VA11A  EC:Arena  Mon  0830h
VJS1  Geodynamic Evolution of the Andean Region - Posters (joint 
 with IGCP Project 345,ILP,S)
Presiding: R Carlson, Carnegie Inst

   0830h   VA11A-01 POSTER  Flexural Analysis Along the Southern 
                    Andes, Between 12~Lo~K and 58~Lo~KS: *G A 
                    Yanez, J Canuta, A Tassara, A Giavelli
   0830h   VA11A-02 POSTER  Geodynamics of the Central Andes: 
                    Topography and the Interplay of Tectonics 
                    and Climate: *J W Gephart
   0830h   VA11A-03 POSTER  Characteristics of 
                    Intermediate-Depth Intraslab Seismicity in 
                    South America: *E R Engdahl, S  Kirby, E A 
                    Okal, E A Bergman
   0830h   VA11A-04 POSTER  Seismicity and Tomographic 
                    Investigation in Northern Chile: *K  
                    Wylegalla, G Asch, F Graeber, A Rudloff
   0830h   VA11A-05 POSTER  The LITHOSCOPE Passive Seismic 
                    Experiment Across Bolivia and Northern 
                    Chile: Preliminary Results of a Lithospheric 
                    Tomography of the Andes at 20~Lo~K S: *C 
                    Dorbath, A Paul
   0830h   VA11A-06 POSTER  Andean Landscape Evolution, 
                    Tectonics, and Magmatism in Northern Chile 
                    (18~Lo~KS): *D  Uhlig, I Kohler, H Seyfried, 
                    W Schroeder, G Woerner
   0830h   VA11A-07 POSTER  Neogene Tectonics in the Andes 
                    Through the Evolution of the Interandean 
                    Sedimentary Basins: *A Lavenu, R Marocco, C 
   0830h   VA11A-08 POSTER  Spatial and Chemical Contrasts in 
                    Miocene to Early Pliocene Ignimbrites as a 
                    Record of Crustal Thickening in the Central 
                    Andes (18~Lo~KS to 25~Lo~KS): *B  Coira, S 
                    Mahlberg Kay
   0830h   VA11A-09 POSTER  Ancient Analogy for Andean CVZ Upper 
                    Crust - The Permo-Triassic Northern New 
                    England Fold Belt, Queensland, Australia: *C J 
                    Stephens, R J Holcombe, C R Fielding, D A 
                    Gust, C M Allen
   0830h   VA11A-10 POSTER  Paleomagnetic Constraints on the 
                    Deformation of the Central Andes: *P  Roperch, 
                    L  Aubry, M de Urreizteita, M  Fornari, G  
                    Herail, G  Carlier
   0830h   VA11A-11 POSTER  Tertiary Structure of the High Andes 
                    Near 32~Lo~KS: E O Cristallini, *V A Ramos
   0830h   VA11A-12 POSTER  Heterogeneous Mantle Sources of 
                    Mafic Magmas at Sollipulli Volcano in the 
                    Southern Volcanic Zone of the Andes at 
                    39~Lo~KS: *M D Murphy, R S J Sparks
   0830h   VA11A-13 POSTER  The Tapera de Burgos 
                    (43~Lo~K15'S-70~Lo~K45'W) Cauldron 
                    Subsidence Complex: A Mid to Late Oligocene 
                    Subduction Related Epizonal Magmatism, 
                    Chubut, Argentina: *M G Lopez de Luchi, J P 

VA11B  MUENZ:E050  Mon  1030h
VJS1  Geodynamic Evolution of the Andean Region (joint  with IGCP Project 345,
Presiding: B L Isacks, Cornell University; P Geise, 
           Freie Universitat Berlin

   1030h   INTRODUCTION: S Kay,Cornell, DTM
   1045h   VA11B-01 Characteristics of Subducted Lithosphere 
                    Beneath the Andean Region From Tomographic 
                    Imaging: *E R Engdahl, R D van der Hilst, J  
                    Berrocal, C  Fernandes
   1100h   VA11B-02 Subduction Zone Geometry, Plate Kinematics, 
                    and Seismotectonics of the North 
                    Chile-Argentina Region: *I G Stimpson
   1115h   VA11B-03 Variations in Interplate Boundary Geometry 
                    Along the Chile Convergent Margin: *K  
                    Kadinsky-Cade, B  Isacks
   1130h   VA11B-04 Anomalous P and S Wave Propagation Through 
                    the Nazca Plate: *G  Bock, G Asch, A Rudloff, 
                    K Wylegalla
   1145h   VA11B-05 Seismic Anisotropy and Mode Conversions at 
                    the PISCO Array in Northern Chile: *R  Kind, 
                    G Asch, G Bock

VA11C  RAMAL:C 250  Mon  0830h
VJW1  Electromagnetic Effects of Earthquakes and Volcanoes
 (joint  with S)
Presiding: M Johnston, USGS; M B Gokhberg, 
           Inst of Physics of the Earth

   0830h   VA11C-01 New Developments in Low False Alarm Rate 
                    Prediction of Earthquakes From 
                    Electromagnetic Precursors: C W Anderson, *S P 
                    Kingsley, S R Nieder, V A Liperovsky
   0845h   VA11C-02 Simulation of Ionospheric Disturbances Due 
                    to Gravity Waves From Near-Surface Sources: 
                    *J B Davies, C B Archambeau
   0900h   VA11C-03 A Generating Mechanism of Matsushiro, 
                    Central Japan, Earthquake Swarm: Spontaneous 
                    Hydraulic Fracturing: *Y Sasai
   0915h   VA11C-04 Tectonomagnetic Effect Due to an Inclined 
                    Rectangular Fault: M Utsugi, Y Sasai, Y 
   0930h   VA11C-05 The Radiation and Excitation Mechanism of 
                    Seismogenic Electromagnetic Waves Triggered 
                    by the Magnetic Field Variations From Focus: 
                    T Yoshino, I Tomizawa
   0945h   VA11C-06 Physical Mechanisms of Recent Seismomagnetic 
                    and Volcanomagnetic Events: *M J S Johnston
   1000h   Break
   1015h   VA11C-07 About the Nature of Electrotelluric 
                    Precursors of Earthquakes: M Y Balbachan, *M B 
   1030h   VA11C-08 On the Physical Property of VAN's Seismic 
                    Electric Signals (SES) - Comparison Between 
                    SES and Natural EM Disturbances: *M Uyeshima, 
                    W Kanda, T Nagao, Y Kono
   1045h   VA11C-09 Seismo-Electromagnetic Wave Generation and 
                    Propagation: *R N Singh
   1100h   VA11C-10 Penetration of Alternative Electromagnetic 
                    Fields From an Underground Seismic Source 
                    Into the Atmosphere and Ionosphere: *O A 
                    Molchanov, M Hayakawa
   1115h   VA11C-11 Magnetic and Electric Fields Associated With 
                    Changes in High Pore Pressure in Fault Zones 
                    - Explanation of the Loma Prieta Earthquake 
                    ULF Emissions: M A Fenoglio, *M J S Johnston, 
                    J D Byerlee
   1130h   VA11C-12 Irregular Oscillation Model in an Earthquake 
                    and the Essentials of Effective Earthquake 
                    Prediction by Electromagnetic Waves: *T 
   1145h   VA11C-13 Electric and Magnetic Fields During the 
                    Fluid Flow via the Porous Media With Local 
                    Inhomogeneities of Filtration and Electric 
                    Properties: V V Kormiltsev, A N Ratushniak
   1200h   VA11C-14 The Mechanism of Electromagnetic and 
                    Temperature Earthquake Precursors: S Ershov, 
                    I Mikhaylowskaya, *O Novik

VA11D  EC:Arena  Mon  0830h
VJW1  Electromagnetic Effects of Earthquakes and Volcanoes - 
Posters (joint  with S)
Presiding: M Johnston, USGS; M B Gokhberg, 
           Inst of Physics of the Earth

