UA11A  CHEM:140  Mon  1030h
U1  Human Impact and the Earth's Environment: 21st Century
Presiding: R Bilham, Univ. of Colorado - Boulder; A Nikolaev, 
           Inst. Physics of the Earth

   1030h   UA11A-01 INVITED  Unpleasant Surprises in the 
                    Greenhouse: *W S Broecker
   1050h   UA11A-02 Future Changes in Sea Level: *N A Morner
   1110h   UA11A-03 Sahel Drought: An Analysis of Human and 
                    Natural Factors: *S E Nicholson
   1130h   UA11A-04 Human Impact and Regional Environmental 
                    Changes in Northern Bangladesh: *M A Miah, 
                    M A Samad

UA11B  EC:Arena  Mon  0830h
U1 Human Impact and the Earth's Environment - Posters
Presiding: R Bilham, Univ. of Colorado - Boulder; A Nikolaev, 
           Inst. Physics of the Earth

   0830h   UA11B-01 POSTER  Proposed Environmental Management 
                    System for the Southern Africa Development 
                    Community: *U Aswathanarayana
   0830h   UA11B-02 POSTER  The Model of the Thermodynamically 
                    Open Earth-Atmosphere System as an Essential 
                    Part of the Conception of Sustainable 
                    Development: *S F Timashev
   0830h   UA11B-03 POSTER  Study on the Seismic Activity 
                    Induced by Underground Nuclear Explosions: 
                    The State-of-the-Art and Problems: Z L Wu, 
                    Y T Chen
   0830h   UA11B-04 POSTER  Active Faulting and Environment: V A 
                    Rudnik, *V G Trifonov
   0830h   UA11B-05 POSTER  Inducing of Weak Seismicity by 
                    Distant Industrial Explosions: *M V Nevskiy, 
                    O Y Riznichenko, A M Artamonov
   0830h   UA11B-06 POSTER  Triggering of Large Earthquakes by 
                    Underground Nuclear Explosions - Statistical 
                    Methods of Detection, Possible Mechanism, 
                    and Application: *A G Prozorov
   0830h   UA11B-07 POSTER  Ecology of Kamchatka: Looking to the 
                    21st Century: *A I Baikov, V D Dmitriev, Y M 
                    Stefanov, G A Karpov
   0830h   UA11B-08 POSTER  Volcanoes and Human Activity: Impact 
                    on the Earth's Environment - Looking to the 
                    21st Century: *G A Karpov, A I Baikov, Y M 
   0830h   UA11B-09 POSTER  Forecast of Consequences of 
                    Deep-Water Manganese Nodule Mining in the 
                    Eastern Preequatorial Pacific Based on the 
                    Benthic Flow Regime: T A Demidova, G N 
                    Baturin, E A Kontar
   0830h   UA11B-10 POSTER  The Middle Atmosphere as a High 
                    Sensitive Indicator of the Global Change of 
                    the Biosphere: G V Givishvili, N P Sergeenko, 
                    E V Lysenko, *S P Perov, A I Semenov, N N 
   0830h   UA11B-11 POSTER  The Cosmo-Physical and the Emotional 
                    Orientation of a Human Being: *O D Volchek, 
                    L N Petrova
   0830h   UA11B-12 POSTER  The Hazardous Phenomenons Are Not of 
                    Hazar, but They Are Astronomical "Nearly 
                    Periods": *R G Rodriguez

UA12A  CHEM:140  Mon  1330h
U1  Human Impact and the Earth's Environment: 21st Century
Presiding: R Bilham, Univ. of Colorado, Boulder; A Nikolaev, 
           Inst. of Physics of the Earth

