UB11A  CHEM:140  Mon  0830h
U6  Origin and Evolution of Continental Lithosphere
Presiding: K Burke, Univ Houston; V Cermak, Czech Acad Sci

   0830h   UB11A-01 INVITED  Composition of the Lower 
                    Continental Crust: *D M Fountain, R L Rudnick
   0850h   UB11A-02 INVITED  Uncertainty in the Composition of 
                    the Continental Crust: Insight From the 
                    Distribution of K, Th, and U: *S M McLennan, 
                    S R Taylor
   0910h   UB11A-03 INVITED  Lithospheric Development: A 
                    Planetary Context: *S R Taylor
   0930h   UB11A-04 INVITED  Granitoid Rocks Make Lithosphere 
                    Continental: Calibration of Depth, 
                    Temperature, and H~K2~LO-Content of 
                    Granitoid Magmas, and Their Reciprocal 
                    Relationship With Amphibolites: *P J Wyllie
   1000h   Break
   1030h   UB11A-05 INVITED  Does High Precision Geochronology 
                    Reliably Constrain Nd-Isotope Evolution of 
                    the Early Earth?: *S Moorbath, M J Whitehouse
   1100h   UB11A-06 INVITED  Crustal Growth and Recycling: *P J 
   1120h   UB11A-07 INVITED  Antiquity of Continental 
                    Lithosphere: Os Isotope Evidence: *S B Shirey, 
                    R W Carlson, D G Pearson
   1140h   UB11A-08 Heat Flow in the Canadian Shield: 
                    Implications for Crustal Evolution: *C 
                    Jaupart, L Guillou-Frottier, C Gariepy, J C 

UB12A  CHEM:140  Mon  1330h
U6  Origin and Evolution of Continental Lithosphere
Presiding: S R Taylor, Australian National Univ; J Dewey, 
           Univ of Oxford

   1330h   UB12A-01 INVITED  Scales of Structure and Processes 
                    in the Lithosphere: *K Fuchs
   1400h   UB12A-02 INVITED  Polarization Anisotropy, Layering, 
                    and Small-Scale Structure Within the 
                    Continental Tectosphere: J B Gaherty, *T H 
   1430h   UB12A-03 INVITED  Origin and Evolution of the 
                    Continental Lithosphere in Zones of 
                    Subduction Accretion: An Example From the 
                    Altaids in Asia: *A M C Sengor, B A Natal'in
   1500h   Break
   1520h   UB12A-04 Role of Arc Magmatism in the Evolution of 
                    the Continental Lithosphere: *R J Arculus
   1540h   UB12A-05 The Probability of Increasing the Thickness 
                    of the Continental Lithosphere by Buoyant 
                    Subduction: *D Abbott
   1600h   UB12A-06 Structural and Fabric Evidence in Crustal 
                    Evolution: *J F Dewey

UB21A  EC:Arena  Tues  0830h
U6  Origin and Evolution of Continental Lithosphere - Posters
Presiding: K Burke, Univ Houston

