TH15L: Water in the Coupled Earth-Human System: Leveraging Convergence to Move Science to Action to Support a Healthy Environment and Safe Water System

Convergent research emphasizes deeply integrated, cross-disciplinary partnerships that address specific and compelling societal problems. This innovative approach is gaining momentum at AGU and throughout the science community (e.g., one of NSF’s Top 10 Big Ideas). We are, however, just beginning to understand how to do this application-driven research effectively: What expertise is required? What innovation can this work bring to society and to the geosciences?
To explore these questions, Hydrology, GeoHealth, Biogeosciences, and the Societal Impacts and Policy Sciences (SIPS) AGU sections have co-convened sessions addressing the decision makers’ perspectives (Union Session titled “Water in the Coupled Earth-Human System: Bridging convergent science and decision making”) and research examples (session titled: “Water in the Coupled Earth-Human System: Convergent science addressing societal water and health needs”).

This Town Hall will synthesize and build upon ideas elevated in these sessions and launch the “Convergent Science for Water and Health Technical Committee.” This committee will help promote cross-disciplinary integration to improve water quality and quantity to ensure a healthy environment and safe water supply for people. The focus will be on understanding what is required to blend scientific disciplines in a way that fosters collaboration needed to address complex problems in ways that are usable by decision makers. To kickstart this committee, we seek insights from the AGU community on how best to move forward – with an ultimate goal of understanding how AGU can best facilitate convergent research activities for sustainable water resources.

December 2019

From Monday, 09 December 2019 06:15 PM

To Monday, 09 December 2019 07:15 PM

Moscone West