   1330h   UA12A-01 Arecibo Balmer-Alpha and Radar Observations 
                    of Global Change in Exosphere: *X H He, B B 
   1350h   UA12A-02 Supersonic Aircraft Emission Signals in 
                    Satellite and GCMAM Microwave Maps: *K Shah, 
                    D Rind
   1410h   UA12A-03 Global Earthquake Fatalities in the Next 
                    Century: A Grim Start to the 3rd Millenium: *R 
   1430h   UA12A-04 Natural Disasters - Is the Worst Yet to Come?: 
                    *S P Nishenko, M Giardino, M Chiarle, C C 
   1450h   Break
   1520h   UA12A-05 Consequences of a Reversal in the Earth's 
                    Dipole Moment and Possible Effects on Man 
                    and His Environment: *R L McPherron
   1540h   UA12A-06 On the Problem of Cosmogenic Disasters and 
                    Its Obviation in Third Millennium: *A S 
                    Alexeev, V E Petrenko
   1600h   UA12A-07 Technogenic Impact on the Lithosphere: *A V 
   1640h   Discussion

UA21A  CHEM:140  Tues  0830h
UL1  Union Lecture 1 - S. Solomon
Presiding: H Moritz, Graz Univ of Tech

   0830h   UA21A-01 INVITED  Ozone Depletion: Global Changes: *S 

UA21B  CHEM:140  Tues  0945h
U2  Migration of Chemical Elements in the Earth's System I
Presiding: P Gasparini, Univ di Napoli

   0945h   Discussion
   1000h   UA21B-01 INVITED  Ocean-Atmosphere Interaction in the 
                    First Billion Years: *G Arrhenius, S Mojzsis
   1025h   UA21B-02 INVITED  Geochemical Evidence of Continental 
                    Crust Recycling: The Magmatism of Central 
                    Italy as a Case History: *G Serri
   1050h   UA21B-03 Timescales, Pathways, and Processes of 
                    Element Transfer in Subduction Zones: 
                    Constraints From Short-Lived Isotopes: *J 

UA22A  CHEM:140  Tues  1330h
U2  Migration of Chemical Elements in the Earth's System II
Presiding: N Peters, USEGS, Atlanta

   1330h   UA22A-01 Geochemical Tracers for the Deep-Ocean 
                    Circulation: *H Craig
   1355h   UA22A-02 Bomb Radiocarbon Penetration Into the 
                    Atlantic Ocean: W S Broecker, T H Peng, J 
                    Severinghaus, I Hajdas
   1420h   UA22A-03 The Global Budget of Bomb Radiocarbon: P B 
                    Duffy, J Amthor, K Caldeira, P Connell, D E 
                    Kinnison, J Southon, D Wuebbles
   1455h   Break
   1510h   UA22A-04 General Circulation Model Studies of the 
                    Global Distribution of Atmospheric Tracers: *C 
                    Genthon, A Armengaud
   1535h   UA22A-05 New (1995) Version of the Atmospheric 
                    Lower-Layer Diagnostic System (SDA) for 
                    Pollution Transfer Modeling: *K G Rubinstein, 
                    A Frolov, A Vajnik, E Astakhova, I Rosinkina, 
                    D Kiktev, J Alferov
   1600h   UA22A-06 Anthropogenic Influences on the Riverine 
                    Component of Global Elemental Cycles: *M 
   1625h   UA22A-07 ~L129~KIodine as an Indicator of Terrestrial 
                    Organic Carbon in Recent Marine Sediments: 
                    *J E Moran, D R Schink, P H Santschi, U Fehn, 
                    R T D Teng

UA31A  EC:Arena  Wed  0830h
U3  The Hidden Earth Revealed From Space - Posters
Presiding: J O Dickey, JPL/Caltech