   0830h   VA11D-01 POSTER  The Way of Location Source VLF 
                    Electrical Signal in Inhomogeneity Medium 
                    and Implications for Anomalous Electric 
                    Fields Associated With Earthquakes: *E B 
   0830h   VA11D-02 POSTER  Study of the Electromagnetic Field 
                    in Two Seismogenic Zones: The Subduction 
                    Zone of the Antilles Arc and the 
                    Intracontinental Seismic Gap (Haiyuan Fault, 
                    China): *J Zlotnicki, J L Viault, J L 
                    Le Mouel, J C Rossignol, P Morat
   0830h   VA11D-03 POSTER  Tectonomagnetic Studies in Central 
                    Italy: Latest Results: *A  Meloni, G Mele, P 
   0830h   VA11D-04 POSTER  Tectonomagnetic Observations in 
                    Baikal Rift Zone for Study of Seismotectonic 
                    and Pre-Earthquake Processes: *P G Djadkov
   0830h   VA11D-05 POSTER  Transient Electric Variations 
                    Associated With Intermediate Depth 
                    Earthquakes in South Aegean: K Nomicos, *F 
   0830h   VA11D-06 POSTER  Effects of the Electrotelluric Field 
                    and Their Bearing on Seismicity of Kamchatka: 
                    *Y F Moroz, S V Popruzhenko
   0830h   VA11D-07 POSTER  Correlation of Local Seismic 
                    Activity and Magnetotelluric Variations: *C  
   0830h   VA11D-08 POSTER  The Research of the Short Period 
                    Variation of the Geomagnetic Field Before 
                    Tangshan Earthquake: *A Du
   0830h   VA11D-09 POSTER  Electromagnetic Precursors of 
                    Shikotan Earthquake 4 October 1994: *V A 
   0830h   VA11D-10 POSTER  Field Strength Variations of LF 
                    Radio Waves Prior to Earthquakes in Central 
                    Italy: *P F Biagi, M Caputo, A Ermini, F 
                    Bella, G Della Monica, W Plastino, V Sgrigna
   0830h   VA11D-11 POSTER  Recordings of Anomalous ULF Signals 
                    Preceding the Northridge Earthquake of 
                    January 17, 1994: *J Y Dea, P M Hansen, W M 
   0830h   VA11D-12 POSTER  Lithosphere-Ionospheric Coupling 
                    Mechanism With Special Regard to Earthquake 
                    Prediction: *M B Gokhberg, S L Shalimov
   0830h   VA11D-13 POSTER  Examination of ISIS-2 Satellite 
                    ELF/VLF Recordings for Electromagnetic 
                    Effects Associated With Earthquakes: *C J 
                    Rodger, R L Dowden, N R Thomson
   0830h   VA11D-14 POSTER  On the Connection of 
                    Ultra-low-Frequency Lithospheric 
                    Electromagnetic Emissions' Magnetic 
                    Component With the Earthquakes in Caucasian 
                    Seismically Active Zone: *Y A Kopytenko, P M 
                    Voronov, E A Kopytenko, T G Matiashvili
   0830h   VA11D-15 POSTER  Time Scale of Electrokinetic 
                    Phenomena and Near-Surface ULF Variations of 
                    Magnetic Field: *O Mazhaeva, Y Fujinawa
   0830h   VA11D-16 POSTER  Atmospheric Electric Field Anomalies 
                    Analysis During Great Carpathian Earthquakes 
                    at Polish Observatory Swider: *N N Nikiforova, 
                    S Michnowski
   0830h   VA11D-17 POSTER  Precursor in Anisotropic 
                    Georesistivity and Stress State Before 
                    Earthquakes: *F Qian, Y Zhao
   0830h   VA11D-18 POSTER  Ionospheric Disturbances Caused by 
                    Powerful Explosions and Earthquakes: *Y E 
   0830h   VA11D-19 POSTER  Comparative Study of Storm 
                    Microbaroms in the Atmosphere and of 
                    Microseisms: E Ponomaryov, A Sorokin, *V 
   0830h   VA11D-20 POSTER  Tectonomagnetic Investigations of 
                    Seismic Gap for Baikal Rift Zone: *V A 
   0830h   VA11D-21 POSTER  Short Term Prediction of 
                    Catastrophic Earthquakes: Streaming 
                    Potential Precursors: *Y Zhao, F Qian
   0830h   VA11D-22 POSTER  Mechanism of Electromagnetic 
                    Emission Associated With Rock Fracture: *Z Q 
                    Guo, B Liu

VA11E  D WRD:Auditorium  Mon  0830h
V4  Evolution of Large Volcanic Systems
Presiding: K Hon, USGS; J Pallister, USGS

   0830h   VA11E-01 Eruption Rates and Styles, and Possible 
                    Atmospheric Impact, of Silicic Caldera 
                    Systems and Flood Basalt Provinces: *S Self
   0900h   VA11E-02 The Emplacement of Flood Basalts: *K Hon, S 
                    Self, T Thordarson, L Keszthelyi
   0930h   VA11E-03 Ignimbrite Sedimentation and Generation of 
                    Phoenix Clouds: *B P Kokelaar, M J Branney
   1000h   Break
   1015h   VA11E-04 The Role of Magma Chambers in Determining 
                    the Chemical and Physical Characteristics of 
                    Flood Basalts: *R W Carlson
   1045h   VA11E-05 Formation of Large Layered Gabbro Complexes 
                    in the Lower Crust - Big Results From Little 
                    Chambers: *J E Quick, S Sinigoi, A Mayer
   1115h   VA11E-06 Contemporaneous Large-Scale Basaltic and 
                    Silicic Volcanism: *A R Duncan
   1145h   VA11E-07 Large Volcanic Systems: A Planetary 
                    Perspective: *R Lopes-Gautier

VA11F  EC:Arena  Mon  0830h
V4  Evolution of Large Volcanic Systems - Posters
Presiding: K Hon, USGS; J Pallister, USGS

   0830h   VA11F-01 POSTER  Vent Evolution During the Kaingaroa 
                    Eruption, Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand: 
                    *S W Beresford
   0830h   VA11F-02 POSTER  Development of the Whakamaru Magma 
                    System and the Nature of Primary Rhyolitic 
                    Magmas in Central Taupo Volcanic Zone, New 
                    Zealand: *S J A Brown
   0830h   VA11F-03 POSTER  Evolution of the Indian Peak 
                    Volcanic Field, Great Basin, USA: A Large 
                    Silicic Magma System Related to Subduction: 
                    *E H Christiansen, M G Best, A L Deino
   0830h   VA11F-04 POSTER  Stratigraphy, ~L40~KAR/~L39~KAr 
                    Geochronology, Paleomagnetism, and 
                    Petrologic Evolution of Ash-Flow Tuffs and 
                    Associated Lavas of the Eocene Stone Cabin 
                    Formation, Central Nevada Caldera Complex: 
                    *A L Deino, C S Gromme, M G Best, E H 
                    Christiansen, L E Radke
   0830h   VA11F-05 POSTER  Cretaceous Tectonic Environments of 
                    the Large-Volume Rhyolitic Fields Origin of 
                    the NE Asia (Russia): *N I Filatova
   0830h   VA11F-06 POSTER  Single-Crystal Laser-Fusion 
                    ~L40~KAr/~L39~Ar Dating of Early 
                    Post-Lava-Creek-Tuff Rhyolites, Yellowstone 
                    Plateau Volcanic Field: *C A Gansecki, M O 
                    McWilliams, G A Mahood, R L Christiansen
   0830h   VA11F-07 POSTER  Preliminary Study of the 
                    Magnetostratigraphy and Rock Magnetism of 
                    Etendeka Volcanics, Namibia, and Its 
                    Significance to the Timing and Style of 
                    Eruption: *J M Glen, P Renne, S Milner
   0830h   VA11F-08 POSTER  Threat of Active Lava Lake at 
                    Nyiragongo Volcano in Eastern Zaire: *H 
                    Hamaguchi, Y Morita, S Hori, M Wafula, M 
                    Kaseleka, N Zana
   0830h   VA11F-09 POSTER  Origin of Tholeiitic and 
                    Calcalkaline Andesitic Provinces Within 
                    Volcanic Belts: *B V Ivanov
   0830h   VA11F-10 POSTER  Mode of Eruption for the Youngest 
                    Toya Pyroclastic Flow Sheet, Northern Japan: 
                    I W Lee, *T Ui
   0830h   VA11F-11 POSTER  The Major Quantitative Values for 
                    Long-Existing Volcanic Centers of Kamchatka: 
                    *N N Kozhemyaka
   0830h   VA11F-12 POSTER  Evolution of the Large Tertiary 
                    Borovitsa Volcanic System, Bulgaria: *P 
                    Marchev, Y Yanev, J Quick, Z Pecskay
   0830h   VA11F-13 POSTER  Internal Structure of the 27 Ma 
                    Turkey Creek Caldera, Southeast Arizona, USA: 
                    J S Pallister, E A Du Bray
   0830h   VA11F-14 POSTER  The Rabaul Eruption According to the 
                    Internet: Ethical and Informational Dilemmas: 
                    *M P Poland, K L Verosub
   0830h   VA11F-15 POSTER  A Geophysical Contribution to the 
                    Study of Rhyolites in SE Parana 
                    CFB-Province: Preliminary Results: *M C L 
                    Quintas, F B Ribeiro, M S M Mantovani
   0830h   VA11F-16 POSTER  The Cranberry Island Series of 
                    Coastal Maine: Bimodal Volcanism on 
                    Pre-Acadian Avalon: *S J Seaman, R A Wobus
   0830h   VA11F-17 POSTER  Calimani Volcano: An Example of 
                    Trap-Door Caldera in the East Carpathians, 
                    Romania: *I Seghedi
   0830h   VA11F-18 POSTER  A Landsat Thematic Mapper Overview 
                    of the Volcanism and Regional Tectonic 
                    Setting of the Volcano Fantale, Ethiopia: *J P 
   0830h   VA11F-19 POSTER  Tectonomagmatic Setting of the 
                    Osmundsberg K-Bentonite (Lower Silurian) in 
                    Northwestern Europe: *H  Sun, W D Huff

VA12A  MUENZ:E050  Mon  1330h
VJS1  Geodynamic Evolution of the Andean Region (joint  with IGCP Project 345,
Presiding: P Silver, DTM/CIW; S E Barrientos, University of Chile

