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(259) Characteristics of cirrus clouds from ICESat/GLAS observations

(246) Oceanic primary productivity and dissolved oxygen levels at the Cretaceous/Tertiary Boundary: Their decrease, subsequent warming, and recovery

(183) Crustal seismic imaging from multifold ocean bottom seismometer data by frequency domain full waveform tomography: Application to the eastern Nankai trough

(176) Microseisms and hum from ocean surface gravity waves

(170) Oceanic carbon and water masses during the Mystery Interval: A model-data comparison study

Global Biogeochemical Cycles

(73) Global net community production and the putative net heterotrophy of the oligotrophic oceans

(38) A time series study of silica production and flux in an eastern boundary region: Santa Barbara Basin, California

(37) Generalized model for N2 and N2O production from nitrification and denitrification

(36) Emission of trace gases and aerosols from biomass burning

(32) Quantifying the opal belt in the Atlantic and southeast Pacific sector of the Southern Ocean by means of 230Th normalization

Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems

(128) The new global lithological map database GLiM: A representation of rock properties at the Earth surface

(71) Insights on the kinematics of the India-Eurasia collision from global geodynamic models

(69) An updated digital model of plate boundaries

(63) Structural evolution of backthrusting in the Mentawai Fault Zone, offshore Sumatran forearc

(57) Melange: A viscoelastic lattice-particle model applicable to the lithosphere

Geophysical Research Letters

(259) Characteristics of cirrus clouds from ICESat/GLAS observations

(132) Interaction between the orography-induced gravity wave drag and boundary layer processes in a global atmospheric model

(115) Intraplate and interplate faulting interactions during the August 31, 2012, Philippine Trench earthquake (Mw 7.6) sequence

(112) Improved estimates and understanding of global albedo and atmospheric solar absorption

(101) The 1707 Mw8.7 Hoei earthquake triggered the largest historical eruption of Mt. Fuji

Journal of Geophysical Research — Atmospheres

(160) Aerosol optical properties retrieved from Sun photometer measurements over Shanghai, China

(151) Interannual variations of stationary planetary wave activity in the northern winter troposphere and stratosphere and their relations to NAM and SST

(142) Simulating annual glacier flow with a linear reservoir model

(139) Coupled Model Intercomparison Project 5 (CMIP5) simulations of climate following volcanic eruptions

(138) Assessment of temperature, trace species, and ozone in chemistry-climate model simulations of the recent past

Journal of Geophysical Research — Biogeosciences

(44) Global burned area and biomass burning emissions from small fires

(37) Impact of seabird activity on nitrous oxide and methane fluxes from High Arctic tundra in Svalbard, Norway

(34) Distribution characteristics of transparent exopolymer particles in the Pearl River estuary, China

(28) Ecosystem carbon dioxide fluxes after disturbance in forests of North America

(14) Response of deep-sea CaCO3 sedimentation to Atlantic meridional overturning circulation shutdown

Journal of Geophysical Research — Earth Surface

(158) Wind-formed gravel bed forms, Wright Valley, Antarctica

(139) Estimating 1992–2000 average active layer thickness on the Alaskan North Slope from remotely sensed surface subsidence

(107) Late Neogene exhumation and relief development of the Aar and Aiguilles Rouges massifs (Swiss Alps) from low-temperature thermochronology modeling and 4He/3He thermochronometry

(28) Modeling wood dynamics, jam formation, and sediment storage in a gravel-bed stream

(21) A probabilistic description of the bed load sediment flux: 3. The particle velocity distribution and the diffusive flux

Journal of Geophysical Research — Oceans

(167) Effects of future climate change on primary productivity and export fluxes in the Beaufort Sea

(66) Circulation in Drake Passage revisited using new current time series and satellite altimetry: 1. The Yaghan Basin

(46) Spatial and temporal variability in phytoplankton carbon, chlorophyll, and nitrogen in the North Pacific

(45) Variability in the Deep Western Boundary Current: Local versus remote forcing

(45) Satellite-based high-resolution global optimum interpolation sea surface temperature data

Journal of Geophysical Research — Solid Earth

(183) Crustal seismic imaging from multifold ocean bottom seismometer data by frequency domain full waveform tomography: Application to the eastern Nankai trough

(176) Microseisms and hum from ocean surface gravity waves

(152) Upper mantle structure of eastern Asia from multimode surface waveform tomography