   0830h   UB21A-01 POSTER  Evolution of the Lithosphere in 
                    Continental Collision: Seismic Structure of 
                    Tibet-Himalaya: A Hirn, M Sapin
   0830h   UB21A-02 POSTER  A Deep Seismic Reflection Profile of 
                    the India-Asia Collision Zone in Southern 
                    Tibet: Project INDEPTH: *L Brown, D Alsdorf, 
                    M Clark, M Hauck, A Ross, D Nelson, M Cogan, 
                    W Changde, Z Wenjin, C Jingkai, J T Kuo
   0830h   UB21A-03 POSTER  Magnetotelluric Study of the 
                    India-Asia Collision: C Leshou, *A G Jones, 
                    M J Unsworth, N Wu
   0830h   UB21A-04 POSTER  The Preliminary Results of 3-D 
                    Modelling of Earth's Structure in China and 
                    Surrounding Area: J S Zhu, R M Sun
   0830h   UB21A-05 POSTER  The Heterogeneous Continental 
                    Lithosphere: A Comparison of P-Tomographic 
                    Inversions Obtained by the LITHOSCOPE 
                    Program in Different Regions: *G  Poupinet
   0830h   UB21A-06 POSTER  Anelastic Structure and Evolution of 
                    the Continental Lithosphere From Seismic 
                    Surface Wave Attenuation: *B J Mitchell
   0830h   UB21A-07 POSTER  Seismic Anisotropy of the Mantle 
                    Lithosphere as Record of the Continental 
                    Growth: *V Babuska, J Plomerova, J Sileny
   0830h   UB21A-08 POSTER  Extensional Shear Zones and Crustal 
                    Melting: Exhumation in a 
                    Subduction-Accretion Setting, Paros, Greece: 
                    *A G McGrath, J Tarney
   0830h   UB21A-09 POSTER  Lower Continental Crust - The Anabar 
                    Shield Example: *S Y Milanovsky, M K Kaban, 
                    O M Rosen, A V Egorkin
   0830h   UB21A-10 POSTER  Structure and Evolution of the 
                    Lithosphere in the Fold Belt of 
                    Mongolia-Daxinganling: S X Zang, G Q He
   0830h   UB21A-11 POSTER  Petrogenesis of UHP Eclogites in 
                    Dabie Terrain, Central China: *Y Zhendong, H 
                    Yuqin, Z Zeming
   0830h   UB21A-12 POSTER  Does the Emplacement of Thick Nappes 
                    Produce Deep Foreland Basins and High 
                    Mountains?: *E V Artyushkov, M A Baer, N A 
   0830h   UB21A-13 POSTER  Recent Activation Zones of East 
                    Europe: *V Gordienko, S Kulik, I Logvinov, O 
                    Zavgorodnyaya, T Burakhovitch
   0830h   UB21A-14 POSTER  Geodynamical Processes on 
                    Continental Margins: *Y  Belavina, V  Rykov, 
                    V  Trubitsyn
   0830h   UB21A-15 POSTER  Nature of the Indian Lithosphere: An 
                    Integrated Approach: *R P Singh, U K Singh
   0830h   UB21A-16 POSTER  Deep Continental Structure of India 
                    - Crustal Provinces and Crustal Evolution: 
                    *T M Mahadevan
   0830h   UB21A-17 POSTER  Deep-Crustal Mineral Assemblages and 
                    the Potential for Crustal Rocks and 
                    Reflectors Beneath the Seismic Moho: *D B 
                    Snyder, A Hynes
   0830h   UB21A-18 POSTER  Phanerozoic Lower Crust: Amphibolite 
                    or Granulite?: *M  Warner, J  Brittan, P  
                    Domnesteanu, J  Morgan, P  Suddaby, F  
   0830h   UB21A-19 POSTER  Construction and Evolution of the 
                    3.0.-2.0 Ga Continental Lithosphere: The 
                    Central Significance of Post-subduction 
                    Magmatism (PSM): *M F Osmaston
   0830h   UB21A-20 POSTER  Crustal Growth by 
                    Subduction-Accretion: The Geochemistry and 
                    Significance of Mafic and Ultramafic Lenses 
                    in the Deep Crust: *N H Berry, J Tarney, S 
   0830h   UB21A-21 POSTER  Accelerated Unroofing Rate in Active 
                    Orgenic Belt? An Artifact in Fission Track 
                    Data Interpretation: *Y Shi
   0830h   UB21A-22 POSTER  Mantle Helium in Subsurface Fluids 
                    of Central Asia: *B G Polyak
   0830h   UB21A-23 POSTER  Two Stages in the Continental Crust 
                    Evolution: *N I Pavlenkova
   0830h   UB21A-24 POSTER  Origin and Evolution of the 
                    Asthenosphere and Continental and Oceanic 
                    Lithosphere: *V  Trubitsyn, V  Rykov
   0830h   UB21A-25 POSTER  Interaction Between the 
                    Asthenosphere, the Lithosphere, and the 
                    Lower Crust in the Intraplate Areas of 
                    Cenozoic Tectonic and Magmatic Activity: *I M 
   0830h   UB21A-26 POSTER  Polar Antipodal-Symmetric Geodynamic 
                    Systems of the Earth: *V E Volk, I N Kadmina
   0830h   UB21A-27 POSTER  Lateral Heterogeneity of the 
                    Lithosphere and Convection Flow in Upper 
                    Mantle: *L E Levin
   0830h   UB21A-28 POSTER  Why Do Continents Split Parallel to 
                    Ancient Orogenic Belts?: *A  Vauchez, G  
   0830h   UB21A-29 POSTER  Constraints of Thermally Different 
                    Depth Domains in the Continental Lithosphere: 
                    *T Kohl, L Rybach
   0830h   UB21A-30 POSTER  Thermomechanical Behaviour of the 
                    Crust-Mantle System in the Central Swiss Alps: 
                    R Freeman, *E Kissling, W Rasa, S Mueller, N 
   0830h   UB21A-31 POSTER  Heat Flow, Seismicity, and  
                    Lithospheric Thickness Within the Western 
                    Part of the East European Platform: A M 
                    Boborykin, R G Garetsky, V I Zui
   0830h   UB21A-32 POSTER  Thermomechanical Characteristics of 
                    Lithospheric Deformation of the Indian 
                    Subcontinent: P K Agrawal, *J G Negi
   0830h   UB21A-33 POSTER  Studies on the Heat Flow - Heat 
                    Production Relation: *W J Ping Zhao, J Wang, 
                    J Wang
   0830h   UB21A-34 POSTER  Thermal Structure of the Continental 
                    Lithosphere in China: *J Y Wang, L P Xiong, 
                    S P Huang
   0830h   UB21A-35 POSTER  Thermomechanical Simulation of the 
                    Continental Lithosphere-Asthenosphere System 
                    Evolution: *V B Svalova
   0830h   UB21A-36 POSTER  Heat Flow and Crustal Structure in 
                    the Alboran Sea (Western Mediterranean): B G 
                    Polyak, M Fernandez
   0830h   UB21A-37 POSTER  Gravity Modeling of the 
                    Alpine-Mediterranean Lithosphere: *T P 
                    Yegorova, V I Starostenko, V G Kozlenko
   0830h   UB21A-38 POSTER  Magnetic Crustal Model for Finland: 
                    *J V Korhonen
   0830h   UB21A-39 POSTER  Magnetotelluric Study of the 
                    India-Asia Collision: J R Booker, *A G Jones, 
                    C  Leshou, M J Unsworth, N  Wu

