenary
Presiding: A V Nikolaev, Russian Academy of Sciences

   1900h   Discussion

SB41A  EC:Arena  Thurs  0830h
SJS8  Modeling the Earth's Interior - Posters (joint  with G,SEDI,V)
Presiding: R O'Connell, Harvard Univ; G Masters, 
           Univ of California, SD

   0830h   SB41A-01 POSTER  Can Observations of Postglacial 
                    Rebound Tell Whether the Rheology of the 
                    Mantle Is Linear or Nonlinear?: *P  Wu
   0830h   SB41A-02 POSTER  Global Mantle Tomography Using 
                    Non-linear Asymptotic Coupling Theory: *X D 
                    Li, B Romanowicz
   0830h   SB41A-03 POSTER  Quantifying the Flow Stratification 
                    of the Earth's Mantle: *P Puster, T H Jordan
   0830h   SB41A-04 POSTER  Investigation of Upper Mantle 
                    Structure in Central Eurasia From Analysis 
                    of Broad-Band Far-Regional Seismograms: *K 
   0830h   SB41A-05 POSTER  Temperatures in the Earth: *L G Liu
   0830h   SB41A-06 POSTER  Correlation of Upper Mantle 
                    Heterogeneity and Phase Boundary Deformation 
                    Beneath the Western United States?: *K Dueker, 
                    A Sheehan
   0830h   SB41A-07 POSTER  A Global Survey for the Hales 
                    Discontinuity Utilizing Three-Component 
                    Broadband Data: *P Earle, P Shearer, G Zandt, 
                    W Walter
   0830h   SB41A-08 POSTER  Measurements of Thermal Diffusivity 
                    in Griceite and Corundum at Ultra High 
                    Pressure and the Melting Point of Iron and 
                    Stainless Steel: *K G Gallagher, T J Ahrens
   0830h   SB41A-09 POSTER  ICB and CMB Topography Induced by 
                    Mantle Density Heterogeneity and Rotational 
                    Eigenfrequencies (FCN and FICN): *M  
                    Greff-Lefftz, H  Legros
   0830h   SB41A-10 POSTER  Numerical Modelling of 3-D Spherical 
                    Shell Mantle Flow and Plate Motions: L Han, *X 
   0830h   SB41A-11 POSTER  Earthquake Event Stacking in the 
                    Search for Evidence of Earthquake Excitation 
                    of the Slichter Mode: *O Jensen, J Hinderer, 
                    N Florsch, D J Crossley
   0830h   SB41A-12 POSTER  Glacial Isostatic Sea Level 
                    Variations in the British Isles: A Resolving 
                    Power Analysis: *G A Milne, J X Mitrovica, I 
   0830h   SB41A-13 POSTER  3-D Seismic Tomography of the Crust 
                    and Upper Mantle Beneath the Godavari Rift 
                    Region: *S S Rai, K Suryaprakasam, V K Gaur, 
                    H M Iyer
   0830h   SB41A-14 POSTER  Investigating Upper Mantle 
                    Discontinuity Structure Using Converted 
                    Phases Recorded by Broadband Seismic 
                    Stations in California: *J Ritsema, T Lay
   0830h   SB41A-15 POSTER  Upper Mantle Structure Beneath Asia 
                    Inferred From Broadband Waveforms: *A Rodgers, 
                    S Schwartz, J Beckers
   0830h   SB41A-16 POSTER  Long Period Tides Observed From a 
                    Superconducting Gravimeter Installed at 
                    Syowa Station, Antarctica: T Sato, K Nawa, K 
                    Shibuya, Y Tamura, M Ooe, K Kaminuma
   0830h   SB41A-17 POSTER  Effects of Kinetics of Polymorphic 
                    Phase Transformations on Mantle Convection: 
                    *V S Solomatov
   0830h   SB41A-18 POSTER  Elasticity and Crystalline Structure 
                    of Iron in Earth's Core: *L  Stixrude, R E 
                    Cohen, E  Wasserman
   0830h   SB41A-19 POSTER  Possible Effects of Upper Mantle 
                    Phase Transitions on Normal Modes: *M E 
                    Tamisiea, J M Wahr
   0830h   SB41A-20 POSTER  Degree One Heterogeneity in the 
                    Outermost Inner Core: *S Tanaka
   0830h   SB41A-21 POSTER  Lateral Variations in Mantle 
                    Velocity Structure and Discontinuities 
                    Determined From P, PP, S, SS, and SS-S~Kd~LS 
                    Traveltime Residuals: *D W Vasco, L R Johnson, 
                    R J Pulliam
   0830h   SB41A-22 POSTER  Investigations of S~K670~LP: *C J 
                    Vasey, I G Stimpson
   0830h   SB41A-23 POSTER  Viscoelastic Tidal Deformations: A 
                    Comparison of Rheologies: *K Wieczerkowski, D 
   0830h   SB41A-24 POSTER  Effects of Core-Mantle Boundary 
                    Topography and Core Flow on Earth's 
                    Nutation, Tidal UT1 Variations, and the 
                    Chandler Wobble: *X Wu, J M Wahr
   0830h   SB41A-25 POSTER  "Diffraction Tomography" in the 
                    Mantle: J  Ying, *H C Nataf
   0830h   SB41A-26 POSTER  Physical Properties of Subducting 
                    Slab and the Surrounding Mantle: S X Zang, J 
   0830h   SB41A-27 POSTER  Convection-Driven Inertial Waves in 
                    the Earth's Liquid Core?: *K Zhang
   0830h   SB41A-28 POSTER  Global Surface-Wave Phase Velocity 
                    Variations: *Y S Zhang, T Lay
   0830h   SB41A-29 POSTER  Application of the Wavelet Transform 
                    for Detection of the Earth's Normal Modes: 
                    *Y O Starovoit, M Snissaert
   0830h   SB41A-30 POSTER  Spectral Analysis of Borehole 
                    Dilatometer Data: Searching for the Slichter 
                    Mode From Strain Records of Bolivia 
                    Earthquake (June 9, 1994): *L Liu, I S Sacks, 
                    A T Linde
   0830h   SB41A-31 POSTER  Extending Observations of Normal 
                    Mode Constraints for Mantle Structures: *J S 
                    Resovsky, M H Ritzwoller
   0830h   SB41A-32 POSTER  Ratio of Relative S to P Velocity 
                    Heterogeneity in the Lower Mantle Using ISC 
                    Travel Time Data: *G S Robertson, J H 
   0830h   SB41A-33 POSTER  3-D Dynamical Model of the Earth's 
                    Interior: *V  Trubitsyn, V  Rykov
   0830h   SB41A-34 POSTER  Mixing in 3D Time-Dependent 
                    Convection: *J Schmalzl, G A Houseman, U 
   0830h   SB41A-35 POSTER  Depth and Lateral Inhomogeneities in 
                    Temperature and Stress in the Mantle: 3-D 
                    Numerical Model: *V  Rykov, V  Trubitsyn