   1330h   VA12A-01 3-D Upper-Mantle Velocity Structure Beneath 
                    Bolivia: *J VanDecar, P Silver, S Beck, T 
   1345h   VA12A-02 The Great 9 June 94 Bolivian Deep 
                    Earthquake: An Exceptional Event in an 
                    Extraordinary Subduction Zone: *E A Okal, E R 
                    Engdahl, S H Kirby
   1400h   VA12A-03 The Deep Bolivia Earthquake of June 9, 1994: 
                    *S Beck, T  Wallace, P  Silver, S  Myers, M  
                    Tinker, W  Jiao, J  Wu, D  James, G Zandt
   1415h   VA12A-04 Nazca Intraslab Earthquakes and the 
                    Thermomechanical Evolution of the Nazca 
                    Plate and Descending Nazca Slab: *S H Kirby, 
                    E R Engdahl, E A Okal
   1430h   VA12A-05 Depth and Tectonic Control of Subduction 
                    Induced Volcanism in Western Margins of the 
                    American Plates: V Hanus, J Vanek
   1445h   VA12A-06 Neogene Magmatic Evolution and the Shape of 
                    the Subducting Oceanic Slab Beneath the 
                    Central Andean Arc: *S Mahlburg Kay, B  Coira, 
                    C  Mpodozis
   1500h   Break
   1530h   VA12A-07 Shallow Seismicity and Crustal Structure in 
                    Central Chile: *S E Barrientos, E E Vera
   1545h   VA12A-08 No Moho-Arrivals Beneath the Central Andean 
                    Magmatic Arc (21~Lo~K-23~Lo~KS): *M Schmitz, 
                    M Araneda, G Asch, K Forste, P Giese, C 
                    Haberland, K Lessel, A Schulze, P Wigger
   1600h   VA12A-09 Seismic Exploration of the Deep Altiplano 
                    (SEDA): Crustal Structure and Mantle 
                    Anisotropy: *G Zandt, S Ruppert, D Rock, E 
                    Minaya, R Acala, L Drake, S Beck, S Myers, T 
                    Wallace, P Silver
   1615h   VA12A-10 The Origin of the Andean Orogen Since the 
                    Mid Tertiary: *P G Silver, R M Russo
   1630h   VA12A-11 Finite Element Simulations of Mantle Flow 
                    Around a Deformable Continent: A Model for 
                    South America: *L P Solheim, P G Silver
   1645h   VA12A-12 Comparability of the Flat-Slab Sectors of 
                    the Andes and Sevier-Laramide USA: 
                    Consequences of Tectonic Erosion and 
                    Coupling at the Subducting Plate Downbend: 
                    *M F Osmaston

VA12B  RAMAL:C 250  Mon  1330h
VJW1  Electromagnetic Effects of Earthquakes and Volcanoes
 (joint  with S)
Presiding: M Johnston, USGS; M B Gokhberg, 
           Inst of Physics of the Earth

   1330h   VA12B-01 Continuous Observation of the Geomagnetic 
                    Total Intensity Around a Crustal Active 
                    Region in the North-Eastern Part of the Izu 
                    Peninsula: *N  Oshiman, Y  Sasai
   1345h   VA12B-02 Preliminary Results of Self-Potential 
                    Measurements During Aftershock Activity 
                    Following the M7.2 Earthquake in the Kobe 
                    Area, Japan: *Y Honkura, H Tsunakawa
   1400h   VA12B-03 On the Seismic Resistivity Changes Recorded 
                    at Abratsubo, Central Japan: *H Utada, T 
                    Yoshino, T Yukutake
   1415h   VA12B-04 Recently Observed Anomalous Changes in 
                    Geoelectric Potential Preceding Earthquakes 
                    in Japan: T Nagao, Y Asai, Y Kono, S Uyeda
   1430h   VA12B-05 Two Decades of Magnetic Field Monitoring 
                    Along the San Andreas Fault System in 
                    California, U.S.A.: *R J Mueller, M J S 
   1445h   VA12B-06 Recent Earthquake Prediction Results in 
                    Greece Based on the Observation of Seismic 
                    Electric Signals: *P Varotsos, K Eftaxias, M 
                    Lazaridou, G Antonopoulos, J Kopanas, J 
   1500h   Break
   1530h   VA12B-07 Further Study on the Time Changes in 
                    Geomagnetic Response Functions C and the 
                    1976 Tangshan Earthquake: *P F Chen
   1545h   VA12B-08 Sudden Increases of the Standard Deviation 
                    of Geoelectric Field Intensities Measured in 
                    the Night Prior to the Earthquakes Occurred 
                    in the Immediate Vicinity: J Miyakoshi, I 
                    Shiozaki, M Nakamura, N Seto
   1600h   VA12B-09 The Study of Electric and Magnetic Fields 
                    Variations Observed In Situ in the Process 
                    of the Rock Massif Failure: *V A Shapiro, V A 
   1615h   VA12B-10 Tectonomagnetic Effect Associated With Shear 
                    in Fault Zone: *I A Garagash
   1630h   VA12B-11 Seismomagnetic Precursor Research in China: *Z 
   1645h   VA12B-12 Geoelectric Signals: A Clue to the 
                    Earthquake Process: *J J Chu, X Gui, J Dai, C 
                    Marone, M W Spiegelman, L Seeber, J G 

VA12C  D WRD:Auditorium  Mon  1345h
V4  Evolution of Large Volcanic Systems
Presiding: K Hon, USGS; M Mantovani, Univ of Sao Paulo

   1345h   VA12C-01 An Evaluation of Emplacement Conditions for 
                    Long Volcanic Flows on Planetary Surfaces: 
                    *J R Zimbelman
   1400h   VA12C-02 Arguments Against the Turbulent Emplacement 
                    of Flood Basalt Lava Flows: *L Keszthelyi, S 
   1415h   VA12C-03 Constraints on Mechanisms of Pyroclastic 
                    Eruptions on Santorini, Greece, From 
                    Palaeomagnetic Measurements: *E McClelland, L 
                    Bardot, R Thomas, D Kondopoulou
   1430h   VA12C-04 Genesis of Quaternary Large Scale Acid 
                    Volcanism in the Ethiopian Rift Valley: A 
                    Peccerillo, Y Gezaegn, A Dereje
   1445h   VA12C-05 Rift-Related, Large-Volume Silicic Volcanism 
                    Associated With Early Cretaceous Continental 
                    Breakup, Eastern Australia: C J Stephens, A 
                    Ewart, S E Bryan, R W Schon
   1500h   Break
   1530h   VA12C-06 The Oceanic Basalt-Rhyolite Association of 
                    Gran Canaria: Evidence From Land and From 
                    the Sea: H U Schmincke, M Sumita, A Freundt, 
                    K Hoenle, P van den Bogaard
   1545h   VA12C-07 The Genesis of Large Volume of High Silica 
                    Magma From Mafic High Silica Mantle Melts: 
                    The Examples of Monti Cimini and Monte 
                    Amiata, Central Italy: *S Conticelli, G Poli, 
                    L Francalanci, P Manetti
   1600h   VA12C-08 Basalt-Rhyolite Volcanism of the High Lava 
                    Plains, Mirror of the Snake River Plain: A L 
                    Grunder, J A Johnson, M J Streck
   1615h   VA12C-09 The Central Nevada Caldera Complex in the 
                    Middle Tertiary Ash-Flow Province of the 
                    Great Basin, USA: *M G Best, E H Christiansen, 
                    A L Deino, C S Gromme
   1630h   VA12C-10 The Nature of Subvolcanic Magma Reservoirs 
                    in Central Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand 
                    as Evidenced by Lithic Fragments in Large 
                    Volume Ignimbrites: *S J A Brown, J W Cole, 
                    S W Beresford, D Shelley
   1645h   VA12C-11 The Origin and Differentiation of Magmas of 
                    the Oligocene SE San Juan Volcanic Field 
                    (Platoro Caldera Complex), Colorado, USA: M A 
                    Dungan, S Moorbath, M T Colucci, S D Balsley, 
                    K M Ferguson

VA21A  MUENZ:E050  Tues  0830h
ILPS  Geodynamic Evolution of the Andean Region (joint  with IGCP Project 345,
Presiding: H J Goetze, FU Berlin; V A Ramos, 
           University of Buenos Aires