   0830h   UA31A-01 INVITED  POSTER  Climatology From Space: *G 
   0830h   UA31A-02 INVITED  POSTER  A Comparison of Synthetic 
                    Aperture Radar Data From the ERS-1 and 
                    JERS-1 Instruments Over Alaskan Terrain: *J F 
                    Conner, A L La Belle-Hamer, G  Reynolds
   0830h   UA31A-03 INVITED  POSTER  Mapping the East African 
                    Rift System Using Remote Sensing Imagery: *D J 
                    Hutt, R W Girdler, J R Heirtzler, J J Frawley
   0830h   UA31A-04 INVITED  POSTER  Hyperspectral Remote 
                    Sensing Geology: The Case of the Ronda 
                    Massif (Spain) Lithology: *S Chabrillat, P C 
                    Pinet, G Ceuleneer, P E Johnson
   0830h   UA31A-05 INVITED  POSTER  Hidden Sea Floor Topography 
                    Revealed by Satellite Altimetry: *W H F Smith, 
                    D T Sandwell
   0830h   UA31A-06 INVITED  POSTER  Long Straight Tectonic 
                    Faults in the Oceans Revealed by Satellite 
                    Altimetry: *L  Fleitout, M P Doin
   0830h   UA31A-07 INVITED  POSTER  Mapping Antarctic Ice 
                    Streams From Satellite Radar Altimeter Data: 
                    U C Herzfeld, C Higginson, H Mayer, M Matassa
   0830h   UA31A-08 INVITED  POSTER  Observability of Inner Core 
                    Parameters With Nutation Observations: *T  
   0830h   UA31A-09 INVITED  POSTER  Facilitating the 
                    Calibration of the Earth Observing System 
                    (EOS) AM-1 Sensor Data Using Tools of the 
                    EOSDIS Core System (ECS): *D W Case, K J 
                    Thome, P N Slater
   0830h   UA31A-10 INVITED  POSTER  The Optical Transient 
                    Detector: First Results: *S J Goodman, H J 
                    Christian, R J Blakeslee, W J Koshak, D M 
                    Mach, W L Boeck

UA31B  CHEM:140  Wed  0830h
U3  The Hidden Earth Revealed From Space
Presiding: J O Dickey, JPL/Caltech; J Dozier, 
           Univ of California, SB

   0830h   UA31B-01 INVITED  The Middle Atmosphere Revealed From 
                    Space/UARS Results: *M R Schoeberl
   0900h   UA31B-02 INVITED  The Hidden Earth Revealed From 
                    Space - The ERS-1 Satellite: *D T 
   0930h   UA31B-03 INVITED  Global Ocean Circulation Revealed 
                    From TOPEX/POSEIDON: *L L Fu
   1000h   Break
   1030h   UA31B-04 INVITED  Water and Global Change: *E J Barron
   1100h   UA31B-05 INVITED  Monitoring Ice-Sheet Behavior From 
                    Space: *R A Bindschadler
   1130h   UA31B-06 INVITED  Global Space Geodesy: A New Look at 
                    Active Tectonics: *J B H Minster

UA32A  CHEM:140  Wed  1330h
U3  The Hidden Earth Revealed from Space
Presiding: P Mouginis-Mark, Univ of Hawaii, Manao; J O Dickey, 

   1330h   UA32A-01 INVITED  SAR Interferometry and Its 
                    Application to Tectonics: *D Massonnet
   1400h   UA32A-02 INVITED  Radar Interferometry Studies of 
                    Volcanoes and Volcanic Hazards: *P J 
   1420h   UA32A-03 INVITED  Styles of Volcanism in the Central 
                    Andes Revealed by the Landsat and JERS-1 
                    Sensors: *P W Francis
   1440h   UA32A-04 INVITED  Real-Time Detection of Volcanic 
                    Eruption Clouds With Spaceborne and Airborne 
                    Remote Sensing Systems: *A J Prata
   1500h   Break
   1530h   UA32A-05 INVITED  The Earth Gravity Field and 
                    Lithosphere and Mantle Structure: *A Cazenave
   1600h   UA32A-06 INVITED  What Has Been Learned About the 
                    Earth From Space-Based Measurements of 
                    Nutations, Tides, and Variations in the 
                    Earth's Rotation?: *J  Wahr
   1630h   UA32A-07 INVITED  Studies of the Fluid Motions in the 
                    Earth's Core as Revealed by Space-Borne 
                    Observations: *J L Le Mouel

UA41A  CHEM:140  Thurs  0830h
UL2  Union Lecture 2 - W.R. Peltier
Presiding: H Moritz, Graz Univ of Tech

   0830h   UA41A-01 INVITED  Dynamic Complexity in Three 
                    Geophysical Fluids: *W R Peltier