UB21B  CHEM:140  Tues  0830h
U7  Inverse Problems in Geodesy and Geophysics
Presiding: F Sanso, Politecnico Di Milano; R K Snieder, 
           Utrecht University

   0830h   UB21B-01 INVITED  The Inverse Problem for Mantle 
                    Viscosity: Results From Formal Inversion of 
                    the Geodetic Signatures of Postglacial 
                    Rebound: *W R Peltier, X Jiang
   0900h   UB21B-02 The Geoid as an Inverse Problem: *E W 
   0930h   UB21B-03 Least-Squares Inversion in the Presence of 
                    Integer Model Parameters: *P J G Teunissen
   0940h   UB21B-04 Inverse Problems: The Continuous Case (a 
                    Contribution From Geodesy): *F Sacerdote, F 
   1000h   Break
   1030h   UB21B-05 INVITED  Unsolved Problems in Inverse Theory: 
                    *A Tarantola
   1100h   UB21B-06 Exploring Multi-dimensional Landscapes 
                    Without a Map: *M S Sambridge
   1120h   UB21B-07 Kriging and Inverse Problems in Seismology: *O 
   1140h   UB21B-08 Singularity and Branching: A Path Following 
                    Formalism for Geophysical Inverse Problems: 
                    *D W Vasco

UB22A  CHEM:140  Tues  1330h
U7  Inverse Problems in Geodesy and Geophysics
Presiding: M S Sambridge, Australian Natl Univ.; D W Vasco, 
           Computional Seismology - Berkeley

   1330h   UB22A-01 INVITED  Prior Information and Confidence 
                    Intervals in Inverse Problems: *P B Stark
   1400h   UB22A-02 Monte Carlo Analysis of Inverse Problems 
                    With Complex Prior Information: *K  Mosegaard, 
                    A  Tarantola
   1440h   UB22A-03 Bayesian Inversion in Geophysics: *M K Sen, 
                    P L Stoffa
   1500h   Break
   1530h   UB22A-04 INVITED  The Role of Nonlinearity in Inverse 
                    Problems: *R K Snieder
   1600h   UB22A-05 Using a Genetic Algorithm to Invert PKP 
                    Travel Time Data for Core-Mantle Boundary 
                    and Inner Core Boundary Structure: *K D Koper, 
                    M E Wysession
   1620h   UB22A-06 Hydrocarbon Maturation as an Inverse Problem: 
                    *K  Gallagher, M  Sambridge
   1640h   UB22A-07 The Robust Inversion of Large Data Sets for 
                    Simple Solutions: *J VanDecar

UB31A  CHEM:Room 140  Wed  0830h
UL4  Union Lecture 4 - Chanin
Presiding: H Moritz, Graz Univ Technology

