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1. Carbon in the Earth System

(U41C, U44A) Geologic Carbon Sequestration: The Vital Links Between Risk Assessment, Monitoring, and Mitigation Design
(U23D, U34A) Global Climate Change and Gas Hydrate Reservoir Degassing: Assessing the Scientific Evidence
(U31A, U33B) Origin of Late Holocene (Pre-Industrial) Increases in Atmospheric CO2 and CH4
(U41B, U43D) Understanding the Global Carbon Cycle Using Models and Observations

2. Earth's Polar Regions

(U13B, U23F) International Polar Year
(U13C, U24B) Understanding, Predicting and Responding to Impacts of Rapid Arctic Change

3. Climate & the Environment

(U23E, U34B) Comparative Climate Studies of Earth, Venus and Mars
(U42A) Consequences of Peak Oil for Climate Change
(U43C, U53B) Environmental Consequences of the Changing Global Food System
(U41E, U43A) Geoengineering to Counteract Global Warming?
(U22A) Perspectives on the Past and Future of Paleoceanography and Paleclimatology
(U11A, U14B) Tropical Cyclone-Climate Interactions Past, Present, and Future

4. Earth's Dynamic Interior

(U41F, U43B) Different Views on One Asthenosphere
(U51C, U52A, U53A) Fluids at Convergent Margins: Synthesis of Observations, Experiments and Models
(U51B, U53C, U54A) Geologic, Seismologic, and Geodynamic Constraints on the 4-D Evolution of North America: Where Are We Now and Where Are We Going?
(U23C, *U42B) Hydrospheric Dynamics in the Evolution of Earth
(U42B) Interaction and Co-evolution of Earth Reservoirs: Coupling of Mantle, Tectonic, Atmospheric, and Hydrospheric Dynamics in the Evolution of Earth II

5. New Frontiers

(*U31B) Episodic Tremor and Slip I: Field Studies - A Growing Cottage Industry
(U32A) Episodic Tremor and Slip II: Triggers and Models
(U33A) Episodic Tremor and Slip III: Posters
(*U11C, U12A, U21A) MESSENGER at Mercury: The Second Flyby
(U23A, U13D) The Library Data Center Alliance in Earth and Space Sciences
(U11B, U14A) The Phoenix Mission
(U13A, U21B) The Van Allen Radiation Belts and Their Impact on Modern Space Science

6. Hazards and Public Risk

(U41D, U54B) Decision Support Needs and Tools for Global Change: Bridging the Gap Between Physical and Societal Models
(U33C, U51A) Integrated Geohazards Along Continental Margins and Plate Boundary Zones
(U24A, U41A) Role of Science in Water, Biologic, and Geologic Hazards Security
(U21C, *U22B, U23B) The Great 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake: A Multidisciplinary View
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