Lennart de Groot

Geomagnetism, Paleomagnetism and Electromagnetism



Doctor, Utrecht University, Utrecht, Netherlands

Volunteer experience that relates to this position:

I have been the early-career representative on the Geomagnetism, Paleomagnetism and Electromagnetism (GPE) section Executive Committee for the past three years. In this position I promoted the interests of early-career scientists, and I would like to continue my efforts for our community as secretary. I have previous experience as representative in my previous position of chair and treasurer of Utrecht University's Ph.D. network; during my chairmanship we established an independent foundation to formalize our organization.


As one of the elected leaders of your section, how will you partner with your president and president-elect to communicate with and engage your members to help implement AGU’s new strategic plan including its mission and vision?

Over the past three years I have been early-career representative on the Executive Committee of the GPE section. In this position I have already worked with the current president and president-elect to organize the GPE activities related to last year’s centennial. I thereby established a network within AGU’s organization. This will give me a head start as secretary and allow me to focus on the important challenges of our community from the start of my term.

I am dedicated to implementing AGU’s new strategic plan. The six core values of this plan are excellence, integrity, respect, diversity, collaboration and science education and outreach. In the position of secretary I could contribute most to diversity and excellence. The secretary on the board of the GPE section has a pivotal role in the programming of the GPE sessions of the AGU Fall Meeting and can thereby ensure that the programming reflects the diversity and excellence in our community. To foster and grow diversity I will encourage people from all backgrounds to submit session proposals and convene sessions. Moreover, as secretary I will be dedicated to making sure that the diversity in the group of people assigned oral presentations is at least a reflection of the diversity in the group of people requesting them.

I am committed to fostering the open, welcoming and encouraging atmosphere in our community that I experienced as an early-career researcher myself and to extending this to the GPE community as a whole.

Section affiliations:

Geomagnetism, Paleomagnetism and Electromagnetis