   0830h   VA21A-01 Probable Contribution of Lithospheric 
                    Heating to the Isostatic Balance in the 
                    Central Andes: A Introcaso, M C Pacino
   0845h   VA21A-02 The Lithosphere of the Andean Region: 
                    Thermal Structure and Rheologic Heterogeneity: 
                    *M Munoz
   0900h   VA21A-03 Lithospheric Density Distribution and 
                    Isostatic State of the Central Andes: *H J 
                    Goetze, A Kirchner, S Mohr, S Schmidt
   0915h   VA21A-04 The Central Andean Lithosphere, Thickened by 
                    Tectonic and Magmatic/Metamorphic Processes: 
                    *P Giese
   0930h   VA21A-05 Paleomagnetic Rotations, Deflections, and 
                    Crustal Thickening in the Andean Cordillera: 
                    *C  Laj, C  Kissel, J  Surmont, P  Mitouard, 
                    O  Macedo-Sanchez
   0945h   VA21A-06 Rates of Late Cenozoic Shortening in the 
                    Andean Foreland: R W Allmendinger, T R Zapata
   1000h   Break
   1030h   VA21A-07 Neogene Kinematics Associated With Plateau 
                    Uplift at the Southern Edge of the 
                    Argentinian Puna: *M de Urreiztieta, O 
                    Bourgeois, D Gapais, C Le Corre, P Cobbold, E 
   1045h   VA21A-08 3-D Flexural Deformation of the Western S. 
                    American Plate: Distribution of Late 
                    Cenozoic Sub-Andean Foreland Peripheral 
                    Bulges: *N Ussami, S Shiraiwa
   1100h   VA21A-09 Foreland Basin Evolution: Clues to Late 
                    Oligocene-Miocene Andean Growth, Bolivia and 
                    Argentina: *T E Jordan, J H Reynolds, J 
   1115h   VA21A-10 The Evolution of Deformation and Topography 
                    of the Central Andes: *S  Wdowinski, Y  Bock
   1130h   VA21A-11 Tectonic Evolution of the Argentine Andean 
                    Foreland Basin Based on Paleomagnetic Studies: 
                    G H Re, *J F Vilas
   1145h   VA21A-12 Vertical Axis Rotations in Tertiary 
                    Sedimentary Rocks, Central Andes: C B Prezzi, 
                    *J F Vilas, R Somoza, A M Sinito

VA21B  RAMAL:C250  Tues  0830h
VJW1  Electromagnetic Effects of Earthquakes and Volcanoes
 (joint  with S)
Presiding: M Parrot, LPCE/CNRS; Y Fujinawa, 
           National Res Inst for Earth

   0830h   VA21B-01 Ionospheric Disturbances Associated With 
                    Great Earthquake: *T Ondoh
   0845h   VA21B-02 GPS Detection of Ionospheric Perturbations 
                    Following the January 17, 1994, Northridge 
                    Earthquake: *E Calais, J B Minster
   0900h   VA21B-03 Observations of ULF Magnetic Fields 
                    Preceding Earthquakes: Progress Six Years 
                    After Loma Prieta: *A C Fraser-Smith
   0915h   VA21B-04 ULF Emissions Associated With the Guam 
                    Earthquake in 1993: R Kawate, M Hayakawa, O A 
   0930h   VA21B-05 Analysis of TEC Measurements Above Active 
                    Seismic Regions: *M Parrot, Y Zaslavski, E 
   0945h   VA21B-06 Seismoionospheric Effects in Conjugate 
                    Hemispheres on Base of Low Frequency and 
                    Particle Precipitation Measurements: V N 
                    Oraevsky, Y Y Ruzhin, V I Larkina
   1000h   Break
   1015h   VA21B-07 Characteristics of Anomalous Subsurface 
                    Electric Field Changes Related to 
                    Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions: *Y 
                    Fujinawa, K Takahashi
   1030h   VA21B-08 Self Potential Anomaly as a Sign of 
                    Subsurface Hydrothermal Activity - Unzen 
                    Volcano, Japan: T Hashimoto, Y Tanaka
   1045h   VA21B-09 Slow Magnetic Variations on La Fournaise 
                    Volcano Over a 9 Years Time Span: *J 
                    Zlotnicki, S Michel, J L Le Mouel
   1100h   VA21B-10 Micromagnetic Variations at Mount Etna, 
                    Sicily: R Rees, H Rymer, *W J McGuire
   1115h   VA21B-11 Thermal Magnetic Changes on Aso Volcano 
                    (1989-1994): *Y Tanaka
   1130h   VA21B-12 An Anomaly of ELF Vertical Magnetic Flux as 
                    a Precursor of Dome Formation at Unzen 
                    Volcano and Its Model Analysis: *M Hata, S 
                    Yabashi, X Tian
   1145h   VA21B-13 Radiation From Electric Dipole Moment 
                    Generated by Magma's Hydrothermal Flow at 
                    Outlet of Aquifer of Volcano: X Tian, *M Hata

VA21C  D WRD:Auditorium  Tues  0900h
V4  Restless Calderas
Presiding: J Pallister, USGS, Denver; J Cole, Univ of Canterbury

   0900h   VA21C-01 Eruption Forecasting at Large, Restless 
                    Calderas: *D P Hill
   0930h   VA21C-02 Active Deformation of the Yellowstone 
                    Caldera Imaged by GPS: C M Meertens, R B 
   1000h   VA21C-03 The 1994 Eruptions at Rabaul Volcano, Paupua 
                    New Guinea: *C McKee, B Talai, N Lauer, R 
                    Stewart, P deSaint Ours, I Itikarai, H Patia, 
                    D Lolok, H Davies, R W Johnson
   1030h   Break
   1045h   VA21C-04 Mechanisms of Unrest Episodes at Campi 
                    Flegrei Caldera: *G De Natale
   1105h   VA21C-05 Deformational History of the Campi Flegrei 
                    Nested Caldera: L Civetta, S de Vita, M 
                    Di Vito, *G Orsi
   1125h   VA21C-06 The Campi Flegrei Caldera: Volcanism and 
                    Resurgence in a Densely-Populated Nested 
                    Caldera: L Civetta, S de Vita, M Di Vito, *G 
   1145h   VA21C-07 Structural Control of the Thira Volcanic 
                    Field, Greece-Vent Locations, Calderas, and 
                    Hazard Evaluation: *G H Heiken, F W McCoy

VA22A  MUENZ:E050  Tues  1330h
VJS1  Geodynamic Evolution of the Andean Region (joint  with IGCP Project 345,
Presiding: S Kay, Cornell Univ; G A Yanez, 
           Servicio Nacional de Geologia y Mineria

   1330h   VA22A-01 Spreading Rate History and Plate Boundary 
                    Reorganizations of the Chile Ridge: *S F 
                    Tebbens, S C Cande
   1345h   VA22A-02 Late Cenozoic Evolution of Plateau Magmatism 
                    in Southern Patagonia SE of the Chile Triple 
                    Junction: *M L Gorring, S M Kay, V A Ramos, 
                    P K Zeitler
   1400h   VA22A-03 Geophysical Studies of the Chile Margin 
                    Triple Junction: *R Murdie, P Styles, D Prior
   1415h   VA22A-04 Genesis of Adakites from the Andean AVZ: 
                    Role of Subducted Slab, Mantle Wedge, and 
                    Crust: *C R Stern, R Kilian
   1430h   VA22A-05 The Origin of Low-K and High-K Basalts From 
                    the Southern Andean Volcanic Zone: *R Kilian, 
                    E Hegner, M Satir
   1445h   VA22A-06 Transition From Accretion to Tectonic 
                    Erosion Across the Chile Margin Triple 
                    Junction: *G K Westbrook, A Lothian
   1500h   Break
   1530h   VA22A-07 Chemical and Isotopic Constraints on the 
                    Origin of Pleistocence to Pliocene Trench 
                    Sediments at the Chile Triple Junction: *J 
                    Behrmann, R Kilian
   1545h   VA22A-08 Miocene Granitoids in Southern Chile as 
                    Fore-Runners of Southern Volcanic Zone 
                    Volcanism: *R J Pankhurst, S D Weaver, F 
   1600h   VA22A-09 Temporal Geochemical Variation in Alkalic 
                    Basalts Erupted Behind the Andean Volcanic 
                    Front (35~Lo~K-37~Lo~KS): Evidence for 
                    Changing the Angle and/or Rate of Subduction: 
                    *A E Saal, F A Frey, D Delpino, A Bermudez
   1615h   VA22A-10 Chemical Evolution of Volcan Tatara-San 
                    Pedro, 36~Lo~KS, Chilean Andes as Reflected 
                    in Chemo-Stratigraphic Columns: *A H Wulff
   1630h   VA22A-11 Tectonic Trigger for the Formation of Giant 
                    Miocene to Pliocene Copper Deposits in 
                    Central Chile (32-34~Lo~KS): *M A Skewes
   1645h   VA22A-12 The Fold and Thrust Belt of the Central 
                    Andes in Alto Rio Tunuyan (33~Lo~K30'S 
                    Latitude, Chile and Argentina): *V A Ramos, V 
                    Godoy, E Godoy

VA22B  RAMAL:C250  Tues  1330h
VJW1  Electromagnetic Effects of Earthquakes and Volcanoes
 (joint  with S,V)
Presiding: M Parrot, LPCE/CNRS; Y Fujinawa, 
           National Research Inst for Earth

   1330h   VA22B-01 Electromagnetic Phenomena Generated by the 
                    Explosion: *H Sakai, T Kato, T Kobayashi, T 
                    Okado, Y Fujinawa
   1345h   VA22B-02 Experiment on Electromagnetic Radiation EMR 
                    During Rock Failure: A Rabinovitch, V Frid, *D 
   1400h   VA22B-03 Generation of ULF Emission by Microfracturing: 
                    O A Molchanov, M Hayakawa
   1415h   VA22B-04 The Experimental Results on the Actual 
                    Measurement of Energy Transmission Loss of 
                    Magnetic Field Components Across the Tunnel 
                    to Tunnel: T Yoshino, H Sato
   1430h   VA22B-05 Laboratory Investigation of the Origin of 
                    Electric Signals Preceding Earthquakes: *C 
                    Mavromatou, V Hadjicontis
   1445h   VA22B-06 The Role of Electric Energy in Earthquake 
                    Origination: *S Balassanian, C Bakhsian

