2008 Western Pacific Geophysics Meeting
Cairns, Australia, 29 July - 1 August 2008

Abstract Submission Instructions for Scientists from ‘Low Income’ or ‘Lower Middle Income’ Countries

  1. Check the country list below to see if your country is listed.
  2. If your country is not listed, you are not eligible for a waiver of your abstract submission fee.
  3. If your country is listed, you may submit your abstract online at no charge by providing the following information in the payment portion of the submission form.
Payment Type: select 'Purchase Order'
PO Number: AGU Waiver
Billing Address: Enter Your Institution
City: Enter Your City
Country Code: Enter Your Country
Name: Enter Your Name
Phone: Enter Your Telephone Number

Submit Confirmation of Meeting Attendance

Deadline Date:

Authors from World Bank ‘Low Income’ or ‘Lower Middle Income’ countries must provide confirmation of meeting attendance by to AGU Headquarters. The following information must be mailed to , ATTN: Meetings Department 2000 Florida Avenue, N.W., Washington, DC 20009; faxed +1+202-328-0566, or e-mailed to by the deadline date.

  1. The availability of funding to attend the meeting. Documentation must be provided from the member submitter or the member sponsor for each abstract. Supporting letters indicating that you have secured the funds or travel documentation (airline ticket, hotel reservation) are required. Authorization letters from a department head or the appropriate University official are also acceptable.
  2. The status your visa application. Provide documentation showing when the application was submitted and if it has been approved. If the application has not been approved by , you need to notify AGU of the approvals soon as you have it.

In all correspondence reference the following information.

  1. First Author Full Name and Affiliation
  2. Abstract Reference Number
  3. Abstract Title

Abstracts will be automatically withdrawn if the above information is not received at AGU Headquarters by .   Abstracts can be reinstated at any time before the meeting starts upon confirmation of attendance. Scheduling of reinstated abstracts will be at the discretion of the program committee and generally as posters. These additions will appear on the meeting addendum and distributed with other such changes.

List of Eligible Countries

—These countries have been classified by the World Bank as ‘Low Income’ or ‘Lower Middle Income’