   0830h   UB31A-01 INVITED  Rayleigh Lidar Observation of Solar 
                    Cycle Variations in the Middle Atmosphere: 
                    *M L Chanin

UB31B  EC:Arena  Wed  0830h
U7  Inverse Problems in Geodesy and Geophysics - Posters
Presiding: F Sanso, Politecnico Di Milano; D W Vasco, 
           Ctr for Computational Seismology

   0830h   UB31B-01 POSTER  Determining the Magnetic Field on 
                    the Core-Mantle Boundary by an Inverse 
                    Boundary Value Problem: *L Ballani, H 
                    Geiner-Mai, D Stromeyer
   0830h   UB31B-02 POSTER  Covariance Function Models for the 
                    Inversion and Filtering of Vector Data by 
                    Collocation in Gravimetry and Gradiometry: *B 
                    Benciolini, F Sanso, D Sguerso
   0830h   UB31B-03 POSTER  Multiresolution Analysis of Geodetic 
                    Convolution Problems: *J A R Blais
   0830h   UB31B-04 POSTER  Seismic and Resistivity Inversion 
                    Using Hybrid Optimization: *R K Chunduru, M K 
                    Sen, P L Stoffa
   0830h   UB31B-05 POSTER  Temporal Variation of the 
                    Terrestrial Gravity Field Due to 
                    Internal/External Volume and Surface Forces: 
                    Functional Relations Between Generalized 
                    Love-Shida/Green Functions: J Engels, *E W 
                    Grafarend, P Varga
   0830h   UB31B-06 POSTER  The Solution of a Nonlinear 2-D 
                    Geophysical Inverse Problem by Reduction to 
                    a System of Polynomial Equations: *M E 
   0830h   UB31B-07 POSTER  On the Boundary of the Set of 
                    Solutions in Travel Time Inversion and on 
                    Extremal Properties of Waveguides With a 
                    Finite Number of Layers: *M L Gerver, E A 
   0830h   UB31B-08 POSTER  New Travel Time Tomography Method 
                    Based on the CMP Data Inversion: *V S Geyko
   0830h   UB31B-09 POSTER  A New Approach to Inverse Problems 
                    in Geodesy and Geophysics: *R L Hardy
   0830h   UB31B-10 POSTER  Direct Approach to Cauchy's Problem 
                    in Geoid Studies: *P Holota
   0830h   UB31B-11 POSTER  Optimal Inversion of Gravity Data: *P 
   0830h   UB31B-12 POSTER  Radially Symmetric Zero-Potential 
                    Densities as a Device for the Solution of 
                    Gravitational Inverse Problems: *S Krappmann, 
                    H Moritz
   0830h   UB31B-13 POSTER  Algorithm Yielding the Universal 
                    Sequence U in Travel Time Inversion: *E A 
                    Kudryavtseva, M L Gerver
   0830h   UB31B-14 POSTER  Exact Earth-Flattening 
                    Transformation for the Rayleigh-Like 
                    Vibrations: A N Kuznetosov, *V M Markushevich, 
                    T A Rukasvishnikova, I V Sabin
   0830h   UB31B-15 POSTER  Application of an Inverse Theory 
                    Method to Designing Topography in Spectral 
                    Climate Models: *C R Lindberg, A J Broccoli
   0830h   UB31B-16 POSTER  The Regional Geoid Determinations by 
                    Multipole Analysis Technique: *A N Marchenko
   0830h   UB31B-17 POSTER  Direction Finding for VLF/ELF Radio 
                    Waves (Inversion of Ground-Based Wave Data 
                    to Find the Wave Distribution Function at 
                    the Ionospheric Base): H Mehrez, *H Masashi
   0830h   UB31B-18 POSTER  Adaptive-Grid Traveltime Tomography: 
                    *A  Michelini
   0830h   UB31B-19 POSTER  On the Singularity Method for 
                    Potential Geophysical Fields Interpretation: 
                    N I Nachapkin, A F Shestakov
   0830h   UB31B-20 POSTER  Development of a Constituent Profile 
                    Inversion Algorithm for a Spaceborne Gas 
                    Correlation Radiometer: *L Pan, J Gille, P 
   0830h   UB31B-21 POSTER  Inverse Model for Rainfall Runoff 
                    Relationship: *S  Ramaseshan, A K Sharma
   0830h   UB31B-22 POSTER  MONTAGE - A Software for the 
                    Inversion of Gravity Anomalies: *U Schafer, P 