VA22C  CIRES:Auditorium  Tues  1330h
V4  Restless Calderas/Evolution of Large Volcanic Systems
Presiding: M Mantovani, Univ of Sao Paulo; J Cole, 
           Univ of Canterbury

   1330h   VA22C-01 The Historic Activity of Santorini Volcanic 
                    Field Occurring After the Explosive 
                    Rhyodacitic Eruption of Minoan Age: Examples 
                    of Interaction Between Mafic and Acid Magmas: 
                    *L Francalanci, G Vougioukalakis, G 
                    Eleftheriadis, P Manetti, S Conticelli, C 
                    Petrone, A Sbrana
   1345h   VA22C-02 Bimodal Nature of the Eruptive History of 
                    Cotopaxi Volcano, Ecuador: *M L Hall, P A 
   1400h   VA22C-03 A Preliminary Outline of Space-Time 
                    Evolution of Taal Caldera, Philippines: *E L 
   1415h   VA22C-04 Researches on Quaternary Pyroclastic 
                    Deposits and Their Hazards in Northeast China: 
                    *L Xiang
   1430h   VA22C-05 Subsidence of Ash-Flow Calderas: Role of 
                    Magma-Chamber Geometry: *P W Lipman
   1445h   VA22C-06 Comparison of Crustal Structure Beneath 
                    Valles Caldera, New Mexico and Long Valley 
                    Caldera, California: *L Steck, W Lutter, M 
                    Fehler, C Thurber, C Weiland, S Baldridge, P 
   1500h   VA22C-07 Evolution of the Yellowstone Hotspot: 
                    Variation in Frequency, Temperature, and 
                    Composition of Large Silicic Eruptions From 
                    17 Ma to the Present: *W P Nash, M E Perkins
   1515h   Break
   1530h   VA22C-08 Silicic Volcanism Along the 16-Ma 
                    Yellowstone Hot Spot Track: Evidence for 
                    Change in Plume Dynamics at 10 Ma: *L A 
                    Morgan, K L Pierce
   1545h   VA22C-09 Distortion of the Yellowstone Starting Plume 
                    Head Against the Precambrian Margin of North 
                    America: An Active-Mantle Origin for 
                    Columbia River Basalt Volcanism: *V E Camp
   1600h   VA22C-10 Solitons, Mantle Shear, and the Segmentation 
                    of Plume Tails: Plume Dynamics in the Snake 
                    River Plain, Idaho: *J Shervais, S Vetter, B 
   1615h   VA22C-11 Seismic Investigations of the Greater 
                    Yellowstone System: K Dueker, *E  Humphreys, 
                    R  Palmer, X  Peng
   1630h   VA22C-12 Seismicity at Mount Rainier, Washington: *S C 
                    Moran, A  Qamar, S D Malone
   1645h   VA22C-13 Tomographic Images Illuminate Mount 
                    Rainier's Potential Volcanic Hazard: *J M 
                    Lees, S C Moran

VA31A  D WRD:Auditorium  Wed  0830h
V7  Volcano Flank Instability
Presiding: R Denlinger, Hawaii Volcano Observatory; A Borgia, 
           Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica

   0830h   VA31A-01 Evidence for Sector Collapse During Volcano 
                    Growth: *P W Francis
   0900h   VA31A-02 Landslide Mechanics and Volcano Flank 
                    Instability: *R M Iverson
   0930h   VA31A-03 Coupling of Magmatic Processes, Flank 
                    Expansion, and Earthquakes at Kilauea 
                    Volcano, Hawaii: *J H Dieterich
   1000h   Break
   1020h   VA31A-04 Structure and Evolution of La Reunion 
                    Volcano Edifice From Exploration Seismics: A 
                    Hirn, J C Lepine, M Sapin, V Lankar, A 
                    Nercessian, L Driad, M Laigle, B de Voogd, S 
                    Pou, J Gallart, J Danobeitia, P Charvis, R 
   1040h   VA31A-05 New Insights Into the Structural Evolution 
                    of the Volcanic System of Reunion: *J F Lenat, 
                    B Malengreau, P Labazuy, A Galdeano
   1100h   VA31A-06 Extension of the Rift System at Kilauea 
                    Volcano: *P T Delaney, J P Kauahikaua
   1120h   VA31A-07 A Delicate Balance at Kilauea Volcano: 
                    Insights Gained From a Four Month Pause in 
                    Seaward Flank Displacement: *R P Denlinger, M 
                    Lisowski, A Miklius, M Sako
   1140h   VA31A-08 Relative Flank Stability of Mauna Loa, Hawaii: 
                    P W Lipman, D A Swanson

VA31B  EC:Arena  Wed  0830h
V7  Volcano Flank Instability - Posters
Presiding: R Denlinger, Hawaii Volcano Observatory; A Borgia, 
           Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica

   0830h   VA31B-01 POSTER  The Role of the Basal Boundary 
                    Condition in the Structural Development of 
                    Large Volcanoes: *P J McGovern
   0830h   VA31B-02 POSTER  The Role of the Hilina Fault System 
                    in the Deformation of the Mobile South Flank 
                    of Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii: *R Burgmann, R 
   0830h   VA31B-03 POSTER  Instability by the Growth of Dike 
                    Complex: Examples of a Volcano With the 
                    Cyclic Activity of Flank and Central 
                    Eruptions: *A Takada
   0830h   VA31B-04 POSTER  Flank Instability on Lava Domes on 
                    Venus: *M H Bulmer
   0830h   VA31B-05 POSTER  Sector Failures and Accompanying 
                    Eruptions at Harimkotan Volcano (Kurile 
                    Islands): A B Belousov, *M G Belousova
   0830h   VA31B-06 POSTER  Dynamic and General Modeling of a 
                    Volcanic Debris Avalanche: Some Examples of 
                    Application: *J Fernandez, L Garcia Cacho, V 
                    Arana, R del Rey
   0830h   VA31B-07 POSTER  The Importance of Chiancone 
                    Volcaniclastic Sequence in the Recent 
                    History of Etna Volcano (Italy): *S  Calvari, 
                    G  Groppelli
   0830h   VA31B-08 POSTER  Rapid Motion of Mauna Loa Volcano's 
                    East Flank: *A  Miklius, R  Denlinger, M  
                    Lisowski, P  Okubo, M K Sako
   0830h   VA31B-09 POSTER  Pressure History of Kilauea's Magma 
                    System Since 1955, With Implications for 
                    Magma Supply and Flank Stability: *R P 
                    Denlinger, A Miklius, M Sako
   0830h   VA31B-10 POSTER  A Multifractal Approach to the 
                    Space-Temporal Distribution of the Mt. Etna 
                    Volcano Seismicity: Kinematical and 
                    Geodynamic Implications: *V  Latora, S  
                    Vinciguerra, A  Montalto, G  Patane, A  
   0830h   VA31B-11 POSTER  Erosion, Eruptions, Explosives, et 
                    Glissements de Flanc: Discussion sur les 
                    Modalites de Formation de la Caldera de Las 
                    Canadas (Tenerife, Iles Canaries, Espagne): *G 
                    Kieffer, P Y Gillot, G Camus, A Gourgaud
   0830h   VA31B-12 POSTER  Cycles of Volanic Growth, 
                    Flank-Failure and "Caldera Scarps" in Canary 
                    Islands: E Ancochea, *J M Fuster, M J Huertas, 
                    E Ibarrola, J Coello, J M Navarro
   0830h   VA31B-13 POSTER  Mechanical and Thermal Mechanisms 
                    for Generating Suprahydrostatic Pore Fluid 
                    Pressures in Volcano Flanks: *D  Elsworth, B  
   0830h   VA31B-14 POSTER  Flow and Deposition Mechanisms of 
                    the Zenkoji Debris Avalanche, Usu Volcano, 
                    Southwestern Hokkaido, Japan: *S Takarada
   0830h   VA31B-15 POSTER  Block-and-Ash Flows: Unrecognized 
                    Hazard at Mayon Volcano, Philippines: *S 
                    Geronimo-Catane, E L Listanco, H T Mirabueno
   0830h   VA31B-16 POSTER  Explosion Induced Failure of the 
                    North Slope of Mt St Helens: *A  Rice
   0830h   VA31B-17 POSTER  Radial Stresses From Volcanoes 
                    Generate Large Earthquakes: *M Wyss
   0830h   VA31B-18 POSTER  Internal Structure and Weaknesses of 
                    La Soufriere Volcano, Guadeloupe, FWI: 
                    Convergence Between Geological Information, 
                    Self-Potential, and Groundwater Chemical 
                    Surveys: M P Semet, J Zlotnicki, G Boudon, S 
                    Bigot, G Hammouya, M Feuillard, *J L Cheminee
   0830h   VA31B-19 POSTER  Volcano Flank Instability Induced by 
                    Regional Extension: The Case of Roccamonfina 
                    Volcano in Southern Italy: D De Rita, G 

VA32A  D WRD:Auditorium  Wed  1320h
V7  Volcano Flank Instability
Presiding: R Denlinger, Hawaii Volcano Observatory; A Borgia, 
           Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica

