Sean Schaeffer




Associate Professor, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

Volunteer experience that relates to this position:

Biogeosciences section Sulzman Award Committee, member: 2017-2019; Biogeosciences section Hilker Award Committee, chair: 2020; Soil Science Society of America, Soil and Environmental Quality Division, chair elect: 2021; Soil Science Society of America, Graduate Student Committee, chair: 2019; Soil Science Society of America, Graduate Student Committee, member: 2018; Soil Science Society of America, Soil Biology and Biochemistry Division, Clark Soil Biology Graduate Student Scholarship Committee, member: 2016-2020


As one of the elected leaders of your section, how will you partner with your president and president-elect to communicate with and engage your members to help implement AGU’s new strategic plan including its mission and vision?

As secretary of the Biogeosciences section, I will work with all the members of section leadership in our mission to promote biogeoscience research and the diverse community of researchers working at the interface between life science and Earth system science. As an inherently interdisciplinary group, our section embodies the notion of diversity. By working closely with section leadership, we can all actualize AGU's values to create a community that is welcoming and diverse, free from discrimination, harassment and bullying. As secretary, I will disseminate information through our traditional means (announcements, newsletters, social media, etc.). Regular updates to section members will help to maintain our shared sense of community. It will be a priority to work with section leadership and AGU resources, according to our diversity and inclusion strategic plan, to continue to identify and engage currently underserved or marginalized groups to grow our community.

Thanks to the hard work of our section leadership, all of the pieces are in place to keep our vibrant and diverse section growing and thriving. Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to the opportunity to serve.

Section affiliations:

Biogeosciences; Cryosphere Sciences ; Global Environmental Change; Hydrology