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SpatialChat Video Networking

Welcome to SpatialChat

Want an open space to continue the conversation online or have a small meet-up with fellow attendees? Attendees can easily connect with this online video platform that allows you to move freely around a virtual space. Poster discussion sessions will also be held in this new platform.

SpatialChat rooms feature dynamic volume, so the volume at which you and other guests hear each other changes according to your circles’ distance from each other, just like in a real room!

  • 1 Use any device

    It’s best to use SpatialChat on a computer or laptop although a mobile device will work. Some features may be limited on mobile, including screen sharing.
  • 2 Accessing the service

    There are two ways to access SpatialChat – from the Networking section in the app & online platform or directly from a Poster Summary Session description.
  • 3 Login required

    The first time you access the platform, click on the "Login with AGU" button, then enter the same credentials used to access other AGU services and meetings.
  • 4 Create your profile

    Create a profile, including your name, a few sentences about yourself, and even a profile photo. (Just click on the drawing of a head in the top-left.)

Using the platform

A circle or bubble shows your position in space. With your camera on, it will show your video stream. With your camera off, it will show your profile picture if you uploaded one. If you did not upload a photo, it will show the first letter of your name.

When you enter a room, you will see only a part of the whole room. You can choose to re-scale the screen after entering the room, clicking on the right bottom button to choose the best option view for you. You may also use the scroll wheel or use your fingers to pinch the device's screen to change zoom settings. Drag your circle where you want to go in the room.

On the right side of the screen is a list of rooms. Each line is a room. If you click on the name of a room and there are fewer than 50 participants in it, you will be taken to that room. On mobile devices, click on the person button in the top-right corner to see the list of rooms.

Share: Anyone can share their screen or an image with others in the room.
Chat: By clicking on this button, you can type a message, share a link, or send emojis.
Other icons: Turn the camera or microphone on and off

If you are looking for a specific participant, click the magnifier in the top right corner. Type the name of the person you are looking for and then click on their name if listed. You will be moved to be close to this attendee.

If you want to hear someone better, move your circle closer to theirs. If you'd like to have a more-private conversation, move away from other circles.