Ocean Sciences Meeting 2020
ED11A: Adventures, Challenges, and Benefits of Conducting International Collaborative Research I
Session Proposal
Education, Outreach and Policy
Aquatic sciences are increasingly global in nature, transcending political boundaries and requiring collaborations with foreign scientists along with working in other countries. Planning and executing collaborative research projects overseas, however, is not trivial. Challenges including identifying and communicating with scientists in a different country, obtaining funding for international work, overcoming technical obstacles such as shipping, permits, and dealing with language and cultural barriers, are just a few examples. In this session we invite participants at all stages of their career to share their experiences and lessons learned from both productive and not so successful adventures in conducting international collaborative research in aquatic sciences. We seek talks and posters on international collaboration related to funding, identifying collaborators, executing projects, overcoming obstacles, developing teams, leveraging mutual advantages and infrastructure, handling difficulties, and successful outcomes. We hope that this exchange will help others avoid pitfalls and take advantage of opportunities and increase the likelihood for effective and fun international collaborations in the aquatic sciences.

Monday, 17 February 2020

08:00 AM - 10:00 AM


11B, UL

Index Terms:
EDUCATION_0810 Post-secondary education, EDUCATION_0845 Instructional tools, GENERAL OR MISCELLANEOUS_9820 Techniques applicable in three or more fields, POLICY SCIENCES & PUBLIC ISSUES_6630 Workforce