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Contact Information

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AGU Chapman Conference on Remote Sensing of the Terrestrial Water Cycle

Kona, Hawaii, USA
19 –22 February 2012

Conference Objectives and General Description

New and emerging satellite missions will soon produce a more clear picture of the hydrosphere than ever before. It is necessary at this time to synthesize the current status of hydrologic remote sensing and determine what are the necessary next steps for the study of the water cycle. Targeted areas of interest include Precipitation, Snow and Cold Regions, Groundwater and Surface Water Storage, Soil Moisture, and Evapotranspiration. These topics areas are closely aligned with new or upcoming NASA and international satellite missions, and appropriate representatives will be sought to summarize their contribution to the overall study of the water cycle.


Venkat Lakshmi, University of South Carolina, USA, vlakshmi@geol.sc.edu

Doug Alsdorf, Ohio State University, USA, alsdorf.1@osu.edu

Jared Entin, NASA, USA, Jared.K.Entin@nasa.gov

George Huffman, NASA, USA, George.J.Huffman@nasa.gov

Peter van Oevelen, GEWEX, USA, gewex@gewex.org

Juraj Parajka, Vienna University of Technology, Austria, parajka@hydro.tuwien.ac.at

Program Committee

Bill Kustas, USDA-ARS, Bill.Kustas@ARS.USDA.GOV
Bob Adler, University of Maryland, USA, radler@umd.edu
Chris Rudiger, Monash University, Australia Chris.Rudiger@monash.edu
Jay Famiglietti, University of California, Irvine, USA, jfamigli@uci.edu
Martha Anderson, USDA, USA, Martha.Anderson@ars.usda.gov
Matt Rodell, NASA, USA, Matthew.Rodell@nasa.gov
Michael Cosh, USDA, USA, Michael.Cosh@ars.usda.gov
Steve Running, University of Montana, USA, swr@ntsg.umt.edu

Financial Support

NSF       NASA

Further Information

If you would like to receive future updates about this conference, e-mail chapman-remotesensing@agu.org, or call the AGU Meetings Department at +1-202-777-7330.

For information about the scientific program, please contact the conveners via e-mail: vlakshmi@geol.sc.edu.