Ocean Sciences Meeting 2020
ED11B: Imagining Ocean Science: Education and Outreach Using Visualization, Storytelling, and the Arts I eLightning
Session Proposal
Education, Outreach and Policy
Ocean scientists are expanding education and outreach through innovative narratives and multi-media experiences. From movies to TED talks to best-selling books narratives hold the attention of an audience and increase retention of information more than fact-based presentations. In an era where expert opinions are derided and facts are questioned, alternative connections to the public are needed to communicate science in a way that presents topics of ocean health in an understandable manner. Immersive methods, such as using data visualization, technology, and the arts enable broader understanding of the ocean and offer students and learners new opportunities to engage and train in ocean sciences. While entertaining, immersive experiences offer an opportunity to provide rigorous scientific data in a clear, easy to understand format. The goal of these efforts is to engage a wider audience in scientific discovery, increase understanding in the nature of ocean research, and encourage training in marine sciences. This session welcomes creators of ocean science stories for education (fiction, video, theater, podcasts, etc.), innovative research projects (multi-media, data-visualization, etc.), and interactive storytelling. Evaluation of these projects will be discussed, as well as how they can be expanded and replicated across different research and locations.

Monday, 17 February 2020

08:00 AM - 10:00 AM


Poster Hall C-D; eLightning Theater

Index Terms:
EDUCATION_0815 Informal education, EDUCATION_0845 Instructional tools, INFORMATICS_1994 Visualization and portrayal, POLICY SCIENCES & PUBLIC ISSUES_6349 General or miscellaneous