SB41B  MUENZ:E050  Thurs  0930h
SJS8  Modeling the Earth's Interior (joint  with G,SEDI,V)
Presiding: R O'Connell, Harvard Univ; G Masters, 
           Univ of California, SD

   0930h   SB41B-01 Transition Zone of Earth's Mantle: 
                    Comparison of Mineral and Earth Velocity 
                    Models: *R C Liebermann, B Li, G D Gwanmesia
   0945h   SB41B-02 INVITED  Imaging Transition Zone 
                    Discontinuities and Velocity Gradients by 
                    Stacking and Inversion of SS Precursors: *P M 
   1000h   Break
   1030h   SB41B-03 INVITED  Mantle Composition and Structure of 
                    Mantle Discontinuities: *L  Stixrude
   1045h   SB41B-04 Chemical and Claperyon Induced Buoyancy at 
                    the 660 km Discontinuity: *D J Weidner, Y 
   1100h   SB41B-05 INVITED  Topographies of Earth's Interior 
                    Boundaries From Internal Loading: *P  
   1115h   SB41B-06 INVITED  Higher Resolution Upper Mantle S 
                    Velocity Structure: *G Ekstrom, A M 
   1130h   SB41B-07 Partial Melting and Segregation in a 
                    Convecting Upper Mantle: *H Schmeling
   1145h   SB41B-08 Seismic Evidence for Coherent Flow of the 
                    Crust and Upper Mantle Beneath South America 
                    Over the Past 100 Ma: *J VanDecar, D James, M 

SB41C  EC:Arena  Thurs  0830h
SJW2  Geophysical Data Challenges in the 21st Century - Posters
 (joint  with G,GA)
Presiding: M A Chinnery, NGDC

   0830h   SB41C-01 POSTER  The National Geophysical Data 
                    Center's Potential Field Data Program: *R W 
                    Buhmann, S D Racey, A M Hittelman
   0830h   SB41C-02 POSTER  The MUSE of Data: Management, Use, 
                    Storage, and Education - The Challenge of 
                    the Next Century: B A Seekins, G F Sharman
   0830h   SB41C-03 POSTER  The NGDC Metadata Server: *P K Dunbar, 
                    R E Habermann
   0830h   SB41C-04 POSTER  Meeting the Challenges of Providing 
                    Diverse Scientific Data to the International 
                    Community: *A M Hittelman, R E Habermann, J J 
                    Kineman, D A Hastings
   0830h   SB41C-05 POSTER  Artificial Intelligence Application 
                    to the CGDS/EMSC World-Wide Strong Motion 
                    Internet On-Line Data Archive: *M N Zhizhin, 
                    A D Gvishiani, J Bonnin, B Mohammadioun
   0830h   SB41C-06 POSTER  An Information System and Data 
                    Centre (ISDC) for Superconducting Gravimeter 
                    (SG) Data as an Example for an Application 
                    of Modern Geophysical Data Storage, Data 
                    Retrieval, and Data Exchange Method: *B  
                    Ritschel, J  Neumeyer
   0830h   SB41C-07 POSTER  Digital Representations of 
                    Topography: Attempting to Characterize the 
                    Earth's Surface: D A Hastings, P K Dunbar

SB41D  SRC:Room 3  Thurs  1030h
SJW2  Geophysical Data Challenges in the 21st Century (joint 
 with G,GA)
Presiding: M A Chinnery, NGDC; F Webster, Univ of Delaware

   1030h   SB41D-01 INVITED  The World Data Center System: Does 
                    it Have a Future?: *F Webster
   1050h   SB41D-02 INVITED  Geophysical Data Centers and 
                    Exchange in Eastern European Countries in 
                    the 21st Century in Connection With Computer 
                    Telecommunication Developments: *A D 
   1110h   SB41D-03 INVITED  The Role of Data Centers in the Age 
                    of Networks: *M A Chinnery
   1130h   SB41D-04 INVITED  WDC System: Old Problems and New 
                    Approaches: *Y S Tyupkin

SB41E  RAMAL:C250  Thurs  0830h
S14  Methods and Interpretations of 2D and 3D Earth Structure
 (joint  with SEG)
Presiding: C J Thomson, Queen's Univ; M H Weber, Gottingen Univ