   1320h   VA32A-01 Gigantic Debris Avalanche Deposit Fans at 
                    Paired Volcanoes in the Trans-Mexican 
                    Volcanic Belt: Examples From Colima and 
                    Popocatepetl: *C Siebe, J L Macias, J C 
                    Komorowski, M Abrams
   1340h   VA32A-02 Giant Debris Avalanches From Popocatepetl 
                    Volcano, Mexico: *M Abrams, C Siebe, J L 
                    Macias, H Delgado
   1400h   VA32A-03 Large Flank Failures in the Holocene 
                    Eruptive History of Shiveluch Volcano, 
                    Kamchatka, Russia: *V V Ponomareva, M M 
   1420h   VA32A-04 Mass Movements Associated With Quaternary 
                    Volcanoes in Hokkaido, Japan: *H Yamagishi, Y 
   1440h   Break
   1500h   VA32A-05 Volcano Flank Instability at Mount Etna, 
                    Sicily: *W J McGuire, C Vita-Finzi, C R Firth, 
                    I S Stewart, S J Saunders
   1520h   VA32A-06 Etna and Its Seaward Flank at Crust-Mantle 
                    Scale: Evidence of Deep Upwarp and Surface 
                    Extension: R Nicolich, L Cernobori, L 
                    Petronio, M Romanelli, A Hirn, M Laigle, F 
                    Avedik, J C Lepine, J Gallart, M Sachpazi
   1540h   VA32A-07 Environmental Influences on Slope Stability, 
                    Mt. Etna, Sicily: *P J Rollin
   1600h   VA32A-08 La Destabilisation du Flanc Oriental de 
                    l'Etna (Sicile, Italie): Modalites et 
                    Consequences: *G Kieffer
   1620h   VA32A-09 Contrasting Origin and Evolution of the 
                    Eastern and Western Canarian Islands: *J C 
                    Carracedo, S J Day
   1640h   VA32A-10 The Structure and Mechanics of Asymmetric 
                    Rift Flank Collapses in the Canary Islands: 
                    *S J Day, J C Carracedo

VA41A  EC:Arena  Thurs  0830h
V1  Origin of Large Igneous Provinces - Posters
Presiding: W W Sager, Texas A&M Univ; L S Marques, 
           Univ of Sao Paulo

   0830h   VA41A-01 POSTER  A MOMO - Episode Near the KT 
                    Boundary, Crustal Accretion and the Gravity 
                    Signature Over the NW India: *U Raval
   0830h   VA41A-02 POSTER  Origin of Komatiites: *V N Anfilogov
   0830h   VA41A-03 POSTER  Lead Isotope Constraints on the 
                    Origin of Continental Flood Basalts of 
                    Parana Magmatic Province (Southern Brazil): 
                    *L S Marques, B Dupre
   0830h   VA41A-04 POSTER  Geochemistry and Tectonic Setting of 
                    the Basaltic Lava Flows of Deccan Trap Age 
                    and Associated Dykes in the Narmada Valley 
                    Region Around Barwah, District Khargone, 
                    M.P., India: *R S Raghuwanshi, K K Rao
   0830h   VA41A-05 POSTER  Petrological Study of Lava Flows and 
                    Associated Dykes Around Bakaner, Dhar 
                    District, Madhya Pradesh, India: *K K Rao
   0830h   VA41A-06 POSTER  The Paleoproterozoic Silicious 
                    High-Mg Series Province on the Baltic Shield: 
                    E V Sharkov, V F Smol'kin
   0830h   VA41A-07 POSTER  Intercontinental Igneous Provinces: 
                    Erupted Volumes Statistical Study: *A N 
                    Zemtsov, S A Kurenkov

VA41B  D WRD:Auditorium  Thurs  0930h
V1  Origin of Large Igneous Provinces
Presiding: M Coffin, Univ of Texas, Austin; C Farnetani, 
           Univ of California, B

   0930h   VA41B-01 Stratigraphy and Correlations Amongst Karoo 
                    Basalts: Implications for Evolution of the 
                    Karoo Igneous Province: *J S Marsh, P R 
                    Hooper, J Rehacek, R A Duncan, A R Duncan
   0945h   VA41B-02 Karoo Basalts and Picritic Basalts From the 
                    Tuli Syncline of Zimbabwe and Botswana: *A R 
                    Duncan, J S Marsh, A P le Roex, S H 
   1000h   Break
   1030h   VA41B-03 Ontong Java and Kerguelen Plateaus: 
                    Cretaceous Icelands?: M F Coffin, L M Gahagan
   1045h   VA41B-04 A Fresh Look at Ontong Java Plateau: *E L 
                    Winterer, M Nakanishi
   1100h   VA41B-05 Mantle Plume Melting and Magmatic 
                    Fractionation in Oceanic Plateau Genesis: A 
                    Model for the Crustal Structure of the 
                    Ontong Java Plateau: *C G Farnetani, M A 
                    Richards, M S Ghiorso
   1115h   VA41B-06 Drillhole Lavas From the Northwestern Deccan 
                    Traps, and the Evolution of Reunion Plume 
                    Mantle: *J J Mahoney, Z X Peng
   1130h   VA41B-07 Deccan Flood Basalt Province: *K V Subbarao, 
                    P R Hooper, J N Walsh

VA41C  EC:Arena  Thurs  0830h
V5  Dynamics of the Magma/Hydrothermal Interface - Posters
Presiding: S Ingebritsen, USGS, Menlo Park; C Jaupart, 
           Inst de Physique du Globe de Paris

   0830h   VA41C-01 POSTER  Numerical Modeling of Heat Transport 
                    and Oxygen Isotope Alteration in 
                    Hydrothermal Systems: The Skaergaard 
                    Intrusion Revisited: *T H Brikowski, R T 
   0830h   VA41C-02 POSTER  Mathematical Modeling of 
                    Magma-Hydrothermal System, Usu Volcano, Japan: 
                    *N Matsushima, T Ishido
   0830h   VA41C-03 POSTER  Transport Rates of Magmatic Fluids 
                    to the Hydrothermal System of Redoubt 
                    Volcano, Alaska, Constrained From 
                    Long-Period Seismicity: *M M Morrissey, B A 
   0830h   VA41C-04 POSTER  Determination of the Level of Water 
                    Source in Geyser Valley (Kamchatka): Static 
                    Hydrothermal Approach: A S Steinberg, E A 
   0830h   VA41C-05 POSTER  Magma-Groundwater Interactions Shown 
                    by Dike Contact Phenomena in Antarctic 
                    Volcanoes: *W E LeMasurier
   0830h   VA41C-06 POSTER  Volcanic-Hydrothermal System of 
                    Baransky Volcano, Iturup Island, Kuriles: Y A 
                    Taran, L M Yurova
   0830h   VA41C-07 POSTER  Volcanological Significance of Low 
                    Resistive Layer Beneath Volcanoes: *T 
                    Kagiyama, H Utada
   0830h   VA41C-08 POSTER  Tectonic Features, Volcanic 
                    Activity, and Hydrothermal Circulations on 
                    La Fournaise Volcano Inferred From Self 
                    Potential Surveys: S Michel, *J Zlotnicki
   0830h   VA41C-09 POSTER  Morphological Insights of Self 
                    Potential Anomalies on Eight Volcanoes: *Y 
                    Nishida, J Zlotnicki
   0830h   VA41C-10 POSTER  Fluids Geochemistry of Mt. Etna 
                    Volcano: P Allard, W D'Alessandro, *F Parello

VA41D  UMC:Forum Room  Thurs  0830h
V5  Dynamics of the Magma/Hydrothermal Interface
Presiding: S Ingebritsen, USGS, Menlo Park; C Jaupart, 
           Inst de Physique du Globe de Paris

   0830h   VA41D-01 INVITED  The Magmatic-Hydrothermal Interface 
                    Intersected by Geothermal Wells Drilled into 
                    Mt. Pinatubo Volcano, the Philippines: *A G 
   0900h   VA41D-02 INVITED  Volatile Fluxes Integrated Over 
                    Four Decades at Grimsvotn Volcano, Iceland: 
                    *A M Agustsdottir, S L Brantley
   0915h   VA41D-03 High Heat Discharge, Volcanic Activity, and 
                    Caldera Collapse in the Grimsvotn Volcano, 
                    Iceland: *M T Gudmundsson
   0930h   VA41D-04 INVITED  Topology and Dynamics of a 
                    Magma-Influenced Brine Interface: *M A 
                    McKibben, A E Williams
   1000h   Break
   1030h   VA41D-05 INVITED  Do Black Smoker Hydrothermal 
                    Systems Originate From Magma Bodies, Crustal 
                    Hot Rock, or Mantle Diapirs?: *C R B Lister
   1100h   VA41D-06 Modeling of Heat Exchange Between the 
                    Sea-Floor Black Smoker System and Magma 
                    Chamber: *A O Gliko, A G Petrunin
   1115h   VA41D-07 INVITED  Hydrodynamical Cellular Automata 
                    Models of Fluid Flow and Mineral 
                    Precipitation in Mid-ocean Ridge 
                    Hydrothermal Systems: *W C Shanks, D R 
                    Janecky, S Y Chen
   1145h   VA41D-08 Seawater Contribution to Volcanic Gases: *Y A 

