Remote Press Conference Access

Instructions for accessing press conferences online:

  • If you don't have it already, download into your computer the Adobe Flash player (It's a quick download), available for free from:
  • At the time of the press conference of interest, access this AGU press conferences web page with your browser:
  • If you wish to be able to ask questions (via chat only), you must first register (click the Register link at the bottom of the page.Please register using your real name (without spaces)).Once registered, you need only log in to take part in subsequent press conferences. (Please note: This year, AGU will not provide telephone call-in to Fall Meeting press conferences.)
  • At the press conferences web page, you will see a webstreaming window on top that will show, to the right, the speakers’ PowerPoint slides in real time (including video), and, to the left, live video of the speaker table and panelists. You will hear audio of the press conference via the same web page (To expand the webstreaming window to full screen, click on the icon in the lower right margin of the window (Esc key to cancel).).
  • Below the webstreaming window, you will see the chat window. During press conferences, an AGU staff member will monitor the chat line and read your questions to the press conference speakers. You will hear the speakers’ answers via the web page.
  • If speakers provide electronic versions of handouts, scientific papers, or other relevant documents for reporters, AGU staff will upload those materials to the chat window, where they will appear as hyperlinked filenames. To download a document of interest, click on its link.
  • To report difficulties remotely accessing AGU press conferences, please do so via the chat line. If it is not functioning, please email AGU’s press officers at or phone the Press Room at +1 (415) 348-4406.