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Media Advisories

  • Media Advisory 1: News Media Registration Opens; Book Hotels Now; U.S. Visa Information for International Reporters
  • Media Advisory 2: Abstracts and Sessions Now Online; Book Hotels By 14 November; NCSWA Holiday Party Wed., 17 December
  • Media Advisory 3: Preliminary Press Conference Topics; Field Trip Preview; You're Invited! NCSWA Holiday Dinner
  • Media Advisory 4: Final Press Conference List; Press Conference Visuals Online; Field Trip Itinerary

Who's Coming

News Media Registrants - updated daily
First Name Last Name Media Affiliation FieldTrip Approved
Adam Satariano Bloomberg News  
Adriana Raudzens Bailey CIRES - University of Colorado at Boulder  
Alan Stahler KVMR-FM Confirmed
Alexis Madrigal Wired.com  
Alicia Chang Associated Press  
Alicia Newton Nature Geoscience  
Alison Williams Freelance  
Allan Chen Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory  
Amelia Barrales USGS Office of Communications  
Anatta   NOAA Office of Communications  
Andrea Blum West Marin Citizen Confirmed
Andrew Alden About.com
Andrew Joros San Jose State University  
Angela Alston Niijii Films Confirmed
Anna Armstrong Nature Geoscience  
Anne Sasso freelance  
Annie Reisewitz Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego Confirmed
Anrica Deb Grad School of Journalism, UC Berkeley Wait list
Anthony Socci American Meteorological Society  
Austin De Besche NOVA/WGBH  
Barbara Bogaev FREELANCE RADIO  
Barbara Ettinger Niijii Films, Inc.  
Barbara Ettinger Niijii Films  
Becky Oskin Freelance  
Ben Kalina Niijii Films  
Betsy Armstrong freelance  
Betsy Mason Wired.com  
Brad Stenger Wired NextFest  
Brian Fisher Johnson EARTH Confirmed
Brooks Hanson Science  
Carol Knight National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration  
Carolyn Gramling EARTH magazine Confirmed
Catherine Wise The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer  
Charlie Petit MIT Knight Science Journalism Fellowships  
Cheryl Dybas National Science Foundation  
Christina Reed Freelance Confirmed
Corinna Wu Freelance Confirmed
Craig Miller KQED, Climate Watch  
Daisuke Seto San Jose State University  
Danny Satterfield WHNT TV Confirmed
David Harris Symmetry magazine  
David Hosansky National Center for Atmospheric Research  
David Perlman San Francisco Chronicle Confirmed
David Williams Freelance  
Davide Castelvecchi Scientific American Confirmed
Deborah Eason University of Hawaii  
Debra Werner Space News  
Devin Powell New Scientist Confirmed
Diane LaMacchia Earth Images Foundation  
Dick Kerr Science magazine  
Donald F. Robertson freelance  
Doug Prose Earth Images Foundation  
Douglas Fischer DailyClimate.org  
Douglas Fox freelance- write for New Scientist, Discover, Science, The Christian Science Monitor, etc...  
Dove Pedlosky The Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University  
Elaine Bible San Francisco State University  
Elizabeth Grossman freelance
Elizabeth Wilson Chemical and Engineering News  
Emilie Lorditch Discoveries and Breakthroughs  
Emily Lakdawalla The Planetary Society  
Emily Lindsey Freelance Wait list
Emiri Kitami Center for Deep Earth Exploration, JAMSTEC  
Emma Brown Freelance  
Erica Gies freelance  
Erik Vance Nature, Mental Floss, San Francisco Magazine Confirmed
Erika Engelhaupt Environmental Science and Technology  
Gaia Remerowski WGBH/NOVA  
Geoff Haines-Stiles Passport to Knowledge/POLAR-PALOOZA  
Gretchen Weber KQED, Climate Watch  
Guy Webster NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory  
Hadley Leggett UCSC Science Writing Program Wait list
Hannah Hoag Freelance Confirmed
Harvey Leifert Freelance Confirmed
Helen Gillespie LIMSletter Confirmed
Holger Dambeck Website of the magazin DER SPIEGEL Confirmed
Holly Hight Freelance Confirmed
Horst Rademacher Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Confirmed
Ilo Orleans ad hoc productions, LLC for Storm Peak Labs / Desert Research Institute / NSF  
Irene Klotz REUTERS Confirmed
J Madeleine Nash Freelance Confirmed
Jacoba Charles Point Reyes Light Confirmed
James Bela NASW Freelance Confirmed
James Blackwood Arizona Public Media - KUAT  
Jamie Favors San Jose State University  
Jan Null Freelance  
Jana Goldman NOAA  
Jane Liaw Freelance  
Janet Fang Point Reyes Light Confirmed
Janet Rae-Dupree Freelance Confirmed
Jason Cavanagh NOVA/WGBH  
Jeff Goodell Rolling Stone  
Jeff Tollefson Nature magazine  
