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Careers in Science

Whether you’re looking to find candidates for your organization’s open positions or to land a job in geophysics, AGU’s Career Center can help! The Career Center operates at Fall Meeting. For information on how you or your organization can get involved, contact

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Surveys of Recent Ph.D. Graduates

AGU regularly collaborates with American Geological Institute (AGI) to produce studies documenting employment patterns and demographic characteristics of recent PhDs.

Surveys of Recent Masters Graduates

AGU and AGI expanded the survey of the class of 2006 to include data about masters recipients.

Earth and Space Science Careers

Want help writing a resume that is right on target? Need help getting started? We have a short guide, written by Lawrence Livermore scientist Peter S. Fiske, to help you write and organize your resume. For more career assistance from Peter Fiske, consider purchasing “Put Your Science to Work: The Take-Charge Career Guide for Scientists” from AGU Books.

Interested in getting a degree in the Earth and space sciences? Learn about what geoscientists do.

Ph.D. Granting Institutions

Where can I get a degree in Oceanography? Seismology?

See our list of Ph.D.-granting Institutions and their URLs for answers.

Using Your Ph.D. Wisely

A number of Earth and space scientists have used their degrees in geophysics to follow non-traditional paths. What options do you have for your career? How can you get started? Here are comments from scientists who want to share their experiences following these paths in their careers.

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