UA41B  CHEM:140  Thurs  1020h
U4  Dynamic Complexity I
Presiding: R W Peltier, Univ of Toronto

   1020h   UA41B-01 INVITED  On Layerwise-Two-Dimensional 
                    Turbulence, Chlorofluorocarbons, 
                    Stratospheric Pumping, and the Sun's Interior: 
                    *M E McIntyre
   1045h   UA41B-02 Transport and Chemistry in the Lower Polar 
                    Stratosphere: *B  Legras, S  Edouard, A  
   1110h   UA41B-03 INVITED  Chaotic Mixing and the Atmospheric 
                    Water Vapor Distribution: *R T Pierrehumbert
   1135h   UA41B-04 Coherent Structures in 3D Quasi-geostrophic 
                    Turbulence on the Beta Plane: *J B Weiss, J C 
                    McWilliams, I  Yavneh

UA42A  CHEM:140  Thurs  1330h
U4  Dynamic Complexity II
Presiding: R W Peltier, Univ of Toronto

   1330h   UA42A-01 INVITED  Coherent Structures in Several 
                    Regimes of Turbulence: Balanced Flows, 
                    Rotating Convection, and Magnetohydrodynamics: 
                    *J C McWilliams
   1350h   UA42A-02 INVITED  The Phenomenology of Vortices and 
                    Jets in Freely-Evolving Shallow-Water 
                    Turbulent Flows: *L M Polvani
   1410h   UA42A-03 INVITED  A Rich Variety of Phenomena From 
                    New Eddy-Resolving Global Ocean Simulations: 
                    *A J Semtner
   1430h   UA42A-04 INVITED  The Role of Thermohaline 
                    Circulation in Climate: Modeling Study: *S 
                    Manabe, R J Stouffer
   1450h   Break
   1520h   UA42A-05 INVITED  Nonlinear Convection Driven 
                    Geodynamo Models: *C A Jones
   1540h   UA42A-06 INVITED  The Geodynamo as a Dynamical 
                    System: Symmetries, Oscillations, and 
                    Reversals: *M R Proctor
   1600h   UA42A-07 A Nonlinear Mantle Convection Model 
                    Incorporating a Crust of Variable Thickness: 
                    K Zhang, F H Busse
   1620h   UA42A-08 INVITED  Mantle Convection and Isotopic 
                    Heterogeneity: *U R Christensen, A W Hofmann
   1640h   UA42A-09 A Non-Linear Thermo-Diffusive-Sedimentary 
                    Convection System and Possible Applications 
                    in Geoscience: *H J Neugebauer, M Leu, G 

UA51A  EC:Arena  Fri  0830h
U4  Dynamic Complexity - Posters
Presiding: R W Peltier, Univ of Toronto