   0830h   SB41E-01 Estimation of Velocity Perturbations From 
                    Amplitude and Phase Fluctuations of Short 
                    Period P-waves Recorded at Gauribidanur 
                    Seismic Array in Southern India: *A Ram, J N 
   0845h   SB41E-02 Three-Dimensional Modelling of the Indian 
                    Lithosphere-Asthenosphere: *A Ram, R Juneja
   0900h   SB41E-03 Crustal Structure of the Arabian Platform 
                    From the Spectral Analysis of Long Period 
                    P-Wave Amplitude Ratios: A M Al-Amri, A 
                    Necioglu, A A Gharib
   0915h   SB41E-04 Three-Dimensional P- and S-Wave Attenuation 
                    Inversion at the Northwest Geysers 
                    Geothermal Field, California: *A E Romero, 
                    T V McEvilly, E L Majer
   0930h   SB41E-05 Wavefield Inversion in 2D - Imaging a Buried 
                    Fault in Anisotropic Attenuating Sediments: 
                    *R G Pratt, Z M Song, R M Shipp
   0945h   SB41E-06 Teleseismic Images of Crustal Structure 
                    Beneath the Kyrgyz Network: *C D 
                    de Groot-Hedlin, F L Vernon, D  Harvey, H  
   1000h   Break
   1030h   SB41E-07 Constraints of the Velocity Structure 
                    Beneath the Tornquist-Teisseyre Zone From 
                    Beamforming Analysis: *D Alsina, M L Passier, 
                    R K Snieder
   1045h   SB41E-08 Seismic Tomography Using ScS Reverberations: 
                    *R Katzman, T H Jordan
   1100h   SB41E-09 Nature of Mantle Heterogeneity at the 
                    Grenville-Appalachian Transition: *V  Levin, 
                    W H Menke
   1115h   SB41E-10 Seismic Interpretation "in Statu Nascendi" 
                    and Inversion, via Danish Experience: *S 
   1130h   SB41E-11 Numerical Investigation of Relative 
                    Contributions of R~Kg~L Scattering and 
                    Attenuation to L~Kg~L Excitation: *R S Jih
   1145h   SB41E-12 Surface Wave Mode Coupling and Waveform 
                    Inversions for S-Wave Structures Beneath 
                    Europe: *H Marquering, R Snieder, G Nolet

SB41F  EC:Arena  Thurs  0830h
S14  Methods and Interpretations of 2D and 3D Earth Structure - 
Posters (joint  with SEG)
Presiding: C J Thomson, Queen's Univ; M H Weber, Gottingen Univ

   0830h   SB41F-01 POSTER  The Scattering of Gaussian 
                    Pulse-Beams at Fluid-Solid Interfaces: *R A 
                    Stephen, S A Swift
   0830h   SB41F-02 POSTER  Natural Neighbours in Geophysics: 
                    Parameterization, Interpolation, and 
                    Numerical Modeling of Complex 3-D Structures: 
                    *M  Sambridge, J  Braun, H  McQueen
   0830h   SB41F-03 POSTER  3D Finite Difference Elastic Wave 
                    Modeling Including Surface Topography: *S 
                    Hestholm, B Ruud
   0830h   SB41F-04 POSTER  Tensorial Formulation of the Elastic 
                    Wave-Equation for Models With Curved 
                    Interfaces and Free Surface Topography: *D  
                    Komatitsch, F Coutel, P Mora
   0830h   SB41F-05 POSTER  Optimal Absorbing Boundary Condition 
                    in 2D Finite Difference Elastic Wave 
                    Modeling - Empirical Study and Comparison 
                    With Exponential Damping: A Simone, *S 
   0830h   SB41F-06 POSTER  Seismic Body Waves in a Laterally 
                    Heterogeneous Earth: *L  Zhao, F A Dahlen
   0830h   SB41F-07 POSTER  Chaotic Behavior of Crustal Waves: *H  
                    Keers, G  Nolet, F A Dahlen
   0830h   SB41F-08 POSTER  Efficient Modelling of Broadband 
                    Wave Propagation in Complicated Structures 
                    by Wavelength-Smoothing: Theoretical 
                    Justification and Examples: *A J Lomax, R K 
   0830h   SB41F-09 POSTER  Surface Wave Tomography Studies Over 
                    the Indian Ocean: *D D Singh
   0830h   SB41F-10 POSTER  The Relation Between Qp and Qs Due 
                    to Scattering: *R V Amirbekian, B A Bolt
   0830h   SB41F-11 POSTER  Influence of Near-Surface Structure 
                    on the Spectrum of the Primary P-Wave From 
                    Nuclear Explosions: S J Duda, M Grad, J Saul
   0830h   SB41F-12 POSTER  The P-Velocity Structure Principal 
                    Features of the Mantle in N Atlantic and S-W 
                    Pacific: *V S Geyko, T A Tsvetkova
   0830h   SB41F-13 POSTER  Refraction-Reflection Imaging of the 
                    Crust Using 3D Ray Tracing: An Application 
                    Under Southern Sierra Nevada Using Local and 
                    Regional Events Recorded at Small Arrays: *C  
                    Papazachos, R  Phinney, C  Jones, G  Nolet
   0830h   SB41F-14 POSTER  P-Wave Travel Time Heterogeneity in 
                    the Euro-Mediterranean Region: *C  Piromallo, 
                    A  Morelli
   0830h   SB41F-15 POSTER  The Subsequent Subtraction of 
                    Anomalies Method and Its Application for 2D 
                    and 3D Earth Structure Investigation: *I A 
   0830h   SB41F-16 POSTER  The Earthquake Hypocentre 
                    Determinations for the Regions With Complex 
                    Geological Structure: *E V Sasorova
   0830h   SB41F-17 POSTER  Finite Difference Simulations of 
                    Trapped Waves in Irregular 3D Fault Zone 
                    Structures: *P C Leary
   0830h   SB41F-18 POSTER  Investigation of the East Carpathian 
                    Crust Structure Using the Solution of 
                    Direct-Inverse Dynamic Problem of Seismology: 
                    *G P Starodub, T B Brych, A R Gnyp

SB41G  EC:Arena  Thurs  0830h
S15  Dynamics of the Subduction Process - Posters
Presiding: R Wortel, Univ of Utrecht

