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Town Hall Meeting Committee

Committee members



Committee Role

Steven Goldstein

Columbia University - Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory

Committee Chair

Jean-Pierre Vilotte Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris Committee Co-chair
Jeff Dozier University of California Santa Barbara


Patricia Quinn NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory


David Schimel NASA JPL


Peter Schlosser Columbia University


Stephen E. Schwartz Brookhaven National Laboratory


Seth Stein Northwestern University


Lynne Talley University of California San Diego


Dominique Weis University of British Columbia


Artesha Moore


Staff Partner; Vice President, Affiliation, Engagement & Membership

Committee overview

The following College of Fellows committee is responsible for planning and implementation of the Town Hall Meeting sessions during AGU’s Fall Meeting. The committee hosted their first Town Hall Meeting during Fall Meeting 2017.

Previous Town Hall topics:
  • “Publish or Perish? Publishing for Promotion Insights on publishing from an Invited Panel of Scientists and Editors” hosted at Fall Meeting 2017 and featuring a panel of seven scientists and editors. A reception for the Fellows followed the Town Hall. Learn more about the College of Fellows’ 2017 efforts.
  • "Advancing the career versus the science: how should scientific excellence be evaluated?” hosted at Fall Meeting 2018 and featuring a panel of leaders. Though the audience was engaged, there was low turnout. The committee chair discussed the idea of shifting the focus from presenting town hall session (there is so much competition during Fall Meeting) to possible creating a yearly webinar series for the various topics they have been discussing. With a webinar series, there is possibility of getting more participation, as well as aligning with AGU’s Talent Pool strategy and plan.

Please contact Steven Goldstein, Town Hall Meeting committee chair, if you have questions about the activities and/or work of the committee.


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