ED41B - Bright STaRS: Bright Students Training as Research Scientists I Posters
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High and middle school students are producing quality Earth, space and ocean scientific research in summer, in-school, and after-school programs. These students are readily exposed to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math practices and are often encouraged and involved with adults and/or scientists to investigate Earth, space and ocean attributes including testing variables and monitoring the environment. The goal of this poster session is to give grade 6-12 students a platform to communicate their research to scientists, educators and peers in order to gain best practice research and presentation skills. The science should be presented through art or poster format by students themselves. Grade 6-12 students throughout the world are encouraged to connect with conveners to submit their projects well in advance of the abstract deadline.  The lead author on the abstract must be a Grade 6-12 student. This session is sponsored by the AGU Education section.

December 2019

From Thursday, 12 December 2019 08:00 AM

To Thursday, 12 December 2019 12:20 PM

Moscone South
Poster Hall