   0830h   UA51A-01 POSTER  Some Simple Reasoning About 
                    Atmospheric Variability: I Tschentscher, P 
   0830h   UA51A-02 POSTER  Structural and Dynamic Aspects of 
                    Monsoon-(EN)SO Coupling: P Carl, I 
   0830h   UA51A-03 POSTER  Evaluation of Dimensions and 
                    Predictability for Different Scales of the 
                    Atmospheric Circulation: J Jiang, J Chou
   0830h   UA51A-04 POSTER  Low Frequency Variability From a GCM: 
                    *A Hannachi, K Haines
   0830h   UA51A-05 POSTER  On Formulating Fidelity Schemes of 
                    Physical Conservation Laws and Improving 
                    Meteorological Circulation Spectral Models: *Q 
   0830h   UA51A-06 POSTER  Ensemble Forecasting in the Southern 
                    Hemisphere: Seven Case Studies: M S J 
                    Harrison, *W Jordaan
   0830h   UA51A-07 POSTER  Minimum Error Spectra for Fluid 
                    Systems From Quantum Uncertainty: *R M Jones
   0830h   UA51A-08 POSTER  Error Growth in a Red-Noise 
                    Atmosphere With Time-Dependent Forcing: J E 
                    Llebot, *P Sancho
   0830h   UA51A-09 POSTER  Evaluation of the Extended Entropy 
                    in Geophysical Fluids: P Sancho
   0830h   UA51A-10 POSTER  Order at the Edge of Chaos in 
                    Geophysics: *A E Scheidegger
   0830h   UA51A-11 POSTER  Flicker-Noise Spectroscopy as a 
                    Method of Analysis of Dynamic Phenomena in 
                    the Earth-Atmosphere System: *S F Timashev
   0830h   UA51A-12 POSTER  The Local Features and 
                    Predictability of the Chaotic System: *Z Li, 
                    L Ji
   0830h   UA51A-13 POSTER  Laboratory and Numerical Models of 
                    Constrained Quasi-2D Turbulence: S D Danilov, 
                    V A Dovzhenko, *F V Dolzhanskii, V A Krymov
   0830h   UA51A-14 POSTER  Hydrodynamical Clock: *S D Danilov, 
                    V A Dovzhenko, F V Dolzhanskii
   0830h   UA51A-15 POSTER  Understanding the Complexity of 
                    Earthquakes in the Perspective of Nonlinear 
                    Dynamics: From Phenomenological Analogy to 
                    Physical Formulation: Z L Wu, Y T Chen
   0830h   UA51A-16 POSTER  Effect of Solar Activities on the 
                    Ecosystem-Atmosphere Interaction: *X Zeng
   0830h   UA51A-17 POSTER  Heat Transport Properties of 
                    Stationary Convection: *J  Schmalzl, U  
                    Hansen, G A Houseman
   0830h   UA51A-18 POSTER  The Convective Models and 
                    Geotectonic Conception: *V N Sholpo
   0830h   UA51A-19 POSTER  The Role of the Hamilton Variational 
                    Principle for Telluric Currents, Geodynamo, 
                    Geomagnetic Reversals and Excursions, 
                    Vulcanism and Heat Flow, Magnetosphere of 
                    the Earth and of Jupiter, 
                    Magnetosphere/Ionosphere: *G P Gregori
   0830h   UA51A-20 POSTER  Fe-Ti Basalts of the Earth and the 
                    Moon as Evidence of Their Geterogenic 
                    Accumulation: *E V Sharkov
   0830h   UA51A-21 POSTER  New Applications of Deterministic 
                    Chaos in Geophysical Phenomena: An 
                    Integrated Approach: *H N Srivastava
   0830h   UA51A-22 POSTER  Shear Layer Modeling of High Speed 
                    Flows: *S Chandra

UA51B  CIRES:Auditorium  Fri  0830h
U4  Dynamic Complexity III
Presiding: R W Peltier, Univ of Toronto

   0830h   UA51B-01 Geometric Incompatibility in a Fault System: 
                    *A Gabrielov, V Keilis-Borok, D D Jackson
   0850h   UA51B-02 INVITED  Earthquake Complexities in 
                    Different Models of Single-Fault Systems: *Y 
   0910h   UA51B-03 Influence of External Forcing and Local 
                    Dissipation on the Earthquake 
                    Frequency-Magnitude Distribution: *I G Main
   0930h   UA51B-04 Slip Complexity in Dynamical Models of 
                    Earthquake Faults: *B E Shaw
   0950h   UA51B-05 A Seismicity Model With Determined Chaos: *Y S 
   1010h   Break
   1030h   UA51B-06 A New Method for Detecting Chaotic Dynamics 
                    in Time Series: An Application to the 
                    Analysis of Significant Wave Height Series: *M 
                    Alfonso, J C Nieto, M Moran, J M Rey, M E 
   1050h   UA51B-07 The Application of Lattice Gas Automaton 
                    Fluid Flow Models to Flow in Fractured Rock: 
                    *W J Dupree
   1110h   UA51B-08 Attractor Reconstruction and Prediction 
                    Using Neural Networks With Application to 
                    the El Nino Phenomenon and the Quaternary 
                    Glaciation Cycles: *B Grieger, M Latif
   1130h   UA51B-09 An Efficient Description of Atmospheric Flow 
                    Using Principal Interaction Patterns: *F 
   1150h   UA51B-10 A Dynamical Model of Atmospheric Chaos - 
                    From Unstable Stratification to Stable 
                    Stratification: *L Shi-da