                    Balk, K Oppitz, B Richter
   0830h   UB31B-23 POSTER  A Comparison of Inverse Techniques: 
                    Regularization, Weight Estimation, and 
                    homBLUP: *B Schaffrin
   0830h   UB31B-24 POSTER  Mean Field Annealing in Seismic 
                    Deconvolution and Multiple Elimination: *M K 
                    Sen, C  Calderon-Macias
   0830h   UB31B-25 POSTER  Genetic Algorithms in Seismic Source 
                    Parameter Retrieval: *J Sileny
   0830h   UB31B-26 POSTER  On the Solution of Linear Ill-Posed 
                    Problems in Geophysics: *V N Strakhov
   0830h   UB31B-27 POSTER  Method of Integral Representations 
                    and Variational Principles for Solving 
                    Linear Problems in Gravity and Magnetics: *V N 
                    Strakhov, D E Teterin
   0830h   UB31B-28 POSTER  Generalized QR-Algorithms and Their 
                    Employment to Solve Linear Gravimetric 
                    Problems: *V N Strakhov, A V Strakhov
   0830h   UB31B-29 POSTER  Stochastic Properties of the Density 
                    Distribution Based on Analysis of the 
                    Borehole Data: *G Strykowski
   0830h   UB31B-30 POSTER  Covariance Models for the Physical 
                    Parameters in the Earth's Interior: *G 
   0830h   UB31B-31 POSTER  Ill-Posedness of Downward 
                    Continuation of SST- and SGG-Observables: *M  
   0830h   UB31B-32 POSTER  Estimation of the Elastic Moduli of 
                    Non-homogeneity by Deformation Data: *I J 
   0830h   UB31B-33 POSTER  Generalized Helmert's Orthogonal 
                    Transformation With Application to Random 
                    Search Techniques Procedures in the Solution 
                    of Inverse Problems: *G T Tumarkin
   0830h   UB31B-34 POSTER  Automatic Prestack Depth Migration 
                    Velocity Estimation: *C L Varela, P L Stoffa, 
                    M K Sen
   0830h   UB31B-35 POSTER  A Transformational Approach to 
                    Geophysical Inverse Problems: *D W Vasco
   0830h   UB31B-36 POSTER  Tomographic Inversion of Reflection 
                    Seismic Amplitude Data for Velocity Variation: 
                    Y Wang, *G A Houseman
   0830h   UB31B-37 POSTER  A Theoretical Basis of Methods to 
                    Solve Inverse Geodetic and Geophysical 
                    Probelms in the Concept of Stability: *M G 
                    Doufexopoulou, M Sideris
   0830h   UB31B-38 POSTER  Geoid Anomalies, Petrological 
                    Structure, and Convective Stability of the 
                    Mantelic Continental Lithosphere: M P Doin, 
                    *L  Fleitout, U  Christensen
   0830h   UB31B-39 POSTER  Volcanes de Chile: *O Gonzalez-Ferran
   0830h   UB31B-40 POSTER  Flash Flood Warnings at the Regional 
                    Scale: A Case Study: *L Lanza, M Conti, F 
   0830h   UB31B-41 POSTER  Three-Dimensional Mapping of 
                    High-Density Under-Plated Crust Under the 
                    Aravalli and Satpura Mountain Ranges in India: 
                    *D C Mishra, B Singh, V M Tewari
   0830h   UB31B-42 POSTER  Use of Observational Data to 
                    Validate the GENESIS GCM v.2: Final Results: 
                    *E  Law-Evans, D  Pollard, S L Thompson
   0830h   UB31B-43 POSTER  Analytical and Computational Study 
                    of the Lightning Location Under Single-Point 
                    Observation of Electromagnetic Field: *A V 
   0830h   UB31B-44 POSTER  Climatic Stability at Gulbarga: *B P 
                    Ratnam, N L Maurya, S A Patil
   0830h   UB31B-45 POSTER  Massive Evaporite Formation During 
                    the Late Cretaceous Simulated From the 
                    Results of a GCM Driven by Extreme Values of 
                    Orbital Forcing: *C N Wold, D  Pollard, M  
                    Schulz, W W Hay, R M DeConto, S L Thompson
   0830h   UB31B-46 POSTER  Monthly Extended-Range NWP Using a 
                    Digital Filter: *Y Yang, L Ji
   0830h   UB31B-47 POSTER  Robust Estimator for Dynamic Sea 
                    Surface: Y Yuanxi, W Yuannan, X Jie

