Employment Opportunities

Below find a list of employment opportunities submitted by prospective employers for the 2006 Fall Meeting Career Center (as of 29 November). Unless otherwise noted, employers will be available for interviews throughout the Fall Meeting. Additional job postings will be available at the Career Center.

Current Opportunities
Tenure-Track Geodetics Professor [Full description]
Postdoctoral Position- Structural Imaging [Full description]
2007 NOAA Climate and Global Change Postdoctoral Fellowship Program [Full description]
2007 UCAR Postdoctoral Program- Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory [Full description]
UCAR Postdoctoral Program- The Naval Research Laboratory [Full description]
Tenure-Track Assistant Professor- Structural Geology [Full description]
ConocoPhillips- Petroleum Geophysicists (Entry-Level) [Full description]
Tenure-Track Geophysics Professor [Full description]
Graduate Research Assistantship- Biogeochemistry [Full description]
Graduate Research Assistantship- Bark Beetle Outbreaks [Full description]
AER, Inc.- Atmospheric Scientists [Full description]
AER, Inc.- Space Weather Scientist [Full description]
AER, Inc.- Meteorological Applications Programmer [Full description]
Swiss Re- Probabilistic Earthquake Loss Modeling Position [Full description]
Tenure-Track Igneous Petrology/Volcanology Professor [Full description]
Geosyntec Consultants- Hydrogeologist [Full description]
Geosyntec Consultants- Engineers and Scientists [Full description]
UNESCO-IHE- Hydroinformatics Professor [Full description]
Tenure-Track Geology and Geophysics Professors (4 Positions) [Full description]
William Lettis & Associates, Inc.- Staff Geologists [Full description]
William Lettis & Associates, Inc.- Senior Engineering Geologists [Full description]
GeoMechanics International- Associates [Full description]
GeoMechanics International- Finite-Element Method Specialist [Full description]
GeoMechanics International- Interns [Full description]
Chevron- New Ventures Explorationist [Full description]
Chevron- Regional Seismic Stratigraphy Analyst [Full description]
Chevron- Top Seal Analyst [Full description]
Chevron- Volume Interpretation and Visualization Specialist [Full description]
Chevron- Basin Modeler [Full description]
Chevron- Organic Geochemist [Full description]
Chevron- R&D Sedimentary Geologists in Stratigraphy & Reservoir Characterization [Full description]
Chevron- R&D Earth Scientists and Engineers for Reservoir Characterization & Modeling [Full description]
Chevron- Formation Evaluation R&D Specialist [Full description]
Chevron- Seismic Stratigraphy and Analysis R&D Specialist [Full description]
Chevron- Seismic Rock Property R&D Specialist [Full description]
Chevron- Seismic Inversion R&D Specialist [Full description]
Chevron- Seismic Imaging R&D Specialist [Full description]
Chevron- Seismic Acquisition R&D Specialist [Full description]
Chevron- Seismic Processing R&D Specialist [Full description]
Chevron- Velocity R&D Specialist [Full description]
Chevron- Earth Sciences Software Developer [Full description]
Chevron- Carbonate Stratigrapher [Full description]
Chevron- Fluvial and/or Shallow Marine-Deltaic Stratigrapher [Full description]
Chevron- Deep Water Stratigrapher [Full description]
Chevron- Biostratigraphers [Full description]
Chevron- Reservoir Characterization 'Base Business' Earth Scientist [Full description]
Chevron- Reservoir Modeler: Geostatistics & Stratigraphy [Full description]
Chevron- Petrophysicist/Formation Evaluation Specialist [Full description]
Chevron- Formation Evaluation Services Specialist [Full description]
Chevron- Seismic Data Specialist [Full description]
Chevron- Seismic Processing Geophysicist [Full description]
Chevron- Geophysical Data Acquisition Specialist [Full description]
Chevron- Geophysicist Velocity Model Builder [Full description]
Chevron- Carbon Sequestration Specialist [Full description]
Chevron- Metocean Specialist/Ocean Engineer [Full description]
Chevron- Offshore Structural Engineer [Full description]
Faculty Position- Applied Marine Physics [Full description]
Tenure-Track Structural Geology Professor [Full description]
Tenure-Track Hydroecology Professor [Full description]
Tenure-Track Geophysics Assistant Professor [Full description]
