Ocean Sciences Meeting 2020
ED24B: Outreach, Engagement, Impact: Translating Science Applications for Societal and Professional Benefits II Posters
Session Proposal
Social-Ocean Science Interactions and SDGs
Marine ecosystems and coastal communities are facing multiple stressors including impacts of development, resource extraction, and climate change, creating a need for timely translation of science into progressive management and policy. To ensure that science informs and is utilized by those who need it in an accessible and relevant manner, scientists must be deliberate about the societal, environmental and economic benefits of their research. However, transitioning research into useful applications is often challenging and requires an understanding of stakeholder needs, well-designed scientific research, collaborative partnerships, effective communication and outreach strategies, and adequate resources for transition. The co-production of knowledge with partners outside of the traditional academic collaboration not only ensures stronger impact, feedback into and extension of the research, but also has a re-energizing effect on working routines and helps to develop important career skills for all persons involved.

The goal of this session is to highlight successful research-to-application projects, and inspire researchers by showcasing the broad range of opportunities for outreach, knowledge exchange, and impact on society, industry, policy and management, as well as the benefits to both researchers and research. We welcome submissions from scientists and education or outreach professionals that highlight the power of collaborations and demonstrate how research results are informing science-based management and policy, influencing industry practice, or working with communities, through an integrated approach to research, outreach, and engagement.

Tuesday, 18 February 2020

04:00 PM - 06:00 PM


Poster Hall C-D

Index Terms:
EDUCATION_0840 Evaluation and assessment, EDUCATION_0845 Instructional tools, POLICY SCIENCES & PUBLIC ISSUES_6309 Decision making under uncertainty, POLICY SCIENCES & PUBLIC ISSUES_6620 Science policy