UB31C  CHEM:Room 140  Wed  1000h
U8  Natural Disaster Reduction I
Presiding: B A Bolt, Univ of California, Berkeley

   1000h   UB31C-01 INVITED  Opening Remarks - The Challenge to 
                    Scientifically Predict the Effects of 
                    Natural Hazards: *B A Bolt
   1025h   UB31C-02 INVITED  Pinatubo Volcano 1991 Eruption: 
                    Recurring Hazards and Impacts: *R S 
   1050h   UB31C-03 INVITED  Explosive Volcanoes Near Urban Areas: 
                    *F Barberi
   1115h   UB31C-04 INVITED  The 1994 Northridge and the 1995 
                    Kobe Earthquakes: *H Kanamori
   1140h   UB31C-05 INVITED  The Deadly Latur Earthquake of 1993: 
                    *H K Gupta

UB32A  CHEM:Room 140  Wed  1330h
U8  Natural Disaster Reduction II
Presiding: B A Bolt, Univ of California, Berkeley

   1330h   UB32A-01 Tsunamis - Disasters and Countermeasures: *N 
   1355h   UB32A-02 Earthquake Prediction and Earthquake 
                    Preparedness: Current Promise, Implication 
                    for Other Geological Disasters: *V I 
   1420h   UB32A-03 Monitoring Tropical Cyclones: *M D Powell
   1445h   UB32A-04 Fighting Against Floods: *J C Rodda
   1510h   Break
   1540h   UB32A-05 Promise and Limitations of Spaceborne Radar 
                    Data for Natural Hazard Reduction: *D 
   1605h   UB32A-06 Geodetic Space Monitoring Systems for 
                    Crustal Deformation Around Volcanic Areas: 
                    *G W Hein
   1630h   UB32A-07 Social and Economic Impacts and Their Causes: 
                    *G F White

UB41A  CHEM:Room 140  Thurs  0830h
UL5  Union Lecture 5 - Lambeck
Presiding: H Moritz, Graz Univ of Technology

   0830h   INTRODUCTION: D Hall,American Geophysical Union
   0835h   Discussion

UB41B  EC:Arena  Thurs  0830h
U8  Natural Disaster Reduction - Posters
Presiding: B A Bolt, Univ of California, Berkeley

   0830h   UB41B-01 POSTER  Status of the World Map of Major 
                    Active Faults, Western Hemisphere: *M N 
   0830h   UB41B-02 POSTER  Development of Earthquake Disaster 
                    Masterplans in Urban Areas: *M Erdik, J Avci
   0830h   UB41B-03 POSTER  Natural Disaster Reduction: Indian 
                    Efforts: *K S Murty
   0830h   UB41B-04 POSTER  Contribution to the Seismic Zoning 
                    of Italy and Microzoning of Rome and 
                    Benevento: *P  Suhadolc, F Vaccari, G Costa, 
                    G F Panza
   0830h   UB41B-05 POSTER  Natural Disaster Mitigation Efforts 
                    in India: *H N Srivastava
   0830h   UB41B-06 POSTER  Forecasting the Growth of Lava Flows 
                    on Decade Volcanoes: *C R J Kilburn
   0830h   UB41B-07 POSTER  Mitigating Hazards of Drifting 
                    Volcanic Clouds Using Satellite Data: *W I 
                    Rose, D J Schneider, G J S Bluth
   0830h   UB41B-08 POSTER  Reconstruction of 1706 Montana Negra 
                    Eruption: An Emergency Plan for Garachico: 
                    *M C Solana
   0830h   UB41B-09 POSTER  Long-Range Forecasting by Historical 
                    Data Series (Examples for Floods and 
                    Volcanic Eruptions): *G P Gregori
   0830h   UB41B-10 POSTER  Avalanche Detection and Automatic 
                    Recognition Using ARCAP Time-Frequency 
                    Analysis of Three-Component Seismic Signals 
                    and Fuzzy Logic: *B Leprettre, J P Navarre, N 
   0830h   UB41B-11 POSTER  Instrumental Methods for 
                    Investigation of Hazardous Geodynamic 
                    Processes - Monograph: G Milev, H Pelzer
   0830h   UB41B-12 POSTER  GIS for Natural Disaster Reduction: 
                    A Case Study on Floods: *G S Rao, V 
                    Bhanumurthy, S T Chari
   0830h   UB41B-13 POSTER  New Advances of Scientific Studies 
                    on Natural Disaster Reduction in China: *A S 
                    Wang, L Bi-Jun
   0830h   UB41B-14 POSTER  Information System of Disaster 
                    Reduction for Typhoon and Heavy Rain-Flood 
                    in China: *L Bi-Jun, W Ang-Sheng
   0830h   UB41B-15 POSTER  Acceleraiton in Study of Long-Range 
                    Weather Forecasting - A Feasible Way 
                    Reducing Natural Disaster: *Q Xu
   0830h   UB41B-16 POSTER  Satellite Remote Sensing in Flood 
                    Disaster Reduction: *V Bhanumurthy, G S Rao, 
                    S T Chari
   0830h   UB41B-17 POSTER  Use and Development of Satellite 
                    Remote Sensing for Disaster Reduction: L S 
                    Walter, S Kishi
   0830h   UB41B-18 POSTER  Coastal Impact of Tropical Cyclones: 
                    A Multi-disciplinary Approach: A 
                    Henderson-Sellers, R Falls, G J Holland
   0830h   UB41B-19 POSTER  On the Sea Level Rise in Global 
                    Changes and Its Disaster Hazard Evaluation: 
                    *J Y Chen
   0830h   UB41B-20 POSTER  Hurricane Windspeed Risk Analysis 
                    for Caribbean Area: Preliminary Results, 
                    Methodology, and Plan of Action: *J 
   0830h   UB41B-21 POSTER  Patterns of Distributions of 
                    Disasters and New Approach to Evaluation of 
                    Probability of Strong Events: *M V Rodkin, 
                    V F Pisarenko
   0830h   UB41B-22 POSTER  The Real Time Database Technology 
                    for RDIS: T Fusheng, T Huan, L Bijun

