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Justification Toolkit

The Value of #AGU20

The value of the AGU Fall Meeting is significant to our community. We believe this year is going to be the most diverse, engaging, and dynamic Fall Meeting yet because of numerous steps and offerings we have made to:

  • 1

    Invest in technologies that allow for a safe, effective, and dynamic meeting experience.
  • 2

    Enhance several grants and scholarships to help people pay for technology (e.g., computers, internet, etc.) as well as educational expenses (e.g., tuition, housing, transportation, childcare, etc.)
  • 3

    Plan an event that is of similar size and scope of an in-person Fall Meeting. The level of effort for a virtual meeting is greater than an in-person meeting and as we’d like to move forward with hybrid events (virtual and in-person) for future years, we feel that charging a registration fee that recognizes the significant value is appropriate. Virtual meetings, no matter who organizes them, have costs that need to be accounted for.
  • 4

    Charge a registration fee that is aligned with other scientific meetings (e.g., AAS, GSA, JpGU). While some events that pivoted to virtual early in the pandemic chose to forgo a registration fee, they didn’t provide the level of engagement, organization, and amount of content that will be offered at the AGU Fall Meeting. Additionally, those “free” events will likely charge a registration fee in 2021 as free is not sustainable for any organization.

We are also looking to expand attendance to include those who typically may not be able to travel for a variety of reasons. We are offering free registration this year for those in the World Bank’s low/low-middle income countries, for member K-12 educators, and for member undergraduate students.

Taking all this into consideration, we have reduced our registration rates this year to less than 50% of the in-person rate and we are offering early bird rates for those who register by 30 October. We’ve also created cooperating society agreements so that many can enjoy AGU member rates without being an official member.

Justification Letter

To assist you to secure the funds and time you want to attend #AGU20, we’ve developed a brief  "justification" letter available to download. We encourage everyone to personalize it as much as possible with details about your science and what you’re most excited about for Fall Meeting.

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#AGU20 Fall Meeting Theme

After celebrating our Centennial year, we turn our focus to the opportunities, discoveries and solutions that will shape future generations and society.

  • We envision a future where scientific discovery continues to be valued and celebrated for its role in advancing human knowledge.
  • We envision a future where knowledge of Earth and space sciences are used in collaboration with advances in natural, physical and social sciences, medicine and engineering.
  • We envision a future that will shape our science, culture and partnerships for the benefit and prosperity of people and the planet.

Join us at Fall Meeting to learn, collaborate, inspire and shape the future of science! 

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