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AGU Career Center Employer Pre-registration Form

Employers, use this form to pay for your ads.

NOTE: Submit a separate form for each billing organization.

Required fields are indicated with an asterisk [*]. The word ‘none’ is acceptable if the field does not apply.

* Indicate the number of job  
listings to be submitted  
using this form:  
  1-3 ads - $75;
  4 or more ads - $100
* Contact Name: 
* Organization: 
* Mailing Address Line 1: 
Mailing Address Line 2: 
* City: 
* State: 
* Zip/Country Code: 
* Country: 
* Telephone Number: 
* E-Mail Address: 

*  Please select the categories in which you would like your job listing(s) posted.

Education/Public Policy
Engineering/Environmental Engineering
Information Technology/Software Development/System Administration
Ocean Sciences
Space Sciences and Planetary Sciences

* Will you be available to interview at the meeting? * Yes No

Where would you like the the job candidates to contact you?

Job Description

Instructions for the text of the job listing:

  • Text must include the Job Title in UPPERCASE in the first line of the job listing.
  • Put a blank line between the title and the text of the job listing.
  • The text of the listing must include the name of the organization posting the job listing.
  • If you are submitting more than one job listing, put a blank line between each listing.

Insert the job listing text in the window below.

Note: When you select the Continue button, the server will ask you to verify the information you have listed above.
You must check the information and "submit" the verification page in order to complete the submission of the job listing.