   0830h   SB41G-01 POSTER  A Possibility of the 1992 Boso-Oki 
                    Large Silent Earthquake: Y Asai, I Kawasaki, 
                    Y Tamura, Y Okada, S Sakata, T Sagiya, N 
   0830h   SB41G-02 POSTER  Imaging the Deep Structure of the 
                    Southern Tyrrhenian Subduction Zone: *C  
                    Chiarabba, A Amato, G B Cimini, A Frepoli, G 
   0830h   SB41G-03 POSTER  Depth Variation of Seismic Activity, 
                    Energy, and b-value in Mexico and Central 
                    America, Ecuador and Northern Peru, South 
                    America: *C Christova
   0830h   SB41G-04 POSTER  Three-Dimensional P-Wave Velocity 
                    Structure of the Upper Mantle Beneath Costa 
                    Rica From Teleseismic Tomography: *G B Cimini, 
                    D  Colombo
   0830h   SB41G-05 POSTER  Tomographic Inversion of Local 
                    Earthquake Data for the Central Costa Rica: 
                    Implications for Volcanic Structures: *D  
                    Colombo, R de Franco, B  Bigioggero, S  
                    Chiesa, I  Boschini
   0830h   SB41G-06 POSTER  Seismotectonic Study of Valle 
                    Central, Costa Rica, From Integrated 
                    Analysis of Seismic Tomography and 
                    Seismological Data: *R de Franco, D  Colombo
   0830h   SB41G-07 POSTER  Laboratory Experiments of Subduction: 
                    *C  Faccenna, R  Funiciello, P  Davy
   0830h   SB41G-08 POSTER  The March 7, 1992 M~Kw~L = 6.5 
                    Naranjo, Costa Rica Earthquake: Evidence for 
                    Segmentation Within the Subducted Cocos Plate: 
                    *F Guendel, M Protti
   0830h   SB41G-09 POSTER  Seismic Tomography and Its Tectonic 
                    Implications in the Aegean Region: *H 
                    Sadi Kuleli, M Nafi Toksoz
   0830h   SB41G-10 POSTER  Imaging of 3-Dimensional Structure 
                    of the Subduction Zone, Central New Zealand: 
                    X Luo, J Taber, J Ansell
   0830h   SB41G-11 POSTER  A Numerical Model of the Orogenic 
                    Process of a Subducted Lithosphere: *H J 
                    Neugebauer, G  Gottschalk
   0830h   SB41G-12 POSTER  Simulation on the Stress State of 
                    the Subducting Slab: J Ning, S X Zang
   0830h   SB41G-13 POSTER  Relocation of Events in the Cook 
                    Inlet Area, South-Central Alaska, With the 
                    Joint Hypocenter Determination Method: *N A 
                    Ratchkovsky, J Pujol, N N Biswas
   0830h   SB41G-14 POSTER  Experimental Study on Dynamical 
                    Mechanism of Subduction Process: *J Z Shan
   0830h   SB41G-15 POSTER  Mantle Flow, Velocity of Overriding 
                    Plate, and the Angle of Subduction: *V  
                    Trubitsyn, V  Rykov
   0830h   SB41G-16 POSTER  A Mode of Subduction Process in the 
                    Eastern Mediterranean Region: I M Korrat, *E M 
                    Ibrahim, R M Shrief, K M Abou Elenean

SB41H  JILA:Auditorium  Thurs  0930h
S15  Dynamics of the Subduction Process
Presiding: R Wortel, Univ of Utrecht

   0930h   SB41H-01 The Rupture Properties and Physical 
                    Mechanism of Large Deep-Focus Earthquakes: 
                    *P G Silver, S Beck, C Meade, T Wallace, S 
                    Myers, D James
   0945h   SB41H-02 The Kinetics of the Olivine to Spinel 
                    Transformation: The Effect of Plastic Strain: 
                    *P C Burnley, I C Getting
   1000h   Break
   1030h   SB41H-03 The March 9, 1994 Tonga Deep Earthquake: 
                    Rupture and Aftershocks Outside the 
                    Seismically Active Slab: *D A Wiens, J J 
                    McGuire, P J Shore, M G Bevis
   1045h   SB41H-04 Coupling of Tectonic Loading and Earthquake 
                    Fault Slips at Subduction Zones: *K  Wang
   1100h   SB41H-05 A Hypothesis for Generation Mechanism of 
                    1994 South Kuril Earthquake (M8.1): 
                    Importance of Submarine Tectonic Structure 
                    as Seismic Block Boundary: J Kasahara, T Sato, 
                    K Mochizuki
   1115h   SB41H-06 Geometry and Width of the Interplate Coupled 
                    Zone in the Acapulco Region of the Mexican 
                    Subduction Thrust: *S K Singh, J F Pacheco, 
                    J  Dominguez
   1130h   SB41H-07 A Scattered-Wave Image of Subduction Beneath 
                    the Transverse Ranges, California: *J 
   1145h   SB41H-08 410-km Discontinuity Depths Near Subduction 
                    Zones From Stacking of sS and sP Precursors: 
                    *M P Flanagan, P M Shearer

SB41I  EC:Arena  Thurs  0830h
SW16  Database of 3-D Structure of Lithosphere and Asthenosphere 
- Posters (joint  with ILP)
Presiding: J F Cardenas, CICESE