VA41E  ENGR:CRO-30  Thurs  0930h
V7  Volcano Flank Instability
Presiding: R Denlinger, Hawaii Volcano Observatory; A Borgia, 
           Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica

   0930h   VA41E-01 A Rift-Transform System on an Active 
                    Volcano: Etna, Italia: *A  Borgia, A Tibaldi, 
                    G Pasquare, M Neri, V H M Garduno
   0950h   VA41E-02 Why Was the 1980 Bulge on the North Flank of 
                    Mount St. Helens?: *D A Swanson, B P Hausback, 
                    D R Zimbelman
   1010h   Break
   1030h   VA41E-03 Twin Debris Avalanche: Evidence of 
                    Multi-phase Collapse Events Occurring at 
                    Stratovolcanoes: *T Ui, M Yoshimoto, S G 
   1050h   VA41E-04 Destruction of the Cone of Stratovolcano: V V 
                    Adushkin, *Y N Zykov, S A Fedotov
   1110h   VA41E-05 Long-Term Evolution of Stratovolcanoes 
                    Viewed as Self-Organized Critical Phenomenon: 
                    *A Szakacs, C Suteanu
   1130h   VA41E-06 Destabilizing Hydrothermal Pressurization in 
                    Volcanoes: *M E Reid
   1150h   VA41E-07 The Development of Collapse Structures in 
                    Stratocones: *B van Wyk de Vries

VA42A  D WRD:Auditorium  Thurs  1330h
V1  Origin of Large Igneous Provinces
Presiding: N Arndt, Univ de Rennes; S L Chung, 
           National Taiwan Univ

   1330h   VA42A-01 Komatiite Volcanism: Evidence for a 3.5 Ga 
                    Oceanic Plateau From the Barberton 
                    Greenstone Belt, South Africa: *M Cloete
   1345h   VA42A-02 Dynamic Melting Produces Heterogeneities in 
                    the Plume Source of Gorgona Komatiites: *N T 
                    Arndt, A  Kerr, J  Tarney, A  Saunders, G  
                    Marriner, M J Cheadle
   1400h   VA42A-03 Shatsky Rise and Its Implications for the 
                    Plume-Head Hypothesis of Oceanic Plateau 
                    Formation: *W W Sager
   1415h   VA42A-04 The Interior of an Oceanic Plateau: Evidence 
                    From the Obducted Mafic and Ultramafic 
                    Sequences in Western Colombia: *A C Kerr, J 
                    Tarney, A D Saunders, G F Marriner, A Nivia, 
                    N T Arndt
   1430h   VA42A-05 ~L40~KAr/~L39~KAr Results From the Etendeka 
                    Magmatic Province, Namibia, and Comparison 
                    With the Parana Province: *P R Renne, S C 
                    Milner, J M Glen
   1445h   VA42A-06 ~L40~KAr/~L39~KAr Dating of Ethiopian Traps: 
                    C Hofmann, G Feraud, R Pik, C Coulon, G Yirgu, 
                    D Ayalew, C Deniel, V Courtillot
   1500h   Break
   1530h   VA42A-07 Excess ~L40~KAr in Biotite and Hornblende 
                    From the Noril'sk 1 Intrusion: Implications 
                    for the Age of the Siberian Traps: *P R Renne
   1545h   VA42A-08 Age and Duration of Magmatism Contributing 
                    to the Siberian Flood Basalt Province: C 
                    Mitchell, J G Fitton, *M S Pringle, J R 
                    Wiijbrans, A I Al'Mukhamedov, V V Zolotukhin, 
                    Y R Vassil'eva, N K Kulakhmetov
   1600h   VA42A-09 Episodes of Flood Basalt Volcanism Defined 
                    by ~L40~KAr/~L30~KAr Age Distributions: 
                    Correlation With Mass Extinctions?: *M R 
                    Rampino, B M Haggerty
   1615h   VA42A-10 Mass Extinctions in the Last 300 Ma: One 
                    Impact and Seven Flood Basalts: *V Courtillot
   1630h   VA42A-11 Origin of the Emeishan Flood Volcanism in 
                    South China and Its Connection With the 
                    Permo-Triassic Mass Extinction: *S L Chung, 
                    L H Lin, C H Lo, B M Jahn
   1645h   VA42A-12 Permian and Cenozoic Large Igneous Provinces 
                    in China: *X Mo

VA42B  UMC:Forum Room  Thurs  1330h
V5  Dynamics of the Magma/Hydrothermal Interface
Presiding: S Ingebritsen, USGS, Menlo Park; C Jaupart, 
           Inst de Physique du Globe de Paris

   1330h   VA42B-01 Transport of Energy and Volatiles From Dykes 
                    Into a Geothermal System: Evidence From the 
                    1975-1985 Rifting Episode in Krafla, 
                    N-Iceland: *N Oskarsson
   1345h   VA42B-02 Models for Volatile Transport Beneath 
                    Mammoth Mountain, California: *M L Sorey, W C 
                    Evans, C D Farrar, B M Kennedy
   1400h   VA42B-03 Magma-Groundwater Interaction: Evidence From 
                    Cyclic Tremor Occurrence and Geomagnetic 
                    Variations at Izu-Oshima Volcano, Japan: *H 
   1415h   VA42B-04 Mechanics of Magma/Water Interaction, 
                    Ukinrek Maars, Alaska: M H Ort, K H Wohletz, 
                    C A Neal, V S McConnell
   1430h   VA42B-05 INVITED  Transitions Between Explosive and 
                    Effusive Eruptions: *A W Woods
   1500h   Break
   1530h   VA42B-06 Experiments on Phreatomagmatic Explosions in 
                    a Transparent System: B Zimanowski, G 
                    Froehlich, V Lorenz
   1545h   VA42B-07 Drilling the Magma-hydrothermal Interface: 
                    WISDP, The White Island Scientific Drilling 
                    Project, New Zealand: *W A Elders
   1600h   VA42B-08 Magmatic Interludes in Active Hydrothermal 
                    Systems: Processes and Chemical Signatures: 
                    *B W Christenson
   1615h   VA42B-09 Single-Stage Hydrothermal Alteration at 
                    Mount Rainier Volcano, Washington: *D R 
                    Zimbelman, R O Rye, G S Plumlee
   1630h   VA42B-10 INVITED  Hydrologic Modeling of 
                    Magmatic-Hydrothermal Systems: *D O Hayba, 
                    S E Ingebritsen
   1645h   VA42B-11 Air Convection in the Vicinity of Igneous 
                    Intrusions: L A Auer, N D Rosenberg

VA51A  EC:Arena  Fri  0830h
VJS2  Subduction Zone Processes at 25-200 km Depth - Posters
 (joint  with ILP,S)
Presiding: G Bebout, Lehigh University

   0830h   VA51A-01 POSTER  Cinder Cone Size Related to 
                    Subduction Signature in the Ipala Graben, 
                    Southeast Guatemala: *K G Bemis, L C Patino, 
                    M J Carr
   0830h   VA51A-02 POSTER  A Temperature and Gravity Model of 
                    Spreading-Centre Subduction, With 
                    Application to Southern Chile: *A J Daniel, 
                    N J Kusnir, P Styles
   0830h   VA51A-03 POSTER  Mantle Processes of the Western 
                    Mediterranean Recorded in the Ronda 
                    Peridotite: *R  Govers, D van der Wal
   0830h   VA51A-04 POSTER  Constraints on Mantle Dynamics in 
                    the SW Pacific: New Pb-Sr-Nd Isotope Data 
                    From 'Eua Island, Tonga: *P D Kempton, D 
   0830h   VA51A-05 POSTER  Interaction of Tonalitic Melts With 
                    Mantle Peridotite: Evidence From a Xenolith 
                    of the Southern Andes: *R Kilian
   0830h   VA51A-06 POSTER  Thermal Structure and Hydration 
                    Conditions in the Southern Alaska Subduction 
                    Zone From Thermal Modeling and Seismic 
                    Tomography: *S C Ponko, S M Peacock, C O 
   0830h   VA51A-07 POSTER  Do Crustal High Conductivity Zones 
                    at Active Continental Margins Image Tectonic 
                    Processes?: *G Schwarz
   0830h   VA51A-08 POSTER  Three-Dimensional Attenuation 
                    Structure of the Uppermost Mantle of the 
                    Subduction Zone at Central Japan: *S  
   0830h   VA51A-09 POSTER  Systematics of Garnet Structure 
                    Variation With Pressure and Composition: *H M 
                    Smith, J R Smyth, M Harrell, J M Brown
   0830h   VA51A-10 POSTER  Transport of Metamorphic Fluid in 
                    Subducting Slab: *E I Suetnova
   0830h   VA51A-11 POSTER  Subducted Sediments in Magmas From 
                    Gunung Slamet Volcano, Java: Trace-Element 
                    and Isotopic Constraints: *D  Vukadinovic, C  
                    Gariepy, I A Nicholls, D J Whitford
   0830h   VA51A-12 POSTER  Geochemical Evidence for the 
                    Multiple Source Components Beneath the Bashi 
                    Segment of the Taiwan-Luzon Arc: *T F Yang, 
                    C H Chen, T Lee, M D Kurz, R S Punongbayan

