Employment Opportunities

Below find a list of employment opportunities submitted by prospective employers for the 2007 Fall Meeting Career Center . Unless otherwise noted, employers will be available for interviews throughout the Fall Meeting. Additional job postings will be available at the Career Center.

Current Opportunities
Doctoral position (3 years) University of Muenster, Germany [Full description]
Assistant Professor, Climate Sciences [Full description]
Graduate Teaching Assistantships [Full description]
2008 NOAA Climate and Global Change Postdoctoral Fellowship Program [Full description]
UCAR Postdoctoral Fellowship 2008 Announcement of Opportunity - US CLIVAR Climate Prediction Applications Postdoctoral Program (CPAPP) [Full description]
2008 UCAR Postdoctoral and Visiting Scientists Program at the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory [Full description]
Heliophysics Summer School 2008 23-30 July 2008, Boulder, Colorado [Full description]
UCAR Postdoctoral Fellowship Program at the Naval Research Laboratory [Full description]
Postdoctural fellowships in the Earth, Environmental, and Ocean Sciences at LDEO, CU [Full description]
Geophysicist Internship/full-time [Full description]
W.M. Keck Professorship in Geophysics [Full description]
Planetary Surface Processes Faculty Position at the University of Tennessee - Knoxville [Full description]
Tenure Track Paleoclimatologist, Department of Geology, Baylor University [Full description]
Postdoctoral Associate - Global Composition Modeling [Full description]
Postdoctoral Associate - Adaptive Controls [Full description]
Tenure-Track Hydrogeologist, Department of Geology, Baylor University [Full description]
Assistant or Associate Professor - Geodetics [Full description]
Graduate Research Assistantships [Full description]
NASA Postdoctoral Fellowships [Full description]
Tenure-Track position in Soil Chemistry/Clay Mineralogy University of Nevada, Las Vegas [Full description]
Research Scientist (EPMA) University of Nevada, Las Vegas [Full description]
Geoscience Teaching Faculty University of Nevada, Las Vegas [Full description]
Assistant Professor, The University of Vermont Atmospheric and Climate Sciences [Full description]
Assistant Professor in Earth and Space Systems, Buffalo State College [Full description]
Geophysicist [Full description]
GIS Analyst/WebGIS Developer Post-Doc/Post Masters [Full description]
Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Analyst [Full description]
Post-doctoral Scientist in Modeling/Organic Matter Biogeochemistry [Full description]
Tenure-track Assistant Professor Position in Environmental Geophysics [Full description]
Project- and Senior-Scientist [Full description]
Postdoctoral Fellowship in Geophysics - Stanford University Thompson Fellowship [Full description]
Tenure-track Assistant Professor in Stratigraphy, California State University Northridge [Full description]
Tenure-track Assistant Professor in Geoscience Education, California State University Northridge [Full description]
NSF-IGERT Ph.D. Traineeships in Geobiological Systems [Full description]
Tenure Track Positions in Hydrologic Sciences and Geophysics [Full description]
Two Tenure Track Positions in Geophysics [Full description]
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission: General Engineer/Scientist [Full description]
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission: Geologist (Hydrogeologist) [Full description]
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission: Geologist(Geochemist) [Full description]
Assistant Professor, Mineralogy/Petrology or Environmental Geophysics [Full description]
UCLA Geosciences Initiative: Faculty positions [Full description]
William L. Fisher Congressional Geoscience Fellowship [Full description]
Geoscience Student Internships in Public Policy [Full description]
Tenure-stream Assistant Professor Atmospheric Science [Full description]
Tenure-stream Assistant Professor Geomatics Engineering [Full description]
National Research Council (NRC) Postdoctoral and Senior Research Awards [Full description]
Tenure-track Position in Fluid Physics and/or Computational Physics [Full description]
The National Research Council/US Dept Energy Fellowship Program in Methane Hydrates [Full description]
Director, School of Earth, Society and Environment [Full description]
General Engineer/Scientist: U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission [Full description]
Education and Public Outreach Director [Full description]
Masters Level Graduate Student Positions - Biological/Physical Oceanography [Full description]
Mass Spectrometry and Trace Analysis Department, Postdoctoral and staff positions, Idaho National Laboratory [Full description]
Hydrogeologist, Geosyntec Consultants [Full description]
Engineers and Scientists, Geosyntec Consultants [Full description]
Water Resources Engineering Faculty [Full description]
Air Quality Analyst/Scientist [Full description]
Air Quality Analyst/Statistician [Full description]
Air Quality Forecaster [Full description]
