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GeoHealth Field Guide

Health through the lens of the Earth sciences.

Geohealth events at Fall Meeting 2019

The GeoHealth program will have a robust presence at Fall Meeting 2019, and we invite those from all disciplines to engage with the diverse set of scheduled activities. This field guide will help you navigate GeoHealth offerings at Fall Meeting throughout the week. Use it as a guide to help plan your week and learn about the latest GeoHealth findings.

The GeoHealth program at Fall Meeting will cover critical cross-cutting scientific topics, including:

  • Climate impacts on health
  • Water and air pollution
  • Modeling infectious disease dynamics
  • Disaster risk reduction
  • Vulnerable populations and environmental justice

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Keep track of GeoHealth related activities throughout Fall Meeting 2019!


Special series on water, health, and policy

Convergent research emphasizes deeply integrated, cross-disciplinary partnerships that address specific and compelling societal problems. To exemplify this, Hydrology, GeoHealth, Biogeosciences, and the Societal Impacts and Policy Sciences (SIPS) AGU sections have co-organized a program to explore challenges around water, health, and policy.

Water in the Coupled Earth-Human System

Protecting Lives from Flooding

Protecting Lives from Flooding: A Conversation Across Health and Earth Science

2:30 - 3:30 p.m.
Moscone West, Lobby, L2

AGU is hosting a special simulcast event at Fall Meeting that highlights the important contributions of transdisciplinary science in building resilience to extreme floods. Communities from across Earth and space, health, medical, and disaster sciences will gather at Fall Meeting and in Washington, D.C., to network and explore ways to protect our communities through the integration of science and practice.


  • Tommy Wells, District of Columbia Department of Energy & Environment (D.C. simulcast)
  • Ana Paula Barros, Duke University (San Francisco simulcast)
  • Georges Benjamin, American Public Health Association (D.C. simulcast)
  • Lynn R. Goldman, George Washington University (D.C. simulcast)
  • Aubrey K. Miller, National Institutes of Health (San Francisco simulcast)

Want to join live in D.C. at AGU Headquarters?

This special event will feature a split panel. Join the D.C. speakers live at AGU Headquarters on Tuesday, 10 December, from 5:00 - 7:30 p.m. Eastern Time.