Jennie Dusheck freelance  
Jennifer Collings NASA Langley Research Center  
Jennifer Huergo Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
Jessica Robertson USGS Office of Communications Confirmed
Jim Giles New Scientist  
John VanDecar Nature  
John Cannon Freelance  
John D. Cox freelance  
Jon Corsiglia Consortium for Ocean Leadership  
Jonathan Amos BBC News  
Jonathan Hickman Freelance  
Jonathan Leake The Sunday Times, London Confirmed
Jorge Salazar Earth & Sky  
Joshua Seftel NOVA/WGBH  
Kate Becker NOVA/WGBH  
Kathryn Hansen NASA Earth Science  
Keith Eric Grant freelance  
Kelpie Wilson freelance  
Ker Than Freelance  
Kevin Wheeler Consortium for Ocean Leadership  
Kevin Krajick The Earth Institute at Columbia University
Kim Fulton-Bennett PIO, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute  
Kit Stolz Grist Confirmed
Larry O'Hanlon Discovery Channel Confirmed
Laura Layton NASA Goddard Space Flight Center  
Lauren Morello ClimateWire  
Lauren Sommer KQED  
Leslie Donaldson KTVU Confirmed
Leslie Gordon USGS Office of Communications Confirmed
Lisa Borok Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) Wait List
Lisa Grossman UCSC Science Writing Program  
Liz Kalaugher environmentalresearchweb Wait list
Lizzie Buchen UCSC Science Writing Program Wait list
Louis Bergeron Stanford News Service Wait list
Lucy Warner University Corporation for Atmospheric Research  
Lynne Roeder DOE Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Program  
Manfred Christ documentary filmmaker  
Marcie Grabowski Pacific Islands Ocean Observing System  
Marijke Unger CISL/NCAR  
Marina La Grave UCAR/NCAR  
Mark Shwartz Woods Institute for the Environment, Stanford University  
Mark Shwartz Woods Institute, Stanford University  
Martin Rubio Arizona Public Media  
Mary Beth Murrill JPL-NASA  
Mason Inman Freelance  
Massie Ballon Freelance  
Maureen N. Moses CWU/Freelance  
Megan Sever EARTH magazine  
Michael Carlowicz NASA Earth Science Directorate/Wyle Info Systems Confirmed
Michael Murphy Woods Institute for the Environment, Stanford University  
Michael Reilly Discovery Channel  
Michael Wall UCSC Science Writing Program Wait list
Michael White Nature  
Molly Davis UCSC Science Writing Program  
Molly Michelson Science in Action/California Academy of Sciences  
Nancy Light Integrated Ocean Drilling Program  
Ned Rozell University of Alaska Geophysical Institute  
Nicole Staab Arizona State University - School of Earth & Space Exploration  
Noreen Grice    
Norman Chonacky Computing in Science and Engineering Magazine  
Norman Sperling The Journal of Irreproducible Results  
Olive Heffernan Nature Publishing Group  
Pam Frost Gorder Ohio State University Confirmed
Patrick Lynch NASA  
Paul Doherty The Exploratorium
Paul Laustsen USGS Communications Confirmed
Rachel Prucey NASA Ames Research Center  
Raesah Et'Tawil Integrated Ocean Drilling Program  
Randy Showstack Eos  
Rani Gran NASA Goddard Space Flight Center  
Raymond Joynt Wexford Press  
Rhett Butler mongabay.com  
Richard Gaughan freelance  
Richard Monastersky Nature  
Rick Lovett freelance Confirmed
Robert Green Optomen Productions  
Robert Henson UCAR Communications  
Robert Irion UCSC Science Writing Program  
Robert Lee Hotz The Wall Street Journal  
Robin Mejia Freelance  
Ron Kolb Energy Biosciences Institute  
Ryder W. Miller Freelance Confirmed
Sarah Hoffman Freelance Confirmed
Shahida Sweeney KeyMedia  
Sid Perkins Science News Confirmed
Spencer Brown Freelance  
Stephane Foucart Le Monde  
Stephanie Pappas UCSC Science Writing Program  
Stephanie Renfrow National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC)  
Steve Cole NASA Public Affairs  
Sue Blumenberg NASA Ames Research Center  
Sven Huseby Niijii Films  
Tadashi Yoshizawa The Center for Deep Earth Exploration/JAMSTEC  
Tara Hicks Johnson School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology, University of Hawaii at Manoa  
Thomas Kleespie Arizona Public Media - PBS  
Tim Stephens University of California, Santa Cruz  
Timothy Lesle freelance Confirmed
Tom Janecek Scientific Drilling  
Tony Fitzpatrick Washington University, St. Louis  
Tony Phillips spaceweather.com  
Victoria Jaggard National Geographic News Confirmed
Virginia Kellner Muncie Indiana Star-Press  
William Rambo USGS Office of Communications  
Zhenya Gallon National Center for Atmospheric Research  
Zoe Chafe World Watch Magazine Wait list

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