(147) Unified analyses for P-V-T equation of state of MgO: A solution for pressure-scale problems in high P-T experiments

(131) Elevated gas hydrate saturation within silt and silty clay sediments in the Shenhu area, South China Sea

Journal of Geophysical Research — Planets

(27) Magnesium-rich crustal compositions on Mercury: Implications for magmatism from petrologic modeling

(24) Morphometry of Great Basin pluvial shore landforms: Implications for paleolake basins on Mars

(18) Impact into lunar regolith inhibits high-velocity ejection of large blocks

(17) On the origin of graben and ridges within and near volcanically buried craters and basins in Mercury's northern plains

(17) Lunar floor-fractured craters: Classification, distribution, origin and implications for magmatism and shallow crustal structure

Journal of Geophysical Research — Space Physics

(36) Sq current system during stratospheric sudden warming events in 2006 and 2009

(30) Cassini UVIS observations of Titan nightglow spectra

(27) Characteristics of the plasma distribution in Mercury's equatorial magnetosphere derived from MESSENGER Magnetometer observations

(25) Examination of the storm/substorm relationship using global auroral X-ray images

(22) Electron dynamics in the reconnection ion diffusion region


(246) Oceanic primary productivity and dissolved oxygen levels at the Cretaceous/Tertiary Boundary: Their decrease, subsequent warming, and recovery

(170) Oceanic carbon and water masses during the Mystery Interval: A model-data comparison study

(141) Late Cenozoic Eolian deposition in the North Pacific: Asian drying, Tibetan uplift, and cooling of the northern hemisphere

(61) Integrated stratigraphy of the Paleocene-Eocene thermal maximum in the New Jersey Coastal Plain: Toward understanding the effects of global warming in a shelf environment

(54) Similar glacial and interglacial export bioproductivity in the Atlantic Sector of the Southern Ocean: Multiproxy evidence and implications for glacial atmospheric CO2

Radio Science

(23) Vegetation modeled as a water cloud

(21) A study of L-band scintillations and total electron content at an equatorial station, Lagos, Nigeria

(21) Vegetation characteristics and underlying topography from interferometric radar

(19) On the retrieval of the specular reflection in GNSS carrier observations for ocean altimetry

(12) A new explanation for long-duration meteor radar echoes: Persistent charged dust trains

Reviews of Geophysics

(153) Ice sheet sources of sea level rise and freshwater discharge during the last deglaciation

(113) Surface air temperature and its changes over the past 150 years

(53) Oceanic and terrestrial sources of continental precipitation

(41) Influence of the seasonal snow cover on the ground thermal regime: An overview

(30) The computation of body wave synthetic seismograms in laterally homogeneous media

Space Weather

(8) Advance warning of high-speed ejecta based on real-time shock analyses: When fast-moving ejecta appear to be overtaking slow-moving shocks

(5) Impact of tidal density variability on orbital and reentry predictions

(5) Thermospheric basis functions for improved dynamic calibration of semi-empirical models

(5) Geoeffectiveness (Dst and Kp) of interplanetary coronal mass ejections during 1995–2009 and implications for storm forecasting

(5) A comparative verification of forecasts from two operational solar wind models


(121) Geometry and kinematic evolution of a long-living foreland structure inferred from field data and cross section balancing, the Sainte-Victoire System, Provence, France

(76) Late Pleistocene/Holocene slip rate of the Zhangye thrust (Qilian Shan, China) and implications for the active growth of the northeastern Tibetan Plateau

(70) On the formation and evolution of the Pannonian Basin: Constraints derived from the structure of the junction area between the Carpathians and Dinarides

(46) Paleozoic to early Cenozoic cooling and exhumation of the basement underlying the eastern Puna plateau margin prior to plateau growth

(42) A possible middle Paleozoic suture in the Altyn Tagh, NW China

Water Resources Research

(162) Effects of heterogeneity on influent and effluent concentrations from horizontal permeable reactive barriers

(158) Snow cover dynamics of four lake basins over Tibetan Plateau using time series MODIS data (2001–2010)

(147) Ecohydrology of water-limited environments: A scientific vision

(138) Effects of irrigated agroecosystems: 2. Quality of soil water and groundwater in the southern High Plains, Texas

(135) Influence of the Depth Hoar Layer of the Seasonal Snow Cover on the Ground Thermal Regime