UA51C  EC:Arena  Fri  0830h
U5  Re-creating the Solar System - Posters
Presiding: T V Johnson, JPL/Caltech; G L Siscoe, Boston Univ

   0830h   UA51C-01 POSTER  The Influence of Climate on the 
                    Hydrologic Evolution of the Earth and Mars: 
                    *S M Clifford
   0830h   UA51C-02 POSTER  Encounters of the Solar System With 
                    Interstellar Clouds as Prime Cause of Global 
                    Change: *G P Gregori, W J Dong, A Poma
   0830h   UA51C-03 POSTER  Stress State of the Moon During Its 
                    Evolution: Implication to Tectonics: *K  
   0830h   UA51C-04 POSTER  Discrimination of Surface Mineralogy 
                    and Alteration Submittal Information 
                    Processes Through the Martian Geomorphic 
                    Dichotomy: P Martin, P Pinet, R Bacon, A 
   0830h   UA51C-05 POSTER  A Comparative Scaling Analysis of 
                    the Earth's and Venus' Topography: R W 
                    Menigoz, *A N Panteleyev, J  Achache
   0830h   UA51C-06 POSTER  Comparative Hypsometric Analysis of 
                    Earth and Venus: Implications on the Global 
                    Tectonic Style and the Heat Loss Mechanism 
                    of Venus: P Rosenblatt, P C Pinet
   0830h   UA51C-07 POSTER  Stellar Ultraviolet Radiation and 
                    Planetary Habitability: *W R Sheldon
   0830h   UA51C-08 POSTER  Numerical Modeling of Meteorite's 
                    Collision With the Earth and Its Subsequent 
                    Effects on the Earth's Temperature and 
                    Pressure: *X Sun, L Han, Y Mi
   0830h   UA51C-09 POSTER  Axial Tilts and e.m.d. Directions of 
                    Planets: *J N Nanda

UA51D  CHEM:140  Fri  0830h
U5  Re-creating the Solar System I
Presiding: T V Johnson, JPL/Caltech; G L Siscoe, Boston Univ

   0830h   UA51D-01 INVITED  In Search of Other Planetary Systems: 
                    *D C Black
   0900h   UA51D-02 INVITED  Collisions: A Unifying and 
                    Diversifying Process in Planetary History: 
                    *W K Hartmann
   0930h   UA51D-03 INVITED  Why Are There Variations in the 
                    Composition of Solar System Objects?: *R G 
   1000h   Break
   1030h   UA51D-04 INVITED  Differentiated Structures of Giant 
                    Planets: *D J Stevenson
   1100h   UA51D-05 INVITED  Impact: A Fundamental Solar System 
                    Process: *R Greeley
   1130h   UA51D-06 INVITED  Impact Origin of Satellites: *H J 

UA52A  CHEM:140  Fri  1330h
U5  Re-creating the Solar System II
Presiding: T V Johnson, JPL/Caltech; G L Siscoe, Boston Univ

   1330h   UA52A-01 INVITED  The Shape of Rings to Come: *C  
   1400h   UA52A-02 INVITED  Interplanetary Dust: *E  Grun
   1430h   UA52A-03 INVITED  Volcanism as a General Planetary 
                    Process: *M H Carr
   1500h   Break
   1530h   UA52A-04 Mantle Convection in the Terrestrial Planets: 
                    *G  Schubert
   1555h   UA52A-05 Planetary Atmospheric Circulation Regimes: 
                    The Roles of Diabatic Heating, Convection, 
                    and Rotation: *A D Del Genio
   1620h   UA52A-06 Planetary Magnetospheres: Processes That 
                    Shape Their Characters: *F Bagenal
   1645h   UA52A-07 Evolution of a Habitable Planet: *J I Lunine

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