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Safe AGU

What is Safe AGU?

AGU is committed to promoting a safe work environment in the Earth and space sciences and ensuring that all AGU program activities are free from discrimination, bias or harassment of any type. One way we do that is through our Safe AGU program at AGU meetings, which includes workshops for attendees. The Safe AGU program was designed to promote safety and offer support to meeting attendees who may feel harassed, threatened or unsafe in any way when participating in AGU meetings.

Volunteers and staff at AGU events wearing Safe AGU buttons have been trained to assist those who experience unsafe or inappropriate behavior at Fall Meeting. In many cases, AGU works with co-sponsoring organizations to deploy similar programs, for example, Safe OSM at the Ocean Sciences Meeting, at jointly organized meetings.

Need help?

Individuals with concerns – including situations that may not rise to the level of an ethics complaint – can reach out to AGU Ethics for assistance. Inquiries are confidential.

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Consequences and reporting unacceptable behavior

Anyone requested to stop unacceptable behavior is expected to comply immediately.Anyone violating the Code of Conduct may be removed from the current meeting. Egregious behavior may result in bans from future AGU meetings or other sanctions, depending on the specifics, as set forth in our Scientific Integrity and Professional Ethics Policy, as applicable.

As part of registration for an AGU event, all attendees are expected to provide their true professional name and primary affiliation, and contact information including an email address and phone number.

AGU attendees should be aware that AGU staff and designates monitor and moderate attendee posts mentioning AGU and using hashtags associated with a meeting. Failure to follow the above guidelines may result in posts being blocked or other consequences. For more information on photography and social media practices, review AGU's Guidelines on Photography and Social Media.

If you experience or witness behavior that constitutes an immediate or serious threat to public safety at an on-site meeting, contact 911 or if in a convention center, locate a house phone and ask for security. Please report other incidents or suspected incidents to AGU staff, leadership, or security. At many events, AGU staff and representatives will be wearing a "safe AGU" button.

Acknowledgement and agreement to abide by the AGU Meetings and Events Code of Conduct is required at registration for any online or on-site event.

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Legal Consultation

Through the AGU Ethics and Equity Center, we provide access to free consultation with a legal advisor, for those experiencing harassment, bullying, discrimination, retaliation or other misconduct.

  • This service empowers individuals to make informed decisions with confidence, and to educate them about the potential formal and informal remedies to the issues they may be experiencing.
  • This consultation is available only for AGU members.
  • AGU’s legal consultant is not available to advise individuals accused of misconduct.