AGU Honors Ceremony: A Tribute to the 2005 Medalists

Wednesday, 7 December 2005

San Francisco Marriott Hotel
Ceremony 1830h

Open to all registrants

The Honors evening will highlight the accomplishments of scientists in all fields of geophysics. AGU will present 9 Medals. Plan to join your colleagues in a tribute to these outstanding scientists.


Johannes Geiss
William Bowie Medal
Citationist: George Gloeckler
Paul Asimow
James B. Macelwane Medal
Citationist: John Eiler
A. Hope Jahren
James B. Macelwane Medal
Citationist: Patricia M. Dove
James T. Randerson
James B. Macelwane Medal
Citationist: Susan Trumbore
Margaret Kivelson
John Adam Fleming Medal
Citationist: Howard Singer
Gedeon Dagan
Robert E. Horton Medal
Citationist: Aldo Fiori
Francois M. M. Morel
Maurice Ewing Medal
Citationist: Daniel P. Schrag
Sean C. Solomon
Harry H. Hess Medal
Citationist: G. Michael Purdy
Thomas H. Jordan
Inge Lehmann Medal
Citationist: Paul G. Silver
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