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Train Travel to AGU

All aboard!

Over the years, attendees have travelled to many Fall Meetings by rail from across North America, informally known as TrAinGU. This year AGU is working with Amtrak to promote rail travel to #AGU21 in New Orleans as a way to encourage travel with lower carbon emissions.


The three main train routes for Amtrak rail travel are:

Join us for #trAinGU21

First, please indicate if you are planning to travel by train when you register for the meeting, so that we can credit the emissions savings. Then be sure to use promo code V653 when booking your trip with Amtrak.

Next, if you are interested in connecting with others traveling to #AGU21 by rail, join our TrAinGU Connect group.

Finally, use the #trAinGU21 to share your journey on social media.

Next Stop - Chicago

Chicago, the location of #AGU22, is one of the continent’s largest rail hubs thanks to the city’s unique geography and history. Stay tuned for #trAinGU22 next year where we are thinking of how to have special programming on several trains and launch a coordinated effort to connect attendees traveling by rail. Please complete the form using the link below if you have any thoughts, ideas, or questions about this initiative or are interested in participating.
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