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What is Geofacets?

Geofacets is a geoscience solution from Elsevier that allows users to seamlessly search and integrate georeferenced maps from trusted sources.

AGU members receive free access to a special Millennium Edition of Geofacets, featuring more than  80,000 downloadable maps published from 2000-present from select AGU journals.

Learn how to get started with Geofacets [PDF] or watch one of the videos about using Geofacets.

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Benefits of Geofacets

Geofacets data gives details about the structure, properties, composition, and evolution of Earth surfaces. It saves scientists time in searching for and georeferencing AGU maps for research or exploration purposes.

Geofacets helps researchers make better interpretations and more informed decisions about geologic conditions of multiple areas, protecting public safety. Maps can be downloaded and seamlessly integrated into GIS, and modelling and presentation software, such as Google Earth and PowerPoint.

Maps come from the following AGU journals