   0830h   SB41I-01 POSTER  Task Group II-4 of the International 
                    Lithosphere Program, "Three-Dimensional 
                    Modelling of the Earth's Lithosphere and 
                    Asthenosphere": W J Mao, F Schwab, *A Ram
   0830h   SB41I-02 POSTER  Three-Dimensional Maps of the 
                    Earth's Structure: F Schwab, R Mehlman, J 
                    Frez Cardenas, J Acosta Chang, J 
                    Carlos Villegas, *M Radulian, L Ardeleanu
   0830h   SB41I-03 POSTER  Interdisciplinary 3-D Mapping 
                    Procedures: F Schwab, *J S Zhu
   0830h   SB41I-04 POSTER  Procedures for Improving the 3-D 
                    Maps; Design of the Project's Standard 
                    Hardware System for the Task Group's Local 
                    Centers: *R Mehlman, F Schwab
   0830h   SB41I-05 POSTER  Database of 3-D Structure Beneath 
                    the Arctic and the Northwestern Atlantic 
                    Ocean: *J Frez Cardenas, J Acosta Chang
   0830h   SB41I-06 POSTER  The Task Group's Initial, IDNDR 
                    Pilot Project: Studies of the Structure and 
                    Tectonics of Northern Baja California as a 
                    Basic Investigation for the Calculation of 
                    Synthetic Accelerograms: *J Frez Cardenas
   0830h   SB41I-07 POSTER  Database of 3-D Structure Beneath 
                    the Kamchatka Peninsula and Its Environs: M 
                    Radulian, *L Ardeleanu
   0830h   SB41I-08 POSTER  Accurate Determination of the 
                    Undulation of the Earth's Surface for the 
                    Structural Database in Asia: *H T Hsu
   0830h   SB41I-09 POSTER  Database of 3-D Structure Beneath 
                    China, Mongolia, and the Southern and 
                    Eastern Seas That Border China: *J S Zhu, R M 
   0830h   SB41I-10 POSTER  Inversion for 3-D Density Structure 
                    in Asia by Combining 3-D Seismic Tomography 
                    Data in the Lithosphere With Terrestrial 
                    Gravity Data: *H T Hsu, J Fang
   0830h   SB41I-11 POSTER  Database of 3-D Structure Beneath 
                    India and the Surrounding Coastal Waters: A 
                    Progress Report: *A Ram
   0830h   SB41I-12 POSTER  The 3-D Mapping of the Upper Mantle 
                    - Constraints in Developing Countries: *R P 
   0830h   SB41I-13 POSTER  3-D Mapping of High Density 
                    Underplate Crust Under Aravalli and Satpura 
                    Mountain Ranges (India): *D C Mishra, B Singh, 
                    V M Tewari
   0830h   SB41I-14 POSTER  Database of 3-D Structure Beneath 
                    Europe and the Mediterranean Sea: Z J Du, *A 
                    Michelini, G F Panza
   0830h   SB41I-15 POSTER  Estimation of Seismic Ground Motion 
                    in Beijing by Using a Hybrid Method: *R Sun, 
                    F Vaccari, F Marrara, G F Panza
   0830h   SB41I-16 POSTER  Pilot Projects for the IDNDR: 
                    Initial Microzoning of Benevento and Rome: *P 
                    Suhadolc, F Vaccari, G Costa, G F Panza
   0830h   SB41I-17 POSTER  Earthquake Hazard in the Region of 
                    India: *K N Khattri
   0830h   SB41I-18 POSTER  Discussion of the Pilot Project on 
                    the Microzoning of Naples: *C Nunziata, G 
                    Luongo, F Vaccari, D Fah, G Costa, G F Panza

SB42A  MUENZ:E050  Thurs  1330h
SJS8  Modeling the Earth's Interior (joint  with G,SEDI,V)
Presiding: R O'Connell, Harvard Univ; G Masters, 
           Univ of California, SD

   1330h   SB42A-01 INVITED  Problems and Progress in the 
                    Determination of Core Motions: *A  Jackson
   1345h   SB42A-02 INVITED  The Radial Profile of Mantle 
                    Viscosity: Searching for a Consensus: *J X 
                    Mitrovica, J L Davis, J M Johansson
   1400h   SB42A-03 INVITED  Deep Earth Velocity Models: *D V 
                    Helmberger, E J Garnero, X D Song
   1415h   SB42A-04 Mantle Shear Wave Tomography and the Mode of 
                    Mantle Convection: *S P Grand
   1430h   SB42A-05 INVITED  Geodynamic Models of Mantle 
                    Heterogeneity: *Y  Ricard
   1445h   SB42A-06 Depth Dependent Viscosity and the Nature of 
                    3-Dimensional Spherical Mantle Convection: 
                    *H P Bunge, M A Richards, J R Baumgardner
   1500h   Break
   1530h   SB42A-07 Evolution of Oceanic Upper Mantle Structure: 
                    *Y S Zhang, T Lay
   1545h   SB42A-08 Constraints on Earth Parameters From 
                    Non-linear Inversion: *B L N Kennett
   1600h   SB42A-09 Global Crustal and Mantle Structure Inferred 
                    From Surface Wave and Other Data: *J H 
                    Woodhouse, J  Trampert
   1615h   SB42A-10 Broadband Observations of P'P' Precursors 
                    Under Africa: Evidence for Deep Mantle 
                    Reflectors: *Y Le Stunff, C W Wicks, B 
   1630h   SB42A-11 Normal Mode Constraints on Mantle Structure 
                    and Dynamics: *M H Ritzwoller, J  Wahr
   1645h   SB42A-12 Hybrid Models of Mantle Convection Based 
                    Upon Seismic Tomography: The Importance of 
                    the Heat Flow Constraint: *G Pari, W R 

SB42B  SRC:Room 3  Thurs  1330h
SJW2  Geophysical Data Challenges in the 21st Century (joint 
 with G,GA)
Presiding: G A Sobolev, RAS; C C Tscherning, Univ of Copenhagen

   1330h   SB42B-01 Data Center Operations Beyond 2000: *D M 
                    Sawyer, J R Thieman, G  Goucher, P  Sitaram
   1345h   SB42B-02 Data Challenges in Solar-Terrestrial Physics: 
                    *H W Kroehl
   1400h   SB42B-03 NSSDC Space Physics CD-ROMs Support New Data 
                    Analysis Modes: *J H King, N E Papitashvili, 
                    D Bilitza
   1415h   SB42B-04 Enabling Interuse Using Tool Independent 
                    Data: The Pathfinder Climate Data Collection: 
                    *R E Habermann, P J Hayes
   1430h   SB42B-05 The EOSDIS Information Management System 
                    (IMS): *R  Pfister, M  Moore
   1445h   SB42B-06 A Seismic Data Retrieval System: *J Coyne, P 
                    Firbas, I Henson
   1500h   Break
   1530h   SB42B-07 Quality Control of Automatically Scaled 
                    Vertical Incidence Ionogram Data: *R O 
                    Conkright, L F McNamara
   1545h   SB42B-08 Access Issues for a Large Geophysical 
                    Database: *K  Searight
   1600h   SB42B-09 Electronic Publishing in Geophysics: *V A 
                    Nechitailenko, J R Sears
   1615h   SB42B-10 Distributed Active Archive Center (DAAC) at 
                    NSIDC, Participation in the EOSDIS Version 0 
                    Operational Prototype: *V Troisi, R G Barry, 
                    R L Weaver
   1630h   SB42B-11 Usability Testing of the EOSDIS Core System 
                    Interface: *J M P Day
   1645h   SB42B-12 Perspectives of Russian Heliogeophysical 
                    Service Development on the Eve of XXI Century: 
                    S I Avdyushin, A D Danilov, S G Frolov, A B 
                    Malyshev, Y A Romanovsky, *G F Tulinov, A Y 