Data Processor/Analyst [Full description]
Meteorologist [Full description]
Post Doctoral Position in Hydrosciences Montpellier (France) [Full description]
Lecturer in Physical Oceanography (Ref: C07/258) [Full description]
Lecturer/Senior Lecturer/Reader in Human Geography (Ref: C07/260) [Full description]
Programmer/Analyst [Full description]
Applications Programmer [Full description]
Support Scientist Mesoscale Atmospheric Modelling [Full description]
Support Scientist Miami FL [Full description]
Support Scientist Ocean Wave Modeling [Full description]
Research Scientist - Middle Atmospheric Analysis and Transport [Full description]
Senior Support Scientist - Atmospheric Data Assimilation [Full description]
Senior Support Scientist - Ocean Data Assimilation [Full description]
Support Scientist - Observation Impact Studies [Full description]
Science Applications Programmer [Full description]
Postdoctoral Fellowships at NASA Ames Research Center [Full description]
Seismic Network Product Manager [Full description]
Sustainability Science and Engineering Faculty Position [Full description]
Optical Sensor Engineer/Scientist (07-261) Hampton, VA [Full description]
Senior Scientific Programmer/Analyst-NPP (07-333) Lanham, MD [Full description]
Senior Programmer/Analyst (07-336) Greenbelt, MD [Full description]
Calibration Scientist (07-341) Lanham, MD [Full description]
Tenure-line Faculty Position in Earth System Science [Full description]
Postdoctoral Fellow, Spatial Analysis and Remote Sensing, University of Michigan [Full description]
Assistant or Associate Professor - Harvard University [Full description]
Junior Specialist Hydrology [Full description]
Postdoctoral Positions at the Idaho National Laboratory [Full description]
Electron Microscopy - Focused Beam Specialist [Full description]
Postdoctoral Fellow at the Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI), in Petrology/Geochemistry [Full description]
Postdoctoral Fellow at the Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI), in Cosmochemistry [Full description]
Postdoctoral Research Fellowship - Stable Isotope Hydrology [Full description]
Graduate Research and Teaching Assistantships - Purdue University [Full description]
Tenure-track Position Assistant Professor Earth Science Education [Full description]
Tenure-track Assistant Professor Structural Geology/Tectonics [Full description]
Professor of Geophysics, Applied Seismology [Full description]
Assistant/Associate Professor of Geology, Stable Isotope Geochemistry [Full description]
Assistant Professor of Geology or Geophysics, Geodynamics [Full description]
Assistant/Associate Professor of Atmospheric Science, Mesoscale or Synoptic Meteorology [Full description]
Visiting Assistant Professor of Geology [Full description]
Seismologist URS Corporation [Full description]
Assistant Research Seismologist Position [Full description]
Postdoctoral Researcher Position (Earthquake and Explosion Monitoring) [Full description]
Postdoctoral Researcher Position (Regional Seismic Imaging) [Full description]
Postdoctoral Position in Earth and Environmental Sciences at Los Alamos National Laboratory [Full description]
Postdoctoral Position in Earth and Environmental Sciences - Subsurface Colloid and Contaminant Transport Focus Area [Full description]
Scientific Programmer/Research Associate - AER Inc [Full description]
Atmospheric Scientists and Scientific Programmers - AER Inc [Full description]
Software Engineer/Scientific Programmer (Suffolk, VA Office) - AER Inc [Full description]
Assistant Professor in Environmental Hydrogeology [Full description]
Earth Science Outreach/Informal Education Specialist [Full description]
Postdoctoral Fellowship - SRI International [Full description]
Climate Change Senior Scientist [Full description]
Tenure track Position in Physical Oceanography [Full description]
Tenure track Position in Hydrogeology [Full description]
Geophysics Faculty Position - U Kentucky [Full description]
Lecturer/Senior Lecturer/Reader in Structural Geology or Tectonics [Full description]
Faculty Position in Civil and Environmental Engineering [Full description]
CIRES Graduate Student Research Fellowship (U Colorado Boulder) [Full description]
ESRL CIRES Graduate Research Fellowship (U Colorado Boulder) [Full description]
CIRES Postdoctoral Visiting Fellowships (U Colorado Boulder) [Full description]
Postdoctoral Researcher in Meteorology at the University of Utah [Full description]
Planetary Petrology/Geochemistry Postdoctoral Research [Full description]
Post-doctoral Position in Mid-Ocean Ridge Research: Durham Univerity, UK [Full description]
Postdoctoral position in Science Education Research [Full description]
PhD Positions Available at ETH Zurich in Statistical Seismology [Full description]
Postdoc/Groundwater Contaminant Transport Modeling [Full description]
Postdoctoral Researcher at University of Southern California [Full description]
Faculty Positions in Water Resources and Energy Researches, Peking University, Beijing, China [Full description]