Tenure-Track Coastal Sedimentology/Stratigraphy Professor [Full description]
Visiting Professor- Environmental Geosciences [Full description]
Postdoctoral Research Associate- Boise Center Aerospace Laboratory [Full description]
MTC Modern Technologies, Inc.- Seismologist/Geophysicist [Full description]
Graduate Research Assistantships- Polar Remote Sensing [Full description]
Tenure-Track Science Education Professor [Full description]
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission- Volcanologist, GG-15 [Full description]
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission- Geomorphologist/Surficial Geologist, GG-15 [Full description]
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission- Geochemists, GG-15 [Full description]
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission- Geophysicist/Structural Geologist, GG-15 [Full description]
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission- Hydrologists, GG-15 [Full description]
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission- Seismologist, GG-15 [Full description]
Postdoctoral Fellow/Research Associate- Seasonal/Interannual Prediction [Full description]
Christian-Albrechts University/Leibniz-Institute of Marine Sciences- 14 Professorships [Full description]
ReedHycalog- Rock Failure Mechanics Research Engineer [Full description]
Postdoctoral Research Associate- Biogeochemistry [Full description]
Postdoctoral Research Associate- Soil and Environmental Physics [Full description]
Research Assistantship- Soil Physics/Remote Sensing [Full description]
Research Assistantship- Soil & Environmental Physics [Full description]
Research Assistantship- Soil Physics [Full description]
EPRI - Electric Power Research Institute- Geology, Global Climate Research Project Manager [Full description]
BP Geologist/Geophysicist Internship [Full description]
Tenure-Track Experimental Space Physics Professor [Full description]
Tenure-Track Seismology Professor [Full description]
Visiting Assistant Professor/Lecturer- Hydrogeology [Full description]
Sandia National Laboratories- Technical Staff Positions [Full description]
Tenure-Track Earth Sciences Professor [Full description]
IODP-MI Science Coordinator [Full description]
LLNL Postdoctoral Research Staff Member- Meteorologist/Atmospheric Scientist [Full description]
Graduate Research Assistantship- Effects of Climate on Lakes [Full description]
Postdoctoral Fellowship- Water Sciences [Full description]
Tenure-Track Assistant Professor- Fire Science and Management [Full description]
Oak Ridge National Laboratory- Environmental Informatics Post-Masters/Doctoral Position [Full description]
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University- Senior Electrical Engineer [Full description]
Geomatrix Consultants- Seismologist/Earthquake Engineer [Full description]
Geomatrix Consultants- Staff Engineer [Full description]
Geomatrix Consultants- Project Engineer [Full description]
Postdoctoral Position- Geophysics/Seismology [Full description]
Ph.D. Position- Geophysics/Geodynamic Modelling [Full description]
Ph.D. Position- Geophysics/Topographic Variation [Full description]
Tenure-Track Mineral Physics and Seismology Professor [Full description]
Postdoctoral Researcher Position- Regional Seismic Imaging [Full description]
Postdoctoral Researcher Position- Seismology [Full description]
Postdoctoral Researcher Position- Global Seismology [Full description]
Assistant/Associate Professor- Environmental Hydrology and/or Hydraulics [Full description]
Southwest Research Institute- Seismologist [Full description]
Southwest Research Institute- Computational Geoscientist [Full description]
Southwest Research Institute- Hydrologist [Full description]
NASA Langley Research Center- Postdoctoral Position in Global Composition Modeling [Full description]
Oak Ridge National Laboratory- Ecosystems Sciences Leader [Full description]
Oak Ridge National Laboratory- Neutron Scientist [Full description]
Scripps Institution of Oceanography University of California, San Diego- Postdoctoral Position [Full description]
Tenure-Track Position- Marine Geology [Full description]
NASA Postdoctoral Fellowships [Full description]
Full Description

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