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The Venus Dialogues: Getting to Know Our Neighbor: Progress and Prospects in a New Generation of Venus Research

Friday, 20 May 2022
8:30 AM ET
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It seems that all eyes are on Venus these days, and for good reason. New arguments posit a wet past that may have persisted longer than previously imagined. The prospect of habitability may not be limited to the past, with spirited debates today focused on claims of life-sustaining conditions in the temperate cloud decks and detection of a potential biosignature gas. Lessons learned from Venus extend far beyond our solar system, informing our understanding of rocky exoplanets near the inner edges of their habitable zones where a runaway greenhouse can take hold in the absence of sufficient weathering feedbacks. In light of our brightening sun, Venus may also offer important lessons about Earth’s distant future.  It is little wonder that NASA has turned its attention to Venus, after a long time away, investing in missions that will address a multitude of questions about the astrobiology, past and present, on Earth’s cloud-enshrouded, decidedly warmer ‘twin.’ This plenary, through a series of talks and a panel Q&A, will explore these and related themes in a productive, provocative, yet positive way.

Dr. Timothy Lyons

University of California, Riverside

Chair and Moderator

Dr. Frank Rosenzweig

Georgia Institute to Technology


Dr. Kandis-Lea Jessup

Southwest Research Institute

“The Venus Story”


Dr. Sukrit Ranjan

Northwestern University

"Phosphine on Venus? An Update on the Debate"


Dr. Edward Schwieterman

University of California, Riverside

"Uncertainties in the Detection of Venus Phosphine and its Potential Connection to Life"


Dr. Stephen Kane

University of California, Riverside
“Venus within the Context of Exoplanets and Habitability”


Dr. Lori Glaze

NASA Headquarters

“The Decade of Venus: Upcoming NASA Missions and Opportunities”