UB41C  DUANE:G 030  Thurs  0830h
U8  Natural Disaster Reduction III
Presiding: B A Bolt, Univ of California, Berkeley

   0830h   UB41C-01 The ILP's Global Seismic Hazard Assessment 
                    Program for the UN/IDNDR: *D  Giardini
   0845h   UB41C-02 Earthquake Zonation Mapping of Urban Areas 
                    in Australia: An Australian IDNDR Project 
                    Towards Earthquake Mitigation: *J M W Rynn
   0900h   UB41C-03 Austrian Scientific Contributions to IDNDR 
                    Present Status and Future: *P Pesec
   0915h   UB41C-04 Living Close to an Active Volcano: Popular 
                    Hazard Perception in Three Communities of 
                    North Martinique (F.W.I.): R D'Ercole, *J P 
                    Rancon, T Lesales
   0930h   UB41C-05 The VESUVIUS 2000 Initiative: *F Dobran
   0945h   UB41C-06 Progress Toward a Physically Based Debris 
                    Flow Warning System, Oahu, Hawaii: *S A 
   1000h   Break
   1030h   UB41C-07 Training and Education for Earthquake 
                    Disaster Preparedness: *M Erdik
   1045h   UB41C-08 Volcanic Risk Map for Santa Maria, 
                    Guatemala: What Can Risk Maps Contribute to 
                    Volcanic Hazard Communications: *B D Green, 
                    W I Rose, C Sandoval
   1100h   UB41C-09 Assessing Effects of Potential Volcanic 
                    Eruptions From the Taupo Volcanic Zone on 
                    the Population and Infrastructure of 
                    Hastings and Whakatane Districts, New Zealand: 
                    *D M Johnston
   1115h   UB41C-10 Reducing the Death Toll From Tornadoes: 
                    Prediction, Warnings, and Mitigation of 
                    Severe Storms: *F P Ostby
   1130h   UB41C-11 The U.S. National Space Weather Program: R 
                    Behnke, S Basu, O de La Beaujardiere, R M 
                    Robinson, *D G Sime, E Hildner, N Cobb, T 
                    Tascione, W Cliffswallow, R Carovillano, A W 
   1145h   UB41C-12 STEND - Technology Transfer as an Aid to 
                    Reducing Natural Disasters: J B Miller, *R D 

UB52A  MATH:Room 100  Fri  0830h
U9  Update on Climate Change Science:  The 1995 IPCC Process
 (joint  with U)
Presiding: B J Hoskins, Univ of Reading

   0830h   Discussion

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