VA51B  D WRD:Auditorium  Fri  0830h
VJS2  Subduction Zone Processes at 25-200 km Depth (joint 
 with ILP,S)
Presiding: S Peacock, Arizona State University

   0830h   VA51B-01 On the Petrologic, Thermal, and Seismic 
                    Structure of the Subduction-Zone Mantle Wedge: 
                    *S M Peacock, S C Ponko, C O Sanders
   0850h   VA51B-02 Water in Subduction Zones: *I Selwyn Sacks, D 
                    Zhao, C Kincaid
   0910h   VA51B-03 Seismic Tomography of Subduction Zones and 
                    Its Implications for Island Arc Magmatism: *D 
   0930h   VA51B-04 Subduction of the Pacific Plate Beneath the 
                    NE Japan Arc as Estimated From Seismic 
                    Observations: A Hasegawa, N Umino, T 
                    Matsuzawa, S Matsumoto, N Tsumura
   0950h   Discussion
   1000h   Break
   1030h   VA51B-05 Crustal Slab Metamorphism, Intraslab 
                    Earthquakes, and Arc Volcanism: *S H Kirby, 
                    E R Engdahl, R  Denlinger
   1050h   VA51B-06 Frequency-Dependent Propagation of Regional 
                    Body Waves and the Nature of Subducted Crust 
                    at 100-150 km Depths Beneath Alaska: G A 
                    Abers, G Sarker
   1110h   VA51B-07 The Nature of the Seismic Events in the 
                    Nazca Slab Between 70 and 120 km Depth - A 
                    Natural Hydraulic Phenomenon?: G Asch, *P 
                    Giese, F Graeber, A Rudloff, K Wylegalla
   1130h   VA51B-08 Seismotectonics of the Subduction Zone Near 
                    Nicaragua: Z  Hernandez, K  Atakan, *J  
   1150h   Discussion

VA51C  EC:Arena  Fri  0830h
V2  Seafloor Volcanism - Posters
Presiding: J Karsten, Univ of Hawaii; T Shibata, Okayama Univ

   0830h   VA51C-01 POSTER  Anomalous Magnetic Field of 
                    Submarine Volcanoes of the Kuril Island Arc: 
                    *V A Rashidov
   0830h   VA51C-02 POSTER  Compositional Variability of Venting 
                    Fluids From Seafloor Hydrothermal 
                    Manifestations of the Kurile-Kamchatka Arc: 
                    *A B Osipenko
   0830h   VA51C-03 POSTER  Recent Volcanic Eruptions Between 
                    17-19~Lo~KS on the EPR: J M Auzende, J Sinton, 
                    V Ballu, R Batiza, D Bideau, M H Cormier, Y 
                    Fouquet, P Geistdoerfer, Y Lagabrielle, P 
   0830h   VA51C-04 POSTER  Isotopic and Geochemical Mantle 
                    Boundary Coincident With Dueling Propagation 
                    on the East Pacific Rise Near 20.7~Lo~KS: *S M 
                    Smaglik, J M Sinton, J J Mahoney
   0830h   VA51C-05 POSTER  Structure and Petrology of a Tethyan 
                    Ophiolite in the Ankara Melange (Ankara 
                    Province), Turkey: *A Tankut, Y Dilek, A P 
   0830h   VA51C-06 POSTER  Submarine Dome Volcanism, Ponza, 
                    Italy: Preliminary Observations: *R A F Cas, 
                    C L Moore, C Scutter
   0830h   VA51C-07 POSTER  The Effect of Volcanoes on Rifting: *B 
                    van Wyk de Vries, O Merle
   0830h   VA51C-08 POSTER  Extensive Volcanism Near Easter 
                    Seamount Chain: D F Naar, Z J Liu, Y 
                    Rappaport, R Hagen, R Hey, P Johnson, F 
                    Martinez, J Korenaga
   0830h   VA51C-09 POSTER  Deepening of the Axial Magma Chamber 
                    on the Southern East Pacific Rise Toward the 
                    Garret Fracture Zone: *M Tolstoy, A J Harding, 
                    J A Orcutt
   0830h   VA51C-10 POSTER  A Straightness Mechanism for MORs: A 
                    New View of Ocean Genesis and Evolution: *M F 
   0830h   VA51C-11 POSTER  Ancient Near-Axis Seamounts in the 
                    Indian Ocean: *R Mukhopadhyay

VA51D  SRC:Room 1  Fri  0830h
V2  Seafloor Volcanism
Presiding: M Perfit, Univ of Florida; J L Cheminee, IPGP Paris

   0830h   VA51D-01 Magnetotelluric Soundings Over Axial 
                    Seamount and Southern Reykjanes Ridge: *A 
                    White, G Heinson, S Constable
   0845h   VA51D-02 Crustal Structure and Tectonic Lineations 
                    Around Easter Island and GETU Seamount 
                    (Nazca Plate): J J Danobeitia, J P Canales, J 
                    Gallart, N Vidal, J Diaz, R Carbonell, D Naar, 
                    G A Dehghani, J Francheteau, M Farran, S Pou, 
                    E Vera
   0900h   VA51D-03 Application of SP Techniques in Hydrothermal 
                    Fields: *R  Nolasco, P  Tarits, P  Watremez
   0915h   VA51D-04 Stable Isotopes and Temporal Variability of 
                    Mid-ocean Ridge Hydrothermal Systems: *W C 
                    Shanks, J K Bohlke, R R Seal, M E Berndt
   0930h   VA51D-05 Hydrothermal Heat Flux at Mid-ocean Ridges: 
                    *Y J Chen
   0945h   VA51D-06 Laboratory Models of Two Different Growth 
                    Mechanisms of "Black Smoker" Chimneys: *J S 
   1000h   Break
   1030h   VA51D-07 Biogeographic Patterns of Hot Vent Faunas 
                    and the History of Mid-Ocean Ridges: V 
                    Tunnicliffe, *C M R Fowler
   1045h   VA51D-08 Lava Effusion Rates, Eruption Frequencies, 
                    and Eruption Durations Along Mid-ocean Ridges: 
                    *T K P Gregg, J H Fink
   1100h   VA51D-09 Along-Axis Shift of Volcanic and 
                    Hydrothermal Activity Within a Single Rift 
                    Segment (East Pacific Rise, 21.5~Lo~KS): *S G 
                    Krasnov, I M Poroshina, G A Cherkashev
   1115h   VA51D-10 Volcanologic, Hydrothermal, Petrologic, and 
                    Geochemical Investigations of the East 
                    Pacific Rise: 9~Lo~K17'N-9~Lo~K54'N: *M R 
                    Perfit, M C Smith, D J Fornari, M H Edwards, 
                    R M Haymon
   1130h   VA51D-11 Recent Advances in U-Series Dating of 
                    Magmatic Processes at Ocean Ridges: Results 
                    From 9-10~Lo~KN East Pacific Rise (EPR): *S J 
                    Goldstein, M R Perfit, R Batiza, D J Fornari, 
                    M T Murrell
   1145h   VA51D-12 How Does the Mantle Melt? Constraints on 
                    MORB Petrogenesis From the Uranium Series: 
                    *C C Lundstrom, Q Williams, J B Gill, M R 

VA52A  D WRD:Auditorium  Fri  1330h
VJS2  Subduction Zone Processes at 25-200 km Depth (joint 
 with ILP,S)
Presiding: C Manning, UCLA

   1330h   VA52A-01 Slab-Mantle Chemical Exchanges Between 40 
                    and 250 km: The Makeup of Slab Fluids and 
                    the Role of the Wedge: *J G Ryan, G Bebout, A 
                    Hochstaedter, J Morris
   1350h   VA52A-02 Mechanical and Metasomatic Mixing in a 
                    High-T, Subduction-Related Melange - 
                    Insights Into the Structural and Geochemical 
                    Evolution of the Slab-Mantle Interface: *G E 
   1410h   VA52A-03 Silica Metasomatism in Subduction Zones: 
                    Examples From the Catalina Schist and the 
                    Mariana Forearc: *C E Manning
   1430h   VA52A-04 Partitioning of Trace Elements Between 
                    Slab-Derived Trondhjemitic-Tonalitic Melts 
                    and Refractory Eclogite Residue: An Ion 
                    Microprobe Study: *R P Rapp, N Shimizu
   1450h   Discussion
   1500h   Break
   1530h   VA52A-05 Subduction Zone Magmatism: Mantle Processes 
                    at Depths to 2900 km: *Y Tatsumi, R Arai, T 
   1550h   VA52A-06 Evolution of the Upper Mantle in Subduction 
                    Zones: Coupled Convection and Melt Migration 
                    Models: *C  Kincaid, M  Spiegelman, I S Sacks
   1610h   VA52A-07 Volcanism Associated With Two Subducting 
                    Slabs Beneath Central Japan: *S Noguchi
   1630h   VA52A-08 Does Calc-Alkaline and Shoshonitic Volcanism 
                    Imply a Coeval Subduction Setting? Lessons 
                    From the Aeolian Islands, S. Tyrrhenian Sea: 
                    G M Crisci, S Esperanca
   1650h   Discussion

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