SB42C  RAMAL:C250  Thurs  1330h
S14  Methods and Interpretations of 2D and 3D Earth Structure
 (joint  with SEG)
Presiding: C J Thomson, Queen's Univ; M H Weber, Gottingen Univ

   1330h   SB42C-01 A Generalized Fourier Pseudospectral Method 
                    and Its Application to 3-D Seismic Wavefield 
                    Synthesis: *J L Orrey
   1345h   SB42C-02 Modeling Scattering From Surface Topography 
                    by 3D Finite Differences: *B O Ruud, S  
   1400h   SB42C-03 An Elastic Complex-Screen Method and Its 
                    Applications for Modeling Wave Propagation 
                    in 3D Heterogeneous Media: *X B Xie, R S Wu
   1415h   SB42C-04 Finite Difference Simulation of Wave 
                    Propagation in a Heterogeneous Spherical 
                    Earth: *H Igel, M Weber
   1430h   SB42C-05 Modeling of SH-Wave Propagation in the Earth: 
                    *E  Chaljub, A  Tarantola, P  Shearer
   1445h   SB42C-06 D" Scattering Slab Waveform Effects: Two 
                    Studies Using Hybrid Computational Tools: *V F 
   1500h   Break
   1530h   SB42C-07 Rays, Travel Times, and Fresnel Zones From 
                    Ray Perturbation Theory: *J  Pulliam, R  
   1545h   SB42C-08 Fractal Model for the Power Law Decay of 
                    Seismic Wave Amplitudes and the Uniform 
                    Distribution of Coda Energy: *H Sato
   1600h   SB42C-09 The Double Beam Method (DBM): A New Tool in 
                    Global Seismology: *F  Scherbaum, F  Krueger, 
                    M  Weber, J  Schlittenhardt
   1615h   SB42C-10 Why One Can Use Ray Theory in Seismology: A 
                    Justification Based on a New Averaging 
                    Theorem: *R K Snieder, A J Lomax
   1630h   SB42C-11 Amplification and Differential Motion Due to 
                    a 2D Resonance in the Sediment Valleys 
                    Embedded in a Heterogeneous Medium: *P Moczo, 
                    P Labak, F Hron
   1645h   SB42C-12 The Effect of Near-Receiver Scattering on 
                    Seismograms: *L R Johnson, V A Korneev

SB42D  JILA:Auditorium  Thurs  1330h
S15  Dynamics of the Subduction Process
Presiding: R Wortel, Univ of Utrecht

   1330h   SB42D-01 Modeling Slab Structure With Shear Wave 
                    Travel Time and Amplitude Residual Spheres: 
                    *K  Eckhardt, T  Lay
   1345h   SB42D-02 Shear-Wave Propagation in 3D Anisotropic 
                    Subduction Zones: *G  Rumpker, C J Thomson, 
                    J M Kendall
   1400h   SB42D-03 Evolution of Subduction Zones in a Dynamic 
                    Mantle: *D Olbertz, M J R Wortel, U Hansen
   1415h   SB42D-04 The India-Asia Collision and the Fate of the 
                    Lost Lithosphere: *S D Willett
   1430h   SB42D-05 3-D Velocity Image of the Lithosphere 
                    Beneath Indo-Burmese Convergence Zone: D 
                    Srinagesh, *S S Rai, K Suryaprakasam, R K 
                    Chadha, K N S Reddy, P Rajagopalasarma, Y 
   1445h   SB42D-06 Surface Topographic Slopes and Seismicity in 
                    the Himalayan Thrust Belt: D Guptasarma, *S P 
   1500h   Break
   1530h   SB42D-07 Negative Buoyancy of Subducting Slab and Its 
                    Variation: S X Zang, J Ning
   1545h   SB42D-08 Numerical Models of Tyrrhenian Subduction: C  
                    Giunchi, *R  Sabadini, E  Boschi, P  
   1600h   SB42D-09 Slab Breakoff - Fate of Oceanic Lithosphere 
                    During Continental Collision, and Potential 
                    Constraint on Slab Rheology: *J H Davies, F 
                    von Blanckenburg
   1615h   SB42D-10 Stress Field in the Deep Seismically Active 
                    Structures of the Aegean Region: *C Christova
   1630h   SB42D-11 3D Distribution of Seismicity for Intra- and 
                    Inter-plate Subduction Zones: Vrancea Region 
                    and Cocos-Caribes Subduction: C  Trifu, V  
   1645h   SB42D-12 Deep Earthquakes Recorded at Deception and 
                    Livingston Islands (Antarctica) - Possible 
                    Connection With the South Shetlands 
                    Subduction Zone: *J M Ibanez, J Morales, R 
                    Ortiz, I Blanco, R del Rey

SB51A  EC:Arena  Fri  0830h
SW11  Deja Q: Anelasticity of the Earth's Deep Interior - Posters
 (joint  with SEDI)
Presiding: M H Ritzwoller, Univ of Colorado, Boulder; B 
           Romanowicz, Univ of California, Berkeley

   0830h   SB51A-01 POSTER  Attenuation Structure of the Tonga 
                    Subduction Zone Measured From Teleseismic 
                    Broadband P and S Waveforms: Observations of 
                    Frequency Dependent Q: *M P Flanagan
   0830h   SB51A-02 POSTER  Constraints on Q at Long Periods 
                    From Earth's Rotation: Y S Nam, *S R Dickman
   0830h   SB51A-03 POSTER  Interpretation of t* Estimates at 
                    Frequencies Above 1 Hz From 
                    Globally-Distributed Earthquakes and 
                    Explosions: D S Sharrock, *I G Main, A  
   0830h   SB51A-04 INVITED  POSTER  Attenuation Structure 
                    Beneath the Northeastern Japan Arc From 
                    Broad-Band Seismograms: *T Takanami, I S 

