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Indigenous Action Subcommittee

Committee Charge

The Indigenous Action Subcommittee works to support and elevate Indigenous research related to the Earth System, to welcome Indigenous scientists and their work into AGU, and to respectfully welcome Indigenous Knowledges and Knowledge Systems into AGU discourse without appropriation. The Subcommittee will work with the Diversity and Inclusion Committee, AGU members, and AGU staff to support and broaden Indigenous inclusion and leadership within AGU. The Subcommittee will help AGU build alliances with organizations that focus on Indigenous peoples and issues.

‘Indigenous’ should be understood to reference a community of peoples sharing intergenerational ancestry and cultural aspects with original (pre-colonial) occupants of ancestral lands in a specific region of the world. Within this definition, membership to an Indigenous community should be understood as a sovereign right established both through self-determination and community acceptance.
-From David-Chavez and Gavin, 2018

Please check out the Indigenous Science Itinerary at the Fall Meeting, and join committee members for the Union Session "How Indigenous Knowledge Creates Positive Climate Futures" on Friday, 16 December at 9AM  Central Time. If you are travelling to Chicago, please join us for the Indigenous Action Reception on Thursday, 15 December, from 5:30-7:30PM at the Regency Ballroom (level 2) of the Hyatt Regency.

Key initiatives

  • 1
    Making AGU more financially accessible and culturally welcoming to Indigenous scientists from around the world
  • 2
    Working with AGU Publications on Publications devoted to Indigenous geoscience
  • 3
    Welcoming papers on Indigenous research, from Indigenous authors and using Indigenous frameworks
  • 4
    Ensuring all published research was done ethically, responsibly, and in accordance with principles of reciprocity
  • 5
    Developing policies and practices to safeguard Indigenous data sovereignty and stewardship
  • 6
    Building alliances with organizations that advance Indigenous rights and sovereignty
  • 7
    Implementing joint activities with organizations devoted to Indigenous science
  • 8
    Providing learning opportunities for AGU members on topics including reciprocity and respectful engagement
  • 9
    Guiding AGU on international landscape and strategies for engagement in different regions of the world
  • 10
    Providing guidance on meeting planning that is respectful of local Indigenous communities
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Committee members

Name Institution Committee role
Jessica L Black Heritage University
Grace Bulltail Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment
Ciarra Greene Northwest Indian College
Dan Hikuroa University of Auckland
Amy Myrbo Self Employed
Allen Pope National Science Foundation  Member
Darryl Reano Arizona State University
TJ Young University of Cambridge
Lesley Wyborn The Australian National University  Member
Raj Pandya American Geophysical Union
Staff Partner