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1. Carbon in the Earth System

U01: Origin of Late Holocene (Pre-Industrial) Increases in Atmospheric CO2 and CH4
U04: Understanding of the Global Carbon Cycle Using Models and Observations
U15: Global Climate Change and Gas Hydrate Reservoir Degassing: Assessing the Scientific Evidence
U22: Geologic Carbon Sequestration: The Vital Links Between Risk Assessment, Monitoring and Mitigation Design

2. Earth's Polar Regions

U02: The International Polar Year
U23: Observing, Understanding, Predicting and Responding to Pan-Arctic Ice Retreat Problems

3. Climate & the Environment

U06: Geoengineering to Counteract Global Warming?
U10: Tropical Cyclone—Climate Interactions Past, Present, and Future
U11: Comparative Climate Studies of Earth, Venus and Mars
U12: Consequences of Peak Oil for Climate Change
U14: Environmental Consequences of the Changing Global Food System
U24: Perspectives on the Past and Future of Paleoceanography and Paleclimatology

4. Earth's Dynamic Interior

U09: Different Views on One Asthenosphere
U18: Interaction and Co-evolution of Earth Reservoirs: Coupling of Mantle, Tectonic, Atmospheric, and Hydrospheric Dynamics in the Evolution of Earth
U20: Fluids at Convergent Margins: Synthesis of Observations, Experiments and Models
U21: Geologic, Seismologic, and Geodynamic Constraints on the 4–D Evolution of North America: Where are we now and Where are we going?

5. New Frontiers

U03: MESSENGER at Mercury: The Second Flyby
U05: Episodic Tremor and Slip: Insights into a Newly Discovered Process
U08: The Library — Data Center Alliance in Earth and Space Sciences
U13: The Phoenix Mission
U16: The Van Allen Radiation Belts and Their Impact on Modern Space Science

6. Hazards and Public Risk

U07: Role of Science in Water, Biologic, and Geologic Hazards Security
U17: Decision Support Needs and Tools for Global Change: Bridging the Gap Between Physical and Societal Models
U19: The Great 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake: A Multi-disciplinary View
U25: Integrated Geohazards Along Continental Margins and Plate Boundary Zones
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