SB51B  MUENZ:E050  Fri  0830h
SW11  Deja Q: Anelasticity of the Earth's Deep Interior (joint 
 with SEDI)
Presiding: M H Ritzwoller, Univ of Colorado, Boulder; B 
           Romanowicz, Univ of California, Berkeley

   0830h   SB51B-01 INVITED  Mechanisms of Attenuation of 
                    Seismic Waves in the Mantle: *R J O'Connell
   0845h   SB51B-02 INVITED  Progress in Experimental Studies of 
                    the Viscoelasticity of Earth Materials: *I 
   0900h   SB51B-03 INVITED  Q: Its Mechanisms and Geophysical 
                    Implications: *S Karato
   0915h   SB51B-04 INVITED  Measurement of Shear Attenuation 
                    and Modulus in Mantle Minerals: *I C Getting, 
                    S J Dutton
   0930h   SB51B-05 INVITED  Seismic Models of the Earth's 
                    Radial Anelastic Structure: *J J Durek
   0945h   SB51B-06 Frequency Shift of Normal Modes of Laterally 
                    Heterogeneous Anelastic Earth: *S  Tsuboi
   1000h   Break
   1030h   SB51B-07 INVITED  3D Upper-Mantle Anelastic Structure: 
                    *B Romanowicz
   1045h   SB51B-08 Waveform Inversion in a 3D Anelastic Earth: 
                    E  Clevede, *P  Lognonne
   1100h   SB51B-09 How to Reconcile Reference Earth Models 
                    Derived From Body Waves and Normal Modes?: 
                    *J P Montagner, B Kennett
   1115h   SB51B-10 INVITED  Shear Wave Attenuation in the 
                    Mantle From Long-Period Body Waveforms: *J 
                    Bhattacharyya, G Masters, P Shearer
   1130h   SB51B-11 INVITED  Q Structure of the Fiji Plateau and 
                    Lau Backarc From Regional Broadband Waveforms: 
                    *D A Wiens, E G Roth, M P Flanagan, P J Shore
   1145h   SB51B-12 INVITED  Crustal Q~Kp~L and Q~Ks~L: 
                    Potential Indicators of Pore Fluid 
                    Saturation?: *J M Lees

SB51C  EC:Arena  Fri  0830h
SW12  GSHAP Related Advances in Seismic Hazard Assessment - 
Posters (joint  with ILP)
Presiding: P W Basham, Geological Survey of Canada

   0830h   SB51C-01 POSTER  Technological Aspects of Seismic 
                    Hazard Assessment: Integrated 
                    Geo-information Environment "ATTILA": *A V 
                    Eliutin, A E Beriozko
   0830h   SB51C-02 POSTER  GIS "ATTILA": Multifunctional 
                    Technological Platform for Seismic Hazard 
                    Assessment: *A V Eliutin, A E Beriozko

SB51D  JILA:Auditorium  Fri  0900h
SW12  GSHAP Related Advances in Seismic Hazard Assessment (joint 
 with ILP)
Presiding: P W Basham, Geological Survey of Canada

   0900h   SB51D-01 Joint Strategy in Earthquake Hazard 
                    Assessment: Application for Austria, 
                    Germany, and Switzerland: *G Gruenthal, D 
                    Mayer-Rosa, W Lenhardt
   0915h   SB51D-02 Aspects of Seismic Hazard Assessment for 
                    Northern Europe: *P  Mantyniemi
   0930h   SB51D-03 Seismic Hazard Assessment in Northern Eurasia: 
                    *V I Ulomov
   0945h   SB51D-04 Seismic Hazard in East and Southern Africa: 
                    *D J Hlatywayo, J A Abdalla, D Ghebretatios, 
                    I M Marobhi, S K Muchuku, D K Lombe, L 
                    Chapola, G Turyomurugyendo
   1000h   Break
   1030h   SB51D-05 Seismic Hazard in Central Southern Africa: 
                    *D J Hlatywayo
   1045h   SB51D-06 Results of Analysis of the Earthquake Data 
                    Base for the GSHAP Test Areas in the 
                    Vicinity of the Himalaya: *S P Satyabala, H K 
   1100h   SB51D-07 New Seismic Hazard Maps for Latin America 
                    and the Caribbean: J B Shepherd, J G Tanner
   1115h   SB51D-08 Spatio-temporal Variation of Seismic Energy 
                    and b-value in the Horn of Africa: *A A 
   1130h   SB51D-09 Characteristics of High Frequency Rayleigh 
                    Waves Generated by Near-Field Surface 
                    Explosions: *K J Fahmi, M A Al Salim

SB51E  EC:Arena  Fri  0830h
SW14  Seismic Noise-Stability and Change in Time and Space - 
Presiding: A A Ostrovsky, Inst of Oceanology; P Borman, 

   0830h   SB51E-01 POSTER  Characteristics of Seismic Noise in 
                    Different Geological Conditions on the 
                    Territory of Bulgaria: *T P Stoyanov
   0830h   SB51E-02 POSTER  The Peculiarities in the Dynamics of 
                    Seismogravitational Oscillations of the 
                    Earth and Their Connection With Seismic 
                    Activity: L N Petrova, *V V Karpinsky, P V 
                    Kryvoj, E G Orlov
   0830h   SB51E-03 POSTER  Variations of Connection Between 
                    High-Frequency Seismic Noise and Earth Tides: 
                    *V Saltykov, V Sinitsyn, V Chebrov
   0830h   SB51E-04 POSTER  Long-Period Seismic Noise Induced by 
                    Air Pressure Fluctuations: Analysis and 
                    Method of the Reduction: *Y O Starovoit, A A 
   0830h   SB51E-05 POSTER  Lunar-Solar Tidal Variations of 
                    Geoacoustic Noises in Boreholes and 
                    Geodynamic Activity of the Earth's Crust: B P 
                    Diakonov, N G Issakova, *A K Troyanov
   0830h   SB51E-06 POSTER  Appearance of Geological Structures 
                    in Microseismic Field: *A V Gorbatikov, A V 
                    Kalinana, V L Barabanov
   0830h   SB51E-07 POSTER  On the Parametric Phenomena in 
                    Geophysical Medium: *A P Iakovlev, O V 
   0830h   SB51E-08 POSTER  Seismic Noise Spectra at Some 
                    Stations in India: *H N Srivastava

