Art Meets Science at AGU22

Virtual ArtScience Exhibit

Welcome to the first-ever AGU Virtual ArtScience Exhibit!  Brought to you by the Art and Science Track of the Science and Society Section. Use your mouse to take a virtual tour of the exhibit below.

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AGU22 Poem

Contribute to the AGU22 Community Poem "Dear Sky, Dear Blue Planet," the AGU22 Community Poem that invites YOU to speak to the integration of artistic and scientific modes of inquiry.
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Art & Science Plenary

For this trans-disciplinary panel, we highlight five Midwest-based artists who create work in ecological and environmental spaces. Our panelists represent a broad range of artistic mediums and practices and will speak to how their art (and art in general) can inspire action on large questions such as climate change and science communication.
This panel and related art and science exhibitions (both virtual and in-person) are efforts organized by the Art and Science track in AGU’s Science and Society section to increase awareness of the value of art and science intersections to scientific discovery, communication, and to leading the future.


Mika Tosca, Associate Professor, School of the Art Institute of Chicago


Sara Black (sculpture)
Kiku Hibino (sound) + Dr. Baudouin Saint-Yves (light)
Dr. Kim Blaser (poetry)
Terry Evans (photography)