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Science Policy Opportunities

AGU Science Policy information, opportunities and resources

Welcome to AGU Science Policy's information center. Find applications, resources, upcoming opportunities, and more. 

Opportunities and Programs

  • AGU'S CONGRESSIONAL SCIENCE FELLOWSHIP– The Congressional Science Fellowship program places highly accomplished scientists and other professionals in the offices of either an individual member of Congress or on a committee for a one-year assignment. 

  • LOCAL SCIENCE PARTNERS –  AGU’s new program will pair AGU members with their legislators and provide AGU member partners the tools, resources and training to build sustainable relationships with their legislators. The goal of Local Science Partners is to advance AGU’s policy agenda and diversify sciences’ Congressional champions.
  • TEAM-BASED ORGANIZING INITIATIVE –  In conjunction with the Union of Concerned Scientists, this year-long leadership development opportunity aims for leaders to be trained in key advocacy skills, connected with fellow local advocates, and leading actions that deploy science to protect your community’s health, safety, and environment.
  • VOICES FOR SCIENCE – Join this program that supports, rewards, and fosters a network of exceptional science-communication and science-policy advocates based in the United States, Canada, and the European Union to amplify the voice of science in those countries and build valuable dialogues and relationships with key audiences.

  • AGU ACTION CENTER - Engage with your legislators in just a few clicks on the latest science policy issues and legislation, and sign up to receive alerts when key science policy actions happen. 
  • Catalyzing Advocacy In Science And Engineering (CASE) Workshop- Each year, AGU sponsors one student member to attend the AAAS Catalyzing Advocacy in Science and Engineering (CASE) Workshop in Washington, D.C. The workshop will be held 26-29 March 2023, and teaches students about Congress, the federal budget, and science communication during a three-day course. Apply for AGU sponsorship by 1 February 2023!

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Learn and follow

  • LETTERS TO POLICYMAKERS – As a scientific society, AGU is often called upon to explain the importance of Earth and space science and its impact on society, as a way to inform decisions that shape policy across the country. This often means we write, or co-sign, letters to lawmakers and regulators that explain our position on certain topics and provide information or highlight issues affecting the science community. Visit our letters page on the AGU Bridge Blog to read recent letters by date, the receiving agency or office, and scientific topic. For letters before 2021, please visit our Letters Archive page.

  • THE BRIDGE BLOG - The Bridge is an AGU blog that connects science and policy. It provides a platform for scientists, policy makers, and experts to communicate ideas about the science policy interface. Do you have a policy idea you want to share? Pitch your blog idea to our team. 

  • @AGUSciPolicy ON TWITTER – Follow us on Twitter for more on the latest events and news around Earth and space science policy.

  • SCIENCE POLICY ALERTS – Sign up to receive timely email alerts to keep you informed on science policy happenings and help you share your expertise and views with your elected representatives in a meaningful manner.

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