SB51F  SRC:Room 3  Fri  0830h
SW14  Seismic Noise-Stability and Change in Time and Space
Presiding: A A Ostrovsky, Inst of Oceanology; E Hjortenberg, 
           Geodetic Seismic Division

   0830h   SB51F-01 Using Ambient Noise to Estimate Earthquake 
                    Site Response: An Update: *E H Field
   0845h   SB51F-02 Noise Measurements and Analyses for Optimal 
                    Site Selection and Assessment of Seismic 
                    Site Quality: *P Bormann, K Wylegalla
   0900h   SB51F-03 The Effects of the Atmospheric Pressure 
                    Changes on Seismometers: A Matter of 
                    Installation: *R Beauduin, P  Lognonne, S  
                    Cacho, J P Montagner, J F Karczewski, M  
   0915h   SB51F-04 Simulation of Seismic Noise Due to 
                    Atmospheric Disturbances: *J B Davies, C B 
                    Archambeau, J Orrey
   0930h   SB51F-05 Analysis of Seismic Noise From a Global 
                    Network: *R G North
   0945h   SB51F-06 Slow Variations of the Ocean Bottom Seismic 
                    Noise Level: *A A Ostrovsky
   1000h   Break
   1030h   SB51F-07 Site Response From Ambient Noise: New 
                    Insights From an Array Study in Central Italy: 
                    *S  Barba, E Del Pezzo, G Milana, E 
   1045h   SB51F-08 Spectral Structure in the Earth's Seismic 
                    Background Between 20 and 40 Seconds: *L G 

SB51G  EC:Arena  Fri  0830h
SW15  Statistical Characteristics of Earth Heterogeneity - 
Posters (joint  with SEG)
Presiding: O Gudmundsson, Australian National Univ

   0830h   SB51G-01 POSTER  Space and Time Seismicity Patterns 
                    Related to the Tectonical Structure of the 
                    Vrancea Region, Romania: *L  Ardeleanu
   0830h   SB51G-02 POSTER  Multifractal Approach to Study of 
                    Clustering Properties: E M Blanter, *M G 
   0830h   SB51G-03 POSTER  Estimation of Heterogeneities 
                    Statistical Characteristics Based on Method 
                    of Incomplete Data Matrix Analysis: L T 
                    Hyvonen, *I A Sanina, N V Buchstaber
   0830h   SB51G-04 POSTER  The Signs of Self-Organization in 
                    the Structure and the Evolution of 
                    Continental Mobile Belts: *V N Sholpo
   0830h   SB51G-05 POSTER  Simulating Crustal Basin and Range 
                    Seismic Data: Effects of Stochastic Velocity 
                    Heterogeneity on the Wavefield: S P Larkin, A 
   0830h   SB51G-06 POSTER  Statistical Analysis of Sedimentary 
                    Basin Structure by Logging Data: Case Study 
                    on the Rakvere Phosphorite Deposit in Estonia: 
                    *A  Shogenova
   0830h   SB51G-07 POSTER  Relation Between the Parameters of 
                    Self-similarity of the Seismic Process: V B 
                    Smirnov, A V Ponomarev, *A D Zavyalov
   0830h   SB51G-08 POSTER  Application of Statistical Analysis 
                    to Focal Mechanism Samples: *S G Tyuleneva

SB51H  RAMAL:C 250  Fri  0830h
SW15  Statistical Characteristics of Earth Heterogeneity (joint 
 with SEG)
Presiding: K Holliger, ETH Honggergerg; R S Wu, 
           Univ of California, Santa Cruz

   0830h   INTRODUCTION: O Gudmundsson,Australian National Univ
   0832h   SB51H-01 Stochastic Models for the Earth's Crust: *A 
                    Levander, J A Goff, K Holliger, R W Hobbs, 
                    S P Larkin
   0846h   SB51H-02 Direct Observation of Statistical 
                    Characteristics of Crustal Heterogeneities 
                    Using Well-Log Records: *R S Wu
   0900h   SB51H-03 Elastic Wave Propagation in Finely 
                    Stratified Media: Theory and Application: *D J 
                    Foster, C S Yin, D W Eaton
   0915h   SB51H-04 Power Law Spectra of Well-Log Data in Japan: 
                    *H Sato, K Shiomi
   0930h   SB51H-05 Simulated Envelopes of Anisotropically 
                    Scattered Waves as Compared to Observed 
                    Ones: New Evidence for Fractal Heterogeneity: 
                    *A A Gusev, I R Abubakirov
   0945h   SB51H-06 Characterization of the Crustal Heterogeneity: 
                    *R Gritto, B Kaelin, L R Johnson
   1000h   Break
   1030h   SB51H-07 Statistical Approach to Interpretation of 
                    Seismic Reflection Data: *C A Hurich
   1045h   SB51H-08 Structure of the Upper Crystalline Crust 
                    From Sonic Logs and Implications for Seismic 
                    Scattering and Attenuation: *K Holliger, B 
                    Milkereit, A G Green
   1100h   SB51H-09 Scattering of P Waves and Velocity 
                    Heterogeneity of the Uppermost Lithosphere: 
                    M V Nevskiy, *O Y Riznichenko
   1115h   SB51H-10 The Nature of Small Scale Earth Structure: 
                    *M L Passier, R K Snieder
   1130h   SB51H-11 On the Power Spectrum of Mantle Heterogeneity: 
                    *O Gudmundsson
   1145h   SB51H-12 Rank Statistics, Zipf Law, and Geo-sciences 

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