Postdoctoral Researcher - Organic Aerosol-Climate Modeling [Full description]
Postdoctoral Researcher - Agricultural Air Quality Modeling [Full description]
Postdoctoral Researcher - Air Quality/Atmospheric Chemistry Modeling [Full description]
Postdoctoral Position Max-Planck-Institute [Full description]
Astrophysicist - Naval Research Lab [Full description]
Science Coordinator [Full description]
Distinguished Postdoctoral Position at Sandia National Laboratories [Full description]
Research Scientist - ABS Consulting [Full description]
Natural Hazard Modeler - - ABS Consulting [Full description]
Graduate Research Assistantship in Environmental Chemistry [Full description]
Graduate Research Assistantship in Atmospheric Chemistry [Full description]
Graduate Research Assistantship in Atmosphere—Biosphere Interactions [Full description]
Postdoctoral Fellow in Global and Regional Climate Modeling [Full description]
Graduate Research Assistantship in Atmosphere—Biosphere Interactions U Minnesota [Full description]
Research Associates/Fellows in Organic (Geo-)Chemistry and Cosmochemistry [Full description]
Research Associate (Post-Doc), Oregon State University [Full description]
Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in 40Ar/39Ar Geochronology at the Western Australian Argon Isotope Facility [Full description]
PhD Study in Seismology: Receiver Functions and Mantle Heterogeneity [Full description]
Postdoctoral Fellow Coastal Monitoring [Full description]
Several positions in Marine Biogeochemical Paleo Modeling [Full description]
Postdoctoral Researchers and PhD-students; Kiel Institute for the World Economy [Full description]
PostDoc position - Leibniz-Institute of Marine Sciences [Full description]
PostDoc position - IFM-GEOMAR [Full description]
Postdoctoral position in Physical Chemistry / Ocean Surface Chemistry [Full description]
1 Postdoctoral and 1 PhD position [Full description]
Researcher (PostDoc or PhD student level) [Full description]
PhD and Postdoc Positions at the Cluster of Excellence “The Future Ocean” [Full description]
Seismologist (Research Scientist/Senior Research Scientist) Southwest Research Institute (San Antonio, TX or Rockville, MD) [Full description]
Structural geologist (Research Scientist/Senior Research Scientist)Southwest Research Institute [Full description]
Geochemist - Southwest Research Institute [Full description]
Applications Analyst, Environmental- LI-COR Biosciences [Full description]
Optical Design Engineer, Instrumentation - LI-COR Biosciences [Full description]
Applications Scientist, Environmental- LI-COR Biosciences [Full description]
Application Software Engineer, LI-COR Biosciences [Full description]
Design Engineer, Instrumentation - LI-COR Biosciences [Full description]
Embedded Software Engineer, LI-COR Biosciences [Full description]
European Space Agency Fellowships in Space Science [Full description]
PhD/MSc Position in Water Resources [Full description]
PhD on Multiphase Flow Trough Porous Media [Full description]
Hydrologist/Surface Water Modeler [Full description]
Faculty Research Position Brackish Groundwater Desalination Area [Full description]
Hydrology Intern [Full description]
Space Weather Positions at AFRL [Full description]
Space Particles Instrument Developer [Full description]
Data Analyst and Modeler for Magnetospheric Particles [Full description]
Magnetosphere-Ionosphere-Thermosphere Coupling Processes [Full description]
Numerical Ionospheric Modeler [Full description]
Fluvial Geomorphologist or Sediment Transport Engineer [Full description]
Civil/Environmental Engineer [Full description]
Coastal Engineer/Geomorphologist [Full description]
Coastal Engineer [Full description]
Three-Year Employment Opportunities in Kiel [Full description]
ExxonMobil [Full description]
Postdoc position available in the field of active Tectonics [Full description]
Project Earth Scientist / Technical Coordinator (Full-time) [Full description]
Geospatial Analyst / Application Developer (Full-time) [Full description]
Postdoctoral fellow - Department of Geosciences, University of Bremen [Full description]
Post-doctoral position to study Larsen Ice Shelf system [Full description]
Post-doctoral fellowship in experimental cloud and aerosol microphysics [Full description]
Full-time lecturer [Full description]
Support Scientist - Carbon Cycle [Full description]
Senior Support Scientist - Satellite Data [Full description]
3 Tenure track Faculty Positions: 2 Physical Ocn and 1 Biological Ocn. [Full description]
Environmental Geoscientist (2 Positions) [Full description]
Research Position: Processing of 3D Reflection Seismic Data Acquired over the Millenium Uranium Deposit [Full description]
Research Scientist - EQECAT [Full description]
Natural Hazard Modeler - EQECAT [Full description]
Water Quality Scientist (Anchorage AK) [Full description]
Water Resources Program Manager (Los Angeles, CA) [Full description]
Water Resources Section Manager (Las Vegas, NV) [Full description]
Full Description

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